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Pathetic pun, but whatever. Since he keeps coming up here, I thought I’d share this recent column from Ottawa Sun blogger Don Brennan, who called Heatley “The Modern Day Yash.” Discussion on him may be totally moot considering the likelihood of us affording him, but since character is often a subject regarding our players, I thought this was interesting…
But yes, first! A photo and Laurel’s daily sidebar before the news! Not of Dany boy (oh boy, the New York tabs would have fun with his name) but of another old timer who was near and dear to my heart, and who I had the pleasure of sitting next to one year (more time stamping of my fine self) at the annual Rangers fan dinner. My brother took me one year as a Christmas present and he and I went out with many players afterward. My brother’s good at finagling that kind of stuff. It was so long ago that a young defenseman I got lucky enough to sit next to referred to himself as “just a kid.” His name was Brian Leetch.
But here was my dinner partner. Name that Ranger…

Whew, I am getting long winded. OK, from the Ottawa Sun:

Don’t shed too many tears over what is now the inevitable departure of Dany Heatley.
The Senators will be better off without him.
Sure, his goals will be missed. But the millions the team saves on his salary will buy back some goals, and maybe even some character.
That last quality, Heatley lacks.
Here’s a couple of questions for Heatley, who will remain in hiding until a deal is done and therefore steer clear of all questions:
If it is indeed about the coach, exactly when did your relationship with Cory Clouston turn sour?
Couldn’t have been over the last two months, unless you had a phone conversation that hurt your feelings. So it must have been at some point during the season – when you were busy denying reports that you did not see eye-to-eye with him.
And what could possibly bother you about Clouston? The team was better with him in charge, right? There’s promise for next season, right? Isn’t that the most important thing?
Of course, he did cut back your ice time. Bumped you down to the second power play unit, even. And why would that be? He wouldn’t say, but there was a reason and again, the team had success with him behind the bench. Isn’t that the most important thing?
Or maybe that’s the problem. Maybe, as far as Dany Heatley is concerned, Dany Heatley is the most important thing. That’s what it looks like from here. Here’s a team that moved its best player for you a few years ago, making your trade wish in Atlanta to be granted. Here’s a team that set you up with a very rich, multi-year contract.
Made you the highest paid player in the NHL last season, even though you were nowhere near the best player in the NHL last year, or any year before it.
And now, because you don’t like something that happened, you are repaying its loyalty by saying you want out?
Of course, you will get your wish again, Dany.
Some team will give up some talent and devote a large chunk of its cap budget to you.
If not, I fully expect you to hold out of camp next September, until a deal is worked out. You remind me a lot of Alexei Yashin, Dany.
You’re a great goal scorer, just like him. One of the best. But you bring absolutely nothing else to the dance, just like him.
And now you’re proving to be just as selfish, too.

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  1. on Heatley — I do not see how it is possible for the Rangers to acquire him unless they give up Gomez and Rozsival in the deal, he makes too much money.

    I also think he’s a piece of garbage and don’t care if he scores 200 goals a week, I don’t want to have him on the Rangers.

    You would think that killing his friend in a car accident would give him some perspective on life.

    Maybe he should realize that getting moved to the second unit power play isn’t the worst thing in the world, jerk. How about putting the team first? As his teammate I would be furious with this idiot.

    Bails on Atlanta. Bails on Ottawa. He’ll bail on the next place when the going gets tough there, too.

    No thanks.

  2. the rangers would need to more than match his contract in a swap in order to replace whoever they give up… and no way ottawa takes on that much salary, I just dont see a fit

  3. awww. so heatley didnt kiss ottawas ass huh? so that should stop a team from trying to get a game changr like him on their team?? haha. ok. we only want nice guys on the rangers@!!

  4. from zips blog- where are the 94 rangers now? this is what joe kocur does now-Joe Kocur (RW): Owns Kocur Enterprises in Detroit, which represents industrial suppliers. Company slogan: “I’ll fight for your business.”

