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  1. GREG

    NHL 09 is a good game, but you’re right, very unrealistic. I get so pissed off in that game, it’s scary.

    EA doesn’t give a sh*t aboot NHL games, they just make it to get it out of the way, they barely change the game. It has the same mistakes the last two or three games have.

    But when it comes to NBA, MLB, NFL, and Soccer, they do everything they can to make it the best game ever.

    Losers !

    Go Wings !

  2. Orr they are changing a good amount for NHL 10. Completely new fighting engine where now you fight from the first person and the players can get hurt in them. Also, there will be after the whistle stuff, so if you go to check someone or slash someone (like i always do) after the whistle, it will probably be a penalty. I read this on IGN a little while ago.

  3. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    NYR guy , yeah I hit after the whistle alot too , it relieves fustration. Players get knocked to the ice ORR and thier sticks magically come back like luc skywalkers lightsabre. Be nice to see a stick break during a hard slap shot or a 2 hander on someone and the stick breaks. Maybe next seasons game will include a dam Video review cuz last I saw the nhl does have one..get on it already EA!!!

  4. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    I geuss it’s ok to touch sid in the groin …refs like that huh?

  5. onecupin69years and counting on

    We’ll all eat our words in 10 years or so when he’s a Ranger.

    And he’ll say:”it’s been a life long dream to play for NY… yada…”

  6. No Country For Old Rangers on

    EA sports peaked with nhl 94. 95 was cooler because of the trades and season mode but as far as pure gameplay goes, 94 all the way. it’s been all downhill since.

  7. Shittsburgh fans are so funny… they get all sorts of questionable calls in their favor and yet the BOOO when refs calls obvious calls against them. so funny…

  8. Hands off Cindy!
    Don’t touch Cindy!

    He’s actually not crying or diving anymore…dont know if anyone realizes this

    Dont like him but would trade anyone on Rangers for him…

  9. NYR GUY

    That sounds awesome. The fighting always sucks, for some reason they never get it right. And it’s cool to see scrums after the whistle, i always slash the goalies head, and i love it when you slash one of the players, and they make a loud “oww, ohh: noise. It’s hilarious.

    Hopefully this game kicks ass. Sadly, Malkin will probably be on the cover. Ugh !


    Did you ever see the glitch, where you make a glove save top shelf and it counts as a goal. It only happens in the shootout. Plus if you make a pad save, and the puck touches the goal line, then it’s a goal. It’s like when Hank robbed Briere in game 4 of the semi’s in 07.

    I also hate the wrap arounds. There are people that know how to score goals on the wrap around easily. It’s annoying, and impossible to defend. You can literally score aboot 20 goals. Some crazy japanese kid did it to me 9 times.

  10. Speed Ranger on

    ONE CUP –

    of course Sid’ll be a Ranger in 10 (or 15) yrs…. MSG is where all once-great stars come to end their careers >sigh<

  11. When stars come its on the downturn of their career and to collect a very GOOD pay check before they hang up.

  12. The one thing I always hated about EA NHL is no draft mode from scratch like there is in the Madden games. I always wind up drafting a bunch of “free agents” and kick the butts of the stock teams :)

  13. ORR WHAT !?!?
    June 4th, 2009 at 2:56 pm
    “No I wasn’t! Don’t believe the impostors! There’s only one REAL Captain Clutch!”

    Just like Highlander, you have to find the others, and cut their heads off. Then you will have the power, you will win the prize !!! The power of mortality, to be one with all living things !! And to be clutch !!

    There can be only one !!!!

    orr- did you watch highlander on amc last night 2?? lol

  14. Who really cares about Cindy, Malkin or for that matter any of the Pens or Wings? The reality is our team is light years away from another serious Cup challenge thanks to the fabulous drafting and FA signings made by our GM. Fire Sather!!

  15. Oh To dream of Redden in HArtford!!

    But I doubt Sather has the balls to do it
    Admit he was wrong? Doubt it.

    I really think this is going to be either one of the most interesting offseasons for Sather or one of the lamest.

    But at the very least THANK GOD for Torts, his say may sway SAther to actually make GOOD moves

  16. Here’s a question (because I can’t think of an answer).. who was the last big contract player to be sent to the minors (of any team)?

  17. I would love to see Redden waived to the minors. I doubt it’d happen though, if he is put on waivers, he will probably get picked up by someone and we’ll be stuck with half of his salary.

