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Just a friendly reminder that Jane and I will field your questions and comments (or at least we’ll try) tomorrow, Thursday, during a live chat at 1 p.m. Hope you join us.

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WARNING: If you go there now, you might be confronted by my buddy Peter Abraham and his Yankees chat, which is always fabulous by the way. Pete kind of gets a little closer to the camera (he uses the one on his laptop) than we do. You don’t want to see me that closely.

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  1. ha thats was me orr. hey tyler- from last post., i think sather will get knuble. and maybe resign zherdev. if not zherdev, than antro

  2. I’d rather have Antro than Zherdev.

    Antro while lacking the speed has size and showed me more down the stretch than Zherdev who seemed lazy and non effective.

    Plus if we tender Zherdev a deal and he doesn’t go to the KHL, we will get some compensation for him.

  3. hey uncle matteo- i wont be able to be at the live chat because of work, but i got a question for you that maybe you can answer for me tommorow and send a shout out to me too!!!
    ok, heres my ?… do you see guys like drury and gomer and redden having a good impact on the team next year with torts as coach and do you think they will bring in someone like gionta or st louis to play with gomer? because he really needs a solid winger to score for him and only a handful of guys on the team have any chemistry with him, or do you see them trying to trade gomez and a few prospects for a high draft choice? i think they will trade up for a better pick, but do you think gomer could be moved too? because of the 4 big contracts, gomez and rozy are the only players that can be moved. oh, and make sure you give me a shoutout tommorrow!!!
    sincerely, mike in ia(carps nephew).

  4. I haven’t been called Uncle Matteo in a while. Brings tears to my eyes.

    I’m sure we’re going to deal with all the hypotheticals tomorrow. Problem is, nobody knows what the GM is thinking. Nobody no how.

  5. jason-antro did look better down the stretch, but zherdev i believe will stay in new york. hes gonna be better next year. i just have a good feeling he will start to mature and become a better more complete player. and he will also be more consistent. i think torts will push the right buttons with him and get him to become a good player for us. now, if they dont sign him, then id go for antro. youre right, antro is better right now, but i think zherdev can be much better than antro if handled the right way. hes only been here one year and we only remember the most recent things he did and that was suck mightily in the playoffs. but overall, he still had 58 points, was one of our best +/- guys, and i want slats and torts to have patience with him the same way as if he was one of the guys we drafted like doobs. they should give him some more time

  6. Antro is a better player and has more heart. Let Zherdev walk. He may project to be a better player but we have all seen him in action, he should be better. He is not going to turn into Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, etc. If anything, the hope of him being great is a distraction. Antro is 29 and is still getting better and is a solid 2nd or 3rd liner with Avery. Also, Antro managed to score a bunch of goals on a terrible Leafs team.

  7. Id actually rather have Antro over Nicky Z. Z did absolutely nothing for the team in the playoffs, when we needed him. At least Antro did something. And he scored a goal in the final game, so that’s good enough.

    Get rid of Morris though. After Ovechkin embarrassed him, m done with him.

    Im still pissed, i always thought if we traded Montoya, and Dawes, we’d get something decent in return, but Slats waited too long, and all we got out of those deals were Shoes, and Morris. Yipee !

    God Save The Rangers !!

  8. buttman got what he wanted. pens won. malkin did not get suspended.

    the punguins got away with a 15 + second to many men on the ice, all is well in buttmans world.

    nah hating sidney is unreasonable…………..

  9. Carp, I don’t know if the NHL lets anybody know, but will the 2 refs from last nights game be disciplined or taken off the finals after last nights missed too many men on ice penalty?

  10. jason/JRG/ORR What – The thing you all seem to miss about ZHEREDEV is that this year was his first playoffs of his career. The playoffs is a MUCH different monster than the regular season, no matter what way you cut it…there’s less room to move, more intensity and that’s before you even consider the atmosphere in a place like Washington, where fans are pushing on the glass and chucking beer onto the bench. Antro, who didn’t exactly have a great playoffs(3 points, 7 games)has more than 28 playoff contests under his belt, AND he’s seven years older than Z.

