Fight night


I find it funny that MSG Network is promoting this show, and I find it funny that, even though we know most of it is unnecessary and silly, we all love hockey fights. Most of us do, anyway.

So tonight at 10, MSG Network debuts “Raucous Rangers” … a show about the tough guys and their best fights and brawls.

One that’s not listed, and I hope they didn’t forget, was George McPhee vs. Rick Tocchet in the ’86 playoffs. Tocchet had already had his face cut by a stick, so he was a bloody mess after the fight. But I remember how much that fight meant in that playoff series, and how the Garden rocked during and after it because of all the years — including that year — when the Flyers beat the you-know-what out of the Rangers.

The Domi-Probert fights (and the Domi-Baumgartner fights) were pure cartoon. But the Kocur-Probert fight in ’93-94 was a scary one, and afterwards both battlers bore heavy emotional scars because they were such close friends.

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  1. Rumor for you all.
    Rangers are interested in acquiring Jack Johnson from LA.
    Find this interesting because Johnson is a similar player to Staal and will likely come much cheaper than Staal himself when he reaches RFA status. Let’s face it Staal will get or ask for an extra 1-1.5 mil a season just because of the name on his back. With that said, could this be a ploy so the Rangers could then turn around and deal Staal for a franchise player ala Vinny L?

  2. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Rick I didn’t get to comment on your trip to Binghamton/Endicott yesterday. I am a huge speidi fan and when I get back to the area I go out of my way to enjoy a LUPO’S speidi. We have talked about this b/f I now live in PA. But now some stores around here now carry Salmida State Fair Speidi sauce so I can now enjoy my own her at home.

    And back to the hockey fighting I can take it or leave it. I don’t mind a hockey teams bouncer protecting some players and setting them straight. But when they get carried away to knocking each other senseless. It’s just that senseless.

  3. I like the fights when its used to pump up your team or the crowd, or when the opposition goon has taken a run at your star player – the ones that i think were wrong was this spate of fights this season when a player fairly hits your star man and it ends up with another player challenging the person who laid the hit. I think Dan Girardi had a fight like this during the season.

    If it was a dirty hit, fair play, give the guy a pasting, but if its just a hard clean check into the boards or into the bench or similar then this is a 100% instigator call to the challenger and 10 minute misconduct in my opinion.

    I would watch or DVR that program if i could but i’ll have to make do with and youtube highlights…..I love watching old Domi/Probert/McSorley fights or Matty Barnaby yapping away and grinning at his opponent

  4. Pete, if we’re interested in Heatley we’ll need to move a big (bad) contract in the other direction – Heatley’s got a cap hit of $7.5m – (and presumably a draft pick or two) or get rid of one somehow and then i’ll bet the Sens want something in return.
    His goal-scoring record is excellent though – if there’s a chance of getting him do it..

    Wasn’t Jack Johnson more of an offensive D-man?

  5. Where's Pavelich? on

    yes, the McPhee-Tocchet fight was an absolute classic.. McPhee was what? 5’9″ 180, yet was the Rangers tough guy… and good at it!..The first McPhee fight that I recall was against Dave Laungevin (Isles) – granted not a fighter, but he was like 6’3, 220lbs and McPhee took him out – starting his “reign”..I remember him teaching huge Jay Caulfield the “ropes” when he came up and even taking on huge Dave Brown one time.. he was great.. and now a pretty good GM… hmmmmmmmmm…..

    PS – Lupo’s Spedi sauce in the jar was never that great.

  6. They need to show the playoff brawl the Rangers and Kings had in the early ’80s (my swiss cheese mind can’t remember the exact year 80 or 81). It was the one where Barry Beck dropped Rick Chartraw with one punch.

  7. Johnson has already been traded once in his young career and I read somewhere that the Kings want to trade him because he’s looking for a $5M contract. I dont know how legit that is but he’s nowhere near that level to be asking for that, yet. Maybe someday but not now. Not sure the Rangers would want to take this guy on if that is true… however if it means no more Gomez, sign me up! Why even deal Staal? Keep them both, build from the goal out. We’re good in net, then between Johnson, Staal, Del Zotto, Sanguinetti, Gilroy, Girardi, Potter, Sauer, Kundratek the Rangers would be sure to have at least a strong top 4 for years to come.

