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According to a report in the Toronto Globe and Mail, the NHL and NBC will renew their deal through the 2010 Olympics, which of course are an NBC property.

Oh, good.

On a lighter note, did you see the story about the South Dakota cowboy who won more than $200 million in the Powerball lottery? My favorite part was the quote from a guy named Chris Assman. He must have Cosmo Kramer’s plates (which actually belonged to Dr. Cooperman).

The winner selected the lump-sum payout, which after taxes is going to bring him only $88.5 million. So now he’s getting closer to Wade Redden money than CC Sabathia money.

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  1. hahahab congrats man. soak it in!

    the last day of the work week is finally here! ill be attending warren 77 tonight. if anyone else is interested.

  2. damn u colin. im takin a trip out to ny in a few months when my buddy gets back from overseas, and im definitely goin so maybe we can meet up there one day

  3. this is for orr and tyree- last niht i was playin 09 and the funniest glitch happened. one of my created players scored a goal and as they showed a closeup of him, he had no face. his face was blank. lookedlike the back of your thumb. then a few minutes later, the same guy was skating around, he sprouted an eye and it looked hysterical. i seen this thru the instant replay so i could see up close. then a few minutes later, i scored again with the same guy, but this time there was nothing in the spot where his face should be. he turned into the invisible man. and while he was pullin his magic tricks on ice, the puck got stuck between the goalies pad and the post, one of the blackhawk players, i think eager was just crosscheckin me relentlessly so i couldnt get near the puck to poke it in. then hbe stops checking me and takes the puck from by the goalie and just wrists it in his own net! im tellin ya this game is crazy!!! i hope ’10 is much better in terms of glitches,although as funny as they are, keep me amused.

  4. hey guys, today is the anniversary of d day. say a prayer for the marines who died that day

  5. i know its a hockey site, it shouldnt be talked about here, but i just wanted to remind people of what today is

  6. I can’t wait until the draft this is so boring. Just food for the thought would you guys do:
    Gomez,Rosy and Voros for Dustin Penner and Sheldon Souray? Just an Idea. Penners contract is 4.25 million and Souray is 5.4. Gomez is 7.4, Rosy 5 and Voros 1million. We would def save money plus get that big shot from the point. Just a thought?

  7. MIKE

    Haha, i never seen that one. Did you ever see the glitch, where you throw a big hit at a player, and he loses his stick, and every time the player gets up he falls down in the same position he was in when he threw the hit, and he keeps diving down Crosby style until the whistle blows.

    So you pretty much get a PP for the whole time. It’s hilarious. I only seen it happen twice.

    Also there’s a glitch that happens a lot of times. The top of the players helmet isn’t there, and you just see a bald spot. It’s kind of funny.

    Speaking of balding, Korpedo is baldy in that game. How hard is it to add some blonde wavy hair ?

    Go Wings !

  8. Roc,

    I would do that…but the Oilers wont.

    Gomez and Penner both underachieve but Gomez has a much bigger contract…Souray is much better then Rozy and became a leader on that team and no one will want Voros…he is done in hockey…cant score, too slow and cant fight…

  9. Voros was the man in his first month or two as a Ranger. Geez, what the fugg happened to the guy ?

    He was our leading scorer for a while, lol, crazy !

  10. onecupin69years and counting on

    Not to sound cheap but,200 mill, after taxes is 88mil?
    WTF?I’ll take it but ,I’ll still cheat on my taxes.

  11. onecupin69years and counting on

    Did you ever notice that during an interview Glen Sather looks like he’s having his prostate examined?
    He does that hockey player “sigh”, chews gum,avoids eye contact , rarely answer the question and answers the question like you’re a dummy and he’s doing you a huge favor.

    The Rangers won’t be ripe til he’s gone.

  12. onecupin69years and counting on

    Wings will clinch on Pens home ice, the ultimate “Bitch slap”!

  13. If they can’t do Rozi for Chechoo I’m down for Rozi for Penner. Yeah he’s an underachiever but he scored 25 goals once and one Torts training camp later and he’ll be in great shape.

    Can you imagine the Rangers with Penner, Antropov, Dubinsky, Anisimov, and Byers? THAT’s size!

  14. Voros was the man in his first month or two as a Ranger. Geez, what the fugg happened to the guy ?


    He married a girl with a poor credit score.

  15. I am honestly just excited to have a Torts’ system from pre-camp to camp through the season. I love Torts.

    I don’t care WHO they sign, as long as they love to play for the Rangers.

    Play the kids!

  16. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Penner is a over-paid Vorors and we don’t want that!!! Gomez is fast and has the speed we need , sure is salary is too high but getting a useless Penner and a injury prone Suoray would be another disaster!!