    I’ve said it before, any of the high pay players on the Rangers would be more than welcome here at half the price. Someone will pick him up for three million.

  18. Pavel

    wasnt it Kasparaitis? Sather had no problem giving Kaspar minor treatment!

    And yeah, nobody is biting on Redden… surprise!! No one is dumb as Sather… and they want to name GM of the year award after Glen… do they see something we don’t?

  19. By the way if redden is waived ‘to the minors” and gets claimed we are off the hook for all the $$$$

    That will never happen

    If he gets claimed when called “up to the NHL” thats when we pay 50%

    am I right gang?

    God this is such a fun game to play…waive Redden, trade Rozi….


    You can draft in NHL 09. Also in NHL 08, and i think 07. You have 5 or 6 draft picks, you can trade them or keep them. And the cool thing is, usually the #1 overall player is pretty decent, and has am 80+ rating, so it’s kind of realistic, you might actually draft a star to build your team around.

    Lol, but at the same time, it’s fake. What i would do, is take the team that’s on the bottom of the league in the standings, and right before the deadline, i would trade my first, and seconds picks, and sign a couple of free agents, and trade them for that teams first.


    Lol, i was thinking aboot watching, but i have the special “Prize” edition dvd, with the metal box.

    Go Queen !

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    ORR , No I haven’t played in the shoot-out much , it’s kinda lame and I usually play continios ot . I have seen the puck touch the goal line and it counted and I saw my buddy score by pushing the puck through the back of the net. I shoot a beuty wrister from the side of the net by the boards and it picked the top corner and bounced out!!! There was no post sounds and we were perty sure we heard mesh!!

    The Wrap arounds can be stoppped , my buddy is a pro at it and I used it to get a much needed goal. To defend it , you turn into your goalie and stack up on the side hes releasing. We score wrap around close to the post side and the other post so ya goto gamble right. useing you defenseman to smash the bugger as hes wrapping is always my fav thing.

  22. Who is going to take Redden for 5 YEARS at 3.25 million a year?

    Not all GMs are a dumb as Sather.

  23. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    No country , Yeah ea was great back then and I played every game but stopped after NHL99 on the n64 , after that xbox took over and EA was more retarded and goals were easily scores by the ” flipper ” from the point always liffed over the goalies head into the net. As I said before i won the grand championship of EA NHL95 , those were some good ol days.

  24. Krispy,

    I’ll believe it when I see it…Garrioch is probably reading all the fan sites…but about waivers, you only pay half the salary on re-entry waivers, so if they demote him and then bring him back up before the POs, he can be claimed at half-price. Otherwise, it’s full price.

  25. Yes thats true Kaspar you only pay half salary on reentry waivers if someone claims him on the way down they have to pay the entire salary which no one in their right mind would do for redden

  26. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    ORR , we also made each of us a created 99 rating goalie to dress as a back up on our 2 factory teams we play . Im no pro at being my goalie like i am in n64 but im getting better and having these created awsome goalies our games are better now..no easy gay goals , but still played 4 -3 game ( 5 min always )1 timers went in and I walked in and took a high glover that went in. You hold the puck and the goalie flops down , skate around him and pop it in the empty net.

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Redden may be taking up cap space but the fact hes taking up a younger players spot is the reason to ditch him. Redden could have played all a fire to win the hearts of us Ranger fans and didn’t , at least Gomez looked like he was trying or we ‘d be frying his azz in stead.

  28. Yeah, that is too funny! Hey, if Redden was on the Red Wings they wouldn’t have to worry about one of their d-men touching Crosby!

  29. Lets hope Torts can get Redden back to the player he was 4-5 years ago, otherwise we are going to be stuck with him. I think the length of his contract is as prohibitive as the price.

    Waivers and demotion to AHL is possible, but can Slats ego take that kind of a bashing? I think he’ll trade Roszy and re-sign Mara and hope that the Staal/Girardi pairing becomes his #1.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    “Here’s a question (because I can’t think of an answer).. who was the last big contract player to be sent to the minors (of any team)?”

    Define big contract. But I think the answer is going to be Miro Satan.

