Sid and Mess (updated)


Now there, above, are three words that won’t make you guys very happy.

The three finalists for the Mark Messier Leadership award were announced this morning, and one of them is your least favorite player: Sidney Crosby.

The other two are Zdeno Chara and Jarome Iginla.

Anyway, the Captain will be in Pittsburgh tonight to discuss the award, the finalists and, of course that story that has gotten so old by now — the 1983 and 1984 Oilers, the last team to play a rematch of the Stanley Cup finals. And the comparisons everyone is trying to draw between Sid’s Penguins and Mess’s Oilers, who won the rematch and stopped the Islanders dynasty at four Cups and 19 consecutive playoff series won.

But if the Penguins go down tonight to Detroit, well, you can pretty much stop all that comparison talk.

By the way, I loved the comment from Mike Babcock before the series about all the promo highlights from last year’s series. He said that, from watching the highlights, he thought Detroit had lost the ’08 final.


I know you’re not happy about the ticket price increase, and I wouldn’t be either. But considering what the Giants, Jets, Yankees and Mets have done to their fans re: prices and PSLs, this isn’t bad. Of course, they all got new stadiums and made you pay for them. The Rangers are just making you pay Wade Redden.



JD is honored (or honoured). Here is a release I just received from the Hockey Hall of Fame:

Hockey journalist Dave Molinari and former broadcaster John Davidson honoured

TORONTO (June 2, 2009) — Bill Hay, Chairman of the Hockey Hall of Fame, announced today that DAVE MOLINARI, the newspaper voice of the Pittsburgh Penguins will receive the Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award for print journalism. Hay also announced that JOHN DAVIDSON, a long-time broadcaster who is currently the President of Hockey Operations with the St. Louis Blues, will receive the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for outstanding contributions as a hockey broadcaster. 
Molinari is described by his colleagues as a survivor. A survivor whose subtle blend of dry wit and unending sarcasm got him through a series of devastating newspaper strikes in Pittsburgh, the disintegration of his newspaper, The Pittsburgh Press.  Most notably he was the lead chronicler for all of the tragedies and triumphs of Mario Lemieux’s career as the lead hockey writer for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. 
“Since 1984 Dave Molinari has been telling the Pittsburgh Penguins story with the perfect blend of insightful analysis and entertaining prose,” said PHWA President Kevin Allen. “The fans of Pittsburgh of been fortunate to have highly skilled players such as Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. And they have been equally fortunate to have a highly skilled writer such as Dave to chronicle their successes. With his dry wit, Dave is also the leading press box humorist in the hockey writing community. He is one of the most respected hockey writers in the game today
Davidson, a former goaltender for the St. Louis Blues and the team’s first-round draft choice in 1973, boasts an impressive hockey career on and off the ice, including as an analyst for the Madison Square Garden (MSG) Network, CBC and various other national hockey broadcast partners in the United States and Canada. Awarded the Lester Patrick Award in 2004 for his contribution to American hockey, Davidson’s distinguished broadcasting career includes lead analyst work at the past five Olympic Winter Games. 
“John Davidson has had a remarkable career in almost every aspect of professional hockey, and we as a broadcast community benefited immensely from his expertise and professionalism,”
said Chuck Kaiton, President, NHL Broadcasters Association. “He is an incredibly deserving recipient of this honour.” 
Molinari and Davidson will receive the awards at a luncheon presentation on Monday, November 9, 2009.  This year’s Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Weekend will take place November 6th to 9th, culminating with the Induction Ceremony beginning at 7:30 P.M. (EST) on Monday, November 9. 


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  1. Mike Babcock is 100% right, it shows how much the NHL loves the Crybaby and the Pens. Each year this league finds a way to leave a bad taste in my mouth. It taste a little like abdelkader, with a hint of lemon.

  2. Ouch Carp, you have to rub it in don’t you that WE have to pay for the bums millions!!

    Too funny.

    I’d also rather pay for a bus Ticket to HArtford for Redden

  3. Ouch! is right. Carp, that is a GREAT line, though we all know how sad it is, because its very true!

  4. I guess this is when I should be happy living in NC and not getting to go to the Garden. Then again, try sitting next to people from NC during a hockey game. Even the people who have been going to Canes games from the beginning are NOT knowledgeable fans. Game nuances are lost on these people.

