In the car again


I’m on my way to Binghamton/Endicott in the rain, for a game that no doubt will be rained out today and (hopefully) played tomorrow.

So I just wanted to let you guys know I won’t be blogging much in the next few days.

Although if the game gets postponed, I will try to chime in during Game 6 tonight. And I will attempt to set the record for spiedies consumed. Can you have spiedies for breakfast?

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  1. onecupin69years and counting on

    Sutter is leaving with Lou showing him the door and holding it open for him.

  2. Happy late birthday Carp. 39 again? Have a few drinks, it’s good for you.

    Lou is sort of becoming like Steinbrenner of the 70’s with his coaching carousel. I hate the Devils but would love to have Lou as our GM. Hey Dolan, that’s Lou Lamoriello, not Lou Nanne.

    Go Wings!

  3. My trip has been postponed until tomorrow. Yeah!!!

    Vince, spiedies are a Greek, marinated, grilled meat — lamb, chicken, beef, pork, whatever — on a roll, with a marinade recipe native to the Binghamton/Endicott area. My uncle lived in Endicott and we always had spiedies at his house, and then he gave me his recipe, so I make them all the time.

    They are absolutely amazing!!!!!

    As for Sutter’s “spiedie” exit from NJ, if he goes to coach Calgary now you can bet that Lamoriello will get compensation from the Flames. And if Brent sits out a year, then how’d you like to be the new coach of the Flames, with brother-of-GM breathing down your neck?

  4. The Puck Drops Here on

    Happy be-lated b-day, Carpinator. Your present comes in the way of the postponement.

    Did you hear a BOOMING thunderbolt at 2:30 this morning? I thought it was Mr. Clutch but then I got awake and it was only rain.

  5. Sutter is definitely going to the Flames if Lou lets him. According to that article, if Lou lets them speak to Sutter, he will not be allowed any compensation. Lou is crazy, though.

    Is spiedie pronounced like speedy or spidie?

  6. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Hey all,
    Happy birthday carpy!

    2 things, one a question the other a little anecdote.

    First, carp have you commented at all on the dirty play of malkin and Crosby? In particular, I wonder how the nhl can market them so much while its clear the best player in the world (the Ocho) doesn’t change his style when he’s losing, doesn’t target guys who won’t fight him, and doesn’t go out intent on cheap shotting players… He just hits hard all the time. I hope you see that as well as the nhl and their misguided man-crush on Cindy.

    Second, my bro was playing a mens league game at syosset about 2 weeks ago and when I get there I see this huge blonde haired monster on the other team. Very intimidating on first impression. It turned out to actually be Boomer Esiason and while everyone pretty much did circles around him during the game, he was easily the nicest and funniest guy during the match and afterwards.

  7. Glad you didn’t have to go to Bingo, I caught a couple of Binghamton Ranger games back in the day, I was wondering if anybody else had. I liked the feel of AHL hockey there. I think I still have the hat.

    Four Wars 150 Punches Ago.. Orr vs. Godard:

  8. Anybody read this from EJ Hradek in ESPN Magazine last week?

    “Draft day’s first round sleeper could be Oliver Ekman-Larsson. The puck-moving, 6’2″ 175-pound Swedish D impressed execs during April’s U-18 tournament in Fargo. One scout projects him to become a better NHL player than either John Tavares or Victor Hedman, the consensus top two.”

    Something to ponder for old Glen, maybe?

  9. Spider, it’s pronounded speedy.

    Had some thunder at blog headquarters this morning that felt like a long earthquake. the ceilings and light fixtures were shaking.

    Almost called Capt. Clutch. … does he have a Clutch Signal that you can flash in the sky?

  10. Carp
    belated happy birthday…you dont out your age in your profile I notice…why is this?

    Dont ever be ashamed..
    dont be ashamed

  11. 22figure8
    June 9th, 2009 at 1:01 pm
    Kaspar, he’s 26.


    Isn’t everyone?

  12. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Too bad yer staying 26 like most of us here Rick …I geuss it’s the grey in our beards that distingush us older folk.

  13. The Mouth,
    I hail from Endicott (now in KY)and was there when it all started with the Broome Dusters of the NAHL, Carlson brothers, Goldthorpe and all. I was a Linesman for the NAHL and then AHL when the Dusters switched to that league. Was there for the Whalers and made sacifices to the Hockey Gogds when the Rangers finally arrived. YOu are right, it’s a great place to catch a game. I miss it.

  14. Carp if you’re going to Endicott you’ve got to do dinner at Consol’s on the Northside. I’ll be going honme to visit in a couple of weeks and I can already taste it.

  15. Redden needs to talk Heatley into coming here, and Slats into trading for him.

    This could be our only chance in the next couple of years to have an actual goal scorer. Get Rozi out of here, and get Dreary the fugg out !! And bring him in !!

