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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be on vacation the next two weeks and not available to blog at all for at least the next week.

Unfortunately, Jane is also off this week, so I don’t know if we’ll have any posts at all. We’re still working on getting somebody to fill-in a couple of times. I hope to chip in the following week, at least a couple of times around the draft.


In the meantime, as we approach the draft and the July 1 free-agency period, the Rangers are sure to be attempting to move some contracts and find a way to squeeze more skill onto the roster. I don’t know how that will happen, though.

Some things I think will or won’t happen:

Chris Drury: Not going anywhere. Full no-move clause and loves it here, and I think the coach really likes him.

Scott Gomez: There will be interest around the league for him to a degree. The Rangers would have to take back a big contract, in all probability, to move him, and you have to wonder if the Rangers will be worse off if they lose one of the few skilled players they have. Gomez isn’t a first-liner, at least not unless he has big-time wingers. But he is one of the Rangers’ best offensive players. Can they lose one of those?

Wade Redden: Not going anywhere … at least not for a while. The option of putting him in Hartford and eating his contract so he comes off the cap has been considered, but I don’t think the Rangers will do that right off the hop. Rather, they’ll see if John Tortorella can get more out of him. If not, then the Hartford option becomes a possibility. He played better under Tortorella down the stretch and in the playoffs, but he’s never going to live up to that contract.

Michal Rozsival: A team that thinks it is close, has cap space, and would like a veteran defenseman with some skill to play on a second pair could want a guy like Rozsival. Whether Glen Sather can make that happen is arguable.

Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan: Will be re-signed. I guarantee it.

Nik Antropov and Nik Zherdev: They might be only able to sign one, and Zherdev is sure to be more affordable. I don’t know if they think he’s a project worth pursuing, though. If I had to guess, Antropov’s out, Zherdev could be back.

Paul Mara and Derek Morris: No way they can afford to keep those two.

Steve Valiquette: There’s been a lot of misinformation, that he re-signed. Actually, the contract he signed last summer was for two years. So he’s under contract.

Blair Betts, Colton Orr, Fred Sjostrom, Lauri Korpikoski: No idea how they can fit any or all of them back into the roster. I’m sure they’d like to sign as many of them as possible.

Moving up in the draft: Don’t see it happening.

Getting a Heatley, Gaborik, Cammalleri, Havlat or Hossa: Will require some interesting maneuvers. Of course, you already knew that. Long before I did.

Moving up from Hartford: Artem Anisimov definitely. Grachev and Del Zotto will have a great chance to do so. The Rangers really like Corey Potter (who must be re-signed) and think he’ll be a solid, if unspectacular NHLer. Whether  Gilroy can make the jump right away remains to be seen. Sanguinetti will need a huge camp.

Behave yourselves while I’m gone.

See youse.

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  1. Finally get to be first! Enjoy Carp, you deserve it. Best mid-season acquisition ever!

    I hope San Jose give Rozi a serious look and I hope that Sauer has an unbelievable offseason and can earn a spot on the team. I’m rooting for him.

  2. Enjoy your vacation, and congratulations to all the whiners here who cried about their tinfoil-hat Bettman conspiracy Friday Night. Shame on all who couldn’t admit Pittsburgh outplayed and outworked Detroit, and instead cried about stuff like how it was “rigged” and the way the Penguins displayed the Cup. Tsk tsk. Double shame to all here who were silent about Zetterberg covering pucks in the crease, while pointing out every supposed penalty Pittsburgh got away with. Pittsburgh has the Cup, and we have the haters. Their ownership of New York hockey is now complete.

  3. Sam McGee
    WTF are u doing on this blog? Sit and enjoy the panoramic views of Shittsbugh!

  4. Have a good vacation carp.

    I’m glad the Cup is over and all this warm fuzzy NHL bi- partisanship is all over. Prepare for War rest of the League in 09-10 it s all about the Rangers and if you are not with us you are against us.

    John Davidson’s worst Goaltending Moments

  5. Prospect Park on

    Del Zotto is not going to make the jump to the NHL unless he makes a monster of an improvement with his defense. He is going to become a Ranger but not for another year or two.

    Grachev despite his monster numbers is still a child, talented yes very much but still needs to work on his consistency (read that as has to learn to work hard every night something even he knows)

    Love this line:

    Gomez isn’t a first-liner, at least not unless he has big-time wingers.

    The Rangers have tried every possible player with Gomez and yet he has not clicked with any of them. If Gomez could not play with Jagr (think he was a big time winger), Shanny (think he was a big time winger) or Drury (wait no never mind he is a so-so winger) then how can anyone expect Gomez to click.

    You could put Gomez with God and Moses as linemates and it still would not work.

  6. Greg_Section_403 on

    Well said Prospect Park.