  5. It’s like sitting next to Caps fans. I was at Games 1 and 2 in DC and I have to admit, they are some of the stupidest hockey fans out there. They are loud passionate I give them that, but oh so dumb. The guy next to me for game 2, had a red snuggie (with the caps logo taped to the back like a cape) on an he brought 2 light up light sabers to the game. 2 LIGHT SABERS! NOT JUST ONE LIGHT SABER, 2 OF THEM! He also had a belt on but not in the belt loops…very wierd.

    2 light sabers!!!!

  6. How about the douche in pittsburgh who wears the “steel guy” costume and just stands there like some hero.
    Also love Babycock’s comment. Well done.

  7. NYRanger4Life on

    Pavel – unfortunately you are right, but thats more of an indictment as to how badly Roszival / Mara / Morris played….

  8. Lol, Babycock. That’s so wrong.

    Cant wait for the game tonight, i hope the Pens are in for some serious molestation !!

    Go Wings, and Sharapova !

  9. HAHA Carp

    a;right I’ll cave and chip in for the limo.

    As long as it goes anywhere but MAdison Square Garden!

  10. Actually I thought Rozy was our best Dman, but anyway…
    As for Babcock’s comment…for better or worse, Crosby is the face of the NHL right now. Anyone oustide of hockey know anyone on the Wings? At least Crosby has some name recognition and perhaps will bring in a few fans to see him play. The NHL is trying to do with Crosby what the NBA has done with Kobe and LeBron. Can’t blame them for that, sorry.

    Good for JD. I sure do miss him on Ranger telecasts. Wish we could bring him back as GM, but alas, i think he’ll be in StL for awhile. We’ll miss him on Olympic broadcasts too. Eddie O is just so average as an announcer.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    I missed the ticket price increase. Can anyone post the info so I can figure out how many fewer games I will go to this year?

  12. Please no! Anywhere BUT MSG. If only we could get send him to Africa to help feed the starving children. Or maybe that is what he should be donating his contract to. The starving children.

    Somebody start a “Donate Wade Reddens Contract To Charity” appeal.

  13. The fix is in tonight. Pens will get at least 5 extra powerplays at key points in the game.

  14. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Sid is only 22 years old. All you Crosby bashers are over the top. Yes he has been a bit of a cry baby. Yes he has done some regrettable things, but he has also played with heart and with very very rare skills and in both ends of the ice. He is not my favorite player but I must say that he is clearly one of the top players in the league.
    And then to be nominated for the Messier leadership award with two older veteran leaders says alot more than you guys give him credit for.

  15. And this one will last a lifetime on

    If we traded Gomez, Staal, and Lundqvist for Crosby tomorrow, Crosby would be everyone’s favorite Ranger by June 3rd

  16. Guys, help me make a decision. I have been offered tix for half of the home games of the season for 700 dollars. Should I do it? The seats are in the upper 300’s.

  17. Don’t mention Staal in trades. It might give Slats another brainstorm and they end up with Redden II, whoever that may be.

  18. Why is it OK that they jacked up ticket prices, again? Just because the other NY area teams (WITH NEW STADIUMS) have done it, means it’s fine that the Rangers do it? What about all the NHL teams that have already stated they were freezing their prices for the upcoming season? Since we are in a recession and all…The only team that should be allowed to raise prices is Detroit because they win.

  19. Doodie the Redden quip was hysterical lol.

    I’m going to a Mets/Nats game in D.C this weekend and specifically look for that Caps fan who wore the Red Snuggie Mike G. talked about. Imagine a guy wearing a Blue Snuggie at a Ranger game ?? That guy would get majorly pelted and harassed lol.

    For you season ticket holders. Was there a moment of silence given for Walt Poddubny at either of the Rangers Playoff games at MSG ? I know the Devils did.

    Walt Poddubny R.I.P./Sandstrom Hat Trick Kills Isles in OT 1/31/86:

  20. Wait until they start the re-construction project in MSG, you’ll see PSL’s then! Once that happens, I get myself a 60 inch LCD top of the line TV, and a Rangers recliner, have my wife bring me food and beverage (well maybe that’s going too far) and watch all 41 home games AT HOME!! The only bad part is that Redden can’t hear me boo him!

  21. “the day crosby is a ranger is the day i become a leaf fan”

    We said that about Lindros, and here we still are. As someone once said, we usually don’t root for players, we root for jerseys. Most of us would root for the devil if he made us win (heck, we all root for Avery, and that’s pretty close). I’d root for Crosby in a heartbeat if he were a Ranger. I wanted us to win the lottery and GET him. He’s not my favorite player, but heck, as much as he whines, he’s still better than any two players we have now.