  5. 1st-We (the Rangers)are not gonna trade anyone to get Heatley.
    Should we make a trade IF Ottawa even want any of our guys? NO
    Ottawa will only want the guys we don’t want to move.
    Tell ya what Otttawa Take Redden,Verros in the deal and we can start talking.
    2nd-Did anyone,Carp–here that since we more then likely can’t sign all of our UFA that we might move 1 to move up in the draft.
    3rd-I watch the 94 game 7 on MSG the other day AGAIN an decided to have myself hypnotized to forget to outcome of the 94 cup finals and watch it again for the 1st time.

  6. Laurel Babcock on

    Correct all! Ulfie it is….MrG, I’m with you on Heatley. As I said, character is a big deal with this team, which makes me proud, and tis guy seems way short in that department.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    UKRanger, that Sather diary joke was staring me in the face too and I just didn’t want to put the time into it. But yours was fantastic. My favorite line was the one about staying under the cap. haha.

    As for Heatley’s character and the article above, let me just point out a couple of things:

    1) Heatley’s demand for a trade from Atlanta was because of the car accident which killed his teammate. He just needed to get away from that area. I don’t think you can hold that against him.

    2) Heatley is saying there are a couple of reasons why he wants out. 1 is Clouston. The writer points out that he was saying he anc Clouston were getting along during the season. Isn’t that an example of good character? Like if he and the coach weren’t getting along, isn’t it good that he was out in front of the media saying everything was good?

    3) Heatley is also saying that he wants more of a leadership role and that Clouston isn’t giving it to him. What is not a good character thing about that? I want to lead. I want to lead so badly that if this team won’t let me, then I demand to go somewhere else. Wish we someone that wants to lead that badly.

    4) Laurel, how is character a big deal with this team? This team hasn’t had character for over a decade, with a brief exception of 05-06 and the end of 06-07.

    5) “I also think he’s a piece of garbage and don’t care if he scores 200 goals a week, I don’t want to have him on the Rangers.”

    Oh yes, I forgot what a class act Sean Avery is. Yup, can’t have Heatley on the team, but all hail Avery! At least Heatley has scored 20 goals. In fact, Heatley’s lowest career total for a full season (26) is significantly higher than Avery’s career best (18).

    Jagr essentially made two teams trade him and he was our captain, a much better captain than our current waste of cap money, Chris Drury.

    But no, this young 50 goal scorer, who plays at the position which our organization is the thinnest at, who could be a franchise player, he can’t be on our team because he’s upset that he isn’t being given enough of a chance to lead his current one!

    6) The Sun points out Heatley’s salary, but they kinda neglect to mention the part where it was part of a larger contract, one that he earned by leading them to the Stanley Cup finals the prior season, and for posting back to back 50 goal seasons. How quickly they forget that before Heatley got there, they couldn’t get out of the first round of the playoffs with “their best player” (Hossa). They forget that at the time that deal was made it was a STEAL for Ottawa. Hossa wasn’t even enough by himself, they had to send what was, at the time, a solid 2nd pairing defenseman in Greg De Vries.

    7) The comparisons to Yashin are LUDICROUS. Yashin was perpetually holding out for more money. That was all it was ever about with him. Heatley has a problem with the management of the team and his role within it. I can’t stress this enough: HE WANTS MORE OF A LEADERSHIP ROLE.

    Rozsi-Zherdev-Sanguinetti-Antropov’s rights-Mara’s rights-Morris’s rights for Heatley and Chris Kelly. Obviously that deal needs some tweaking, but it’s a very good start.

  8. Doodie, I concur

    I still dont htink we actually get Heatley, but throw Voros in that equation and its a done deal!

  9. Voros should never suit up in blue again. Rissmiller is 10 times the player… he can PK and bank in a goal every now and then.