  8. buying more players wont solve the rangers woes. we’ve bought players the entire way along and it hasnt worked. MOVE UP IN THE DRAFT AND BUILD AROUND A GUY LIKE TAVARES OR DUCHENE. PLEASE!

    we have NO chance with this crap. good teams are built around solid key pieces then have young cores. our key pieces are drury gomer rozsival and friggin redden. thats just, not something you can explain. rozy has been our only success in bringing mediocre guys to stardom, and he stays hesitating to shoot.

    scoring talent from below. we need guys on every line that can score, and we need a franchise set of players, we already have lundqvist, get him a star winger or a star power forward so he can enjoy hockey, instead of being crapped on every year by this organization in shambles.

  9. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Where’s Pavelich.
    You are right Lupo’s stuff you buy in the bottle is not all that great. If you can find it try Salamida State fair sauce. I don’t think anyone can make them as good as Lupo’s
    resturant (if that’s what you call thier establisment) but the Salamida is close. And as always this is my opinion some folks might like the Lupo’s in the bottle just as much. Here is a link to Rob Salamida’s sauce, and no I am not the local salamida’s sales Rep. However I did know one of his neice’s back in my Endicott days.

  10. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Rick see what you have done you got me going on Speidi’s and now I am having Speidi withdrawels, I don’t think I can make the 250 mile trip back and forth on my lunch hour.

    Sorry crew back to Hockey talk.

  11. 22figure8
    May 28th, 2009 at 10:55 am
    Wings in 7

    Hope my initial prediction is right.

    My favorite NYR fighter is Nick Fotiu. He really wasn’t a goon cause he tried to play the game. Even with his limited natural skills, Nicky skated hard every shift and layed the body just like Callahan does today. If anybody took exception to his hits he had a real good reply for them. Jim Gordon always noted his good wrist shot. I always hoped for a Fotiu/Gillies fight but it never happened.

  12. Fotiu made it to the NHL with pure heart and determination and ended up playing Gordie Freaking Howe in Hartford, how cool is that?

  13. My favorite Nyr fight starts and ends with Orr vs Fedoruk. That let the world know, if you take cheap shots at out Captain just cause the tough guys aren’t around, this is what happens, you leave the ice on a fuggin stretcher !!!!!!!!

    As for Jacky J. Oh please, if Nyr got this kid, id cry just thinking that in the next couple of years our D will be led by Staal, Johnson, Girardi, Del Zotto, Gilroy, and Sanguinetti possibly.

    That’s what dreams are made of…..yeaaaaaaaaaaaah !!

  14. I’m pretty surprised that vanilla MSG is showcasing Fights on an actual show. I hope it’s good. But i expect a whole lot of filler and not so much full on violence. Let’s hope I’m wrong. I’m looking forward to it. Fotiu will always be my fave but a close second is Tie Domi.

    Speak of fights check out Colton Orr Vs Eric Godard 12/3/08 I bet you wont hear a fight call from Sam Rosen like this :

  15. NICDIP

    Concerning Yesterdays Post :

    Wow being part of all that had to be awesome. I really liked Bingo but never had a chance to get back. I would like to talk to you some more about your experiences contact me through my website.

  16. My favorite fighters…Domi, Orr, Shane Churla, Chris Simon and Matt Barnaby.

    Domi because of his size and willingness to go with anyone…same can be said for Barnaby.

    Orr for power alone and his willingness to trade with anyone.

    Shane Churla because he was crazy and willing to fight Stu Grimson with a broken face and a lot smaller then most heavies.

    And the hated Simon becuase he never lost a fight as a Ranger.

    Honorable mention to Langdon & Dale Purinton.

  17. bull dog line on

    Anthony M,
    that rangers kings brawl was in the 81 playoffs . best rangers brawl i have seen. the rangers were pretty much a goon squad during the 81 playoff run. ed hospadar, fotiu, beck, chris kotsopulas, among others who could drop the gloves. only ranger team i can remember that was built this way.

