Winging justice


Before the end of Game 2 last night, I was thinking that all you conspiracy theorists — those who think the NHL will jump through hoops of fire, no matter the cost in order to get Sidney Crosby to lift the Stanley Cup — had a rough night.

After all, ex-Penguin Marian Hossa sure seemed to hook (if not slash — I didn’t see a slash, but I did see a stick break) a Pittsburgh player just before the tie-breaking goal. Then a video-reviewed goal by the Penguins was not allowed. So how were you guys going to complain about the pro-Pittsburgh NHL today?

Then it happened. Evgeni Malkin (who you all hate, but would love to have in blue, red and white) instigated a fight with Henrik Zetterberg in the final seconds. He received a game misconduct. By rules, a player who instigates a fight in the final minutes of a playoff game is suspended for the next game. Also, Malkin’s jersey was not tied down, that should have been an additional game misconduct. So two game misconducts could be another suspension.

Yet the NHL lifted the suspension, which is somewhat understandable. Malkin’s not one of these goons trying to send a message, which is what the rule was implemented to prevent. Still, it looks like another pro-Pitt ruling. I’m sure you see it that way.

And a few of you guys in an earlier thread brought up the point: What if that were Sean Avery instead of Malkin? He’d probably be suspended for a year, right? Or life imprisonment.

Here is Colin Campbell’s explanation, courtesy of


From now on, I think, whenever a fourth-liner makes a significant contribution, I’m going to call him an abdelkader.

Man, that Blair Betts is an abdelkader.


If you need some summer reading, or if you need help falling asleep, The New York Times ran the entire state-of-the-NHL Q&A with Gary Bettman on Sunday. Read it here (if you have nothing to do for a few hours).

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  1. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Osgood is out playing Fleury morw significantly then Detroit is out playing Pittsburgh.

  2. Re Post

    My take on things:

    I thought that if Pitts could get 1 in Detroit, that they might have a chance to win this series, but I also knew that Osgood is O So Good in the playoffs and has more experience. With the Wings being older and playing back to back games, I thought maybe they would wear down a bit. But they didn’t and now they are up 2-0. It is pretty safe to say that Pitts will win 1 and lose one in Pitts, and this game will be wrapped up in 5 in Detroit. That is what I think at least.

    How is everyone doing?

  3. onecupin69years and counting on

    NHL’s double standard is a joke, a rule is a rule,period, no exceptions.

  4. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Total Bush league move by Bettman. Besides the obvious Pitt love (the model franchise, according to Bettman), Bettman knows that no Malkin for game 3 probably means Pitt down 3-0, and that doesn’t make for a good series. Crap like this is why the NHL is a bush league that hardly makes a blip on the sporting landscape.

    Reminds me of when Malkin went after Mara with two slew foots at the end of game 4 last playoffs. Are they really going to let this guy get away with acting like a 2 year old bitch whenever the Penguins lose? At some point somebody is going to get really hurt, and it will be Gary’s fault.

  5. The officiating in the NHL is putrid, and this shows that the NHL front office is not any better.
    I would love to have Malkin, you are 100% right about that!!

  6. In other news, Chris Drury will not let anything ruin his Father’s Day, Independence Day or his Labor Day, including the $590,000 USD he makes each and every month.

  7. did anyone really think Malkin would be suspended?? Honestly?? And yes, if it was Avery, he’d have been suspended for life. ;-)

    Anyone other than the golden children would have gotten two games, one for the fight and one for the jersey not being secured.

  8. I find the Stanley Cup coverage on NBC to be absolutely balls to the wall entertaining… What other sport puts a guy like Pierre “between the glass” where he rips within earshot players on the teams. It’s histerical…I just don’t understand…Its just another reason why the NHL will never have the chance to even remotely compete with other sports.

  9. onecup,

    Seriously, you should take your Penguin-lust to a Pittsburgh blog. While I would love to have either Crosby or Malkin in blue, I sure as hell wouldn’t switch places with that franchise. THEY ARE SCREWED. Period. No farm team, few prospects and a sieve for a goalie. They’ve got a patched-together team that they’ll never be able to resign come July. So basically, they need to re-invent the wheel each year because they’re saddled with two $9 million contracts and a $6 million goalie that lets in goals an AHLer could stop.

    The Red Wings are proof that a successful NHL team cannot be reliant on one or two players. It needs to be a whole organizational effort. The Pens are just too week with their supporting cast. And no amount of production from the top-two will ever cover that up.

    As for the Rangers, they’ve got a very solid feeder system now. They don’t have a superstar in their lineup, but they have four rolling lines that are all tough. With the emergence of Callahan, Dubinsky and even Korpikoski, they’re going to get tougher. Add in Grachev and you’ve got the makings of something good…not flashy, but good. And I’ll take Hank in net over the Pens’ human sieve ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. So revel in your pessimism. Call up your boy Crosby and maybe you guys can have a good cry together.

  10. tdchi, I understand your frustration … but I don’t believe you wouldn’t rather have Pittsburgh’s roster than the Rangers’ roster.

    Does anybody here agree with that?

    Pitt’s farm system might be barren (I don’t know that it is), but if so, it’s because all of Pitt’s draft picks are playing in the NHL already. I’m also not yet ready to say for certain that any of the Rangers’ prospects will ever play to a star level. That would be terribly premature.

    And Cap-wise, would you rather be saddled with Crosby and Malkin or Redden and Drury?

    Not to mention two Cup finals in two years.

