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I swear I’d forget my you-know-what if it wasn’t attached.

For two days I’ve been meaning to tell you guys that Jane and I will do a live video chat Thursday at 1 p.m. So get your questions and comments ready and plan to join us. We can talk off-season moves, although I don’t think you’ll be getting the moves you want, and you can talk draft (not my area of expertise at this point). Or you can talk about the Stanley Cup finals, or your ticket prices getting jacked up, or anything you want to talk about … within reason.

I’ll provide the link as we get closer to the chat.


Jane just sent me this link to’s take on the Rangers’ new ticket prices. Pretty good. Check it out.


Meanwhile, I just got this release about the TV ratings on NBC for Games 1 and 2. Tonight, of course, is a Versus game (oh, joy!). Just a note of my own here. The New York market (fairly significant) was not among the top 10 markets watching either game.


Average Viewership For Two Games Up 21% Over Last Year, Best Since ‘02

Sunday’s Game 2 Ranks No. 6 in Primetime For Week in Adults 18-49

 NBC Wins Saturday and Sunday Night in Adults 18-49

 NEW YORK – June 2, 2009 – The Stanley Cup Final on NBC Sports is off to the best network start to the event in seven years in both viewership and in household ratings according to Nielsen Media Research. Games 1 and 2 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings on NBC Sports (Saturday and Sunday night) averaged 4.87 million viewers, the best since 2002 (Detroit-Carolina, 5.35 million, Games 3 & 4) and 21 percent ahead of last year (4.04 million, Games 3 & 4, Wednesday and Saturday night). The two-game 2.8 average rating and 5 share was up 17 percent over NBC’s first two games in 2008 (2.4/4), and was again the best network start for the Stanley Cup since 2002 (3.4/7). NBC Sports’ Game 2 coverage of the Stanley Cup Final ranked No. 6 (tied) among all primetime telecasts last week in Adults 18-49.
  NHL ON NBC SPORTS RANKS NO. 1 IN PRIMETIME: NBC Sports’ Stanley Cup broadcast ranked No. 1 in primetime on Saturday in the key demos of Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54 and all key male demographics. The peacock also ranked No. 1 on Saturday night in Women 18-34 and tied for No.1 among Women 18-49.
  NBC Sports’ Stanley Cup broadcast also ranked No. 1 in primetime on Sunday in Adults 18-49, Adults 25-54 and other key demos.  This marks NBC’s first Sunday win in Adults 18-49 since the night of the Super Bowl, February 1. Hockey coverage won the 10 p.m. ET hour in every key demo and topped the combined ABC-CBS rating in Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34 and other key demographic measures.
  SUNDAY’S BROADCAST RANKS NO. 6 FOR THE WEEK: NBC Sports’ coverage of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final ranked No. 6 (tied) among all primetime telecasts last week in Adults 18-49. It finished among the top five programs of the week in all key male demographics, ranking No. 3 among Men 18-49 and Men 25-54 and No. 4 (tied) among Men 18-34.
  STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS AND FINAL UP 18%: NBC Sports’ extensive coverage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, including the first two games of the Final, has averaged 18 percent more viewers than last year (2.41 million vs. 2.04 million). The 1.5 rating is 15 percent greater than last year (1.3).
· Sunday’s primetime broadcast was the most-watched Stanley Cup Final weekend broadcast in seven years, averaging 5.39 million viewers (6-8-02, Detroit-Carolina, Game 3, 3 overtimes, 5.48 million).
 · Saturday’s Game 1 broadcast finished eight percent higher in viewers than last year’s first Saturday night broadcast of Game 4 between these same teams (4.4 million vs. 4.0 million).

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  1. Hey, CCCP did you really live in Couz (of)Coviet Coushalict Pepublic? If so, did you rooted for CSKA? or else.. Just wonder.

  2. and here it is!
    beginning of the game, lets talk to crosby. see whats on his mind.

    he gets the spotlight for just living and breathing.

  3. onecupin69years and counting on

    The league needs Crosby.
    The viewers and the world LOVE Crosby!

  4. nah that wasnt too many men on the ice ey?

    well just give the wings a penalty instead…

  5. That right there just shows you how much the refs are in the game. They’re barely paying attention. What a bunch of morons. Honestly how do you not see 6 players on the ice ?

    Speaking of embarrassing, remember in one of the last Renney games, when that moron had 4 players on the ice for aboot 30-40 seconds, and he didn’t even realize it. That was so sad. After that scene you knew he was getting fired, but it didn’t happen until the embarrassment on Howell, Bathgate night.

