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Not sure what to make of this, if anything, but USA Hockey announced its annual award winners today and the college player of the year award went to Boston University’s Colin Wilson, the son of ex-Ranger Carey Wilson.

In other words, it did not go to Wilson’s teammate, defenseman Matt Gilroy, the Rangers’ signee who won the Hobey Baker award as college hockey’s best player. Wilson had been a finalist for the Hobey Baker. He is a draft pick of the Nashville Predators (No. 7 overall in 2008).

Here is the entire list of USA Hockey award-winners.

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  1. this years

    have you seen gilroy play?
    you got something to say?
    2062 clove rd 10304
    ill be here till 10

    got plenty of video for you to watch

  2. from the last post.

    does anyone know who staals agent is?
    if so look @ all of his other players who have become rfa, ufa and their contracts after the lockout.

    aside from colton orr.

  3. edm is naming Pat Quinn as their new coach. and renney as the asst coach.

    that is clear proof that renney was in over his head. he is NOT even considered a head coach by the other teams.

    and don’t give me any more of that “nice guy” crap

    the media ought to be ashamed of itself. their job is not to hand out “good guy” awards for accomodating coaches. their job is to tell the truth about his crappy work. and that did not happen. it was the FANS who got rid of crappy Renney. good riddance.

  4. PJH

    thats correct!

    so now go look at the players who have him as an agent and take a look at their contracts and ask yourself if the rangers have ANY hope of signing him again come next years off season. the cap is going down 2.5 mil. which thank you naslund! we now have 1.5 mil extra on the cap (instead of 4 mil) and can give callahan a raise. staal will make 4-5 mil a season starting 10/11 season.

  5. i didnt hate Renney when he was here, and I sure as hell didnt love him either

    Im actually shocked he’s not coaching in juniors.

    Oh well, we get to see him twice next season, and you know the Garden will chant R-E-N-N-E-Y if we beat the oilers, jsut ot rub it in a little bit

    How can anyone not love hockey!!

  6. Nice to see him (Renney) land on his feet, and out of the conference as well.

    Thanks for the memories and for making this blog so legendary with all of those “FIRE RENNEY” rants! Don’t forget to wear warm socks and a scarf Tommy.

  7. Smart move by Edmonton. If Pat Quinn doesn’t work out or retires, they’re all set with Renney. Same thing Tampa did with Melrose and Tocchet.

  8. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yeah kc, they’d be all set with a passive complacent pushover of a coach

  9. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Maybe I was too hard on Renney, he did win that highly coveted WHL Memorial Cup. Not to mention that 1994 silver medal with perhaps the most stacked Canada team of all time.

  10. I didnt believe the rumors but now I guess you can expect Jagr to play for Edmonton either this year or next.

  11. One Ranger Love on

    Well Zherdev said he wants to return to New York next season…but the question is more so, will Sather resign him next season? And I sure hope he doesn’t. He just disappeared mid way through last season and stayed hidden through the playoffs. I know the guy is still relatively young, but he showed know heart or guts. I’d much rather see Anisimov IN next season to replace Zherdev. Much more speed and help shave off some cap. Thank the lord Naslund retired, with the cap possibly looking to go down 2 million this year. We will need to free up all the money we can. Could this be the end of Betts and Orr?

  12. renney was still working for the rangers. so the guy saying good riddance was right. he only just now is an ex-Ranger employee .

  13. czechthemout..... on

    Finally Renney got the job that fits him perfectly. Maybe he can convince the oilers to take Redden with him to run their PP as well as he ran ours.

  14. The Oilers actually have a good offensive D man, why would they need redden? His talents would be wasted there

  15. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Betts and Orr are cheap so I can’t see them going…mr Ranger love , Zherdev din’t impress me either but lets face it , its hard to eat like the humans when yer eatting dog shit in the dog house!!!

    Renney landing in Edmonton results in a Jagr signing…I’m all for it , the big guy is a pritty classy player with Crosby learning a thing or two from him 2 years ago.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Gilroy was a 24 year old playing with children. That would’ve been like Tommy Pock playing for UMass the year after the lockout.

    Meanwhile, he played his last game at 22 and had much better numbers than Gilroy did at 24.

    But Pock turned out OK, right? 1g, 2a in 59 games with the Piles this season? Wow, I’m sure glad we don’t have him locked up for 2 years in a one way contract worth almost 1.5 million per when we are already crippled with the salary cap.

    Mark my words. Gilroy has bust written all over him.

  17. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Half the NHL are children , The esteemed Doodie M . We have a less physical Redden and this gilroy is pritty darn fast compare to Redden. This team is gonna be built around Staal and his youth. Gilroy could play quite well with Staal inventually and who knows this could bump out more aging vets.

  18. Gilroy has bust written all over him.


    Agree 100%… still excited to see what happens there though. I can’t imagine him doing too much though.

  19. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    We can’t go into training camp with Drury as our leader and Captain!?? can we?

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Thanks Mike for the info . Defense is looking younger by the minute , a New york minute that is!!!

  21. “Gilroy was a 24 year old playing with children.”

    who said that first?

    oh yeah i did.

    he didnt need to stay there another year. he did so to win w/ his brother.

    if you dont know a thing about the guy dont talk about him.

  22. yup. hopefully del z makes the team. i have to believe he will have a good chance considering he either has to make team or stay in juniors am i right? sangs looks like he could be traded. too many d men too little spots. somethins brewin. besides sathers colostomy bag

  23. colin- i think theyre just jaded from all the bs sather has given us. i say give him a chance. im not gonna judge the kid yet. if anything, it makes for another trade possibility with some of our other d men like sangs or potter. sauer should either make the team or be traded. hes gettin old in hartford

  24. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    wasn’t it Delzotto who was Stamko’s side kick in juniors ? They played together on the PP too. We could Package Delzotto with someone like ughhhh ~Callahan~ for Vinny L , so Torts can have his protegy back and we can mold Dubinsky in as the new one.