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Satan is a great answer , Penguin try to sell him off and look at him go now …Pens have no class

    Hers my take on booing:

    I agree with boooing your own team after the buzzer after a bad period or boooing a player a during intermision but to do it while the games on , make your own team panick and over think resulting in even worse play ala Malik is not helping the cause. Fans pay big bucks to watch these players perform and to see them not is a waste of our good hard earned dollars ,but to voice your opinion in a negative way as your team is trying to wake up is more selfish because all you care about is your money waisted ..big deal , suck it up and booo the crap outta them after the buzzer goes off ending the first period….heck , throw beer or spit on ’em but leave ’em alone when it’s time to get back to work because its ALL Of our dollars and time were waisting so cooling it during game play may turn some floaters around , make ’em pay at the buzzer and give a clean slate to the start of the period.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    The Rangers should have picked up Satan when he was waived. You’re telling me he couldn’t have done better than Naslund in the same role? Or what about how useless Orr and Voros were in the playoffs?

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, any comment on the Ottawa Sun article saying Redden could be waived? My thought is that there is more of a chance of Sather getting fired than Redden being waived. In other words, no chance.

  34. Redden was our best d-man in the playoffs. I am willing to give him a chance because Torts is handling conditioning/training and the entire pre-season stuff.

    Redden played his best in an offensive system in Ottawa when he had Chara as his partner.. Chara would make up for any lapses and Redden could provide the offense.. with that being said, Staal – Redden should never be separated.

  35. Doodie, I think there’s a chance he’ll be waived, but no chance he’ll be claimed, and I don’t think the Rangers are willing — yet — to just send him to Hartford and eat all that remaining salary just to get him off the books. But that could happen during the season, or after 09-10 if he doesn’t improve.
    I still think he can be serviceable, and I thought he was better under Torts and in the playoffs. He will just never come close to justifying that salary, which will be an albatross until the contract is over.

  36. downeaster – I could almost guarantee a team would grab Redden on re-entry. He’s definitely worth the risk at $3.25 million, and at that rate, buying him out wouldn’t even be that big of a deal(like $1.75 million per). Keep in mind, this was a top defensive pairing not more than two years ago, and he’s only 32. My guess is that there’s something wrong in this guy’s head or heart. He was twice the player in the post-lockout season…almost a point-per-game. Maybe it was just because of Chara, but I didn’t think those guys were even paired together.

    UKRanger – I was thinking it would be nice to pair Reds with a bruising stay-at-homer. Kommisarek’s name comes to mind. That way, maybe he would have enough confidence to join the rush and use SOME of his offensive skill. He needs to, ’cause his defense blows(See: Federov, Game 7).

    ZzZz – I’m not sure if you’ve played in games with a large crowd or not, but it’s almost impossible to hear anything by the pounding of your heart, the wind in your face and the shouts of your linemates when your on the ice. I’ve only played in front of a packed crowd a few times, and the only time you can hear them is when your on the bench. Even then, it’s more muffled than you would expect. Goalies, on the other hand, do hear a lot. I had a bunch of friends come to one of my games once and they were heckling the other team something fierce. After the game, it was the goalie that came flying out of the locker room to punch one of them.

    Doodie – Satan is done. That guy isn’t even worth half his $3.5 million salary…especially cause he’s in his mid-30s. The other thing I’m not sure of…I don’t think he had to clear re-entry waivers for the playoffs. Teams can put something like three guys from their minor league teams on their PO roster, and as far as I know, the rosters don’t need to be cap-compliant(cause the Pens aren’t right now). It should be interesting to see if the maneuver they did with Satan is mimicked by other teams dealing with cap issues. I wouldn’t mind letting Redden rot in Hartford for a year and then have him back up for the cup run.

  37. DOODIE

    Nazzy was great the first three games. Then he disappeared, but even so, Satan ? C’mon, this guy sucks, he would have done absolutely nothing for this team.

  38. I’m going to the islanders draft party LOL.
    I’m gonna get hassled all day in my Rangers jersey. It should be great

  39. We need Carter Ashton or Jeremy Morin in the 1st round and either Tim Erixon or Klingberg in the second.
    I would be happy with Landon Ferraro as well

  40. Hearing Carp on the live broadcast yesturday really worried me. Is this team going to improve?

  41. Tyree – a born loser for a born loser franchise ;)

    And cause it’s slow…just a few reflections on ‘ol Snoop. The guy carries around Smyth’s jock for three years, so that moron Slats thinks he’s actually a 30-goal scorer and trades for him…Then all Snoop does is kick of his rapping career in NYC…traded for Jagr, which is one of the most lopsided deals ever…and eventually lands next to the Sedin sisters, who get him a career-high 33 goals. Snoop, being the dumb moron that he is, believes he’s worth more than a drop of piss in a rusted bucket…holds out and lands with the Jackets, who promptly figure out he’s a fourth-line player(in Switzerland) that somehow conned his way onto a first line. HILARIOUS.