  11. They’re letting them play prelockout style which is great. Detroit is a very smart team, but I expect Mario and Cindy to pucker up for the refs in Pittsburgh… I’m still hoping for Wings in 5.

  12. I don’t care who it is the rule is put there for a reason, and sorry but Malkin went looking for Zetterberg, but leave it up to Campbell to see things with Pens colored glasses. Any sport that makes up rules as it goes along should never gain respect outside of the small market it currently resides in. I am not a Detroit fan but I would root for almost any team to beat the Pens. A few more years when they stink again watch their fans run for the doors.

    And yes, if the incident involved any not named Crosby or Malkin, the penalty would have stood.

  13. Broadway Roe on

    Did everyone turn to the Zherdev and Orr page of the calendar today?

    No wonder we’re not in the finals :)

  14. They are saddled with those 3 contracts, but we have 3 of our own, and I wouldn’t mind having their Big 3 to our Big 3(yes that was a joke) Drury & Gomer, then the real deal breaker Redden. Yes Rick, I would take those 3 to our 3 any day.
    Just for the record….ONE DAY, maybe 20 years from now!! Crosby will wear the Red White and Blue, he may need a wheelchair, but he will wear the sweater.

  15. I heard Betts abdelkated his throne.

    Of course Pitts has a better roster. They understood that when they were bad, it’s best to be REALLY bad and that got them 3 #1 picks in a row along with a numer two, which gave them Malkin, Staal, Crosby and Fleury. While the Rangers shamefully have nothing to show in terms of high picks for their 9-year playoff absence, they also were never bad enough to get a #1 or 2. I still think the lottery was rigged and Crosby was given to the Pens, but what do I know.

  16. The instigator penalty has no place in hockey. So compounding that error by piling on another dumb rule to the above adds nothing to the game. They could have suspended half the Duck team when they mugged the Wings at the end of one of their games. The playoffs are the only time that the idiots at Bettman’s ivory tower sober up under the glare of scrutiny and stop trying to screw up the game out of a feeling of embarrassment at their own incompetence. Or maybe seeing the octopus makes them feel nostalgic for the days when they let the boys get on with it.

    The Pens are suffering from Renneyitis. You ain’t going to beat anyone if you can only score one goal game after game.

  17. We are not equal before the Law when it really counts, so if the Law fails to be applied fairly in a hockey game I am not surprised. Just spare me the explaination why.

  18. The NHL is a total f’n mess… If it weren’t for all the cachet of the stanley cup, this league would be bankrupt from the shocking mismanagement.

  19. It’s unbelievable that Malkin was not subjected to the instigator suspension. The “rule” that the NHL keeps showing is:

    Rule 47.22 states: “A player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five minutes or at any time in overtime shall be suspended for one game, pending a review of the incident. The director of hockey operations will review every such incident and may rescind the suspension based on a number of criteria. The criteria for the review shall include, but not be limited to, the score, previous incidents, etc…”

    It doesn’t say ANYTHING about a team sending out a “message” or players looking for retribution. It also says the review shall include and NOT be limited to the score, etc. Look at the tape again, not only does he go after Zetterberg, look how long Z kept his gloves on. Malkin dropped his and was throwing punches a good 20-30 seconds before Z even dropped his gloves. I don’t know how he could have instigated that fight more. But, as it’s been said before, the upper brass in this league is suspect…

  20. Abdelkador has more goals than Dreary.

    But that wont ruin his Fathers day. Hell, no sex from his wife wont ruin his Fathers Day, as long as he keeps getting the money he’s stealing from this team ! Loser !

    I hate Malkin even more now. I hate it when wimps act tough by jumping someone from behind. He should have been suspended, but noo, the league wont do sh*t.

    I love it, no Cup for you babies !!! Better luck next year, mwahaha !!

  21. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    Break Abdelkador’s wrist before the finals and see if he still has 2 goals.

  22. No one said anything about not wanting Crosby or Malkin on our team. But the fact is they play for divisional rivals, which actually makes it quite reasonable for us to dislike them as hockey players. If you like them, fine. But stop trying to convert us who don’t.

  23. Never mind what Malkin did and what Avery would have gotten had he jumped on Zett.

    What do you think the punishment would have been had Avery speared Osgood the way Talbot did to start the whole thing?

  24. the league is a joke. i hate the pens.. rick the rangers would have 2 of the best players in the game if they finsihed last 4 or 5 yrs in a row…that malkin and crosby pick were really tough one’s even sather would not have screwed those picks up.

    detroit is a machine, datsyuk is there best forward and he has not even played yet. ken holland is by far the best gm.

    hossa will be a king next year, mark it down……………………………………………………….

    collin campbell is a jacka-s

  25. the pens are a joke and we hate them because they get all the calls..

    all the important calls, they get calls when the league changes the rules or the interpretation of the rules..


    i hope for a detroit in 4 ……………….

  26. Carp,

    I would love to have those two on my roster, but would I trade the entire organization? Hell no. Last night’s game shows just how important it is to have a dynamic feeder system, so that when a Datsyuk or Lidstrom go down, there is a replacement.

    Think about how dangerous the Pens would be if both Malkin and Crosby went down. The team would be a ZERO. Hell, even when Crosby goes down(and he usually does for about 10 games a season), Malkin basically has to net an average of 3 points a game just to keep the team in.

    The other thing I’ll point out is that Redden and Drury don’t make $9 million per. Crosby and Malkin will next season. Staal for $4 million next season. Fleury for another six seasons…Again…don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a duo like that on my roster. But I assuredly don’t envy the difficult cap position the Penguins are facing now.