  22. Well i guess i wont watch the Frog Open now. No Ivanovic, no Sharapova, no ORR !!


    What time do you usually play NHL 09 ? I haven’t seen you on. I went through a brawl with CCCP a few nights ago, i blew a two goal lead in the 3rd, and i scored a PP goal with a 1.6 secs left.

    Im 6-2 against Rangers Report !!!!

  23. steveknj

    i will never root for crosby if he was a ranger. i will never root for crosby if anything. I would not, could not, in a box. I could not, would not, with a fox.

  24. Anybody who would not cheer for Cindy if he was a Ranger is nuts. I hate him as much as anyone because he’s not a Ranger.
    Anybody remember when Espo was a Bruin – HATED the SOB.
    But then he beame a Ranger & we went to the finals.
    It’s the jersey we love, and anyone that wears it
    Redden not included !

  25. tony from AZ

    Exactly. Now if Crosby came to the Rangers and performed like a bum (like Redden), well that’s different. But if he performs like Crosby, then we’ll love him. Espo is the perfect example, or Jagr, or Damon for the Yanks. And how many of us would HATE Avery if he played for the Devils or Icycles.

  26. Half NYR home games – $700

    Beer, pretzels, chicken fingers with fries – $500

    Beer spilled on you by a person sitting behind – $250

    Paying Redden’s salary – PRICELESS!

  27. All I want is for the Rangers to win -the Cup.
    If that means having a gay crybaby as our star scorer , so be it.
    Besides, I think Avery would make a man out of him, or at least get him laid

  28. so he wears the jersey root for him

    but if he plays like a bum boo him.

    interesting guys.

    you booed a guy who was a +67 for 3 seasons and had less than 50 pts just because he didnt use his “big body” the way the fans wanted him to.

    just like in the nhl the rules bend for certain people. right?

  29. Colin, I never boo
    But I understand when people boo Redden – over paid , bad plays etc. We expected soooo much when we signed him & got sooo little.
    As for Malik. poor guy I always felt soory for the way fans treated him.

  30. The Puck Drops Here on

    How about when the HATED Derek Sanderson became a Ranger…..? We LOVED him. Yup, it’s the jersey. Be honest.

  31. onecupin69years and counting on

    The price increase is to cover the cost of the garden renovation,The building is old, its ingress and egress suck.
    They should use the wrecking ball on it.
    I think the renovation is 500 mill.
    Filet mignon prices for hamburger on ice.

  32. MSG may be old but it’s the fans inside it that make it special. I’m in NY once or twice a year and get to about 4 Ranger games a year. I also go to Coyote games, in a new arena with hot cheerleaders.
    No comparison – it’s the passion of the fans that make the building special.

  33. Hossa to sign long term with the wing… there is a shocker!

    so now we’ll have to adjust to life w/o Hossa… sigh

  34. onecupin69years and counting on

    If they can dump the Old Yankee stadium ,they can dump the garden. The garden mgt. doesn’t want blue seaters,they want luxo boxes,they could care less about the (middle class)fans.

  35. With all the $$$ they are adding to the ticket price, why don’t they hire more scouts. Then, they could go out and find there own Marion Hossas thru the DRAFT and not have to pay for UFA’s.

  36. “i will never root for crosby if he was a ranger. i will never root for crosby if anything. I would not, could not, in a box. I could not, would not, with a fox.”

    Id root for him if i had a Megan Fox.

    I guess we’re going to have to get used to seeing the Wings in the Cup finals every year.

    Honestly it’s embarrassing looking at Nyr & Detroit. We lock up Rozi, Redden, Gomez, Drury long term, and the Wings get to lock up Hossa, Franzen, Zetterberg, Datsyuk long term.

    Ugh, makes me wanna cry. It’s depressing.

  37. Speed Ranger on

    I didn’t realize the Messier award was league-wide. I thought it was just Rangers. Oh well, go Jarome!

    And as for PETS-burgh, since it’s my hometown I’d otherwise cheer for them but…. the league’s bias is just too revolting.

  38. nasty 1

    for 700 for 22 games out of the 44 including preseason its worth it.

    i pay 2464 for 1 seat for all 44 games. 56 a game section 330. half of that 1238.

    your making out for 700 bucks.

    i will have games to sell to you guys if u like

  39. Speed Ranger on

    eric – do keep emails of people who would buy? I’d be down to pick up a pair now and then.

