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Four posts in one summer day. Not likely to happen again …

Anyway, in case you missed it, Pat Quinn was named Edmonton coach, and Tom Renney will be one of his assistants.

I wonder if there’s a future for Craig MacTavish or his assistants — – Charlie Huddy and Bill Moores, who were Rangers assistants in the past – in New York.

Here is the AP story:

EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — The Edmonton Oilers have hired Pat Quinn as coach.

The 66-year-old Quinn has been out of the NHL since being fired as coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs after the 2005-06 season.

The Oilers also hired former New York Rangers coach Tom Renney and former Oilers player Kelly Buchberger as assistant coaches.

Quinn replaces the fired Craig MacTavish. He also coached Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto.

The Oilers were 11th in the Western Conference last season and failed to make the playoffs for the fifth time in the last seven seasons.

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  1. christine simpson- “crybaby, what do you have to do to win tonight?”

    crybaby-“we just have to be desperate. we have to match the desperation level”

    does this guy have anything else to say besides that?? thats all he ever says!!!! and then he purses his lips and looks like a wounded puppy after every sentence

  2. so whats the associate head coach title mean? hes an assistant right? why dont they just say assistant?

  3. in other news, it has been reported and confirmed from several sources that there are in fact 19 other players on the pitsburgh penguins.

  4. Joe Beninati

    “And a hockey stick was pulled out of his hand”

    Really? What the fck kind of stick could it be!! This is HOCKEY! Watching VS is like insulting you own intelligence on purpose.

  5. cuz you know how many non hockey fans are watchin versus. channel 55 baby!!!

  6. mike…what casual fan?

    casual fan does not have VS since casual fan wont pay extra $5 a month to have a fishing and hunting channel.

  7. yes mike…i saw it… fortunately i am not a casual fan.. i do pay extra $5 for the fishing and hunting channel! lol

  8. really bill patrick???? an interview with wec’s mike brown???????? awesome dude!!!!!

  9. haha cccp. i like those fishing shows!! lol. i miss aves!! i miss the beard!!!

  10. well, when staal scores a goal the canes have won every game. lets see if they can make a series of this

  11. i hope to freaking god the pens get there asses handed to them by the wings. i hate this team so much its almost at the same level as hating the isles and devils. actually it is.

    however i think its there year and they will beat wings.

    lidstrom and datsyk need to be 100 percent or pens win in 5

  12. I wonder how many of us here could do play-by-play or live commentary during a hockey game.

  13. Is anyone watching NHL Network? They showing a program called “A Day That Changed the Game” Gretzky traded to LA.
    Our beloved Sather shares his opinions on that trade. I almost forgot what Sather looks or sound like.

  14. so funny to hear Sather talk about how bad that Gretzky trade was.

    and that’s coming from Mr. Lousy deal himself.

    fcking circus.

  15. Sather had to trade both Gretz and Mess it wasn’t his fault, EDM didn’t have the money to keep that team together or they would have probably won 8-9 Cups.

    R.I.P. Peter Zezel. :(

  16. Mike IA – “Pissburgh” Ive seen alot of nicknames for other teams on this blog, some pretty stupid, some pretty funny, the but this simple one, which i have never even seen until just now, definitely is the best yet haha love it man, not to mention it works even more with the color in their jerseys

    “really bill patrick???? an interview with wec’s mike brown???????? awesome dude!!!!!”

    Ok i dont know if i feel worse for all the hockey viewers watchin bill patrick say this.. or for bill patrick having to say this during a live hockey broadcast… but after further review i feel worse for bill patrick, that is one shitty task for that guy to carry out

    JBytes- “I wonder how many of us here could do play-by-play or live commentary during a hockey game.”

    If this is an attempt in defending benninati, just quit now, the guy is brutal, and so annoying, and so is Darryl Reaugh, have Dave STrader and Bill Jaffe do every vs. game, they are the best by far.. really would liek to hear gary thorne doin hockey again though, hint hint ESPN
    And yes i believe i coudl do a better job than benninati doing play-by-play/live commentary for a hockey game

  17. So Renney will be in charge of the penalty kill then…..

    Good to hear DelZ is signed, i wouldn;t be surprised if he leapfrogs Bobby Sangs in the pecking order this year, he’s tearing it up in the OHL. I presume it will be OHL or NHL for DelZ because of his age?

  18. I Bleed Blue on

    So you think one of Renney’s first moves will be to bring Prucha to Edmonton? LOL!

  19. What’s up with this Korpikoski/Girardi/Potter/Anisimov/1st Rounder to ATL for Kolvalchuk/Exelby pending Kolvalchuk extension rumor?

  20. 1 year ago today…2 years ago today…3 years ago today…4 years ago today…11 years ago today…we weren’t playing.

  21. What’s the deal with Sangs?? I thought he was moving along in Hartford, but after reading this blog for a while I am getting the feeling that he is soiling the sheets…. Can someone please give me some specifics (if there are any)?

  22. That’s a ridiculous offer. I don’t care how good Kolvalchuk is, that’s giving up way too much. Where did you hear that rumor?

  23. Screw Kovalchuk i dont want him.. atlanta will not trade him either, he is the only player that puts fans in the seats there, what is Bryan Little going to draw a crowd if kovalchuk gets traded? hes awesome but he doesnt have the skill and draw that kovalchuk does, kovalchuk will b there until his contract his up then who knows

  24. Has Renney called Yeti to ask about Crisco & Jerrys Voros yet???? He must be all atwitter.

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