Rangers sign Del Zotto


Just got this from the NYR:

First Round Pick from the 2008 NHL Entry Draft 

            New York, May 26, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with defenseman Michael Del Zotto.

Del Zotto, 18, skated in 62 games with the Oshawa Generals and London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) this season, registering 13 goals and 50 assists for 63 points, along with 78 penalty minutes.  The two-time OHL All-Star finished the season ranked sixth among all OHL defensemen in scoring and assists, while his 50 assists tied for 11th in the league overall.  He also ranked fifth in the league with 32 power play assists.  Del Zotto recorded the sixth longest assist streak in the OHL this season, registering an assist in seven straight contests from February 1 at Ottawa to February 16 at Guelph (nine assists).  In addition, he posted 14 multi-point games, including five, three-point efforts.  In the postseason with London, Del Zotto led the team with 16 assists and tied for fourth on the Knights with 19 points in 14 games.  His 16 assists ranked second among all OHL defensemen in the playoffs, while his 19 points finished third among league blueliners.

The 6-0, 195-pound defenseman has skated in 190 career OHL games with Oshawa and London, collecting 39 goals and 144 assists for 183 points, along with 238 penalty minutes.  Last season, Del Zotto tied for third among all OHL defensemen in scoring with 63 points and ranked fourth with a career-high, 16 goals.  He also tied for fifth in the league overall with five shorthanded goals.  The second overall pick in the 2006 OHL Priority Selection, Del Zotto was twice named OHL Defensemen of the Month – November 2006 and December 2007.

The native of Stouffville, Ontario was the Rangers’ first round choice, 20th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.  The selection marked the third time in four years the Rangers have chosen a defenseman in the first round, having drafted Marc Staal with the 12th overall pick in 2005 and Bobby Sanguinetti with the 21stoverall pick in 2006.

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  1. good stuff. i hope we trade some of these stockpiled d men to move up in the draft now

  2. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    ok fine , not first , I knewwwww Mike was gonna be there!!

    Not getting upset here Mike , Just the maxing out thing got me going hahahaa!

  3. gonna play 09 greg and colin. im gonna create a gilroy and del zotto and a heineken for the rangers d!!! im gonna trade redden and morris and mara!!! its cool, because in 09, i can trade redden for vanek!!!

  4. its ok greg, notice how i didnt say first? i wanted to save you the glory!!

  5. greg, i already told ya about del zotto like half hour ago!! did u forget??? lol

  6. zzzzzzzzzz

    totally agree w/ you in the savard reference.


    if anyone can package redden with other people or picks and make it as realistic as the toronto trade id like to see.

    package any of the 4 big contracts and make it realistic. the toronto trade is a reliastic trade imho. even tho the rangers do have to give up on dubbie and staal. even if dubbie never had any more than 15 goals a season while he was there, losing staal sucks.

    but kaberle addresses a need NOW and relieves us of 1 bad contract. The 1st rd pick should be packaged to tampa, colorado, or atlanta.

    i would love to see any of those top 4 (tavares, hedman, duchene, kane) people in the system here.

    what happens if that 2nd trade was to colorado and it sent drury and the 2 picks in the 1st rd as well? would that make it better?

  7. nice Del Z signing Slats!!

    NO NO NO To trading Staal.

    Are you guys nuts? our oone top Dman, who is only goign to get better, for Kaberle?

    Ho wmany years have we tried to fix what we need NOW and its failed? Dumbest move ever if Sather even Considers it

    Untouchables should be Hank, Staal, Cally in that order


    I can see Glen “Gump” Sather do something moronic like this… but to hear this coming from Rangers fans is plain dumb.

    Have Redden call Kasparaitis and let kaspar share his experience what it is like to be buried in the minors to help the team free up cap space.