    Just keep him away from cars unless Sather is inside !

  16. Heatley for Gomez! or Heatley for Redden! i read here awhile back someone had read an OTT fan blog saying how OTT missed Wade. Come on $ather, pick up the phone and start wheeling and dealing. Do something!

  17. Pj
    that may have been me…I swear I was reading the hockeybuzz blog or some other sites team blog and more than a few people traced Ottawas fall to Reddens departure….real wierd world we live in eh?

  18. Heatley would be a great pick up!! We need him!! He would be awesome playing with Gomez or even Dubi.

  19. Heatley makes like $ 7 mill a yr. for 5 more years….

    they cannot afford him unless they take a contract back at least…

  20. No way Dreary will waive his NTC to go to Ottawa, especially with Neil there, and i doubt Redden wants to go back, since supposedly he had problems there, unless maybe his good buddy Spezza talks him into coming back, if the Sens actually are dumb enough to want him back.

    I know he’s expensive but unlike Dreary and Redden, he might actually be worth it.

    Obviously they’re gonna want something good. That is the scary part, but it is Heatley.

  21. Kaspar…too funny. Probably one of the few teams that would want Wade back…considering his salary and length of contract. I would hope that $ather would at least explore what they would want in return. But, it being $ather he is probably getting a massage right now after his round of golf this morning. Oblivious to everything going on. What an jerk.

    I agree with stuart, it would have to be big contract for big contract (Dru, Rozi, Redden, Gomez). I am guessing that the NYR would have to sweeten any deal alittle bit to get OTT to even consider it. Probably have to throw in a prospect, pick or NHL player (ex. korpi, cally etc.).

    jeez, i hope at least this is explored.

  22. Would love Heatly(and even argued for Sather to trade for him at deadline), don’t get your hopes up:

    “The veteran winger, who had back-to-back 50 goal seasons in 2005-06 and 2006-07, is believed to be interested in going to a Western Conference team.”

    Carp: Happy Creation Day. Keep it kicking, hommie.

  23. “Heatley would be a great pick up!! We need him!! He would be awesome playing with Gomez or even Dubi.”


    i think Gomez would be “awesome” (if its even possible) playing with Heatley… Gomez doesnt make anyone around him better… Heatley does. Dubi could definitely bloom real well playing with a sniper/power forward like Heatley.

  24. I’m Sorry but there’s no way Drury or Redden are traded or waived before the beginning of next season. It just aint gonna happen, period

    Gomez could be traded, But Torts I think would rahter try and find someone to play with him rather than give away your only real #1 Center (at least on our team)

    It comes down to someome wanting Rosi and Sather/Torts/Shoeny wanting an offensive player in return from there team.

    Same with Gomer, but again I do think one of them is not coming back next year

    So everyon jsut forget about Drury being shipped out, its not happening
    And beleive me I’d be all for Him and Redden gone, but it’s fantasy Island thinking to even hope its happening next season

  25. “send redden to hartford…trade gomez for a kiss… bring in heatley… boom…problem solved”

    ….and for my next trick watch me pull a rhinoc out of my……

  26. send redden to hartford…trade gomez for a kiss… bring in heatley… boom…problem solved!

    If it was only that easy!! LOL!!

    The only guy I think that can be moved is Rosy.

  27. The Puck Drops Here on

    Will the Wings finish up tonight or is it going 7 games? It’s definitely a home ice series, so far. But game 7s are way too scary for the Wings to count on winning it at home.

  28. *Almost called Capt. Clutch. … does he have a Clutch Signal that you can flash in the sky?*

    *ps, now I have to go to Bingo tomorrow. Wonder if I could borrow the Clutchmobile.*


    Clutch Signal = Flash “7.7” in the sky, and I’ll be there! Clutchman! Ha-Ha!

    And the Clutchmbobile is all yours Carp! Sharing the Clutchmobile, what a leader! Wait ’til you see how clutch the new clutch is! Just make sure to buckle up and chew on your mouthpiece while driving! Clutchness first!

  29. Heatley would never accept a trade to NY, if it meant Redden had to rot in the AHL. If only dreams can come true, that would be like a movie ! So dramatic, friend screwing friend to play in in New York, stealing his spot. That would be an excellent movie.

    Of course naturally the wardrobe will be provided by Avery. Along with the makeup, and hairstyling.

    Cameo by Renney too !! Yay.

  30. The Rangers need to clear salary, not take on more of it. As nice of an addition Heatley would be to NY, his salary makes it counterproductive to the ultimate goal of getting rid of the albatrosses that are the Drury, Gomez and Redden signings. Gomez is the most desirable of all of them since his stats are largely dependent on whether he has a decent winger he can pass to. On the other hand, he did have Jagr and couldn’t do anything with him. Drury and Redden would great to get rid of, but who the hell would want that contract?