    But I guess if we’re going to wish for the stars, I would in a heartbeat, trade the New York Rangers and all of their affiliated property for Motown’s Red Wings. That’s a great organization that will finally be considered a dynasty once they dispatch with the diminutive Penguins. And they’ve built it with a record of strong drafting, good coaching and having a minor league system that really complements their club. In fact, I think the wings are about the only good thing left in Detroit.

  27. I bet my left nut that the Pens will get Gaborik. They have their top line with Crosby, Guerin, and Kunits, but look what Malkin has to play with, Fedetenko, Satan, Talbot, Cooke ? They need something else. And i can definitely see them taking a chance on Gabby.

    That would suck though.

  28. the ruling is a load of crap. the NHL wants a compelling Series above all and losing Malkin for what should have been 2 games would have resulted in a Detroit sweep and most likely lopsided scores. Its entertainment and all about getting their awful ratings up. I Friggin Hate this Bullshit because there is a double standard in this league when it comes to this stuff. This League losses integrity every day.

  29. Peter k, You forgot to mention that we will trade our top 2 Blue chip prospects , 2 #1 picks and a stud defenseman for him should we ever find one again. LOL

  30. the announcers should say abra cadabra averytime Abdelkader scores or hits someone lol

  31. It’s very easy to sit here and hate on the Penguins. I do it day in and day out. I very much want to see Detroit down them again this year. However, the suspension rule on fights in the final five minutes of a game was put into place to keep teams from trying to send a physical message when they are down by a lot. Try to look at this objectively:

    1) The Pens were only down by 2. That’s not enough to have ANY of your players going out looking to create a fight. When you’re on the ice, and your team gets into a scrum that has no real instigator, things will get heated.

    2) Malkin didn’t start the fight. The scrum was going on, and Malkin stepped in to back up his teammates. I don’t care who you are, but if you DON’T step into a fight that needs to be fought (can anyone say Jarko Ruutu?) then you are a pansy and don’t belong in this league.

    3) The jersey not being tied down? Can anyone clear up the ruling there? Is that a suspensionable offense? I thought it ONLY warranted a game misconduct? And Campbell said in his statement that a game misconduct should have been assessed for that.

    Lastly, from a hockey-purest standing – don’t you want the Penguins to have their best on the ice when Detroit beats them again? Wouldn’t a Penguins loss with no Malkin feel a little cheap??

    Those are my two cents – trying to be objective. Hate the Pens, but I (for once) agree with the ruling.


    PS – If I could trade all the Rangers skaters (minus the goalies) for all of Pittsburgh’s skaters, I’d do it without hesitation.

  32. the only Pittsburgh players that I want are Scuderi cause hes an LI kid and Staal because I one day want to see the following in a Rangers Boxscore one day
    Stall 50 (Staal Staal)

  33. Oh – and one more point. We know the league has a bias on Avery – but was there any action taken by the league on his BLATANT punch to the face or high stick in that Washington series? The only thing that happened was Torts benching him for a game. So, I can’t sit here and say that the NHL would definitely have suspended Avery in this situation.


  34. Orr – Pittsburgh would never be able to afford Gaborik unless they moved a contract. I guess theoretically they could…but that would mean shedding Sykora, Fedotenko, Gill, Satan, Boucher and pretty much their entire roster of UFAs. It wouldn’t be that much of a problem if the Pens had a farm team. But pretty much their list of good prospects starts and ends with Eric Tangradi. Maybe toss in Goligoski. They have NO first-rounders in the pipeline…all of their second-rounders from the last five years appear to be tanking.

  35. pittsburgh has 2 great players that is it. the rest of there forwards are avg. there d is avg. there goalie is above avg.

    that is who they are; fedetenko, kunitz,satan, cooke, dupuis, etc. they are nothings..

    there D is OK

    detroit is by far the best team; the mule is a hell of a player, hossa is a total stud, zetterberg and datsyuk and terrific, then you have about 6 other good forwards and then grinders.

    look at the detroit d; rafalski a very very good player forabout 7 years and lidstrom is mr norris cup, 2nd pair stuart and kronwall look to hit.

    the 3rd pair has ericcson like 23, had surgery the other day, the guy is 6ft 3 or bigger and can play and lebda the weak link but skates like routsalainnen… they are loaded, they can win with a avg. goalie that is all you need to know………

  36. didn’t the hossa trade last year really hurt the pens minor league depth?????????

  37. MikeyMcD!CK on

    “Evgeni Malkin (who you all hate, but would love to have in blue, red and white) instigated a fight with Henrik Zetterberg in the final seconds.”

    idk about you guys but i love this guy. dont get me wrong i think crosby is a puss, but Malkin is amazing. that no look backhand top shelf rocket to get the hattrick was insane! i would love for this guy to play for ny.

  38. Madison square Garden has sent invoices out for ticket holders for next season already and in this economy they have the nerve to raise prices AGAIN!!

  39. How boring this team was to watch this year. They should own us money. BORING HOCKEY!!

  40. Mikey – All we have to do for Malkin is hold out until July…
    July 2014 that is.

    Stuart – Damn straight it did. They lost two great depth players, Esposito AND a first-round DP(Daultan Leveille) for what amounts to Pascal Dupuis. The only way I would have done that deal is if Hossa was inked for a longterm deal.

