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So I took Steve Zipay’s advice and skipped over to TSN’s site for its ongoing pre-draft coverage, and its stories about the scouting combine this week.

I’m not into the prospects as much as some of you guys — don’t have the time, and still think the draft is an enormous crapshoot — but for those interested in future stars (and busts), check it out here.

Me? I’m heading to a lacrosse triple-header today. Beautiful weather. Golf weather, actually, and sadly.

See yas.

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  1. hedman FTW!

    and next year kabanov!
    next year taylor hall will be a cryin mess when hes not called first.

    warren 77 tonight?

  2. Lacrosse? Might be more exciting to watch paint dry, Rick…and I played it for 5 years.

  3. Lacrosse is boring. You’d think you’d be able to watch it since it’s semi similar to Hockey, but you cant, at least i cant. Hate it !!!

    And i hope Tiger Woods injures his arm, i didn’t know he bad mouthed hockey, now i hate him more than ever !!!

  4. I used to like Tiger but he rubbed me the wrong way.

    As far as the Rangers drating; I’d like them to get Ashton Carter, Drew Shore, or Landon Ferraro (Ray’s son).

    That Burish kid seems like a good project, maybe if they trade down and get a 2nd rounder.

  5. Colin-Yeah dude, he MIGHT be picked around 16-20. Who knows. If he’s gone, Prospect Park had it right; the Rangers should try and trade down to like 25th, grab Drew Shore, and swap their 2nd round pick in the deal for a higher 2nd round pick and go for the Burish kid who plays both football and hockey and is recovering from a torn ACL.

    Don’t underestimate Landon Ferraro, Ray was a very good player and I’m sure he’s taught his son well.

  6. If i get the swine flu, im going to Tigers house and that will be the end of him !

    There’s nobody i hate more than hockey haters. I hate them more than Crosby, and Malkin combined.

    All they do is sh*t on the sport and they don’t even give it a chance.

    Hockey players are the greatest athletes in the world, they never get into trouble off the ice, they don’t use performance enhancers unlike every other sport, and they do this all on skates. I would kill, literally kill to see a football player, basketball, baseball, what ever, play a game on skates. It would be hilarious.

    And golf is NOT A FUGGIN SPORT !! Gimme a break, im sick of people calling Golf, and Nascar sports, are you kidding me ? You can weigh 300 ibs, and play golf, or racing. Ugh, losers !!! Hate them all !!

  7. im hopeful if the rangers stay put they get ashton, or kadri.

    kadri has hands and most people dont really see anyone else on that team but tavares.

    im sure the scouts do, lol

  8. orr

    so i assume poker isnt a sport either

    what dont they show on espn besides hockey and curling? there were commercials on abc for the spelling bee! the spelling bee! jeez.

  9. Colin-if the Rangers got Kadri that would be the shizzle fo my nizzle but he probably goes like #7-9.

    Hockey haters are idiots. The game has cultured me and taught me more about European countries than school. Thanks to Kopitar I can talk a little about Slovenia and I know the difference between Slovakia/the Czech Republic, and how to pronounce Gagne, Buollion, and how to really say An-trrrroo-pov.

  10. I don’t have anything against people that like golf. I just don’t like it when people call it a sport.

    I liked playing the mini golf thingy, that was fun. But it’s not a sport.

    And yeah, Poker isn’t a sport either, and neither is Bowling. But they all find their way on ESPN.

    I like woman’s Curling. Team Russia, and Team USA from the Olympics in 06 were hot. I like woman’s anything, as long as there’s some babes around.

    Go Sharapova, and Ivanovic !! They’re still alive !!

  11. DanTheRangerFan on

    you guys need to give lacrosse a shot…its a very fun game to watch…and even more fun to play…..I would have to say baseball is much worse in the boring department even though I watch almost every yankee game. but ne way when do we get kovalchuk?

  12. I agree, Baseball is super boring. It’s sooooo slow.

    Woman’s Vollyball is great, all the gonzaga’s bouncing around, and all of the skin, and those tight bikini’s. Oh baby !!!

    Good stuff !