  25. anybody else lookin forward to the new season of ice road truckers? thats a cool show. ax men is great too. hey, anyone see the missing link show last night on history? it was a 42 million year old half reptile, half primate skeleton. they named it ida. they said it most likely died from an overdose from eating too many coca plants. but before it died, it gave birth to triplets. they named the 3 babies, wade, kevin and theo

  26. no greg. i would rather let torts mold duby as a vinny type player and we keep our young guys. if doobs is good enough, we wont need vinny anyway. and we would have to get rid of higher contracts in order to make room for vinny anyway.

  27. no way isles pick hedman either. theyre goin for tavares. unless wang is a total freakin retard

  28. mike –
    wow didnt know that

    remember del z playing w/ tavares. that was fun to watch.


    yes there most certainly is a trade in the works. gilroy has to make the team or hes going to be in hartford all year.

    i know sather has made some horrible moves. signing gilroy was NOT one of them. he was the fabian brunnstrom this year (yeah look that one up).

    getting rid of redden and rozsival or gomez will be his task for this off season and like i said before if it was a 3 way trade

    to totonto –

    to rangers –
    2nd pick 2009 draft (tavares/hedman)
    someone from lightning

    to tampa –
    1st rd pick (toronto)
    1st rd pick (rangers)
    someone else from rangers

    i could see us pulling the trigger.

    we have way too much defense right now. something has to give. try to think of ANOTHER trade that has to go along with the other one. one that makes the trade worth it.

  29. i doubt very much we even make the first trade colin. no way we get either top 2 picks. i think we should try to move up a few spots this year. if we trade doobs, staal, or cally, then we have to go through the process of watching them become stars in the league on other teams once again, like we always have, and i really cant watch them destroy the team all over again. i will actually stop caring about this team if they keep trading youth away.

  30. i feel the same way i dont want to trade the youth
    dubbie and staal are franchise players and should be here forever

    when i see staal and his agent i get nervous. i mean he got dipietro a 15 year deal. think about what hes going to fetch for staal and thats not something the team can afford w/ redden and the other 3.

  31. sather(if he really cares
    ) should just bite the bullet on redden or drury if he cant move big salary this ofseason. if he trades staal or doobs just to get rid of redden, then we basically just are giving them away. we have to lose these underacheivers without having to give up youth. if i knew last july, that we’d be signing redden, just to trade him along with our youth, id go crazy. sather wont be stupid enough to do that i hope

  32. i cant see the NYR giving up staal in a trade without getting something major in return for him. cap relief isnt enough in return for a future 1st pair defensemen for the next 10-15 years.

    i dont know what to think of these supposed trade rumors, but i have to think he is untouchable (ala henrik). wouldnt it be much easier to banish redden to the AHL and eat his contract for the next 8-10 years?

  33. thats 2 mil a year for the next 10 years so if they did that nazzys retirement fund is now -.5mil

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Thats right , banish Redden to AHL , dump Drury to the Avalanche and put Rozival where the sun don’t shine .

    Exactly Mike , we can’t let these kids go to another team and watch ’em turn into Marc Savard or a weight or something.

    Tavares is going to the asslanders..face it , Tavares is now enemy # 1

  35. well, if staal keeps up his weak offensive numbers how much you really think hes gonna get? i mean, i love staal, but right now hes a 1 way d man. hes gotten better at moving up ice with the puck, but his shot sucks, and he is almost peaked in his defensive ability. he doesnt really have to work on his d tht much. he just needs a little more confidence back in his own end. he shouldve learned alot by playing against ovy this year. he scored a goal this playoffs too, albeit a late goal in a lost game, but he still doesnt have the offensive ability yet to command such a high offer. maybe 3-3.5 if he stays about the same. now if he puts in 10 goals, 20 assists next year, then he could get 5 i think. i realize that he is our best d man. but he wasnt that good in the playoffs. its only his 2nd full year though. nad maybe he will get 5 mill, but he isnt worth that much, and unless he adds more offense, than he shouldnt get that much

  36. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    we ‘ll pound that little puke into no mans land. Tavares and his little frame will be smashed and it would not surprise be if he turned out to be another Brett Lindros , Eric younger brother who had to ritire early from getting hit so hard every night he got concussed!! ( poor guy , hate to see that happen)

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on


    * pick Hedman instead of Taverares because with Hedman being so big , he may last a few more years long than that lil punk Tavares!!

  38. i think the islanders are gonna kick our asses a few times next year with tavares. man, as bad as it must be to be an islandork fan, i do envy that they get tavares. i wish somehow we could draft hedman. id trade staal for the #2 pick.

  39. So basically we have 3 more D-men that are going to be good for nothing?? DelZoto, Sangs, and Happy Gilroy?? Not that we have any quality back there now (Staal is an exception).

  40. Oh, I almost forgot the Isles will find a way to F up the #1 pick, so we need not worry!! Can they draft another goalie?

  41. just kidding!! i wouldnt trade staal. i just hope he starts becoming a better all around player. hes got better puck handling skills and great poise, he just needs to work on his shot.

  42. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Staal’s carreer is in the bank , Hedman is yet to be desided…You think Marc Staal defense has maxed out!!???

    Omg you really don’t know what we have here…( in Staasie)

  43. pete- i think the isles could surprise people and pick hedman, but thats the extent of their f’in up their pick. i highly doubt they will trade the pick

  44. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Rangers Cream of the Crop :


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