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I know you’re all salivating over this topic, but I’m a bit too swamped (no more boarding jokes here) to break down any draft info, and nor do you want me to, to be honest. But, in our continued feeding of this beast, I’ve come up with one area for your thoughtful consideration. (Seriously, it’s dead ice out there on this topic news-wise. has some features, but I think what the good folks at have put together is better.
And I’m sorry, SORRY, but for this to work you’re gonna have to follow the link. But return back here for your regular chit chat. has a break down by round and position.


The “experts” at are taking their guesses at how the first 30 picks of the draft will go. They say, “The biggest storyline is who the New York Islanders will take first — London Knights center John Tavares, or giant Swedish defenseman Victor Hedman.”
Blueshirts didn’t even get mentioned in the story I read. I know, a dreaded link. Hey, you think I like giving someplace else the hit?

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  1. Likely Rangers’ first round pick: Zack Kassian, Peter Holland, Carter Ashton, or Landon Ferraro. All forwards, only Holland is a center. Landon Ferraro is Rey Ferraro’s son. Cater Ashton is Brent Ashton’s son. You can look up their numbers online.

    I like holland the best. People compare him to Jeff Carter. I’m sure he would play wing if and when he comes up.

    Also Jan Erixon’s son, Tim, is in this draft as part of a whole slew of Swedes.

  2. Doodie/Downeaster – the last poster is correct in thinking Z makes $3.5 million. And I would be astounded if he’s not qualified by the Rangers…

    …that said…Doodie, an RFA and UFA isn’t nearly as valuable as a player under contract. Granted, an RFA carries picks. But a UFA being dealt guarantees nothing, and in as much, doesn’t carry with it much clout. Remember when the Rangers traded the rights to Fleury and Richter? I think all they got was future considerations…

    …and not to beat the deadhorse topic of Heatley, who says the Sens are trying to get rid of Chris Kelley and Chris Phillips? Both are good, serviceable NHLers. Phillips is a top-4 defenseman on most teams and makes only $3.5 million(gee, I wish I made that little). And Kelley is a decent third-liner, who isn’t exactly expensive at $2.5 million.

  3. I thought this would be fun to play …

    Which team do you see these players signing with:

    Jay Bouwmeester –
    Marian Hossa-
    Marian Gaborik –
    Daniel Sedin, LW | Henrik Sedin, C –
    Mike Cammalleri –
    Martin Havlat-
    Mike Komisarek-
    Alex Tanguay-
    Nikolai Khabibulin-
    Mats Sundin-
    Alex Kovalev-
    Brian Gionta-
    Mattias Ohlund-

  4. Laurel Babcock on

    Ah. Jan Erixon……on that lovely note, I’ll let you have your fun here this evening. I’m signing off early tonight and taking a break from Rangerland….see ya tomorrow.

  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    NHL awards on tonight , I ‘d say OV takes the Hart.

  6. I hope the Rangers trade up in the draft. I think Ottawa would take Rozsival and the Rangers’ #19 if Ellis is gone by the time Ottawa picks.

  7. I like Kassian the assassin. He’s projectd to be a nice Power forward this Zack Kassian. We need some Big guys in this lineup that can play.

    Colton Orr makes Mitch Fritz’s peeper gush Hemoglobin

  8. Laurel Babcock on

    Sigh. You make me feel like Al Pacino…I want out, but you bring me back….

    As for awards, OV already won Pearson so it’s likely he’ll get Hart. Ugh. But in context of what the award is, I guess that’s fair?

    Show’s started on Versus already if you care to watch. Does anybody else think it’s hysterical that it’s being held in Vegas? Here’s what Mess had to say about that.

    “It really puts the NHL in the spotlight it deserves on an international level. We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years; we’ve come a long way in the last 10 years and the sport continues to grow in the United States and get stronger in Europe. To have this kind of awards ceremony in Vegas is a very positive step.”

    Well, if he says it, I’m convinced.

    Hanny, haven’t gotten the pics….did you send them to

  9. No Country For Old Rangers on

    who thought it was a good idea to book chaka kahn? it’s so random. i mean, it’s better than like nickelback but come on. chaka kahn? who are they trying to appeal to?

  10. I like Billy C’s picks lsited above. Add Drew Shore to that list. If Kadri/Ellis/Kulikov somehow fall in the Rangers laps, they gotta take them. No brainer.

    There’s some Russian goalie named Bobkov from Mettallurg who’s not getting as much attention as Hackett (Jeff’s nephew) or a few on the North American goalies. Grab him in the 5th round.

  11. Laurel Babcock on

    Pavel, I’ll you all answer your question. At 6’3 and 210 he has the most penalty minutes per game in the CHL and he describes himself as an “in your face type banger” who goes to the dirty areas and “goes to the net hard to get some dirty goals as well.”

    He’s also the one who took out Tavares at the CHL/NHL top prospects game.

    Plus, he’s such a young’un and cute! I say, welcome to the New York Rangers!

  12. Speed Ranger on

    Laurel you’ve no need to apologize – I am sure I am not the only one to say, welcome, and thank you.

    Watching the NHL awards on VS right now – why is Chaka Kahn signing (off-key)?

  13. Speed Ranger on

    Ahhhhh Zdeno just thanked his wife for their beautiful daughter, I am going to cry that was so sweet!