  18. Joe,

    I’m not sure where that rumor is coming from, but I had posted something to that effect recently. I had listed Jack Johnson and Brian Boyle for Gomez and a prospect…maybe Anisimov or a 2nd rounder. Someone here said Johnson was looking for a $3 million to $4 million contract, which I find ludicrous considering his production thus far…and considering they have Doughty, Teubert and Hickey in the pipe…but…I really don’t know WHY the Kings would want Gomez to begin with…they’re loaded at center(Kopitar, Stoll, Moller, and Handzus)…I suppose you could say they’d be interested in veterans. Gomer also might be a good add for Dustin Brown and Frovlov.

    Anyway, I’d relish them acquiring Johnson. I just don’t think it’d happen.

  19. Nick Fotiu is/always my favorite tough guy.
    He came in when the Rangers got a ass whoppin from every team.
    Nicky fought back – no one picked on us when Nicky was on the ice.

  20. Even though its an impossibility…I would rather the Rangers
    try to get more Staals, than get rid of the Star in the making that we Thankfully have

  21. The Puck Drops Here on

    I better check with my doctor before I watch game 7. I may be getting too old for hockey.

  22. Reggie Jackson hit 42 homers and only got $500G per year…
    who is this Jackson with 11 points? Micheal, Jesse, Joe???

  23. Lol, Jackson.

    Wasn’t he injured throughout the year last season ? Even so, he’s gonna be a damn good d-man, LA needs to just give him his fuggin money. They’d be dumb to lose out on a guy like Willy…i mean, Johnson.

    I hope they lose him, and Nyr gets him !

    And i hope Don Cherry chokes on a kiwi.

  24. I am not sure if it was the ’81 brawl with the Kings or another one — I think it was the ’81 brawl … but Fotiu was in street clothes and got involved, and Hospodar ended up with Marcel Dionne somehow.

  25. Flyers officially sign Emery

    Now Avery has another Goalie to F with in our conference.

  26. banj

    your comment basically means to me that you havent watched coaches corner since canada has been in Afghanistan and you have never watched a hockey game in november.

  27. Anybody remember the game where JD got hurt and somebody from the crowd yelled “drop dead JD.” Fotiu wasn’t dressed but the cameras caught him runnung through the crowd to find out who yelled it out.

    Another JD gem. Dave Maloney gets burned and JD gives up a goal. Maloney is so p-o’d that he whacks his stick to the ice. Only problem was he whacked JD on the toe. JD starts bunny hopping all over the place.

    Hospodar may have been a tough guy but all I see is Gillies breaking his jaw when I see his name.

  28. Unemployed Steve on

    One of my favorite brawls was I think the mid 80’s and it was Brad Parks fist game back behind the bench for the Red Wings after being suspended and there was a 5 on 5 fight in one of the corners. I remember James Patrick involved. I know he did not start it but it wasone of the most physical games I ever attended. That was Parks style of coaching and the crowd was loving it.

  29. Tyler
    June 10th, 2009 at 12:02 am
    mike in ia did you use to live in coram?

    no i didnt tyler. close to coram though. do you know someone named mike who moved to iowa? strange you ask though because i did live in coram when i was 2-3 years old.

  30. its funny i did have a childhood friend named tyler who was an islander fan. didnt know too many guys named tyler though

  31. mrg- i heard bthe same thing that johnson wants 5m. i wouldnt trade staal for him hell no. especially if he wants that much money.

  32. My favorite brawl took place during the 1972-73 season…I was about 11 years old…Steve Vickers was a rookie and my favorite.. and the Isles had just began in the league…we had a christmas family get together and the democrats and republican halves of the family tore the house up in a huge Nixon agrument!!!!

    Chairs flying punches throwin’ and then the guys got home and joined in…

    Later that week Vickers kicked some flyer’s ass

  33. mouth- i gotta admit, youre commenting is pretty hysterical. gigantor the space age robot huh? wow goin back to my dads childhood with that. sound like you were announcing a boxing match from the 50’s or somethin with that thick accent. after watchin that orr fight, we better keep this guy. at least if we suck next year we can still watch some good fights. alot of fans from other teams want orr on their team badly. alot of respect to mr orr from around the league. we really have a pretty good 4th line. its sucks we gotta get rid of some of these guys because theres no room at the top from all the super talented guys we have lol

  34. Back around maybe 70 give or take a year or two.Their was this came with Toronto could of been the playoffs.The only part of the fight I remember was Vick Hadfield tossing the goalies mask in the stands.Funny as hell.
    Anyoe remember that one?

