Finally, the finals


I guess the NHL changed its mind on the scheduling and is ready to get the party started sooner than later, which is a good thing for NBC and a good thing for people who, you know, actually care about hockey and don’t want to wait for the championship series.

Now, as far as scheduling back-to-back games to start the series, then having two days between Games 5 and 6, and two more days between Games 6 and 7, well that’s pretty stupid. But we all know what tail is wagging the dog, right?

Here’s the official schedule:

2009 Stanley Cup Final — Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 

Date        Match-up        Time (ET)        National TV 

Saturday, May 30        Pittsburgh at Detroit        8 p.m.        NBC, CBC, RDS 
Sunday, May 31        Pittsburgh at Detroit        TBD evening        NBC, CBC, RDS 
Tuesday, June 2        Detroit at Pittsburgh        8 p.m.        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
Thursday, June 4        Detroit at Pittsburgh        8 p.m.        VERSUS, CBC, RDS 
* Saturday, June 6        Pittsburgh at Detroit        8 p.m.        NBC, CBC, RDS 
* Tuesday, June 9        Detroit at Pittsburgh        8 p.m.        NBC, CBC, RDS 
* Friday, June 12        Pittsburgh at Detroit        8 p.m.        NBC, CBC, RDS 

* if necessary 


I haven’t forgotten by long-since shaven ones. I am in the process of shipping out prizes for the top vote-getters in the Inaugural Paul Mara (unofficially) Rangers Report Playoff Beard Extravaganza brought to you by Festivus and the Boneheads.

PS, I’m pretty impressed that we did more than 200 comments on a nothing day like yesterday. You guys rule (the other possibility is that you have no lives, but I will not entertain that notion … keep on doing what you’re doing).

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  1. Penguins in seven..

    Jim Basille should get with my KHL comrades and just start a new league…

    he could do the Western Hemisphere Conference commissioner job…

    Teams in Ontario, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Hartford, etc….

    Wanna see how fast the NHL would start moving crappy dixie teams to Canada???

  2. Oh this Pens/Wings series V2.0 is so reminicent of the Oilers/Islanders series in ’84. The season before, the Islanders beat the upstart Oilers to continue their dynasty but in ’84, it was the Oilers starting their own dynasty of their own on the backs of the very young likes of Messier, Gretzky, Coffey, etc.

    So similar are the two series, if only the Islanders would have signed Jari Kurri away from the Oilers the year after beating them the way the Wings signed away Marian Hossa away from the Pens last year.

    Wings in 6… AGAIN!

  3. Even though they lost Chicago really impressed me, I wish the rangers had a player on their team like Dustin Byfuglien or Patrick Kane or Jonathan Teows.

  4. the way i view Sangs is: I think we shouldnt call him a bust, but at this rate (with Staal, Girardi, MDZ, Gilroy, Potter, Sauer, and maybe Fahey and Kundarek in the system)

    I have no problem packaging him as a “sweetener” to get rid of one of the major contracts. If there are no takers…then we keep him. Its a win/win scenario with him (unless he turns out to be Jessiman part II)

    Taking that ridiculous Staal/Redden trade rumor, I wouldnt have a problem changing it from:

    Staal, Dubinsky, Redden for Kaberle, Strahlman, and 1st rounder


    Sangs and Redden for Kaberle and a 1st rounder


    I want the Wings to beat the ‘Guins. No way Brashear deserves a ring and their fans are awful. I thought the semi finals rounds would last longer, to tell you the truth.


    Carp, nice obit for Frank Becerra on line today. Are you going to do a column on him? If yes, please post the link.


    22figure8. You’re right. I thought the window was on the wrong side when I got out of bed this morning. DUH No way do I want Cindy holding the Cup over his head!!!!!!!!!

  8. somerset- I agree with that. I would much rather trade redden and sangs for kaberle then even thinking of moving staal.

    I actually don’t think the wings are going to win this year. Pittsburgh has been on fire. Yet, I would much rather see the Wings take back to back titles. I loved watching Crosby lose last year in his own building. I’m hoping for it again.

    Wings in 6. I hope.

    Am I wrong to hope for that?

  9. i wish for one of two things in the finals…

    1. Wings win because i cant stand Crosby

    2. Pens win and Crosby drops the Cup and is “tarred and feathered”

  10. Nothing wrong with cheering for another Original 6 franchise. Detroit has class. They didn’t rely on five CONSECUTIVE lottery drafts to build their team.

  11. haha That would be classic. Everyone would then, from that moment on, remember crosby as the young phenom who dropped the cup and then never won again.

    I mean, if you drop the cup ‘cus your a pussy you get a curse put on you, right?

  12. I’m going Wings in 7, but am not really bothered.

    Although it would be funny for Mercenary Hossa to get beat by the other team he could have signed for.

  13. Pavel- You are completely right. The Pittsburgh Penguins are kinda like the NHLs own frankenstein. Where as the Wings are built from the ground up with class and history. The Pens are just the outcome of a terrible “lottery” the nhl set up in their favor.

    Put it this way, the Rangers would never get that lucky. Or is it skill? Maybe I’ve just set my standards really, really low for our GM.

  14. Watch out for massive one-sided officiating in these finals. Buttman would love nothing more than for his puppy crush Cindy win the Cup…Hell, watching NHL commercials you would swear that the Pens won the Cup last year.

    So, watch out for bad calls and the Pens winning the Cup and then the league will go overboard comparing Cindy and Corky to Mess and Gretz.

    Yes, I think Malkin looks like a Corky.