    Go Wings !

  6. Carp – looks like you can chalk another one up for the conspiracy theorists. 30 seconds of 7 on 6 action and no call, and the replay shows (give Versus some credit here they called it like it was) the 7th man skating off directly in front of the referee. What gives? The more people, especially media, stand up for this crap – the worse it will get.

    10 seconds I can see it’s a mistake, 20 seconds I can slightly understand maybe the refs really didn’t notice, but 30 seconds is just comical.. LOL

  7. ok i jumped the gun, it was only 21 seconds, but you get my point. Is this not ridiculous Carp???

  8. How about earlier in the first when the camera cuts away as crosby gives maltby an extra shot after the whistle. But Versus made sure they didn’t show it clearly

  9. I wonder how many comments we’d have here if that 7 on 6 occurred in a Rangers-Penguins game.

    Actually, I have a pretty good idea. I just remember the Colton Orr major for interference.

  10. Trottier is such a phony with that big smile when the camera is on. Turn off the camera and see what a miserable p.o.c he is.

    By the way, I hate it that sometimes I type Torts and accidentally typo it Trots.

  11. My mother use to work at the Wheatly Hills Tavern in westbury in the 80’s when they won all the cups. She told me they were all assholes and cheap skates. Brian Trottier and Butch Goring use to come in with these fur coats on. The only decent human being she said was Clarke Gillies, the rest thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  12. onecupin69years and counting on

    Game 3 final score-NHL – 4

    This officiating crew should be sent home for the rest of the payoffs.
    Bettman has made the sport unwatchable Pussified hockey.

  13. Chris from Albany on

    Miss a too many men on the ice penalty then give a penalty on a non-existent interference with the scored tied in the third with 10 minutes left? Glad to see the NHL gives us their “A” officiating team in the Cup finals. Tell me again, why isn’t hockey popular?

  14. onecupin69years and counting on

    The Pens have walked on the sunny side of street since Mario. They found cash and investors and gave him a title and part ownership of the team.
    Then , by a stroke of luck, then pens got the number 1 lottery pick for Sid.SURE…

    Total BS.

  15. chris

    that was interference
    it was a penalty
    but the penalties thru the game were inconsistent and all i ask for is consistency thru the game.

    no calls prior for obstruction water skiing. no too many men. no slashes or hooks. there shouldnt have been a call made.

    let the pens win a game for them selves. detroit was tired @ the beginning of the 3rd. they would have most likely won the game. you cant win a game if you dont control the puck in the 3rd. 4 shots in the 3rd?

  16. onecupin69years and counting on

    I hope the series goes back to pittsburgh and the wings win it there, haha

  17. Its a glorious Ranger evening!!

    oh no wait….

    Hey did anyone hear that Potvin got the ax from his FLA announcing gig? thought I heard that this morning on Montreol radio

  18. Guys this is what was expected regarding officiating. When you go to Pittsburgh it’s 9 on 5, no one knows better than we. Wings just have to fight through it.

    In all fairness I didn’t think it was as one sided as it usually is there. The too many men thing was hilarious though, like keystone cops out there. In the Finals! F you Bettman.

  19. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Notice how despite all the talk of more penalties, as soon as the Pens took the lead in the third, the whistles went completely away. This league is such a joke.

  20. Tidbits…
    I heard PJ Stock on the radio yesterday; he told a story about how journeyman 4th liner Aaron Downey always prided himself on being in the best physical condition on every team he played for because being a non-skilled player he knew that was his only chance to make the team…Downey said when he joined the Wings last year he was the WORST conditioned player on that team…thats the secret to their success…you see how they are still playing in game 102?

    Then I remembered Torts saying how out of condition the Rangers were after Renney left…what was that game 61? I hated him all over again…for just a minute or two.

    Perry Pearn in running for assistant job in Montreol..he worked with Martin in Ottawa early 2000’s

  21. Maybe Pearn can run the Pittsburgh power play next year. We might have a shot at beating them on their home ice!

  22. Hey Carp, can you make sense out of Malkin not being suspended as the rules state? What makes him so speacial??? Oh yeah…he plays on the same team as Cindy Crosby, they only guy able to get Gary Bettman to rig the entire season… GO WINGS!

  23. Tom Renney insists that he’s not bitter about being fired by the Rangers. Tickled that he’s now associate coach of the Oilers, Renney offers this thoughtful response. “Life is too short to harbor those sort of bitter feelings…’disappointment’ would describe my situation there better,” says Renney.