  35. Sorry, i made one terrible omission to my favorite fighters

    Joey Kocur, one of my first games when he beat up two Winnapeg Jets.

    I was hooked and fighting was a major reason.

  36. “Kaspar
    June 10th, 2009 at 1:41 pm
    Reggie Jackson hit 42 homers and only got $500G per year…
    who is this Jackson with 11 points? Micheal, Jesse, Joe???”


    i believe its LaToya!

  37. acdc- i remember watching archive footage of the mask throwing incident. i think they mightve shown the highlight during an intermission of one of the ranger games this season or last season. they had a good laugh about it too

  38. CCCP was Latoya the crazy one or…the sane one… who let her nipz show at the football game?

  39. shes the one that had that psychic hotline or some kind of stupid hotline. janet was the one who showed nips at the superbowl halftime show

  40. I remember running into “Boxcar” Hospodar at the old Charley O’s after game a couple of weeks after the Gillies fight. We asked him how he was and all he could do was mumble that he was “okay”.

    They should also show the fight when Steve Durbano (another loose cannon) went bezerk at the Garden. It is on YouTube and it was a wild scene.

    As for the Rangers-Kings playoff brawl, good call on 1981 and if I do recall correctly Fotiu was not dressed that night.

  41. Colon, yes I watch Grapes every Saturday Night and all the playoffs for years. Your name fits you a-hole.

  42. i was too young to remember all these classic fights of the 70’s and early 80’s but i remember joey kocur being my favorite as a kid. him and domi. beukeboom was big and tuff, but very unwieldly and would throw haymakers and sometimes if he missed it looked like he was gonna swing around do a 360 and knock himself out with his own punch. graves was great too. if somebody messed with mess, he would get in there and start throwin em. he was like messiers bodygaurd, even though he didnt need one. remember glen featherstone? he was pretty tough although cant remember that good.

  43. this for tyler whenever u read this. tylers last name was gomez lol. blond haired kid with blue eyes with a last name gomez. go figure. youre not him are you?

  44. Mike
    you dont remember my family’s Nixon fight???

    You can watch it on the history channel man !!!

  45. Banj

    Big fan of HNIC myself, been getting free since 2005-06 season

    nobody…I mean nobody…presents hockey in a better package then CBC…every time I watch I remember years of the ESPN nitwits going split screen to show tiger woods ten times a game…..and I laugh at all the people that want ESPN back….

  46. Tony

    PJ’s on HNIC too every week!!

    I also listen to his midday show on Montreol radio for about 1/r hour a day

  47. Anybody ever hear of a guy called Lou Fontinato ?
    When I was younger I thought Leapin Louie was the best fighter I ever saw.
    Until Gordie Howe broke his face in a bloody brawl.
    Showing my age – LOL

  48. all the fight talk makes me wanna punch someone really hard! Where is fiancé when you actually need her!! lol


    mustard-honey-seeded-chicken thingy is no big deal…
    as long as your teeth are in place…you be ok! :P

  49. I loved the way HNIC starts the game, no comments, just player and crowd shots and then the anthem(s). Perfect! Even though I live in Jersey, I watch the game online. I used to watch HNIC on Center Ice, but Cablevision doesn’t offer it in HD so screw the Dolans.

  50. “mustard-honey-seeded-chicken thingy is no big deal…
    as long as your teeth are in place…you be ok! :P’

    You’re right my friend…with all teeth in place I just re-ate it ;)

  51. i dont mean to sound ignorant by how can i get HNIC package? is there a package? I live in New York by the way :P

  52. CCCP I get it with comcast cable as part of basic VT service…I always live in fear that one day they will cancel it on me right when I sit down to watch a game and enjoy my beer and roasted pet wise-ass parrot…er chicken…yea yea…chicken thats the ticket

  53. Mike in IA

    Thanks man for the compliments and Gigantor was one of the first cartoons I remember as a kid.

    Oh and Carp the one with fotiu in street clothes I have and will upload it tomorrow, it is a classic as a fan yell NY SUCKS A$$ ! into Jim Gordons mic and then later on yells Duguay is Gay !

