Just saw this in the TV listings. Tonight at 10 on NHL Network: A Day That Changed the Game: Feb. 22, 1980.

CCCP and Kaspar, you might want to cover your eyes.

But it should be a good watch. Plus it’s an hour long, so it’s over just in time for the 11 p.m. Seinfeld.

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  1. oh i remember… wasn’t it when that Hollywood stud was elected as the President of USA… Ronald Reagan was his name? :P

  2. My daughter and son both LOVE Tom and Jerry, I mean who doesn’t? I bought them a DVD of a whole bunch of episodes at Target today for 5 bucks. Might be the best 5 bucks I have spent in a very long time. I will say this though, these cartoons might have been the reason for the World Wars, ha. Violent as hell.

  3. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i’ve been playing a lot of nhl09 again because of you guys. i saw a great glitch during a shootout last night. i tried to deke with zherdev, the stick fell to the ice and he went into a jesus pose of sorts and then the stick was magically lifted into his hand just in time to get off a weak wrister that was easily stopped by fatso

  4. Nasty 1

    i know what you saying…those cartoons are mean!
    My dad loves Tom and Jerry! He even knows the time when it’s on cartoon network! lol

    No Country

    That wasn’t a glitch… that was Z’s real life move! :P

  5. Thanks for the heads up Carp. Anyone else really like the movie, btw? I loved some of Brooks’ lines, like when Jim Craig gets pulled after the Exhibition game against the Soviets and tells Herb that it’s his net, Brooks goes, “They just scored 10 goals, Jim. Right now it’s everybody’s net.”

  6. i just love the “LIFESTYLEJOURNAL” adds of cellulite vs. bright smile!

    One dilemma though… which one is “before” picture and which one is “after”? lol

    Carp, any clue?

  7. Shoryuken, the best thing ever done about the Miracle on Ice was the HBO special. Unbelievable, with real footage and interviews with all the key people. Awesome.

  8. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Carp have you heard about the 3 stooges remake starring sean penn, benicio del torro and jim carrey? i think it’s completely absurd and there is no conceivable way it would be even remotely watchable.

    saw the hangover today. pretty much what you’d expect but it had it’s moments.

  9. Anyone have an idea why Cablevision provides MLB and NBA network and not the NHL network? Thanks alot Dolan!

  10. Carp – i think someone needs to check Larry Brooks still has his marbles. He’s saying we should trade Staal to get an offensive player!!
    No way! Slats has to concentrate on shifting a big contract and signing up our young studs and if Torts had any sense he would have given Slats a list of untouchables at the org meetings the other week: Staal, Hank, Cally, Dubi and maybe one or two more.

  11. mike- staal is gonna be a great d man most likely. hes good now, but really took a step back with the way he looked in the playoffs. him and girardi both. i think he still needs to work on d before he can work on his offense. he could be a little tougher and meaner. id like to see him use his size more to his advantage. hes gonna have to get faster to play in torts attack style. you could see that he made a lot of mistakes during the playoffs. hes still our best defensive d man we got, and has a lot of potential. hey, id rather have him than jordan or the younger brother. i think it would be a big mistake to trade him. i think sather could land the top 3 pick without trading him, but then we have to give up grachev and anisimov too probably. either way you look at it, some good prospects are gonna be gone if we want to get a high pick

  12. Another NHL 09 Glitch !!!

    I was playing the shootout online, and was the Red Wings going against another guy using the Wings, and i was down 2-1, and the guy scored a goal that should have clinched the game, but it counted as my goal, and went into the next round, and i eventually won it with Lilja.

    The guy was really pissed aboot it, and demanded a rematch, and sent me death threats. Then i shut him out 3-0 using the Trashers.

    NHL 09 glitches finally worked for me, and not against me !!!