  15. Thanks One Ranger Love I appreciate the kind words. I thank both Rick and Jane for letting me link here. I do this for free and the kind words from my fellow Ranger fans make it all worth it

  16. Didn’t Kronwall get tossed for that legal hit on Havlat?

    Forget it if he dares touch Cindy…he’ll be suspended 25 games minimum.

    Buttman’s got tears rolling down his cheeks he’s so happy for the Cindy & Corky show.

    God, I hope the Wings throttle them…

  17. Anytime mouth! Just keep up the good work!

    Yeah, I just want to thank Rick and Jane as well. I would say I have come to this blog everyday for the past 5 months. It has been great to talk about the Rangers. Even now after their season is long over. Keep up the great work! We all love for it.

    LETS GO RANGERS! Training camp isn’t too far off! ;)

  18. I was reading the Organizational rankings and the rangers were ranked 12th.

    The teams in front of us.

    Blues, Hawks, Bruins, Wings, Kings, Flyers…

    The Hawks & Bruins are 10x’s better then us now and have better prospects in their organization.

    All this talk of having Hank gives us a chance…a chance of barely making the playoffs and losing in the 1st or maybe if we are lucky the 2nd round.

    Hank cant do it alone.

    For every step forward we take 3 back.

    Everyone thought that Sather stole Nikky Z from Columbus….I didnt like the move because Tyutin was the only guy on the blue line who would make the opposing player look over his shoulder instead of having guys like Rozy and Redden letting the guy in without resistances.

    Part of what necessatied the deal was dumping Backman because he was a huge mistake.

    You think Sather would have learned from his numerous mistakes…but the guy just doesn’t give a sh*t.

    His legacy to me will be a guy who was in the right place at the right time…1st in Edmonton with the players the team drafted..he wasn’t responsible for any of that and then with the rangers, being able to steal dolans money for 10 years of failure…

    My prediction…at least another 25 years before we win a cup.

    Ranger fans should protest.

  19. CJP- haha That is exactly why I am glad the Finals start this weekend, that way the execution can begin right away. What are you wearing to the funeral? I am wearing my Lundqvist jersey. Or is that too formal?

  20. Detroit in 5 or 6

    Shittsburhg jsut does not have the depth Detroit has
    Plusu Malkin And Crybaby have bad nights, almost no one over in Detroit has bad nights

    And Detroit isnt even playing wiht there entire roster right now, 4 guys hurt? So if they make it back into the finals, there’s no chance

    Fleury will be the difference maker for the PEns, but Ossie was fantastic last ngiht as well so I give him the upper hand with WAY more experience

    Oh to See Crybaby And Frakenstein on one knee crying that they lost the cup twice in two years will be SO SWEET

    The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend = F Shittsburhg, GO WINGS!!

  21. We should start a we want JD rally…not sure he would come back to this hell…but we should start it up anyway.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    The NHL pushed up the starting date of the finals so Datsyuk and Lidstrom would have less recovery time so Sissy Crosby has a better chance of winning the Cup.

    Still, I stand by what I’ve been saying for years: Pittsburgh will not win the cup with Marc Andre Fleury in net. Wings in 7.

    I heard Doc Emrick say during the game last night that Huet talked to his team after Game 4 about how he was sorry and how he needed to be better than that. He talked about his contract and the expectations upon him and how he needed to just be better and not only play up to the expectations but exceed them. Then he went out and was FANTASTIC in Game 5, even though they lost.

    What do you think the chances are that Redden, Drury, Gomez, or Rozsi makes a speech like that?

    PS, I’m actually happy we have Redden when I watch Campbell. Sure, Campbell has played better than Redden, but only marginally so. Meanwhile, his contract is much worse: 8 years @ 7.1 million per compared to Redden’s 6 @ 6.5 per.

  23. Doodie,

    Only difference is Campbell has offensive upside but both suck defensively…

    That and the Hawks are a good young team and we are a middle of the road team.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Campbell has some offensive upside, but he was still the worst defenseman Chicago had in the 4 games I watched of the Western Conference finals. His numbers are padded because at least he has offensively talented players to play with. (aka Hawks are a good young team and we are a middle of the road team)

    Redden was playing with our dregs and still scored half as well as Campbell. Rozsi had more than half, with more goals.

  25. C-$ i was beginning to think you forgot about us bearded ones!

    Ona side note, I hope Cindy gets his clock cleaned, strike that, demolished by The K-Train. (Kronwall obviously)

    Go wings i guess? I hate the pens…

  26. And this one will last a lifetime on

    -Why all the Crosby and Penguin haters?
    The guy is playing like the best player in the league since The Great One.
    -It would be absolutely awesome to watch Hossa lose the final last year, switch teams, and then lose again. (He would not have had that problem if he were a Ranger)
    -Penguins in 6. The Eastern Conference must show it is as good as the Western Conference
    -Fleury was the number 1 draft pick in the number 1 round in 2003. Check this out (2003 draft) Maybe this year he becomes one of the few goalies that win cups.

    The only player in the entire first round that did not have an NHL career was the NY Rangers pick. Looking at the 2003 I would have to say most of the teams did an awesome job and that had to be one of the most productive drafts in recent years.

  27. [Random thoughts]

    I wonder why the Canadian teams never threaten to secede from the NHL to form their own national league? Can the NHL survive without Canada?

    And speaking of which, how would you like a line of Kovalev-Koivu-Kostopoulos? How long would it be before the Versus guys started referring to it as the “KKK” line?

  28. It would be pretty awesome to watch Hossa switch teams and then lose in the exact same finals match up again. Would serve him right.

    That said, the last thing I ever want to see is Sidney Crosby holding the Cup over his head.

    Go Wings.

  29. I think its funny that there are suspected Caps players being tested for steriods.

    Anyone remember Morrison biting Dubinsky?? Roid-Rage anyone???