  54. Mike in Ia- No i live in selden i just read your post last night about bella roma and theres one in coram. SO i figure i would ask

  55. Anybody who has been hit in the head one time too many will
    know how difficult life is when simple cognitive and motor functions decline precipitously. People really suffer later in life, and where are all those people who cheered them on to help them? I think there are other qualities besides raucousness to promote. Having said that I will watch tonight and get my “rush”.

  56. I love the PJ Stock vs Barnaby fight. JD sarcastically says how the crowd hates fighting, and then he unleashes one of the most devilish laughs i have every heard.

    Damn i miss JD. Although i do enjoy Micheletti’s awkward moments, like when he said Sh*t when he meant to say Stick. Hilarious.

  57. BANJ

    if you watched you would know that when a soldier dies they talk about it then.

    keep up the e-hard talk, its funny.

  58. with respect to the HNIC talk…i agree with others who have posted here. their game presentation, announcers, analysis, knowledge are the best in the business. don cherry can be a bit bombastic at times with his love for all things canadian, but i would much rather listen to him than any of the Versus or NBC retreads. McGuire? Milbury? Emerick? they are beyond annoying and I wish they would all be replaced.

    a question i have always wondered…why not bring the HNIC broadcast to the states? what is stopping the channel that HNIC is being shown on from being shown stateside? the cable companies could lump it together with other Regional Sports channels (ex. MSG, Fox Sports, Yes, etc.)

    If this happened we wouldnt have to watch the shoddy coverage of the NHL by NBC/Versus and maybe the NHL could save themselves a buck. From what I read, they really dont make much $$ (in comparison to the other mainstream US sports) in their national television broadcasts.

    Any thoughts?

  59. Wow, now I realize that all of those people wearing Canadian military uniforms were actually soldiers. I thought it was some kind of Canadian fashion trend. But thanks to you, I stand corrected. Thanks Colonoscopy.

  60. My favorite fight memory that I saw live was the first Probert/Domi fight. The crowd was as loud for that fight as anything I’ve heard outside of a playoff game. And that was far from the only highlight…that game ended in a 5-5 tie and was tremendously entertaining. The Red Wings were the best in the West at that point I believe and the Rangers were the best in the East so it was a a hard fought contest.

    But when Domi started landing on Probert and you could make out him bleeding (pretty obvious from the 300’s where I was) the crowd went bonkers.

    Other favorite brawl was Game 6 against the Devils in ’92. Both benches on the ice and going at it…Stevens and Domi pummeling each other in the players bench…Graves beating the living out of Claude Lemieux…Ah, I’d love to see a full replay of that fight again!

    Favorite fighter for me was a tie between Kocur and Graves. Kocur was just flat out scary with most guys clutching his arm so he couldn’t unload that right hand.

    Graves’ first year saw him never lose a fight, and generally beat the out of whoever he was fighting. Graves took a different angle than most fighters…instead of haymakers he’d throw uppercuts and short quick jabs

  61. Clean it up CJP.

    Another fave: Eddie “Ciggy” Johnstone.

    Hockeyman, I went to Lupo’s for lunch. The place looks like a roach trap, but the spiedies are awesome. They need to work on the bread upstate. It’s not NYC-area bread, that’s for sure. But the chicken was amazing.

    PS, I’m coming back up here with Josh Thomson (age 26) this weekend. He says spiedies are overrated. But he credits me for getting him hooked on Walter’s Hot Dogs.

  62. yeah CJP clean it up!

    here, dust around the blog a bit… sweep the floor and wash the windows!! we gotta get this place clean for Josh Thomson (age 26)!

    Carp, don’t forget to tell us exactly when hes coming so I could iron my shirt for him!! ;P

  63. PJ,

    I live in Buffalo and when I had cable I used to get CBC and HNIC. Any city close to the Canadian border should get CBC but I’m not 100% sure

  64. Anthony and Carp…yes that ’81 PO brawl was a classic. The best part (for me at the time) was that the game was in LA so it went to 3 a.m. or something by the time they got done picking up the gloves and sticks at the end of the night. I believe the whole thing is on youtube…along with the Gordon and Chadwick commentary and the goofy organ music in the background and Nicky getting involved too…absolute mayhem! :)

  65. Pavel

    who is that guy? lol and why is he dressed like that? no offense man but how do u listen to music like that?

    i dont know… too soul-less for my taste.

