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Sorry for not posting today, but the old man (me) was celebrating his birthday with Mr. Titleist and happy to report that, having played just five holes (in a rained out event) since mid-April, the old man shot a career second-best 80.

My brother-in-law suggested that I shot my age. Then he asked me if I broke my hip.

Good thing I don’t drink anymore, or I’d be in no condition to post at 10 p.m. on a birthday. Usually kneeling in front of the toilet by this time in birthdays past.

Tomorrow I start trekking around the state again for state playoffs. Tomorrow Binghamton. Thursday Middletown. Friday or Saturday either Binghamton again, Cortland, Waterloo or Rochester. Maybe I will start drinking again.

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  1. Hey Carp, I’m a Binghamton resident, hope you enjoy my fair city. Grab a spiedie while you’re here!

  2. Happy Birthday Carpin’ Clutch! My present is all the hits I’ve brought to this blog since I started posting! Ha-Ha! Next round of golf is on me! You can even ride shotgun in the Clutchmobile!

    Hope you celebrated your birthday as much as I celebrated after the most CLUTCH goal of my career! Can you even begin to guess which one??? Hint: It didn’t come as a Ranger! But I think most Rangers fans already guessed that! Ha-Ha!


    *Warning: Video NSFRF (Not Safe For Rangers Fans)*

  3. Doodie Machetto,

    No way it happens(that is, Sather doing nothing). There’s simply no way. His job as GM is to make the team better. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always do his job all that well. The Rangers last season had several glaring holes to start the season, namely that they were too small up front and lacked a big-name player. They solved part of that equation by trading the midgets and acquiring Antropov. Now the next logical steps are to either sign a top-flight player or hope to get one in the draft.

    Under your equation, the Rangers would keep their current hand, possibly let a few go(Mara, Morris), add in a few rooks(Gilroy and Anisimov)and end up with pretty much the same one-and-done team they had this year. Let’s face it: With Hank, this team will always fall in the top eight. Then they get another crack at the 18-24 slot, which might get them top-flight player, but is more likely to score them another Sanguinetti or Del Zotto(not that this is bad).

    Look. They’ve got to do something to fill the hole of Jagr. They failed with Z and Naslund last year, and hence the team regressed. Gaborik is a top-flight player. He instantly makes the PP a threat. If it were possible, I’d also argue for Kommisarek as a partner for Redden, thus allowing him to explore his offensive side. Signing those two guys will likely run about $11 million. Without Naslund, that’s $4 in the hole. Mara, $2 million. Roszival $5 million and you’re off to the races…also you figure they would need to part with one of Z, Antro or Callahan, because all three play RW; or skate one of them on the off-wing.

    Gilroy-Del Zotto(or Sanguinetti)

    I don’t know, but that looks pretty darn good to me…

  4. happy b day carp. hope u had a good one.

    tdchi- we wouldnt be able to afford that lineup. cally,duby,z all get some sort of raise. we would only be able to keep one of z or antro. although that would make a damn good team.

  5. mike in ia

    u r such name dropper! lol good job man! i’d take most of those guys too!


    Happy Birthday!

    i know that birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest!

    26th birthday is the best one yet Carp! :)

  6. Carp have a happy birthday buddy. Watching Drury’s goal in that series gives me epileptic fits.

    I’ll never forget my brother being a total mush that night, saying “Game 6 is going to be awesome…chance to clinch!” after Straka’s goal. I couldn’t talk to him for a while after that haha.

  7. If Carp is 26, then he started writing for The Reporter Dispatch when he was -5 years old. His headshot told me so.

  8. Carp, if you want a beer in Binghamton, drive into the nearby town of Vestal (its literally a right out of the city and a mile down) and go to The Ale House. It’s a great place to have a beer (over 100 varieties), and they make pretty good food too.

