Check out the pink tie


Everybody’s favorite agitator is again featured in a Vanity Fair interview this week.

Check out Sean Avery’s give and take, and his pink tie, here.

(Photo, right, from Vanity Fair).

Love the title, too: Sean Avery is not a monster: he’s a Jedi Ninja.


Enjoy Game 7 tonight. I will be en route to my new second home, Binghamton.

Hope to get there in time to catch the coolest moment in sports, the awarding of the Stanley Cup. But I’m not optimistic I will arrive before then, unless the game goes OT.

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  1. The Beatles made more albums in 1965 then U2 has made in the last 15 years…

    Hockey players work almost as hard as ever

    Our Rock n Rollers on the other hand….?

  2. NYRanger4Life on


    Thanks for posting that. Sean Avery is easily my favorite active hockey player. To say I have a man crush on him (my wife can attest) is an understatement….

    Dude is just misunderstood, but, thats life and he seems to be okay with it. Good for him.

    I happen to dig the “salmon” color ties and shirts personally….

  3. Awesome to see Avery zoning in on finding a balance in his life. I don’t think he was as out of hand as the media & the league made him out to be. But there were certainly times, even very recently (vs wash) that he tip-toes across that line, but not nearly as much as before.

    A ‘balanced’ sean avery is a winning piece for a hockey club. Just gotta hold that line dude.

  4. Coincidentally I have pink-eye today…maybe I can meet Sean later and we can have some daquiries together…

    with tiny pink umbrella/ stirrers

  5. Maybe he was wearing the pink tie to support boob cancer.

    Just a thought. If he didn’t bang Elisha Cuthbert, id have to think maybe he plays both sides of the fence.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  6. Orr
    I you ever hear him complaining at a girls basketball game that a couple of the girls are dating his sloppy seconds then maybe…

  7. “Is somebody arguing Beatles vs. U2?

    That’s like 1985 Oilers vs. 2009 Rangers.”

    Yeah but dont forget; todays game is different…in ’65 you didnt need to make videos and anti-global warming films like Bono does…plus there’s that whole nuetral zone trap thing and everyone made the playoffs then…AM radio actually played songs and referees never wore helmets…back then a song was 2:00, maybe 2:30 tops! today you get 4 minutes for drawing blood…it really is apple records to Orange gatorade comparisons

  8. BroadwayBlue on

    Carp- friend from Canada e-mailed me & advised on his TSN radio show, Daryl Dreger was tslking about a supposed trade Glen sather had proposed to Brian Burke. NYR would send Wade Redden, Brandon Dubinsky & Marc Staal to Toronto for Tomas Kaberle, Anton Stralman (young puck carrying d-man) & the Leafs’ 1st round pick in the Draft, #7 overall. While I’m practically dismissing it entirely, assuming NYR would pick up some Redden’s salary, I’m certain Sather would then make another move involving NYR’s 2 #1 picks with Tampa. Anyone say Lecavalier? Have you heard anything like this?

  9. KingLundqvist30 on

    I hope to God that trade doesn’t come down. Remove Dubi and Staal from the equation. You’re giving up way too much for a first rounder, a d-man who’s constantly hurt (Kaberle) and a second year player who will never compare to Staal. The problem is scoring people!!! A large and unwarranted contract (Redden), not two promising complimentary players, is the issue. Let’s hope this radio show interview never existed and its all just rumor.

    I know Burke wants Tavares as a Leaf, but his system lacks the clout and prospects to make a big splash at the draft. He’ll have to work his way to the number one or two pick, but hopefully at the expense of another franchise, not the building block of Marc Staal as the centerpiece of the Rangers defense.

  10. Darren Dregerwas the idiot earlier in the year ( like after 10 games) who advised Crosby to change his stick to score more goals and break out of his slump…

    Of course all he had to do was get rid of Igor Therrien to score

  11. Someone on TSN’s thread about game 7 said the following:

    Pronger just got traded to L.A for Jack Johnson and a 1st pick.

    If so, LA got ROBBED!

  12. KingLundqvist30 on

    Who would you give up off the current roster that the Sens would want as trade bait for Heatley?

  13. KING

    I have no idea.


    That trade better be BS. If that’s true then Lombardi needs to get fired. He gave up O”Sully for jack sh*t, and Jack Johnson for jack sh*t.

    Probably bull though, for sure.

  14. KingLundqvist30 on

    What about Callahan? Do you thing he’ll get an offer sheet this summer? I mean if the Flyers offer Ryan Kesler an offer sheet last year, do you think anyone would take a chance on Callahan?

    Also, I can see Lemaire going in for the motorboat with that pic. Good shot and agreed, would love to do the same and much more to Megan Fox…

  15. Yeah anyone but Hank and Staal. But id really be depressed if Slats dumped Dubi, or Cally.

    It would be sweet to have Heatley. It’s either get him, or pray that Cally, or one of our prospects magically turns into a 40 goal scorer. Cause it’s going to be a loong time until we’ll be able to get a natural goal scorer.

    Like i said, im totally in favor if signing Gaborik for one year.

    It’s like Sundin, i wanted Sundin cause he can help Nyr, but for the most part it would force Slats to move Rozi. This is the case. It’s a win win. If he gets hurt, who cares, then we get to see a prospect try and make the team. Doo it !

  16. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    That deal with Toronto suck , they have been worse than the Rangers for ever now and they have to sniff at our prospects (young stars?) TELL TORONTO TO GO TAKE A FLYING FU***NG LEAP GLEN!!!

  17. I think someone will definitely throw an offer sheet at Cally. He had a setback last season with that knee injury, but he’s really found his game, specifically under Torts system. He’s a spark plug, he can put up 20-30 goals, play a physical game, and fight every now and then. He’s responsible defensively, and can play the PK.

    That’s the kind of player every GM wants on their team.

    Slats needs to get him under contract ASAP.

