Got questions for Shanny?


┬áJust got a release about Brendan Shanahan appearing on Gary Bettman’s radio show today. The show airs from 4-5 p.m. on NHL Home Ice (XM Channel 204 and on Sirius Channel 208).

To ask questions, call 1-877-645-6696 or e-mail at

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  1. TPDH

    That bird has more cool than wintergreen lifesavers…

    anyway, I go away a day and we got another defenseman but we still have the two we don’t want…

    Questions for Shanny???


  2. what could i possibly ask shanny. heres one how was it playing with that fatso broduer. shanny ans sather screwed it up together.

    go canes

  3. its like… do you have questions for Nigel Dawes?

    Same thing as shanny…

    or better yet

    questions for kaspar? :P

  4. SHANNY: Please punch Gary Bettman in the face. This is not a question, its a request

  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    too late to ask Shanny now …hey Tony , don’t say “first” cuz some people on here label ya as one of those internet jerks (linda put up the link)I for one think its dumb for people to say it’s annoying…Good job Tony AZ!!!

  6. CCCP

    I left you, a message on PSN. We’ll have to do battle in NHL 09 sometime.

    Anyway, i would have asked Shanny if Avery called him at all when he was with the Devs, to get some inside info on Fatso.

  7. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    my highest scoring win was 14 – 0 against a friend of mine (superstar mode) on the x-box 360 nhl09 with the Rangers. I now play Carolina and do some azz kicking . One day ill go online when I grab a system cuz I usually play at my buddies and he always takes the Penguins. I lost one game but ended up throwing 70 hits!!! ( 5 min)

  8. Kiss sucks, ill lever listen to them ever again. God damn sell outs ! I hate Gene Simmons, but id totally get it on with his daughter. But i would give his son a McSorley special right across the temple.

    Paul Stanley thinks he’s a ladies man, but he looks like a plastic cat, and his wife is only into him for the cash !!!

    Ace is a fuggin freak who is convinced he saw an alien in his backyard. Lol, idiot !!

    Damn them, damn them all to hell !

  9. I guess Cam Ward has disappeared in this series? He’s been giving up quite a few bad goals.

  10. Tony, in no way did I call you that!!!! I’d never do that in a million years, you’re too funny AND a Rangers fan!!! I put that link up because it was funny, and I thought you guys’d think it was funny… NOT to insult anyone.

  11. kiss sold out long before last night. they will put their name on anything and charge $$ for it. You can buy everything from a kiss casket to kiss mountain biking socks.

    question: which young kid are u guys most excited to see make the team? I have to go with Grechev with MDZ a close 2nd.

  12. Joke,

    From what I saw in the last Juniors tournament, I’d love to see Grachev on Broadway next season.

    By the way, that band can kiss my muddy football boots! How can anyone over 20 years of age take them seriously?

  13. My question for Shanny and Carp: Why did you leave the Devils the first time in the late 80s/early 90s which led to getting Scott Stevens from STL? Did the Devils push you out? Did you think they had no direction? Or was it a money thing?

    Also Doodie-I read your thing about labeling Bobby Sangs a bust at work today and I almost threw my comp screen; c’mon! He’s played ONE full year as a pro, had a respectable 40+ points, and although he finished the year -9, in the second half of the season was a +8 (worked his way up from -17). He also led the Pack in playoff scoring. Give the kid a chance. I’m not saying he’s the second coming of Bobby Orr or even Mike Green, but he can definitely be a respectable offensive blue liner in the 35-40 point range.

  14. DanTheRangerFan on

    Another la la la day in rangerland…..WHY during the offseason do I always find myself surfing hockeybuzz…ek should get a job as a weather man because hes never right and still people suscribe to his B.S…I guess my curiosity gets me…Thank god I havent lost it yet and reached into my pocket to fill his…Ive refrained from the koolaid but I know sure as hell hes got quite a few drinkers…..

  15. Mie in IA

    I notice one of your earlier posts where you think that Redden will have a better offensive game next season. I wonder what causes you to think this. Personally I thought that his entire season this pastyear was pretty offensive. In fact I was so offended that I went for my coffee break when he was on the ice. This is a guy who is on permanent cruise control, and nothing jars him loose from it.

    But….who knows. Seeinga s we are stuck with most of these stiffs for another season, all these bright young people Sather is supposed to be signing..won’t mean a thing. They’ll be lucky if they don’t molder on the vine up there,
    like most of their kids do,while the stiffs continue to hold
    court in the “Garden”.

    And they also seem to have the largest collection of potential rookies of the year candidates, who are approaching age 30.

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