  41. That’s why I wanted them to miss the playoffs!!!!!! What did we get, 3 games, 2 of which were not even worth the normal season price, let alone the ridiculious playoff price, and they had a reason to raise prices for next year. But all us Blue Seat die hards get screwed constantly, and we keep coming back!!! I love all the season subscribers of the game…..section 100, section 123, section 200.. I guess they can’t count to 400. But yet we keep coming back.

  42. Yeah, my 300 level seats went from $40 in 2006-07, to $46 in 2007-08, to $52 last year, and now they are $56 apiece.

    They won’t be selling out anymore IMO, not in this economy. I’ll just find more people to share with.

  43. Tom Foolery on

    I guess they realize we are all a bunch of dopes who will keep shelling out the money for a mediocre product. Unbelievable. So the 300’s have gone from $36 a game after the lockout to $56 just 4 years later. Over 50% increase in a bad economy for a team that hasn’t gotten out of the 2nd round during that time.

  44. while this doesnt mean much, I called no suspension as soon as that happened. The NHL disciplinary (spelling?) system is and has beena joke for years now. This does not surprise me one bit.

    Back in the day Colin Campbell sprayed some fans, no suspension. Today (this season) torts does it, suspension.

    double standards galore!

  45. As much as we complain, this is our sport our team and we LOVE IT.Baseball is nothing but a sleeping pill for me Basketball sucks I never could understand how a team could be winning by 20+ points then blow it,and that happens everynight.Ok football I love to,but if ya go 2-5, 3-6 to start the season it’s probibly over for your team.So the season is over half way threw it.HOCKEY THE GREATEST GAME AND PLAY-OFFS IN ALL OF SPORTS.

  46. Carp,

    couldn’t watch the game…….or simply
    couldn’t stomach watching the pens…….EVER!

    only saw the Hossa “slash” via ESPN highlight and
    either Buccigross or his cohort felt that it was an iffy call…..if it was called.
    should the pens player have stood there with arms up yelling for the ref to make the call ala his team captain (because they learn from him just as the did with mario). no, he should have kept playing and covered his man. if so, maybe there wouldn’t have been a shot or second shot.
    as far as malkin and a pro-pitt call.
    i’ll look at the b.s. gibberish maze within a logjam stretch of thought and the English language from CC
    it is DEFINITELY a pro-pens call. do you think a 3rd or 4th line player would have received a suspension? ABSOLUTELY!!
    it’s a different kind of kid gloves in regards to one of the pens’s star players….and as far as any history, “slewfoot” malkin sure has done his work, just not called. ask Mara about the slewfoot.
    what about the pens player who speared Osgood at the front of the net in the closing seconds? that looked as much like a spear as Hossa’s slash.

  47. Seth, roc, or somebody … could you forward or post the letter you received about the ticket prices?

    I’ll put it up as a post if you want, with a headline.


  48. Rangers Subscribers,

    Five years ago, we made it our priority to build the New York Rangers team for long-term success by developing a core foundation of young players and adding key veterans as our youngsters matured. Our philosophy remains steadfast, and this past season, six young players whose NHL careers began here in New York played major roles in taking us to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year.

    Although we were not satisfied with this past season’s results, we believe we are on the right track. We continue to focus on the development of players and are excited about several talented prospects in our system. At the same time, we still have work to do as we strive toward our ultimate goal — to compete for the Stanley Cup each and every season.

    Under the direction of our new Head Coach, John Tortorella, you will see a retooled Rangers team in 2009-10 that will feature a system that emphasizes aggressive forechecking and puck possession. This up-tempo approach has made John an accomplished winner in the NHL, earning a Jack Adams Award as Coach of the Year and delivering a Stanley Cup to Tampa Bay in 2004.

    The key objective for this off-season is to complement our strong defensive play and league-leading penalty-kill with more goal-scoring, stemming from this aggressive system. We are determined to add players who make significant contributions in 2009-10, enabling us to dictate the pace of the game on a regular basis.

    With an All-Star goaltender, and a mix of accomplished veterans and hungry youngsters, we expect to make our fans especially proud this season. Your loyalty and enthusiasm has always made The Garden a very intimidating place for visiting teams, and you will see a team whose style of play makes it even tougher.

    We remain humbled and thankful for your energetic support and look forward to seeing you at The Garden for a great season of Rangers hockey.


    Glen Sather, President and General Manager, New York Rangers

  49. onecupin69years and counting on

    TDSCHI- give me your address I want to send you a 66 pens jersey, don’t be jealous of success.You must be new to the winning Ranger tradition.

  50. why is a pens fan here on

    onecupin69years and counting
    June 1st, 2009 at 4:24 pm
    TDSCHI- give me your address I want to send you a 66 pens jersey, don’t be jealous of success.You must be new to the winning Ranger tradition.

    why the heck are you posting here. don’t know any pitt blogs to post on

  51. I sent that guy at TSN who wrote that Offseason Game Plan article an email (

    Was it just me or did his conclusions make no sense in terms of salary/cap. Anyway here’s my email and his response…. I still don’t think he gets it.

    Mr. Cullen,
    I don’t understand your article about the off season game plan for the Rangers. You reference salaries in the article and in the charts. However, salaries are almost meaningless in a cap environment. True, salary matters when you’re trying to trade a player who has a front loaded salary to a team with less resources but the cap implications are the same for both teams.

    As one of the wealthiest teams in the league and with numerous financial resources from being under the financial umbrella with the Knicks, MSG, MSG Networks and Cablevision – the actual player salaries do not make a difference to the Rangers from a dollar and cents standpoint. Remember this is the team that offered Bobby Holik $45mn prior to the lockout.