  66. That’s the lead singer of GWAR. They’re an old school heavy metal band. They’re really vulgar, but funny as hell. That interview was really just a typical routine of Oderus.

  67. For the record: My age is counted like dog years, only in reverse. For example, although it has been three adult years since this bio was posted, I remain 26.

    I can also confirm that Spiedies are overrated. Maybe I’d like them better served on a roll that wasn’t stale, but I shouldn’t be so picky.

    So how ’bout them Terriers??? Where’s my friend Sam now, hmmm?

  68. Chris,

    Interesting. Good to know that other areas close to the border are able to receive the Canadian feed.

    I used to live in Seattle and we were able to get CBC there. I loved being able to watch HNIC, the Canadian coverage of the NHL playoffs and their 2006 Winter Olympic coverage (when Hank won the gold with SWE). It was fantastic, I could get all the hockey I could handle and got the listen to Jim Hughson (the EA Sports Hockey announcer) do a lot of games.

    If only they would spread the coverage further south in the US. Maybe even to the warm weather states, I hear the Phoenix area is currently a hotbed of hockey interest!

    Oh well, another thing to complain about. In a perfect world
    1.) Sather would retire
    2.) Bettman would step down
    3.) We could be able to watch Canadian coverage of NHL hockey

  69. I’ve still never seen Gwar live after all these years but saw the Dave Brockie Experience (singer without the makeup). He is a weird dude.

    Pretty good job by MSG on the goon hour although they didn’t have the McPhee/Tocchet brawl which is on youtube.

    Anyone remember how ugly the playoff series with the Islanders got in 1990? THAT was some nasty hockey.

  70. Is that who I think it is? Josh Thomson! The living legend! I gotta tell you man…you inspire a lot of people around here to stay 26 years old as much as possible! Don’t let people confuse you, you are Josh Thomson and you are 26!

    P.S. thanks for being a good sport!

  71. Carp, thanks for the heads up on some good late night programming. That LA brawl is pure comedy and Bob Probert is absolutely terrifying.

  72. tyler- ok i figured you lived in that area. i lived in middle island. bella roma was one of the better pizzerias to order from. the food just absolutely sucks out here. everythings different, except like mcdonalds and stuff like that. i try to explain to people out here the difference between pizza and seafood from ny and they just dont get it. king kullen and pathmark used to ahve fresh rolls you could buy there that were great. out here everythings prepackaged and nothing made fresh. they actually eat pizzas with crumpled doritos and taco sauce with some lettuce sprinkled on top and call it a taco pizza. they love this crap. you cant make this stuff up!!

  73. That Taco Pizza thing sounds disgusting, its the sort of thing a 5 year old would dream up!! Its such a shame when idiots go and ruin food like that, i love a traditional hand-made Italian Pizza or proper Tacos with guac, salsa and sour cream but together? No thanks!

    Gammon steaks with Egg, chips and peas for me tonight…can’t wait!!

  74. p.s. that says 9:20am to you , but here its 2:20pm and i’ve had lunch and am thinking about dinner already!!

  75. hahaha thats crazy man yea i grew up in ridge i went to longwood its just really weird that you lived so close

  76. Rick Carpiniello, come on down! You are the next contestant on The Price is Right!

    Speaking of the price… cristiano ronaldo from ManUtd for real Madrid for 94 million euro!!!
    For that kind of money he could make a Great New York Ranger! :P

  77. Bettman a proven liar:

    The Judge in AZ preety much dismisses Bettmans claims that he has 4 other real offers..

    Commish lied all year about true state of the Coyote

    Judge dismisses claim the Moyes has not right to file bankruptcy…

    Bettman claimed NHL ran the club at time of filing…when all year long he said that the NHL was not running the club


  78. No need to post the King Brawl in 81 since hy showed it on The raucous Ranger show. Also, did anyone catch the goof they made ? They said they were gonna show two versions of the Bruins in the MSG stands event but they never did.

    Onion reports New NHL Modifications coming ot the NHL in 09-10:

  79. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    wow , just got here and boy does this place look clean!! Whos been tiding up in here? btw Mike in ia , I have xbox , when the ps3 users find out NHL10 wont be comming on thier system….whos the real winners here , hehe.

