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I’m trying my best to feed the beast here when there is NOTHING HAPPENING! And believe me, I’ve been searching. (Did I mention I have a fully-loaded job that does not involve this team and that I usually just get to read and enjoy this blog)?
But what do you care, right? So, I ripped this off of If you’ve read it, so be it. If not, enjoy and begin the conversation. But first! Laurel’s rules….if you want a long ugly post without reading more after the dreaded jump, you get a picture here. I was tempted to put Mess up without a shirt, but I’m afraid I’d give some of you heart attacks.
We’re going old school here….Young’uns, you know this man from his gig as a broadcaster now, but check out the olden days, without the hair (post rookie shave as I was aptly reminded! And everybody, looky what I found on YouTube!

OK, thanks for your patience….here’s the (minor) draft news, courtesy of league Web writer Adam Kimelman. But I also have to add, lots of talk on the blog about Kassian and some on Duschene. But really, given our berth in the draft (story is coming up), what are the odds? Thoughts? Take it away Adam (not Adam Z).

When Commissioner Gary Bettman handed the Stanley Cup to Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, the final chapter to a sensational 2008-09 season was written.

It also set the final order for the 2009 Entry Draft.

By winning the Stanley Cup, the Penguins earned the No. 30 selection in the first round of the June 26-27 selection process. The Red Wings will pick No. 29.

While it’s likely there will be some movement between now and draft night, the order currently remains the same for the first 14 picks as it did the night of the draft lottery — the New York Islanders will pick first, followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning, Colorado Avalanche, Atlanta Thrashers and Los Angeles Kings.

Phoenix, Toronto, Dallas, Ottawa and Edmonton round out the top 10, followed by Nashville, Minnesota, Buffalo and Florida among teams that missed the postseason.

The order for the rest of the selections was set on playoff performance. The next seven spots went to teams that lost in the first two rounds based on regular-season points, which means the Anaheim Ducks will pick 15th, followed by Columbus, St. Louis, Montreal and the New York Rangers.

Calgary will pick No. 20; they had the option of sending this year’s first-round pick or next year’s to Phoenix as part of the Olli Jokinen deal. Philadelphia will pick No. 21.

The next five spots went to division winners that lost in the first two rounds, based on regular-season points, which means Vancouver will pick at No. 22, followed by New Jersey, Washington and Boston.

The Islanders, the only team with two first-round picks, will select No. 26, which would have been San Jose’s spot. The Sharks sent the much-traveled pick to Tampa Bay as part of the Dan Boyle trade last July. The Lightning sent the pick to Ottawa as part of the Andrej Meszaros deal in August, and Ottawa dealt the pick to the Islanders in exchange for Mike Comrie and Chris Campoli in February.

The Carolina Hurricanes, who lost to Pittsburgh in the Eastern Conference Finals, will pick at No. 27, and the Chicago Blackhawks, who lost in the Western Conference Finals, will pick No. 28.

The first round of the draft will be held Friday, June 26 (7 p.m. ET, VERSUS, TSN, RDS). Rounds 2-7 will be Saturday, June 27 (10 a.m. ET, NHLN, RDS).

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  1. Speed Ranger on

    Does anyone know if the NHL draft will be televised this year? And which network?

  2. Laurel, I was a season ticket holder when Duguay was a rookie, and he had long hair until the veterans gave him a full-body (yes, including the covered regions) shave as part of the rookie-hazing ritual.

    That photo was obviously taken as the hair began to re-grow on his previously-bald head.

  3. There’s no way we’ll get Duschene (#3, book it) without giving up a package including Staal and Grachev.

  4. The Rangers best options at #19 are to look for scoring (Landon Ferraro), speed (Chris Kreider) or size (Carter Ashton). I like Ashton a lot, but I wonder if the Rangers pass on Ferraro it will be another Zach Parise situation?

  5. alex b.

    Regarding Z, I still think some of that has to do with the fact that he IS a highly skilled player and he spent a good deal of time on a line with one no-skilled player and a meat-and-potatoes pivot. Sometimes guys like that have a tough time dialing down their thought process during a game to match the ability of others…Then again, I’m basing this solely on his Ranger play, since I never saw him play as a Jacket, or at least not to my recollection…Interesting point about the PK, and if Grachev is as dangerous as you say, that’s a great approach. But the Rangers have a difficult time putting the puck in the net at even strength, so getting (or expecting)shorties from your PK is kind of putting the cart before the horse…In my book, if Sjos and Betts take $1 miilion per, they’re signed in a heartbeat.