    Everyone says the problem with Gomez is that he doesn’t have the talented wingers so he can really show us how good he is.

    Really? With all of the wingers he has had already, I think he has shown us what he is worth. He’s a decent center who doesn’t do anything to make his teammates better. Maybe the problem is Gomez and NOT his wingers.

    Rangers should STOP trying to build around Gomez.

  7. “Enjoy your vacation, and congratulations to all the whiners here who cried about their tinfoil-hat Bettman conspiracy Friday Night. Shame on all who couldn’t admit Pittsburgh outplayed and outworked Detroit, and instead cried about stuff like how it was “rigged” and the way the Penguins displayed the Cup. Tsk tsk. Double shame to all here who were silent about Zetterberg covering pucks in the crease, while pointing out every supposed penalty Pittsburgh got away with. Pittsburgh has the Cup, and we have the haters. Their ownership of New York hockey is now complete.”


    It’s not so much the calls/non-calls that happened in the stanley cup finals which makes us believe in a “bettman-pittsburgh-consipiracy,” but rather, the 82 games leading into the playoffs where it is abundantly clear that the refs will call anything against pittsburgh’s opponents while at the same time, giving pittsburgh the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. And, its not a knock on pittsburgh as a team, they are a ridiculously talented team. It’s like the patriots when they got caught “cheating.” They were going to win anyways, so why bother. The problem I have isn’t so much against the pens, as it is against the league. As someone who is not a pittsburgh fan, the bettman conspiracy obviously isn’t a definite, but its something to think about considering how much stock they have in one player and subsequently that one player’s team. I just wish the league, and the refs particularly, showed consistency when interpreting what constitutes a penalty.

  8. onecupin69years and counting on

    Carp, that’s great news, you’re telling us that the rangers will be the same underachieving over paid team in 09/10.

    Have great vacation, does the wife know or is it another business trip?

  9. Gomez is still useful on the PP as he is one of the only guys who can carry the puck in the zone. He can also be a pretty decent PKer if they decide to use him that way. He just needs to be paired on the PP with one guy who can keep up with him speed wise and one guy who can do the chase in the dump and chase. I’d try Cally and Dubi on his wings for the PP and see how that works,

  10. We’re not winning the cup next year without some serious moves so if we get to the start of camp with little change then i don’t see any harm in giving the youngsters who have a good camp a chance to play next year. I’m not saying DelZ and Grachev (unless they really look good on both sides of the puck), but AA, Potter, Sauer, Byers etc.. are all AHL-seasoned and AA dominated at that level last year. Does his arrival on the NHL roster mean the end to Blair Betts? I suppose if we have Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky and Ansimov do we need another center but if one of those guys gets traded we will need Betts. I’d like to see Korpedo back, i think he has top 6 potential and Orr and Sjostrom are good 4th liners if they can be signed at the right price.

    In defence of Gomer, he never meshed with Jagr because both wanted to carry the puck, he never meshed with Shanny because Shanny wasn’t speedy enough to receive most of his passes, same with Naslund. What Gomez plays best with is a winger with speed who can also finish, which is why he was so good with the Debbies (mainly Gionta). This was why some people were saying last year we should have signed Rolston to play with him.

    Carp – i presume you’re thinking Antropov is looking in the $4m+ region? If Z and Antro were the same price what would be your choice?

  11. And this one will last a lifetime on


    Have a great two weeks. Jane, you too.

    My fellow Blueshirt Fanatics…there are absolutley no quick (3-4 years) fixes to our Cap-Problems. We can only begin the process of fixing the problem by playing ALL the kids with the the contracts we are stuck with (Gomez/Drury/Redden/Rozival/Lundqvist), play Del Z, Sanguinetti, Gilroy, AA, etc.

    Maybe Coach Tortorella can work some magic. If not, maybe we finally get to draft the next…Crosby/Ovechkin/Kane/Malkin/etc

  12. Gomez couldnt work with Jagr because he was too slow. Shannahan was too Slow. Drury can’t score he had 100 shots in the limited time that he played with him. He needs a natural goal scorer with speed like Gaborik. But he wont get one.

  13. I heard that Crosby Snubbed Draper and Lidstrom in the handshake line. Really Classy that Crosby. I also noticed that Malkin is the glue to that Team during the celebration. didn’t notice too many teammates mugging crosby as I did Malkin

  14. Speed Ranger on

    That no-move clause in Drury’s clause is why the Clutchmobile is *NOT* a convertible!!

    Have a great vacation – stop apologizing already!