    And id squeeze Fox’s gonzagas like i was falling off a bridge , and needed something to grab on. Actually no, i wouldn’t squeeze them like that, it would be a nice little squeeze, like those toys that make the funny noises when you squeeze their stomachs.

  18. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Burke is a moron and if he thinks hes gonna make the Leafs good now…fat chance!!That oranization bleeds stuipity. This Aint Anahiem Burke you twit!!

  19. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    BTW great Rant the other day when the pens won , (JP) I tink it was …thats what I like to see!

  20. KingLundqvist30 on

    Agreed, like doggie toys…that scene in Transformers where she’s looking under the hood of the car has to rank up there in “Hot Chick Movie Lore” with Phoebe Cates in Fast Times and Denise Richards in Wild Things…

    And yes, Callahan needs to be put under contract ASAP, not just because my customized Callahan jersey just showed up from Gregg Diamond at, but because you are 100% correct in saying he will thrive under Torts’ system, and the playoff series versus the Caps is hopefully just a sampling of that success.

    If we can’t reasonably get Heatley, then go after Gaborik. Naslund’s departure frees up some $$$, and with a one year deal, despite his frailty and injury history, he’s playing for a bigger contract the following season.

  21. i really hope we lock up Cally and Dubi soon. They/we have no idea how good they could really be since they were brainwashed under Renny for the last 2 years and still showed tons of promise.

    I hope we sit tight with our team this offseason. I’d like to see some of our kids come up from the minors/juniors. Maybe if we can dump redden we could pick up a true goal scorer like heatley or gaborik.

    i hope our lines look something like:

    avery dubi callahan
    FA? gomez grachev
    anisimov drury korpikoski
    orr betts sjo

    staal girardi
    redden delZ
    rosi gilroy

  22. KingLundqvist30 on

    Yeah Tony, but the draft is a week away, free agency follows that, and training camp will be here before you know it. Can’t wait until Cindy Crosby is slumped over the boards tonight in Detroit, searching for ways to maybe hoist the Cup next year.

  23. i cant believe almost 3 weeks later and we are going to talk about the toronto rumor again, lol.

  24. ORR WHAT !?!?
    June 12th, 2009 at 1:27 pm
    Maybe he was wearing the pink tie to support boob cancer.

    Just a thought. If he didn’t bang Elisha Cuthbert, id have to think maybe he plays both sides of the fence.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    orr- lol just the fact that hes into fashion would make one kinda wonder.

  25. if the rangers were smart they would offer cally and dubi arbitration meaning no teams could throw a offer sheet at them. downside of that then arbitrator could rule in favor of them and we pay them more then what there worth and have more cap issues. tough call.

    if that trade with toronto goes through i will think about jumping.

    again like i said on wed

    rozy 5mill zherdev sign and trade 19th pick in draft for heatley.

  26. Pronger to Kings for Jack Johnson and the 5th pick.

    Kings got robbed.

    Only if we had a real GM and real players to trade.

    Outside of Rangers, Ducks are my other team.

    They are young, big, like to fight and make smart moves.

  27. CARP

    best ranger fan moment so far. have to see it. great fights with domi and probert

  28. Eric,

    Before you start proposing trades for Heatley, give this a read —>

    Personally, you couldn’t pay me to take a player like that here at this point, and the fact that he HASN’T performed in the POs is even more a reason to take a pass. Besides, I think Heatley is California dreaming. My guess is his list includes San Jose, LA or Anaheim. All three teams could work something out for him. All three teams could use him.

    Regarding Cally and Dubi, these aren’t exactly players that have flown on the radar screen of too many teams. Many folks outside of the NY fans don’t think Dubinsky to be much more than a third or maybe second line center to begin with…no offer sheet there…and Cally, while he showed IMMENSE development last season, still is nothing more than a 20-goal player at this point who is going to be 24 next year; i.e., what you see is probably what you get.

    Mind you, I’m not saying either lacks value. But think of it this way: you’d need to offer each guy about $3 million and a multi-year deal before you could pull them away from a qualifying offer…now consider this:

    If a team offers between: $2.6 million and $3.9 million, the Rangers would be due a 1st and 3rd round pick. If it’s between $3,92 million and $5.2 million, the compensation is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick.

    Does any GM think Cally and Dubi are worth that? I doubt it.

  29. Hey just incase people have not been to his bar in tribeca I think you should try to go today. I was there last week for game 1 or 2 of the finals and had a good time its a nice hockey/preppy bar. The cool part was running into Avery and talking to him during the game. The bar is very cool and i enjoyed it alot.

  30. cccp
    ive been there every saturday and the people who work there are awesome and friendly. i dont use the tiny bathroom in the back so i dont know how “tiny” it is. and the molson is CANADIAN! the burger is great, the grilled cheese “soldiers”, the name alone is just funny.

    i dunno maybe its just me?
    if people from here would show up…

  31. Two things I better never see:

    1) Staal, Dubi or Cally involved in any trade that brings back Heatley, Gabronik or Kaberle….

    2) That pink tie; unless stilletto heeled blond is using it to tie my hands to a bedpost

  32. That’s BS, im not buying that rumor. Until it’s on TSN it’s nothing but BS.

    Not even Slats would dump Johnson for an old guy like Pronger, along with a 5th overall pick.

    Kings aren’t making the playoffs any time soon, i could understand if they were a lock for the playoffs, and you wanted to add some Vet leadership, but that’s not the case.

    BS !!!

    Doesn’t Pronger have a NTC ? It’s not true. Lombardi isn’t this dumb.

  33. “Watch your tabs people. I ran two tabs at Warren 77 last weekend. The first tab the bartender charged me an extra drink, and now that my credit card statement has posted, he apparently gave himself a 20$ tip on my second tab. I’ll be filing a dispute.”