  17. So the NBC and Versus contracts will now be finished at the same time, after the 2010-11 season. We’ll see what happens then.

    That sucks that the taxes took away more than half. Around here, I think he would receive more.

    It’s looked like a good Finals, but I’ve been a bad watcher this playoffs, only seeing one game so far. I will definitely be in front of the TV tonight!

  18. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Torts can now apply his own stamp on the Ranger starting from new at camp. If he preaches “controling yerself” to Avery and wants to fu**-up Zherdev again , he may want to start with himself to show a good example.

    We were up on Washington with Avery pisssing them off to no end and then Torts sat him out!!! As bad as Avery was , he was wrong to take that penalty at the end which may have cost us the game. We didn’t lose and if we had Avery for that very next game ,Wash would have been done and we would have been crying how sid and Malkin took us out instead.

  19. NBC has been blacking out the big screen in front of Mellon during all Penguins games on NBC during the playoffs. They really need those extra viewers, I guess. :P

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Torts needs to own up :

    As assistant coach shoenfield said that if we never had Torts we wouldn’t have even made the playoffs . I agree too but once we got there and to pull a blunder move by taking out a player who is a difference-maker to prove a point is just flat out wrong!! Tort’s screwed up with Avery by sitting him out in a clinching game!!!!!!!!!

    Controlling Avery to a point but he failed to get Zherdev going , actually he made Z worse so i’d say theres another screw up. Torts should own up to these mistakes as well as his own because he didnt have to squirt water back at the fans , leading to his deparcher for next game. These 3 glaring problems is why we lost and if Torts wants go lead this team then first thing he needs to be is accountable himself. ( maybe admit his mistakes)

  21. colin- my email is

    orr- no i havent seen that glitch, but ive seen the one where sometimes the opposing d man will get “stuck” in one spot on the ice and just stand there while you can skate around him, stand in front of him while he does nothing, bt if you check him hard enough, he comes back to life. also, ive seen the glitch where sometimes u shoot the puck and its trickling past the goalie and the opposing teams d man will get the puck and sometimes the puck will actually cross the goal line while its in his possession and not count as a goal. its like the goal happens 50% of the time and if u do a replay the puck sometimes goes way over the line and then brought back out on the guys stick likes its glued on to it. then other times you can shoot the puck and hit both posts and it comes right back out, and its a goal, but if you look on replay, the puck doesnt actually fully cross the goal line. just barely sometimes, and sometimes the puck stays a tiny bit on the line which in reality doesnt count.

    roc- yea, theres a very little chance oilers would do that. i would love to do that trade, but instead of voros, they would want something better. a good prospect like del zotto to replace souray somewhat in the future

  22. lol where do you kids find all those game glitches? to listen to you it seems as if the whole game is one big glitch! lol

  23. Lol, yeah ive seen those glitches.

    “He married a girl with a poor credit score.”

    Haha, that explains it !!!

    The Pens fans will be suicidal if they have to watch the Wings win the Cup on their ice two years in a row. Maybe the players too.

  24. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    GM’s need to start playing hard ball and get together to start some different neigotiation tatics to get some of these stuiped contracts off the books , ala Drury , Gomez and Redden.

    No , trade clauses should not be givin out like x-mas turkey !!! Hockey is trades , trades is hockey ….no trade clauses should be abolished so gm’s can actually do thier jobs. How the heck does a guy make 4 -5 million and demand to not be traded!!!???????????????????????????

    Wayne Gretzky would have LOVED to stay in Edmonton after winning back 2 back cups ( 4 in 5 years so far )Instead he was dumped to the lowely , awfull LA Kings . This guy cried and the city cried and I cried , it was a mess!! It changed hockey that big trade , liked it or not. ( Dam Sather!!!)

    You can’t stop trades with no-trade moves!! It screws up history and screws up the balancing of each team every year.
    Stars can a should be traded …After Gretzky went that summer , no one should be safe!!!

  25. CCCP

    If you play the Dynasty mode, you’re playing 82 games, and then the playoffs, you’re bound to run into some of the craziest glitches around.

  26. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Announcers say ” watch out , for this is the scariest Powerplay in all of hockey”

    Too bad they say that for all the teams!! The way these guys pronouce names is funny , say its a 2 on 1 after I already took the puck and went the other way…The game is played with music I never ever heard at a hockey game , well i finnaly heard “warriors of timeeee” dam songs in my head too much!! They talk like a FOX telecast of the game , only thing they don’t do is the glow puck!!??

    The game is so dam good and real that people look past these things but if your a hockey freak , you noticed alot!!

  27. what’s everyone’s favorite KHL team?

    mine has to be Traktor Chelyabinsk, of the Tarasov division.

