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Sorry I’ve been so silent today all, but I’ve been getting pounded along the boards all day. But you’ve been doing so well chatting amongst yourselves you didn’t need me anyway….So, while I’m digging around the dust for something for tomorrow, is there anything in particular you’d like to chat about? A particularly lovely picture to view perhaps :) We here at RR aim to please, remember, so offer your thoughts and I’ll see if I can rise to the challenge!

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  1. but I’ve been getting pounded along the boards all day.

    Laural-sounds kind or personal! lol
    Sorry if I’m out of line but I had to do it. Your doing a great job while Carp gone.

  2. We could talk about the email that’s making the rounds showing Mario’s ridiculous pad and the giant celebration party in his background. He’s got a sweet pad. I would have thought the pool would be bigger though. I can forward you the email, Laurel.
    Or I can save them to Photobucket and post the links here.

  3. Laurel – I was wondering how you became enamored with hockey?
    My uncle introduced the game to me when I was about five years old (1963). The unusual circumstance was that he was from the island of Cyprus, were water is hard to come by never mind ice.

  4. Laurel Babcock on

    Ha! John, I opened the door on that one I suppose. Thanks.

    Hanny, yeah, send them my way….lbabcock@lohud.com and I’ll take care of it tomorrow.

    Colin, don’t know what to tell ya bud. May be a technical issue, may be just you :)

    Taries, haven’t forgotten you, but I gotta run for a bit…I’ll answer you later.

  5. Laurel Babcock on

    Colin, that’s up to a power far higher than me…

    So, in response to taries, a little tale of how I got into hockey. I will probably get some shite for part of this story, but bear with me…(we now begin the get to know your guest blogger part of our program.)

    To start, there was no real aha moment. I just kind of fell into it because many of my friends in school were big Rangers fans and it was a really cool (yet typically frustrating) era to follow the team. So really, first I was just a lemming :)
    Then, yes, alas, and here’s where I date myself a tad, came the ooh la la days. (Hence my amusement with that video in previous post).
    Laugh or choke if you will, but if you were a New York girl who was a Rangers fan back then, well, what can I say. There was a restaurant, the correct name escapes me now but it was a guy’s name, where many of the players hung out regularly, and let’s just say it was popular with the young ladies.
    Full disclosure, I was also a Studio 54 attendee, also big with the boys back then. Ah, yes, those were the days. One great memory…I got a chance to chat briefly one night with Gresch and as we were talking someone passed us by and he said something like, “There goes the greatest hockey player ever.”
    It was Gretzky. That was a good night.
    Ultimately, I just fell in love with the greatest game ever!! I’ve had more than a few, um, conversations with gentlemen in beverage establishments about why hockey kicks all other sports’ butts. I may have even converted one or two. Nobody’s ever convinced me otherwise.

    That’s it, in a not so little nutshell after all. How about you all? What’s your story?

  6. laurel

    i am 100% aware of that
    i know its not you, or anyone who writes here.

    im just an open source guy trying to help people out.
    the more i say it, the more i hope that one day it will get done.


    My grandfather was a huge Rangers fan when I was growing up. We didn’t have much of a relationship — I never knew what to talk to him about when I saw him. He wasn’t interested in me. One night we were visiting him and he had a game on. I started asking about it and after that I started following it so we would have something to talk about when I saw him (which was not real often). Sadly, he died in 1990 so he never saw his team win the Cup. I went to the Ticker tape parade and that day I can honestly say I never felt closer to my grandfather. It was an amazing thing. I know that sounds lame but it’s true.

  8. Laurel Babcock on

    Colin, I hear ya, and I am with ya.

    Puck (hey, I once had a cat named Puck)….that’s not lame at all. Great story. Too bad he missed the last Cup. He’d have been one of those rare birds who got two in his lifetime.

  9. Laurel Babcock on

    Ok any late nighters, I’m calling it a day. Share your why “I am a Ranger” fan stories here at will. Perhaps that may be worth a separate post so they doesn’t get lost in this one. (See, it would be easier to find if you’d let me direct you “after the jump”!)

    New post up in the morning (which, by the way, I had to come up with all on my own. Geez.) Thanks Hanny for your suggestion though. Send link etc. if you care to. See ya tommorrow all.

  10. HockeymanRangers on

    Laurel, even though there is nothing out there. How about a subject about, when do you think or any one here thinks Sather will give it up. And when he does who will take his place.
    Or maybe even what Sather does so different from other GM’s???
    We know he like’s to HAND out big contracts and HOPES they turn their game play turns around just b/c they come to play in NY.

  11. I became a fan last off-season. I really liked the Rangers while watching them play against Buffalo in 2007 (I’m from Buffalo). I kinda drifted away from the Sabres and just started liking the Rangers. I haven’t been alive to witness the Rangers win a Cup but hopefully they will in my lifetime (I’m only 14). Anyway that’s how I became a Rangers fan.