    “To be eight games over .500 in February isn’t bad. I can sit here and give every reason in the book why I should still be there but I owe an awful lot to Glen Sather and he made a very, very tough decision. I’m glad I’ve got an opportunity to be a coach again.”

    What role will Renney have working with Pat Quinn? “Pat and I will challenge each other in our thinking, in certain parts of the game,” adds Renney. “We have to be an attacking team, based on this roster.”

    taken from the msg website hahaha renney is going to coach an attacking style??!??!?!

  24. Tyler

    you see… the “coaching” thing will be done by Quinn

    Renneys job is to talk to the press…since he does it so well. Watch him go for two straight “nice guy” awards! I am keeping my fingers crossed for him!

  25. Lately, every time I come on this board I find myself fully aroused but slightly excited! Weird…

    Good Morning New York!

  26. Did anyone see the cross check to Franzen’s head?

    Why wasn’t that five minutes and a game misconduct?

    Forget about the missed too-many men penalty, the crap call on Ericsson and the hit from behind on Hossa.

    THAT was the call that could (and should) have turned the game.

    How could they have possible missed that???

    Bettman is a moron!


  27. it wasnt renney guys it was the Team and their overpaid laziness that made us a trap team. If no one is in shape then renny has to figure out a way to win more than he loses and his only chance was playing defense first. If you remember a few years back right before the lockout the team was a high energy puck posession team with Jagr Straka Nylander and a bunch of nobodys that forechecked like hell. the second year we got some freeagents that decided to slow things down and in the last 2 it just got worse because the forwards already got paid and decided that they didnt have to work hard. Renney made the best what what he had.

  28. onecupin69years and counting on

    I wonder if Bettman and his cronies will address the too many men thing, I doubt it.
    I also doubt that the officiating crew will be sent home for the duration.These are mistakes which can unfairly turn a series around.
    Now in the NFL,these guys would be disciplined .

  29. i may be a bit late to the party, but I turned the game off once that too many men escapade went on as long as it did and then they turn around and called a penalty on the Wings. I keep trying to tell myself to accept the new NHL, but I am just so disgusted with some of the crap that goes on, or DOESN’T go on. ARGH damn you count bettman and your spawn of satan!

  30. Bettman will tell us not to worry, that gets 10 million hits per day. It’s OK guys.

    And don’t think he won’t remind us of these good finals ratings until the end of time.

  31. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    I think he will either overpay Tkachuk or Knuble, to the tune of 3 mil per and a multiyear deal.

  32. tyree:

    The first year after the lockout Jagr was effectively running the team, not Renney. Jagr wanted an attacking offense, along with his Czech buddies. That’s the only reason that it happened. It wasn’t Renney’s idea, he just went along with it.

    Renney would rather have 6 Jason Wards and 6 Blair Betts making up the 12 forwards on his team. Then he could forecheck with one of them and tell the other two to never enter the offensive zone. Marginal players like those two tend to pay attention to what the coach wants more than established stars like Jagr.

    The only way Edmonton installs an attacking offense is if Quinn insists on it, and tells Renney to shut up. If Renney has any say at all, they will be a trapping team. You don’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    My prediction is that Quinn & Renney will be like oil & water, and Renney won’t last the season. Quinn may just strangle him if he loses his temper.

  33. Tyler – i think it will be Knuble, 2 years @ $4-5m per.

    Federov will be in the KHL and Tkachuk will probably stay with STL. Unless Slats moves a big contract we’ve got no chance of getting a Hossa or Jaybo.

  34. Nice to see NHL ratings up on NBC, especially with the key demos. What we need is a great 3 OT game on Saturday to capture the interest of those coming home from a night out on the town, turning on the game at the end of Regulation and sitting through the OTs. There is NOTHING like playoff OT hockey and if non-fans can see that, they may get hooked on the sport.

  35. tyler- i think sather will overpay for knuble and he’ll resign zherdev for more than hes worth

  36. Jake McHugh on

    Wow the “conspiracy” blindness is incredible… Zetterberg got away with covering pucks in the crease in both game 1 and game 2. Game 3 Detroit ran a blatant pick on the PP to set up a wide-open shot. Same thing they did picking Malkin on their first goal Sunday Night. They’ve been interfering like mad all series and finally got called for it (once) in game 3. Yeah, there’s been a conspiracy all right — to get Detroit the Cup again.

  37. I’m surprised that no one mentioned that last final period screw up by the refs when a Detroit player was held up three consequetive times in about 10 seconds from getting to the puck which was no where near the Pen’s defenseman. All he kept doing was blocking the skating of the Detroiter. It was unbelievable.

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