  28. The one glitch I can’t stand is when let’s say I dump the puck and the opposing team’s player gets it. I try to throw a monstrous hit, but the player either shot the puck back or passed it and I just bump into him, NO check…UGH

  29. I love Magnitigorsk, or what ever they’re called. I just love saying that name, Mettalurg Magnitagorsk !!!!

    Best game of the year !!!!!!

    Trautwig has to be the worst anouncer ever, his voice is scary. Scooooooooooooooore, Callahan, with 1.something seconds to GOOOOOO !!!

    Hey, Assistant Captain Clutch Dreary showed up in that game. Then disappeared the first 11 games of the regular season, lol loser. That goes to show you the difference between the NHL and the KHL.

  30. The stick lift is the worst addition to EA. I hate it, it’s impossible to defend, and totally fake. It’s like Superman is lifting your stick, there’s no way to stop it.

  31. NHL 09 isn’t as unrealistic as you guys make it out to be. Play the CPU on All-Star without making ridiculous trades and whatnot and it’s the most realistic game ever. I only got bored and traded it in after about 300-400 games or so. And the people playing online are lame with all the diving pokechecks and wraparounds, only played people I knew. NHL 10 should be amazing.

    So anyone getting Tiger Woods this week and up for a little Rangers Report Open?

  32. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Shoryuken , Diving poke checks are real , wrap around like that are real….People can wrap around or do what ever , nothing…i mean nothing stops my well timed bodycheck and wrapping around wont work when yer smashed behind , and around the net. My buddy flips out the puck and it had resulted in a break away goal before , i hate that , but fine, he uses it but has flipped it over the glass resulting in a powerplay for me. You see for every action theres a counter action and the people use what works , when xbox came out , no one can stop a floating flipper over the goalie..that was not a game i could play again.

  33. I agree too but once we got there and to pull a blunder move by taking out a player who is a difference-maker to prove a point is just flat out wrong!! Tort’s screwed up with Avery by sitting him out in a clinching game!!!!!!!!!

    greg- torts did it to make a statement to avery and the team for the future as well as the present. he wants everyone to know how you have to play under him and it doesnt matter who you are on the team. everyone has to be on the same page with him and avery deserved it. the only game he really made a difference was game 7, and its no coincidence that it was because of his benching. and as for zherdev, he played a little better, not much than in the first few games. he didnt get worse. he missed a few great chances, but at least he was getting those chances, because before, he wasnt even close to the net in any game

  34. POTI'S AGENT (James (G)) on

    lol ONLY 88.5 MILLION?…Carp I do believe you’ve been around the NY Rangers organization too long hehe

  35. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    But Mike , Avery was all over Washington that last game before and WE had moumentum , EXPECIALLY after Avery got away with the penalty after Wash could not score. Washington was rattled , mad and was off thier game…Avery being sat for the next game made Washington so happy and gave them life and all we got WAS A BIG VALUBLE LESSON FROM TORTS…ill take the win ty very much , cuz if Avery played that next game and you know it , we would have ended it all!!

  36. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Avery never needed benching to make him play with the passion and skill he has. You dont need to bench him while ya got the other team on the ropes!!!

    Zherdev was benched in Colubust and it did SQUAT for him , yeah teach lessons come playoffs..yeah smart move if ya win!!

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Smart if ya win Mike and Dumb if ya lose , we lost and Tort’s should be held accountable and expecially getting himself suspended kinda blows his lesson all to hell…eh?

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Torts is so tough , when he blows decisions come playoffs , everyone says it was thier own fault.

  39. Greg L

    Yeah they’re real but tell me the last hockey game you watched where every possession ended with a diving pokecheck or stick-lift and every goal was a wraparound?

    The game is realistic, it’s the people playing it who aren’t.

  40. well, i guess the moves he made can be second guessed but the way avery was playing, we wouldnt have won either way. if we were going to, it was game 7. aves was in for game 6 at home and didnt make a damn difference. the way they got to hank was the difference. if hank hadnt played so well in the previous games, i wouldve thought vally wouldve been better off starting in goal. hank was terrible in games 5 and 6. game 7 he was great, and avery was great, but we still didnt win. i agree that torts really f’ed up with his blowup, and really was not proffessional, but the avery benching was only 1 game. the team with avery blew it ion game 6. we were at home, we had all the motivation to win with the whole situation the game before. we came out like jellyfish and floated around until the last 5 minutes in the game.

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    I agree, thats why I mix it up. The guy winning should try new exciting things for the fans so the only time you have to repeat stuff is when yer down a few goals because its pritty hard to be creative when the clocks ticking and you need a fu**ing goal!!! The “stick lift ” is that a defensive play? like to lift the offensive guys stick up?