    The only number that really matters to the Rangers is the player’s cap hit. It isn’t clear to me that you understand that difference. Case in point, you mention Sean Avery at $4mn. That is his salary for the year but his cap hit is $3.8mn. Half of both his salary and cap hit are being picked up by the Dallas Stars since the Rangers acquired him on waivers. So he costs the Rangers $2mn in salary and $1.9mn in cap, both bargains.

    The Rangers have salary cap issues, not salary issues.

    What a disappointing article from what I assumed was a knowledgeable, respectable media outlet. I’m positive that I have a better understanding of the financial complexities of managing a hockey team than you. Do some research and learn what it is you’re talking about before you write.


    I explicitly state: “the Rangers’ cap situation isn’t quite as dire as their actual salary commitments”, so I’m well aware that their actual cap number is lower than the salaries that they are paying for next season.

    While the Rangers are a team with seemingly unlimited resources I am covering all 30 teams and do so with actual salary listed rather than cap hits. Not all teams spend to the cap so, while the cap hit may be more relevant to the Rangers, it’s not necessarily more relevant to a great number of teams in the league right now.

    If I haven’t done enough research to satisfy you, or haven’t established that I’m knowledgeable enough about the topic, then I encourage you as the consumer to find more complete off-season articles for all NHL teams wherever you can.

    Scott Cullen | Writer/Producer | |

  52. Hey One Cup:

    Cant wait to see your Crybaby on one knee weeping at how he lost ANOTHER chance to win the cup

    Guess no one told him not to F with superstition and touch the conference trophy, oops, ou lsoe again!!

    I’ll take our team not making it to the finals compared to your Crybaby captain and Slewfoot Frankenstien making it two years in a row and LOSING AGAIN!!

    HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

    Please stick around, you give us someone to really hate other than your Mary of a Captain


  53. JJP,

    Your email to Cullen sounded good until that last paragraph. You might have gotten a better response if you asked him to follow up with his thoughts about the Rangers cap situation instead of their salary situation (citing the excellent points you made in your previous 3 paragraphs).

  54. onecup,

    Success? What success is that you speak of? Was it the Penguins getting successfully beaten in the finals last year? Was it the successful post-elimination look on Crosby’s face, which was so legendary the NHL made a commercial out of it? Or could it be the success of the sieve they call their number-one goalie, who can’t even win with two of the league’s top three players on his team? Was it how they successfully gutted their farm system for a run that didn’t even come close to beating the Red Wings? Or in 2007, when Crosby couldn’t even pull them out of the first round? Maybe you’re talking about the the success the Penguins had between 2001 and 2006, when they averaged 25 wins a season? Could it be the success they’ve had while their winning percentage has DROPPED for three consecutive years in a row. You must be referring to the success they had WITHOUT Malkin in the lineup. Let’s see…that successful record was 22 wins and 46 losses. Hmm…

    NOW THAT’S SUCCESS!!! Go Pens!! Keep working on this success thing.

  55. Orr,

    They won’t have the cap space to get Gabby unless he’s willing to take less.

  56. some of you guys are so knowledgeable about Pittsburgh Penguins team… scary stuff!

    i think success is when you don’t make playoffs for 7 years… when being terrible team even doesn’t get you top 3 draft picks…when first round exits gives your management just another reason the raise ticket prices…when once in a life time player (Jagr) being kicked out of the door… when you being fed with crap but convinced its honey…

    There is nothing wrong with being proud… but there is also nothing wrong with success.

    Why don’t we all just get along and have few shots of warm *ABDELKADER!* ROFL!


    I said it to my fiancee on Saturday night when he scored that goal – that is seriously the best name I’ve heard in hockey!

    I think we should define a verb form of his name:

    abdelkade (v). – to shock your opponent by slamming the door shut in an unexpected, yet triumphant, manor, usually through relentless forechecking and giving maximum effort

  58. It’s easy to be successful when your team has a top 5 overall pick for 5 years in a row, including 2 1st and 2 2nd overall picks.

  59. Maybe Torts will institute an abdelkading drill in camp, especially for those who make more than, oh, $2 million a year.

    “This is how you abdelkade … you abdelkade as hard as you possibly can and you don’t stop abdelkading until the whistle blows. And you do it for 60 minutes a night! I want 20 abdelkaders on my team every single game.”

  60. In addition to the letter from your pal Slats, is there a letter that says the prices will be jacked up and by how much? I’d love to get that from one of you guys.

  61. JASON

    That’s what i was saying. Kind of like what Hossa did this year with the Wings.

    It’s a move that Gabby should do, i don’t think there are many teams out there that are willing to go overboard with money to sign him since he hasn’t been able to play a full season. He should take a one year deal with a team, take the discount, and prove he can play a full year or at least 70 games, and put up good numbers. Then the next year, who knows, maybe Slats will offer him a million dollars, and Gabby’s dream of becoming a millionaire will come true.

    He can be one of the best players in the league if he is healthy. Unfortunately he never is, which is a damn shame.

    I hope he doesn’t sign with the Pens, or any other team. Go to LA !!!

    I bet Eddie O is feeling like a retard. You think he’s a bit biased ? He coached the Pens, and he’s an analyst for the Hawks, and he loves to kiss the leagues ass. Yeah he was “surprised that wasn’t a penalty”, lol idiot. JD was so much better, he’s doing a horrible job !

    Id much rather hear Thorne, and Melrose on ESPN !