  30. Wow!!
    Perry, Getzlaf, Parise and Mike Richards taken “after” Jessiman in 2003

    Why did I have to be born a Ranger fan? I was on Long Island…could’ve switched in time for 4 cups ….but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…I stuck with this team

  31. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I just got around to reading those steroid in DC articles. It makes me want to stop following professional sports.

    Makes you wonder if those absurd melodramatic overwrought Ovechkin celebrations for routine goals was really ROID RAGE.

  32. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yes somerset. exactly. it’s so f-ed up. NYR loses in game 7 by one goal. If the CAPS werent juicing it, who knows what would have happened.

  33. ” just got around to reading those steroid in DC articles. It makes me want to stop following professional sports.

    Makes you wonder if those absurd melodramatic overwrought Ovechkin celebrations for routine goals was really ROID RAGE.”


    He’s just an excitable boy

  34. Another thing about that 2003 draft

    whoever says the talent pool really thins out after round one was right….

    Except for Shea Webber I didnt see anyone else after rnd 1 that amounted to anything

  35. Gotta go with the Red Wings, I don’t think I’d be able to stomach seeing Crosby win the Cup.

    What do you guys think about the Rangers signing Andres Ambuhl?

  36. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Define amount to anything.
    Round 2: Bergeron, Carle, Backes, O’Sullivan , Ericksson
    Round 5: Stempniak , Carcillo
    Round 7: Pavelski
    Round 8: Enstrom , Byfuglien, O’Brieny

    you are right though, the first round was loaded!

  37. I love hockey but….

    The season should really end in early to mid May….its way too long this is why they take steroids….some of these guys are gonna play 100 games!!!

    It would also hi-lite the NHL more…now its getting nice everyone is going out or watching the NBA

    Idiots…short term gratification long term loss

    cut the season to 72 games

  38. Just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone. It’s been a little while since I have posted. I took the day off from work today so hang out with my daughter and take her to Red Robin for lunch, the new steak sliders are great. I think this playoff final is going to be a lot closer than last year. I don’t necessarily mean in the score, I mean in terms of play and tempo. I still think Detroit will win in 6 or 7. I am definitely rooting for the Wings here, but I am always had a soft spot for Billy Guerin. I have always liked him as an American born hockey player, and just a person in general. But my like of him still is not enough to root for the penguins. I guess if they somehow win, I can use Guerin as a way to not hate on it as much, but I don’t think that is going to happen anyway. Hope everyone is doing well.

  39. Wings in 6 again.

    Although i would get a kick out of seeing Hossa lose in the finals in back to back years. That would be hilarious.

    I hate Crosby, i hate Malkin, and i hate horse face Fluery. He belongs on the race track, not the ice, and the Wings will prove that.

    I agree the league is speeding the finals up so Datsyuk, and Lidstrom don’t have time to recover, and if they play they’re not 100%. That’s Buttman for you.

  40. ” and i hate horse face Fluery. He belongs on the race track, not the ice”

    Hey Orr!!

    Easy on the horses man…they cant help their looks

  41. thats the same thing i think of when i see fleury talk orr

    those teeth are outta control

  42. Nasty 1

    I felt this way in the Pens-Caps series…

    On the caps I like AO…thats it; the rest of them I cant stand

    on the Pens I like Guerin, Orpik, Letang, Talbot and Staal

    Why was I rooting for the Caps?

    You’re right…dislike for Crosby and Malikn outweighs the fact that I like more guys on the Pens then the Caps….

    and now wings too ( but I still think Pens win)

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, do you really lament that you aren’t an Islander fan? I’d rather watch baseball than be an Islander fan, or a Scout fan, or whatever they rename the team when they move to KC. That franchise is a joke and never would I ever want to be associated with it.

    Also, I see a lot of guys in ’03 that came after the first round that amounted to something (in the order they were drafted):

    Eriksson, Bergeron, O’Sullivan, Backes, Stempniak, Pavelski, Enstrom, and Byfuglien were all taken after the first round, and they’re all VERY GOOD players.

    Then there were the other decent/solid NHLers (same ordering):

    Kreps, Fritsche, Carle, Crombeen, LaPierre, Carcillo, MAcArthur, Picard, Potulny, Stortini, Hejda, Bitz, Quincy, Dawes, Kukkonen, Richardson, Gervais, Paetsch, Brodziak, O’Brien, and Tarnasky.

    None of those guys are stars, but they’re all solid NHL players. Dawes was our 5th round pick that year, and is still the only player we drafted that year that played more than 5 games in the NHL (Jessiman-0, Baranka-1, Roche-0, Potter-5, Dornic-0, Furrer-0, Holt-2, Marek-0, although he was part of the Avery package).

  44. And this one will last a lifetime on

    excellent comment on that draft, and quite an indictment of our beloved blueshirts completely and absolutlely asleep at the wheel during that draft year, which 5/6 years later sees all these other teams benefitting and us reeling.

    let it go or you may develope OCD

  45. “Kreps, Fritsche, Carle, Crombeen, LaPierre, Carcillo, MAcArthur, Picard, Potulny, Stortini, Hejda, Bitz, Quincy, Dawes, Kukkonen, Richardson, Gervais, Paetsch, Brodziak, O’Brien, and Tarnasky.”

    Hey Doodie!!

    Uncle! Uncle!
    I get the point…I didnt comb through the 210 guys in the last 7 rounds with extra fine teeth just pointing out the difference between rnd 1 and the rest

    and I think you strecthed the line a little with this list of clowns above…you could close your eyes; stick your finger in the phone book and equal this group…

  46. 71st!
    I cant even predict a winner, I dont want Penguins to be happy and I am sick of the Redwing dominance.
    Lets Go Golfing!