  42. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Mike , game 5 was our must win game……After we were up 3- 1 and Avery was sat the next game , we had one game to recover without Avery, another game to recover without Torts and then when everyones gets together in the last game were just trying to regroup and we lost all three!!! Bigest choke in Ranger history!!!

  43. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Biggest choke in Ranger history , thanks to Torts.

    I know we need Torts but lets face it , he blew it .

  44. to watch a team like carolina with which we have some major advantages over, including goaltending, pk, and id say were about even on offense,even though we should be better even though they have staal, besides him, who do they have?? to watch them get contributions from all over the lineup like jokinen, larose, samsonov and cole to a lesser degree score big goals and that scott walker ot goal really showed the heart of a team that was willing to go all out. brindamour was out in the ot that game and guys like cullen stepped up and won some crucial faceoffs. that is a team with not much going for it in way of pure talent, but they had the fire and drive of a pissed off hungry team that we just dont have. guys like zherdev, naslund, gomez antro redden drury(even though he was hurt) showed very little in that series. i understand that washington has better talent, but guys like dubinsky and cally shouldnt be the best players every night. torts i hope will kick some of these guys ass next season. gomez and drury have only been here 2 years and i couldnt freakin stand them after a few months

  45. greg- in my rollr hockey league when i was like 15, we were doin stick lifts. shit, i used to do that when i was 9 lol.

  46. Torts admitted he screwed up with benching Avery. Would Renney admit to something like that without browsing a thesaurus before hand?

  47. its not as easy to do like in 09, but it is used. ive seen it being used from a few guys in the playoffs too. its not anything new

  48. renny wouldnt have stood up to the drunk fans to begin with. he wouldve been diplomatic about it. in reality, that whole situation wouldnt have amounted to anything and would not have been a distraction to the team. i guess if theres one good thing about renny compared to torts, that would be it. as much as i love torts fiery attitude, it kinda brought him down a few notches of respectability in my book. but its over with, and im sure hes not dumb enough to get involved with fans again

  49. yea he did. that was cool of him to do after the series was over. larry brooks was a jackass for tryin to piss him off by asking him over n over again. torts shouldve thrown his water bottle at him instead

  50. Who cares about the loss, it’s over already. It stunk but this team wasn’t going to win the Cup, yet alone beat the Penguins or even Bruins.

    -Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise they didn’t go on a 1979 or 1986 run so they wouldn’t have their draft pick dropped to 27-30.

    -Maybe it’s a blessing that they don’t go on the same run so they don’t have to give up an additional 4th rounder to Toronto as part of the Antropov deal.

    -Maybe it’s a blessing that guys like Cally/Dubi/Anisimov/Staal/Girardi/Korpi and of course Mr. Henrik got to play in a game 7 this early in their careers so the next time, they’ll win it when it’s for the Cup or the Wales Trophy.

    -I’d rather lose to the Caps as painful as it was then to Crosby and Malkin again or to the Bruins while everyone in Mass is on their “we’re so awesome” kick.

    -What Torts did was dumb with the water bottle and he has to earn some cred back in my opinion but he had to bench Avery to show that you can’t be a jack@ss and get away with it.

    It’s over, time to get geared up for the Draft and UFAs.

  51. SHOR

    That’s a good point. I admit i do use that diving poke check to stop someone from making a pass, anywhere on the ice. And lately i have been using the wrap around a lot.

    But i use the classic controls, and i don’t use that dumb fancy garbage everyone uses. The spin around, Malik moves, all of that circus crap.

  52. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Diving poke check works when your chasing a guy on the break away and sometime you can tackle a player , but it results in a penalty. Id rather get a penalty than a goal against.

    ORR , only classic controls are the pad . The sega (original hockey) was a pad and I used the n64 ‘s pad not joystick. I now use both joysticks inwhich was weird at first but now it is easier and better. Classic control lacks options like in which this new way you can do more moves and more stuff. I was a classic guy but the new way is the only way to get the most out this system.

  53. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    nicely put MikeA , ummmm your not Mike in ia , kinda confuses me you two guys . I read it a while ago so I know there 2 or maybe 3 of ya. all different person I thought.

  54. Yeah Zzzz it gets pretty confusing between Mr. Mike in IA, MikeG, and myself. I was thinking of changing my posting name to The White Plains Batman but naawww.

    Is anyone here a fan of Ice Hockey for the Original Nintendo? That game was simple but fun. I used to pretend I was Sam Rosen when I was 9-10 and call my Team USA Game with Leetch, Amonte, Weight, Brian Mullen, and Richter in goal. What a dork I was.