  13. mike in ia,

    Count me as one who would sign Gaborik in a HEARTBEAT. Did you know Gaborik last year would have been the Rangers’ FIFTH leading scorer? Here’s the amazing part: He only played 17 games. You get him on a line with Gomez, and he’s all but guaranteed to score 40 goals. He’s exactly what the Rangers need, and he comes without having to move any assets. NTM, the kid is 27! People are moaning about how he could be injured all the time…blah…blah…blah…well, so what? If he is, throw him on the IR and get on with life. Whatever his contract is won’t count for cap space. It’s not like he’s going to get injured and then we’re stuck.

    If the Rangers DON’T get either Gaborik or Hossa(who I’m certain will resign with Detroit), the only other option is to trade for a top offensive player or prospect. You can try to go the Lecavlier way, but that will cost this year’s top pick, Dubinsky Grachev and at least Del Zotto(I think Staal is more likely)…Or they can try to move up to Colorado’s pick, a trade that would likely start with Dubinksy or Callahan, our first-rounder and maybe DZ. Either way, it’s not going to come cheap.

  14. Carp, I actually have that one on DVD, it is pretty good. I remember a few years back ESPN Classic showed a bunch of the games from that Olympics in their entirety. I wish I could find those on DVD somewhere.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    “If the Rangers DON’T get either Gaborik or Hossa(who I’m certain will resign with Detroit), the only other option is to trade for a top offensive player or prospect.”

    No, there is another option: DO NOTHING. We’re not going to win with this team. It is not just one or two players away. Miss the playoffs this year and we can get a good draft pick. Meanwhile, we can use the money we would save from avoiding a futile signing to reup our RFAs such as Callahan, Dubinsky, and Staal, keeping in mind the cap will be decreasing next year. Then in a couple of years, when Drury’s 7 million are off the books we can sign an elite (read: actually elite) player. When Rozsi’s 5 come off the following year, we can get a good player. The year after, when Gomez’s 7.35 and Redden’s 6.5 come off, you cash in and make the cup run.

    It’s not happening as long as those 4 guys are on our books. Plain and simple.

  16. Wearing a GM hat, it actually makes sense to me to trade Staal even though I would hate it from a fan perspective.

    Staal is great for the $825k the team is paying him now, an absolute bargain. The real question is can the team sign him as a RFA to a longer term deal that doesn’t break the bank.

    His progression as a d-man has been solid although as a previous poster suggested, he regressed slightly in the playoffs. He’ll probably be in the upper echelon of stay-at-home d-man in a few years. I personally don’t think the offensive side of his game or his ability to breakout of the zone is anything special and is unlikely to significantly improve.

    What I’m trying to say is I don’t think he’ll ever be a Brian Leetch or maybe a better proxy is Chris Pronger.

    The problem from the GM perspective is how to lock him up without completely overpaying. I look at Orpik who signed for $4mn/year as a free agent last year at 27 and imagine that Staal will ultimately command at least that. The name on the back of his jersey and him being young means he will garner lots of interest should he reach free agency.

    This team obviously needs an offensive powerhouse and has a stockpile of defensive prospects. It would suck to lose Staal but I could see capturing his value now before being forced to overpay later.

  17. doodie- well said. gaborik played 17 games last year!! why the hell would we want him?? hes damaged goods man. i know hes young. i know hes one of the best when healthy, but he never is!!! i wasnt totally against signing him. but first off, it would be a one year deal, were not ready to even sniff a cup next year. so why bother? give the spot to a kid from hartford. i can see the argument both ways tdchi, and perhaps some of the reasons you are in favor of signing him do make sense, but im thinkin long term here. if were not winning the cup next year, then instead of getting him and being another 2nd round exit, we should stick it out with what we got, and land a decent pick next year. we have too many overpaid underachievers on the team, the last thing we ned is one who quite possibly, might not even play half the games. i think sather should wait till next season to sign a bigtime scorer. dru and gomer and redden will be 1 year closer to the end of their ungodly contracts, and will be either easier to move, or bought out. i would like it actually if sather was able to get frolov. he could play on the top line with gomez too and produce 30-35 goals a season. hed be cheaper and not an injury risk. but you do make a good point with gabby and thats if he does get injured he comes off the cap. so, maybe it isnt such a huge gamble. idk maybe its because sather has made so many bad moves as our gm, im just worried this will be just another letdown and a distraction for us fans while we have yet another mediocre season. while on the other hand, we stay the course next season, and give the spot to a kid from hartford, and if we tank, we get a good pick. were not winnin the cup next year anyway, so the latter seems like a smarter move for the future. plus, we wait 1 year and we got much much better free agent market next offseason

  18. Doodie – Roszi and Drury both have 3 years left (as does Avery). We’re looking at 5 more years of Redden and Gomez..!!

