Is Del Zotto ready? (updated)


Here’s the question that a few have asked recently, and again yesterday and today with the signing of Mike Del Zotto:

Where does he stand in the organization?

And the feeling I’ve gotten from people inside is that he has a good chance to really be special, and to make the team right out of camp this year. Yes, ahead of all the others.

I wasn’t around for it, but apparently Del Zotto opened eyes last training camp, especially with the way he moved the puck on the power play — better, I’m told, than anybody else did it during the 2008-09 season in New York.

So he is probably the No. 1 defense prospect at this point, and he will get an opportunity to jump right in.


On a personal note, the blog lost a great friend. Long-time Rangers fan Frank Becerra Sr., one of the great newspaper artists in the country and one of the finest men in all the land — an Adam Graves type — has passed away.

His son, Frank Jr., is a photographer for The Journal News and and he was with me every step of the way during the ’94 playoffs, spending the wee hours with me in Vancouver, and plenty of days on airplanes, and he was on the ice during the Cup ceremony and at the parade.

Frank Sr. was the Rangers fan, though. He’d often see me and say, “So how’s the best hockey writer in New York today?”

And I’d say, “I have no idea how he is, but I’m fine.” And he’d laugh … not because it was funny, but because he always seemed happy. He was a legend around local sports, too. I will miss him dearly, as will all those who knew him.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 2:36 P.M.: Just got this from NYR. Sounds like another minor signing:


            New York, May 27, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent forward Andres Ambühl.

Ambühl, 25, skated in 50 games with HC Davos of the National League A in Switzerland (NLA) this past season, registering 17 goals and 24 assists for 41 points, along with 90 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in games played (50), goals (17), assists (24), points (41), and penalty minutes (90).  Ambühl tied for the team lead in scoring and assists, while he finished fourth on the club in goals.  In addition, he collected four goals and three assists for seven points in 21 postseason contests, including two goals in the NLA Finals series against the Kloten Flyers to help HC Davos win their fourth NLA championship in the last eight years.

The 5-10, 190-pounder has appeared in 358 career NLA games with HC Davos, recording 64 goals and 108 assists for 172 points, along with 425 penalty minutes.  In 2006, he helped HC Davos capture the Spengler Cup, collecting the game-winning goal in the final game vs. Team Canada.  Ambühl has also skated in 112 career postseason games, registering 19 goals and 14 assists for 33 points, including a career-high, five goals and eight points in 13 playoff contests during the 2008 playoffs.  Internationally, Ambühl has represented Switzerland in several tournaments, including the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

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  1. Hey Rick, any thoughts on not necessarily who but what the Rangers pick in the first round this year? More defense, or do they try for an offensive player to replace Cherepanov in the system?

  2. Need offense or a tough defenseman who’ll make the opposition pay in front of Henrik.

  3. I remember being impressed with Del Zotto during preseason. He didn’t look too intimidated and has confidence with the puck. Let Mara and Morris go, and bring in at least 2 (Gilroy/Sangs/Del Z) young guys to learn on the job.

    There is no need for Sather to go out and get any FA this year. Bring up the young talent and let them bloom then make a run in 2 years. Too bad rational thoughts seem to evade Sather’s line of thinking.

  4. ThisYearsModel on

    I guess that Sanguinetti is a bust. Of course, most of our 2007 draft are busts, except for possibly Carl Hagelin. LaFleur appears to be another Sather wsted goalie draft pick. This management team is clueless and we are going in circles. We will continue to hang around the 8th spot and barely make or miss the playoffs. Look at the Rangers compared to Detroit and Pittsburgh. Nuff said.

  5. I hope he’s ready. Entry level deals means he’s a low cap hit for 3 years… my fear is that some of our prospects will become solid NHLers, but their entry level deals will finish too fast since they spent so much time in other leagues (i.e. Korpedo).

  6. little green men on

    Wow. We will have 4 dmen, stall, gilroy, girardi and Del Zotto. If you add their ages alltogether you come up with Wayne Redden’s age.

  7. This team only needs two things:

    1.) A 25% power play
    2.) A 40 goal scorer

    We already have solid defense and goaltending… there’s just no offense! No puck possession!

    How do we fix that? Hossa.

  8. Great, not for nothing but D-men can be found anywhere in this league. How about the Rangers package Del Zotto, Grachev and Sanguinetti for Kovalchuk???

  9. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Kris, no offense but that deal is awful. Grachev and Del Zotto represent hope for the future. To deal them away for Kovalchuk would be criminal in my opinion

  10. I could be a better Power Play quarterback on this team than anyone that’s on it now! Bring on Del Zotto!

  11. Dan, I think most GMs and scouting directors don’t look to fill immediate needs in the draft. When it’s their turn, the Rangers should — and probably will — take the best available player regardless of his position. The player is not likely to be NHL ready for a few years anyway, and who knows what the needs will be then. By taking the best available, you have an asset — whether you keep him or trade him for something you need later on.

    I don’t think Sanguinetti is a bust, not yet anyway, and I think a lot of people are considering Gilroy an automatic to be on the NHL roster next year, and that’s very premature. He is old enough to be a possibility, but it’s a long way from B.U. to the NHL and he might need an AHL season or two.

  12. i think jason is right.
    we should give him a chance.

    oh god today is going to be a fun day ey?

  13. ThisYearsModel,

    The Pens also had a Top 5 draft selection in 5 straight years!

    2002: Ryan Whitney (fifth overall)
    2003: Marc-Andre Fleury (first overall)
    2004: Evgeni Malkin (second overall)
    2005: Sidney Crosby (first overall)
    2006: Jordan Staal (second overall)

    Does it surprise you at all where they are? Especially with their 2004 and 2005 draft picks, not even Sather could have screwed those two picks up.

  14. I think trade Rozy and Zherdev and get a solid big wing. Get ONE free agent but make him a goal scorer. Dump Redden for a bag of pucks and start to see what these D men have. You can’t compare the Rangers to Pitt because they were awful for 3 years which enabled them to get Fluery, Malkin and Crosby. The problem with the Rangers were, when they were bad, they were NEVER bad enough to get a top 3 draftpick, and because of that, they are mediocre because they can only draft in the middle of the first round. Perhaps we need to be awful for a couple of years and get some top three picks. For those of you saying to build from within…who’s the big scorer coming up? We have some really good D prospects, but nobody who can score. Even th kids we have now, Cally, Duby and Korp are NOT big goal scorers. They are nice 2nd and 3rd line players. You have two choices, stink for a few years and build up some top draft picks, and build from within a la Pitt and Chicago, or go with what you have now and get a big goal scorer via trade or free agency. To me, the first choice is better for the long term, and the way they should go. But the Dolans think that nobody would want to see a loser, even if it means building for the future. I disagree. We can’t stay in the middle of the pack every year hoping for a fluke in the playoffs. It guarantees mediocraty.

  15. Kris, you don’t get rid of Grachev and Del Zotto.
    We need to groom our own great players…Guys like Kovalchuk and Hossa usually/always end up being busts after coming to NY.

  16. Del Z had a great camp last year, as I watched most if nto all of the pre season games. He was tough and didnt shy away from hitting anyone and everyone. if his puck work matches his toughness, I see no reason why Torts wont LOVE him.

    IF he’s ready bring him up, and then either Gilroy, Bobby Sangs, Heikinen can take up the other spots.

    Trade for a goal scorer and fill the rest from within (Artem Anisimov, Byers, etc) and rid yourself of either Rosi, or Redden.

    Now wouldnt that be smart, but Sather will trade for Vinny or something stupid and give away all our homegrown talent so Im basically talking to myself at this point.