  62. i think the pens are gonna win both games 3 and 4. this series is far from over. piss always play better at home. i dont wanna quick series anyway. i want to see a wings win in game 7 in ot. that would be worse for piss and piss fans to endure than a quick route.

  63. anyone else hysterical laughing reading sathers letter. i cant believe my tix are up from 52- 56 .

    section 330 if u are intereted in games let me know.

    orr cccp nasty mike in ia if you want to drive down lol.

  64. Ranger news on

    some pissed off Ranger fans as ticket prices go up again


    Rangers Raise Ticket Prices

    Blog: Goal Line Report By Patrick Hoffman

    06/01/09 at 06:30 PM ET | Comments (0)

    From James Mirtle at From the Rink:

    The Rangers just sent out their season’s ticket renewal prices this afternoon, and I’ve already been hearing from angry fans about prices going up to the tune of between 4 and 9 per cent given the economy and the way the team played this season.

    “I don’t think I’m renewing next year,” ticket holder Nik Latorre said. “The product they iced this year doesn’t justify such a significant raise in price. I can’t see how they have the second worst offensive production in the league and have the marbles to RAISE prices when so many teams are lowering or freezing.”

    By my count, the Rangers’ price hike will be the second- or third-highest out of any NHL team this season, although the data’s far from complete when it comes to comparing things like this on a team-to-team basis. What is clear is that hockey fans in New York are far from happy with how the season unfolded despite the fact they took the Caps to seven games in Round 1.

    Some of the premium seats are going up by as much as $25 a game, or more than $1,000 a season, but on a percentage basis, the upper bowl tickets get the biggest bump. A rise of $4 a game may not sound like much, but its more than $160 over a full season, and an upper bowl end zone ticket that costs $2,300 is too much for some to stomach these days. The nosebleed seats, meanwhile, are going up nearly 9 per cent, from $1,400 to $1,520.

    That’s not to say the building won’t be full in New York this season, as they’ve been one of the best attended teams for years and years. Some of the die hards, however, are walking away.

  65. onecupin69years and counting on

    Dolan should pay the fans to come to the games.The true fans have gotten hosed since 1925, corporate dollars keep the engine running ,that’s why you won’t see any changes that bear fruit. F/a signings and hype ,its unbearable,they should move to KC and start the Rangers anew.

  66. Don’t some of these guys say something along the lines of “you’re not in trouble until you lose at home”? I definitely think Pittsburgh will win a game or two in this series solely based on the skill level of Crosby and Malkin.

    Personally, I’m sick of hearing all the “Pittsburgh is a great hockey city” in the media. I lived there for two years right around the time Lemieux came back from retirement. I assure you, until they had Mario back, nobody in Pittsburgh cared two licks about hockey despite having a good/watchable team (Jagr, Kovalev, Lang, Kasparaitis, Straka, Barnaby, Boughner). I used to buy student tickets for $20 (best available) and sit on the glass the place was so empty.

    I’m convinced that if they hadn’t had been lucky enough to win that lottery and draft Crosby that team would be long gone by now. Penguin fans are fair weather, star effers in my book.

  67. Well, if they raise prices much like baseball, that means I’ll be going to less games and besides opening night, going through stubhub or ticketsnow to get my tickets. You can find good deals on those sites if you wait long enough.

  68. I just read Sather’s letter; like any product, if i like it, I’ll buy it. He mentioned 6 youngsters, I expect at least 3-4 more on the roster this year and no more ridiculous long term FA deals. As a customer I pay to watch Callahan, Dubinsky. etc. play and want to see some more of the Hartford guys. I’m not gonna pay Gomez/Redden/Drury’s rent.

    Also, keep in mind everyone, no more ceremonies this year, so the must see game list is less.

  69. DoubleSjotsOfRum on

    “six young players whose NHL careers began here in New York played major roles in taking us to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year.”

    should have been

    “seven young players whose NHL careers began here in New York played major roles in taking us to the Stanley Cup for the first time in 15 years”

  70. JASON

    Eddie was crying about Hossa’s “slash” that led to Filpula’s goal. But in that video you can see Satan’s stick broke on Hossa’s leg or somewhere around that area.

    Finally the refs did something right. But im sure if that was a Ranger that would have been a slash, and probably a 10 minute misconduct to go along with it.

    Gotta love being a Ranger fan !

  71. MIKEA

    Jersey retirements suck. They drag it out so badly. I like the Messier one, that was good. But the Leetch, Howell, Bathgate, and Graves retirements were way too long.

    Granted the games were both horribly played by Nyr, so maybe that’s why im against them.

  72. Orr, all of those retirements were deserved though. I know the games were all boring but they hadda do them. All those players were too important to Rangers/NHL history and in the case of Leetch/Richter USA hockey as well not to have those nights.

    I grew up watching Leetch/Richter and then came Graves and Messier a little later. They also did Leetch Night on my Bday and that was very cool for me.

  73. eddie munster on

    eddie o is an idiot. it was not a slash, but it was hooking.

    eddie o also tried to blame the d on the 3rd goal which was totally the fault of fleury, who whiffed on a long soft shot.

  74. Malkin on the Rangers? He’d be in the penalty box. He would no longer have the invisible cloak of innocence that goes with being a Pet….uh…Penguin.

  75. MIKEA

    They definitely deserved to be retired, but i liked it a lot better when it was a 20-30 minute thing. Now it’s an hour, and then an extra 45 minutes for the players to skate, stretch, and get ready for the game.