    The EA NHL Games were and still are a lot of fun. Nothing beats NHL 95 with the trades and Kovalev got to be on the cover. I once held a grudge against Leetch for a year because he left me in NHL 2001 for the Panthers and Kim Johnson ended up winning the Norris the next year anyways.

  55. The funniest glitch to me in the 360 version of 09 is when you score a goal and then hug a member of the opposite team in celebration. That is so damn funny to me.

  56. i remember playing mario lemieux hockey on sega. it came out in 1990 i think. or 91. around the first ea hockey game came out. me n my buddy, another mike!! used to play both. i liked marios game better back then because it was a broadcast view and not up n down like ea. i used to play one for awhile, then switch back. my dad thought it was funny on nhl 95 when the create a player mode came out. me and him would create a team full of made players and play against each other in season mode. he was the isles, i was the rangers. he didnt like the isles, but i would always want the rangers so he would settle for the dorks. he made the funniest characters on his team. he actually made a whole first line of guys with the last name bonaduce, like danny bonaduce. he made them brothers. there was beef, beano, bastardo, bunghole and bertha bonaduce. they were all 6’8 300lbs. i would trade for guys like modano, roenick, gilmour, macinnis, fedorov, etc… it was a dream team basically and his team of giant goons beat my team every time!! it was fun times.

  57. wow datsyuk only has 1 goal this playoffs? he wasnt injured until this series am i correct?

  58. When I was in college we has a draft in Sega EA 1995. We drafted players and built our own teams. My team was sick and I never to this day lost a game. If I remember correctly, my team was Fleury Roenick Tkachuk Leetch Smith Belfour was my goalie. We were allowed to create one player, so I made Pierre LaRouche. And I also had Joe Murphy on my team, as well as Dallas Drake. Those last two mentioned guys never did much in terms of starters, but if you were down in the 3rd, and subbed one of them in, it was almost a guaranteed goal. Man, we had a marble composition book all set up with records and stats and whatnot. I won, I think 300 dollars for winning the whole thing. This was years ago when I was a student at Ramapo College, ha. Man, 300 buck at the time was a lot of money, hell I would take that in a second right now. Hell, I would settle for a free Happy Meal at this point. I hope all are doing well.

  59. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    MikeA , yeah that game “ice hockey” was pritty cool and also blades of steel . The original intellevision game was the only kind at its time. (I have it on my xbx) I hate to brag but NHL95 was the year I won the grand championship of Saskatoon , it was a 6 week event. Creating guys back then was the best , then came the blood . Season play or a simple Stanley Cup championship for Xbox 360 NHL09 would be ideal…my buddy and I always have to play a best of 7 preseason style.

  60. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    she sure looks hot tonight singing that anthem!!

  61. my daughters here watchin the game with me. shes actually learning the game a little. im so happy shes into it.

  62. Sorry, I’m checking in late here and tied up away from a TV with not much internet access.

    The powerball thing, I think, is $221 M or whatever it was if you take it spread over time, and significantly less if you take one lump payment, then you are greatly taxed on that amount. I read it in the AP story about the Cowboy and Mr. Assman.

    No way Edmonton’s taking that deal for Penner and Souray.

    Can somebody keep me up to date with scores from time to time?
    Thanks mucho.

  63. wow, we have no d men that can hit like him, let alone pull off a move like that and score on

  64. he’ll never be good enough to win a cup. for a st overall pick he really sucks

  65. pens look like such a different team on the road. i mean they are awful tonight. they started good, but after the 1st 5 minutes they look horrible. they may win game 6, but i doubt it.

  66. crosby knows theyre done. wow. immature takin so many penalties tryin to injure the wings now. fleurys done too. this is the worst scenario for the pens

  67. yea sally. love how crysby is playin like a little 5 year old girl that lost her lollipop. fun to watch all the goals and watchin pissburgh lose their sh!t

  68. things are good sally. i got my daughter for the weekend, shes eating a kids cuisine tv dinner and watchin the game with me

  69. Aw! Hi Mike’s daughter! Glad to hear you’re bringin her up right!

    I’m going to Buffalo tomorrow to check out apartments… Sabreland!!! I really appreciate how much that team loves it’s hockey.

  70. listen to milbury!! “if youre gonna slash somebody, make it hurt!! none of this half a@@ stuff!!” what a bum

  71. go wings pour it on. sid geno talbot kiss my behind.

    u guys realize 4 months tonight the season begins

    redden in hartford please

  72. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    you guys must be watching the NBC telecast , I don’t get meat head Milbury so it’s perty sweet. Jim Hughton dooes good . 5 – 0 and no more fluery in net.

  73. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    This game is really looing like a Xbox 360 game with me killing the Pens with Detriot. Malkin is invisable !! If the Penguins think they are beating this team , think again.