    “You’ve got to be kidding me with this place. 3 of us were packed in with 5 others in a 4 man booth. We ate some food, were watching the game and ordering a fresh round every 5 minutes. We would have spent several hundred bucks by the time we left. Manager comes up and informs us that, because we’re done eating, it’s time to get up and stand like cattle at the absurdly packed (due to its layout) bar. Just us, mind you, not the other group of people at the same booth that were also done eating. So we say “can we order more food?” Answer: “No, you’ve got to get up.”

    You know what? There are about 3 million sports bars in New York. *So this place is in Tribecca and owned by some meathead that played hockey, whoop de doo. More reason to loathe that sport*

    some reviews

  34. tdchi- while i agree doobs and cally arent goin to be all stars, they are very good, hardworking players and some of their attributes dont neccisarily make it on the scorescheet. still, dubinsky needs to score more next season or his value will go down. im hopin he does get over the 20 goal mark. cally is more proven i think but his ceiling isnt quite as high as doobs. but both have their qualities and certainly are the heart of the team. i would not trade them for heatley, or for kaberle and their pick. sather wont either

  35. I keep reading the OTT demand for Heatley is a young forward capable of playing on the top two lines, a puck moving d-man, and picks/prospects.


    As for Heater, he wants to be on a contender (which we marginally are) and he want to have a chance to fill a leadership void (insert Drury joke here). He also wants to be “the guy” (we have nobody that can find the back of an empty net).

    I can’t help thinking we can make an attractive offer around Zherdev and Roszival. Z does not fit in the Torts system, but is a young player with high skill and potential that can play first line minutes, and Roszy meets their D needs. (They were already smart enough to jettison Reds).

    It will probably cost us a first round pick, and we’ll probably have to take some salary back, but it solves our need for a goal scorer, we finally get a top 10 winger who is still young enough to be relevant, and it does not cost us that much.

    I know there is a big push to rebuild via the draft, but you are not going to find a Heatley in the draft, nor likely a player that can step right in at 19. I know its a deep draft, but if we grab the OTT number 2 pick, we should do alright.

    What do y’all think

  36. Pronger rumor bunk:

    “[F]or now, the official word from Ducks’ GM Bob Murray, in a short but pointed e-mail note, is that it did not happen. In fact, Murray texted back a NO (caps his), when asked if there was any truth to the report.”

    Somehow I’m not surprised. The Kings would be RETARDED to make that deal. That’s Milbury country…

  37. i have been saying since

    wed at 415 or so

    when i first wrote

    rozival sign and trade zherdev bobby sags for heatley
    or rozival zherdev and 1st round pick for heatley.

    money matches up.

    lets get it done

  38. onecupin69years and counting on

    Pens win tonight , Crosby scores a hat trick in overtime to win and then he wakes in the morning. saying “shit we lost”

  39. orange dan

    i first wrote that and people thought it was terrible.

    trade makes sense

  40. cccp- thats pretty harsh man. thats hilarious though that they couldnt order more food. ive never heard of anything as rude as that in a bar or resaurant.

  41. onecup- crosby wont be sleeping very well tonight if they lose lol. i think he may spend all night and the rest of the summer becoming a full blown alchy

  42. Eric/OrangeDan,

    I don’t think the trade is as bad as it is superfluous when you could trade all those guys for picks/prospects and then sign Gaborik for money and money only. So I guess you should think of it like this:

    Would you rather Heatly and his fat, bloated $7.5 million contract for the next five years…OR…Gaborik for $8 million, a second-round pick for Rozsival, a first-round pick for Zherdev and a prospect for Sanguinetti?

    NTM, Heatley, who has a NTC, already said he wants to go west. Unless his internal compass is off, I have a feeling he means toward the Pacific coast…

  43. tdchi- yea heatley isnt coming here. im sure he wants to go to a team that has a chance of winning the cup also. san jose, anaheim, vancouver, even calgary, although pretty damn cold i imagine all have a better chance to win than we do, and if he says he wants to go out west, there are teams that would be able to offer more than we can and are willing to.

  44. whats the predictions tonight? every home team has won but you think the wings can do it? idk its gonna come to goaltending tonight and fleury hasnt played good at all in detroit. he plays well, pens win. i think they are almost equal in every other category.

  45. i hope i am dead wrong

    pens 4-2

    i think its there time.

    with thta being said

    hossa better score or hes dead to me. hes only scored in 3 of 22 playoff games.

    hes a jinx and a born loser.

    go wings make us ranger fans proud

  46. How can we trade Zherdev if he’s a RFA ? I mean i know it would be for “rights to negotiate” but that wouldn’t be enough, bascially trading Zherdev is like trading Orr. That’s pretty much the same thing.

    I guarantee if we trade Nicky Z, he’s gonna turn into Kovalev and score a goal every fuggin time he goes against us.

    Im glad that rumor is BS. Honestly, c’mon, Pronger for Johnson AND a 1st round pick ? No way.

    I hope Nyr can get Johnson though, that would be cooool ! Need more Americans on Nyr. I don’t count Dreary, and Gomez, to me Gomez is Alaskan, and Dreary is an alien, so he doesn’t count.

  47. I hate to admit this, but i do think the Wings will lose tonight. I hope im wrong, but i just got a bad feeling.

    Officiating will be terrible as always.

    At the end of the game, Wings will show too much class, and wont comment on the refs horrible job.

  48. I don’t know how accurate this is but… just now on a Russian sports channel I heard that Atlanta traded kovalchuk to rangers for Callahan korpi rozi and first round pick…

  49. Tdchi,

    I will take Heatley every day of the week and twice on sunday over Gaborik. Look at their numbers, Heater is a top ten winger, Gabby would be if he could stay healthy. It is no comparison. Check his stats from last season, he was good for like 80 points on a bad year.

    So if you are talking a trade where:

    Rangers get:
    some salary
    OTT 2nd

    and OTT gets
    NYR 1st

    Then we come out ahead on salary, whereas if we sign Gabby we are still carrying Roszy.