  12. HockeymanRangers on

    My son got me to become a hockey fan and then a NY Ranger fan. When my son was very young, his babysitter and her family were big hockey fans. It got my son interested in hockey, he wanted to play. I thought it would be cool to take him to a game, so we went to a AHL game in Binghamton N.Y. the Binghamton Rangers. We started going to the games all the time. Before that I was hooked on football big time, after that it was NY Ranger hockey and has been ever since. My son played hockey all the way up to his senior year in high school. And then I played (if that’s what you call it) for a few years in some open hockey games. It is a great sport, NO IT’S THE BEST SPORT IN MY BOOK.

  13. wade redden will take his place in the year 2025. by then sather will be 150 years old and will have traded callahan and staal who both went on to have excellent careers winning the cup on their respective teams. the rangers got dany heatley in the trade and he got into a career ending car accident the same year. meanwhile, about ten years ago the rangers went out and traded for john tavares from the isles(after his years winning the stanley cup with them and saving the islander franchise) for our number 1 picks for the next 5 years and grachev,del zotto,anisimov, and a 60 year old brendan shanahan who returned to hockey and signed with the rangers few yearsago after numerous blood transfusions and being injected with enbalming fluid before each game. after a few bad seasons they packages tavares with their best prospect to the mexican roadrunners for their number 1 pick. the roadrunners used to be the penguins but had to move to mexico because after one average season in pittsburgh the fans boycotted the team until bettman gave them the number 1 overall pick for the next 20 years. he only promised them for 19 years. so they had to move. ok, so the rangers used that number 1 pick to draft chris drurys son(frodo) and he now is the rangers number 1 center averaging about 15g 20a a year while making 45m a year with a FULL NO MOVE CLAUSE AND A 1M DOLLAR BONUS FOR EVERY CLUTCH FIRST PERIOD GAME WINNER HE SCORES.

  14. good job chris!! thats good that youre still young to be able to switch teams. but why the rangers?? youre in for a lot of suffering!! no just kidding. i was youre age when the rangers won their last cup in 94. it was the best time to be a fan. i only wish we can win it and watch captain dubinsky skate with the cup and then he gives it off to alternate captains callahan and staal. so were a fan of drurys? as you can see he isnt quite as popular here. maybe he can score 37 goals again in one season. he only has 47 in 2 seasons combined here.

  15. mike in ia

    I am a fan of Drury. Back when he was in Buffalo everybody loved him, now not so much.

  16. mike in ia

    You are forgetting that all 47 of his goals as a Ranger have been clutch goals. So really each of his goals total should count twice. Ha. Just kidding, I know he sucks.

  17. One of the main reasons I became a Ranger fan , my family was one of the first to have cablevision on the Island. They showed Knicks and Ranger games on channel 6 after that I was hooked.

    Colton Orr makes Mitch Fritz’s peeper gush Hemoglobin:


  18. Hi Laurel,

    I think you’ve done a good job filling in for Jane and Carp. You know how us NYers can be. Tough. Really liked that Draft post as it was informative. Also got a kick out of the Dugay pic and Sasoon ad. Classic!

    Keep up the good work.

  19. Doodie – i like that Burke diary too. I bet Slats diary was very different:
    Feb 9: smoked Cigar, played Golf, spoke to Schony who mentioned some draft thing (i think he was talking about beer) and a deadline (was i supposed to write an essay for Jr. Dolan?) he said he’d manage to get rid of that plank Adam Hall for some frenchy called Dupuis? Also he’s signed Sean Avery for Jason Ward and a couple of czech’s (i won;t mention it to Jags!)
    Feb 10: smoked Cigar, played Golf
    Feb 11: off on holiday with the missus today, have packed plus fours, polo shirts and 3 pringle jumpers, plus big box of cigars, box of new titleist balls and clubs, Schony called and said don’t foget about staying under the cap so have packed a couple of those too!
    feb 12-25: on holiday playing golf
    Feb 26: came back off holiday and switched mobile on, listened to 100 voicemails from Peter Forsberg asking me to trade for him, plus another 100 from Jags and Schony asking why my phone is off. Called Holgrem and he said too late Forsberg’s gone to Nashville!! Didn’t know country music was so poular in Sweden!
    Feb 27: turns out this deadline thing is to do with trading players – what fun!! Smoked cigar while talking to Feaster and managed to swap Frenchy Dupuis for some other Frenchy kid called Bourret (i wonder if he’s related to Caprice?). Jags called and asked me to get rid of Aaron Ward so swapped him for Paul Mara of Boston, apparently he can grow a mean beard – even in the regular season!! (NB mustn’t let him too near cigar).
    Feb 28: apparently this deadline thing is passed now – tried to get Rucinsky or Sykora as they are pals with Jags but Lowe and JD both said its too late. Off to play golf and smoke more cigars….

  20. Laurel Babcock on

    mike in ia….that future prediction was hysterical!

    chris, keep the faith. perhaps one day, before you need a walker, you’ll witness Lord Stanley’s return to NY.

    Derek, thanks a lot

    Peter, nope that wasn’t it….it’s driving me nuts. I’ll have to research today.

  21. Have a good time BUT why in the world would you shut down the ?help? pages just because support is gone think about it if you?re not here to help maybe we can find the answer there if not we can use the foroum or wait for you to get back.

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