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Continue chatting about Heatley if you wish, but even though I’m the one who brought it up, (lesson learned there!) I’m bored of him already. HockeymanRanger suggested this topic, another one of your favorites…..
When do you think Sather will give it up, if ever? And if he does, who will take his place?
What does Sather do that’s so different from other GMs?
To quote Hockeyman, “We know he like’s to HAND out big contracts and HOPES they turn their game play turns around just because they come to play in NY.”

Let the unleashing begin…..


It’s amazing how people can find you on the interweb…..just got an e-mail from the Sierra Club in California suggesting I post their brief interview with Mike Richter. And yes, you’ll have to link for this one. Doesn’t he still look so adorable?

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  1. When are they going to learn???? Money doesn’t translate into wins.. A good mix of young players, with the correct mix of older, Character people, make a Championship team. Look at the 94 team, does ANYTHING WE HAVE now resemble that! (ok, maybe Hank)

  2. doodie

    make sure i get some credit if your trade of rozi zherdev sags goes down. i would throw in the 19th pick also. its funny when u write something and nobody agrees with you and then another post takes place and they do.

    i will get heatley here if it means going on nhl live which i am frequent caller to and get this trade out in the open.

  3. i think Laurel is doing a great job filling in for Carp and Jane! She has more updates in last four days than Carp since he took over the blog! (i kid, i kid)

    Great job Laurel!

  4. Don’t mean to be rude…but I would like to spend these last 2 weeks or so not thinking about our GM since I will have to sit there and justify everything he does following July 1.

  5. Dave, my thoughts exactly! i hope sather doesnt do something stupid. I cannot wait to see both of these kids play next year when they are not totally brainwashed by the “Renney System”.

    i think we have some good building blocks to be a great team
    hank, staal, girardi, cally, dubi, avery(if he keeps his head), then hopefully our kids will mature to be great players.. anisimov, grechev (hopefully he wil be our big scorer, just look at the ohl coaches poll… ) and our d men gilroy, del Z and bobby sangs mature nicely.

  6. When I said that Heatley was better than any player we have had in the last 10 years I was kind of being sarcastic. in their prime, Leetch and Jagr blow him out of the water, but I was just saying right now, he is far and away the best player that would come our way, and someone who would be worth the dollar amount.

  7. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Hey crew I feel famous Laurel quoted me te he te he. Nice birthday present to be quoted by Laurel Babcock on a LoHud blog hmm. Yes I am a year younger today you kow after a certain age you have to start subtracting. But as I read it my words got screwed up. Should have been “We know he like’s to HAND out big contracts and HOPES they turn their game play around just because they come to play in NY.”
    I don’t know I think Sather likes to take chances and hopes players GEL. Do you think other GM’s try to put the same type of players toghether more??? I mean like Drury and Gomez they are just NOT the same kind of players.
    Anyway I am looking forward to the day I hear Sather hangs it up. But then do we get a better or worse GM??

  8. We’re going to have to lose one or more of Del Z, Sangs, Grachev, or Anisimov to bring in Heatley.

    Why cant life be like EA. Slats could trade his 1st, 2nd and 7th round pick, and Orr for Heatley.

  9. Laurel Babcock on

    Vince A, I let posters guess the players and then tell everyone when they’re right.

    Orr…..I say “what ?!?!” exactly. I don’t know if I should take you seriously or ask exactly what blog you’ve been reading the past few days.

    You guys crack me up…..CCCP, shibby goes up tomorrow.

  10. Slats just needs to take a ride with Heatley.

    Does anyone want Messier to take over as GM ? Im not crazy about having a GM that would cry after we got eliminated from the playoffs. I don’t know, need someone a little ballsy.

  11. Laurel Babcock on

    Happy Birthday Hockeyman……but before you accuse me of messing you up, uh uh! This is what your post said exactly…”We know he like’s to HAND out big contracts and HOPES they turn their game play turns around just b/c they come to play in NY.” I should have cleaned you up better than I did I guess….:)

  12. Sather takes the gig to his grave. Dolan got 3 playoff pay days so he thinks Sather is the best. Ticket prices are going up and I doubt there will be any empty seats so Sather is here to stay.