  15. Enjoy your vacations! Maybe Josh Thomson can fill in during the week and tell us all how old he really is. That is, of course, his floating head can find some hands to type with…

  16. Rick, enjoy your vacation, and thanks for all your hard work here on the blog!
    I think your thoughts on the Rangers are spot on.
    To be completely honest…I don’t think any big name players who may come here would really amount to much. This team is still a long way from a Cup…I would rather see the team bring up as many young kids as is possible. I’d have more fun watching them play and learn at this level, than watching a team that has a Hossa/Gaborik etc, not do anything for the next 3 years!

  17. Cross Check Charlie on

    Does anybody really think that Sather can get the team out of the salary cap hell?

    What they need to do is to have a third party come in to manage the cap the way some assistants do in the NFL.

    I don’t see where getting rid of Gomez helps the team, except for cap relief. This is the problem with Sather’s moves and it has been the problem since he became the GM. Yes, they sign decent players, but they are 2nd and 3rd liners and expect them to play (and get paid) like 1st liners.

  18. Carp

    what a life this guy have… every other week is a vacation! get back to work! The Country needs YOU!

    i kid, i kid! Have fun Rick! Don’t forget to protect your bold spot…use the sun lotion! :P

  19. onecupin69years and counting on

    I won’t feel guilty missing games on TV as lond as sather and dolan are here,EFF EMM both!

  20. I for one would like to congratulate the Pittsburgh Penguins on taking the Cup from the heavily favored Detroit squad — one of the greatest victories and series in the history of hockey. Regardless of which team you wanted to win, you had to admit this was seven games of hockey heaven.
    And represented everything that’s best about the game.

    Congrats again Penguins!

  21. Cross Check Charlie – you are totally right, Slats has overpaid many #3/#4 defensemen or 2md/3rd liners and expected them to step-up and be top line players:

    Matt Cullen, Adam Hall, Redden, Roszival, Drury, Gomez, Shanahan.. there are more i’m sure.

  22. Rick,

    Great post-tks vm for yout thoughts! have a great VACA….90 days until ranger camp! LETS GO FELLAS!!!

  23. Was wondering if anyone read Larry Brook’s column in the post yesterday. He made a reference to Hedman joining the isles. How awesome would that be? Not. Maybe they should draft a goalie because the one they are starting now has a bum hip.

  24. So starting a new topic, we only have Drury, Gomex Avery and Voros under contract for next season? Does that worry anone else?

    Drury, Avery and Gomer aren’t goign anywhere
    we HAVE to get rid of Voros

    Dubi, Cally, Korpi hopefully get resigned.
    Artem Anisimov makes the team
    Then what?

    Lots of holes to fill with limited Casheesh.

    What magical trade, or purchase do you al think Sather will open with on July 1st?

    Also I cant remember, but last year what moves happened on or right after July 1st for our Rangers?

    Happy Vacation Carp!!

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Mikey, Voros can easily be stashed in Hartford. They put Rissmiller there this season, and there’s no reason Voros can’t be there also.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Just to explain my proposed Heatley trade:

    Rozsi gives them a puckmoving D-man that they desperately need. He’s not great, but he’s something. Sanguinetti gives them a prospect in that position, and he’ll likely get a significant look to make their roster out of camp. Zherdev gives Ottawa some secondary scoring that they are also always looking for. Also, I think making Zherdev a secondary scoring option will improve his production.

    Meanwhile, Heatley might be that winger that Gomez needs to get going. And if he isn’t, who cares, we were still going to lose anyway.

    Ottawa might want to shed a few more contract dollars, so they can send us Chris Schubert or Jason Smith and we can bury them in the minors and eat the salary. I would give Smith a shot first before eating his salary.

    I’d take Chris Kelly off their hands, but then they need to take Redden instead of Rozsi.

  27. Doodie, I like that trade idea a whole hell of a lot. Heatley is absolutely a first line top point producer. I would do that in a heartbeat.

  28. doodie- zherdev is a perfect guy to package in a trade for heatley. but not rozy. i know its only rozy, but considering he was our best scoring d man last year right after having hip surgery too. wtf man???? just kidding. bye rozy!!

  29. rozy would be welcomed back by me if only redden wasnt on the team. but redden will have a better season next year. not awesome, but he will be better. i think we jumped the gun on him too fast. he spent his whole career on 1 team, he came here and had to adjust to everything. plus he has a hot wife who he just married, so she probably wore him out bad!!! we should trade her!!

  30. remember when wade knocked out clark with 1 punch? that was f’in hilarious. best redden moment of 08-09

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    “Voros had the hottest start ever to begin a season. WTF happened?”

    Jay, I think you’re asking the wrong “What happened?” I think you’re asking what happened to his production after the start of the season. The real what happened to ask is what happened at the beginning of the season that allowed him to put up points like that. And the answer was it was a fluke. The guy sucks.