    Picks and prospects are TBD, but if you look around t you could not find 30 players like Heatley in the league. You aren’t likely to in this draft either, unless you get a guy named Tavares or Duschene.

    I know we are all excited about Gratch, but he’s dominated at the pre-AHL level, Heater dominates at the NHL level.

    I think it is no comparison. I think Heatley is on a level with Iginla, Hossa, and a healthy Gaborik.

    As far as Heater wanting to play out west, you may be right. But, you have to remember that Heatley wants to go to a contender that has the ability to add him into the fold where he will be a key part of the team. There is no team like that out west, except maybe Vancouver, who can’t afford him and the Sedins (though it would be funny if he ends up being on a team with only one scoring line again).

    The only other team with the assets and ability to grab him would be Chicago, as he is a big upgrade over Havlat. Buuuuut, they can’t afford to keep Havlat.

    Anaheim has no cap room for him, and already has a great top line. LA is still a “rebuilding” and not a “contender”. SJ has no cap room. Wings can’t afford to offer Hossa that. Edmonton doesn’t have the prospects to land him. Calgary doesn’t have the cap space and they are not trading Phaneuf for him.

    His options are going to be somewhat limited. Even if he were to stay in the east, there are just not many teams with the prospects to land him.

    And pardon my bias, but I really think with him in the lineup, we go from a 1 and done team to a contender. Not a top contender, but a contender.

  50. Orr

    If we qualify Z as an RFA he HAS to play for us or play the KHL. They may even be able to force arbitration like they did with Hank so that nobody else can negotiate with him, although I do not know if he has already gone through arbitration (you can only play that card once)

  51. ill bet on Cindys both nutz cuz children of Honduras (i think that’s what u meant) have suffered enough! :P

  52. worried about kovy long term contract. has 1 year left on deal. with cap going down 2 years from now we could be in tough predicament.

  53. i’d rather have Kovalchuk than Heatley…

    Kovalchuk has more skill and puts up strong numbers every year on a horrible team… plus he’d be less of a pain in the neck than Dany. Plus i believe Kovalchuk has better leadership qualities
    i see Dany as a trouble maker for some reason…

  54. CCCP – I’ll bet you Kovalchuk’s salary that’s a load of shit. First of all, Cally, Roszy, Korpi and a first isn’t likely to buy you Heatley, much less Kovalchuk. Number two, if they DO trade him, it will be on deadline, when they can get a Kings Ransom for him.

    BTW, if you ARE talking Kovy at draft day, start with two first rounders(give the Rangers always pick middle of the pack), Staal, Callahan, Grachev and Del Zotto, and you’ll probably get Atlanta to cock an ear.

  55. “You know what? There are about 3 million sports bars in New York. So this place is in Tribecca and owned by some meathead that played hockey, whoop de doo.”


    This has been my opinion all along. BigF’nDeal!

  56. you know… if im at the bar eatting and drinking and someone tells me get up and beat it… trust me, they may as well just start the fight even before they ask me that. I break the neck!! dont fck with me! lol

  57. cccp- both were on the thrashers early on and both are about equal in skill. however, kovy is more like a jagr where he can take over a game by himself and carry a bad team. heatley is great too, but i dont see him bein able to help a team like the rangers in the same way. kovy has put up great numbers with not so great centerman except for little. hes pretty good. spezza is a great passer and much better than any centerman the thrashers have had. i think you get a little bit more of a total package with kovy too. either one would be great to have though. both wingers that would put up good numbers with gomer. i cant believe the thrashers had both of them on their team. and they couldnt ever make the playoffs either.

  58. yea id have to laugh my ass off if the waiter told me to get up. i wouldnt move. id just sit there and laugh. then i get up, go to their bathroom and take a dump in their urinal.

  59. Late to the pink party, but just had to join. I once shared with Sam my thoughts on Mr. Avery, which he was sad to receive. I believe his response was, “Laurel, really?”

    had nothing to do with hockey…sorry all. but, um, yum! (Sally, Linda, where are you???)

  60. Mike In IA-I saw your post earlier but I was at work and can’t post there. I liked Balej a lot, he seemed like he was gonna be a sniper. He came in and had a bad camp in 05 and I think was one of the players who might have complained that the Rangers had too many old guys so he was dealt to Vancouver where in the minors he got speared in the kidney and had to take a few years off. He lost a kidney and it effectively ended his North American career.

  61. OrangeDan,

    Admittedly, Heatley would be nice to have in Blue, especially since they need a first-line LW with Naslund gone. But the reports coming out of Ottawa don’t sound too promising to me. I mean think of it this way: WTF kind of player negotiates a NTC AND a massive contract, only to demand a trade after the first year? Sounds like he’s a bit of an ego.

    The other thing that bothers me is more superstition…but…two former Ottawa stars come to mind. First is Alexei Yashin, who was a FORCE for the Sens when they were the worst team in the NHL. He gets disgruntled, he gets traded, he gets chased off the Islanders after three seasons…and then there’s Wade Redden, and I don’t think I need to go into that story…

    Also, the contract. Rozy and Z are two easily movable contracts…and for what it’s worth, all the Rangers need to do with Z his forward him a qualifying offer, and if he wants to negotiate for more, he goes to arbitration. Under that circumstance, I would HIGHLY doubt Z gets more than $3.75 million next season, an amount that could be dealt for a plethora of picks/prospects.

    Heatley’s contract is an anchor. Once he’s here, he’s here for five years. And then that THREE $7 million men and TWO $6.5 million men. That’s $27 million on five players.

    In the end, Gabby costs nothing but money. Also, because of his fragility, he’s not likely to get a long-term deal. More likely a front-loaded one- or two-year contract, which is fine with me. JMHO. But for the record, I’m not going to cry if Heatley DOES come here.