  9. salty

    staying up late? like the music search link in your name…

    click on my name… a little surprise for you. :)

  10. Happy Birthday for yesterday Carp – sorry the +5 hours time difference prevents me from staying up that late.

    p.s. Did anyone see Pierre LeBrun’s saying that Gomez is “available”? I doubt we’d get much in return, all the GM’s know that Slats needs to dump a big contract to free up salary – i’d be surprised if we get anything more than a mid-round draft pick or marginal prospect in return.

  11. onecupin69years and counting on

    Watching Drury score against NY makes me think that that will be Sather’s highlight during his tenure in NY,I doubt if it will get any better as long as he’s in charge.

  12. Say hello to Middletown for me. I grew up 10 minutes from there in a little Town called Maybrook, right off of 84, between Middletown and Newburgh. I went to school with Vinny and Paul Jr. from Orange County Choppers, and I graduated with Matt Morris, who has pitched for Stl, SF, and Now is with the Pirates. So… no, my area of NY never produced anything of value.

  13. onecup- sathers greatest moment as our gm is wen he retires. it will be a bigger celebration than winning the cup

  14. uk we would be able to get more than that for gomez. he isnt that bad. i say hold onto gomer for next season. if we get rid of rozy, we could get a winger to play with him and he will be better next year. he is pretty damn talented. jagr was a puck hog, they both wanted to carry the play. besides jagr, there werent many good first line wingers he played with. shanny was too slow. gomez just has to adapt to his teammates better. he is fast and alot of times he just skates in very fast and his teammates cant keep up. i blame sather partly for his poor season. he gave him zherdev who doesnt play well with others and an old naslund who couldnt shoot that good anymore. gomez set him up alot. you put a younger goal scorer who can keep up with him, you see his stats will be much better. i saw gomez try to lead this team in the playoffs too. he had the most goals and points. he just isnt good enough to do it by himself. hes not a game breaker. hes a 2nd line center, maybe 1st line with a star on his wing. averys fast and played good with gomez. cally had the good season he had also in part to playing with gomez. its not that he didnt do it for himself, but playing 1st line with gomez didnt hurt.

  15. but gomez turned the puck over way too much it became like clockwork. he became very predictable. thats the reason i would get crazy pissed off at him, because he would skate in, have noone to pass to, and turn it over. if he can limit that mistake to maybe once in awhile instead of multiple times a game, i could live with gomez and his 60 point seasons, possiblky more with a decent winger with a little better hands than cally and avery.

  16. but like someone here said a few days ago, our pp will still be horrible unless we either get a qb or a sniper. i see deroits pp goals and they dont do anything superhuman. alot of their goals are because of guys like holmstrom screening the goalie, guys like lidstrom and rafalski who can handle the puck and not play hot potato. i would like if we could keep morris if he wasnt expensive cause he got the puck through alot. alot of good shots to the net got through and some good deflection goals or rebounds resulted in it. hes a good d man but oh baby that weak stuff he pulls in his own end is worse than any offensive contributions he made.

  17. moral of the story is, without gomez setting up that sniper were back to square one. oh forget it, just trade him!!!!

  18. Happy Birthday Carp!

    Hey Patrick & Mike R
    I’m an Endicott native living in Louisville now. And we have one of the Salameda boys here who owns Johnny V’s and he serves the classic Salameda spiedie. The only thing we’re missing is Jim Roma’s bread

  19. Mike – its not that i think Gomez was bad, he was fairly close to his previous few seasons in terms of points and is a legitimate 1st/2nd line center when playing with a winger who can keep up with his speed and convert some more chances than Nas or Z did.

    Its just that the whole league knows Slats is handcuffed for at least the next 3 years and if i was negotiating with him i wouldn’t offer much in return – Slats needs to move a contract desperately if he is to make a splash in the free agent pool this summer and trading for a player like Gomez with 5 years remaining on his contract is a big risk.

    I still think Roszi is most likely to be moved, 3years $13m in salary ($5m cap hit) is more palatable than Gomez’s 5 years $33.5m or Drury’s 3 years $21m or Dreaden’s 5 years £31m.






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