  10. To Ott- Rozsi, Sanguinetti, Greg Moore and this years(09) 2nd or Next Years (10) 1st.
    To NYR- Heatley

  11. Heatley is probably better than anyone we have had on our team in the last 10 years.

  12. Heatley is great but what do we have that OTT would even consider taking for him?

    We’d have to lose some salary and I seriously doubt they’d have any desire to see Gomez, Drury, Roszi or their old pal Redden wearing their colors this coming season.

    Aint gonna happen.

    Of course we could shed salary some other way… say trading all the above for handshakes and used puck bags.

  13. NYRanger4Life on

    Doodie –

    First 0f all, I’ve been a big fan of your name for some time. It’s actually become the nickname of our little yorkie. Sometimes I change it to Poopie Polanco…

    Couldnt agree more with your last post. Heatley is exactly what this team needs, but unfortunately we just dont have the cap space to sign him. The fact that some fans (on this blog and others) are against bringing him here is absolutely preposterous. He would instantly be the face of the franchise.

  14. Agree Doodie- Heatley may not be the perfect player/person but he’s as good as we will be able to get in the next 3 years- if you want to take a chance on Gaborik instead I’m fine with that, but get someone talented enough to put the biscuit in the basket- I would think either Gomez or Rosival would have to be included in a deal, so the cap increase isn’t unbearable-

  15. Doodie,

    Heatley has a NTC. Heatley wants to go west. And why would the retooling Sens want Ranger retreads that barely got the team to the playoffs, and then did NOTHING once they got there? I think it was Pavel that said any deal for the third-overall pick would start with STAAL and GRACHEV. I think of you re-read Murray’s quotes, you’ll find that’s especially the case with trading Heatley. All the players you listed are decent team players. None of them are gamers, or even potential gamers(with possible exception to Z, and that’s a BIG possible…). NTM, if what you’re saying is correct, and Heatley wants a LEADERSHIP role, how is he going to get that here with Drury?

    So to sum things up, I’d bet you Heatley’s salary he ain’t coming here. He’s all west coast. Teams like Vancouver and LA have the room. They have teams that aren’t too far off from making a serious impact. And they also don’t have strong captains.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Glad to see a lot of people agreeing with me.

    NYRanger4life, I’m flattered. The name Doodie Machetto comes from an inside joke when I was in college. But to address something you said, we wouldn’t be signing Heatley, we would be trading for him.

    The thing is, we have to make the trade palatable to Ottawa. Ottawa needs three and half things: puck moving defensemen, secondary scoring, cap space, and they could use an improvement in goal, but they addressed that somewhat with the Vermette-LeClaire deal.

    My base deal is this:

    Rozsi/Zherdev/Sanguinetti (8 million, no counting Sanguinetti) for Heatley/Kelly (9.5 million)

    Rozsi gives them a puckmoving defenseman. He’s not the best, obviously, and is worth nowhere near the 5 million he makes, but he would be the best offensive D-man on their team after Kuba. Hell, he might actually be better at offense than Kuba. Sanguinetti gives them a solid puckmoving blueline prospect who could have a legit shot of making their team out of camp. Zherdev is a solid secondary scorer. That fills a big hole for them on Fisher’s line. Plus, they jettison Chris Kelly’s terrible contract, and they net a saving of 1.5 million this year to help them round out their roster.

    Meanwhile, we could eat Kelly’s salary in Hartford. Also, if the deal is done before July 1, Ottawa avoids paying Heatley a 4 million dollar bonus (salary only, not cap), something else we could easily absorb.

    Now, the deal that I’ve proposed, on it’s face, just isn’t enough. We could tweak it by including the rights of some of our pending UFAs like Antropov, Mara, or Morris. We could also include maybe a draft pick or two (no first rounders). Or we could possibly take Chris Phillips off of their hands, a much larger contract than Kelly. Maybe we could even take him in addition to Kelly. We could just eat 5 million in Hartford, freeing up the cap space for both of us.