  62. Orange…
    Feel better…

    Martin Havlat of the Hawks
    Zdeno Chara of the B’s
    Marion Hossa in 2nd straight cup

    There’s a few ex-Sens doing OK

    and then there’s Radek Bonk

  63. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOO Game seven on CBC is sweeeeet!!! No NBC for me , I may glance to see what you guys are seeing…hehe

  64. im sorry for real tho everyone that works there is awesome. i have never had a problem with my credit card.

    saturday night
    come meet me there
    ill make sure you have a good time.

  65. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Penguins wont win this game , you saw it here

  66. lol did you guys see pierre and milbury do the coach routine in the locker rooms? dorks!

  67. cool mike, thanks. i wondered what happened to him. i wonder why hes in 09 then if he is retired from injury.

    tdchi- good stuff, i like where ya heads at. you acquitted yourself nicely too.

  68. wow!! almost goal by pens. great game!! im tense and i dont care about either team!! do want wings to win though.

  69. Zip is reporting that the Rangers offered Dubbi a contract. Lets hope Slates doesn’t screw this up.

  70. its cool colin- i cant go anyway. i would go if i could just to meet and talk to aves though.

  71. damn that was an intense first period. kronwall saved a goal right there at the end

  72. ha pavel. cmon ya really think that? no way, not at home. if they were they should pull a bruce willis on marcellus wallace type of deal. pierre mcguire would be happy to play the gimp

  73. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Rangerssssssssss rule and when we come back ….Hanks gonna start posting shut outs again!!!! The future is gonna be awsome for us Rangers fans believe me , the NHL need us there more than pissyburgh.

  74. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Pissyburgh , with Crapsby and Moronkin with a Ferry in net!

  75. Oh, calm down. My very conservative (fashion-wise) father work pink ties in 1972. Thirty-seven years later, this is worthy of comment? Did any of you see what hockey players wore in the 1970s? Avery’s duds are boring by comparison.

  76. come on wings i hate the penssssssssss so much.

    bettmen and crosby together= my tv set going off

  77. Carp,”Raucous Rangers” inexplicably omitted the epic fight between Slats and Dave Schultz, after which Slats took a victory lap with his arms over his head. Great footage of “don’t give it back,” (Bernie Parent’s mask) which I was there for. Come to think of it, I was there for the Sather fight, too.

  78. Nnyer
    first Ranger game I ‘listened’ to was 71 semi-final game that Stemmer won in OT vs Hawks

    I didnt make it the whole game but woke up and found out!

    I still had never watched Rangers until early in 71-72

  79. hossa’s gonna kick himself in the a$$ when he misses out on a cup cause he left the pens and a longterm deal

  80. i feel bad for the guy who hit crysby. bettmans gonna have him executed by firing squad

  81. wtf is wrong with detroit? they are sloppy tonight. hossas a nonfactor. hes pathetic

  82. pavels right. they were bought off. no way detroit loses 2 games in a row in the finals to lose at home. bull##%$

  83. 2 goals by talbot? wtf ozzie? no crosby either. they better get at least 1 before this period ends. this big bada$$ redwing team looks horrible.

  84. hossa better score or hes not gonna be on this team very long. he needs to do somethin

  85. 12 shots in almost 2 periods? you gotta be kidding if theyre giving it their all in this game

  86. sigh it looks like its over for detriot i never wanted crosby to win and it looks like its going to happen

  87. its 2-0 not 5-0.. penguins are in the driver seat but 2 goals can be scored in a matter of 90 seconds.. have faith… fleury is bound to let up a softie too.. osgood was way out of position for that 2nd goal, and bad break on first goal, should have been icing as Eddie O pointed out

  88. dubinsky for staal – thumbs down
    Have faith in your own soldiers
    They are similar players, great at faceoffs, great penalty killers, and both still have offensive upside potential
    No point in that trade

  89. wings are tryin. gotta have faith. they can tie this thing up. 1 quick goal by them and this is a game baby







  91. >>Dubinsky for Jordan Staal? anyone?

    Non merci! I like Dubi’s game a lot more. Besides his size, I see nothing special about this Staal brother – no matter how much McGuire tries to build him up.

    I don’t believe Penguins are going to win this!!! I have to put up with a whole year of hearing “Pittsburgh, Stanley Cup champs”? There is no hockey god!

  92. I think Babcock is a great coach but why is Cleary on the 1st line? That’s like when Isbister was playing with Jagr and Nylander but not as bad.

    Hossa? Blah. He’s done nothing in this series. Does anyone think that Detroit could rescind the contract after seeing this?

  93. I know we hate to hear it but….

    Pens let Malone go…what he get 4.5 M a year
    Talbot steps up and fills his shoes 675,000 a year

    Thats smart GM’ing…let them walk

    Not like our guy …..sign anyone and sign them for a looooooooong time

  94. eric- hossa has only scored in 3 games this whole playoffs. hes not a playoff performer. only last season was an exception. and hes a dumbass for goin to detroit. what a bad move on his part. of course, unless the wings tie this and win, but very unlikely. they dont look like they can even get 1 at this point. and hossa is doing nothin so far in this game let alone playoffs

  95. Speed Ranger on

    re: Hossa (not Marcel) – maybe if he’d joined the Wings a year earlier Pens would be battling for their 4th cup.

  96. and malone played his tail off for them too kaspar. now hes doggin it in tampa. and everyone wanted him too after the season was over.

  97. Speed Ranger on

    MONTREAL — for anyone who’s counting – this is the first decade in which the Habs have NOT won a cup. Ever.

  98. wow, do you think they could come up with another crosby commercial? i havent seen him nearly enough. thank god they dont make any redwing commercials

  99. no colin, we didnt. we had the oppurtunity to see another awe inspiring crosby commercial.

  100. >>MONTREAL—for anyone who’s counting – this is the first decade in which the Habs have NOT won a cup. Ever.