    Frankly, I like both guys and think they each fill needs on this team. If I had to choose between the two, I supposed I’d pick Zherdev, because he’s the more skilled of the two, he’s younger, and there’s more of a chance he’ll develop into a 30-goal player. With Antro, what you see is what you get. He’s a 20-goal player, who is big on the wing and has great hands for his size.

    Judging purely by stats, I don’t think either Z or Antro is due a big raise. Maybe a cost of living boost…but I certainly wouldn’t pay over $3 million for Antro, or $4 million for Z.

    Morris’ days as a Ranger are done. He’s the most logical area to cut salary. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Rozsival’s career in blue is nearing an end…I’m not sure if it’s logical to keep both Z and Antro, ’cause that would likely mean they wouldn’t be able to gun for Gaborik. And given Slats’ record with UFAs, that’s certainly who he’ll be gunning for.

  11. Sorry folks – I just don’t see Zherdev. All you have to do is watch the tempo of the games between the Wings and Pens, and you can see flat out that hardly any of the Rangers can handle that kind of ferocity and speed. Callahan perhaps, but he’d better have a big nasty dude on his wing. And of all people who wouldn’t fit, it would be Zherdev. He’s a meanderer, not a skater. He plays his own little game, and when the big mean guys start encroaching on his territory, he goes off and watches.

  12. tdchi, that is a good point. But fran is right too, it is more about the type of game he plays. Neither Antro nor Zherdev is the answer. I mean it’s no surprise that Callahan and Dubinsky were good for NYR in the playoffs bc they play a playoff type aggressive style. I even think Drury (gasp- bc i know everyone trashes him) would have been good had it not been for a broken hand. I really believe Staal, Callahan and Dubinsky will take huge steps forward next year.

  13. Yeah, but if Zherdev could change his general attitude, imagine what he could accomplish in his career?

    There’s no doubt the talent and skill are there, not to mention the speed (when he so chooses to exert himself), it’s just a matter of getting Zherdev to give 100 percent on a consistent basis, something which he rarely does. In my humble opinion, it’s this lack of effort that’s holding Zherdev back from potentially being a great player in the future.

    Until he can do that (remember Zherdev is still young), he will continue to be an underachieving “coula-been-great” type of player.

  14. Not only gaborik is such an injury riddled player but he is known for not showing up in the playoffs why would we want something like that we already have a bunch of overpaid underachievers. WE need to just just draft right… GET GOOD SCOUTING

  15. Hey Carp,
    About the GM…Even he doesn’t know what he’s thinking…for proof see the past few years and past few signings.

  16. exactly tdchi. i think torts is the type of guy who will make or break you, and if he thinks zherdev can become a great player, then im all for him comin back. i am not basing my opinion on him on his enigmatic attitude and work ethic. that is easily fixed. talent is not. i didnt like what i saw from him no doubt about it, but with a little work, he could very well be worth it. hes only been here 1 season. he didnt too too shabby either, as far as points. now, i know a few coaches gave up on him already, but hes maturing and sorry to say, but drury and gomez arent the greatest of role models to look up to. all he needs is some guidance, a few kicks in the ass, and support. we as fans need patience. i think the whole coaching change messed him up a little too. he will learn alot from torts and shoney. but if torts thinks hes a lost cause, then so be it. all i know is, that if he doesnt get his sh!t together, then go play in europe pal. its time to grow up for him, and i say give him another shot. lets see how bad he wants to become a great player

  17. *I even think Drury (gasp- bc i know everyone trashes him) would have been good had it not been for a broken hand.*


    Uhhhh…yeah that’s it! It was the broken hand! Tell ’em JRG! I only had 3 goals in the playoffs the year before with two good hands, but let’s not lose sight of the real problem that year! Jagr! That’s why Glen sent him a one-way ticket to Siberia! Ha-Ha!