  13. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Sather needs to stay, not that I want him to but to get us out of these crappy contracts he’s got us in. Sather does not know how to manage with a CAP system in place. No one will want to come on board under the circumstances we are in.

  14. Let me pose this question to you folks with Heatley-lust: Would you do the deal if it started with Cally and Dubinsky? Add in Grachev(or Del Zotto), and a first-rounder, I’d bet you’ll see Heatley in Blue.

    To add to the realism, the Rangers absent two-$2 million contracts(Dubi and Cally), could probably move Rozsival and a second-round pick(from Cherepanov) for a late first-round pick.

    Doodie – Z isn’t worth squat unless he’s signed. Same and even moreso with UFAs Morris, Mara and Antropov. The latter players you might get a late-round pick. Z might grab you a second on third rounder unless he’s signed.

    eric – You can scream that trade over a moon-sized megaphone, but it won’t get it any closer to being done. Murray already said he wouldn’t take anything below Heatley’s full value, which means he’s looking for a lot more than a decent defenseman, a streaky winger and a former first-rounder who may never have an upside greater than the aforementioned defender. As Doodie even said, if the Kings were to offer a package of Frolov and Johnson, the Rangers would have a tough time matching that without including names like Staal, Callahan, and Grachev.

  15. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Oh Laurel!!I knew it was me, I read it last night after I posted it and knew I messed it up. 1)English is not my strong point 2) I am a male hockey fan.
    And thanks for the B-day wishes.

  16. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I DO NOT WANT HEATLY or any other OLD players, lets keep our money for our young bucks.

  17. Laurel, I’m betting you’re under 35. The shibboleth is that those of us over 35 say “bored with” not “bored of.”

  18. Laurel- Sather as a player knew his limitations, as a GM he is delirious with his past. He is a dinosaur and like the dinosaurs he will become extinct, so we wait for something from outer space to fall on him.

  19. Laurel Babcock on

    NNYer…..hmmm. grammar debate huh….well, an informal poll of under and over 35s here brings us to a draw. I’ve got an over 50 saying “bored of” and an under 35 saying “bored with.” So go figure.

    We did some quick research here at the LoHud op center and discovered this at….

    Q: I hear a lot of people saying that they’re bored “of’ something, rather
    than bored “with’ it. Which wording is correct?
    A: The usual preposition to use after the adjective bored is with, as in I
    got bored with all their squabbling. However, nowadays you increasingly hear
    ‹ and see ‹ the preposition of being used, especially in informal contexts.
    (One possible reason for this is the influence of tired of, which has a
    similar meaning to bored with.) However it’s still best not to use “bored of” in careful speech or writing.

    My atypically careless writing aside, however, I shall take your bet as a compliment :)

  20. June 18th, 2009 at 2:21 pm
    I will say it again: The Rangers can’t afford Heatley.

    The trade Doodie proposes (“Rozsi-Zherdev-Sanguinetti-Antropov’s rights-Mara’s rights-Morris’s rights for Heatley and Chris Kelly. Obviously that deal needs some tweaking, but it’s a very good start”)is totally without merit.

    It is Rozsival and Sanguinetti for Heatley. Those are the only players the Rangers have under contract. Zherdev is and RFA and Morris, Mara and Andropov are UFAs.

    Why in the world would Ottawa trade for 4 guys they might never own? And, if they did manage to sign them, it would kill them as far as the cap goes.

    Let’s see: Morris made 4 million last season, Mara made 2 million, Andropov made 2 million and Zherdev made 2.5. They are all going to want at least the same money and Zherdev, Andropov and Mara will probably ask for more.

    Thats 10.5 million, before any raises, and if you add Rozy’s 5 million and Sang’s .855 million you are at a whopping 16.5 million for all 6 players.

    Of course, why would Ottawa even consider trading for 4 impending free agents?