  9. i am in no way saying kaberle is better than staal.
    i am not even comparing the 2

    the only way imho to even consider the trade is redden will be gone, staals raise, and the possibility of losing another big contract and getting a top 4 pick in this years draft. if that were to happen (longshot) i may be sold.

    the 2nd half has never been said by anyone i am just throwin it out there.

    mikeynj –

    can you think of a way to get rid of one contract w/o moving staal? is there someone who might not buy into the new system we could trade?

    cccp –

    i hate the idea of the trade. i want to figure out what it would take to make the trade “worth it”. i do think staal shouldnt be traded and that it is the exact opposite from what we should be doing. hence the 2nd portion of the trade.

    i dont think burying redden is economical. especially w/ the cap going down over the next 2 years.

  10. If we trade Staal in order to dump Redden’s salary we’d be taking 3 steps back. I think Redden can play a lot better with Torts on his @$$ all year, it was evident by the way he played when Torts took the reigns last year. By no means am I saying he’ll be playing up to his 6.5M salary, but maybe his play will be more tolerable. If worst comes to worst we could always bury him in Hartford. Either way I think keeping Staal has more upside than dumping Redden. As for how much Staal is going to cost us after next year, wouldn’t we be able to put him in arbitration? Not the greatest thing to do to a player but eff it. Get it done!

  11. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    MikeyNJ , Actually the order is Hank , Staal , Dubinsky and Cally. All in order of un-touchables.

  12. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    thats 2 forwards ,a defenseman and a goalie…

  13. Where is this Kaberle Staal rumor coming from originally?

    Anyone who is a Ranger fan who is willing to give up Marc Staal is out of their bird, out of their bird

    Yea lets trade a 22 yr old defenseman who is already playing unbelievable, for a 31 yr old defenseman

    Kaberle is a great defenseman but you cannot give up your youth like that, we need to stay young, not get older.. Rangers fans just get so ridiculous man

  14. mundo –

    good point about arbitration. also about reddens performance with torts. i can see giving redden another year but i also think the rangers need to dump one of the contracts. if its not redden it could be rozsival. i feel with all the defense the rangers have went after especially with the drafts and this off seasons signings that someone on defense is being moved or do you think mara and morris being gone was enough of a move?

  15. rob m

    i am not comparing kaberle to staal at all. i am being entertaining. i read a rumor and i want to talk about it. i love staal and i do think he is a franchise player and may very well be a captain of the team.

    what would it take to part with him if it meant getting rid of a big contract? or could you figure out a reasonable trade that was similar to the TML rumor.

  16. the rangers dont have the assets to get either of the top 2 picks (and why would u trade your best young players/prospects just to pick another player not named crosby, ovechkin or malkin). Nor would it make ANY sense to trade staal or dubinksy in order to dump redden. if you want to lose redden u put him in the minors. Furthermore no way wed then be able to swing a trade to get the 3rd of 4th overall pick. cmon people these trades are unrealistic and idiotic.

    gilroy could go either way and the signing of del zotto while exciting doesnt mean he is gonna be with us b/c either way its play for the rangers or back to the juniors. as much as i want to see him play in all likelihood he needs another year in juniors

    Lastly, including drury in any package makes it far worse. who else but sather wants to pay a 3rd line center 7M a year for 3 years (ignoring his NMC)

  17. in response to a post from Mike IA in the Hobey article
    “Staal’s shot sucks”

    How does his shot suck, because he hasnt scored many goals in his first few years in the league so his shot sucks right?

    Souray – 13 goals in first 287 games
    Chara – 6 goals in first 206 games

    couple of preeeetty good defenseman right?

    Defenseman worry about DEFENSE first coming into the NHL, far and away worry about defense more than offense, but when Marc Staal does get involved in the offense, he always makes good things happen.. he knows when to throw the puck at the net for a rebound with guys crashing, he knows when to take a chance to carry into the zone, the few goals he has scored in the NHL have been great shots for the most part(see his first NHL goal vs. Brodeur ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TP9zbBXFYQ ), goal vs. Caps this year, the few that he has scored hav been great shots.. he gets barely any power play time… he will get more time on the PP as he keeps getting older and he will show you how much his shot sucks..