    If we can shift one of those guys it gives us a legitimate shot at signing a good scorer. I would love to see us sign Gaborik, but if we do an incentive laden contract we could end up even more hamstrung the year after.

    I say sign the youngsters up long term, draft some offensive prospects (Carter Ashton anyone?
    http://nhldraftnotes.blogspot.com/2009/05/ashton-carter-lw-lethbridge-whl.html) and use whatever’s left to sign some scoring talent for a year or two (Tanguay, Gionta).

  19. dolan and sather want gabby to sell more tickets. thats all. they think ok, we will keep selling out games because now we have a bigtime scorer. hey, maybe if we get him, he does play the whole season. who knows. i just dont understand how the guy cant stay healthy. what the hell is wrong with him?

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Mike in IA: I wasn’t tlaking specifically about Gaborik. Hell, I love Gaborik, the guy is awesome. But I’m just against signing anybody this season. I don’t think there is anyone who is worth it this season.

  21. jjp- i said that he regressed during the playoffs. and that kinda worries me. i mean, torts had redden playing ovie!! thats not good. i hope he doesnt stagnate like girardi did. i think hes great at his age and his level of poise and maturity hes shown at such a young age. i also think he will be a solid stay at home d man. his offense has improved a little though i think at the expense of his defense. i think he tried compensating for the lack of scoring from the rest of our d men. and torts has also said he wants and thinks staal can and should be more offensive. it may not suit him well enough and it showed that it affected his game. that said, i think we could sign him for a moderate raise for maybe a year or 2, then when rozy and redden are off the books, he can get around 4.5-5 mill a yr. for a longer term. the only way i trade him though is to move up to that 3rd spot to draft duchene or hedman. most likely duchene. we do have a lot of good d prospects though and i think we have other options for makin a deal to move up besides staal.

  22. thats a good idea uk. would you give up either staal, doobs, or cally to get the 3rd pick and get duchene, and have him center a line with grachev on it in the next few years? i know it would take more than just one of them, but say one of them and our pick, plus a prospect like sangs or potter?

  23. I don’t think we should touch Staal, Dubi or Cally and i don’t think trading up for another Center would be a good idea either, given our glut of centers at the moment. I’d like to see us use our first couple of rounds to pick wingers.

    I’d be more inclined to see what we could get by only trading using Sangs, Potter etc..
    Is Slats only drafting Center’s, D’s and Goalies these days because of the Hugh Jessiman disappointment? We should be looking to draft a big winger like Carter Ashton or Zack Kassian our farm system is devoid of wingers and we can;t always rely on free agent signings.

  24. Mike – if we did shift Gomez or Drury then it may be worth trading up and drafting a center like Duchene or Schenn as long as we don’t give up Staal, Dubi, Cally or Hank in the process.

  25. Doodie is right on, don’t get anybody this year. Bring up some kids and let them learn on the job then next year look to buy out/trade one of the big contracts.

    JJP-I see things alittle differently than you on Staal. I thought he was our best D at rushing the puck. He doesn’t do it often but has the ability and moves to gain the zone. Of course he’s no Leetch. Please don’t tell me you think Rozi was better at rushing the zone. Staal has some moves in his own zone, specifically with his reach, that I haven’t seen in a long time.

    Nasty-I’m surprised you can still get the old violent toons. I thought they’d be banned or wiped out in this p.c. enviroment that we live in.

    Joseph C-one word-DIRECTV

    F-Dolan, F-Cablevision

  26. 22figure8 – I don’t disagree with you there, good point. The times Staal went end to end were pretty impressive.