    Let’s be clear here, without one of our big contracts going the other way, this deal isn’t possible because we would lack the cap space to even have him on our roster.

    But any deal that can happen is going to require that Dolan spend some serious dough on guys that never play in NY. We should probably win a Calder Cup though.

    Nasty, I think Leetch and Jagr were both better than Heatley. But Heatley has more longevity and potential than those guys did (in Leetch’s case, we’re talking about the last years he was here).

  17. Let me ask you this: who is cory clouston? he is nobody in my book. the guy hasn’t won anything. disciplinarian? those are dime a dozen, while heatley is an elite forward. learn to deal with elite, cory. I’m not saying we are getting Heatley, but I am seek and tired of this player bashing in favor of management. I am pro-labor… And , btw, Alex Yashin is still remembered, while his critics are long forgotten. Why? because elite players are rarity while “character” and “team first” guys come and go. Too bad Rangers put themselves in the hole and wont go after Danny.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “how is he going to get that here with Drury? ”

    You think Drury is a leader? HA!

    Yes, I understand they want some pieces to retool, hence the inclusion of Sanguinetti. Really, what Ottawa needs to retool is that they are a very top-heavy team. My trade suggestion allows them to start mixing in those other pieces. Like I said, it’s a start, and it is going to need tweaking. We will likely have to include draft picks. If you REALLY twisted my arm, I would send a first, but that would be the absolute max.

    The thing is, Heatley is the only thing that could potentially make Gomez worth a damn for us. If we don’t get Heatley, we’re just going to be AWFUL for the next decade because our team (read: Lundqvist) is just good enough to squeak into the playoffs. So we’re going to be stuck with bad draft picks for the next half decade (when Rozsi, Redden, Gomez, and Drury will all be gone). At which point, our team will be lousy and we’ll be bottom scrapers for a few years until we can get enough good picks to become a good team. I had accepted this fact long before the Heatley talk had started. But Heatley could potentially make Gomez worth something. Imagine if Gomez and Heatley click? That would be enough to make us a quality team in 3 years when Drury’s contract ends (also assuming that Rozsi has been moved as part of the Heatley deal).

    I’d move anyone in the organization to get him other than Staal, Callahan, MDZ, Grachev, Lundqvist, and one of Dubinsky and Anisimov.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    tdchi, I think we are more than a longshot to land him, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

    I think honestly that LA has the best chance of landing him. A package built around Jack Johnson and Frolov.

  20. “I also think he’s a piece of garbage and don’t care if he scores 200 goals a week, I don’t want to have him on the Rangers.”

    Lol, what a stupid comment. Doodie is completely right, nobody had a problem with Avery, and even Jagr. So who gives a fugg aboot Heatley. Like i keep saying, trade for Heatley, or sign Gabby to a 1 year deal.

    I really hope Torts strips the “Captain” of his C, cause the thought of Dreary leading this team sickens me.

    Honestly, id give up two fingers, and an organ to get Dreary, Rozi, and Redden all out of NY, before the start of the season. That’s no joke.


    That article reads like it was written by a bitter Sens blogger. Hockey is a business and if the guy isn’t happy with the organization for one reason or another he has the right to ask to get out. It’s not like he wants some contract extension because he feels he’s worth more then what he’s making and wont play (that’d be much more like Yashin) Im not a D H fan but we all know the guys had a rough career and I don’t think asking to be happy wherever he plays is out of line. He certainly has enough talent to help a team that’ll pick him up

  22. I do think it’s a bit scumbaggy to ask for a trade once your team misses the playoffs, and has a horrible year. I cant blame him, he wants to win a Cup, but when you sign a 6 year deal expecting to make the playoffs every year, and you miss out on one year, it’s pretty selfish to turn your back on the team, only one year into the contract. Look at the Flyers, they went from last place, to the Conference Finals, in only one year. You just never know what can happen.

    Unless it’s something totally different. Who knows. I just hope he goes out West, if not over here.