    Under Coach Torts I was finally able to unleash my offensive fury! 7 goals in 27 games under Torts! As that dork Renney would say, I gave the Islanders, Atlanta and Colorado something to think about! And of course let’s never forget my unforgettable clutch dump-in vs. Philly!!!

    And Washington was so emotionally drained and crushed after my CLUTCH broken hand goal in Game 4, that after they beat us the next 3 games straight, they had nothing left in the tank for Pittsburgh! And now Pittsburgh has nothing left in the tank for Detroit! So in a way I’m helping Detroit win the Cup! So clutch! What a winner!

  18. good drafting like tyler said. its easy if you have top 5 picks but when youre at 19-20, you gotta go with the best player available and not what position you need help in. we obviously need a scoring winger, but if we somehow get the choice to draft someone better at a different position, do it. i think we actually could use a good goaltender in one of 2nd or 3rd rounds. besides hank, we got nothin. does anyone think the same? in the 1st round i do hope we can trade up. we aint gettin duchene though i doubt. maybe we can get in the top 10 though. if we do trade some prospects for a high pick, i hope its for someone who can make an impact by next season at least

  19. Position doesn’t matter in the draft detriot clearly shows it and the scouts just know where to look and what to look for. The other thing is the system you put them into after they are drafted and the time you give them to mature. Detriot never has a good pick but they still draft and develop well. instead of dumping money into free agents dumps money into QUALITY scouts to find these players in the boonies in sweeden russia etc.

  20. JESUS! my first comment of the day and its 4:38…it has been a busy day at work, not good.


    I had this conversation the other day with someone at how good the Red Wing scouts are to find diamond in the rough guys EVERY YEAR that come up and eventually become impact players in their organization.

  21. chris drury- i just wanna say that you are my hero and im your biggest fan!!! thanks for posting and commenting with your loyal fans!!! you truly are a winner1! AND YOURE THE MOST CLUTCH PLAYEREVER!!!!!

  22. yea we definitely need better scouts. i honestly think if staal had a different last name, sather might not have chose him. who knows. but the best pick he made since being here was cherry and such bad luck for us what happened. but in reality, he probably wouldve been tested more thoroughly here and most likely would have to retire from hockey so either way, it ended up being a bad choice in hindsight. all i know is sather better pick someone who is gonna make the team in less than 3 years. im sick of watching our picks just waste away in the minors partly because of his stupid free agent signings that cost too much

  23. hey, does anyone know what happened to the 06 #1 pick erik johnson? hes on the blues but i havent heard about him at all really

  24. Good player. Broke his leg and missed a lot of time i think. Can anyone back that up?

  25. How about we offer up the entire roster to the Isles to get Tavares and build from there?

  26. Johnson suffered a major set-back in the off-season, tearing his ACL and MCL, when his right foot was caught between the accelerator and brake pedal of his golf cart during a team golf outing on September 16, 2008. He underwent knee surgery to repair the damaged ligament on November 20 and missed the entirety of the 2008–09 season

  27. JRG – The funny thing about first-time playoff performances is the impact they can have on a player’s career. I have a suspicion you’ll see a different Zherdev if he’s in the NHL next season. You’d be surprised how much a player can learn after seven short playoff games. It’s just a hunch, but If I were a Rangers coach, I’d do everything in my power to convince Sather to bring him back.