    There is no reason to think they all would sign with Ottawa (some could sign back with the Rangers) and if they did, even if Ottawa included Kelly in the deal, they would be picking up at least (if they signed all 4 free agent Rangers to their present salaries) 7 million dollars in cap money.

    They are already at 62 million with Heatley and Kelly so they go to 69 million if this unrealistic trade was ever made.

    The Rangers would have also traded 4 defenseman they would have to replace to say nothing of their 2 top scorers.

    Who do we get to replace the 4 defensemen and who do we bring in at one of the forward spots…and what would the cost be?

    Ok, we got Healey on a long term contract at 7.5 million whose point totals have dropped from 50 goals and 55 assists in 2006-2007 to 39 goals and 33 assists this past year, an 11 goal and 22 assist drop.

    Conversely, Andropov has shown steady improvement in each of his seasons and had his best year this season with 28 goals (11 fewer than Heatley) and 31 assists (2 fewer than Heatley)

    Are 13 points worth 5.5 million in salary? I don’t think so.

    Will Andropov continue to improve with Rangers? Will Heatley continue to decline? Do we pay Heatley 7.5 million based on 50 goal seasons 3 and 4 years ago? Was his current season worth 7.5 million?

    Granted, you are going to have to give Andropov a raise. Even at 4 million he is a better value, currently, to the Rangers than Heatley is.

    Doodie is very good at spending Mr. Dolans millions and putting newly aquired players in Hartford.

    It just doesn’t work that way in the real world.

    Use that 4 million you are going to save on Naslund to resign Zherdev and Andropov. They each get a 1.5 million
    (or slightly less) raise. Let Morris walk and use that 4 million, plus the 1 million left from Naslund to give Mara a million dollar raise. You still have 4 million left. there is the money to give raises to Dubinski and Callahan, a million each, and get Staal a contract extension bump up of a million also. You still have a million left and if you don’t want to resign Zherdev (3.5 million with the million dollar raise) you have 4.5 million left that could land you a pretty good player.

    You have opened up a spot on defense for one of an inexpensive Sanguinetti, DelZ, Sauer or Potter.

    Sure, that is some forward thinking but the point is this: Taking on a huge salary for a player who has been in decline while losing 4 defensemen and your 2 best scorers doesn’t make much sense. Trying to keep the players you want frees up the money necessary to do so.

    5.5 million bucks isn’t worth 13 additional points.

    At least not in my book.

  21. Guys, today is Martin Brodeur day. We shouldn’t be talking about Heatley or Sather. We should be talking about how Fatso deserved/earned his own day.

  22. Honestly I’d much rather keep Antropov, who everyone says Torts really likes, give him as minimal a raise as possible, and trade Z’s rights.

    Zherdev may have prolific “potential” but I doubt Torts, who is a great coach, but not a patient teacher, can be the one to bring it out in him when he’s Mr. Accountability and already benched him at times last season

    Plus Antropov has the size our team lacks, and can score goals. 30 goal scorers on our team are no where to be found, and since we cant afford, Heatly, Hossa, etc etc., keep the guy whose already here and who is young enough to only keep getting better.

    Then MAYBE offer Gaborik a 1 year incentive laden deal
    If he balks, FU#K him and let him go elsewhere, and give Torts the best possible secondary options you can find be it from HArtford or through trades or signings

  23. Down-some good points but I let Mara walk along with Morris. Alot of people think Andropov is a given but I think he walks to bigger money. It’s tough to even think about what this team will look like because Sather is such a wild card in the brain dept. Forget Heatley. I’d rather stay with the core of Cally, Dubi, Staal, Zherdev, Hank, Girardi and Korpedo. Add AA and maybe Grachev plus 1-2 young defensemen and let it roll. In 2 years these guys will become a nice foundation to add some free agents to and by that time we might be able to shed some of these huge contracts (Rozi, Redden, Drury and Gomez). I think this is the better way to the cup rather than buying Heatley/Hossa or any other FA.

