Avery on Fallon tonight


I’m not a fan of Fallon, but I may even DVR this. Mr. Pink Tie is going to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Watch it, Hulu it, whatever, I’m sure there will be some thoughts.

P.S. I’m used to including pics in my pets blog, so I feel the need to do the same here. Sorry, I can’t wait to hear the response to this, but as I said, I’m a guest blogger and (Mike in LA) I’m a girl. And whatever you may think of him (and Sam and I have discussed this)…hello!

All the guys on here hate me now, right?

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  1. there was supposed to be question mark at the end after FIRST…but you get the point…

    anyway, i live the nickname for Sean “Pink Tie” lol its brilliant and that is what ill call him from now on!! btw, i am a big fan of Sean. Ill watch Fallon tonight for sure.

    P.S. Laurel, its Mike in *ia* not LA


  2. Laurel Babcock on

    oops. thanks CCCP. And sorry to all the Mikes. Can’t take the credit for Pink Tie…Carp did that first, I just cribbed.

  3. Welcome Laurel! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll definitely be watching tonight.

    I would also like to add: is anyone sick of hearing the Red Wings bitch about Crosby not shaking their hands? I mean, I HATE the Penguins and Cindy, but the Wings are really starting to sound like a bunch of sore losers. You lost. Get over it. Try again next year. I have no love for Wings fans, particularly since they proved themselves to be the biggest bunch of D-bags on earth when I went to the Winter Classic last Jan (Hawks fans were awesome).

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the Avery appearance, but hate isn’t strong enough a word.

  5. C’mon, why is there a topless Aves pic on this blog. Where’s the Megan Fox pic.

    Please for my sake, put a Megan Fox pic on your next post, i just want to see Fox on Rangers Report. It would make my week.

    Im off to go watch Obsessed on A&E, one of the funniest shows on tv.

  6. Laurel, I’ve been lurking around. Don’t have much to say this time of year.

    Princess Dubi is just fine! Thanks for asking!

    ORR, Obsessed is the BEST! “Can I get a 1-10 on vaginal secretions?”


  7. oops, sorry laurel. sometimes i forget about gender except maybe if your name is sally then its pretty obvious. and yea unfortunately im in ia, not l.a.

  8. Not really a Jimmy Fallon fan (more Conan and Craig Ferguson) but that thing where Mark-Paul Gossenglar came out as Zack Morris the other night was freaking hilarious. I hope they can reunite the cast; it’s as much a part of my youth as the Roger Neilson years with the Rangers, old school WWF, and Joe Bob Briggs Drive Thru theater.

  9. According to the Tocchet article the Lightning have a “message therapist” – what does he do? Help players send text messages?

    I can see how Torts will want Sullivan as Schony will presumably return to his old post now that the season is over and we have time to plan for the draft and the start of the 09/10 season? Pelino is a behind the scenes assistant coach so it will be Torts and Sully behind the bench and Pelino in the box lighting Slats Cigars for him.

  10. MIKEA

    Me too, im a big Conan, and Ferguson, but the Zack Morris thing was funny. That guy hasn’t aged a day, he looked exactly the way he did when the show ended. I had to watch the dvd’s last night, oh baby, Tiffany Amber Thiessen was such a fuggin babe back in the day, they need to get a reunion going !!! I wanna see some milf action ! Also Jessie Spano is still pretty hot.

  11. uk- lol im pretty sure it was mAssage therapist as in givin somebody a rubdown not sending mEssages

  12. mike and orr- were all pretty much the same age right? late 20’s? that show was awesome growin up, they used to play it in the mornings before school. loved when i stayed home sick i would watch that show all day until somethin else came on. remember at first they had zach, screech and some other kid, not slater, and they had a different girl too, dont remember if jesse was on the show yet. that was the real old shows. they dont show those episodes that much anymore.

  13. I think we need more girly influence in the world,
    since men have made a muck of it.
    I look forward to the female view on hockey and it’s personalities. Maybe you can perfume the blog somehow?

  14. MIKE

    Im 19, almost 20 !! but i know the show you’re talking about. It’s called “Good Morning Mrs. Bliss” or something like that. It got cancelled, and then they started over with Saved by the Bell, and added Jesse, Slater, and the hot Kelly. I think Turtle was on the show, but i could be wrong.

    No dvd release for that show either. And they never play it on tv.