  76. The only hope for our Rangers is that we trade away as much as we can in a Vet, a Prospect and this years 1st pick to move up as far as we can. Getting a guy like Duchene that we can actually build a core of forwards with is absolutely pivotal. We have zero scoring talent up front, even teams like the Blue Jackets have Rick Nash, who can score from basically anywhere on the ice. The Kings? Anze Kopitar. The Coyotes even? They have Shane Doan, Mikkael Boedker and Kyle Turris. The only reason the Rangers are so horrendous is because being in a big city like New York, its impossible to become sellers and say screw it for the rest of the season. The fans always want more. The best decision at the deadline last year would have been to trade literally everyone we had that had value for picks. Period.

  77. “Getting a guy like Duchene that we can actually build a core of forwards with is absolutely pivotal.” Absolutely.

    I love guys like Cally and Dubi, but if trading them in a combo somehow gets a franchise winger (or top 5 pick), then Slats has to do what is right for the team’s future. As long as Staal and Hank are Rangers for the long term, we should be ok.

    If only they can get rid of one of the big three contracts, I’d throw a party!

    I think Sather is going to trade at the draft. He has to. There’s no reason he signed so many d-men, especially since Gilroy is going to tryout for the NHL roster, as are Sangs and Del Zotto

    Del Zotto

    I think Del Zotto will make the NHL roster.. I just have that feeling.. and I also feel that Rozsival will be traded at the draft.

    We also have no 4th rounders and three 5th rounders… IMO they’re going to trade up to grab a goalie in the 4th and use the other in a Rozsival package.

    Staal – Redden
    Girardi – Del Zotto/Sauer
    Gilroy – Mara?

  78. Scott,

    Admittedly, I’m an optimist when it comes to the Rangers. But with that said, I don’t think things are nearly as bleak as some make it out to be. They have some very good players coming up through the ranks. Let’s start with the obvious: Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal and Korpikoski. I think you’ll start to see A LOT more production out of all four of those players. They were clearly the best players(aside from Hank) in the Playoffs. Then you have the Hartford players. Despite the grousing here, I still believe Sanguinetti will be a top-4 defenseman when he matures. And I don’t think he’s far off. Anisimov, while he’ll probably never be a star, certainly will crack the top three lines. Ditto with Sauer, who I think could be the stay-at-home defenseman the Rangers have lacked for so long. Another guy I never hear about is Weise, who had a real strong camp and made the jump to the AHL last season. And then there are others that are on the bubble. Pyatt and Dupont still have good potential…outside Hartford, there’s Del Zotto and Grachev, who are two players I’d consider destined for stardom; especially the latter, who has the perfect blend of size, skill and tenacity. I’d say it’s a safe bet he’ll be in the NHL no later than 2010, maybe earlier. And then there are decent prospects in college. Both Stepan and Hagelin had good seasons in the NCAA. Stepan, who was considered a real wildcard in the draft, supposedly exceeded everyone’s expectations as a freshman(33 points and Wisconsin’s second leading scorer)…then there’s the oversees prospects. No one EVER talks about Dave Kveton, who led his team in goals in the Czech Elite League. He was also among the league’s top scorers. For all Sather’s blundering, he sure as hell has amassed a very good contingent of home-grown talent. If even a quarter of the players I’ve mentioned here pan out, the Rangers will be every bit as competitive as any other team in the league.

  79. do not doubt the conspiracy theory, just understand it. To maximize ratings, the nhl just needs to GET Cindy to the finals, not win it as there will be no more games to play.

  80. Right on tdchi! There are some very good players in the Rangers system. I’m not saying AA/Grachev are going to be as good as Zetterberg and Datsyuk but those guys were developed the right way and there’s no reason that both of our guys can’t develop into very good if not great NHL players.

    Sauer had an injury and didn’t come back until December, now he has a full summer to bulk up and work on his skating, and ditto for guys like Sangs and Weisse who is developing into a nice character guy.

    Remember people, Torts took Brad Richards, Martin St. Louis, and Dan Boyle who were not high draft picks and made them into VERY good if not great NHL players. Richards owes his contract to Torts.

    Whose to say he can’t take Dubi (“I’m gonna teach him how to be a proffesional), Cally (“he’s just a baby but I believe he’ll score 30 goals in this league), and AA (“Artie intrigues me with his size and skill, I can’t wait to see him in camp) and turn them all into 50-60 point players? (All were Torts quotes BTW).

  81. One more thing before I head to bed;

    As per the TSN article which was pretty dumb, what do you all think of the following free agents that have not been discussed on this board yet (excluding Tanguay, Cole, Gaborik) JUST for discussion purposes.

    1. Steve Sullivan; small and has had injury problems but for a one year deal?

    2. Sergei Zubov-Come home and end his career and be a 3rd pair/PP guy?

    3. Bill Guerin-Very old, it would be like Shanny part two but since his family still lives in LI…..

    I personally don’t endorse these moves however I’m curious what people here think.

  82. I dont see how it matters if the rules are stupid or not, and believe me, the jersey rule is incredibly stupid. The point is that they have a written rule and they chose not to enforce it. Is it because the league is in love with the Penguins? Maybe, maybe not, none of us can say for certain. I think the proper solution would have been to uphold the suspension and allow Malkin to appeal it. Then if you repeal it, whatever, at least it looks like you tried to enforce a rule. Like it’s been said a hundred times already, Bettman would have been in the Rangers locker room within 5 minutes to personally hand Avery his 2 game suspension.