  42. Ranger news on

    from Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun—–

    “There is talk the Rangers might waive D Wade Redden at the start of next season and send him to the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack to get his $6.5-million salary off the books. New York has tried to deal Redden, but nobody is willing to bite. He still has $32.5 million and five years left on his contract … ”

    sure hope so.

  43. Sorry for the absence though Im sure it went unnoticed..lol

    That’d be a pretty bold move to send him down.
    The problem with Redden (other then him being a parking cone most nights this past season) is that even if he comes in next year like a whole new player he’s not going to be worth his contract. Ever. Just as Carp was saying in the chat yesterday about captain clutch. Sather signed him to that deal and it is what it is…we’re stuck.

  44. All I want is a stud homegrown draftpick superstar forward to root for at some point in my lifetime that will be a career ranger ala Rod Gilbert. Is that too much to ask for? I didnt even know what hockey was when he played here. i dont want other team’s headaches. I want a player that makes me proud to be a Ranger fan that the rest of the league envies.

  45. orr- lol i do the exact same thing. i usually trade a couple of good free agents i sign for the worst teams draft picks. i drafted a guy rated 89 and had had a b+ potential!! its fun, but very unrealistic that they would trade their number 1 pick.

  46. is there away to delete created characters in NHL 09. I am stuck with 4 different players with my name that are different skill types and cant delete them off the FA list. I had to resort to making them Christain Dube clones so no one would sighn them LOL

  47. GOD I MISS HOCKEY. I CANT TAKE 3 MONTHS OF THIS BASEBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. TYREE

    I don’t know if you can delete them, but i anything you can edit them, and change the name, and everything. I think you can do that.


    Lol, did Anson Carter really try rapping ? I cant believe Mcfarlane made a toy of him on the Rangers. What a horrible choice.

  49. A nice cheat you can do in NHL 09 when starting a Dynasty. Go edit the players on Nyr, or any team, and you can change their salary. The lowest you can go is 450,000 or something.

    I do it for all the players, so i have enough money to land some big FA’s.

    Lol, EA is so stupid !

  50. LOL. I try to be at least a little realistic, even if I have 7 20 goal scorers with the Rangers current roster.

  51. I had to edit them and gave them horrible ratings and names like I Suck and NYR Firstroundpick LOL

  52. I try at least to take on a bad salary back but for a player that I like a little

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    ” I try to be at least a little realistic, even if I have 7 20 goal scorers with the Rangers current roster.”

    If you were being realistic, you would have 20 7 goal scorers instead.

  54. I meant even though i have 20 goal scorers . we all know the Rangers couldnt score on a broke no legged hooker with a hairlip

  55. Jake McHugh on

    Yeah, well “Cindy” notwithstanding, so much for the Bettman/Pens conspiracy. Maltby clearly whacked him in the back, no call. If EVER there was a chance to favor the Golden Boy and penalize Detroit something fierce. Here it was… and there it went.

    Yep, that’s right the Annointed One Himself got cheap shotted, and not a darn thing done by the league. Even after Versus showed the replay.

    Maybe now you conspiracy crybabies can get some pacifiers to suck on, and be quiet.

  56. Jake McHugh on

    P.S. After seeing “goodie goodie” Detroit do that, now more than ever… Let’s Go Pittsburgh!!!!!

  57. Jake McHugh

    were breast fed as a child? you fcking talk too much…

    nobody cares what you got to say…

    with the name like yours I would lock myself in a closet and never come out.

  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    well looks like a created 99 rating goalie isn’t the shizzle cuz my buddy plays really good defense and his created goalie is Grant Fuhr at 99 everything but compared to Fluery , Fluery has a A- potential , where Fuhr has only a B- potential. weird , but I beat him an hour ago 6 – 1 and he pulled out his created goalie and put Fluery back in!! HAHAA!!

  59. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    BTW Jake , take a hike you penguin lover , Penguin fans are the biggest sellouts and the team lacks class.

  60. Jane & Carp Great live chat yesterday. During the season you need to do them more often. Closer to the mikes guys as I have a sore neck from leaning too close. Have the Red Wings gone in the tank or are the Penquins just coming on that strong??. I just didn’t see Pittsburgh winning because the Wings appeared so deep. Penguins seem to be beating the Wings to the puck all over the ice & their goaltending is better.