    What I was thinking of in terms of offense was three fold –
    1. Staal isn’t that great at putting the puck on the tape of guys breaking out the zone (the irony is that Redden is great at making the 1st pass)
    2. His shot isn’t anything special in terms of accuracy
    3. He doesn’t sneak up the weak side on plays in the zone (again irony – something Redden actually does. maybe Tortorella can coach this)

  27. why is everyone so high on dubinsky? he’s not a finisher and he’s not a great passer; he misses the net almost as often as drury. he’s got passion and he finishes his checks, but he’ll never be more than a glorified third line forward. granted, he’s only 23-or-so, so there’s some upside based on his age, but he hasn’t showed me anything spectacular in 2+ seasons. i don’t think he’s the kind of guy you build around. he’ll always be a complementary player.

    i say, if the deal is right, ship him out. we’ve got a team full of role players with no playmakers. that’s gotta change, sooner or later, for this team to be legit forces in the east.

  28. Did anybody else see LeBrun on ESPN saying that the Rangers are offering Gomez around the league and that the Kings might have interest.

  29. I did read that too, but he said “One source claims” and we all know how that goes. It makes you wonder what they are going after if indeed they are shopping Gomez. Do that want a legit first line center, or a legit first line scoring winger?

  30. Do THEY want a legit first line center, or a legit first line scoring winger?

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    JJP , ummm Staal controls his side and makes the beuty pass outta the zone or he uses his reach and moves around defenders to make the puck come out safely. Watch him !! He plays with awsome timing and size!!

    Staal is new to the 1st unit to check , and last I looked , NO ONE can play perfect on Ovechkin. You guys are knocking Staalsie because he didnt play well in the playoffs? Id live or die with Staalsie , Dubinsky ( chuck yer on crack),Hank and Cally on my team!!

    Doodie , Mike in ia …you guys flat out say , were not winning the cup next year so …Come on guys!! Keep your negative garbage to a stand still..last time I look all 30 teams have a new chance come the start of the season. With Hank , Hank and more Hank …this team could go farther than you guys could even imagine.

    Figure 22 well said ,i agree with you agreeing to Doodie about not getting anyone next year and the Staasie part, spot on.

  32. lol Greg… no more sugar for you man!

    how far can we go with just hank ..hank and more Hank? not too far if he’ll have to do it all by himself…

  33. Thanks for the warning Carp ( or as we refer to American writers…. capitolist shill!!!!)

    I will instead watch my Three’s Company DVD that evening!…and not the one’s with worthless Norman Fell either…I’m talking Don Knotts my friends

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    come on CCCP …saying were not winning the cup flat out is kinda silly…why do we play these games ? Put it this way , if we buyout Redden, Drury and Rozy and play rookies ( in which I think is a great idea) then ill honestly say it…maybe.

  35. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Hell if were not gonna win the cup , why not trade Hank for the top pick with a few defensmen from hartford? Why pay Hank gobbs of cash if we aint winning no cup?

  36. Why would the Kings want Gomez? They have the cap space for Gaborik AND the Sedin twins, and probably Jaybo as well…. add in the fact that their entire team is tradeable… great management.

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    yo Staal Wart , you think the Rangers would benifit from a Staalsie trade?

  38. “Why would the Kings want Gomez?”

    Pavel…obviously its because he’s so damned funny

  39. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    The Oilers won 5 Stanley cups in a span of like 7 years and with that nulcleous other teams could not match the power , skill and familiarity they all shared. New York picked up alot these pieces as they got scattered all over the league…with those pieces coming at the price of Gartner and other young players , the Rangers were left with this make me or break me team…in 1994 that team prevailed and almost lost the chance by sleeping against a hot devils team.

    After the 1990 Oilers won the cup , Messier went south after the following season and the Oilers bowed down to The new back2back champions…The Pittsburgh Penguins.

    The Rangers with Messier were young and fast with Brian Leetch emerging as a star. We lost to the Penguin as they won those cups but after they won thier 2 in a row , Montreal took the next and then the Rangers finnally cashed in with Messier , the winner of now 6 cups , 2 as captain!!