  31. And this one will last a lifetime on


    Happy Birthday to my fellow Gemini. (I will turn 26 on Friday).

    After loads of cap-ology discussion there is no short term fix for the NYR. Deals like we made for Avery will help, where we pay say, $2.5 if someone else thinks they would pay $5.o for Drury. But overall, it will take 3 to 5 years for the Rangers to fix their mistakes made while they fell alseep at the wheel during the salary cap era roster

    We should play ALL the kids and sign no high priced players for the next 3 years. Play Del Zotto, Sanguinetti and Gilroy with Staal Girardi and Redden. (free up the Mara and Morris amounts, and make a deal for Rosie)

    Use the money from Naslund, Mara and Morris for Dubie and Cally. Maybe resign Antropov (he is such a beast), maybe Zherdev, but only at bargain prices.

  32. whats the problem? why cant redden be send down to the minors? Kasparaitis did a lot more for this team and was demoted in less than a heartbeat!

    Get Redden to bus station… load his sh.t on the bus and wave good bye! (sounds easy)

    Gomez…being the clown that he is… it wont be too hard to get a one big wet kiss for him… again, sounds easy!

    CCCP for NYR GM!

  33. It all looked so promising at the end of 2006-07

    veteran leadership…jags, shanny, straka, nylander,

    crazy young guys like Avery and Prucha

    Cally and Dubi making cameos

    Girardi and Tyuten tag team formed

    Staal and cheri on the way

    Rozy looked like a beast against the Sabres

    Hank in year 2…

    what the hell went wrong?

  34. love the first comment on there

    I’d love to watch this at home, but during game 4 I left my blinds open a little too wide and the NHL broke down my door and confiscated my TV

  35. who do you trade for heatley?

    obviously you need to include a Huge contract so your looking @ 2 players and a pick for heatley.

    or a 3 way trade.

    but like i tried to do 2 weeks ago i dont see this convo going anywhere.

  36. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Heatly is damaged goods , don’t you guys remember that he killed one of his own teamates. He got hurt , then his eye problems…he wasn’t the same player after what he had done and as good as he was in that one all-star game , heatley will never be the same. Try a different door.

  37. Gomez would have to be part of the deal to dump salary, but Ottawa also needs another good center. This would be a gamble though… Dubi/Anisimov/Drury… none are 1st line centers (yet).

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    we take anymore of Ottawa’s left overs im gonna puke…

  39. foreveranger on

    Our team is so-o-o mediocre,with Dru – King of Mediocracy, you really do not want to get rid of few, who posses at least a bit of obvious talent like Gomer or Z.They are far from being complite players, but at least there is a some hope in hopeless situation with cap…
    Speaking of hating Pissburgh…Watching finals, I found myself closer to having fugging heart attack than when I watched Rangers sometimes. Is it something unusual,just me or happened to others?
    Carp, Many,Happy…to you, best is yet to come for you.
    Thanks for your great job.

  40. Heatley since the lockout:

    Year: G A P
    2005-06 50 53 103
    2006-07 50 55 105
    2007-08 41 41 82
    2008-09 39 33 72

    Heatley is 28 and has 543 points in 507 games.

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    yo , foreveranger , no it’s just heart does nothing as I watch these two teams play .

  42. has ANYONE on here seen heatley play hockey?

    saying he wasnt the same player since he killed his fiend is a joke man

    in his next 2 full nhl seasons he had more than 100 points.

  43. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    ummm…yeah Pavel , nice numbers there by Heatley. Kinda proves me wrong a bit . Easy man …hes still good , I wont disagree but hes been through alot and might just packer in like Redden did if he comes here.

  44. we go in circles everyday talkin about drury, redden and gomez and their unmovable contracts. please hurry up and get to october!! this is hockey purgatory

  45. pavel

    thank you

    look @ video of heatleys goals.
    they should remind you of briere, crosby and franzen.

    he has a nose for the net, he is always near it and around it with his stick on the ice.

  46. guys i have been waiting to get home from work to discuss heatley with you all.

    heres what i am thinking about.

    rozival sign and trade zherdev and bobby sags and a 4th rounder for heatley

    rozy 5 mil zherdev 3.5 mil sags and a pick for heatley 7.5 mill for next 5 years. the money would matchup

    heatley has 5 years left at 36 mill.

    ottawa needs a def plus will get a a young prosepect on d and could use zherdev to play with spezza abd alfy.

    i think this make sense




    he built a bridge and drove the hell over it with his tow truck and ferrari. its done its in the past.

    god im glad the nhl players are nothing like the nfl players.