    NY Rangers Examiner – This is something I’ve never quite understood: I’ve never seen Zherdev look disinterested in a game. Invisible, yes. But disinterested? Larry Brooks was bitching about that after his first 10 games and it struck me as bizarre then as well. I don’t think you’ve got to question the kid’s heart. From the games I’ve watched, it looks like it’s all there(as opposed to Kovalev, a guy whom he’s drawn comparisons to)…Frankly, I think the issue is who you have on a line with Z and what you’re telling the kid to do. The kid LOVES to carry the puck, and he can do it well. Very well, actually. The problem is, if you get him on a line with Gomez, you’ve got two guys who are always trying to carry and nobody passing…in contrast, if you put him on a line with Voros, you’re basically attaching a cinderblock to his ankle; ditto with Naslund. I think Z and Dubi are very complementary players. Now all they need is a LW. Coincidentally, guess who’s a left wing? Hmmm…can you say Grachev? I’d LOVE to see that line next season…

    Like I said, I’d be for signing both Russians, even if it meant waving goodbye to Morris, Mara, and even Rozsival…I always fall back onto the same principle: Hockey is a team sport, and the longer you keep one together, the better chance they’ll succeed.

  28. Jake McHugh on

    June 3rd, 2009 at 2:34 pm
    Carp, I don’t know if the NHL lets anybody know, but will the 2 refs from last nights game be disciplined or taken off the finals after last nights missed too many men on ice penalty?


    Maybe, but I also am waiting to know if those same refs will be disciplined for missing Detroit’s blatant pick on their first PP goal last night — which everyone including the announcers saw.

    And maybe they’ll get nailed for letting Zetterberg make such great glove saves in the crease, not once but twice?

    And maybe they’ll fine Osgood who got away with whacking Staal in the head?

    And maybe they’ll finally nail Detroit for interference, which is what they do every game, all game?

    And maybe they’ll admit Hossa slashed and hooked his way to glory taking Dupuis out the way on their second goal Sunday Night?

    And maybe they’ll run a review of the obvious pick Samuellson ran on Malkin for Detroit’s first goal Sunday Night?

    And after all that, we’ll also still be whining about some conspiracy to help Pittsburgh?

  29. tdchi,

    I don’t think he has the heart. Not because of the playoffs but because of what he showed me the entire season.

    He relies on his talent alone to do the trick and is not willing to go that extra step. He breezed through the season, at moments looking good but far too many moments looking bored, lazy, heartless and flat out, out of place. I’m sick of seeing him lose the puck after trying to stick handle through 3 guys. I, like many others on this board, expect him to lose the puck, give the opposition an easy take away and rush down on an odd man rush.

    I hope you’re right, that if he comes back next year, we’ll see a different, more motivated side of him. I just wouldn’t put my money on it!

  30. tdchi,

    One other thing: You say that hockey is a teams sport which you are absolutely correct, but why do you want Zherdev around if he plays more like an individual than a team player?

  31. The hossa slash wasn’t a slash watch it again dupuis’s stick strikes hossa’s skate and breaks

  32. Jake McHugh, that’s so sad. I can’t believe the refs didn’t call those obvious penalties. Let me call Gary Bettman right now so we can replay those games because that wasn’t fair to Sidney.

    Now just let me find my violin here somewhere

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Sure Zherdev was a no-show at the end of the season and playoffs . He is young , fast , skilled and is not as selfish as you might think with all his passes. The guy could skate circles around Antro and if Torts gives him a chance , he could be that guys again leading our team in points for most of the year.

  34. Jake McHugh- June 3rd, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    Maybe, but I also am waiting to know if those same refs will be disciplined for missing Detroit’s blatant pick on their first PP goal last night—which everyone including the announcers saw.

    And maybe they’ll get nailed for letting Zetterberg make such great glove saves in the crease, not once but twice?

    And maybe they’ll fine Osgood who got away with whacking Staal in the head?

    And maybe they’ll finally nail Detroit for interference, which is what they do every game, all game?

    And maybe they’ll admit Hossa slashed and hooked his way to glory taking Dupuis out the way on their second goal Sunday Night?

    And maybe they’ll run a review of the obvious pick Samuellson ran on Malkin for Detroit’s first goal Sunday Night?

    And after all that, we’ll also still be whining about some conspiracy to help Pittsburgh?