  13. DanTheRangerFan on

    oh def got to love the beach v-Ball girls in there thongs…when I go to the beach and see some girls playing v-ball I jump right in the mix just so I can fall all over them lol still waiting for one of them to say get off me you pasty freak …I know your just trying to cop a feel haha

  14. mikea …

    I totally agree. I saw that on Prospect Park too, and thought if we could get our hands on say the 25-26th pick and get a second 2nd round pick that would be ideal.

    Id rather have 3 picks lower in the 2 rounds then 2 picks spread out between the 2 rounds.

    My Draft wish-list is in this order (depending on who’s available) …

    Carter Ashton, Nazem Kadri, Ryan Ellis, Kyle Palmieri, Jacob Josefson, Landon Ferraro, OR Tim Erixon

    Edward Pasquale (G) or Robin Lehner (G) with my SECOND 2nd round pick.

    Interesting facts (this stuff always sways my decision) …

    1. Kyle Palmieri is the only top-ranked N.A. or Euro player that lists the Rangers as his favorite team

    2.Michael Lehner (Robin Lehner’s father) has coached Henrik Lundqvist

  15. Interesting facts somerset. I really like Kadri but I think someone will pick him in the top 10 so that way there isn’t a repeat of Parise.

    Ferraro is also smaller but these guys can put the puck in the net.

    I know that Drew Shore has to decide between college and the junior team that Sather owns so that could be interesting. He was leaning towards college.

    I like Tim Erixon, Jan’s kid, but the Rangers have so many young Dmen already (Staal, Girardi, Sangs, Del Z, Gilroy, Sauer, Potter, Kundratek, Dowzak, Gaulton) I’d be super surprised if they drafted another Dman early, unless Kulikov gets the xenophobia against Russians treatment.

  16. Mike A …

    yeah, i think most of those guys will be gone (especially if the Rangers trade down to scoop another 2nd round pick)

    I just listed my order of importance. I think with the first round pick, you take the best player available regardless of position. Why pass on the Best available player because you need a Size-winger (Hugh Jessiman).

    I would have no problem drafting Ryan Ellis if he’s still available despite being a D-man.

    I hope the Rangers take a goalie with their 2nd round pick. Our Goalie prospects suck right now and would love to draft Robin Lehner if still available in round 2

  17. Good call somerset. You do have to take the best available player.

    Yeah, Antione LaFleur didn’t pan out and I don’t think he’ll be getting a pro contract (maybe ECHL if he’s lucky) and I don’t think Wiikman or Zaba are better than Vally.

    I have faith in Gordie Clarke, Jim Schoenfeld, Christer Rockstrom, and Andres Hedberg. This is not Don Maloney heading the drafting anymore. The drafting has improven since 04 and while has not been great has been good. Also, Torts had a pretty decent record in Tampa of finding talent (Richards, Boyle, etc.) and you know with his personality, he’ll have a say.

  18. Best available player. Absolutely. Because he won’t play for a while, and you don’t know what you will need then. Best available will be a more valuable asset.

  19. Johnny LaRue on

    I like to play golf and I like watching it too, except when Woods is playing. The networks fawn over him just like Crosby. Tiger Woods doesn’t strike me as a likable guy and he’s so dramatic over every shot, good or bad. I hope he never wins another tournament.

  20. In my opinion, i think Nyr should skip D-men in this draft. Sangs, Del Z, go for a forward. Last year was a must since there was so many d-men available, but we need a good solid first round forward that will become something good for this team. That’s what Cherry was supposed to be and unfortunately he died.

    No more draft screw ups, i liked last years draft a lot, and hopefully we have another good one. But obviously we wont know how good it will be until some of these kids play, hopefully this upcoming season Del Z, and Grachev will come out of that draft and maybe get a spot on the roster.

    Also Slats cant screw up that 2nd round pick we got for Cherry.

  21. When Pierre was interviewing Zetterberg, anyone else see him cross his fingers behind his back and grit his teeth when he said “You were better than Crosby in last year’s series.”

    Seriously though, is Bettman gonna discipline him for saying something like that?

  22. onecupin69years and counting on

    Its not where you pick but how and what you pick.