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    yeah yeah Colin ……….fine fine , I just hope if this thing goes through Heatley plays like the beast hes known for. BTW Didn’t he just surpass the most points in a team Canada jersey , passing Lindros?

  50. eric

    that is a perfectly reasonable trade
    im not too sure about zherdev but it is something that is worth a discussion

  51. keep in mind ottawa wont pay spezza and gomez 2 centers over 7 mill each. drury wont go there and redden they had. rozival only one who could go of our big contracts

  52. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    IM SOLD!!!! Bring in Heatley!!! May have to get that number from Blair Betts!!!

  53. pavel

    if it takes grachev and a 2nd rounder u do it.

    heatley still young and hes a pure sniper

  54. colin, what we would need to trade for heatley would be rozy,grachev,#1pick this year probably.

  55. Oh absolutely, but I meant Grachev and a 2nd in addition to Blozsival and Sangs. :D

    Let’s hope the Kings don’t sign Gaborik and they’ll get desperate for Gomez.

    This team needs to shed as much salary as possible, and if they take on another big contract, it better be a super star.

  56. wow so someone else thinks theyd want grachev too. yeah, they would definitely want our future 30 goal scorer for a guy who will probably only have 3-4 30 goal seasons for the rest of his career

  57. mike

    i dont think i could part with grachev.

    its like most of you wount part with staal. i know grachev is “unproven” but he was a steal in the draft, was top player in ohl, and i think the rangers if they were to trade him they should get something a lot better in return.

  58. i would do everything in my power to get heatley without losing grachev. hes our only hope for a true scoring power forward/sniper. heatleys great and all, but we gotta keep the kids. id be ok with givin sangs up just because hes not as good as was projected, and we have too many youndg d as is.

  59. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Gravchev , Staal stays …yeah…yeah!

  60. the thing is, we wouldnt be able to get heatley anyway without losing big salary. that, and the fact that 2 of the 4 big contracts are untradeable, and that heatley wants to go to a western conf. team. we arent gettin him. dont worry colin, grachev is safe. hes in good hands with sather!! lol!! ohh sh!t!

  61. go wings tonight!!!!! and go rangers forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. rozival sign and trade zherdev and bobby sags and a 4th rounder for heatley

    that one?? yea id do it. but the sens would want our 1st instead of 4th. theyre losing a big part of their offense with heatley so they’ll want grachev or cally and sather would have to part with the 1st rnd pick if he wants to hold onto those 2 guys, or whatever good prospect we have. but sather is trying to move up in the draft. i think he should go that route imo. but if he could get heats for rozy,zherdev,sangs and a 4th id say hell yea. but i doubt they would take our 4th. they would want that first

  63. hey eric, ya never know though, the same way we see other teams players and hold them in higher esteem than our own, some gm’s may look at some of our guys like rozy and zherdev, and would go for it. look at when we traded toots for zherdev. we thought we fleeced them, year later, it lookin more and more like an even trade at best. colombus got better without z. so ya never know how they make these decisions.

  64. A Ranger fan on

    What are the chances that We trade Redden,(we pay half his salary)Gomez(Duruy has a no NTC)and Callahan.
    No I’m not kidding.

  65. here we go heres a good comparison

    if the rangers traded rozsival and grachev and a 1st rounder i would want heatley & karlsson.


    addresses needs now, (heatley for us, rozsival for them) and trades a great youth for a great youth.

    before the idiots jump all over me like they did with the fake staal trade let me say this is a made up trade and i dont agree with it. sather has screwed us over cap-wize and there is not much we can do with it. in order for a team to take our junk they would need our junk and something to sweeten the deal.

  66. a ranger fan

    make a trade that is fair for both teams and then we can discuss.

  67. A fair deal would be Roszival, Del Zotto, Grachev and a second round pick for Heatley and Chris Phillips. We get the sniper and a partner for Redden and we give up Rosi’s contract and a couple of prospects who although I really like their upside are hit or miss as prospects usually are…Heatley is a sure thing.

  68. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    How about Heatley for Redden and throw in our top pick. Done. If ottawa wants Redden then he has value . Redden hasnt worked well here and if ottawa can afford him , they will make a go . They would have to unload Heatley then.

  69. I have a hard time giving up on Grachev. But at the same time, you never know, maybe he’s as good as Jessiman.

    You never know with prospects.

    And with the way things have gone for Nyr, besides Jagr, players with a change of scenery hasn’t really worked out. Look at Gomer, Dreary, Redden, Zherdev, and on and on, and on.

    Maybe we get Heatley and he becomes another Redden. Overpaid, and useless. Then the world laughs at us, as we gave up on a prospect that goes on to become a star.

    Oh, the nightmares !!!!!