    MikeA – I’d be VERY leery about drafting anyone from the USHL in the first round, especially since the kid is from Quebec. Maybe worth a second rounder, but not a first. That’s almost a guaranteed bust.

    mike in ia – That’s an interesting thought: Bring Jagr back and reunite him with Avs and Dubi. Trade Gomez somehow…anyhow…Move Drury onto a line with Zherdev and sign Cammalleri(figure $5 million) to play left…then have a third of Korpikoski-Anisimov-Callahan. Having a first-unit PP of Cammalleri(who lead the Flames with 19 PPG last year), Drury, and Jagr would be LETHAL…Or…maybe package Cally with Gomez and a first rounder(or maybe Anisimov) to Colorado for the third overall, then ice a line of Korpikoski-Duchene-Grachev…either way, those are three very well balanced lines.

    Personally, I love Cally. But I don’t think he’s ever going to be a 30- or 40 goal scorer. He might reach 30 at some point…but with a guy like that(and Avery as well), you’ve got to look at his body size and wonder how long he’s going to make it in this league by throwing himself around like that.

  6. That was not before the hair; I met Duguay just after the draft and his hair was certainly in full flow. It was, however, after the traditional rookie full body shave. Thanks for reminding me of the days when hockey had a bit more personality!

  7. Rangers need scoring, plain and simple, the past few years they’ve drafted good D men, which is great and all, but as we all saw; D doesn’t win you games.

  8. onecup- in 94 fischler had a young son??? wtf isnt he like 250 years old? anyway thats a touching story.

    tdchi- like i said before concerning the pk- we have enough trouble scoring goals on the pp and even strength, wtf do we need to score on the pk for? lets get the other 2 in order first. i just thought it was funny that he said he wanted our pk to be like the flyers. thats a laugh. first off, the pk is designed to do one thing. kill penalties. pretty simple right? the scoring goals part comes after. and the 2nd thing was that we had the best pk in the league!! why would you want to change that to try to score 3-4 more goals a year while down a man?? not only does that make no sense, but while having offensive guys playin the pk you tire them out wasting their talents on playing defense. and also taking chances that could result in odd man rushes against while trying to score. let the guys who kill pk’s and had the best in the league do their job, and the guys who score, play pp . and youre right about cally. hes one of the few guys who’s value is high right now and is probably maxed out in terms of scoring. hes a 20-25 g guy. but he could break out and have a graves type season one year. maybe not that many goals but still way above expected. if he was about 6’2″ or 6’3″, 220 lbs he would be a monster. i love cally and its hard to think of him getting traded for a guy who all we know could be a bust. with cally, you know what you can expect and alot of times he does things in a game that turn the tide and doesnt end up on the scoresheet. idk its a hard choice but i doubt he would be enough to get colorados pick. theyre lookin for someone a little more skilled i think. maybe cally and del zotto with our pick. but that would be ahuge gamble and imo not worth it.

  9. We need to draft the highest-scoring winger available with every single pick we have. Period.

  10. Laurel Babcock on

    Wow, I totally forgot about the shave and all. Duh. My bad and thanks for the correction. That makes this card even more classic eh?

  11. Pavel – That’s a load of horseshit. Grachev AND Staal? The only deal that would involve those two would be one for Kovalchuk. You can bank on that. The Avs, on the other hand, have already indicated they’re interested in moving the pick if they can get something back that will help them short-term. Grachev and Staal wouldn’t do that…The Avs are also found themselves in quite the mess last season when Sakic and Stastny went down. Hensick showed he’s not a number one center and may never be. Arnason was even more of a joke. Look for them to bring in a top center, especially since no one is certain Sakic will be back next season.

    …Regarding Cammaalleri, I think you’re forgetting what is commonly referred to now as the global economic downtrend. You’ve got pundits all over the place saying Heatley won’t fetch nearly as much cash because of his $9 million deal…You’ve got Tampa trying to dump Lecavlier because of his deal. You’ve got everyone and their mother criticizing the Rangers for Redden’s $6.5 million contract…You really think GMs are going to be doling out big contracts again? To put it into perspective, consider this: Rick Nash makes $5.4 million. Alex Tanguay made $5.2 million. Simon Gagne the same…On the higher end, you’ve got Ryan Smyth at $6.2 million and Martin Havlat at $6 million. Where do you think a guy like Cammalleri fits in among that company?