    >sigh< three months without hockey….

  14. Laurel Babcock on

    Thanks Speed Ranger… Rangers up so no reason for me to watch, especially if Chaka is embarrassing herself. And I’ve NO desire to see OV without his helmet and mask on….eesh.

  15. Speed Ranger on

    Laurel – LOL agreed.

    Anyone know why they keep cutting to Mike Green? Who does not look exactly comfortable.

  16. Great job this week Laurel!!! I havent been able to post much lately, what with computer problems and no time at work, but just caught up with the last 4 threads. Dixie Avery says hello!

    I’m sorry I just turned the awards on when they announced the Norris. It seems like there have been some odd guest, presenters, enteretainment. There goes JAWS gettin the Hart…. WHAT A DEAD CROWD!!!!

    I just want to thank the guys for their long, interesting posts.

  17. is anybody else not surprised that all 3 Hart nominees are Russians?

    i have the biggest smile on my face right now! So proud, so proud!

    btw, mike green looks like a fcking idiot with that cock like hairdo

  18. Its eerie how much Malkin looks like Stallone!!!

    CCCP, I didnt see Mike Green, but I have to find a picture of him with his rooster-do.

  19. Laurel Babcock on

    Linda hey! And hi to Dixie Avery (did you see the pic of him I put up btw..hee hee). Thanks so much hon…

    hey. CCCP, you know I love you (and Shibby) but don’t push it buddy :)

  20. sure did laurel, she was so proud you put her pic up!!! i commented there a few times. I’ll send you one of my fiancee after his bodybuilding show…teehee!

  21. “We could tweak it by including the rights of some of our pending UFAs like Antropov, Mara, or Morris. We could also include maybe a draft pick or two (no first rounders). Or we could possibly take Chris Phillips off of their hands, a much larger contract than Kelly. Maybe we could even take him in addition to Kelly. We could just eat 5 million in Hartford, freeing up the cap space for both of us.”

    People are ridiculous on here man… yea cuz Ottawa WANTS the rights to mara and morris, deffffinitely… then having us get phillips back in that deal, which is not even enough to get back heatley alone. meanwhile phillips is one of their better defensemen, regardless of how much $ he makes.. none of these make sense, and ottawa is lacking at center, and not getting a center back here.. i just dont understand how you can put together a trade proposal where we ship off everyone or “the rights” to everyone we dont want to get what you want, it doesnt work this way

    I feel like Im listening to WFAN with these ridiculous NY trade ideas, it cracks me up

    I highly doubt heatley will be a Ranger, lets stop putting so much effort into this topic.. next please

  22. CCCP, i think Laurel meant the ‘inventive’ spelling of the f word lol!!

    I miss blogging with you guys all day at work, my coworker got fired, so now I’m the only one doing the job of two, it’s been kinda busy!!! How are you! (sorry, my question mark key is not working!)

  23. HAHAHA

    Did anyone see Steve Sullivans tribute to Doc Emrick ? His voice was cracking left and right, it was so funny. What a crappy award show, it sounded like there was 15 fans in the crowd, not counting any of the players or their families.

    Messier looked like he was ready to cry when he gave Iginla his award.

    And i don’t know why they kept cutting to Mike Green, he looked like a friggin geek in that tux.

    JR was pretty funny. If that guy doesn’t win a Cup before he retires, i might cry. That’s depressing. He’s definitely one of my fav American players.

  24. Laurel Babcock on

    Rob M…hey I tried to get off Heatley…I said I was bored with him…(that’s for you NNYer)

    Linda, sorry…keeping up with everyone isn’t as easy as I hoped it would be…and I messed up Princess Dubi’s name in my first post. So bad (belated sorry Sally).

    Which reminds me, at least two of you RR and cat fans owe me pics for my other blog. Where are they?

  25. Laurel Babcock on

    Linda, so we’re clear, I don’t mean the pic of Princess Avery on pets blog, but the real one here….

  26. Yes you are right you did try to steer clear of heatley talk but i had to get that in there

  27. Linda! Hey girl! When’s the wedding already?

    Those NHL awards were AWFUL. Can’t believe I sat through most of it. Repeats of the Real Housewives of NJ are way better.

  28. No worries, Laurel! You’re doing a great job here!

    True story: my Buffalo roomie insists on renaming my kittens… Gomez Miller and Dominic “Fuhgetabootit” Dubinsky.

  29. Laurel Babcock on

    Sally, get a new roomie…the Princess must remain. That would be like renaming Stanley and Cup, Ovie snd Malkie…Ick.

    Hey all, new post in the morning. Good night.

  30. Great site man, I’ll tell people on my forum about it. I left you the link to it so all you got to do is click on my name.

    Good work, I’ll ttyl.


  31. thanks mouth. i forced myself to go to nhl dot com to see. damn ovie is one ugly sob. malkin too. lol keep the helmets on guys. get some tinted visors too.

  32. what species is malkin?he looks like a homo erectus caveman mated with the missing link. hey at least he isnt ugly as kennedy. his dad mated with hogzilla

  33. haha Mike in IA ,

    The wrap of the NHL awards show was horrible, nobody clapped, I’ve seen more enthusiastic crowds at embalmings.

    Mark Messier’s On Ice Violence leads to absolute absurdity:

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