  47. CARP:

    C-$ stands for just that, C-$. It was a nick name we gave one of my fraternity brothers since he was always flashing his cash and spending it and his name was Chris. So we dubbed him C-$.

    I dubbed you C-$ because you have done a MONEY job at taking over for sam. At first i was skeptical but you have taken over in great fashion. So that is where C-$ comes from. Keep up the good work Carp.

    Go rangers.

  48. onecupin69years+ on

    Does anyone think Ryan Malone regrets not resigning with the pens? I don’t , $$$$ cures a lot of ailments.

  49. Kaspar/jack – (from previous thread) HF is the same site that said Lundmark was the next Yzerman. Anyone who trusts anything that site pukes out is likely to be disappointed(or maybe surprised?). Those rankings are a load of crap.

    One Ranger Love – If Kronwall as much as sneezes on Crosby, he’ll get a 10 minute major for possibly spreading swine flu to the crybaby. Just watch. If this league were fair, I’d say Wings in six. But seeing as though Buttman has a big hard-on for Sid, I’d be amazed if he’s not holding the cup by the end…but the Wings are CLEARLY the better team. Hands down. Pens sans Malkin would be a sub .500 team.

    And this one will last a lifetime – Crosby isn’t even SECOND BEST in the league. If you watched him during the season, he can’t even old Malkin’s jock. And that’s before you figure in Ovechkin. I’d take either of the Russians any day of the week over Crosby. Like I said, if Malkin were to go down for whatever reason, the Pens would struggle to win one of two…regarding the draft struggles, could’a, should’a, would’a…at the time, Jessiman was seen as a high-risk, high-reward player. He was drafted with the old clutching and grabbing NHL in mind, and may have even developed into a third-line player if the clock were reversed. So I say why cry over spilled milk? Besides, who cares about Fleury? He was a miserable pick for first overall. The guy is a sieve if you pepper him with shots. Over him, I’d take Vanek, Staal, Carter, Phaneuf…well the list goes on.

  50. No Country For Old Rangers on

    A little off topic but…any banjo players on here?

    ok that’s REALLY off topic but who cares. it’s summertime and the rangers suck

  51. onecupin69years+ on

    When is Sather going to get sick of NY and leave?
    He’s totally ruined the team structure (players, trades, draft) and integrity of this franchise.This team is like a yo-yo it goes up and down, up and down. But I haven’t seen that ground up rebuilding and growing into something special like other teams have.

  52. this is off topic

    Any Balalaika players on here? I won 7 national hockey league offseason backyard Balalaika championships! Fo sho!

  53. onecupin69years+ on

    I’ll take Crosby and every NHL would love to have him. You may not love him like A rod, but when A rod came back the Yankees started to win and Teixiera began to hit,they did zilch with pretty boy Jeter the captain in the line up.Talk about over rated.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, if I landed on my name, it wouldn’t work, no matter how hard I wish it did.

    Even if we had gotten a 4th line/PK guy out of those later rounds, wouldn’t that be better than nothing?

    Also, didn’t take that long to look. on you can look at every draft and it has a listing of all the players and a listing of their NHL totals. I looked down the list only at the guys who had ever played.

    There were others, but those are the only ones that have played a decent number of games or have shown they could cut it if they haven’t (like Bitz).

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d take Crosby in a heartbeat also, but it doesn’t mean he’s the best. I’d take A LOT of guys in a heartbeat. I wonder who the cutoff player for a list like that would be, like the first player that would make me take two heartbeats, ignoring the cap, because that would make the list very different if I had to consider cap numbers.

    Maybe Slava Kozlov.

  56. Carp, How come Josh Thomson is the only one who has to divulge his age in his Bio? Just wondering, Rob (39).

  57. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Jbyes , The NHL would survive without Canada but the problem is Canada would never leave the NHL to start thier own league. The Stanley Cup is property now of the NHL and to stake claim to it , Canada would NEVER leave the NHL to play for some made up new trophy…Never in a million year , but I can’t speak for Quebec …lousy buggers wanted to seperate decades ago….. This one wil last a lifetime , that very next pick after Jesseman is what KILLLS ME!!!! Dustin brown from the Kings…..ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! ty for reminding me of the draft buddy!!!

    C-$ is Mike just stating with C ( Carp) owes him $ ( a payout for winning the beard thing)

    History says Pens will win but the Hossa factor is in effect here too. Penguins lost like only 2 games all playoffs last year and got SWEPT in the final ny the wing….here we go again. Wings in 5.

  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Rick , i was born in ’68 , you young lad you!!!!

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Hugh will do one of two things:

    1) ride the pine
    2) get KOed by a 10 year old he starts a fight with.

  60. onecupin69years+ on

    Crosby like A rod are a presence on the field /ice, they will make other players better,they will dominate, and everyone expects them to deliver all the time, in time they will.
    Met fan LOl c’mon Carp,next you’ll call me a J E T S fan.

  61. ZzZz – We can only hope. Jeeze, one of my most precious memories in NHL hockey -maybe even in the top-10 since I’ve been watching the sport -is seeing the hopelessly dejected look on Crosby’s face in front of ALLLLL those boisterous $hitbag booing Pens fans when his team got their asses handed to them in Game 6. Sid Crosby: $9 million a year. 20,000 Pens fans: $150 per ticket. The pleasure of seeing the NHL’s biggest fraud of a team get stomped by a real hockey club in a real hockey town: PRICELESS

  62. If the Lidstrom and Datsyuk are healthy Wings in 7, otherwise Pens in 7. I have never liked Crosby, always thought he was overrated, but I must say, he’s played like a great player these playoffs. I might have to admit I’m wrong….but…he still needs to grow up!!

