Playoff vacation?


The NHL announced the other day that if both conference finals end by Tuesday, May 26, the Cup finals would begin Thursday, May 28 — in other words, one day off for the Eastern Conference winner.

If not, Game 1 of the finals would be Friday, June 5.

Now Chicago has won a game against Detroit, so that series can’t end any earlier than Wednesday, May 27. But it’s possible that both series will be over by that night, and that the finals (a rematch of last year, Pittsburgh-Detroit) would then not start until nine days later, June 5.

And this is obviously to appease NBC with a couple of weekends worth of games. Yuck.

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  1. Wait, Carp, which day is the 26th and which one the 27th? Because you both named them Tuesday. :)

  2. Jules, sorry. I fixed it.

    CCCP, I read the Brooks story. I’m sure there will be interest in Knuble — who should never have been traded away for Rob DiMaio in 2000 — but I don’t think he fixes the problem, and I think he’d have to be overpaid to come here, and then you have another big contract for a 25-goal scorer.

    Minus the big contract, I’d like to have him on my team.

  3. I think if Ranger history has shown us one thing is we cant go back and fix previous blunders. We had Knuble and traded him for that shrimp Dimaio in 2000 and now we want him back in the fold ? Don’t compound the mistake by getting the older version of Knuble in 2009. We have seen this blow up many times before.

  4. Mouth and comp-if it’s a one-year incentive laden deal for Knuble and a one year deal for Tanguay do it.

    The logic is that this year’s FA crop is mediocre so get some decent players to help the PP, go with mostly youngsters, and then next off season along with resigning Staal/Girardi THEN break the bank on one of Kovalchuk/Nash/Frolov.

    Next season shouldn’t be about a quick fix for the Cup; the mission should be to advance the careers of Dubi/Cally/etc. and to start the NHL careers of Anisimov/Sauer/and either Gilroy/Sags etc.

  5. We’ll sign Knuble and he’ll score 10 goals for us. All of those goals will be scored at a time where it doesn’t matter cause the game is over.

    This wont work out.

  6. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Bettman obviously hates hockey and wants the league to fold so he can get an office job at the nba.

    Keenan for GM

    hows everybody holdin up?

  7. I’ve already stopped watching the playoffs… between the morons on versus and the 4 hour games on NBC, I have given up

  8. “hows everybody holdin up?”

    well, besides violent diarrhea…migraines… high acid reflex… and occasional involuntary muscle twitches life is good!

    Screw Knuble! Wasn’t he like 70 years old yesterday? Been there done that. I wouldn’t even go for Tanguay either. He’ll want a lot and 6mil for 20 goals sounds kinda pricey! Prucha (if Tom wasn’t such an azz) could’ve been our Tanguay for 2.5 a year.

    Promote the young, give them much needed NHL experience already! Next year go for the big fish. With goaltender like Hank and not having a horse of a star player on the team kind of wastes Hanks career.

  9. “Prucha was finished bro.”

    Not w/o Tommys help. We’ll see how Prucha does this year… if he’ll stay in NHL.

    Knuble is done as well. I don’t want other teams leftovers anymore. Gomer, clutch and white swan (redden) more than enough.

  10. Bring in Chris Neil. Isn’t he a FA ?

    It’s time we actually get a player that has the balls to hit someone, and hurt them !! I love Cally, and Dubi’s energy, but they’re not as strong as that square head gap tooth freak.

    Plus Redden doesn’t like him, and Dreary got destroyed by him, so who knows maybe they’ll feel uncomfy, and eventually ask to be traded.

    Yay !

    Go Hawks !

  11. cccp- lol i was just about to post that story on knuble. that seems like a 1 year fill in for naslunds spot

  12. knuble would be fine here fo a year. but if hes only a fill in why bother? might as well just resign antro then. theyre sayin orr, betts, shoe, morris, mara, antro, and voros wont be here most likely. i dont know why theyd sign knubles old ass over antro.

    oh. btw, chicagos given up a bad shorty against. hossa scored, for all the people who cant stand nbc

  13. i say get cammalerri!!! go get the little scoring italian!! i dont care if hes small. averys small and we all love him. if he scores 30 goals it’ll be worth it.

  14. damn i love pat kane, wish he was a ranger. hey, whats up with our 08 2nd rounder derek stepan? anyone know how hes doin and where hes playin?

  15. i know im rootin for the hawks but it looks like a rematch from last year. pens wings again. pens look better too. could be a great series

  16. I’d rather give the games to NBC than to versus. The sport should be more popular, and it’s not gonna happen on versus. Not only is it good for the sport, but it’s good for the Rangers – the more popular the league, the more money it makes; the more money it makes, the larger the salary cap. The Rangers can take advantage of that more than most other teams.

  17. Can one consider “NHL Gamecenter Live” a rip-off if the game one wants to watch is not transmitted?

    Right now I am at the place where there is no TV but there is an internet connection. I have an account with GameCenter but since the game is on NBC (local) I cant watch the game online. Is it really that hard to just stream the game through the website? They steam the sound but not the video. So dumb!

  18. It certainly looks like it’ll be another Penguins-Red Wings in the Finals. I suppose they’re really the two best teams in the league? As much as I hate when teams repeat, I have no choice but to root for Detroit again.

  19. onecup and counting on

    I wonder which players from the final 4 or 2 sather will attempt to sign with big $$$$, he does it every time, Cullen, drury, gomez, ward,ad nauseum.