  80. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Gota say I laughed at the ethiopia segment Mr Mouth , man you sure do got a mouth like the Joker on Batman man!! Great Ranger crisis show , you gotta do a live interview with Al troutwig during the first period intermision at a game this year!! You get a B+

  81. Greg

    if u want i can send PS3 system for u with a copy of NHL10 which will come out for PS3 and Xbox in September. :)

  82. tyler- i went to longwood too. thats wierd i thought selden went to newfield. when did u graduate? i was class of 99. u ever have mr stucchio? hes was the coolest most laid back teach ever. i slept thru half the semester and never did homework, but got an A on every test n quiz so he didnt care, gave me an bout mr. couchi? he used to chase me and my friends thru the back field and almost hopped the fence to the golf course! he was nuts. mr tomaszewski was awesome too.

  83. Yea i was class of 2002 and i have heard of couchi and stucchio i grew up in ridge i moved to selden like 3 years ago. you know kevin daley or jay delany?

  84. CCCP

    Had bad dreams about that Latoya Jackson picture you posted yesterday

    I was falling and trying to learn how to fly ( I figured if idiot birds can do it…) but I was getting I was late for work…it was a dream remember?… just when I figured out a way to break my fall and get to work on time I saw Latoya in my boss’s office with a pen in her ear…it was then I realized I arrived at work in my underwear

  85. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues… !! says Greg L.

    Thanks man ,I’ll take a B any day

    Oh By the way after I left that Ethiopian restaurant I did catch up with that Oveckin guy. I caught up with him at the huge staircase they filmed the Exorcist at In D.C

    I even got footage, Stay tuned

  86. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    cccp , nawww ill pass ty . Not saying anything bad about the ps3 ,its just EA stopped putting it out for the n64 and went to the x box .I hated it on the reg xbox because it was joystick oriented and i was strickley a pad guy. 360 is great and in a few days im gonna try online and see how I do. Too bad the xboxer cant play the ps3ers!! So yeah ORR ,ps3 should be good to go . Im glad I scared ya!

    Maybe tyler we have a go in a few days gamer name is : ZzZz GL

  87. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    nooooo Mr Mouth , not a B ….a B+ (plus) the plus means yer better than a B but not quite an A- …so yeah man keep up the good work and keep that creativity man!!

    * Jack

  88. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Is n’t Jane’s home phone number …1-800-hot-N-sexy ?

  89. Whenever Im feeling down I just go to you tube and bring up “hits on Crosby” and “Hits on Malkin”

    Always brings a smile to my face

    Especially the one where Brendan Witt completely knocks Frankenstein on his ass and he leaves the game.

    I really dont think There are two other players in the NHl that I really hate more. And its not because there so good and we dont have them.

    It’s becasue Malkin is one of the dirtiest players and is a total homo when it comes to fighting aka he doesnt fight but will slew foot everyone and anyone.

    And Crosby, well do I even have to say he is a winer, Diver, faker, referee bitch. Becasue he is.

    I feel so much better
    Thank you Rangers blog!

    Lets go Wings (Just for the finals)

    LEts go Rangers!!

    And Carp what is Jane’s phone #? jk

  90. whats the obsession with jane?? lol i know shes a member of the feamale species but cmon lol

  91. female, not feamale.

    cant spell today. ok i got it. shes a cute chick and she digs sports. i guess shed be most guys idea of the perfect girl

  92. i couldnt believe it i was like this is definitely going to be an “onion” article, lol.

  93. Ugh, figures she’s married, Oh well, she’s off my list, like Jessica Alba.

    Like the great Gambit once said, Gambit don’t go where he aint invited, mon’ame.

  94. This is sooooooo boring we need some ranger news!! What is it 2 weeks until the draft?

  95. Uh oh guys and gals, that Palmieri kid is from NJ; I hope this doesn’t mean the Rangers automatically draft him now.

    Does anyone know anything about Alexander Avstyn, Anton Burdasov, or Sergei Chvanov? All Russians with skill and size. If the rest of the league is gonna ignore these guys, the Rangers should use this to their advantage.