    Ranger fans, time to stop getting hung up on jessiman, and all the busts we’ve had and start thinking of legitimate constructive ways we can fix this team. Getting rid of Sather is a start, but I don’t see it happening. BTW, Neal Smith had his share of busts as well (Manny Malhotra anyone? How about Corey Hirch?) As I said, unless we get REALLY bad for a few years, we probably will stay in this mediocre hell we’ve been in. Perhaps the WORST thing that could have happened to us is us making the playoffs after the strike. It made Sather think that the team was close to winning something, but it really wasn’t.

  63. Wings in 6, Cindy breaks down falls on the ice pounding fists crying, face freezes to ice-priceless.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Crosby IS overrated, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a FANTASTIC player.

    steve, Smith sucked too. Name one pick other than Marc Staal that has done anything for the Rangers since Slats took over. Only 1 good first round pick in almost a decade is unacceptable. Try the same for Neil Smith, excluding Kovalev. Unacceptable.

    Two good first round picks in 20 years.

  65. onecupin69years+ on

    Overrated is subjective , 103 pts isn’t over rated. What would make him not over rated? A ranger uniform?

  66. onecupin69years+ why can’t you just hate on crosby regardless of his “skill” like the rest of Ranger land. Common being a bang wagon hater is so fun! especially with Cindy Crosb*tch

    I never understood the whole * in curses. It’s not like no one knows what I meant to say?

  67. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    The Penguins are a bunch of losers who were bottom feeders and dwellers for years …tank 5 season and end up with Crosby , Malkin , Staal and fluery !! Asslanders became Bi**hes too by landing the top pick being a DISCRACE to the league!! YEAH become a DISCRACE to the NHL and ya get rewarded with the best young talent!!!??? Asslanders and pisshead penguins can be proud of thier accomplishments because between you and I , we know they got that way being a pathetic bottom dwelling scum.

  68. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Rangers fans , least we can hold out head up high and accept the stuiped moves our GM has made but atleast we never scraped the bottom and played for the top spot…welll maybbeeee when we got Staalsie we did..but that is debatable. We got this way , which is not so great from playing our asses off and not ruling the bottom heap…WE CAN BE PROUD that we never had a #1 pick because we are not scum like some teams.

  69. “Name one pick other than Marc Staal that has done anything for the Rangers since Slats took over.”

    Callahan. Scored in Renney’s play for the skillz competition and proved himself in the playoffs as well (puck could have bounced his way a few more times). CALLY = FINISHER

    Dubinsky is good but hope he doesn’t want too much $$$.

    Was Sather involved in picking Henrik (2000)?

  70. f crosby and malkin. hate them with that said i think its there year. i think they take wings in 5. the hossa jinx continues.

    go wings

  71. Josh Thomson on

    May 28th, 2009 at 4:53 pm
    I am 39 as well

    old fart. :)

    I am 26!


  72. I think it is very similar to the 83/84 series. Forget Kaberle get Cam Baker. And for the love of god Chris Higgins. Pens in 6

  73. Watch out now… Greg is in *DESTRUCTION” mood today!

    I will be 39 too! But right now i think i am only 32.

  74. Smith helped bring the Rangers a cup i dont ever wanna read Smith sucks, Neil smith is the man

  75. Tony, Doodie and Josh … let’s say I’ve been 39 for a while.

    Onecup, I just assume that anybody willing to argue Jeter’s overrated is a Mets fan.

  76. The Most Interesting Man In The World (formerly MiamiPimp) on

    Schedule(d) by the NationalBushLeague

  77. Wings in 6!! Especially since the Pens lost Malone, AND some guy names Hossa.

  78. Doodie. Smith had some bad picks down the homestretch … but he had some pretty good ones early on … Kovalev, Zubov, Nemchinov, Weight, Norstrom, Sundstrom, Marchant, Cloutier, Savard. Jamie Ram.

  79. Malone sucks they wont miss him, Wings in 6 though, Osgood is a completely different goalie in the playoffs than he was all regular season long… fleury and the Eatons, Scuderis of the world will not be able to handle the skill and depth of the wings offense, even if lidstrom and datsyuk arent 100%

  80. Has any of these Josh Thomsons been the real JT? I think we need him as a guest poster one of these days.


  81. any news on the lidstrom injury?

    if DZ is there #1 d prospect what does that say aboutsanguinetti? is he another bust..

    carp thanks for keeeping the site going….

  82. I’ll be 26 soon. and by soon I mean 2.5 years. But I assure you all, once I am 26, that is how old I will remain for the rest of my long life.

    -Josh Thomson, 26

    Funny story, Josh Thomson once interviewed me for LOHUD newspaper on a story about attending the final game at the old Yankees Stadium. He failed to mention he was 26. My picture was in the paper and all! and video on the website.

  83. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    CCCP , ya maybe a little destruction , but not twards you man…..CCCP could stare down Torts!!!

  84. Neil Smith from 89-94 was excellent. Neil Smith from 95-00 was terrible.

    Korpi was also a first round pick (a Maloney choice). Not saying he’s gonna be a real goal scorer but if he turns into a Juri Lethonnen/Jan Erixon type player (shuts down the other teams top players and can get 15 G, 15 A while PKing) then that’s cool. Kid has a great wrist shot, gotta use it more.

  85. onecupin69years+ on

    Carp just wants to stir the pot to another 200 post day.
    With each year I got older the more body I am willing to trade to get younger,there’s not much left.