    The NHL needs to stop trying to broaden its viewing base so much, because all it’s doing is alienating the screaming, loyal, hardcore fans it already has. Stop pandering to the casual fan with rule changes and preferential treatment for superstars. There will come a point when we cant take it anymore and stop watching, and then they’ll be left with nothing.

  83. Steve, the jersey rule is so that during fights, the jersey can’t come off and leave one guy with nothing to grab, he’d essentially be defenseless.

    Not sure when it was put in though.

  84. Oh I know what the rule is, and I understand why it would result in a misconduct, but it’s a little over the top stupid to suspend someone a whole game for it. I mean it’s not like anyone enters a fight thinking “Oh my jersey isnt tied down, I’m going to rail this guy!”

  85. It’s not a suspension, it’s a misconduct. And people were saying he should have been suspended for having 2 misconducts (1 for instigating, 1 for the jersey) which is an automatic 1 gamer, unless you’re a Penguin apparently.

  86. Guys you have to understand 2guysonecup(in69plus)’s position, I’d be hating on other teams too if my team’s season was all but over before the finals even really started. I mean when your captain is a crybaby what can you expect of his fans?

  87. The fact that the rule includes the clause about: “the director of Hockey Operations will review every such incident and may rescind the suspension” means we all have no real argument – the rules say he can rescind it and he has.

    However, i agree with a lot of you, if it had been Sean Avery he would have stuck him with 2 games and thats the problem – there should be a review panel, not just one guy with all that power.
    You should have a 4 or 5 man panel, with a couple of ex-players (preferably fighters like Tie Domi,Matty Barnaby or Stu Grimson) an ex-referee, and NHL exec and someone from the NHLPA.

  88. I’m torn over this whole situation. On one hand, rules are rules and they should be for everyone, regardless of stature. On the other hand, a 6 or 7 game finals would be great for the sport, and perhaps even draw some viewers to the games. I understand completely why Bettman did what he did, because financially it makes sense. But it certainly isn’t right. It’s why fans outside of Pittsburgh (or perhaps Canada, who have a love affair with Crosby)hate the Pens. And it’s even worse because they are playing the Soviet Red Wings (everytime I watch them they remind me of those 1970s Soviet teams). So that makes those Canadian fans skin crawl. Yeah, I would take Crosby and Malkin, but the Rangers will NEVER get anyone like that in their farm system as long as there’s this notion that NY fans will never support a bad team. The reason we are in this fix is because we were NEVER bad enough to get a guy like Malkin or Crosby. Mediocraty breeds more medioctraty. How many fans here would support a bad team filled with young, up and coming stars for a few years knowing that those stars will be the keystone of a contender a few years down the road. I certainly would. It would be a lot better than overspending for free agents, struggling to make the playoffs every year and then getting knocked out early because the team just isn’t that good.

  89. steve- i think we are keeping a pretty good balance of staying competitive(making playoffs, thats it) and doin ok as far as drafting and development of youth. now its only been a few years now where we have done this. sather is doing better than when he first got here. the redden situation is bad though. our drafting and minor league systems are good right now. problem is, with a few guys makin tons of money, we cant bring too many of them up, without replacing guys that deserve a roster spot. the few guys we want off the team, we are stuck with. i think when the drury, gomez and redden era are over, we’ll be a great young,fast,goal scoring, ass kickin team. i just hope hank is healthy and still in his prime

  90. steveknj – i agree, we’ll never get a #1 draft pick because no-one will accept a year of being beaten 50 times just to get a single player who may (or may not) save your franchise. However, if you look at Detroit’s team, it is made up of guys mostly drafted in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and beyond. So it is possible to compete every year if your draft strategy and farm system can provide you with top line talent.

  91. If Walker didnt get suspended for what he did in Boston, of course Malkin wasnt getting suspended.

    Same thing for Getzlaf not getting suspended in the playoffs when he should have this year.

  92. Speed Ranger on

    Even if the Rangers traded for a #1 draft choice, it’s unlikely to pan out for the Rangers. NYR do not have a strong enough developmental system to turn a #1 draft pick into a Hart Trophy finalist.

  93. Once the Rangers made the playoffs, you knew Dolan would raise the prices. He bought Newsday and raised the price immediately. The only way to send a message is to not go.

  94. true blue guy 81 on

    Who’s not going 22figure8 ? YOU ? Im a subscriper since 1981 and have seen alot of good and maybe to much of Sather’s bad move’s, but I know guys like you and me can’t stand away. lets go rangers.

  95. MiamiPimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    Why is it that I see more and more people using “Bush-League” in the comments?

    I think it’s bush-league … and I love it.

  96. Abdelkate: verb, to step up, rise to the occassion.

    There is the word used to describe the Red Wings as a team. They get the job done during the regular season, but when it comes to playoff time, the entire team rolls its sleeves up, and elevates their game to a higher level, from the first liners through the fourth line, through the goaltending. Small players play big, big players play bigger, everyone buys into the team concept and contributes. That’s Abdelkation.

    The Rangers lack players who Abdelkate. Instead it’s the other way around, the Rangers “Thornton-cate”, ie disappear when the game or series is on the line. I forgot whether Zherdev even played in the Washington series. Drury has 1 garbage goal. Gomez was not much of a threat. Redden let Federov have the game 7 winning shot. The only players that Abdelkated were Callahan, Betts, Dubinsky, Staal and Avery with the exception of game 5. Rangers have big players playing small, Detroit has the entire team Abdelkating

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