  12. yea more like pavel said. staal and grachev for the 3 pick. F that!!!! colorado can keep their pick and we all know that sometimes it doesnt matter where you are placed in the draft. theres no doubt that the top 3-5 guys are prob gonna be excellent players, but at this early stage in their careers, guys mature, grow into their frames, and sometimes become just as good as the guys who went first. look at zetterberg and datsyuk. look at hank. look at grachev. not proven yet but very good so far in the ohl. look at jessiman!!!! i forgot what did he go 12th??? or was that staal?

  13. hey tdchi- thats good thinkin man. they could want gomez and our pick and maybe sangs for the 3 spot. if they really need that number 1 center then its possible. but if they were smart, they would pick duchene and have their number 1 center in a year or 2 in him. no?

  14. cammalleri is worth 4-5 mill tops. but id rather overpay him than drury or gomez. he will get the 6 mill from a team that has money. you’ll see. when teams start bidding, more likely than not, somebody will overpay for him. if they have to stash some salary in the minors to do so, they will. look at the guys numbers. he may not get 6 form alot of teams, but theres teams out there with lots of space.

  15. laurel- i dont understand when you said this-“if you want a long ugly post without reading more after the dreaded jump, you get a picture here”. what do you mean the dreaded jump? what is that?

  16. You know, to trade the proven good kids that we have here now, for a draft choice even a high one, is not taking into consideration the type of draft pick that the genius in the front office would make. He’d in all probability do what he’s done in the past, ignore the top flight folks and by some type of brain mechanism find top quality in someone way down the line! Need I mention Jessiman? Just look at the names he passed over to get him. No thanks on the trading for a draft choice.

  17. Gross on Ranger Rants had said (at 19)the Rangers could look for, “London (OHL) center Nazem Kadri, Omaha (USHL) center Louis Leblanc and Brandon (WHL) center Scott Glennie, though he may be long gone at No. 19”.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I think at 19 Duchene is obviously gone. Kassian could POSSIBLY be around, although not likely. Really, as I said the other day, our best bets are Ashton (long shot), or Caron.

    Whatever he does, he better not take another defenseman. We are so thin at forward right now and so overflowing with defensive prospects (as well as Redden and Rozsi’s contracts) that the kid wouldn’t see the Garden ice for at least 4 years, unless he jumps one of our other prospects, which would make said prospect a bust (I’m looking at you Sanguinetti).

    Really, we need wings. We have Dubinsky and Anisimov in the middle, not to mention Drury and Gomez’s monstrous contracts, Blair Betts’ penalty killing, and Lauri Korpikoski who can also play in the middle. On Defense, Rozsi, Redden, Staal, Girardi, Potter, Gilroy, MDZ, Sanguinetti, Sauer, and potentially Mara or Morris.

    But look at our wings: Avery, Callahan, and Zherdev/Antropov. Those are the only wings on our team with a history of putting the puck in the net (and Avery’s history still lacks a 20 goal season). Korpikoski has some potential, but was very unimpressive last year. PA Parenteau is the only wing in Hartford worth a damn, but I think he’ll just end up being another Krog. We have Grachev, but he was in juniors, and for right now, is all potential. Even if Grachev has NHL success, that still leaves us woefully thin on the wing. Losing Cherepanov was a BIG hit. It’s by far the thinnest spot in the organization and needs to be addressed immediately. If Slats drafts anything other than a winger in the first round (unless by some miracle we have one of the top 5 picks fall into our laps, none of whom play the wing) then this draft will be a failure.

  19. Laurel Babcock on

    “after the jump” means you have to click on the part of the post that says “read more of this story”…..some folks here apparently find that a major inconvenience!

    and thanks 22figure8…

  20. The new Avs management would play hardball, is all I’m trying to say. They are doomed unless they get a star, such as Duschene will become.

    Unless you have a cap-manageable Jokinen available, you won’t give up your 1st rounder.

    The Avs have no d and they have only two decent wingers. I’ll bet they’d want Staal/Grachev PLUS our first for the #3 overall and a roster player.

    I know the economy is in the toilet, but there are still teams who are desperate and will sign stupid contracts. Sather WILL sign a horrible contract on July 1st. I don’t know how, but he will.

    The draft choice should be the best available winger.

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