  24. 22figure8 isnt that a little too logical? Keeping all the young guys together and letting them move up together? Dont you think sather is just gonna be like ‘we need a star winger. Callahan, Sang and a 1st for heater. or more.

    sather doesnt ever learn. he likes to spend.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    to tdchi and downeaster, I think you guys misunderstand how RFAs work. All you have to do is qualify their rights to retain them. I don’t know how much of a raise it is, but it isn’t much. From there, you can arbitrate, or agree to a deal. That’s the whole “restricted” aspect of it. You’re probably going to sign with the team that has your rights, and if you sign somewhere else, the team gets compensated (unless they’re walking away from an arbitration award, which Zherdev wouldn’t win much on with his numbers).

    Downeaster, when I listed all of those player’s rights, I was basically pointing out that if Ottawa WANTED any of their rights, they could be included in the deal. Obviously they aren’t going to sign all of those guys, and maybe they wouldn’t want any of them.

    Also, if you’re going purely by numbers to compare Heatley and Antropov, you’re crazy. Every single team in the league would take Heatley over Antropov in a heartbeat. Heatley is hands down a MUCH better player, with a MUCH higher ceiling.

    If you think Heatley’s career is on a decline at 28, I don’t know what to tell you. His bad season was still better than Antropov’s best.

    And yes, I think this team can improve if Dolan is willing to spend a little money to bury contracts in Hartford. It’s a BIG loophole in the salary cap.

    Here’s an example. Edmonton has Dustin Penner’s albatross of a contract on their books. They could deal Penner to us for us to bury in Hartford, say, we send Greg Moore in return. But, in exchange for eating all of that money, they could also send us a draft pick or two.

    I mean, an even easier solution along those lines is if we just waive Redden. Take Redden’s 6.5 million off the books and we can be a much better team.

    And I don’t understand why people keep making this mistake: HEATLEY IS NOT A FREE AGENT. We will have to trade one of our big contracts to land him (Rozsi is the only one with any value) and that alleviates the cap hit.

    And this statement is just assinine:

    “I DO NOT WANT HEATLY or any other OLD players, lets keep our money for our young bucks”

    HE’S 28! How is that old???

    Nasty, I wasn’t even saying Leetch and Jagr in their primes. If we were talking primes I’d include Messier and Lindros. I was talking about their performances in the last 10 years, so Jagr’s time in blue and Leetch from ’99-’04.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    So Downeaster, you listed how you think it plays out, let me tell you what I’m envisioning:

    We get Heatley at the cost of Rozsi and Zherdev (in terms of roster players from last season). That’s a wash on salaries from last year. That’s the same effect of waiving Rozsival and Nik Zherdev turning into Dany Heatley. How is that NOT a good thing?

    Sure, I’m advocating we send away Sanguinetti, but as I’ve said MANY times, he doesn’t look like he has a spot in this organization. I mean, look at everything that has happened in the last year:

    1) Drafted MDZ
    2) Signed Redden, Rozsival, and Kalinin to RIDICULOUS contracts
    3) Called up Potter
    4) Called up Sauer
    5) Called up Potter again when Sauer floundered
    6) Signed Gilroy to a one way contract

    That’s a lot to suggest that the organization isn’t thinking very highly of Sanguinetti. So no big loss there.

    So, the overall effect from last year is no Rozsi (insert Gilroy, Potter, or MDZ next year, maybe all three). Change Zherdev for Heatley. Spend Naslund’s money on Antropov or save it for the next year to have it to resign Staal and Dubinsky to longer deals.

    This isn’t that complicated.

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    well it does get complicated …cuz There is no way in hell that Rozival and Zherdev ( after his stock got torched at seasons end) would get us a Dany Heatley . Even if you throw in x amount of young defense we have to offer.

    Sounds like we are throwing in alot of our “garbage” to land a proven sniper …wont get done guys , we need to throw in a proven star that would help on offense as the GM for Ottawa said he wants a player who can produce like Dany in return. Get this straight , Ottawa dosn’t want to let Heatley go but after he made that statement , Murray has no choice now and he wont take Zherdev .

    Want Dany Heatley? Gonna have to give up Gomez and Delzotto and a juicy pick in this years draft!!