  70. zherdev didnt really do that bad orr. drury and gomer while not having their best seasons, did ok in 07-08. not great, but not terrible either. the only real bust was redden. this year it was mostly him, and drury. but dru still got around 55 points. thats about what hes good for. on a better team, he gets 65-70 points at his age.

  71. “Sigh” Another damaged goods vet that everyone wants to come to NYR and will cost a lot.

    Fine, here’s my stupid trade proposal; Rozival/Zherdev/Korpikoski/Sags/1st rounder for Heately or however you spell his name.

    That’s it. Rangers don’t give up the Russians, and don’t give up the Americans (Dubi/Cally) either.

    Heatly plays with Gomez, and Antorpov is resigned short term to play with Anisimov and Cally.

    Then on D I sign Zubov for 1 year with a lot of incentives to play solely 3rd pair/PP.

  72. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Vinny L maybe would pry me from Grachev and others.

  73. orr- i wouldnt say grachev is by any means a sure thing. i mean, he was a 3rd rounder. so its not like he was already looked at as a solid pick. but he did have a real awesome year this past season and so now we kinda get an idea of what he could bring to the rangers. its not like he was playing against nhl goalies and d men, so you still cant tell, but its lookin like hes on a path for good things. theres a point in time when in the development of a player, when you know this guy is the real deal. its too early to tell with him yet, but until we find out otherwise, we cant think about the possibility of him being a bust. i cant see sather bveing such a fool and trading him for heatley. hes gotten alot out of 2nd rounder dubinsky. what was cally a 3rd? 4th? i thought prucha was gonna be a 50 goal scorer after his rookie year. look where hes at now? it shows just how hard this game is. i think sathers done alot of good things with our prospects recently. i hope he continues to build the team that way. he really screwed up with redden this past year. and i think the same thing will continue to happen if we dont stop chasing other teams players and just build our own. look at brian campbell. he sucks now. well, not as bad as redden, got a few more goals and assists, but sucks defensively.

  74. greg- wed have to give up alot of bad contracts to get him. hes way too expensive

  75. im predicting right now the pens will win tonight. no way they get to watch the wings celebrate on their home ice 2 years in a row. mario would probably go on a killing spree. besides the pride factor, the refs will be instructed to help the pissies out as much as they can

  76. we can get heatley now, and give up some youth, maybe possible all star players, or we could wait till next year and get kovy without giving up anything except maybe waiving one of our big paid superstar clutch players. i choose the latter

  77. youth!!!! whos with me?? if any one of you mutts has ever screamed cally!!! after one of his awesome goals this year, or ever screamed what a save hank!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or holy crap what a play by staal!!!! or what the f redden????????!!!!!!, say it loud right now!! we want youth!!!!!!!!

  78. Mike in IA and everyone else-The only reason Grachev was a 3rd rounder was because of the lack of transfer agreement at the time and the Canadian good ole’ boys network trying to stick it to the Russians and KHL. The Hockey News had him ranked as like an 18th or 19th pick in a redo.

    This isn’t to anyone here in specific but I’m sick and tired of everyone looking to someone else to ‘Save” this franchise. They’ve tried it with Terry Sawchuk, Phil Esposito, Ken Hodge, Mike Rogers, Barry Beck, Marcel Dionne, Guy Lafleur, Theo Fleury, Eric Lindros, and these overpaid idiots in Gomez/Drury. It’s worked ONCE in almost 70 years with Mess and Jagr half did it but they weren’t going to win a Cup with Jags anyways.. There comes a point when you got to give it up and trust your guys.

    F’ Heatley. He’s not a leader. He’s asking out of OTT. He’s not Messier and he doesn’t have 5 Cups prior.

    I’m sick and tired of all this let’s trade Staal, Grachev could be a bust, Sangs is a bust, Cally can’t pass like Adam Oates talk.

    You have to trust your own guys and yourself before looking to the outside for help and if you don’t then there’s a fundamental problem with the philosophy, management, attitude, and karma.

    Why should I support this product if they even think about trading Staal/Cally/Grachev to accommodate some guy my age with a bad attitude because his team didn’t make the playoffs for one year?

  79. Rozsival, Zherdev and Sanguinetti and a 4th rounder for Heatley?
    Rozsival, Grachev and a 1st rounder? Plus we get back Karlsson(top-15 pick)?!?
    Roszival, Del Zotto, Grachev and a 2nd rounder? Plus we get back Chris Phillips?!?
    And then the cake-taker: Heatly for Redden and a 1st Rounder…LOL!!

    MikeA’s proposal is about as close as one comes to maybe cocking an eye over in Sens-land: Rozival, Zherdev, Korpikoski,Saguinetti and 1st rounder straight up for Heately.