    Is Marc Crawford really an upgrade over Dave Tippet? Crawford will yell/scream and wear out his welcome in like 3 years while Tippet will be doing very well wherever he goes. Slats couldn’t higher him in 03 though prob because he scored some OT goal against the Rangers in the 91 playoffs :)P

  96. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Mike in ia , were not trying to be sick or perverts , it’s just when she did her first live chatt , she looked amazing and a few on here just had to voice our opinions about her thats all.

  97. I just like her cause the only female Ranger fans i ever met were lesbians. Of course she’s married, so they’re either married or lesbos, damn it !!

    Carolina has some hot Ranger chick fans. Fugg are they doing over there, come here !!!!!

  98. I’ve met some hot female Rangers fans but like most other women in my life, they’re all taken when I meet them or hooking up with people I know. I met a girl up at SUNY New Paltz through a mutual friend (Islanders fan but not the obnoxious kind) during the lockout and she sees me wearing my Rangers hat hugs me, and then we have a 5 minute convo on how Jozel Balej is the bomb…then I come to find out how do you think she knew my friend? :(

  99. I just checked and looked at the UFAs; Dennis Seidenberg is free. He’d be perfect for the Torts system and wouldn’t cost as arm or a leg.

    Nick Boynton is also UFA although isn’t he a headcase? Thoughts?

  100. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Carolina has some sweet ice girls or chearleaders . When you mentioned them (ORR)I though , ahhhhh yeahhh dem dare gals! They sure look great in those Black N Red suits!!

  101. Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are the first teammates to post 30-or-more points in the same playoff year since the New York Rangers’ Brian Leetch (11-23–34) and Mark Messier (12-18–30) in 1994.

  102. Salty,

    I speak only for myself, but imagine there’s a cadre of other Ranger fans who will agree: Any comparison statistical or otherwise of these two snot-nosed pricks on the Pens to Messier and Leetch is liable to start a brawl here. And that’s not even taking into context the 1994 comparison. Please refrain, lest I bust out my brass knuckles and 60 oz. super-deluxe can of whop-ass…

  103. tyler- yea i had him for chem and marine bio. he tought my father, then my uncle, then me, then my younger sister. the guy was there for like 30 somethin years. i dontg know if hes still there, he probably retired, but he was a good guy. i dont know the people you mentioned before. maybe if i saw their face. tell me tyler, is middle island and ridge one big ghetto yet? when i left few years ago, it was starting to become one. way too many people movin there from the city and nassau.

    greg- i dont think ur a pervert i was just makin a joke. i talk about hot actresses and models with orr sometimes when theres no ranger news or hockey news goin on. no big deal

    mikeA- i think we’ll be able to pick a decent prospect even at 19. im sure somebody will be available to us or sather moves up or somethin. we do need forwards badly, and second i think we could use a goalie prospect. but yea some of these european kids do get overshadowed to an extent in the draft unless youre like hedman. but alot people are sayin he should be the #1 pick, tavares #2. i think if he was canadian he might be the first overall. hey, so if some of these good euro kids slip down to 19, we could get another grachev maybe, maybe better. all i know is i really dont wanna see another d man who will be in the minors for 2-3 years. we need forwards. a big skilled forward would be perfect to get this year. lol mike- balej is in europe playin right? i know hes a free agent in nhl 09. hes pretty goo too! lol

  104. im sure salty was just making conversation. dont think he is comparing the players to each other.

  105. damn leetch was awesome. with all the skille forwards we had, he still came out on top in points. and not lopsided like 2g 32a, even though thats still good, he scored 11 goals. thats pretty damn good. and back then it was harder for forwards to score than it is now, let alone defenseman. even though the goalies are better now. ya gotta admit, the standup style a lot of goalies used back then and looked very impractical and looked kinda awkward. nowadays, goalies are using better(bigger) equipment, and so many of them are the reason that the games scores havent really gone up since the lockout. maybe statistically, it may show a difference, but theres still a lot of low scoring games, and thats because the goalies are gettin better.

  106. Tyler
    June 11th, 2009 at 4:01 pm
    Yea i was class of 2002 and i have heard of couchi and stucchio i grew up in ridge i moved to selden like 3 years ago. you know kevin daley or jay delany?

    you live in selden and are about 24-25, right?? my cousin Anthony lives in Selden…maybe u know him…Anthony Gullo???

  107. Mike in Ia- It’s not bad it’s pretty much the same. yea stucchio retired my year was his last. Next season needs to start

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