  74. redden will be a different player next year. dont worry about him. he’ll at least be scoring more i can tell ya that. torts is gonna utilize him as the offensive guy that he is. hes not a stay at home guy that renny tried to make him. give him some time. if he still sucks by mid november, then bury him. everyone desereves a fresh start. nobody really earneed their paychecks last year, except for a handful of guys

  75. onecupin69years and counting on

    Gee Whiz ,Detroit in the lead and Doc Emmeric is somewhat subdued, when the pens score or are leading he yells his ass off .

    Cindy and Eugene(Malkin)will remain cup virgins again,
    wait til next year,,sissies,

  76. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    I wanna rock n roll all night , and party everyday….!!! Carp these fans are singing like its a rock concert!!!

  77. would you look at the sorry puppy dog look that pierre mcguire has on his flacid uncircumsized head. he looks like hes gonna share a hotel room with sid and drink a bottle of wine while they cry and watch steel magnolias together

  78. idk y hes a devils announcer. he shouldnt care either way. but you should listen to the actual penguins announcer. the guy creams when they score, but whenever they get scored on, he sounds like the world just ended. its so totally onesided its kinda wierd actually. i never heard an announcer get so down when his team gets scored on.

  79. sally- she says hi back! i didnt see that you had posted right after me. why you going to sabreland? cheaper huh? thats why im in iowa. that and family live here.

  80. actually, pierre, sid and frankenweenie are gonna get a king size to share and watch mighty ducks 3 and cry at the end when gordon bombay comes back and its one of those passing the torch/growin up kinda moments between him and conway

  81. it was like tom renny wrote the script for it. the coach was a defensive minded coach like renny. the movie was still unrealistic, and they werent cute anymore. they were dorky teens

  82. Come on the climax was JV against Varsity! And you know how in every sports movie where the team loses to show they need to learn lessons? In this one they seriously blow a 9-0 3rd period lead to get a 9-9 tie. That had me shaking my head when I was in grade school.

  83. Did anyone else see the shot NBC had near the end of the game of Gary Bettman in the stands? He was soooooo pissed. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. His Pens were getting beat and he didn’t like it one bit.

  84. just got a pic of avery fighting malone signed hahahaha. too bad you guys werent here! lol. next week?

  85. NO GABORIK TOOOOOOOO RISKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he WILL get hurt and sit in the luxury boxes his ENTIRE contract just like the islanders 15 year mess D P

  86. And brooks is a moron why in the world would you trade staal. he is one of our best player. stop trading and trying to throw money at free agents. Draft properly if we do who knows we might have our own offensive talent in gracev or some other kid that we draft this year or years to come. Stop blowing money there is a salary cap now and has been for five years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Larry no nothing brooks sucks just like sather and dolan. Lets hope torts kicks his ass this year.

  88. Gaborik ain’t worth it. I’ll take my chances that Kovalchuk is going to be free in 2010 (he will be, he seems like the kind of guy to want to hit UFA) and try and offer him lots of money, the keys to Brighton Beach, and to mentor some of the young Russian kids.

    Blades of Steel was the bomb. Konami put out very solid NES games back then. When I sake I sometimes hum the song when they all come out for pregame. If you lost a fight, you got a penalty not if you win. That was always weird. The shootout was soooo ghetto. That game came out during the Esposito Era and the Rangers sure played like an Espo built team in that game, they weren’t very good.

  89. i agree with the idea that it is a bad idea to trade staal. it seems like the only well-thought out plan sather has is to build a team from lundqvist out by drafting heavily on defensemen and signing gilroy. but brooks did bring up an interesting idea with signing gaborik to an incentive laden contract for ONE year. if teams are scared off enough by his health issues he might not get a massive contract and an incentive laden deal might be the best option for gaborik. if its only for one year and gaborik proves he can’t stay healthy, the rangers will still have enough money to sign kovalchuk if hes available in 2010.

  90. the comments i read after brooks article mirror our own here. nobody wants gabby. hed be fun to have to see more scoring and id be a little excited to see what he can do here, but in reality its the kinda thing that has not gotten us anywhere recently

  91. Billy or anyone-What’s the deal with incentive laden stuff for players under 35? I remember they kept deferring Shanny’s money to the next season which is why he still had a little cap hit this year. I thought under 35 and it ALL counts against the cap so it would mess with signing a Kovalchuk, Frolov, or maaybe even Nash in 2010.

    They still have a lot to do to make room for a big UFA even next year unless they put Redden in Hartford.

  92. Mike, I wonder who Larry is trying to write for sometimes. The intelligent internet Rangers fans like everyone here realize they need to develop like Detroit and go for the right guy.