  86. and this one will last a lifetime on

    ZzZz, the finals went 6 games last year (no sweep for wings)

    tdchi , you are just an idiot. Of course Crosby is a GREAT player, whether you like him or not or think he is the best overall player in the game today or just in the top 5 (yes I know how good Malkin and Ovechkin and Datsyuk are)

    Carp , I belive we are the same age , 39

  87. Steve – “The lack of Paul Mara in this discussion is disgusting. I really dont see any way the Rangers dont bring him back. He’s a team-first kind of guy who has continually been paired with young defensemen since he got here. Are you really trying to rid the Rangers of what little grit and quiet leadership they have? Frankly I think he should be made an alternate captain, not driven to the shadows like Marek Malik or Darius Kasparitis.

    The level of idealism here is almost overwhelming. You cant just plug in Sauer/Potter/Heikkenen just because they’re young and you want them to succeed. The NHL doesnt work that way.”

    But the nhl DOES work in a way of what we call a SALARY CAP.
    There is no way Paul Mara can be a Ranger next year, he took a “hometown discount” last year at 1.95 mill per year, he would have to take even less for him to come back again, and hes not going to, and nor do i want him back, like we have been saying its time to throw in some young blood right into the NHL, like some of these other teams aroudn the NHL have done and it has worked for most of them.. Paul Mara is a great locker room guy and all but he isnt getting any better, hes gone forever sorry Steve

  88. why would Mara make $2 mill this year? he is a 3rd pair d man that is who he is…

    the cap is going down, guys like Mara are not that valuable……

  89. I have fallen into the trap of believing Sather actually has a plan up his sleeve before and I have been very very disappointed…

    Last year when he let big contracts walk ( Jags, Shanny, Straka, Avery )guys who conservatively speaking were looking for around $15 combined- and all guys I like too!… I thought he was playing it cold and smart for the future…

    I retrospect he screwed us with Redden and Rozi….only Avery would have been what you would call a “long term deal” all the others would have been 1 and 2 year deals..

    Now I see him stockpiling young dee-men and I want to think he’s trading Rozi at least; Redden is untradable and maybe he’s gonna give him next year to pay off or buy him out in 2010…in the meantime he’s building a corps of youngsters who will learn on the job and mushroom into a great unit for years to come…..

    He’ll probably re-sign Morris and trade Sangy, pix and others for Kaberle…bury Del Zotto in the AHL to rot and sign Groin-abronik and have to include Dubi and Cally in trades to get rid of Gomez and Drury to get under the cap

  90. kaspar

    you are even more naive than i originally thought! Did you also believed Sather when he told you that everything is going to be ok right before he sent you to Hartford?

    Da Chiefs

    is that 5 and a half in human years?

  91. Mara will get somethin around 2 mill, and even if we are going to pay him the league minimum i still dont want him, i want more youth on our team and that should be everyones attitude at this point.. and there are alot more players that i rather keep than Mara for that price


    Does anyone think Sather is consulting with Torts about off season changes? I think Torts wants to have a voice in what goes on. Renney was a yes man. I’m not saying Torts is making the calls but I think he’s telling Slats what he needs.

  93. Doodie – I’ll give you one: Steven Rice, top pick in 1989. Why? Because without him, the Rangers never win the Stanley Cup. Remember, he was traded with an underachieving Bernie Nicholls(acquired from the Kings by two STELLAR Ranger draft picks: Granato and Sandstrom), and Louie DeBrusk(a third-rounder in 1989) to acquire MESSIER. Without Rice, the deal falls through. The Rangers lose the cup and we fans feel even worse than we do right now…Also, you gotta give props to the Kovalev pick too, even though he didn’t do much with the Rangers.

    I’ve said this on other boards(and maybe even here), but it’s tough being the middle-of-the-road team all the time and getting quality top picks. The Rangers, as sad as they’ve been over the years, always seem to hit roughly .500. That means they’re always picking between 15th and 25th.

    I’ll also make a few more caveats to the Ranger-draft record of the 90s. Nik Sundstrom(8th overall) and Cloutier(26th overall) were also a decent picks in their respective draft years…and they were packaged for a 4th overall…WHICH…if it were any other year but 1999, would have yielded a nice player(Luongo in ’97, Allen in ’98, Klesla in ’00, Weiss in ’01, Pitkanen in ’02)…we just happened to get high-round picks in THE worst draft year in several decades. Brendl did turnout to be OK…in Europe…The bastard had 35 goals in the KHL last year.

    And lastly, Cherneski was a good pick too. Tough kid, lots of promise. He would have been a good 2nd line guy were it not for his knee. Real bummer. Same with Blackburn and his shoulder…

  94. I keep reading all these comments and stories all over the web about the Rangers looking to move up in the Draft (possibly as high as 3rd from Colorado) to take Matt Duchesne or Hedman (if hes still there)..But I keep hearing Dubinsky, Cally or Girardi as the possible names being packaged with our pick to move up…I love Hedman and think Duschesne might be a star someday (he reminds me of Kessel) but I’m very against trading any of these three. Anybody else hearing these rumors?

  95. DENNIS

    Anything is possible with Slats as out GM. Although i do give him all the credit in the world for passing on Forsberg. Holmgren wanted Staal, and somebody else straight up for him. I think Montoya too. Good job Slats. But then i signed Drury, Gomer, and Redden. Yay.

    And we’ll sign Gionta, and Spacek, and that will be the end of the Rangers !!!


    You ready for a rematch later ?? Ill be Japan, they have some skilled players on that team……In the martial arts of course, not hockey.

  96. dennis- thats because the only way we can move up to get duchene is to trade dubinsky, cally, etc…/and id be down for it too. him and grachev were awesome together as linemates. theyd make 1 sweet top line for us in the future.

  97. He belongs on the race track, not the ice, and the Wings will prove that.

    orr- lmao ur freakin hysterical dude!!