    I recently pointed that out to a Canadiens fan buddy of mine. We both agreed that they still have the 09-10 season to do it.

  101. it appeared like they were dressed as figure skaters
    some sort of skating w/ the stars?
    very disturbing

  102. damnit jbytes!! u reminded me were gonna be stuck watching crosby holding the cup commercials!!! why god??????

  103. Colin I only caught the end and I swear I thought it was Will Ferrell/ Napoleon Dynamite kid movie about skaters

  104. pierre just cant shut up. good, that was funny they just cut him out and went back to the game.

  105. why does pierre have to cut emrick off to babble nonsense constantly? hes like a damn little girl! wings look like they wont even get 1. no good shots at all on net

  106. you know bettman is gonna get booed mercilessly if pens win. he wont care hes gonna cream himself when his booby comes to get the cup

  107. thank god the pens arent in the western conference. imagine if we ever got to the finals and lost the cup to them??? id kill myself

  108. “Salty – seeing sid lift the cup is going to make me sick.”

    Maybe we’ll luck out and his injury will cause him to drop it on his own head…..

  109. why are the wings sendin the puck wide all the time?? they dont look good thats for sure

  110. why is cleary on their first line?
    first of all when you have depth like that you dont frontload the lines, but the guy has been awesome in the playoffs and is a real good player that goes under the radar, just look at ho clutch he has been all playoffs long, and on the first shift of this game pretty sure he was the one who beat out that icing.. cant knock babcock for havin him out there with zetterberg or datsyuk or whoever on that team.. imagine hossa ties this up?????

  111. malkin has been just about invisible all game by the way, besides that puck going off his skate right to talbot for the first goal

  112. did you see babcock congratulate the crybaby and he practically skated away while he was still talking?

    what a douchebag

  113. fleury shoudlnt even b considered for conn smythe even though he played great tonight.. and after seeing malkin and crosby in this series i feel liek they have nearly lost their entitlement too.. give it to max talbot.. but u know malkin will get it

  114. this is good motivation for Marc Staal.. he will be ready for war next year
    and NOOOWWWWW can we PLEASE stop the ridiculous comparisons of Crosby/Malkin to Gretzky/Messier???
    I mean Crosby and Malkin did NOTHING in the most important 7 games of the playoffs… i better never see a picture of the 4 of them on together ever again

  115. Doodie Machetto on


    this is the largest finals meltdown since the Wings were swept in 95

  116. i agree about gonchar and sykora… even though sykora was not too great for us… im happy for bill guerin too hes a good guy even though he was an isle.. brooks orpik crosby malkin can all blow me

  117. No he didn’t, rewind it. Red Wing players and Penguins were already peeling off when he got there. The team’s captain should lead them out there. The coaches from the Red Wings made an effort to congratulate him, he wasn’t in the line.

  118. i know. rangers just took the thing and skated with it and hugged each other. these guys look like robots. kinda like they already knew they were gonna win it. hmmmm…. i think pavels on to something. maybe its cuz theyre in detroit.

  119. I cannot get over how foolish they look, taking the cup, skating into the zone and “modeling” it… fucking gheigh.

    what happened to skating it around the rink and passing it around? pathetic.

  120. salty what do you expect from bunch of fcking sissy boys…

    that bold penis looking like mcguire is pissing me off lol

  121. LOL just sealed the gretzky comparison.. thats ridiculous man… he just won 1 cup and gretzyky had 4 in a row… and crosby had 3 points the whole stanley cup finals series.. gretzky probly had close to 2-3pts per game in stanley cup finals games for his career i bet, if i wasnt about to leave my house to get drunk id look it up… he has alot of work to do and sid and malkin did nothing in the biggest series of their lives.. shows why this is the best team sport in sports, takes every guy on the team.. there r guys in the NBA dont see a single minute in the playoffs or finals, and guys in the MLB that dont have a single at bat or throw a single pitch in the world series, hockey is the by far the best and the Rangers r going to be a force next year just watch

  122. what do they do when they run out of space on the cup to put the names? and wheres the postgame show? thats pathetic what was it 10 minutes long?

  123. lol salty

    anyway…finally this season is over! time to focus on the draft and free agent market… which is only few weeks away!

  124. I love how they call their goalie FLOWER!!! hahahahahahaha…way worse than a pink tie. I really think I hate the Pens more than the Devils. Well Mr. Bettman, you got you wish, or should I call it your wet dream?

  125. salty- thats what i said before. remember when we won it, mess and gravy and leetch and richter and everyone was jumpin around goin crazy with the cup. these guys looked like they were waiting in line at the bank

  126. I smiled once during that celebration, and it was when Guerin raised the cup. Other than that, it was like having my finger and toe nails ripped out with a pair of pliers. Oh well. Season’s over. Let’s Go Rangers! Let’s Go Rangers! Let’s……Go……oh the hell with it.

  127. Mike – the “Cup” is really only the bowl on top. Its the only original piece of the trophy.

    The rings with the team engravings come off. When they are full, they pop the ring off, send it to the Hall of Fame and add another ring.

    The Cup has looked much different over the years, you can find pics online.

  128. Rob M-I meant they should have front loaded and taken Cleary off that line midway through the second as halfway through the game Detroit did nothing.

    This stinks. I’m hoping that Sidney will chill with all the commercials and people leave him alone and not ram him down our throats, kinda like after Peyton Manning won his Superbowl.

    By the way, nice snub by MacGuire again. Shero coached the Rangers in the late 70s not the Flyers. Of course he fails to mention anything positive about New York.

  129. I’m happy for Gonchar at least. He’s been a warrior forever.

    Five words I thought I’d never hear in my life; Eric Goddard Stanley Cup Champion.