    LEts all hope Torts recognizes he needs young legs and young athletes with talent that he can mold, and he can FORCE Sather to not try and go out and get another trade to NYC bust (Like Knuble will probably be, please god NO!!)

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, sorry for your loss.

    MDZ signing is yet another sign of Sanguinetti being a bust, as is all of the commentary about how he stands a good chance out of camp.

    So much has happened since the end of last year to suggest his bust-ness. Let’s review (again):

    1) We draft MDZ
    2) We sign Redden and Rozsival to RIDICULOUS contracts
    3) Potter is called up before him
    4) Sauer is called up before him
    5) Potter is called up again when Sauer flounders
    6) We signed Gilroy to a 2 year, one-way contract on our already cap-strapped team.
    7) We just signed Heineken (which is all I’ll ever call him)
    8) The MDZ signing and press about his chances out of camp.

    Face it, Bobby Sangs is another in a long line of Ranger (especially under Sather) first round blunders.

    Players we could have taken in the first round over Sanguinetti:

    Giroux (already a Ranger killer), Varlamov (also a Ranger killer), Berglund, and Foligno.

    Granted, not as bad as Jessiman, but seeing as how there were only nine guys taken after Sangs in the first round, I’d say that almost half of them being better is a big FAIL for the Rangers. Again, not as bad as Jessiman, that was an EPIC FAIL.

  18. I’m willing to at least see the kid play once in my life before labeling him an epic fail, but that’s just me and my logic talking

  19. There busts cause we always get players when they are 37 and not 27. Kovalchuck or Hosea is what they need!!

  20. Del Z is ready. If Redden, and Rozi can play in this league the way they do, Del Z can definitely play. He looked damn good last years pre season, he threw a big hit, made great plays, moved the puck well.

    I don’t know aboot Sangs, but i have a great feeling aboot Del Z, and he might be the guy we’ve been needing forever. Not a Leetch, but someone who can take control of the PP.

    This wont all happen so quick, he still needs time to develop, but im hoping he replaces Mara, or Morris next season.

    Go Hawks !

  21. sanguinetti is not a bust. jesus christ, he’s played a single year of pro hockey! just because he didn’t make the team straight from juniors he’s a bust? are you out of your minds? the kid had a good year in hartford but like almost every other defensemen, it takes time to develop and they develop slower than forwards. im pretty certain that if he wasn’t ranger property he might have already gotten some nhl games under his belt but with our log jam on d and our position with the salary cap it just hasn’t happened yet. point in case, he’s going to be fine. i think he’ll be a ranger long before anyone like potter or sauer will.

    del zotto has a shot to jump ahead of all the other defensive prospects because he fills an immediate need that potter, sauer, and sanguinetti (at least not yet) don’t fill. a power play qb. if del zotto makes this team out of camp this year it’s going to be because he’s earned it and because torts knows he desperately needs someone to qb the power play and as of right now, that defensmen isn’t on the roster.

    i still don’t think del zotto makes this team next year but please, enough with the labeling of bobby sanguinetti as a bust.


    Can you blame everyone ? The last Rangers fan we drafted was Jessiwoman.

    Im getting the chills thinking aboot that guy. He has to be the worst draft pick in Rangers history, just because of what came out of that draft.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    “i think he’ll be a ranger long before anyone like potter or sauer will.”

    Newsflash! Potter and Sauer have already seen the ice as Rangers. Sauer was drafted only one year before Sanguinetti. But he is also more of a defensive defenseman, which takes longer to develop than an offensive defenseman.

    When the team this year was DESPERATE for a PP QB, they never even once looked Sanguinetti’s way. Under Renney or Torts. And under Torts it is worse because he had Schoeny on the bench with him, telling him what he had in the farm system. Our assistant GM thought that Sanguinetti should be passed over for Potter and Sauer, and that our PP was in more capable hands with Redden as the QB.

  24. I think if he performs well, Torts will want to keep him up and play him in a few games to see if it’s worth keeping him up for the year or sending him back to the OHL. It’ll be interesting though because once he’s sent down, he’s down for the year.

  25. I would not be so quick to write off Sanguinetti — I see a bit of Mike Green in him, and he is only 21.

    And as for the people suggesting we trade our “youth” for even someone like Kovalchuck (who will be UFA next year), please STOP ’cause you’re making me nauseous. You would think you were Glen Sather’s apprentice, and I don’t mean that in a complimentary way.

  26. One Ranger Love on

    I have nothing to say, except that I agree 100% with shesends. You guys need to relax a little. I mean I realize it is the offseason and we have little to talk about, but jeeze. We got guys talking about trading all our young talent away and other guys calling our prospects busts when they haven’t even played a second in the NHL.

    The only reason sanguinetti didn’t get called up to the team last year is because those “decision makers” in our organization, that I will leave nameless, last year decided Sauer, and Potter had more experience than sangs. Give the guy a break, he had a decent season with Hartford, and will only be looking to improve in the coming year. Everyone tends to forget that it is always important to have depth. Especially at a position like defense and especially with the circus crew we’ve had on Broadway the past, oh I don’t know, 9 years? With some minor exceptions.

    The mantra for this organization needs to be “Go young.” They HAVE got to stop dishing out money to lots of big free agents every offseason. Try to dish either Redden or Rozsival for anything or anyone, and maybe, IF the price is right sign a 30-35+ goal scorer only. That is the only form of money that needs to be spent this offseason. Then you don’t resign Mara, Morris, or Antro and Zherdev. Unless Mara wants to keep his low priced contract. But even so, I would still rather see some kids step into their places.

    Redden – Rozsival
    Staal – Girardi
    Zotto – Gilroy/Sanguinetti?


    there you go, that could be your 09-10 NY Rangers squad. or something similar

  27. I’d also like to hold off on the Sanguinetti bust talk until he at least plays one game in the NHL.

  28. You have to be patient with d-men development. Not everyone is going to become a Staal or Green overnight… but at least know that if Redden or Rozsival *cough* were injured long-term, there wouldn’t be a huge gap to fill.

    To Redden’s credit, he plays lots of minutes… especially since Torts took over. I am willing to give Redden another shot, considering Torts is going to REALLY address conditioning this summer before camp… and let’s face it, he’s not going anywhere (neither is Drury).

    Have faith in the Fonze!

  29. the putrification of sathers brain has limited him to basic functions. he no longer can make rational trades. that corpsikoski, pooter, artie, girardi trade would be bad, if a bad salary is going to be exchanged along with them, or in another way. i dont like movin artie, and id drive to bellevue and pull the plug on his feeding tube myself if he trades artie.

  30. what i meant was, theres no way we could afford kovy in that deal because those guys dont make enough $$.

  31. The Most Interesting Man In The World (formerly MiamiPimp) on

    hopefully Del Zotto isn’t Redden-League (aka Bush-League)

  32. well, if he cant play well enough in the ahl(sangs), what makes ya think hed be fine in the nhl? im not sayin hes a bust, but 6 goals against ahl goalies is pretty sad for an offensive d man. but mike A is tellin me that he got much better in the 2nd half of season, so he could be a late bloomer. but its a tough job to compete against all the stockpiled d men we have accumulated recently along with what we already have, so it’ll really give us a great competitive group this training camp. sangs should still be given a good look in training camp, and sometimes the pressure combined with maybe just not being at their best at the time of camp, can sometimes give us a false impression of certain players. i know its no excuse, but thats why they really get better chances as the season starts. a few weeks in, sangs could be tearin it up, someone gets injured, and he gets called up and stays.