  98. hmm gionta and spacek…. damn. they might as well just have them give us the cup now. no way were losin with those 2 on the team

  99. sry orr. i used to have xbox live. i just play the computer now. its fun and i can score alot of goals without getting my stick lifted every time im gonna shoot!! i started a dynasty with the rangers, then i got a dynasty with the trashers and the leafs. i love starting out with sundin on the leafs. then i just trade him to vancouver for bieksa and and draft picks!!

  100. i also love creating players, putting them on my team and then trading them for all the worst teams #1 picks!! in the first round i drafted a guy rated 89 with a b potential!! that game rocks!!

  101. if we could draft a player like duchene or hedman id trade cally in a heartbeat and girardi too. cally had a great year but i think he may have hit his ceiling this season, at least offensively. id hate to lose dubinsky but ud probably have to pull the trigger if u could get the 3rd pick (which I dont see being traded at all). in such a deep draft i dont see any reason why any of the top 5 or 6 teams (if not top 10) would trade away their picks unless they were getting a sure thing and lets face it neither cally, girardi or dubinsky are sure things (dubinsky has the most potential but until he scores more its just potential)

  102. I wonder when Game 1 of the finals would be if Crosby was hurting. They’d start it in effin’ August.

    Anyone see what Bettman said about the Phoenix situation today? “We don’t give up on cities [just Quebec, Winnipeg, and Hartford], attendance is down because the team is losing.”

    While his last statement may be true, Carolina fans don’t show up until March. Real fanbases attend games in October. Haha I remember they were giving away NASCAR tickets to get people to come.

  103. I always thought Neil Smith got a raw deal from Ranger fans. Sure he made some awful moves like bringing in Mike Keane and Brian Skrudland in here at the end of his reign, but he put together a team and made trades in 1994 that actually worked and helped get us a Stanley Cup. I think for that he gets lifetime amnesty from any criticism at least from me.

    Most fans wanted Smith gone along with Colin Campbell back in the day and as the saying goes but be careful what you wish for because it’s been circus monkey time up in the front office ever since.

    Ranger fan scores goal at MSG during play ! :

  104. Dennis,

    Where are you hearing that? I wouldn’t be overly surprised, because Dubinsky and Callahan are both due significant raises. If they’re looking for TOO much, you can guarantee Sather will move them…the other thought is that if you move them and Girardi, that’s money to be used for a high-priced signing(See: Gaborik, Camellari, Havlat). Duchene could be playing in the NHL next year, as could Grachev, which is basically the two forward positions that would be lost if Dubi and Cally are moved. Let’s say Z leaves and Antropov figure the Avs are willing to make that deal.

    On the UFA front, give Gaborik $7.5 per(modest raise from his $6.3), toss $3.5 million at Antropov, and $2.5 at Mara. Figure the rooks are each worth a million a piece…as are Valiquette, Betts and Sjostrom(modest raises)…and Orr…heck, give’em a $200,000 raise.

    ..that moves your depth chart something like this:

    Avery-Gomez-Gaborik(assuming he signs)
    Korpikoski-Drury-Antropov(assuming he resigns)
    Grachev-Duchene-Sjostom(assuming he resigns

    Then on defense…
    Del Zotto-Mara(assuming he resigns)

    Keep Byers, Anisimov, and Sauer/Potter on the bench as parts.

    That’s a basically cap-compliant team. A nice balance of size, veteran experience and youth. You give Torts a third line with some get-up-and-go. You have a gamer in Gaborik, plus if Grachev and/or Duchene need more time in juniors, you can always replace them with Anisimov and Byers, who are both basically third-liners anyway. Would love to mix Kommisarek into that mix too, but there’s no money for it.

    Not bad, eh?

    …Except for the fact that I doubt anyone is going to give up a top-3 pick for Dubi, Cally and Girardi.

  105. C’mon guys, can we for once not talk about trading the good parts of this team? Cally and Dubi are heart and soul and wanna be here. They’re good players and actually care about being Rangers and the tradition. They’re not superstars, but they’re very good players and Torts seems to like them. They work hard and both have excellent upside and can hit 50-60 points.

    I like Duschene a lot but whatever, let Grachev and Anisimov play together and go for Kovalchuk next offseason and have some kind of Russian line in the future.

    Give Byers a crack to park himself in front of the net and play the role of poor man’s Holmstrom.

  106. again why would anyone pay mara $2.5 mill? be cause he is good in the locker room!!!

    he can’t score and is a avg. defender, that is $900,000 a year..

    I love how you guys throw money around and you whine about Sather doing the same thing….

  107. CCCP

    You ready for a rematch later ?? Ill be Japan, they have some skilled players on that team……In the martial arts of course, not hockey.


    HA kid, you really think i am that bad? I gave you couple of freebies… charity sort of speak… i got a new game pad and I’m coming for you Buddy – ORR!

  108. Yea reading “Id trade Callahan in a heartbeat” and “if you move them(dubinksy&callahan) and Girardi…”
    is absolutely ridiculous, i agree with:
    “MikeA – C’mon guys, can we for once not talk about trading the good parts of this team? Cally and Dubi are heart and soul and wanna be here. They’re good players and actually care about being Rangers and the tradition. They’re not superstars, but they’re very good players and Torts seems to like them. They work hard and both have excellent upside and can hit 50-60 points.”