  23. Out of curiosity, am I the only person who thinks that Drury and Gomez take a little too much heat? I absolutely agree that neither of their performances this year justified their salaries. But you can’t blame them entirely. Gomez was at his most productive with Zherdev on his line, but Zherdev isn’t even close to a top-flite forward and he was ridiculously inconsistent and unreliable. He also spent most of the year with Avery (not a scorer/point producer) and the rotting corpse of Markus Naslund on his wing. As a playmaker, what can you expect him to do in that situation?

    In a similar vein, Drury played more than half the year with Aaron Voros on his line. I can not stress this enough, Aaron Voros is not an NHL caliber player. He’d be a subpar 4th liner, and Renney had him playing with Drury all year. Voros probably had naked pictures of Renney hidden away somewhere for blackmailing purposes so he wouldn’t get sent down. Drury’s contract will always be too much, but when he gets stuck with guys who are only capable of 9 points a year what is he supposed to do? And love him or hate him, the players and coaches all like him and respect him. That shows that he is a leader on this team.

    Feel free to disagree, but I think those 2 guys are getting more criticism than is really necessary.

  24. J bone
    I actually like both of the guys too…too bad for them Sather made them take 7 million a year

    That much money requires production..plain and simple
    as many people who think Betts foes a great job would crucify him if he made 6 million a year and killed penalties well….I mean Drury kills penealties just as well and nobody cares…see?

    That money is for superstar forawards only

    They both have had two career average seasons….

    Sather and the fans think you “pay the money” and then they become big time scorers…

    It doesnt work that way

  25. I will say it again: The Rangers can’t afford Heatley.

    The trade Doodie proposes (“Rozsi-Zherdev-Sanguinetti-Antropov’s rights-Mara’s rights-Morris’s rights for Heatley and Chris Kelly. Obviously that deal needs some tweaking, but it’s a very good start”)is totally without merit.

    It is Rozsival and Sanguinetti for Heatley. Those are the only players the Rangers have under contract. Zherdev is and RFA and Morris, Mara and Andropov are UFAs.

    Why in the world would Ottawa trade for 4 guys they might never own? And, if they did manage to sign them, it would kill them as far as the cap goes.

    Let’s see: Morris made 4 million last season, Mara made 2 million, Andropov made 2 million and Zherdev made 2.5. They are all going to want at least the same money and Zherdev, Andropov and Mara will probably ask for more.

    Thats 10.5 million, before any raises, and if you add Rozy’s 5 million and Sang’s .855 million you are at a whopping 16.5 million for all 6 players.

    Of course, why would Ottawa even consider trading for 4 impending free agents?

    There is no reason to think they all would sign with Ottawa (some could sign back with the Rangers) and if they did, even if Ottawa included Kelly in the deal, they would be picking up at least (if they signed all 4 free agent Rangers to their present salaries) 7 million dollars in cap money.

    They are already at 62 million with Heatley and Kelly so they go to 69 million if this unrealistic trade was ever made.

    The Rangers would have also traded 4 defenseman they would have to replace to say nothing of their 2 top scorers.

    Who do we get to replace the 4 defensemen and who do we bring in at one of the forward spots…and what would the cost be?

    Ok, we got Healey on a long term contract at 7.5 million whose point totals have dropped from 50 goals and 55 assists in 2006-2007 to 39 goals and 33 assists this past year, an 11 goal and 22 assist drop.

    Conversely, Andropov has shown steady improvement in each of his seasons and had his best year this season with 28 goals (11 fewer than Heatley) and 31 assists (2 fewer than Heatley)

    Are 13 points worth 5.5 million in salary? I don’t think so.

    Will Andropov continue to improve with Rangers? Will Heatley continue to decline? Do we pay Heatley 7.5 million based on 50 goal seasons 3 and 4 years ago? Was his current season worth 7.5 million?

    Granted, you are going to have to give Andropov a raise. Even at 4 million he is a better value, currently, to the Rangers than Heatley is.