  18. pete

    the lightning are a team that needs to get rid of salary as well as a team that needs defense. there have been rumors they would move vinny and the 2nd rd pick for the right offer. thats the only reason i said tampa.

    with colorado i only said that cause of last season when the avs fans thought on their blog that it was a good idea to try and get him.

    like i said i cant see this being the only deal. i dont think its a good deal thats why i was trying to see if anyone could think of a second trade that would send that 1st rounder somewhere else with lets say the rangers 1st rd pick and maybe even something else. that second trade may very well be realistic. glad to see other people chiming in. all i wanted was good conversation today.

    for anyone to take our “garbage” there has to be something good along with it. thats the only problem.

    i am in no way saying i like the trade. im going to continue to say it. i just want to have a good convo today.

  19. and i rather see Redden play every year of his contract in a New York Rangers uniform without missing a singlegame due to injury or anything, than to see Marc Staal leave the Rangers anytime before he turns 40… hands down

    getting rid of Redden is not worth losing Staal, Dubi or anybody like that (Cally as well) .. Redden can be hidden as 4th defenseman, maybe even 5th or 6th after some of these guys establish themselves in next 2 years

  20. so then heres my question rob

    how do you trade redden?
    who do you package to make it look nice and to where?

  21. i can’t see slats making his way up into the top 5 let alone the top 10 of the draft. not gonna happen. however, i don’t think zherdev is going to be here post draft day. im hoping that’s money that can be spent on antro but i don’t see him being back next year either. slats is going to take the best available player at number 19 overall and that’ll be that.

    honestly, i don’t know what to expect of this offseason but i really doubt this team is going to get shaken up too much before going into next year. it really shouldn’t take torts a full year of coaching this team to figure out what he has and doesn’t have. his short tenure with the team should’ve given him a pretty good glance at who needs to be remain a ranger and who needs to get sent outta town.

    del zotto will be back in juniors again next year.
    gilroy does indeed have bust written all over him and as far as heikkenen goes, eh i mean who really knows? i’m expecting jamtin part two.

    i don’t see a light at the end of this tunnel yet. maybe that’ll happen as the new season starts approaching but man, slats has all of us between a rock and a hard place.

    since drury isn’t going anywhere, i’d at least like to see the captaincy removed from his sweater. i don’t think i need to even try to present an argument on that one but until this team has a player develop into captain material, they shouldn’t have one.

    everyone who thinks redden has to be packaged with an attractive pick or a boatload of great prospects and young talent is wrong. send him to hartford and let him rot. financially it was a huge mistake that glen is going to have over his head until the problem is resolved. isn’t the 2011 draft supposed to be awful? send redden and 2011 first round pick for ANYTHING.

  22. colin that is my point.. you dont trade redden.. it will not happen.. and getting rid of him in a deal where we have to give up one of our best players is not worth it.. what i am saying is deal with him for another year or two, if he is brutal after half of his contract then they may buy him out at that point but they are not going to buy him out after 1 year of a 39 million dollar contract, and theres nobody thats going to even entertain trade offers with you at this point.. so live with it that redden is a ranger for now.. no trade possibilities period

  23. why does the Matt Gilroy signing have to have BUST written all over it.. typical new york fan pessimism

    Plus everyone will expect him to hop in the lineup and score 15 goals and 30 assists his first year
    If he plays solid defense and doesnt take stupid penalties he will already surpass Paul Mara, and thats all i will be asking

  24. shesends

    i may be wrong but i think sending him to hartford to rot can send a good or a bad message to other players who may want to play for the rangers in the future. it can go either way. i dont think id chance it right away.

    i do kinda agree with mundo and rob to give redden a full season under torts but i fell that if they can trade him get rid of him and if there is a better trade someone can come up with awesome. i cant see him getting 6.5 mil dollars good like someone else said.

    im not even going to address any more gilroy sh|t talk.

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