  33. I love how we all criticize Rangers for giving up on young players and now we get to read how a 21 year old defenseman is a Bust

    by the way Carp
    Sorry about the loss of your friend Frank

  34. hey hugh- you rock in nhl09!! u scored 2 sweet goals on my team the chicago wolves. u really made my goalie dan turpple(rated a 63) look like swiss cheese!! keep it up buddy, im sure you’ll make nashvilles 4th line in 10 years

  35. Is Tom Renney in charge of conditioning in Edmonton??? They’ll be fat and panting by December

    On that note; if Torts sees Redden comes to camp in less than 100% condition cant he just work him till he drops..pronounce him unable to compete due to health reasons and retire him?

  36. pavel- i liked reddens playoff performance this year. it wasnt spectacular, and he did make some big mistakes, but for all the minutes he played, he showed a lot more poise than some other guys. hey, maybe he just had an off year. im not expecting him to be an offensive player like he used to be, but if he can play solid in front of hank, and start hittin more and scoring more on the pp, it will at least raise his value. then, if sather has an oppurtunity to trade him, maybe we wont have to give up as much.

  37. shesends – Totally agree. I’ve seen Sanguinetti play a few times and I never once got the impression he would be a bust. Keep in mind, this was last year too, and I was told he was a defensive sieve, always getting caught out of position. The games I saw him play, he was solid defensively, plus he had good speed and anticipation. What I didn’t see was the offensive game everyone raved about when he was drafted…now obviously, his stats in Hartford suggest the scouting on him was dead-on: 42 points in his first full AHL season…I’ll also draw everyone’s attention to the fact that he went from -16 at one point in January to -8, a figure that was still team-worst, but an impressive improvement.

    Doodie – 10 years ago, talk like that would have scored you a coaching job with the Rangers! Jesus, man. Think about what you’re saying. First of all, this was Sangs’ first full year at the AHL level, and no doubt he had to make a BIG adjustment. The kid is 20 years old, and basically needs a solid dose of confidence. How would you like to be his age and have Tortorella chew you a new shit chute like he did Sauer? I guarantee you Sanguinetti’s lack of play last season was more a factor of him simply not being physically and mentally ready. The Rangers now have been REAL good about letting players develop at a slow pace. It’s the one thing I’ll give Sather a ton of credit for changing in this system.

    That said, certainly there are some duds. Jessiman was one and that was clear the minute he joined Hartford. He was a zero, non-entity the first time I saw him. Lee goddamn Falardeau left more of an impression on me…Same thing with Darin Olver. Nothing. Next thing you know, these guys are gone. If Sangs doesn’t make it to the Rangers, it’ll be because he’s part of a bigger trade to get assets. Otherwise, I see nothing stopping this guy from cracking the defensive corps within the next two years.

    I doubt he’s the second coming of Leetch, but he’s a good offensive upside. And this

    is what I

  38. kaspar- thats funny dude. i hope torts lights a fire under wades ass this year. i know he used redden alot in the playoffs so you know he wasnt gassed, but he needs to start producing on the pp. i mean, if he can either play very solid d, and start hitting more, or he gets goin on the pp and the offensive side of his game, id take either one at this point. but im sure torts wants more production from him. remember kaspar- he does have that great first pass. and that bit of wisdom came from sather himself!!

  39. pavel, why would we do that? spacek is another d man!!!! hes an ufa right? if hes not, who would we trade for him? and also, eklund is full of bullshark.

  40. oh, from last post, rob m- thanks for the props on the “pissburgh thing” but im sure i wasnt the first to come up with that. i mightve seen it a few times posted here.

  41. I know he’s d and I rarely pay attention to his rumors… but he was right about Redden and Rozsival.

  42. And this one will last a lifetime on


    Yes, we here in Westchester NY lost a great man in Frank Sr.
    I know Frank Jr and Anthony (Tony) for years. Great kids, great family.

    Del Zotto is ready, and us fans are ready for more youth movement. We need to move from Mara, Morris and Rozy (we are stuck with Redden) to Del Zotto, Sanguinetti and Sauer/Potter etc. With Staal and Girardi it will be a young Defensive Core that can be molded and grow. To my fan bretheren, there will be growing pains, so just chill.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m all about giving our guys a chance, including Sanguinetti. What I’m saying though is that the ORGANIZATION views Sanguinetti as very likely being a bust.

  44. atowlal-(And this one will last a lifetime)- im down for that brotha!! i hope we can trade up in the draft. but no giving up youth to do so. hey, carolina is weak at center, maybe we can deal gomez there for some prospects. i dont know who they have as far as prospects, but they need a good 2nd line center, and hey, maybe we can also give them rozy for pitkanen too!!! maybe we can throw in voros to sweeten the deal!! lmao!! lets not sign eric cole though. he sucks

  45. According to Sam Rosen on NHL radio talking with Del Zotto. he makes the team or back to juniors – no AHL.
    Like Stall a few years ago.

  46. About Sanguinetti, maybe the coaches told him to worry more about his defensive responsibilities rather than scoring. With a year of professional hockey under his belt, he can feel free to work both sides of the ice. I wouldn’t be so fast to call him a bust. Remember how many seasons Staal was in camp, only to be sent back to junior? Give Sangs a break.

  47. Tonelli also got a DWI on Long Island after winning the cup. I remember the dumb Icelander fans were upset with the police. They thought he should have been given a break cause he just won the cup.

  48. Tony, Pavel..

    As per the CBA, a player must be at least 20 years old with NO Major Junior rights for him to be sent down to the AHL.

    A 19 year old college player can be signed to an NHL contract and be sent to the AHL.

    A 19 year old player with no OHL/WHL/QMJHL rights OR signed with an NHL team before a major junior team can be sent down to the AHL.

    A 19 year old player who signed pre NHL draft with a OHL/WHL/OMJHL team who signs an NHL contract can only play either in the NHL OR Major Junior league where his rights are held.

    In Del Zotto’s case. It’s either NHL or the OHL for the entire season, AHL is not an option since he falls in the 3rd case I listed. He can stay in the NHL and play up to 10 games before being sent to the OHL though once he is there, he is there until his teams season is over.

  49. Scotty Hockey on

    Why the hell can’t this franchise draft anyone who plays defense? One good defenseman in the last 20 years isn’t good enough. Clear the crease, hit some bodies actually help out the damned goaltender. We had two ‘star’ puck moving defensemen last season and where did that get us? Hank got ran regularly and Ovechkin got time and space to shoot shoot and shoot some more. We keep trying to get the next Leetch, when do we get the next Beukaboom?

  50. Jason, thanks for the info.
    Too many options, I think if you sign a player , you should be able to put him where he will benefit the most.

  51. Good job, Jason. The rule is in place so that GMs don’t just glom all the junior-eligible players and stick them in their farm teams, thus ruining the junior leagues. It also serves to protect the GMs from themselves when players aren’t ready.
    Del Zotto can stay for the beginning of the season, then — I forget when — comes a deadline when the Rangers must decide NHL or OHL for the rest of the season.

    Thanks Kaspar.

    And this one will last … obviously, you know what I’m talking about with Frank and his family. Wonderful people.

  52. Jason
    I got a land dispute going on…you know the usual items being argued over: trees, fence lines, dead animal bones…

    Can you help me out?

  53. Hey gang

    I was away from computer most of the last week…

    Was their anything good to read in the “Renney got a Job” blog posts??

  54. The Puck Drops Here on

    Carp, I am sorry for your loss.

