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Oh Carp, my trusting buddy, I sure hope you don’t live to regret this. Jane, my apologies in advance to you, too.

Hey all, it’s Laurel here…some of you may recognize my name from posts here on Rangers Report, some of you do know me from my full-time blog, Paws&Claws (hi CCCP, Sally, Linda et al!) when I posted your kitties during the playoffs (such as they were), and I don’t think any of you know that I also work behind the scenes on Carp and Jane’s live shows here at

I’m also a Rangers fan, and since I don’t cover the team and am just guest blogging here, I can admit that with pride (I think. Yes, I am proud).

Anyway, since Carp and Jane can’t blog this week, Carp suggested that maybe I could pop in every now and then to keep you guys company and give you a place to chat amongst yourselves. So here you go…

Please keep in mind that I have a Zamboni-sized workload myself this week so I’ll do the best I can, but I make no guarantees of coming close to matching Carp and Jane’s most impressive work here.

All that said, what did y’all think of the final on Friday? I went out to watch with a friend and left before the end. There was no way I was going to risk watching Cindy skate around with the Cup. I was hoping for the best, but ultimately made the right call, I think. OK kids, take it away….

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  1. doodie- yea kassian and glennie are goin before 19th. pretty sure in the 9-14 range. but yea, ya never know, other teams might need d men, so theres always a chance. i havent heard too much about goalies in this draft. it would be awesome if a team took a goalie so we get one step closer to picking one of those guys.

  2. well … what do I think?

    I think we can see how a Stanley Cup is manufactured by the league
    —let’s look a the Penguins Draft history from 2003-2006:

    2003 – 1st Pick Marc-Andre Fleury
    2004 – 2nd Pick = Malkin
    2005 – 1st Pick – Sidney “crybaby” Crosby
    (note: this was a hidden ballet unwitnessed by any media or 3rd party)
    2006 – 2nd Pick – Jordon Staal

    hmm- the 1st or 2nd overall pick for 4 straight years?

    combine that with some suspect officiating … and voila you have a marketing product.

    That’s what I think of the finals.

  3. eric- im sure the trade could go down but sangs would probably have to be replaced with grachev. or cally. we dont have too many assets to give up though. i think we couldve gotten away with rozy, zherdev and sangs if zherdev hadnt disappeared in the playoffs and late in the season. his value isnt as high as it was last year. he had all the chances to become more than a 20 goal scorer, but he just doesnt seem to want it bad enough. sucks for us that we gave up tyutin for him. we couldve saved toots, never had gotten reden, and signed someone else to play with gomer on the wing. im not sayin it was a bad trade but from when it first happened, to now, the trade is not nearly as good as we all thought. if ottawa does want more than that, then screw em. we dont need heatley that bad. well, not at the expense of say grachev, who they would probably want instead of sangs. if sather was smart, he would pass on this offseason and just wait till next year when theres better options, and the we have a better chance of trading away gomez or redden or rozy with them having less years on their contracts.

  4. I’m glad the finals are over. I love Hockey , but if it isnt ranger Hockey the passion doesn’t reach cray proportions. So I am glad that it’s back to Ranger focus only. Laurel hope ya have a good time keeping an eye out for us knuckleheads.

    Colton Orr vs. Mike Rupp “Payback is a Punch In The Face”

  5. You know… As much as I hate the Penguins (and Sid), I love hockey more. And the mere fact that the Pens came back with Babcock from 14th in the Eastern Conference, to get into the playoffs is impressive in itself. They beat the Caps and absolutely trampled on the hurricanes (who we were all pulling for). AND THEN on top of all that, they beat the tired Wings (at home), to win the Cup.

    The Penguins have my respect, that’s for sure. They played quite the rollercoaster season.

  6. “no way I was going to risk watching Cindy skate around with the cup.”

    I like you already.

    Anyway, Lidstrom said that Crosby was probably caught up in the emotion and forgot to shake hands. My ass.

  7. I second what Lauren said. I’m a rangers season ticket holder, but foremost, I’m a hockey fan. I thought the final was fantastic. The games were highly entertaining and we came within inch from seeing a Game 7 OT.

    We have a lot to work toward if we want to get to the level where the Wings and Pens are right now.

  8. septemous–

    You think Mario Lemiux had anything to do with it? hmmmm… very suspect

  9. Wow guys way to throw Laurel under the bus

    Plus I bet Sammys’ got better things to do….


    Captain Clutch?

    Nah, Sam was the man… but GOLF???

  10. nah, laurels cool. i remember him posting here. hes a ranger fan and thats all good. i had no idea you work in lohud headquarters laurel. say hi to josh for us. we know its hard to type with just a floating head

  11. Laurel Babcock on

    Wow! Here I try and do good and help….and MunDoNYC13’s correct…right under the BeeLine! To you and Shoryuken on Wade Redden I say thanks! And Mike in LA (though dude, I’m a she not a he). And Mouth! (funny, that’s kind of how folks think of me here at the office)

    Some thoughts so far:
    • Lauren and Evan, I totally agree….I think this was one of the best Stanley Cup seasons and the Pens/Wings series was amazing (though my friend from Michigan would disagree). Doesn’t mean I have to like the outcome :)
    • I miss Sam too, and not just on the blog (Carp and Jane rock), but in the LoHud house. But he’s gone, sadly…get over it! I’m all you’ve got this week.
    • As for the rest of you knuckleheads, you want gloves off baby!!! Look out!

    man, I love this blog.

  12. Anyone else see Crosby at the parade call Pitt fans the best in the league? Guys, we need to ditch the Rangers for a few years so they can go near bankrupt and change owners (wait a minute), then come back when the team is good so we can be the best too.

  13. Laurel Babcock on

    Oops. Forgot two thoughts.
    Mike, I’ll say hey to the floating head.