    Even then, Ottawa would be taking on something like $9 million worth of salaries before even including what Sangs might cost ’em.

    Bottom line: Don’t expect Heatley in NY. It makes NO sense whatsoever, seeing as though Ottawa isn’t going to want a large contract coming back, and they’re sure as hell not going to want to face him in the POs. The article that started all this even stated quite explicitly that Heats wants to head out west(and he’s got a NMC in his contract). That means to me he lands in one of two markets(his choice): Either LA or Vancouver. Both have the cap space. Both need a veteran sniper. Of the two, LA has the deeper farm club and could probably give Ottawa the combination of top prospects its going to take to land him…

    …now I’ll ask this: Why give up ANY of the aforementioned players(except Redden…LOL!!), when you can score a threat as lethal in GABORIK, and you can do it for nothing more than cap space…I love the idea of what Heatley would bring, but the reality is he’s not a realistic acquisition from a team that likely wants to shed the cost of his salary. That is unless they’re morons…

  80. Well put MikeA!!!! Stay with the youth and see where it takes us. Torts took a last place Tampa Bay team and turned them into a solid Stanley Cup Champion in what? 3 years? I’m sure he’s got some good parts here in NY to do something like that.

    P.S. I never wanna see Kovie in red white and blue again!!! It only worked once and it aint gonna work again.

  81. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    I love taking the cake , that way I get my cake and eat it !!! Yes , give them thier beloved Redden back because they can’t get Chara thats for sure!!! If we give up a first rounder ..normally in todays market ..yes that would be lutacrst but you FAIL to realize and remeber the Ranger great track record on draft day. Could easily scoop up another Hugh Jessewoman and take it all again. Dangling that pick and a Wade Redden to Ottawa for pricey Heatley and then Package heatley with gomez to Edmonton for Hemsky and Souray!!!

  82. mike in ia,

    Everyone I’ve heard talk about Grachev says he’s the real-deal. Maybe not this year, but certainly in the future. The kid put up SICK numbers in his rookie season in the OHL, which is a pretty tough league. I was looking back to Ranger draft picks out of the OHL and I could only come up with two who really lit the league up their rookie seasons: Marc Savard and Dave Gagner. And if Grachev turns out to be like either one, I’ll be just smitten…

  83. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    then scoop Jagr back up…and make him Captain!!! Drury can shine shoes down the street on the corner.

  84. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    seriously now …we do not scoop up anyone and we ditch these salaries during the draft if we can and we pick up more youth. Play our hearts out and make the playoffs again and again get a crappy draft pick.

  85. hey hey…hold your wild horses Rangers fans!
    who said i want to come and play for New York?
    Wade and I used to snort tons of ye-yo, that’s how i lost my teeth! So, thank you but no thanks, I’ve had enough of wade, you guys enjoy him now!

  86. dany

    no one did
    its a discussion
    would you care to join in?

    maybe you and chris drury can talk for a bit get to know each other check out his hot ride. i hear he has some awesome summer chairs. they double as backpacks. super sweet.

  87. mundo- i meant kovy as in ‘chuk, not ‘lev. but thanks for the comment

  88. tdchi- i know, i just was sayin, that he was a steal for us as a 3rd rounder and he had an awesome season this year. im not getting my hopes real high yet. i consider him to be our best pick of that draft, and i was against putting him in a deal for heatley in our little mock trade situation. i am all for youth rtight now. doesnt mean i want the rangers to become the new york wolfpack either. ya need vets too. shitskys we have a long time to go before the season starts!!!!

  89. who wants to get rippin drunk while we watch the game? im off tommorrow!!! yea!

  90. if i had online id challenge one of you guys to a duel. whos getin nhl 10? i’ll have my online back for xbox by then

  91. Maybe im pretty clueless, but when did Heatley turn into damaged goods ? He had back to back 50 goal seasons two seasons ago, a 40 goal season the year after, and last season put up almost 40 goals, 70 points with a garbage Sens team.

    I know the whole sign/trade for a star thing is scary, and never seems to work out. But Heatley is still damn good.

    I don’t know, like i said, i like the idea of exploring the possibility of trading for him, but at the same time i just have a feeling Slats will go overboard. I don’t want to miss out on a potential superstar, for a guy who’s almost 30, and is making a lot of money that Nyr cant afford.

    Go Wings !

  92. ohh orr!!! transformers 2 baby!!! megan!! im goin to see it. i missed terminator. anyone here see it? hopefully better than T3 which was horrible

  93. Im definitely getting 10 when it comes out. I just lost a game that went to a shootout, i took 84 shots. Ive never even gone past 45. Crazy. But i fuggin lost !!!!!

    I suck in shootouts against the computer, for some reason i cant score if my life depended on it.