    I think their scouting has been historically weak.
    Some success in the 80’s with Leetch ,Richter,Kovalev,and a few others.Then there’s a drought.
    Recently some hope with Staal, Hank, Dubi and calahan…but lots of misses.
    I can’t remember the last ,NO ,the rangers have never drafted a sniper. Steve Vickers? Murdoch?

  23. would anyone shed Gomez or Drury for Jordan Staal (4 M cap hit)? Free up money too.

  24. the penguins are going to be looking to “shed” salary so i doubt they would trade staal for a larger cap hit.

  25. Ah, I forgot to add:

    I think that lot of what Sather does depends on the Kings. They have lots of cap space, and they are going to be DESPERATE… They want to go after Gaborik or both Sedins… so let’s hope they get neither and end up asking Sather for a Gomez… lol

    Also, Vancouver has the Sedins and Ohlund going UFA.. they might be desperate too…

    I have low expectations for the next two seasons, because the cap is going to go down either in 09/10 or 10/11. So what do we do? I’m not saying we tank, but play the kids.

    Look what the Piles did. They played their AHL roster for most of the season and those kids played with their hearts… hell they shut out Detroit in their own building…. how about this team goes the youth route and continue developing.

    There is no way to be successful with late round 1st round picks and crap contracts already on the books… we’re not Detroit.. we can’t find superstars in the 5,6,7th rounders unless their last nmae ends in Lundqvist.

  26. plus the pens have depth at center. they dont need centers , they need either wingers or d men. guerins old and might retire soon, especially if they win the cup. kuntitz is pretty good though.

  27. pavel- good idea. i cant argue with playing the kids. but at the same time, we dont have too many prospects that are good enough for nhl. i think with our situation, there should no free agent signings except maybe if were able to trade rozy. then a cheap scoring winger should be got. the only kids from hartford i think should make vthe roster is anisimov, byers and either sauer or potter. del zotto will probably spend 1 more year in the ohl. unless he totally kicks ass in camp. gilroy will probably be on the team too in maras spot. sangs might start out in hartford and see how he does. im sure if hes much improved he could be brought up as a 7th d man. grachev and del zotto shouldnt be rushed and i think they’ll both be a year away from the rangers.

  28. actually, if we trade rozy then we should get a scoring winger in return so we wont need to sign one. we could throw artie on the 3rd line. byers on the 4th. move shoe up to the 3rd. i think korpi could be good on the 2nd with doobs and antro or aves

  29. cant wait to watch crosbiatch get b slapped by lemieux after he blows another chance at a cup

  30. we need a guy like franzen who just has a good nose for the net. isnt very fancy but im hopin grachev can maybe be a franzen type guy for us

  31. im tellin ya man that carolina team was no competition for the pens. it didnt serve them well to play such a weaker team. it didnt prepare them for the wings. i doubt its gonna be an easay series for the wings but you could see the level that their game has been raised from playing against the ducks and hawks.

  32. i’ll meet ya there in a few colin. im just fuelin up my private jet now and i’ll be there soon k bud.

  33. nah yo dont go thru all that trouble.
    i got this magic carpet. ill fly it over!

    whats the L/L there?


  34. Darren Helm reminds me of Ryan Callahan … it’s good start (to mimic the Red Wings) to have a Darren Helm on our team.

    Now we just need the scoring wingers, the veteran leadership, the rock-solid defensive corps, and some scoring from the 4th line and we will be set.

    And Abdulkader is a great name !!!!!

  35. glenn anderson is in the house. chillin with people from TO! apparently the 93 playoffs arent something to bring up hahahaha

  36. onecupin69years and counting on

    You can hate the pens all you want, but they have been in the finals 4 times in 18 years with 2 cups.Wouldn’t rangers fans want that?

  37. onecupin69years and counting-

    If they didn’t tank games to draft Mario they would have no cups in 18 years. Plus how many other seasons were they the laughing stocking of the league. Also Thank Bettman for rigging the lottery to get Crosby otherwise the team would be in Las Vegas right now. Don’t put the Rangers down when your team is just as much if not more of a joke!!