    I remember Frank Beccera’s artwork very well. He worked for years and years with the Reporter Dispatch and I well remember his drawings, which were excellent. Although I never had the privilege to meet him, I am sad to read the news of his passing. He’s been around as long as I can recall. It’s a sad day.

  55. Im sorry but anyone including VOROS on next years roster is insane
    I dont care if he’s in the locker room sweeping up, he’s either being sent to HArtford, or dumped, period. NO WAY he is on the Roster next year.

    I’d rather give Rissmiller a full year in his spot.

    -Bobby Sangs is not a bust until he plays in a NYR uniform for an extended period of time, period. And he’s 21 so I doubt there giving up on him already.

    Kovalev has stated previously and recently he will NEVER be a NYR again, plus we dont need another dipsy doodle russian who takes nights off, plus for 4-6 million per season he can go F*%K himslef casue we dont have that money to pay him, and he’s not even remotely worth it.

    Hossa – thats a Pipe dream no cash for him, and he’s staying with Detroit after they win the cup again.

  56. So far, since the staff finished up at El Rancho de Sather. they have signed:

    Heiniken -D 24 years old
    Del Zoto – D 19 years old
    Andres Ambühl – F 25 years old
    and before the meeting
    Gilroy -D 25 years old

    I have a feeling that this is Torts helping nudge Sather along in the direction he wants rather than MINOR signings to be placed in Hartford.

    Think about it, last year at this time we weren’t doing anything.

    Sure ole cigar mouth will still try and land one of those snipers that we lack be it a huge name, or a good 30+ goal scorer, but Maybe TOrts influencing him with his new style of attack, aggression and puck possession is making him do what he asks. Maybe Shoeny is helping the cause out too?

    Getting younger and tougher, without breaking the bank on a bona fide “name” player

    Let’s hope so
    Cause Id rather see a team that torts designs full of people we dont know but who have talent and he can mold into a winner within 3 years,instead of a team full of Knubles and Kovalevs who have already been here and are just cashing in before retirement

  57. Who is this Ambuhl I keep reading about here?
    I miss something in the last week?

  58. Kaspar, he was just signed today. Carp has an update in his post. Looks to be another meaningless signing by Slats.

  59. Sanguinetti hasnt played a game in the NHL yet and hes a bust.. these comments make me sick, maybe Del Zotto isjust BETTER than him and THATS why there is all the talk of him, just bc Del Zotto is BETTER than Sanguinetti does not mean Sanguinetti SUCKS, why do so many people have such little sense in their brains on this blog its EPIC.. maybe they will BOTH be real good defenseman, wait for him to at least play a game in the NHL before you call or forecast him to be a bust, same with Gilroy
    Quit the bitching already

  60. They signed another 5-10″ forward??


    Keep burnin’ money Slats, keep burnin’ it.

  61. I dont want to read another word about soccer on a NY Rangers Blog.. thanks

    Sauer/Potter were brought up this season instead of Sanguinetti bc if you have noticed the Rangers are slow to bring up the young guys.. see Marc Staal, Artem Anisimov.. they like to let them develop instead of rushing them, and you cant argue that, so its not that the organization is feeling that he will be a bust, but they are gradually moving him along.. and if Del Zotto makes the team this year that will show the tremendous confidence they have in him to bring him up that quickly, rather than labeling it a Sanguinetti bust bc he hasnt come up yet.. just my opinion

  62. Agreed, but there isn’t really a one size fit all plan for all prospects. There are a handful of them that do well right off the bad…few and far in between, but they’re out there. For the Rangers, it would make sense to make sure everyone develops fully before being rushed in and misguided (read: Jamie Lundmark)

  63. Mundo, talk hockey…..screw barcelona…..

    Gee i wonder who these players are, can you say Dunn Like Adam and Ovechkin?? gimme a break,, i been calling this since the middle of the season……steroid allegations in the NHL are just ready to blow up….

  64. This signing may actually spell the end of the Fred Sjostrom era in New York. With Jordan Owens signing a professional contract, at, presumably, less than what a resigned Sjostrom would cost (minimum $920,000 cap hit, Owens has been compared to Sjo with more offensive upside), and this Ambühl signing (taking Owens place in Hartford), Sjostrom may find himself on a different team next year. Just speculation.

  65. Idont know about that, we’ll see.. Torts was a big fan of Sjo im pretty sure, he may want him back

  66. So NOW the Rangers are interested in Kaberle . a year late and a year older. Why didn’t they try for him last season before they hit on Redden? The total stupidity of this club is beyond belief. So now they have to give up their most promising young D man in order to go for Old Folks?
    Where does it all end?

  67. dave- maybe its not shoe theyre replacing but maybe a few guys that they might move from the minors. theyre sure to bring up at least artie and one or two more guys, 1 forward, 1 d man. could be shoe, but like rob said, shoe was liked by torts and hes fast, and given more minutes could be a perfect fit for 3rd line. owens might fill in on the 4th in shoes spot. i think the guys theyre signing are mainly tryouts for the team in campo, and most likely hartford bound. like jamtin last year. he only played 10 games though i think, dont know what happened with him.

  68. theflynn- i posted that RUMOUR yesterday. its only a rumour as far as i know. i doub torts would be ok with glen trading doobs or staal.

  69. flynn- did you read the same thing i did or was it eklunds site? dont believe that tard. i only trust spectors site.

  70. I can’t believe people still are calling Bobby Sangs a bust. Doodie, you’re better than that.

    He’s 21, one full year as a pro, worked his way from a -17 to -9 (+8 second half of the season) and led the Pack in playoff scoring. He was also paired with Potter which is two younger dmen so he didn’t have a reliable vet like Paul Mara as a partner.

    He WAS called up for that OTT game but Rozi was able to go.

    Also, Sauer and Potter have a year more experience than Bobby S and are more defensive so THAT is why they were called up.

    If Del Z can make the team, that’s a great problem. But c’mon don’t label Sangs a bust after ONE YEAR as a pro.

    Makes me sick to my stomach.

  71. If the Rangers could frame Redden for murder, would this remove his salary from their cap number?

    Also, do you think the Rangers would be more likely to re-sign Morris or Mara? Can we assume Mara, seeing as there are apparently a few younger defensemen who (hopefully) are promising for an offensive/PP improvement?

  72. when I can’t sleep I take an Ambuhl.

    and don’t operate heavy machinery.

    like a Zamboni

  73. Guys, the only way the Rangers get a vet like Kaberle is if the other team takes back a bad contract because Rangers don’t have the cap room and since most of those teams want to get rid of bad contracts, there’s no logic, unless it’s a Rozi + draft pick/prospect for Kaberle which is dumb.

    If the Rangers have the idiot squad (Drury, Redden, Gomez) and Rozi (like him but overpaid) under contract and ADD Kaberle, the 4th line is gonna be me, 22figure8, and Mike from IA with Carp and Jane as the 3rd pair D.

  74. Mara and Morris have equal chance of being resigned.. Zero percent.
    You cannnot pay a 5th defenseman $2 million dollars, and that is the bare minimum of what one of those 2 guys will get paid… they are both as good as gone, and for the Rangers I think it is the right move.. I wish them luck wherever they go, as long as it is not the Isles, Devils, Flyers or Pens

  75. JM-Morris is gonna want too much money and the guy just isn’t that good.

    Also, more on Bobby Sangs;

    Fact: Bobby Clarke threw a tantrum on draft day 06 after learning the Rangers selected Bobby Sanguinetti one pick ahead of the Flyers.

    Fact: Bobby Clarke was so angry, that he forgor Claude Giroux’s name at the podium.