  61. TYREE

    You think that’s amazing, i scored two goals with Orr a few night ago against CCCP. I was so proud !

    And in the Be A Pro mode, or what ever it’s called, i scored 102 goals, and 30 assists.

    It’s just so damn easy ! I wish they would make the computer a lot tougher.

  62. JAKE

    Are you talking aboot that baby slash to Crabby’s foot ? Lol, did you see his reaction, he should be suspended for acting like a puss.

    I thought he got elbowed, but he got a little heel tap.

    Unless you’re talking aboot something else.

  63. Jake McHugh; your mom is locked in my closet. That is where she prefers to stay when I am not totally dogging her.

  64. I was discussing Steven Wright the comic with some of you guys a couple of weeks ago. Some of you were big fans, some had never heard of him. I just saw that he’s on with Letterman tonight at 11:30. (It’s after Seinfeld, so I encourage you to check him out).

  65. ORR WHAT – That’s what pissed me off back when he was with the Rangers…here we have this guy who is supposed to be a bad-ass 30-goal scorer, and he’s out starting his own F$CKING rap label?!? WTF?!? I wanted him gone more than anything. I never wanted Jagr here(and actually hated him almost as much as Cindy), but when Carter was going the other way, I changed my tune quicker than P-Diddy can drop a base line…from an interview with ESPN’s David Amber in 2006:

    Q: You can be distinguished as the only NHL player with his own rap label. You’re the chairman and CEO of Big Up Entertainment. How did you get the label started?

    A: I’ve been out here in sunny California for about 10 years now, so just being exposed to the entertainment industry gave me the idea to do something like this. During my first contract negotiation with the Boston Bruins back in 1998, I started to think about life after hockey and I always thought there was a possibility that I could wake up someday and my ability to play hockey could be taken away, so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for when that day finally comes.

    Q: So what exactly is Big Up Entertainment?

    A: We started with a couple of artists, Main and Merc, their first single “Passion N Pain” climbed to No. 6 last summer on the college charts. We have been using college DJs and the Internet to cultivate their fan base. We are also producing their first feature movie called “Bald.” We are in post production, finishing the editing and sound right now. We want to expand our horizons and dabble in the music, movie and digital information world that’s out there, and not limit ourselves to one form of entertainment.

  66. Doodie Machetto on


    Are you talking aboot that baby slash to Crabby’s foot ? Lol, did you see his reaction, he should be suspended for acting like a puss.

    I thought he got elbowed, but he got a little heel tap.

    Unless you’re talking aboot something else.”

    Yeah man, that was the dive and flop of the century. Crosby looked like he had been shot to death with a bazooka and there was barely any contact. The Versus announcers went silent during the replay because they didn’t want to point out what a horrible dive it was.

  67. Or even better yet…



  68. oh god the nut shot!
    i saw that and was like meh thats not a dive thats just him not fighting fair.

    thats classic. one day maybe hell fight fair, shoulder to shoulder. im not even asking him to take his helmet off leave it on. protect that face.

  69. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Thank goodness people enlightened joke m. On the dive of crosby’s life. I thought he had stopped, but that may have been the best of his career if you believed it… Or maybe that doesn’t say much now that I think about it.

  70. I liked Anson Carter on the Bruins and Oilers and never got why his career went downhill so much on the Rangers/Caps 2nd time/Kings/Canes/Jackets. Maybe that ice is EDM is that good and gave him more speed?

    I’m 28 now and would like to see a few more Cups in my lifetime. I mentioned 3 the other day and my friends were like “3?!!!!! I’ll settle for one” and gave me the look of craziness. It’s very possible it just has to be done the right way and getting a homegrown core of about 10-12 guys is step one.

  71. 3 cups?? do you wanna know what i would love to see in my lifetime? Rangers getting out of the second round! i can die happy after that…ALMOST.


  72. Most realistic hockey game is by far East Side Hockey Manager 2007. Unfortunately it was pirated too much so they stopped making it but there are plenty of people that keep it updated with correct player ratings and rosters.

    Warning, you do not play this like an arcade game, it is a GM game complete with scouting, drafts, contract negotiations, injuries, player moral etc….

  73. Hey one cup

    that was a great spoof about Crosby coming to the Rangers as an old man. Very creative, and sadly most likely very prophetic.

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