  38. mox – The only way the Pens deal STAAL is if they get a pair of NHL-ready prospects…say Del Zotto and Grachev for argument’s sake…OR…a slew of top picks. The team is in dire straits when it comes to cap space, ESPECIALLY because their about to have to trim $7 million worth of spending this season. Malkin and Staal have a combined cap hit of $6 million(with bonuses). Next season, that goes up to an eye-popping $13 million. Plus Fedotenko, Satan, Sykora, Guerin, Boucher, Scuderi, Garon and ‘Big Hal Gill.’ And they’ll also have to qualify Goligoski…In truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do move him. They moved Whitney, and I think a large reason behind it was because they knew he’d bee too expensive to hold onto in the long run…but with that said, I want no part of JStaal if it involves moving those guys. In truth, I want no part of the Penguins unless that part happens to be Malkin.

  39. onecupin69years and counting on

    If the pens deal Staal, chance are it ain’t to the Rangers.

  40. On NHL.com, they called Crosby’s post-game slash on Maltby gritty and scrappy. Unbelievable. If Avery had done it…well I think we know what people would say.

    “No respect for the game.”
    “Just a no-talent punk.”
    “He needs an ass-kicking.”

    Take your pick.

  41. onecupin69years – I see you’ve been drinking the league’s Koolaid. Well, drink up. Don’t let the facts get in your way. Here’s a few for you to chew on:

    The Penguins are the ONLY NHL team to lace up FIVE of their own top-5 draft picks in a game. In 42 years, the franchise has drafted a total of 14 top-5 picks, which for the mathematically challenged is one every three years.

    In contrast, the Rangers drafted only five top-5 picks in draft history. Ordinarily, one would think that would average about one top-five pick every 10 years, except for the fact that four of those Ranger picks were made consecutively in the 1960s, when only six teams were picking. Detroit had 11 over 47 years, and last drew from the top-5 in 1990, when they selected Keith Primeau.

    The Penguins tanked to get Lemiuex, starting a reoccurring cycle to stock their roster with the best amateur players.

    Management knowingly bankrupted the team to surround Super Mario with the best players money could buy.

    They then liquidated their roster and purposely dressed an AHL team for five seasons, knowing they’d end up with another boat-load of talent in the end, regardless of where the franchise went.

    If it weren’t for Bettman’s dickering and the fact that Mario Lemieux is in the front office, the Penguins would be in Hamilton right now.

    The joke that the Pengiuns were came to part as a quid-pro-quo with the city of Pittsburgh. The Pens agreed to tank, Bettman agreed to get them Crosby, and the city agreed to build them(him) a new stadium.

    So if you want to point at the Penguins’ success and use it as a model, go ahead. Frankly, I’d be embarrassed to don a Pittsburgh jersey(especially the gay powder blue one), because it’s emblematic of a team that needs to cheat to succeed. I’ll take the Rangers’ one, hard-earned cup over the two Mario bought ANY DAY.

  42. Shoryuken,

    Crosby’s slash is one of a number Pen infractions that were…uh…not seen by the stripes. How about Malkin’s hit on Kronwall that lead to his breakaway? Or Cooke’s hit nearly 10 seconds after the whistle in the second? Or Hal Gill’s deliberate slash on Zetterberg during his breakaway? The lack of officiating was evident, and the Penguins took full advantage of it. Kudos to Detroit for rising above the farce this league has become.

  43. tdchi,

    Shero dealt Whitney and his team got the better part of the deal…Kunitz is a very good player and the prospect they got is also a very good talent.

    Whintey in my eyes was overrated….just like J Bo.

    I am not against trading talent or prospects if you receive equal talent in return..

    When we traded Toots for Nikky Z…we got talent but we got talent that is/was a head case.

    Sather thinks he is God…I will take Lindros and rebuild him..too bad he had scrambled eggs for a brain.

    I will get Bure…too bad he lost his knees 3 years before that.

    Until Sather is gone…we will always be good enough to just make or miss the playoffs and for the Dolans…that is plenty good.

  44. I would also take 5 years of pure failure to get the talent as oppossed to missing the playoffs for 8 years and getting balls in return.

    I hate the Pens but I wish we could flip flop with them at any time.

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