  94. orr- if we can trade rozy, zherdev,sangs or korpi, and a 2nd rounder. any combo of those guys, id do it. f’in A!!!! as long as we dont give up our 1st rnder, grachev, del z, or maybe even artie, then im fine with it. go pens!!!

  95. 84??? i just played the sens in the playoffs on superstar and got off 24 shots, scored 3 goals and lost 4-3. usually i get off 50-60 if its anything below superstar mode

  96. christian bale is the man! wtf?? it looked awesome on commercials. all the new machines they gotta fight. and it looked like all out future war not that old terminator vs terminator runnin thru l.a. routine. wow that sucks

  97. actually t2 was the best movie of the 3, but this new one looked like it was gonna be an ovechkin. youre sayin it was a crosby?

  98. so, im watching “Seinfeld” before the game… i am trying to get into it really hard!! sigh… i dont know…it is definitely not as funny as the fake background laughs suggest. :)

  99. gametime!!!!! hey orr, is your xbox live name orr too? if not what is it? i wanna play you. i’ll be gettin live back soon. i wanna beat cccp too

  100. man why cant the rangers be playin the wings for the cup? cmon glen get this team ready baby!!

  101. anyone have the game fallout? my cuz told me to get it. he said its good. anyone have it or played it? i got resident evil 5, not too happy with it. thinkin about tradin it.

  102. that’s right mike…

    i gotta get my act together and put ORR back in place! his been kicking my azz in online play! Though, the games are relatively close…

  103. pens better win?? terrible reading that… i do not need to see cindy winning a game 7.. get it over with tonight, im sure youll find something to do friday night besides watch hockey if the series ends tonight

    ORR – i feel like it was so easy to beat the computer goalies in shootouts in nhl 08 but in nhl 09 it definitely got alot tougher, like u were sayin

  104. yea i guess rob. i honestly dont care who wins. its not the rangers so i really dont. but yea it would be fun to see a game 7.

  105. friday night i get my daughter over for the weekend. my gf will come and if theres a game 7 we’ll watch it. im gettin her into hockey. iowa will be a hockey town when im done with it!!:-)

  106. wow great action so far!! one more game like this wouldnt be a bad thing!!

  107. and the first PP of the game goes to….

    Cindy!! called made by no other but Buttmans lackey Bill McCreary!

    How can a ref make a “goaltender interference” call from the middle of the ice!?

  108. that was a brutal interference call, staal clearly pushed zetterberg into fleury…

  109. cccp- i told ya they were gonna get every call. its a given at this point with elimination on the line

  110. yup. ozzie held the fort though rob. if the wings win this it will be funny as hell. ya gotta think 2 years in a row losing the cup on home ice will be brutal for pens and their fans. if the 1 reason id like the wings to win, it would be that reason.

  111. how bout that call on fillpula, they skated into each other and he gets interference

  112. If I were San Jose I’d go for Heately in a heartbeat; that’s a team that needs to do something drastic and has the goods. They’d probably have to give up some combo of Logan Colture/Lucas Kaspar/Vlasic and maybe even Setoguchi or Clowe but that’s a team that is bound to do something very drastic and make some noise. They’re very similar to the Rangers after the 91 defeat to the Caps.

    Orr-Heately has a bad attitude. He’s now ruined the Sens leverage with this public demand. We’ve had enough prima donnas and psychos in NY over the last decade alone. Do you guys REALLY wanna give the keys to the franchise to someone like that? I’d rather sign Gaborik.

  113. LOL @ Cindys fuzzy beard!

    is anyone watching this little special on Cindy? They took his photo and put it on the Stanley Cup! lol I hope that jinx it for him and he never wins it!

  114. Hossa’s not a pressure player. We should all be thankful that he’ll never come to the Rangers.

  115. I was just getting all depressed reading all these comments about giving up the youngins for another 8 million dollar man with baggage and attitude issues

    Then I remembered I dont have to look at Renney, Pearn and that other useless assistant they had anymore….

    Just that thought makes me smile…

    Plus Torts vs Larry Brooks


  116. Except for having a fabulous playoff beard…what is exactly so great about Bill Guerin?

    Someone tell me!

  117. hossa sucks. he has like 6 goals this whole playoffs. pretty sad when datsyuk is centering you. or filpula whoever

  118. LOOOL these people are so preoccupied with Crosby that Emerick just called the entire Detroit team “CROSBY” !!!


  119. bill guerin is about as good as hossa has been for the penguins except he has more experience and is a pretty comical guy from what ive heard. sorta like gomez for us!!

  120. crosby crosby crosby crosby!!!! “the chant is lets go pens”!! thanks emrick, i wouldnt have guessed that

  121. kaspar

    i dont want to give up on our youth but the only way to get rid of some of our big contracts is to package them with picks and/or young talent.