    Doodie is very good at spending Mr. Dolans millions and putting newly aquired players in Hartford.

    It just doesn’t work that way in the real world.

    Use that 4 million you are going to save on Naslund to resign Zherdev and Andropov. They each get a 1.5 million
    (or slightly less) raise. Let Morris walk and use that 4 million, plus the 1 million left from Naslund to give Mara a million dollar raise. You still have 4 million left. there is the money to give raises to Dubinski and Callahan, a million each, and get Staal a contract extension bump up of a million also. You still have a million left and if you don’t want to resign Zherdev (3.5 million with the million dollar raise) you have 4.5 million left that could land you a pretty good player.

    You have opened up a spot on defense for one of an inexpensive Sanguinetti, DelZ, Sauer or Potter.

    Sure, that is some forward thinking but the point is this: Taking on a huge salary for a player who has been in decline while losing 4 defensemen and your 2 best scorers doesn’t make much sense. Trying to keep the players you want frees up the money necessary to do so.

    5.5 million bucks isn’t worth 13 additional points.

    At least not in my book.

  26. ok, I was exaggerating a little – maybe that’s too difficult for some people to grasp. I have reassessed and decided I’ll take him at 200 goals per week but in all honesty the guy should be in jail for killing Dan Snyder

    If any of us kill someone in a drunken car accident, we’re toast – the double standard is bull and now this guy is pouting about making $7M/year to play hockey in Ottawa? F him

  27. The following is copyright 2009 by Bernhard Christian Helgason, All Rights Reserved.
    Bernhard Christian Helgason is a/k/a bernmeister
    Limited permission is granted to reprint same here without charge or compensation, with understanding it is only for permission to use the material subject only to full credit to the author and does not constitute transfer or surrender of copyright.

    Strongly advise acquire Heatley, but ONLY conditionally. Understand one way deal shoved down Sens’ throat will only lead to desire for payback down road, so no deal is better than bad deal that poisons trading environment for all; by same token, Ottawa has to get real. Inexpensive players/ prospects w/strong upside are not gonna be given away. Thus forget Sanguinetti etc.; Rosival straight up is not enough talent for them and puts NYR behind on cap space.
    {Very quick aside my preliminary thought — I STRESS PRELIMINARY — is Redden + Rosival for Flyer’s Briere (need to check out his story first). That roughly works out $$ wise and loses two D roster spots we want to make available for one F.}
    Thus using up Rosival in that deal — and losing Redden is addition by subtraction — that leaves Gomez. Gomez not the talent of Heatley but different upside. While Gomez more overpaid, his lower total salary is easier to move. Senators — as they should — will have to accept price from likes of Les Habs; but that cost aside, Gomez is means by which they get this cleared off their cap, and they avoid the multimillion payment due this week.
    I recognize we are not out of the woods yet, but adding Briere and Heatley has more upside than Redden, Rosival + Gomez. Heatley seems $$ oriented, and for a little extra coin, may agree to restructure his contract. Plus he’s not Malkin or Ovechkin but he will get some goals.
    To get real cap space, if he will agree to the move early, while your heart wants to keep Lundqvist, logic tells your head he should be moved as the core part of a larger deal to Tampa Bay for 2nd overall Victor Hedman. [The math is undeniable; Lundqvist now commands closer to $6, 6+ mil; Hedman will be huge but can take less $$ (?$2.5 mil?) for his first year, which helps with cap this year.]
    We need to sign Hal Gill to be sure to clear the crease.
    I think Pittsburgh would consider $2 mil + Dubinski (sign + trade) and Korpikoski as core for deal for Jordan Staal and maybe Kris LeTang.
    Need to keep our bluest blue chips and trade many second and third rounders, trading up for talent quantity for quality (exceptions keep Evgeny Grachev and Tysen Dowzak).
    Enjoyed your comments, look forward to your feedback.
    Regards, bernmeister.

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