    And i just saw the Fallon show, lol the shootout at the end was funny, if Fallon won, then Aves would have to wear a Flyers jersey, and Aves couldn’t score to save his life, he only ended up getting 2 out of 5. But Fallon only got 1.

    And he ran into a couple of Flyers at Bonaroo, he talked to Lupul who gave him that vicious boarding with 2 seconds left in the last game of the season, that surprisingly, or not surprisingly went unsuspended. And he called Hartnell a clown.

    Love Avery !! Cant wait to see him next season, hopefully in all 82 games. Something to look forward to next season, besides the youth.

  15. Laurel Babcock on

    Ah, see Orr, now you’re getting into the spirit! Let’s keep the, um, “action” to a minimum though, shall we? Geez.

  16. I’m female, rather like Avery as a player, but just don’t like his look, particularly the geometric hair.

  17. Orr on TBS in the mornings they show Saved by the Bell, and every so often they show Good Morning Miss Bliss (but they still use the Saved theme song), but the Miss Bliss one sucked I thought. Saved by the Bell was a classic.

    “Please don’t hurt me, blond hulk.”

  18. I’m male and think Avery’s an idiot. Decently skilled hockey player, but an idiot nonetheless.

  19. CCCP
    June 15th, 2009 at 8:53 pm
    there was supposed to be question mark at the end after FIRST…but you get the point…

    anyway, i live the nickname for Sean “Pink Tie” lol its brilliant

    At least it’s not “Pink Sock.”

  20. Man…WTF is with Avery hanging out bare-chested at Men’s Warehouse? Couple things from the previous threads:

    Sam McGee – When the buzzer sounded Friday, the Penguins didn’t even know they won. Watch it over several times, because they didn’t. They got extremely lucky. And the only reason Penguin fans are going on the defensive now is because they know how bogus their win really was. So does all of hockey. I’ll take our cup from 15 years ago over the tarnished one Crosby raised ANY DAY. PS. Enjoy finding a team next season to play around this whining puss bag.

    Prospect Park – While I won’t defend GOMEZ, I will point out an inaccuracy in your statement: Gomez played incredible on a line with Shanahan and Dawes. Granted, it was pre-season, but that combo had great chemistry and should have been the line going into the season…and on Jagr…Anyone who knew Gomez’s game in NJ could have seen he wouldn’t work well with JJ. Jags is a puck-possession guy. Same with Gomez. You get two puck hogs on the ice together, one of whom looks for the perfect play(Jagr) and the other who never shoots the puck(Gomez), and you’re going to have those results. Put a shooter with speed on a line with Gomez and you’ll see much different results. That’s why Shanny was half-decent with him: Because he always took the shot. That’s why I’ve personally advocated for signing GABORIK(I agree with Tyree, although I don’t think Jags is too slow). He’s about as pure a goal scorer as they come and has Scotty’s speed to boot.

    Doodie/Jay G/mike in ia – re: VOROS. There are several explanations for his start. First is that the Rangers came into the season in better shape than most teams thanks to the European start. Second, most teams weren’t expecting strong winger to ride the crease every shift, while his skilled mates ran the puck. Mind you, the last ‘large’ forward they had doing that was Marcel HOSSA, who wasn’t exactly the physical-type Voros is. So pretty much, they caught teams unexpected. All V would do is sit in the crease and look for tip-ins. But when other teams started to get back in shape, Voros’ piss-poor skating and not-so-great conditioning negated his ability to take a beating in the crease. Defensemen also started effectively clearing him. Once you do that, his game is done. Funny thing is, he did the same exact thing with Minnesota. If I remember correctly, he was on either second or first line for a spell. But unless he somehow gets himself into uber-shape, he’s a goddamn pylon who can’t fight and is probably a worse alternative than Ryan Hollweg.

  21. I don’t see why you call in tarnished just because they got lucky on a couple plays. The Rangers certainly got lucky many times in ’94. I’ve watched that series plenty of times and there are a lot of close plays. It’s silly to say a team has a “tarnished” victory because the last shot didn’t go in to tie it. If you’re saying that the refs were hugely favoring the Pens, then I could understand your point.

  22. Late to the party again, but YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to that picture!!! My man is a bodybuilder, so I can appreciate the hard work that goes into having a bod like that. Aves isn’t the best lookin dude in the world, weird hair thingie going on, but between the bod and the facial scar and the attitude, DUDE IS JUST HOT!!!! Pink tie, magenta boxers, orange painted toenails, who cares, dude is HOT!

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