    Its pathetic that people call them ranger fans and are willing to give up girardi dubinsky and callahan, 3 of the 5 untouchables on the Rangers, henrik and staal are the other 2, its a no-brainer that none of those players should be moved, and we’ve got people talking about trading half of them, i dont understand it. And its like you all definitely know that these SURE THING draft picks are going to be unbelievable in the NHL? nothings a guarantee… ill take my chances with these 5 players and draft at the spot we’re given without moving up

  109. Dubi and Cally are going nowhere – you’re looking at future C and A and if Slats has any sense he’ll sign them to 5+ year contracts. Girardi, Staal and Hank are also untouchable, the rest would be gone depending on the offer

    Although they are due significant raises i don’t see either getting more than $1.5-2m per year unless someone jumps in with an offer sheet and we have to match it. Their effort levels and attitude are great but both have yet to put up big stats which could be used as a negotiating tool, and they are RFA’s so if Slats is confident of no forthcoming offer sheets he could sit there and let them take their annual raises and only cost $660 and $700k against the cap next year.

    Take a player of similar age – Parise, 94pts this year and is a cap hit of $3.1m. Cally and Dubi scored less than half of his points. Getzlaf and Perry are of similar ages and earn over $5m per but scored 91 and 72 points respectively.

    If i’m Slats i offer Cally and Dubi both 5 years at average $2m per, giving them a decent payrise for each year, more than they would get as an RFA or possibly through arbitration:
    year 1: $1m
    year 2: $1.5m
    year 3: $2m
    year 4: $2.5m
    year 5: $3m

  110. onecupin69years+ on

    Trades are a sensitive subject. Trades are usually made to make a team better.Some bloggers root for the player rather than the team,
    Paul Mara for example, he’s a fan favorite ,but was two steps slower in the playoffs now, what about next year? I wouldn’t resign him.
    You have to give something to get something in return,knowledge and luck are key factors in a trade, the rangers lack both. They traded leetch for nothing because they waited too long,and some fans wouldn’t have traded leetch at all.
    Dubi and Calahan are free agents, right?They may take the money and run.Sign for less to play for team is a little foolhardy when you’re young, your career may end sooner than you think.Injury,illness diminished skills(Prucha)
    Sometimes you have cut the ties.

  111. Dubi and Cally are RFAs not UFAs so it’s not the same and both appear to be big parts of Torts system and plan in the future. He said some very nice things about both, and listening to Cally talk, he’s excited about next year HERE. Torts also said he wants to teach Dubi how to be a total professional.

    The Rangers could have got more for Leetch but Korpi and if Sauer pans out, then it’s not too bad. Remember Toronto only had Leetch for a trade deadline then he left for Boston following the lockout.

    As far as rooting for the team vs. players; you need a solid homegrown core to grow up together through good and bad. If you don’t have a consistent homegrown core and culture then that is a fundamental problem with the philosophy/management and a team will most of the time win nothing. Dubi/Caly/Staal/Girardi/Henrik/Korpi are part of this core. Let it be.

  112. Anyone else furious that the NHL’s website has a side by side picture of Crosby and Malkin next to Messier and Gretzky? Jumping the gun a little aren’t we? Mess/Wayne = 10 combined cups…Cindy/Malkin = 0 cups (and it shall remain that way!)


  113. MikeA/UKRanger/Rob – Trust me, I’m not an advocate of moving any of those players. But the fact of the matter is, the combination of the three will equal roughly $6 million, and it’s unclear whether any of them will step up to become top-flight players, which is what this team needs. If there’s a chance you can draft a potential 100-point player who will be an answer to Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin and Taveras; plus the move frees up enough cap space to draft a solid 40-goal scorer; do you hold onto the hometown heroes just for the sake of it? Those three guys are among my most favorite Rangers this century and it would kill me to see them moved. But I could understand the logic…Let’s face it though, there’s no way Redden can be moved, little way Gomez can be moved and only an infinitesimally small chance either Drury or Rozsival will be traded. That means cap nightmare coming up, especially if the cap goes down. So if you guys are right and Dubi/Cally only cost a combined $3 million, it won’t be that big of a deal. But if not, you better believe they’re going to be the top candidates to bring in the pieces Sather lacks…you’ve got to trade something for something, and the Rangers have a whole lot of nothing.

  114. DaveG – I urge you an everyone on this site to write the jack-ass who penned this article like I did and voice your discontent: The funny thing is, he draws the comparison, calls up Messier, and Messier basically says ‘there’s no comparing, especially to Gretzky.’ And he’s right…but not in Buttman’s league…THE FIX IS IN…

  115. I hate saying this but I think Pitt is gonna win it all this year. Detroit is hurtin on the back end and Cindi and Malkin are playing like they are hungry.
    BTW How much would life suck for Hossa if he left Pitt last season to win a cup in Detroit only to have Pitt win it this season…?

  116. And this one will last a lifetime on

    It wouldn’t suck, it would be justice for Hossa to switch sweaters and lose in the finals two years in a row when the same two teams square off.

    Cally and Dubi are going nowhere. Girardi is not a third untouchable young budding star. He is an adequate competent 4/5/6 Def. on a team.

    I agree with the opinions that playing back to back games, and 3 games in 4 days and 4 games in 6 days and 5 games in 8 days is a great schedule for the younger healthier hungrier Penguins. It was not as a conspiracy theory, it is just plain luck of the calendar to kick off the finals.
    (Penguins in 6)

    Does anyone have any idea where our greatest coach (Keenan) in our lifetime will end up ? I hope Torts hires him as his assistant.

  117. Hey Guys! I haven’t been on here in awhile…but I needed a place to go. I had a moment of hockey depression yesterday. I was watching the National Spelling Bee, and besides the fact that there were 45 children who could break down roots of a word and spell them better than I could, the thing that stuck out to be was, “OMG, the national spelling bee is on ESPN and the NHL isn’t.” There it is people: The NHL is now behind the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, and the national spelling bee…argh….

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