    Jake, everything you pointed out probably happens every game. All are quick plays that might be missed. BUT 21 SECONDS??? That is something that should be brought up especially in the finals. I never said one thing about conspiracy, however, substitute Malkin for Avery last game and there is NO WAY IN HELL Colin Campbell is rescinding a suspension. Not that Avery is Malkin but you know what I mean. It’s very easy from my side to hate Crysby and Malkin but I’d love to have them on the Rangers. Go Wings!

  35. onecupin69years and counting on

    I wouldn’t waste the money on Zherdev, all he’ll do is frustrate the crap out of the fans.He’s in Torts dog house, he’s a perimeter player.BYE BYE and please don’t sign Knuble.

  36. keeping zherdev would be a waste. I don’t know how any of you can defend his playoff performance. I don’t care if it was his first playoffs, he played with no fire, emotion or motivation. He has good hands and early on showed good scoing touch, but trailed off as season progressed. This is the NHL, it is an honor to play here, act like it.
    Keep Antropov instead, he is bigger and likely cheaper.
    Rangers already have enought dead weight with gomez, drury, redden, etc. They don’t need Zherdev too

  37. Carp,

    Thanks for the beard contest gift! Looking forward to (hopefully) participating next year…and having the opportunity for the beard to grow even longer.

  38. wow, i was diggin through some old ranger vhs tapes, came across one from 99-00 season. kirk mclean in net, pilon, hatcher, quintal, schneider, lefebvre and kim jonsson on d. why did we trade jonsson??? he was good. not only that, but our pp looked real good with hatcher movin the puck better than redden and rozy. the check mates were pretty fun to watch. this was the time right before alot of the rule changes were made, and the games pace was just as fast, and just as exciting. this team looks about as good as this years team did. only the shootout is what made the difference in us making the playoffs. the rangers were playing the devils pretty damn good and they went on to win the cup that year. its pretty lousy watchin this and thinking how far this team has really come in almost 10 years. not too far.

  39. wow bill daughtry doin sportsdesk. i forgot they canned bob page so long ago. its fun watchin old hockey tapes. that 2000 team definitely was an attacking forecheckin team. its weird how so many guys came and went in a blink of an eye in rangers history. watchin john maclean on the rangers and gomez on the devs as a rookie.

    tyler- thanks for the link. and also some interesting stuff about sather trying to get rid of either dru or gomer. i thought dru has a no trade clause? so i guess its gomer if thats true.

  40. speakin of knuble, im watchin him now play on a line with dan lacroix or however u spell it and taylor on 4th line!! while daigle is on the 1st

  41. the one thing i always wondered about the no trade/movement clause is who would stick around after you are approached by someone about a proposed trade?

    you know they dont want you.

    pack your sh|t and leave, lol.
    heres your helmet…

  42. Zip is saying that Cheecho may be available. He is suggesting that we should trade Rozzy for Cheecho.

  43. Speed Ranger on

    How about Chad LaRose from Carolina? I like him. He’s on the ‘UP’ side of his career – rare for an incoming Ranger, and he’s a bargain. Anyone?

  44. O man thats awesome Carp. You are the man!

    I’m gonna hopefully be around for the chat see you guys then!

    Also, we need to get rid of gomez pronto. What do you guys think we could get? does anyone even want him with that contract?

  45. def would take cheechoo for rosival as long as there was no prospects going with rosival or any of the young kids throw in redden for a bag of pucks and maybe we can get a stick too.

  46. For all the people calling for JayBo—NO!!!! We have enough D without spending big $$$ on another. I’m all for getting rid of a big $$ player (Dru-Gom-Roz) and waiting a year to spend again. If not, let the kids play and let the big $ guys get another year closer to buying them out. Maybe Sather gets too senile to keep the throne.

  47. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    No to Milan Hejduk under any circumstance. I would take Cheecho in return for either Rozy or Redden with my preference being Redden of course. If it is Redden than we may have to take back some salary to match Rozy’s. If we could dump Redden,than we would be able to dump rozy as well to another team and sign J-BOW to replace one of them and add two of Gilroy/MDZ/Sags/Sauer to the defense. It would create a very mobile and gritty defense that could quickly move the puck up ice and more importantly,play the point on the PP. I would than offer Gaborik a one year incentive laden contract that can offer him the chance to play in an up tempo system that is conducive to his ability. It would also allow him to prove that he can play a whole season and be the star that he can be.