    Gaborik would be fun to get in the EA games but if they got him it would be just a name to sell jerseys as he’s not going to be THE difference maker.

  93. larry is just tring to get people interested in the offseason i guess. i mean, theres nothin else really goin on, for the rangers anyway, so i guess hes just tryin to stir things up. it wouldnt be the worst thing if we got him for 1 year. i just know it wont nearly be enough for a cup, and id rather see us give our own guys a shot instead of everyone elses damaged goods

  94. i think one area sather has done a good job in is actually investing in youth and trying to draft players who we can develop to grow up as rangers. not spend their best years somewhere else and come here to retire. i think one reason were even talking about gaborik or kovalchuk is because what happened to cherry. he was our best shot at having a franchise player. besides henrik.

  95. CCCP

    Lol, i saw that, i thought it was real. To bad it was all a set up. My favorite part was when that random guy in the crowd told the host to “Suck His Golden Popcorn ****

    That came out of nowhere.

    Soderling !!!, Kill Federer, i hate him !!

  96. Prospect Park is really big on this Derak Steppan kid who was the 2nd rounder last year. They said he had a very good year.

    Yeah, there’s finally a very good young core the Rangers have after years of retirement clubs. These kids will play for each other.

    Larry forgot to mention the UFA class of 09; Nash, Kovalchuk, Frolov. I think Frolov is going to be very attainable as LA already is paying the big bucks to Kopitar/Brown and still have to spend for a goalie and veteran DMan.

  97. mike- i heard somethin like jack johnson is lookin for 5 mill per year and that l.a. is gonna move him. why would they do that? i dont know but wasnt he a real high draft pick of theirs? i know they need goaltending. what about quick? isnt he supposed to be real good prospect?

  98. maybe we can trade vally and rozy for frolov. they will probably want somethin more so we can give them sangs too. no, they wouldnt do that lol. frolov would be good on the rangers though. put him on a line with aves and gomer.

  99. i think the deal with bonuses is that they can be deferred to the following if the player is above a certain age which is what they did with shannahan in 07-08.

    good point by one of the mike’s. the effects of cherepanov’s death will rock the farm system for years to come and were just starting to feel them now.

  100. Billy-Gaborik is 28 or 29 so then isn’t he too young to be able to defer bonuses for?

    Mike-Yeah Jack Johnson was like a 2nd or 3rd overall for the Canes and he wanted too much $ so they traded him for Gleason and Belanger is what was a horrible deal long term.

    The Kings have no use for Rozi they’re defense is Jack Johnson/Drew Doughty/Kyle Quincey and soon Thomas Hickey who is going to be their co PP QB. I think Quick is going to be good but they need a veteran right now and they might give that money to Khabeboulin for like 2-3 years.

    They have no use for Gomez either because like you mentioned, they’re big $ guys are going to be Kopitar/Brown/Purcell/Doughty/Johnson/Hickey. Dean Lombardi’s a very good GM, he built the Sharks up pretty well for all those years.

  101. Players over 35 can have performance bonuses and players who were injured and missed alot of time can as well. I think Gaborik is eligible because he missed so much time last year.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    I saw a Soviet Union flag hanging from a window alongside of the Belt Parkway yesterday. Did CCCP and Kaspar move in together in Sheepshead Bay?

  103. Gotya. I still wouldn’t go for Gaborik but would go for Tangauy and try to get Zubov; I know he’s older than the sun and coming off hip surgery and I’m biased towards him but he’d be a damn great 3rd pair with Gilroy or Sangs, PP specialist for a one season and a bargain.

  104. “I saw a Soviet Union flag hanging from a window alongside of the Belt Parkway yesterday. Did CCCP and Kaspar move in together in Sheepshead Bay?”


    if kaspar and i moved in together you’d probably see a multi-color flag!!

    i kid, i kid!!! :P

    I think its Niki Z and baby Godzilla aka Antro!

  105. If LA cant ink Jack Johnson, that’s gonna be a huge loss. For what ever reason, they traded O’Sully, which was stupid, but there has to be something behind that, maybe he wanted a trade. Even so, they got Justin Williams in that deal, ugh, horrible. Unless he can turn it around and go back to scoring 30-40 goals.


    MTV said it was staged, but i thought they were lying, but Eminem confirmed it, and said it went down a lot better than they rehearsed it.

  106. Id love it if Slats signed Gaborik for one year. What’s the harm, it’s one year, if he gets injured, eh, who cares, then maybe we get to see prospect steal a spot on the team like Cally, Danny G, and Dubi.

    Also we get to see if Gomez can actually play with a sniper. If things don’t work out, then deal Gomez, cause it didn’t work with Jagr, Shanahan, Zherdev, and now Gaborik. Time to send him back to Alaska !