  20. red sissies on

    det is a bunch of gutless europukes. they refuse to fight, they dive and fake it all day, they hide behind the refs skirt, and then take advantage of crap calls.

    it is more like women’s hockey, no hit finesse crap that is boring as hell.

  21. You gotta love it when the first two rounds are great and the last two are complete clunkers. Ive watched almost every game of every season and although the pens and wings are better teams they have gotten much more favorable calls and treatment. ONLY IN THE NHL CAN YOU HAVE A REMATCH FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP AND GET LESSER INTEREST.

  22. Mike-Derek Stepan had 9 goals and 24 points for 33 points in 40 games this year. A good year not great, but he’s improving.

    Orr-Personally I don’t think Neil is worth it because there are guys in the system like Byers, Weisse, and DuPont who can do the same thing for 1/3 the salary.

    CCCP-Tanguay would be a nice short term affordable fit and is good on the PP. He’s not gonna get $6 million, maybe $3-3.5 as he’s coming off an injury. If any of you watch baseball, I view him as Raul Ibanez who the Mets should have signed.

    Remember, there has to be a long term plan, not just get guy A or B. Right now the team is still in post Jagr transition and with the Cap, you can’t break the bank on a guy who isn’t consistent.

  23. deputy commish Bill Daly says that the cap will likely go down about $2.5 mill this summer

    that means that the $4m cap space they got from the Naslund retirement is now just a $1.5m petty cash fund.

    and that Sather will have to find creative ways to get rid of some of those big longterm contracts to acquire any real scoring help.

  24. I’m withh Mike In IA lets get this Calamari kid in here for 4 mil. I like him better than Gaborik or Hossa

  25. onecup and counting on

    These Sunday afternoon games just plain suck, and going against the INDY 500, baseball and a holiday weekend doesn’t make any sense, the night time is the best time, all that’s on are repeats and the NBA playoffs which are going to beat the NHL anytime.
    No wonder hockey is last and isn’t growing in the US.

  26. I miss 78-79 Rangers on

    You are correct. I am not the least bit interested in hockey anymore. The Conference finals have been so boring. I lost interest after one game. Actually, I was bored with the Conference semis. I have ZERO interest in another Wings/Pets final. Yawn.

  27. Doodie machetto on

    I’m at a wedding and they just played sweet Caroline and all I could think of is how happy I am that renney got fired.

  28. nasty

    i had a really good time. i had a burger, my girl got this crazy pink drink. the molson is legit. the prices were reasonable for the area. ariel was our waitress and she was really friendly. for anew place it was pretty crowded. i dont think there is a dress code.

    goin back next saturday. if anyone is interested.

  29. mouth- im with mike in ia too! calamari sounds great for ny. calamari, sanguinetti, del zotto,… all we need now is mike ricci and dino ciccarelli!!

  30. Doodie

    Mazel Tov! Have a shot or two for Renney.

    I dont know what you guys talking about but i love CF… hockey is hockey… And there be nothing sweeter than watching RW take Crosby back to school again by winning the cup. I wanna see what you all going to sing in a month or so when there be no hockey at all.

  31. ThisYearsModel on

    The league continues to be a joke. These people (Bettman, Campbell, etc.) truly think they are smarter than eveyone else. NBC decides to take NHL semifinal games instead of some figure skating rerun………..just barely. Meahwhile, Pittsburgh is averaging twice as many minutes on the PP as their opponents. What a coincidence.

  32. the league is completely beholden to the whims of the crap leftist network nbc.

    hradek is reporting that the finals will probably, if the semis all end on wed, then start on sat and sun.

    or, if they last longer, then the finals will be played on June 5 and 6, fri and sat

    the mid week games 3 and 4 will be on versus.

    that’s right. back to back games, and as few on weeknights as possible so nbc can avoid nhl hockey ratings

    why bother anymore. why not just play all playoff games on a golf course or nascar track, and then all the goobers can watch their crap and hockey can share the ratings.

  33. I’d take Knuble if Marty McFly was coach and could go fetch the pre-lockout version. Why sign a 37 year old winger to a one year contract when we have lots of youngsters who would benefit from a year in the NHL and would make us a better team the following year (and less reliant on high-priced free agents)?

    As for scheduling its a joke, its not the Super-bowl, its a series with nothing to show in the meantime, no 3rd/4th place play-off, just keep it rolling and screw the networks….Buttman is just pandering to them to try and get a bigger deal in years to come no doubt.

  34. he has no choice. nbc pays ZERO for the nhl rights. all the league gets is a split of the ad revenue with nbc. so, bettman has zero influence as to when nbc will allow the prime time for the games.

    the league is a redheaded stepchild as far as TV networks are concerned.

  35. One Ranger Love on

    JRG- Nice dream! :) Must have sucked tho when you woke up. I remember the night before the Giants played the Bucs in their wildcard playoff game I had a dream they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl on a 4th quarter touchdown. (In the dream it wasn’t a last second TD, but still quite a resemblance to what really happened)

    I was hoping I would get a dream like that this year for the Rangers after they got Torts…but it never happened…and even if it did, it would only be a dream, right?

    I don’t know. I am not one who believes in things like predicting the future, but in this instance it was damn similar to what really happened in the Super Bowl…

    …anybody else have anything sorta similar happen to them? It was bizarre.

  36. i had a dream last night that when i wake up i will come here to read fresh news. well, i am here… :P

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