    This is would be the Ranger lineup if I had my way (version one)











  48. Alex, pretty good although I don’t think they’re gonna go into next season with three rookies on D, maybe they’ll end it.

    I’m all about bringing back Strudwick for a year as the 7th DMan; he’s cheap and can teach Sauer, Gilroy, Sangs, etc. the right way to carry themselves on the ice.

  49. Can you imagine Emery, and Biron on the same team. That would be great. They had that nice little brawl a few years ago. But im sure if Emery is brought in, it’s to replace Biron.

    I have said it since day 1, Biron is NOT a starter ! Biron, eh he had a bad year, but he did get the Sens to the Cup finals. Who knows, maybe with the right attitude, and dedication, he could be the last piece of the puzzle for that team. Or not, i hope not.

    As for Cheech. Eh, i wanted him at the deadline the last two years, now i want to go with the youth. Give the spots to Grachev, and Anisimov.

  50. No one is going to take redden. No gm is that stupid. I dont even think milbury would take him. (yes i know he traded him away in the first place but that was when he was worth something)So I think we are stuck with him unless he gets buried in the minors.

  51. I agree aboot giving Strudsy another shot on the team. He’s the man ! He’s the kind of guy you need in a locker room. And he can be pretty reliable.

    ALEX B

    Dupont ? Over Anisimov ?

  52. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Orr- In my “warped” mind I traded him Korpikoski and the numde 19 pick to the Avs for the third pick. And with that pick I drafted Matt Duchene to eventually play with Grachev.

  53. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    The Strudwick ship has long since sailed. Besides,I don’t have as high a regard for him as you guys. He also could not play in Torts’ system.

  54. Fair enough Alex. They need a cheap veteran Dman as a 7th especially if they’re going to go with 2-3 young guys. TSN had Kent Huskins as an option….if he’s cheap.

    My Rangers untouchables; Henrik, Staal, Girardi, Cally, Dubi, Anisimov, Grachev, Del Zotto, Derek Steppan, Sauer.

    Guys we can’t trade but would like to: Drury, Gomez, Redden.

    Guys who I’m not inclined to trade but would for ONLY right deal; Sangs, Korpi, Zherdev.

  55. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    MikeA- Huskins would be a decent option. I would prefer to have Mara or Potter as the 6th and/or 7th dman though. Also I would not at all hesitate to use next years number one as ammunition to move up for on this draft becuase it maybe stronger than the 2003 draft. Next years draft sucks!!!!! it may be one of the worst in years except for the first 3-4 players.

  56. Alex, I’d love to have Mara back but I just don’t see it with Torts and the lack of money and pay raise Mara is due.

    I’m down for Rozie for Cheechoo though as per Steve Zipay if it’s just that but i doubt San Jose wants just Rozi but will ask for a b-level prospect like Dupont or a mid level pick.

  57. Cheechoo? I am reading the same blog? Isn’t this the place where over-paid-under-achivers get bashed? Review of his 08/09 season…66 games 29 goals 3.5 mil.

  58. Kyle, I don’t love Chechoo by any means but if it means trading Rozi ($5 million cap hit for 3 more years) for someone who only has a $3 million cap hit for one less year, it’s a no brainer. No one is going to take Drury/Redden and trading Gomez is very limited so doing this actually makes sense and will give the team some more $ to work with.

  59. If we do trade Roszi, then i think he has to bring back Mara to keep some experienced heads on D, then you give the 5th,6th and 7th slots to Gilroy/Sauer/Potter/Sangs/DelZ/Heikkinen. If Cheechoo is available i would trade for him, he’s a big guy with a decent scoring record who needs a center who can get him the puck (eg Gomez) – his stats have dropped off in the last few years but with a decent center and a contract year upcoming i’d expect 30+ goals out of him and its a good cap hit for a top 6 forward too.