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Laurel, I met Richter on Howell/Bathgate night. I always knew he was small, but I never realized how truly small he is until then. Wow. It instntly raised my opinion of him as a goaltender that he was able to cover the net with such a small stature.

  29. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    MIKE RICHTER He was fast and really quick , Mike never was the type to lay on ice for too long . He was quick to get up and did try an occational illegal glove and blocker during his carreer.

    Richter’s move was to make an acrobatic save and FREEZE the puck.With Sammeulsson ,Driver,beukaboom and a little bit of Lowe , Mike Ritchter had alot of size in from of him . Being small helped him see through all the bodies.

    Mike Richter was a great goalie in his era but never won a Veiza or the jennings. His Team USA showing was him at his best and for such a small goalie he did accompish alot.
    He is our best tender beside the “beezer” and after Hank is done , King Hendrick will prevail after its all said and done…( Mike Ritcher did let in alot of “sofies” too!)

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Greg, the other part of the deal was taking Chris Kelly and/or Chris Phillips off of their hands and then burying those contracts in Hartford. If we can free up 5 million bucks in cap space for them, they might go for it.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris, that article you sent confirms what I said would likely be the trade to made:

    Jack Johnson and Frolov for Heatley. That was the scenario in my head that made the most sense.

    All of my Heatley to Rangers talk was just my own wishful thinking. I knew we had no realistic shot of landing him.

  32. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    As juicey as having Dany Heatley on our team , it just doesn’t make sense. We are in the middle of unloading our own players and IF GOD FORBID ….If Heatley is a bust on broadway , then what? A Fire sather chant again ? We toss away young guys who Dubinsky needs to gel with for some cock-eyed , unloyal player who want to jump his old ship?
    If Ottawa wants Redden back then maybe but other wise / Fat Chance!!!

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Yeah , I hear ya Doodie . We know we arn’t getting him but its cool to just throw ideas out . Buring players in the minors is a pritty dirty move. Kasparitis did not deserve it but maybe it shows a player that , Hey if I sign this big cash contract …Im gonna have to earn it!! Or else , get banished to the minors and my Familly now suffers. Sick world , playing with peoples lives. Oh well , thats hockey!!

  34. Doodie

    it is not that there is no realistic shot of landing Heatley
    if you mix and match im sure you can find a way…
    its Heatley who doesnt want to come here! i wonder WHY??

  35. “mean, an even easier solution along those lines is if we just waive Redden. Take Redden’s 6.5 million off the books and we can be a much better team.”

    Doodie, I don’t know the details but I’m pretty sure if we waive Redden and he doesn’t play for the Rangers, we’re still on the books for a partial sum of his salary for years. The only way to get rid of his salary is some other team takes him in a trade or Hartford has the highest earning player in AHL history.

    Laurel, any chance you can put together a player rankings for the upcoming draft and maybe speculate who were getting at 19? Night all.

  36. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah btw …Redden ? Are you out there? Well if you are …Torts takes no shit!! He benched players during the seasons end and he shredded Zherdevs carcass while he pulled the plug from Avery on a ilimination playoff game then he procedded to Fight with the fans getting himself kicked out a game!!

    You see Redden …Your next buddy!! OMG i’d be scared if I were you right now!!! Tort has got you from the start ( hehe ) YOUR PAID in full and your azz is his!!! Your life in in his hands ..better tell your wife to take care of herself all season cuz you belong to TORTS!!! Its kinda gonna be a Make ya or break ya ….kinda like SUPERSTAR or Super Hartford then maybe the russian league?

    I can’t wait till the season starts and I dont care who we have on our team …Make ’em play with passion Torts , Is all I ask.

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Heatley’s wishlist means nothing. Its UP TO BRIAN MURRAY and who he sees fit. After seeing Heatley’s wish list brian can send him anywhere or make Heatley play in Ottawa.

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Heatley to the Wild for buddies of Gaborik and Gaborik signs with Ottawa as a free Agent. Thats how I see it going down.