    Fact: Bobby Clarke is a pretty good talent evaluator a long as you’re not a goalie. If he got that pissed over the Rangers grabbing Sangs; that’s a very good sign.

  76. mike

    i think doodie is just saying that because of all the defense the rangers have acquired in the last couple of days.

  77. forget Kaberle

    I want the Ranger kids to get a chance. homegrown, real Rangers, not vet mercenaries looking for a retirement check.

    who wants a team full of big contract outsiders. that is what got the rangers in 7 years of hell before. they claimed then that they would build from within. so, don’t give them reason to continue the UFA bungling by bitching about young players before they have even gotten a chance

    let’s not add more Drury or Redden mistakes. no, let’s be patient with the Ranger draftees like Henrik, Staal, Cally, Dubi, Del Z, Grachev, etc etc

  78. I think it’s a bit early to say Sanguenetti’s a bust, one AHL season doesn’t make a career – you never know what could happen. I will say that I found his huge negative +/- at one point during the season as a big detriment to him progressing to the NHL level. The logic being if you’re getting schooled as a defenseman in the AHL, you’re going to get smoked by NHL players. Hopefully the kid tightens it all up and makes progress.

    At this point I don’t really care which one of the defensive prospects makes it, the team really just needs one of them to develop into a quasi impact player.

  79. mike in ia, that’s possible too. But unfortunately, we don’t know what Slats is doing, especially because he should be at the draft combine right now.

  80. Colin-Good question on Burke. I’ll try and look at Burke’s drafting record tomorrow at work or this weekend. (Gonna see Terminator tonight; I heard it wasn’t that great)

    About all the D, remember that for the Rangers Mara and Morris are free and for the Pack Densinov is RFA and guys like Urqhart and Nightingale aren’t really prospects so the stockpiling makes sense.

    You gotta figure at least one of Sangs/Potter/Sauer/Gilroy will make the big club and the if Del Z makes it, then that’s a great thing. The other guys will all play big minutes in Hartford along with that Hekinnen dude.

  81. The Rangers are doing it again loading up on guys hoping they find a Diamond in the rough. Hows Andres Jamtin working out? There are soooooo many others I just cant spell there names. There scouts is brutal!! Lets be Honest the draft they got Dubi and Cally. They Drafted 3 other players before Dubi. Any of these name ring a bell Darren Olver,Bruce Graham and Dane Byers. Byers is still with the club but was hurt all last year. Cally if I’m correct was a fourth round pick and the Rangers drafted a kid named Billy Ryan before him. This team has been good drafting in the second round and in later rounds. There first round pick have been pretty brutal. They need to try to steal scouts from Det and NJ and Philly or even Buffalo. They need to bulid through the draft. The contracts to Redden and Rosival. Need a say more!!

  82. It’s unfair to compare the drafting during the later days of Smith and Maloney to when Gordie Clarke, Jim Scohenfeld, and Tom Renney took over the team drafting. That was 04.

    04-Korpi, Cally, and Dubi and Byers is still a possibility.
    05-Staal with Sauer as a possibility.
    06-Bobby Sangs and Anisimov both developing.
    07-Cherepanov (Rest In Piece) but also Carl Hagelin is progressing nicely and while LaFleur has been inconsistent, MAYBE just maybe he figures it out as a pro (wouldn’t be the first time).
    08-Del Z, Stepan, Grachev with Weisse as a character guy and who knows with this Kundratek kid.

  83. If the Rangers have the idiot squad (Drury, Redden, Gomez) and Rozi (like him but overpaid) under contract and ADD Kaberle, the 4th line is gonna be me, 22figure8, and Mike from IA with Carp and Jane as the 3rd pair D

    thats some funny shat right there. if hank gets injured, ccp can backup vally!!

    i was reading some other teams blogs and this one leafs fan posted something about the leafs should get orr. alot of the comments also were in favor of it. lotta fans around the league like some of our players. as expected, gomez, drury and redden werent on the list. but an ottawa fan had posted a blog about redden which i thought was interesting. he said that redden will play well if the team plays well. if the team is playing bad, redden doesnt do so well. now, i can already make a correlation to that when last years season started. the team was 10-2-1 and redden had already scored 2 goals in the first 3 ngames, and had a few assists. he looked good besides that too. the 2nd thing the guy mentioned, was that redden played great in ottawa when he felt confident and had the fans on his side. when hes booed constantly like the way he was last year with us, he doesnt try or care because he gets down on himself and tries too hard. he also said that redden was very good for ottawa in the playoffs and alot of ottawa fans said that redden leaving was one of the reasons they did so bad this year. ok, im not saying i agree with all of this, but i do agree with the booing thing, and his performance. i think maybe he feels so much pressure because of the contract and the ny fans, he didnt play as good as he shouldve. he also seemed to play better on the road and i think thats some proof right there. i think if we all just give this guy a real chance next year and not be asswipes and boo him constantly, he might actually help the team somewhat. i know he’ll never live up to the contract, and he is getting older, so u cant expect a huge resurgence next year, but it would serve us better and the team if we cheer for him once in awhile., hes a ranger and as long as he is, im gonna cheer for him.

  84. roc- besides mike del z, last year there big draftee was a 3rd liner. grachev. so i see what youre sayin.

  85. ok, in my long post i contradicted myself. here it is-
    when hes booed constantly like the way he was last year with us, he doesnt TRY or care because he gets down on himself and TRIES too hard.

    that was an accident and meant to say that when hes booed constantly, he tries too hard to please the fans, and when he still gets booed, he starts to get down on himself and it seems like he doesnt try or care, when he really does.

  86. Mike in IA

    Good job infiltrating the other fan blog sites.

    As far as Orr goes, I think he’s great for what he does and if we have the spot in the roster and the $$$ to throw his way (he should be cheap anyways) then he should stay on Broadway.

    Redden, like I’ve said before, I want to see him play with Torts on his @$$ all year, because he played a lot better once Torts toke over and he played well in the playoffs (for Redden I mean).

  87. YEa i agree about the booing totally but try convincing the 18,200 in the building on that particular night of a rangers game… I hate hearing rangers fans boo any ranger but i feel like its inevitable unfortunately but i still agree with you, give him a chance.. everyone is saying trade him, trade him with a real good player jsut to get rid of him.. No, dont do that, let him play and if he plays the way he played in the playoffs i will be fine with him.. besides the few mistakes, and backing up agaisnt fedorov on the goal that we got eliminated on pretty much.. hes not going to be the 6.5 million/year PP QB that we wanted but if he can play solid thats good enough for me, like you said, cant expect him to live up to the contract obviously… but some of our fans will expect that no matter what, which is ridiculous at this point.. gota live with glens financial mistakes

  88. Grachev was only a 3rd rounder because of this transfer agreement nonsense and xenophobia by the good ole’ Canadian boys against the Russians. The Islanders got a kid named Kireli Petrov who is very similar and was projected to be a late 1st rounder.

    Anisimov was also supposed to be a late 1st rounder as well but teams thought he was gonna stay with Yaroslavl Lokomotiv because of $$ when in fact he gave them his notice that following season that he was heading for North America.