    Although for a week, between him and Redden’s successful Czech trip, Slats was making all of us armchair GMs look foolish. Then reality caught up and he ended up looking like his same blundering self.

  32. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    the Cats are away so now the mioce will play ,,, muhahahahaaa

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    mioce!!!??? ooopppps I ment the MICE will play !!!

  34. If you’re dying for updates while Carp and Jane are on vacation, check out for all your Rangers needs.

  35. what do you guys think about possibly getting nazem kadri at the draft? or tim erixon, jans son?

  36. doodie- good point about the fluke start for voros. although, everyone seemed energized from that victoriacup game, and i think everyone was supremely confident and feeling really good for awhile afterwards. the 10-2-1 start had everyone playin great, except dru. this team isnt as bad as everyone thinks. i think the boring style renny had caught up to them and it brought everyone back down. torts will get a lot more from alot of the same guys we hated this past season. dru, redden mostly. i think dru has a slightly better season points wise and same with redden.

  37. i know tim is another d man, but if hes the best possible choice, ya gotta go for it. plus it would be cool to see jans son as a ranger. i think kassian, glennie, ashton will be way gone anyway.

  38. so i guess Sather is staying for another year? im looking at other organizations and it doesnt take long for them to fire GM’s and coaches even after pretty successful seasons. I guess Sather have to murder half of the NYC population before he gets the boot! fcking annoying…

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Pass on Kadri. We have a glut of centers. Pass on Erixon also, we’ve drafted defense in 3 of the last 4 drafts, not to mention Rozsi’s contract, Redden’s contract, the Gilroy signing, and Corey Potter’s potential NHL jump.

    No, what we need are wings that can score, preferably those with size. Zack Kassian, Carter Ashton, and Jordan Caron. Not necessarily in that order. But we should definitely get one of those three guys, or the draft for us is a failure.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    mike, if you’re in a position where someone like Erixon is on the board still, you shop your pick and trade down. You don’t take him just because he’s the best available.

    Caron is ranked 20th among N.A. skaters. There’s no reason he won’t be on the board when we pick. We need him at the very least.

    And you’re right about Glennie, he will definitely be long gone before we come to the podium. But one of Ashton or Kassian could still be on the board at pick 19. They’re ranked 10 and 12 among N.A. skaters, respectively. If teams feel they need to draft defense ahead of them, not to mention the European forwards, one could drop to us. None of the European forwards are appealing to me this year because they aren’t big players, except for Paarjavi-Svenson, who will be long gone before we get to the board.

    But Caron will be on the board, guaranteed. We have to get him if none of the aforementioned players are available. 6’2″, 202, 36-31-67 in 56 games in QMJHL. That’s a goalscorer, which we desperately need.

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    We need to draft the best availably player Doodie . whom ever is the most sure thing ,we do not want to tank this like we did with hugh Jesseman but if hugh was in another system maybe he would n’t have been the bust he was.

    What if our system screwed up and didnt do what most teams would do and play the first round guy regardless and suround him with stars. We did not do that and gave up on him.

    We gave up on Graves ,leetch, Gartner, Amonte ,Savard, York, Jagr, Straka and many many more ( Montoya, Prucha and Dawes) Untill we start keeping these guys we wont run the course eh Mike in ia? The course is use what ya got , bottom dwell if ya suck and comeback with all yer guys (not traded for rentals)you will move up in the NHL.

    By trading any youth or guys you believe in , you disrupt your teams growth and the NHL is desighned to make the weak better. Problem with NEW YORK is that we wont surrender to being weak , like the Penguins and Quebec Nordiques did. ( ALsom teams like Anahiem and SJ we expantion “garbage” see years of garbage in the NHL always results in good things to come…

  42. Although Redden was great down the stretch and rock solid in the playoffs, that’s good news to hear that they aren’t ruling out wolfpacking him and eating his salary off the books.

  43. I’vesaid it before – I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again……..

    As long as Sather calls the shots…..nothing is going to change. Oh they may move a few names around, but it’ll be essentially the same team, with a couple of new faces, and missing some old ones, but by and large, there won’t be much difference in the kind of hockey that they are capable of playing. Older and slower most likely. I hate myself for not caring who they sign, it’s not gonna make all that much difference.

  44. DOODIE

    I first wrote that trade last wed and people here said it made no sense. 5 days later people are agreeing.

    i would even throw in our 19th pick

    rozi 5mill zherdev 3.75 sign and trade sags and 19th
    for heatley 7.5 over next 5 years total 36 mill

    this trade i came with and mentioned to ej hardek on nhl live today and he thought it want enough.

  45. the resigning of Callahan and Dubby is essential for this team…if not…..
    TRADE FOR KOVALCHUK!!!!!!!! (do ittttttt)

  46. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

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