  122. ehhhhhhh and its stopped by crosby. what goaltending. what shot blocking. holy hockey horseshat look at crosby

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    This game has featured some of the most atrocious officiating I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing.

    Then again, could be the NBA or NFL.

  124. hossa sucks!! he aint got nothin. heatley would be worth roszival and sanguinetti. maybe korpi too. and we’ll throw in mike pelino for good measure

    cleary!!!!! u suck!!!!!

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    Guerin went from a last place team to game 7 of the finals.

    Maybe that was his plan when he signed with the Piles.

  126. its goin 7 cccp. dont worry. crybitch will get his cup. and hopefully God will destroy the earth just before he can lift the cup

  127. nbut wouldnmt it be so funny if they lose and crosby has to go home with nothin again. the home team has won every game. its gonna be a good game 7. i wish it was the caps playin for it, but its still some good action

  128. i dont know… i think i’d be more ok with Debbies or Fishstick winning the cup than if Cindy wins it…

  129. cccp- its gonna be ok good buddy. get yaself a crosby voodoo doll, stab it in the right arm so when he goes to lift the cup, he drops it on bettmans head

  130. “CCCP—- U alright?”

    hold on let me check…

    rangers playing Golf…check
    two feet two arms…check

    yeah… seems like im alright! lol

    i know, i would hate if any of the tri-state teams win another cup before rangers (which is a high probability) but i dislike Crosby and what NHL is doing for Pens so much that i would really hate and be really turned off as a fan if they win the Cup…

  131. well, if the wings win another cup i’ll be just as enthused about it. i wish both teams would just just suck for a few years and give us rangers and hawks a chance to go at it for a cup. if the pens dont win it this year,m they will next year. let them get their glory now and get it over with.

  132. ozzie and flower. sounds like a hit tv show in the making. cindy and eugene. henrik and marion.

  133. you know what’s pathetic
    pens fans trolling around a NEW YORK RANGERS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    don’t you some place to go?????????????????????

    it’s as if you don’t have enough interest in your team so you have to skulk around here.

    must be nice having a game 7 after the NHL allowed your team
    to suck enough for years in order to draft
    Can’t Miss Players
    the NHL allows you to sit around for a decade or more since you can’t get your finances together.
    if you would have been in Canada, you would have been pulled outta there so quickly it would made the Igloo spin like a Top!!!!

    yeah, i said it!!
    the whole thing is a joke. it’s a fix and it’s pathetic.
    and i don’t care how many other people are on that team with families and friends and hardships
    none of ’em deserve it because of all the crap that the team is allowed to get away with for two decades.

    and btw
    a rivalry is something you have with a team in your own division or with a team nearby (i.e. the CLEVELAND BROWNS and PITTSBURGH STEELERS)
    that slash on Mario by Graves………..a load of crap!!!
    yeah, i said it.
    if Mario didn’t take the padding out of his glove it probably wouldn’t have happened
    and i still have on tape Kevin Stevens interviewed after the game saying that that type of slash happens all the time but it just so happened that he caught Mario just right
    if his wrist was so bad he wouldn’t have been back in the
    lineup so quickly. i don’t care if it’s the playoffs.
    a broken wrist is a broken wrist.

  134. I wouldn’t call my goalie “Flower” even if he did let 5 goals in the game before

  135. jpg- i know youre mad. you have the symptoms of mid life ranger crisis. its gonna be ok.


    This just in from the NHL office

    dateline June 9 2009

    After the NHL and the government conspire to keep Basille out of their little fascist group of swindlers and…Penguins are ordered to be given the stanley cup…the parade will be held in New York City and all Ranger Fans will be ordered to become Penguin fans….

    Back to two and half men

  137. this just in- two and a half men, has now been cancelled. a new show called 2 and half penguins will take its place followed by 2 and a half inches, with special guests, sidney crosby and his flower

  138. jpg…breathe man. Just breathe, it’s gonna be OK.

    3-1 for DET on Friday I think. Franzen with 2 and Datsyuk adds an empty-netter. But Crosby will score for Pitt so that can say he made a valiant effort.

  139. i think crosby would be on the training staff on the pens. hed be flowers “personal” trainer. “wink wink”. dont ya love that gee golly wiz way he does his interviews. he’s a swell guy. i love when he purses his lips and says “desperation”. he loves that word desperation.

  140. yeah.
    i do sound kinda angry, huh?

    guess some things just build up.

    oh well. apologies to anyone i freaked out.

  141. You can describe fist fights all you want, but the worse all time battle on the ice was the stick duel between Ted Lindsay of the Wings, and Bill Ezinicki of the Leafs. Talk about blood on the ice!

    If anyone can find the film of it it would be something for you all to comment on.

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