  39. I hear the Zherdev and Radulov. Maybe we can keep Z and trade for Radulov’s rights.

  40. Laurel Babcock on

    I adored Richter. Much like the King, he was amazing to watch doing splits. I’ve never really seen him and JD side by side…..that would be a fun comparison. Very different net experiences I’d say….

    22figure8, much as I’d love to help out there, I really don’t have the time. Intend to give give you all something to feast on tomorrow, but it’s going to be a busy busy day here for me.

  41. Laurel Babcock on

    I lied….well, not really…I don’t have the time, but the good folks at did some work on this….new post coming related to draft.

  42. Doodie:

    I know how RFAs work. The Rangers can only offer what Zherdev is making to qualify him and retain the right of first refusal. If we trade that right to Ottawa with Rosival’s and Sanguinetti’s contracts, Ottawa is on the hook for 8.5 million minimum. You don’t think the Rangers are high on Sanguinetti. Why, then, would the Senators want him?

    The Rangers are set by the CBA to qualify Zherdev at what he makes: 2.5 million. Zherdev loves NY and wants to come back but it remains to be seen whether Torts likes him based upon his disappearing act in April. Regardless, if a team offered him over 3 million to 4 million to sign with them (doubtful) they would owe the Rangers a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft pick. Even if they offered him 2.75 million and the Rangers refused to match they would have to give the Rangers a 1st and a 3rd rounder as compensation.

    Zherdev has some size, a lot of skill and can score goals. Is he worth 2.5 million or more to the Rangers or do they qualify him at his salary and refuse to match and get at least a 1st and a third rounder for him? If you get the draft choices, where do you get a replacement for 2.5 million that can score 30 or more goals?

    Basically the trade to Ottawa is Rozy, Sangs and Zherdev or a 1st and 3rd rounder if his qualifying offer is is exceeded by another team and Ottawa doesn’t match.

    It could wind up being Rozy, Sangs, a first and a third with possibly a second and I am not even bringing in the other guys you want to.

    I think the Rangers are sitting pretty with Zherdev. They can either have him for 2.5 million or get a first and a third if he gets signed by someone else. We lose 2.5 million off the cap and have 2 nice draft choices instead of giving him away to Ottawa as part of a 7.5 million dollar long term contract for a guy whose numbers HAVE DECLINED the last three years.

    And having three rookies on defense like you are espousing is a recipe for disaster. You think Staal, Girardi, Potter, Gilroy, DelZ and Redden is going to cut it? Who is the 7th defenseman? Who replaces Redden if you want him waived to Hartford?

    We are all sick and tired of the Rangers throwing money and long term contracts at guys instead of trying to develop their younger players and build from within.

    These huge contracts have done very little for the team except to hamstring it. you can’t ove these guys becasue they make too much money for too long with too little in return.

    It remains to be seen how Heatley, 29 in January, will perform this season IF he became a Ranger.

    You like the deal. I say it is too much for what could be too little and it is for too long.

    The Rangers already have too many of those types of contracts. It is killing them now and another one will only add to their misery.

  43. hey downeaster on

    zherdev made over $ 3 million last year with the average of the 3 year contract at $ 2.5 million. so the qualifying offer is based on last years salary not the average. so with the 10% bump the offer would have to be $ 3.5 million

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  50. Amtsgericht Bad Hersfeld Aktenzeichen: HRB 2126 Bekannt gemacht am: 18.02.2010 12:00 Uhr

    Ver?ffentlichungen des Amtsgerichts Bad Hersfeld In () gesetzte Angaben der Anschrift und des Gesch?ftszweiges erfolgen ohne Gew?hr.

    L?schungen von Amts wegen


    Florian Grotehans Verm?gensverwaltungs-GmbH, Bad Hersfeld, (Am Baumgarten 12, 36251 Bad Hersfeld).
    Die Gesellschaft ist gem?? ? 394 Absatz 1 FamFG wegen Verm?genslosigkeit von Amts wegen gel?scht.

    Florian Grotehans Verm?gensverwaltungs GmbH verm?genslos!

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