  60. i guess cheechoo would be good to get. its not like we can do any drastic moves or make any drastic changes anyway,so that deal gets us some more scoring and loses us an unpopular soft d man who cant play the pp. thats 1 bad contract gone. its a step in the right direction. i dont know why anyone would be against it. were not gettin hossa or gaborik, or even cammalleri(probably not), so adding him would at least give gomez a goal scorer to work with, and if he cant find chemistry with him, then its time for gomez to change his game or go somewhere else or retire. hes had enough chances. him and zherdev had about the same point total, so if i had to keep 1, id take zherdev right now. i think if we do get cheechoo, then gomez will stay. then at least wed have some sort of first line to start with. he shouldnt be too hard to obtain because of his poor season, but im sure they’ll at least want something else to go with rozy.

  61. 29 goals for cheechoo last season? i thought he was worse. i know hes able to score alot though, so gomez and him coul be good for our top line. dru can bury himself on the 3rd with rookies. give doobs and cally the 2nd line with zherdev.


    Funny quote from the Brian Burke, talking about a GM of the year award…

    There was much of a substance to come from the meetings, which also included a session with team presidents in the afternoon.

    The group decided to create a new award that honours the top GM each year — although they’ve yet to finalize a process for voting on it.

    “Yeah, there should be one,” said Thrashers GM Don Waddell “There’s a player of the year and a coach of the year. I don’t know what we’ll call it.”

    Burke had a few suggestions: Sam Pollock, Bill Torey and Glen Sather.

    Imagine that??? The “Glen Sather Award” going to the top GM of the year???

    I didn’t know Brian Burke was such a comedian.

  63. Oh yea and the 30 GMs of the league also decided against upholding a new “head-shot” rule…

    No penalties on head shots but lets pat our own backs and add a GM of the year award… hmmmm…. the “Glen Sather Award”…. hmmmmm

  64. We need to get younger and more scrappy. Arent gonna out-finess AO, Sid, Malkin if we wanna get to the cup. Sinking huge dollars into 30 yearold “superstars” has gotten early exits the past few years and if we had a team full of Callys there is no doubt we would have beat the caps. LaRose would be a great move, gets better every year and made .875 this year. A few others to look at- Cam Barker, great big young D man, restricted this year but is makin Mara money except had 40 points this year! Not to mention the Hawks have decisions with Havi, Havlat, Bolland and their other young ace Versteeg bein free agents. The other D I would like is Marc Bergeron who would be available if the wild resign Gaborik who is NOT worth it. The real team to watch is the Habs, half their team has contracts up including Tanguy, Schnieder, Lang, Kovalev, Koivu and Bouillon. Chris Higgins is a young stud and a scrapper and i think would make an amazing second line with Cally and Dubi. Komisarek would also be good but is kind of a bonehead. I’ve seen Knuble’s name come up here a few times but please look at Upshall, 10 years younger, tougher and crashes the net.

  65. jack,
    Like I said, I don’t think it’s a lack of heart that Z exhibits. Is trying to do TOO much a sign of a disinterested player? I don’t think so. You are right though, he doesn’t utilize his linemates enough; just like Gomez. And its the prime reason I think Torts wasn’t putting him in big situations or on the PP, which are both times when his superior skill would shine. So it’s a vicious cycle…Judging by his moves, Z sees the ice in a way that his teamates -and most NHLers for that matter -simply do not. With his vision, the game is going half-speed, which is why he can weave the puck in and out of someone’s legs. Yet he doesn’t have raw talent that say Ovechkin has to simply hammer it home…I’m telling ya’…this guy could have a serious break-out year with the right line. And if he’s coming at a cost of $3.75 to $4 million, I’d do it in a heartbeat. There’s a reason he was chosen fourth overall…

    What makes Z a perimeter player? And like I said above, I don’t think it was Torts’ doghouse as much as it was Torts’ trying to get the kid to understand he needs to use his linemates and play a team-first game.