  89. mikeA- i think our drafting has been fine besides jessiman. i think we did awesome drafting cherry. but hes dead now and we’ll never know what couldve been. i think cherry wouldve been forced to retire anyway because of his ailment, but at the time, nobody knew and if he turned out to be healthy, an made the team in a year or 2, sather wouldve been praised for pickin him. its just that the only real star to come out of the draft for us in the past few years have been staal, whos a number 12 pick, and hank, who was a 7th rounder. it seems that it takes so long for our picks to ever reach the nhl, or theyre traded for immediate help. prucha was a great pick it seemed during his rookie season. i still think he was misused and after shanny got here, wasnt given too much of a chance. we needed size on the wings, and he had to go. it just seems that we hardly ever see any guys come out of our system that are good enough to stay on the team, or theyre good but not fully realized until theyre traded and another team utilizes them correctly. im happy with the way weve been grooming the prospects and not giving up on them so fast. i think sangs will be a solid nhl’er one day. he wont be leetch, but i think he’ll be alright. and i think alot of our picks and prospects have promising careers. some guys start out fast and fizzle, like prucha did. even though i think he still has the skill, he never progressed with the other parts of his game that he was weak on. then ya got guys like sangs who start off slow, but then become great players over time. look at stamkos. he was supposed to be as good as cosby. what did he have, 15 goals? or somethin like that. 17?? it aint bad, but for the number 1 overall, it wasnt great.

  90. well, heres to hoping that redden comes out of his coma and busts his a$$ every night for torts, and for us. i think he will be better all around next season. not expecting a huge comeback year, but better nonetheless. if anything, his value rises a little. then when comes the day when hes got less years on his contract, or he does much better, we might not have to part with doobs or staal to trade him. but good lord, can they please stop booing the guy?? i may not like him that much either, but its like falling down a flight of stairs head first so you can miss work that day. yea, you miss work, but you end up screwin yourself(in this case the team) in the process
    (insipration from the analogy courtesy of nasty 1 giving no country for old rangers a good excuse to miss his faculty meeting for work)

  91. lets go hawks!!! quenneville better put the bulin wall back in net though. baby huet was craptastic last game!

  92. Been a while boys and chica’s.

    3rd line next year will be grachev, anisimov and zherdev.

    MDZ, Gilroy will be a sick 3rd pair and Staal and Girardi will be more mature and even better than this year.

    On a side note, Sather called me an invited me to camp to take the place of Redden. First thing I would do is hip check Roszy by mistake and have them call up Sangunetti.

  93. Rozsivals gona hav a real good year.. played great in the playoffs except for one single play in game 5

    Heres a nice debate i think we could get going though with all the defense talk..
    Girardi and Staal were tremendous as a pair together last year, but lets say we have
    Del Zotto
    as our top 6 opening night, not saying its def going to happen but lets just suppose
    Would you keep Staal and Girardi together?
    They could play together and eat up a ton of minutes but then it leaves 2 young guys and 2 guys alot of people have lost some confidence in for the next 2 pairs, I think its a good question, and even if STaal and Girardi def were paired up, would you keep the vets together and let the young guys be the 3rd pair? not so sure many NHL coaches would like having two rooks paired up

  94. Staal – Girardi
    Rozsival – Del Zotto
    Gilroy – Redden

    If they separated Staal & Girardi
    Staal – Rozsival
    Del Zotto – Girardi
    Gilroy – Redden

    Girardi has offensive ability but he is definitely stronger in his own end and thats why I would want him with Del Zotto, so Del Zotto could have some leeway to move the puck offensively.. & Staal/Rozy have always played real well together

  95. Carp very sorry re the loss of your friend. The old expression is appicable. You can pick your friends but can’t pick your family. Making friends that much more special.

    LI Joe

  96. dont put redden w/ gilroy, lol. youre already setting him up to fail. hahhaha.

  97. if they ever traded dubi and staal in a package for kaberle i would give up my season tix for life and prob track down sather and u know what.

    by the way blog i will have games to sell next year.

    section 330

  98. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Hi all, I have not posted since the playoffs but with all this talk of rumors and MDZ siging his first pro contract,I wanted to chime in on some of the prospects that I’ve seen play over the last two or three years and what if any future they have with the Rangers. Here we go!!!!!

    Mike Del Zotto — Watched him play some junior games on the NHL network and got a chance to see him during the last pre season. My impression is that he is the real deal!! This kid was by far the best player on defense in the pre season.
    He looked great on the point,finding great passing lanes for players to bury the puck and on several occasions,most of the chances he helped set up went for naught. He has real good,hard and ACCURATE shot. But what impressed me even more was his defensive game and his willingness to take the body.On his very first shift he took out a Tampa forward(maybe RYAN MALONE!)sending hin=m flying. I believe this kid is a locke to make the team in my opinion.He may be the teams best all around dman(Offense and defense) by the middle of the season.

    Matt Gilroy — only saw a handfull of his games including the the frozen four. He has real good speed,a heavy shot that he takes as a onetimer,something that does not exhist right now on the defense. He takes the body well and is very good positionaly. His hockey sense is off the charts. He and MDZ on the point during the PP this year is a very real possibility.

    Mike Sauer — He is a steady and tought shut down dman who takes his man out of the play by taking good angles and good position and leverage. He will not kill anyone with the body but is more than effective.He also has a real good hard shot and a very good first pass. He is a definate number five perhaps a number four dman when he reaches his full potential. He is being wasted in Hartford and has nothing left to prove there anymore.

    Artie Anisimov –Another kid who I’ve seen play alot both with the Pack and with Russia in international tournaments. He is also someone who will be a player but not a star. I expect him to be at best a number two center. He also has nothing to prove in Hartford and if left down there will begin to waste away.

    Dane Byers — One of the biggest victims of Tom Renney and his rediculous personnel decisions. This is a player I’ve wacthed the last three seasons. He is more than ready for the NHL!!! He was ready a year ago. He can play with both toughness and grit. He drops the gloves and can more than handle himself most of the time. Most importantly, HE CAN SCORE!!!!!!!! He was one of the Packs leading playoff scorers and has scored consistantly well for a tough guy. He parks himself in front of the net,gets garbadge goals and battles hard in the corners and has the ability to win many of those battles. This kid is a third liner who will get 15+ goals a year and maybe even 20. He’s ready right now to replace the useless Colton Orr on the fourth line and even move up on occasion to the third line and produce.

    Bobby Sagaunettti — He is a hard one to figure out. I’ve watched maybe a dozen to 20 of his games and I remain puzzled as to what type of dman he will become. To me, he does not look like the top end offesive talent we all were led to believe. I question his shot,his hockey sense and his suppossed “great skating” ability. He does take the body more than we were told he does,but I am just not that impressed yet. Watching him play, it makes you wonder what a scout is thinking when he wrights up a report on a player that is in no way close to what the player does on the ice. But I guess that’s why the Rangers have had such poor drafts in the first round for so many years. He looks like a number six dman to me right now and if a deal came up that made sense,I would not at all hesitate in giving him up.

    Brody Dupont — I’ve heard some compare him to the way Adam Graves plays. To all those who think so,chill out and take a deep breath,he is not even close. That said,he is a decent prospect and is a good fit for the fourth line as an up and down player who has decent speed and takes the body real well. For all you 40 something Ranger fans, think Mike Allison with better speed.

    Evgeny Grachev — The Steal of last years draft!!!! This kid does it all!! he is a great skater. He is a fantastic passer who sees the ice very well. Hi s hockey sense is off the charts. He will almost allways make the right decision with the puck. His shot is top notch!!! He shoots it very hard and very accurate. He is a very good faceoff man becuase of his expierience as a center. He is a tremendous penalty killer and a threat to score short handed every time he’s on the ice. He is also ready to make the jump to the Rangers now and should be given every chance to become the go to goal scorer we so desperatly need. I only wish there was a chance to get his linemate Matt Ducshene here. That Kid will be a star!!!!

    Not much else down in Hartford that I think is NHL quality. The rest of the so called prospects I cannot comment on becuase I have not senn them play.