  40. NYR fan in DC on

    So sick of Crosby…Anyway, come the magical time of contract buyouts, who do you guys see on the block other than the obvious Redden? Also, how much money will these cuts actually save the Rangers? What UFA/RFA’s should they concentrate on? Just my morbid curiosity kicking in. Thanks!!

  41. usually post on site when i have games available. like to meet in person. sell most games on stubhub though and only will go through paypal that way.

    like to sell 17-20 games.

  42. eric me 2. On a lighter note, my game last week (I play at Ice house NJ) ended in bench clearing brawls against a team of local COPS. interesting to say the least. one guy took the but end of a stick to the forhead. Blood was-a flowing!


    got a kick out of this

    My beard is no longer there, the Chicago Blackhawks season is really over and if I want to continue watching hockey, it’s going to involve backing either the Penguins and Red Wings. Is it nice to enter banks without tellers inching toward the alarm button or walk past a church without a well-meaning priest asking if I need any social services? Am I happy that I will no longer show up to family gatherings to have my grandfather inquiring whether I’m living in my car these days or have my mother shooting me quiet looks of disappointment? Of course.

    But darned if I still don’t miss that magnificent S.O.B.

    If you’re a fan of one of the 14 playoff teams that have already bit it and were forced to go through a similar separation between face and whisker, I suspect you know how I’m feeling. From the efforts in St. Louis and Montreal that never got past peach fuzz to

  44. Trade talk is poised to heat up now that all 30 GMs have touched down in Pittsburgh.

    The GMs arrived last night for this morning’s meeting on various issues, including the enforcement of rules.

    But they should also have time to feel out possible trades as they look ahead to the June 26 draft and July 1, the deadline to sign looming free agents.

    Islanders GM Garth Snow, who has the No. 1 pick, will be a popular man among teams looking to move up in the draft, including the Maple Leafs, whose GM, Brian Burke, is also trying to get rid of payroll.

    Several teams are looking to make moves before free agency kicks in.
    From Spector & the Ottowa Sun Regarding Not being able to Keep Drury & Gomez next year

    League sources say the Sharks’ Doug Wilson is among the GMs looking to make moves, although he’s stated publicly that C Joe Thornton — making $7.2 million (all terms US) next season — won’t be going anywhere.

    The belief is the Rangers will have to decide between keeping Fs Chris Drury ($8.05 million next season) and Scott Gomez ($8 million) because they can’t afford both.

    I have to agree 16 million for two players when we have so many needs is too much.
    I have a feeling Torts already has in mind which one he wants to keep, and since Gomers the one with the LIMITED no move clause, you can guess who may not be around next year

  45. Sorry, that post was from the Ottowa SUn and Spectors site abotu all 30 GM’s are in Shittsburgh for a meeting today

  46. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Now what for the Pens if they lose tonight!!?? If the Penguins get swept , it may be time to split up Malkin and Crosby to aquire something the Wing don’t have. Could be a shake -up in Pittsburgh or maybe they are contempt to a “Denver Broncos” type result!!??

    I keep using factory Detroit in NHL09 and I just swept the Oilers. I’m really getting into using my own goalie during game play to stop those dreaded wrap -around that go in quite easily. It can be too easy to score if you go in the zone untouched …my buddy , clutches , hits and crosschecks me to muddle my offense …too bad the game only calls 1 minor at a time so after the whistle it’s usually a free for all in hitting!!

    Crosby would be welcome as a Ranger as so would any other star player comming in …( not including Drury and Redden)
    Putting on the Jersey is just saying hes on our side …so as much as we can’t stand him , we would imbrace the star…FAT CHANCE hes comming so Crosby is enemy number 1 !!! Go Wings!!!! I love this series!!

  47. Re. Krejci – now there’s a GM who knows how to negotiate – $3.75mm for 3 yrs for a 70+ point guy. Sather take notes!!

  48. Carp,
    maybe you can answer this
    but it seems that based on the horrible contracts
    (for the team NOT the players)
    that Sather has given out, it’s difficult for him to sign a player, particularly a UFA for a normal contract.

    agents see how much he has overpaid and you can’t blame them but seek the same for their client.

    any thoughts from anyone??

  49. MEss did a phone interview with Sam and Deb “Placey” on XM NHL Radio yesterday, and it turns out that Mess is very interested in getting back into the game and is willing to entertain offers, even in a coaching capacity. He said he even spoke to Sather back when they were looking to give Renney the boot.

    So…if Scheonfeld is only temporary…could we possibly see Mess behind the bench (as opposed to the mess we’ve seen on the bench all year?)

    And if so…would it be worth it?

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