    Antro and Z will be making nearly the same next season, mark my words. The Rangers can qualify Z at $3.5 million, which I think they will. And that’s about what Antro is going to seek.

    alex b.,
    I think those lines are wishful thinking. The only place Redden is going is Hartford. And that’s only if his play continues to decline. Even then, Bouwmeester is likely to sign a $7 million contract…and Gaborik you can count on making at least $7.5 million. Incentives are nice, but they count on the cap(someone correct me if I’m wrong). So those two alone, plus Drury, Gomez and Hank will cost you roughly $37 million. That leaves you $20 million to sign 17 players. Do the math…it’s not pretty.

  66. Cheecho?!? Huskins?!? LaRose?!? KNUBLE?!? And you guys want to ditch Zherdev? No to all those guys, with an emphatic and pronounced capital ‘N.’

    I think we’re on the same page with a number of players…You mention two names I like a lot: Barker and Kommisarek. The latter is the only one that could be had, IMO. The Hawks would ask for a kings ransom for Barker. However, he’s a guy I would give up a first, second and third rounder for, if the Rangers could clear up some cap space. I doubt they do it though…I too like Higgins…he’s also from around my old home town on the Island. But I don’t know if he’s worth much over what the Habs are paying him…Also like Upshall, but again, he’s not worth much more than the Yotes are paying him…One RFA I’d try to pluck from the cash-strapped Yotes is Enver Lisn. The guy has a TON of talent.

  67. I would be willing to take Cheechoo in a trade for Rozsival.

    I dont think we can go into the season with 3 rookie D-men though, so i would resign Mara if we trade Rozy.

    I know this sounds crazy but … I’d like to see most of the Roster back next year.I’M GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF HAVING 7-10 NEW PLAYERS SHIPPED IN AND OUT EVERY YEAR !!! We need to develop some chemistry from year to year

    I dont think we can trade Gomez, Drury, or Redden and i think low salary UFA signings is the way to go, so my next year’s roster would look like this:

    Gionta – Gomez – Cheechoo (Awesome Potential Line)
    Avery – Drury – Callahan (Smurf Line)
    Antropov – Dubinsky – Zherdev (Russian Line)
    Korpi/Sjo – Betts/AA – Orr/Byers

    Girardi and Staal
    Redden and Gilroy
    Mara and Potter/Sauer/Sangs

    I dont think it would be wise to “rush” Grachev or MDZ !!


  69. Antro is gone. he is not worth the money he wants. FORGET GIONTA!!!!!! he is 5 ft tall and we dont need another 18 goal scoring small forward.

  70. 22figure8
    Jake, everything you pointed out probably happens every game. All are quick plays that might be missed. BUT 21 SECONDS??? That is something that should be brought up especially in the finals. I never said one thing about conspiracy, however, substitute Malkin for Avery last game and there is NO WAY IN HELL Colin Campbell is rescinding a suspension. Not that Avery is Malkin but you know what I mean. It’s very easy from my side to hate Crysby and Malkin but I’d love to have them on the Rangers. Go Wings!


    Go Wings? The new Devils, dragging down the game to the exact interference-fest that Getzky and Lemieux warned the game would become? I’d rather swallow paint thinner than root for those robo-bores. Blecch! Sorry, I know there’s a lot of Pitt hate because well, we’re their biatches — but Detroit? Screw the Ref Wings.

    And those picks were done right in front of the refs, making them worse than the 21 seconds thing. Again, how the guys down there can’t see it when even the announcers do is beyond me. I don’t think anybody should be whining about what the Pens got away with, especially after the stunts they let Zetterberg pull.

  71. Speed Ranger on

    KYLE — yay LaRose!

    I know I am in the minority here wanting wingers but I want SCORERS. Our defence wasn’t the problem last year.

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