    Sorry for the long post but I’ve had the urge to post now for a long time and I’m glad to be talking Rangers hockey at the end of May!

  99. May 27th, 2009 at 7:50 pm
    Staal – Girardi
    Rozsival – Del Zotto
    Gilroy – Redden
    If they separated Staal & Girardi
    Staal – Rozsival
    Del Zotto – Girardi
    Gilroy – Redden

    Girardi and MDZ would be a sick d pair considering they have some grittiness due to the fact their coach in London was Dale Hunter.

    Can’t wait for these guys next year.

  100. Alex
    Great Job on the prospects…any thoughts on Potter?
    I thought he looked good in his couple of Ranger games…what about the goalies in Hartford?

  101. how bout darren helm? some good hard work. that reminded me of somethin betts and shoe would do. and cally too. we ned guys like helm with a shot like hossa

  102. i dont know how carolina got as far as they did, but it was such a mismatch to play pissburgh. u know bettman was lovin when they beat boston. i know the detroit will win the series, but this is such a great game. an original 6 matchup, a goalie showdown and its the experienced vets vs the spirited youth. i wish the series was closer than it is. this is how game 4 shouldve gone. i hate playoff games that end up in 3 or 4 goal differentials. no excitement.

  103. nyrincident on

    Im trying not to think about how sather is gonna screw up this offseason (it just gives me a headache). All i care about is we have dubi, cally, staal and girardi when the season starts. I hope grachev and delZ are ready to go next year as well.

    grachev gomez FA?
    callahan dubi avery
    korpi drury anisimov
    orr betts sjo

    starting 6 Dmen
    staal girardi redden rosival gilroy delZ

  104. yea im wondering about goaltending too. i know we have vally signed for another year, which my spidey sense tells me, that wiikman is still not ready. whos better, him or zaba? and lafleur is he a dud? mike A or alex whoever knows more about the goalie prospects

  105. del z might start out the season on the tam, but who really knows if hes actually fully ready yet. he still hasnt played an nhl game yet, so im tryin not to get my hopes too high with him. i still kinda think sauer has a better than average shot. if not traded

  106. mike

    my comment is awaiting moderation but if you go on hockeysfuture (dot) com you can check out our prospects there.

    they have zaba as our 9th best prospect

  107. could they have picked 3 nerdier guys than the 3 stooges on versus? i cant believe 2 of them were actually former athletes. they really look like like cartoon characters out of loony tunes.

  108. colin- that kinda sucks huh. 9th? wow. is tom pyatt any good? i never hear about him or that zaborsky guy

  109. usually whatever that site is i usually say it could be a little worse. most “2nd line” players are usually 3rd line players

    our prospect ranking on there is 27 out of 30
    not good

    but we do have 3 of the top 50 prospects in grachev, delZ and anisimov

  110. well, im not so sure that gilroy or heineken cant be good enough to make the team. i mean look at girardi. he wasnt drafted either. hes one of our top 3 d men on the team now

  111. i still see gilroy as our 7th dman

    2 years on a 1 way deal i cant see them wasting 1 year to “develop” him.

  112. so arties like a 2nd 3rd line center? everyones makin him out to be a superstar. id be happy if grachev became a franzen type player

  113. yea gilroy is probably replacing mara. del z could replace morris. sangs can be our 7th.

  114. if sangs isnt traded. man its fun talkin about the offseason. i wish it would hurry up though

  115. wow talk about great goaltending. oh and they just scored. freakin detroits gonna win

  116. i sware man you could put kalinen on the wings and they could make a star out of him. is there even 1 guy on that team that sucks?

  117. osgood is playin good, but cmon hawks they got 4 d men and lidstrom is out!!!

  118. i like the hawks but maybe its for the best if detroit faces the pens. i will be very happy if the wings beat them again. the way ozzie is playin right now, i dont think piss has a good chance. they might put up a better fight than last year, but now the wings have hossa, and piss replaced hossa with guerin. i think detroit has the advantage.

  119. detroit has to win. i wish they would lose this game so they get that “vacation”. everyone could get healthy.

  120. now that was clutch. but it wasnt in the 2nd period so it wasnt as clutch as drurys lone goal this year

  121. i know carolina isnt a bad team, but i think detroit is gonna be much better prepared to play pissburgh after this series. carolina didnt give the pens any competition at all. and detroit is doin this without datsyuk and lidstrom

  122. wow kane just made a beautiful play and a great pass. if only bolland could shoot

  123. wow colin u see that save by baby huet? hes havin himself the game of his life. he made up for game 4 tonight. hes been better tonight than bulin all playoffs i think

  124. mike

    i was in the front on my phone watchin the game
    now im in the back searchin for it
    missed it

  125. for us ranger fans who hate cindy and company the wings better win this series. if they lose tonight and win on sat pitt will have 10 days off. ottawa had 12 in 2007 and it was over in 5. the pens are much better but just throwig that out there.

    wings win game 1 sat
    hawks win game 1 june 5th friday

    go wings please no crosby hoisitng cup

    hawks have ZERO CHANCE VS PENS

  126. Not sure if this was mentioned already, but happy 15th anniversary of MATTEAU MATTEAU MATTEAU everyone!

  127. disagree about hawks having zero chance vs. pens but its going to be tough to ever tell unless hawks win 3 straight here… rooting for them for now… will root for detroit if/when they win this series

  128. Ziplay is reporting the the Rangers plan to move up in the first round of the draft using prospects and pics

  129. ya gotta think huet earned himself at least another year on the team after this game alone. he showed alot of heart and played his ass off in a high pressure game

  130. id like to see hank play like this next few years. we got the best chance of a cup with hank in net. we gotta go for it soon. so who are the rangers planning to trade to move up john?

  131. Ziplay dosn’t say. He just said that he had heard the rangers were going to try and move up.

  132. hey, detroit has home ice again. so good luck wings. get better lidstrom and datsyuk. make us ranger fans proud!!

  133. funny thing…

    One too many “wings” in playoffs this year…

    Hawks got wings… which just got broken by the Red Wings

    Next stop… Penguins… birds with wings…but cant fly!


  134. well, thats good. i hope they get high enough to get someone who will make a difference in a few years

  135. I hope the rangers try to trade for the rights to Gabriok. If we could trade captain clutch for his rights and sign him for two years (maybe 6.5 or some thing like that). we could dump salary and get what we need if he gets hurt then it saves us cap room and Minn gets something for gabriok.

  136. I might boycott the finals. I want Detroit to win, but I refuse to turn up the volume and listen to Emerick.

  137. jeez look at zetterberg!! you could throw him on mythbusters as adams replacement. cleary could be jamies replacement!

  138. yeah i think we should trade Dryru for Gabriok straight up bro! Maybe even throw Renned in that trade as well! :P

  139. john- if we trade drury? we cant. first off, he has a no movement clause. 2nd, minnie would never do that deal, 3rd, we wouldnt save any money. wed be spending more in a straight up deal for gabby

  140. Just some wishful thinking on my part. At Least I’m not suggesting trading Staalsy and Dubbi for whatever! lol

  141. Why does that Bill Patrick guy on Versus keep pronouncing “Engblom” as “Engwam”?

  142. gabby would be at the very least, the same amount as drury. and even though id rather have him over dru hes way too injury prone. id like to see him play 6 games a year against philly. hed be a corpse by next christmas

  143. hey, i never suggested that either. i posted a supposed rumopur between us and toronto. doobs and staal were in the deal. iwouldnt trade them either. i hear ya on wishful thinking. i think cammalleri is a safer bet, cheaper and still put up very good numbers. gabby is a tease. id kill sather myself if he got gabby and he got injured the 2nd game of the season. i would cease to watch the rangers until sather was fired

  144. Slats should grab Tanguay for a year or two. That’s your Naslund replacement.

    I have a feeling Zherdev is going to sign in the KHL, so that’s a lot of points to make up (not counting post season… if we get that far).