  130. My buddy who is a HUGE Devils fan just texted me: Bro, I’d rather watch the Rangers win the cup and see Avery hoist it first than watch this shit. Second text: What is scarier, Crosby’s smile or the flowers teeth and gums?

    Ha, I thought the first was very telling and the second is just hilarious.

  131. mike in ia

    i was joking about hossa. hes a loser and i wouldnt want him anywhere near our team. u ripe me read what i wrote sarcasm.

    this makes me sick

  132. eri- i knew you were being sarcastic. i was basically agreeing with you about hossa.

  133. This sucks. GF insisted on watching the game at her parent’s house because they have 42″ plasma TV there. I have my house to myself. I have to keep my composure while watching the Wings blow this game. In the end, no Cup, no sex, and no delicious beer I had put aside for myself. THIS WAS A BAD NIGHT

  134. mike in ia

    gotcha my bad.

    hossa sucks end of story.

    order of hatred
    1. isles
    2. isles
    3. pens/devils
    4 flyers
    pens might have moved past devils
    anyone else

  135. This should end the debate on Hossa. THE GUY IS A LOSER. PLAYOFF CHOKE ARTIST. He choked with Atlanta, he choked with Shitsburgh, and now he choked again with Detroit. Detroit loses tight 1 goal games and Hossa has ZERO goals after 7 games. He must feel like a real schmuck watching his former team celebrate in his house again, but he didn’t exactly help his own cause. Fugg him and his brother. Go back to Russia

  136. I really hope neither team is in the final next year and i would like the rangers to go but know that isn’t happening for a few years most likely. If it doesnt happen i would like to see the hawks go and win

  137. I am ar anger on

    Detroit did better last year without Hossa. Maybe he will sign with pittsburg next yr.

  138. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Hossa Sucks , hes not worth 7 million!!!?? Hes worth 3 million tops but after this one …maybe 2

    I hate the Penguins but do like the fact that losers like them CAN win a cup so who knows..??..RANGERS!!!!!

  139. Joe in DE

    You forgot how Hossa choked many times with Ottawa…

    I love that “ah the hell with it” from the Nasty 1

  140. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Season is over.


    Better start getting pumped Captain Clutch cuz if you fail to produce from the start , I see a mutiny hapning! Dubinsky will show you how to wear a “C”


    Better start playing with passion and stop playing like an idiot!! OR you will sit in the Kasperitis penalty box in the Russian elite league that claimed the life our our beloved Cherapanov ( god rest his soul)


    Start shooting the puck like there no tomorow and Gomez , start actually putting in the puck cuz we dont want a 7 million dollar Rico Fata!!!

  141. There is definitely a gap of talent between these two teams and the Rangers-no doubt; but there’s something else…big time gap in heart and agressiveness

    Every time I saw Kronwall or Orpik running a guy I pictured Rozival doing his goofy happy feet dance for ten seconds while he decides what to do on the blue line…..

    Every time I saw Talbot take a hit behind the net or Holmstrom wrestling at the net with Gill…I I pictured Zherdev leaving the puck behind to avaoid a hiy..

    When I saw Osgood and Fluery ( two ok goaltenders) playing for Lord Stanley’s cup I thought…poor poor Hank

  142. I think I hate the Penguins more than the Flyers. The Flyers are like the 80s goofy bad guys in the WWF. They’ll beat you up for 30 minutes but get small packaged out of nowhere and lose the match. Blair Betts and Aaron Voros single handedly ruined their season by scoring that goal in game 82 and taking home ice advantage away. That’s comedy.

    Did anyone see the ending of the Yanks-Mets game? THAT was goofy.

  143. FU Bettman – I’m glad you’ve completed your 5 year marketing plan — so maybe you can get the hell out of our game now?

    I was explaining bettmen to a family member and I think I hit it with this …

    “Instead of find a market for the game, Bettman is changing the game to fit a particular market.”

    either way – douchebag with a giant Napoleon complex. Thanks Gary, now I’ll watch even fewer of your games next year!

    ps – unless the rangers are good! ahhaha

  144. MikeA

    “I think I hate the Penguins more than the Flyers. The Flyers are like the 80s goofy bad guys in the WWF. They’ll beat you up for 30 minutes but get small packaged out of nowhere and lose the match.”

    LMFAO, like Greg the Hammer Valentine.

  145. Hell yeah Shoryuken. Remember the Berzerker, Bug Bully Busick, and Giant Gonzales? All of those guys could be on the Flyers; big, strong, and dumb.

  146. Haha Shoryuken-remember when One Man Gang became Akeem The African Dream? That was one of the most un-PC things ever. They’d never allow it today. I still have his theme song Jive Soul Bro on my workout mix.

    Chuck-Hopefully some of these kids are the real deal and Sather can find some mid-round large Russian who clubs are afraid of in this year’s draftand can turn out to be the man.

  147. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    I dont like the Pens anymore than the rest of you, but let me put this into perspective,

    the BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS didnt win, so they cant get more laughs in on NY. Long Live the Choker, Defensive Rapist

  148. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Season is definatly , gareenteed done now.


    Buy an Xbox so I can do the ol whippty whoooo on ya !! haha
    …and ya mays well accept Cindy as your new NHL Champion , and hate as we all do , it will give us great pleasure to say we kicked the Stanley cup champs azz a few time during the season!!!

    WAKE UP CALL TO Shoryuken on Wade Redden : Grow a beard man!!!haha

    Start that clutch moblie and put in the clutch and make a clutch getaway and play the WHOLE season in clutchatomic fashion.

    Pink ties are gay. Along with your painted finger nails id say your a few sprouts away from a fruit tree. Play the way you do I i dont care if ya listened to Boy george .

  149. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    when I did the Drury again I called it Redden . ZzZz 13 ZzZz you can be a little more not so …so so.

    Its Friday night , time to partay!!!!!

  150. First time I’ve see a cup won with no locker room coverage…guess watching players drink cheap champagne would lead the kiddies directly into alcoholism. I can think of no other explanation in this PC world.