    Deal Rozi for the extra cash. if possible.

  107. I usually don’t like Brooks but he makes some sense here. I don’t think he was advocating a trade of Staal… I think he was saying that Sather needs to get a truely elite scorer and the only way to do that is to trade Staal, + ? OR sign Gaborik via FA.

    ORR, I’m on board with you… Gaborik is a game changer (when healthy), we wouldn’t have to give up prospects/picks for him, and if it doesn’t work out… he’s gone along with Gomer who proves (again) that he can’t play with anyone.

    Sather has to do something… Hank is just wasting on the vine.

  108. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    If Hank plays the way hes capable , his stealing games get guys like Gomez and Drury off the hook. Gomez won a few Cups with NJ , Redden wore out his welcome and never delivered a cup to Ottawa. Drury was a 3rd line guy when he won the cup and then in Buffalo , he was on a steelar team that didnt quite make it to the finals. Then t heres Rozival , Jagrs czechkmate who hasnt won anything and refuses to rip shots from the point.

    All these guys are on a decline in thier carreer in which some have done well and dont have that fight anymore or they just never had it and never will.

    Release these players before camp , dump ’em thier old school and we dont need a bunch of high priced talent that has no drive anymore , we need young , fast , enegetic kids to replace these clowns. Gomez is the only one who is a bit valuble but after winning in NJ , NY is probally just a bore to him.

  109. You know if they get Gaborik then his BFF Voros is staying.

    The Rangers don’t need another high risk/high reward guy who will more likely than not crap out. They need to improve the pointmen on the PP, get a big guy to screen the goalie, and get people to play with their centers when the next year is the real cream of the UFA crop.

    Orr-I think LA knows is committed to Kopitar/Brown/Hickey/Doughty/Johnson for big $ which is why they traded O’Sullivan and why I think Frolov will go and not Johnson.

  110. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    For the first time as a Ranger fan , im willing to step back , dump the floaters and start a new with our core group : Staal, Hank , Dubinsky , Cally and Girardi too.

    The draft is the real gold mine and we always seem to tank it there . This year we have to score , not on the ice but at the draft. This team being built around Gomez and Drury is a losing plan .Dam Asslanders got it right , we could be the old guys and them the young guys !! If that happens , we mays well be like that young osterich on Bugbunny and hide our heads in the sand and hope everything bad goes away.

  111. Yeah Z, that’s why in the draft they have to take the best player available without any hesitation. If it’s Landon Ferraro, go for it. If Nazeem Kadri slips that far down, do it.

  112. Please no Gaborik. Sather has to realize that cap is going to drop DRAMATICALLY in the 10/11 and 11/12. DRAMATICALLY because the US dollar is going to f’n COLLAPSE.

    With that being said, Sather needs to try to go for the lottery picks in the next 2-3 years. I want Dubinsky, Callahan and Staal to lead this team for the next decade. It would be great to have a name like Duchene, Taylor Hall, Kirill Kabanov, etc.

  113. i wouldnt mind giving gaborik the kind of deal brooks mentioned, tho i wouldnt want to have too much money bonus money going to next years cap. but trading staal makes no sense as even if it gave us a great forward it would mean our D would be that much worse. if Colorado really is looking to move their pick Id see if there was any way we could get that without having to give up staal/grachev or del zotto. we likely wouldnt be able to get that pickout without giving up one of those 3, but those are the only 3 young players i wouldnt move at this point if we actually could get a shot at duchene or kane

  114. thanks billy c. yea cherry was supposed to be our future franchise player. now maybe grachev is gonna be one of the main guys for us, but he isnt the pure talent that cherry was. but we need his size for sure. he’ll be a great 2nd line winger for us and thats perfect for a 3rd rounder to achieve. we did great with the past 2 drafts. lets hope we can land another good forward in this years draft.

    I think its Niki Z and baby Godzilla aka Antro- cccp, thats some funny stuff. i remember the old godzilla movies and baby godzilla looked hilarious. and instead of fire breath like godzilla, he burped smoke rings!!

  115. but then who is gonna lead our defense? none of our prospects are projected to be the defenseman staal already is (defensively speaking)

  116. Redden will lead us into the (bright) future! Another quite leader on a team of quite leaders! what clutch managing!

  117. Don’t give up Staal. They already tried that a decade earlier traded the guy who was supposed to lead the Rangers defense in Norstrom.

    Let it be. Henrik/Staal/Girardi/Cally/Dubinsky/Anisimov/Grachev/Sauer/Sanguinetti/Del Zotto/Gilroy/Korpi. Avengers Assemble!!!! :)P

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