    The point of all this is , we started again to pick up the pieces of the next champs , the Penguins with Jagr , Straka , Rozival , and Kovalev (later gone but back again).
    With new guys in the mix , Staal , dubinsky and Cally …Our Captain Jagr was playing well in the playoffs and was doing what Messier was doing when he came to NY!!

    If the Rangers lost in that game 7 againt Vancouver , would Messier been shipped out the following year too? All I am saying is Jagr was poised to come back to NEW YORK for 2 more years to right this thing and win us all a cup. I’m not saying hes young again cuz he would need the help of these younger players too . He might have won us that cup , with Hank in net and Dubinsky learning from it like Jagr did from Mario Lemieux.

  40. Tell me another story Greggy!!
    …have this one include Uma and Travolta dancing to a Chuck Berry tune

  41. Guys the Rangers are not gonna put out 4 lines and 3 D-pairings of young kids. It isn’t happening so stop dreaming. Who knows if these guys will even be good? Ever heard of Pavel Brendl?

    Make SMART FA acquisitions and slowly work kids in and let them learn. Throwing them into the fire all at once will only lead to us getting destroyed night in night out.

  42. why would anyone want gomez drury redden or rozival for those contracts. there gm should be fired on the spot.

  43. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Kaspar , haha that one was for all the Jarda fans to ponder a bit. Make ’em weep and wonder what if …

  44. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    If we wanna tank the season Shorry !!!! WooooWhoooo!!

  45. If you wanna tank the season, far be it from me to call you a loser I guess haha.

    As a fan I want to win every game, every year. Screw the draft, Sather inevitably effs it up anyway.

  46. kaspar

    You’re hot! We should mow my lawn sometimes!

    im kidding, i don’t have a lawn, but you still hot kaspar!

  47. Rucchin and Tony from AZ – The USA-Russia game is probably not on tonight because Carp wrote this *yesterday*. I guess he needs a new post to stay current! :P

  48. Carp wrote this yesterday ?
    Damn, I’m always a day behind !
    But on Wed the MSG Vault will have the “Raucous Rangers”
    Ranger tough guys – should be fun to watch.

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues… !! says Greg L.
    No I dont think the Rangers would benefit by trading Staal …we have no offense…the only thing we have to fall back on is a good D-corp. And the future of our D is Staal!
    He is by far our best…
    And with the absolute Ass of a GM that we have, the return on a Staal trade would be a bust! That is the way this organization rolls…LOL

  50. lol tony, we could post here all summer without a new post, unless theres news which there will be. but by mid july wed have 2 billion comments and my comp would probably moan,fart and then blow up tryin to load the page.

    greg- were not winning the cup next year unless we get rid of drury, gomez, redden and replace them with ovechkin, malkin, and chara. the only thing separating us from the islanders is a lone swedish goalie and the shootout

  51. staals untouchable huh? wow. i could think of at least 50 guys id trade him for in a heartbeat. if the right deal came along, and im not sayin for a draft pick. i mean actual proven talent, id do it.

  52. ovechkin, malkin, crosby, datsyuk, zetterberg, richards carter,parise,vinny, backstrom, iginla,kopitar, cammalleri,scungeeli, eric staal, thornton,toews, kane, carp,kaspar,greg zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  53. horton,bouwmeester,mike in ia,colin,keith,seabrook, frankie 4 fingers, george jetson, glen sather

  54. “pavel,orr,wade redden,kasparatis, gretzky”

    You are going to heaven….

    hopefully not soon though :)

  55. CCCP

    You hot comrade….

    I’m thinking of poisoning the lawn by the way…growing like Eric Coles beard

  56. lol kaspar- how bout all the red foliage growin off cleary and zetterberg

  57. kasp n cccp- u should watch the movie defiance with the guy from james bond. its a good one!! russian jews killin nazis

  58. k got my computer back. some russian guy just jumped thru my window, karate chopped me in the neck, then stole my bottle of vodka.

  59. scratch that Carp, I got it on 791 but it doesn’t say I have it so just make that what package.

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