    And just to show you all I belong here…

    “Now what does the little man inside you say? See you gotta listen to the little man.”

    “My little man doesn’t know.”

    “The little man knows all.”

    “My little man’s an idiot.”

    OK kids, name that episode….

  14. Mike in IA-I doubt Kadri is going to be available at 19. His stock has fluctuated from 9-13 it seems. He’s a small kid, and the ONLY was he drops is if GMs think he’s too small and/or are afraid of his fasting during the sunrise to sunset for Ramadan (a lot of GMs actually brought this up to him at the draft combine last week as per the article) but that would be a bone headed and ignorant thing to do. He can handle his nutrition during the holiday and is used to it by now. It never affected Hakeem Ollajawoun. The kid’s going to be a very solid player and will probably go to Dallas or Ottawa.

    Tim Erixon is an unremarkable solid stay at home D. He’s projected late 1st to early 2nd. if the Rangers don’t get what they’d like, I’d be down for trading down to get an extra 2nd and maybe taking a shot at him or that Toni Rajala kid from Finland who has tremendous offensive power but is maybe 5’7”. Erixon’s like a Sauer though and I think between Sauer, Girardi, and Staal and maybe Gilroy, and Kundratek/Dowzakthe Rangers have enough bad cops (physical stay at homes) to go along with the good cops (Sangs, Del Z, and even Potter).

  15. Hey Laurel! Welcome!

    Great to see you filling in for Carp and Jane! Shibby says “meow-llo”

    What is it with people and problem of letting go? Sam who?? Please…Sam is too busy chewing on the grass anyway!

    P.S. Mike in ia, Laurel is a she. :)

  16. Laurel Babcock on

    Hey CCCP! Thanks buddy. Tell Shibs I say hi.
    FYI, for you and whoever else may care, tomorrow at my other blog I’ll be posting pics of MunDoNYC13’s cat, Little Lundqvist.

    And fyi, the rest of you, got an e-mail from Carp who thanks me for filling in. So there! Oh baby!

  17. laurel
    welcome glad to see the chat keeps going each day
    mike in ia
    starting to think now that if we cant move any contracts then we should not do anything because to me this free agent class is the weakest in years. hossa havlat camileri sedins we have no shot at and we shouldnt sign unless there is a contract moved. bottom line is if they cnat move anyone play the kids maybe sign a kotalik for 2nd line and watch us finish 11th in east next year.

    only way we get a goal scorer is by trade and i dont see how we move any of the big 4. drury gomez redden rozy

  18. Hi Laurel! Thanks for stopping by! How are Stanley and Cup holding up in the off season?

  19. Laurel Babcock on

    Eric, thanks. You raise some interesting points on the contracts and trades….The cap’s an issue, but do nothing? We definitely need a scorer. We got Gilroy, and yes he’s on D, but he’s got some youth eh?

    Folks, thoughts on who among the big 4 he mentioned?

  20. Laurel Babcock on

    Sally! Where you been! Thanks…I could use a friend here! If you saw my other blog, you know the girls were sad, but have recovered, as usual. How’s Little Dubi?

  21. HockeymanRangers on

    Welcome Laurel, I hope some of my fellow NY Ranger fans gave you a warm welcome. You must remember we are Hockey fans you know!!!!
    I have decided (after two days)that I think we need to give the Penguins some credit. Yea yea I know it’s Cindy and all but still, put that aside. They did make some good moves before the trade deadline, had a coaching change mid year. And all the talk about the NHL giving it to them, I just don’t think it’s true. Yea! I admit things looked a little shady, but I won’t believe a pro sport is going to set up a team for success. Even if it does boost the sport of hockey. I just think we need to give them credit where credit is due.
    And I knew Mario was going to lift the cup again. Any way as always my opinion have a good one troops.

  22. Hey Laurel

    I’d love to see Little Lundqvist! Man, i just LOVE cats!

    Shibby is on vacation too…just like Carp! He is visiting my sisters summer house in Nanuet and as i recently heard he is having time of his life!

  23. The guys you’d want to move the most are the least move-able. Redden is #1 on that list. If he doesn;t somehow get back his legs and start playing a helluva lot better, he’ll wind up in Hartford. As for right now, trading rozie gives the Rangers some good space and I think there actually will be a good market for him for the teams that miss out on Jay-Bo and Komisarek. Those teams will need NHL quality defensemen, and Rozie’s contract won’t look so bad to them. If Sather waits he may actually be dealing from a position of strength there. Still, even at that point, nobody’s taking Redden.

    As for Gomez, I did hear a rumor that would send him out to SJ in a deal that would bring back Marleau. Drury could be moved instead but loves NY and has no intention of going. The other possibility is that they stick with those two guys and try to bring in a speedy winger with a scoring touch, not Gaborik but maybe a Gionta or a Heatley (I;ll bet he and Gomez wouls work well together) but the latter onlyu happens if the Rangers clear space and Ottawa gets desparate.

  24. Laurel Babcock on

    To all you friendly fans, thanks! Love the warm welcome, and I knew you’d be happy to have new news and chats, no matter how paltry. I do that in homage to you and Carp/Jane.
    That said, I’m quitting for the night! Gonna post one new update about our favorite friend Sean….Those who stay up to watch, can’t wait to hear your thoughts tomorrow!

  25. Laurel Babcock on

    Mouth, thanks. Tedb33….don’t recognize you as a regular. Have a nice day.

  26. Wow, hey Ted, take a walk. Laurel, thanks for jumping in while Carp and Jane are away.

  27. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    My Weinman comment was much more about the blog in general than a slight against you.

  28. Laurel Babcock on

    Aw Doc, as CCCP said on another post, it’s the off season ya know……

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