  145. dryrus cap hit is a little higher than 7. but you think gabriok would be cheaper? maybe because of his injury history, but who knows man. free agent season made wade redden the 6 million dollar man. 6.5 actually

  146. mike
    i go on atdhe(dot)net

    im @ work right now
    i watch the games in the front and if i have to come in the back of the store i watch it online

  147. im just goofin john. join the party here man. its gonna be a long one till october!

  148. no we cant. hes a more reasonable option though instead of “eyehead” gaborik.

  149. Pavel

    Shouldn’t be too hard to make up Zherdev’s playoff points seeing as he had as many as I did in the playoffs.

    I don’t think we have cap space for Gaborik anyway so no need to worry about that.

  150. zip doesnt seem to like the versus commentary either. in his last post, he mentioned that last night, daryl reaugh or however you spell it, said that the rbc center was like a “throbbing edifice”!! im serious these guys are freakin weirdos. him and beninati.

    shoryuken- dont worry man. me, colin and mike A are gonna be on the 4th line, while youre reddens new d partner and cccp in net backin up hank!!! were good to go!!!!

  151. del zotto used to be a forward. that explains why he scores alot. he had 5 shortys last year!!! or the year before that. not sure

  152. The lack of Paul Mara in this discussion is disgusting. I really dont see any way the Rangers dont bring him back. He’s a team-first kind of guy who has continually been paired with young defensemen since he got here. Are you really trying to rid the Rangers of what little grit and quiet leadership they have? Frankly I think he should be made an alternate captain, not driven to the shadows like Marek Malik or Darius Kasparitis.

    The level of idealism here is almost overwhelming. You cant just plug in Sauer/Potter/Heikkenen just because they’re young and you want them to succeed. The NHL doesnt work that way.

  153. Why is Sangs being labelled a bust? Just because DelZ is progressing faster? Bobby’s followed the same development timetable as Staal hasn’t he? In which case, expect to see him some time next season, if not to start the season.

    Steeeve – i think most posters on the blog have expressed a preference for Mara over the course of the last few weeks but as a UFA and probably looking at $2m per the only way i see him coming back is if Roszival is traded or the braintrust has no confidence that more than 1 youngster will make the roster this September.

    Good post by Jason on draft picks – Pitt have had so many top 5 picks recently and these are the guys who can go straight to the NHL, whereas we have been picking much later and are picking guys with potential who need a couple of years polishing their skills. After all, thats the purpose isn’t it? Bad teams draft higher to get the better players to make it a more level playing field?
    Does this mean the Isles will win the cup in 2014?

    The only exception to the rule seems to be Detroit who really can spot a good pick, especially in the later rounds – just look at the roster and where they were drafted:
    Franzen 3rd round
    Zetterberg 7th round
    Filpulla 3rd round
    Lidstrom 3rd round
    Hudler 2nd round
    Kronwall 1st round
    Datsyuk 7th round etc…..

  154. I counted it up and the rangers have quite a large number of defense men vying for a spot next year.

    Del Zotto

    I thought Del Zotto was great in last year’s training camp, and I was surprised that he did get a pro-contract and go to the minors, but that’s why im not the coach.

    I also agree I think these claims that Sanguinetti is a bust are completely moronic. Defense is a hard position to play and one of the hardest for young players to get their head around, don’t call him a bust, he has to much talent.

  155. sangs could be a bust. nobody knows yet. . up to this point, he seems like he will make the nhl one day. maybe not as offensive as we thought, but he looks decent enough to make it. he did have a strong 2nd half to the season. he did improve whichj is good news. i just dont think hes gonna be that top pair star d man. he may be good to help the pp though.

  156. steve- mara is a guy who ya really like and want him to do well. hes likeable, has good leadership, and is tough, sticks up for teammates etc… hes also slow, cant handle the puck, and his shot is worse than gomez.(accuracy wise) hey, if we werent so screwed with the cap, hed be perfect for 3rd pair on the team, but we have alot of young d men fighting for 2 spots and if it means that sauer gets a shot instead, or del zotto, yea, im fine with it. having mara is great, but the only way we can afford him is if redden or rozy are gone. he may be resigned and they fill only morris position, but mara did very well last year and another team with money to spare, will grab gim and pay him more than we can.

  157. and no matter how you see it, theres just too many d men ready to make the jump to nhl for mara to stay. its not fair, because he worked harder than some other guys that make 10 x more than him, but thats sathers fault. also, it may not be so crowded on d when camp comes. i think sather is definitely trading some guys to move up in the draft. so if mara takes another paycut, he could be back, but hed really improve his chances if he worked on the technical parts of the game like passing and skating. he has a hard shot, but it never hits the net.

  158. evan, yea d is harder to play and its even harder with the new rules. i know its no excuse because the rules have been here a few years now, but i think its harder for old school d men whove been in the league longer who have a harder time adjusting to it. booby s wouldnt seem to be looked down on as much if they hadnt drafted del zotto last year. and then paying way too much for redden. he hasnt progressed his d game as well as he couldve, thats why potter and sauer were called up before him. plus with the new 2 d men being signed, it just seems like they dont have much confidence in him. im not sayin thats the case, it just seems that way. i guess they could see something we dont. maybe hes just a late bloomer. i think we wouldve grabbed a forward last year if sangs was progresing. he also could be part of a trade that was in the works awhile ago and sather is getting extra depth on d because hes moving some guys.

  159. I am cool with trading to move up in the draft, but I am not so cool with trading away players who are actually in the NHL or ready to be in the NHL for unproven players that may be a bust. Usually, after the first two or three picks, it is totally up in the air as to how a player will turn out. Brendl and Lundmark were both high picks. Marc Savard was the cost for Lundmark. I could see it if the player is guaranteed to be a game breaker (Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby) but the Rangers don’t have anything to move up that far in the draft. Still, Brendl was supposed to be a premier goal scorer. How did that turn out?

  160. Alex B-great scouting report. Any chance you can catch some high school games and write a report for Sather? Not that it makes it to his desk. Even if it does, he’s probably never at his desk anyway.

    Is Bettman happy with a repeat cup final? I hate the Pens more than the Wings so go Wings.

  161. This Pock mark against the fine citizens of Switzerland cannot be aloud to stand!!

  162. Ranger fan’s will never NOT boo Redden as long as he plays on Broadway. It’s not necessarily that I hate him as a player even though he looks like his skates are made of concrete, the issue with Redden is that he represents all of the managerial blunders that have driven Ranger fans to drink especially recently. Who in their right mind would pay Scott fart on my along the boards and I disappear Gomez 10 million frigggn dollars!!!?? Drury is a solid player but NO TEAM in the league is staying up at night trying to figure out how they will contain him. Rosy doesn’t get that contract anywhere else in the league. The guys that ranger fans love to root for are easy to spot: Cally, Hank, Dubi, Korpy, Sjoe, Staal, Girardi and that’s pretty much it. Now I have to watch overpaid mercenaries stink it up, settle for mediocrity and at the same time watch real hustlers who bleed blue like Prucha or Tyutin get shipped out to make room for these doormats. Tort’s is my only saving grace, I think if anyone can right the ship it’s him. The bottom line is that the way this organization is run is embarrassing and it gets harder to root for them every year.

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