  151. onecupin69years and counting on

    The NHL and Bettman finally got their wet dream last night,so with the pens winning crosby going to take the NHL to the next level,where?Maybe kids in PR, hawaii, mexico, and where ever a will be wearing crosby jersey’s and pens hats?

    It was a fix when they drafted crosby as was game 3 officiating.

  152. Ugh, what a horrible night, i only had a whopping 2 hours of sleep because of that horrible game. Now im forced to look for a job. Boooooo !!

    Anyway, im happy for Sykora, good for him, he deserves it. It’s good to see him raise the Cup since the last time he had to be in the hospital when the Devs won the Cup.

    And he made a hilarious scream when he raised it. Voice was cracking like crazy, must have been a tribute to Doc Emrick and his great work.

  153. I hope Hossa isn’t suicidal, cause these are the stories you here about people that commit suicide. It has the makings of tragedy written all over it.

    But seriously, how embarrassing is Hossa ? This guy has to feel like the biggest fool in the world. I mean, Talbot was the one who said he’d love to shake his hand at the end of the series and tell him he made the wrong choice, and it was Talbot with the dagger in the heart.

    To be fair though, nobody on the Wings played good, Datsyuk seemed like the only one trying, everyone else had Casper syndrome. Franzen, Hossa, Cleary, Samuelson, Hudler, Filpula, even Zetterberg. Just a horrible game for them.

    They came close to tying it but couldn’t get the job done. Pathetic.

    And i did notice the Buttman stiffy that was going on south of the border. Fuggin sick ! He was shaking more than he usually did, i couldn’t tell if he was excited, or impersonating Muhammad Ali……I think im going to hell now…

  154. onecupin69years and counting on

    If it isn’t the Rangers hoisting the cup ,I could care less about the BS of who deserves it after a long career , who cares?

    Detroit will clean house a little and sather will probably go after their cast offs who couldn’t get the job done,they got old fast.
    Sather will really eff up the team this year.

  155. ORR
    you couldnt have said it any better.

    if hossa can wake up today and tom and not think about jumpin then its a start. what a loser this guy is.

    there are guys in all sports who are just losers and who will NEVER WIN ANYTHING.




  156. All the bandwagon penguin fans next year are going to be unbearable and of coarse they are going to say they have been fans forever and forever being the day they made it past the first round last year…. mellon areana was empty just a few years ago.The penguins went bankrupt and were about to move…. sigh I really wish they did

  157. why do i have such an empty feeling? i dont think i have ever been this turned off watching a team raise the Cup! not even when the devils won it three times! Everything just feels wrong… the way they won it…they way they celebrated… just wrong!

    I agree with NNYer

    whats up with not showing locker room coverage? not that it would make the night better but isn’t it a tradition? isn’t it what makes every sport special…bringing fans close to athletes like that? maybe buttman was celebrating with pens in their locker and that is why they didnt show it!

    …feels so empty.

  158. i’m a bit late to the ‘party” and apologies to Rick, Jane, 26 year old Josh and all the youngsters but…..

    HOLY CRAP,gary ‘the man who ruined hockey’bettman is going to have a 4 month erectile bonanza after last night! I wonder if the pimple is going to make him walk funny—-uh no, i don’t!!

    I got throw out of Buffalo Wild Wings by my friend, a hardcore Wings fan, with 4 minutes left in the game because she said I’m bad luck, so I walked out of the building and watched up until the last 7 seconds, I couldn’t watch the disaster. Didn’t wanna see Whiny or SlewFoot with the Cup. The year of bandwagon fans celebrating has begun…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  159. onecupin69years and counting, I already called it Bettman’s wet dream…you cant use it. JK lol.

    Linda, you are right calling malkin SLEWFOOT and Crosby WHINEY! HAHA and we can add to that CHIPPY…Did anyone notice the wicked slash across one of the Red Wing’s players in front of the net by that idiot Pens goalie??? I don’t get how the ref staring at it happening didn’t call the penalty! PENGUINS=DIRTIEST TEAM IN THE NHL. I really cannot stand Bettman…and I think I hate the Pens more than the devs.

  160. Oh You Funny Little Crybabies on

    Love all you tinfoil-hat conspiracy nuts and your Bettman fantasies… face it, the Penguins wanted it more and outworked the “unbeatable” Ref Wings, who got away with murder this series. Yeah, imagine if Malkin had palmed pucks twice in the crease how you’d be screaming — instead you all ignore it because the other guys did it. Funny how nobody calls out Maltby for whacking Crosby across the back with his stick a few games back, because again, the other guys did it and it was fine. Detroit was just as “dirty,” and got away with at least as much garbage as Pittsburgh.

    First it was no way Pittsburgh can beat Detroit, now it’s well, it must be rigged because they did. Which is another way of saying “we don’t have the guts to give the winners the credit they deserve. We’ll pout like little girls instead.”

    Crybaby excuses don’t matter — scoreboards do.

    The Cup is in Pittsburgh how ya like that? Meanwhile, the crybabies parade down Broadway showered with shards of used toilet paper.

  161. Pavel
    June 12th, 2009 at 9:36 pm
    I can’t handle this. The Penguins are nothing but a fairweather, entitlement franchise.

    I have to laugh reading this from a New York fan — you mean like the Yankees bought all those championships, because after all the city has a bigger economy and they can buy the best players? And please, show me a bigger bandwagon than the one that rolls behind that team. Same with the Knicks, Mets and Rangers too.

    Talk about “entitlement”… whatsa matter, big bad New York whining about a small-market team beating up on them now? Wah wah, boo hoo. Same with the Rangers who tried to buy their own Cup, but failed. Personally I love it when a smaller market shoves it up the wahoo of the championship-buyers like New York and Boston. Good for you Pittsburgh, way to go!

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