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Today is one of those days we talked about earlier … where there isn’t much happening, and I don’t really have time to chat other than to say Hi and to give you a blank canvas.

So … Hi.

As Mike Myers used to say on Saturday Night Live: “Talk amongst yourselves.”

I’ll check in later tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. dave-

    its a grea idea
    kessel is a top 6 forward.
    but unless they shed some more salary i cant see it happening.

    but if it could be done, get it done! lol

  2. well what picks would the bruins end up getting from us? they cant sign everyone but i would think kessell would be a top priority.

  3. Boston may end up needing to choose between Phil Kessel and David Krejci as they are both RFA this year. Krejci is a $883,000 cap hit and Kessel represents a $2.2 mil cap hit. Both should command larger contracts in free agency (of course) and Bosten may not be able to keep both of them. However, Manny Fernandez is an UFA and he represents a $4.3 mil cap hit, so if they don’t resign him that could open up a lot for them.


  4. Just an amusing story to fill the summer void.

    Harry Howell, whose number 3 was recently retired, once scored a goal while sitting on the bench.

    Here’s how it happened in the old Madison Square Garden:

    Harry was carrying the puck up ice along the right wing boards. It was time to go off, so as he neared the open door to the Rangers bench, he flipped the puck way up into the air into the offensive zone and immediately zipped off the ice and sat down.

    The opposing goalie (I seem to remember it was the Leafs, so it might have been Johnny Bower) skated out to catch the puck, but was a little too late.

    The puck hit the ice in front of him and bounced over him into the net.

    This may have happened before, but I doubt it.

    The Garden went nuts!!!

  5. Knowing Glen (handcuff-the-organization) Slather…he’d pass on Kessel and Krecji, and shoot for the stars and sign an injury prone Gaborik to a 5 year 7.5 million contract…

  6. jeff s

    they arent signing fernandez
    they have tukka rask
    the “patric roy-like” talent they sent to the minors after he shut out the rangers that one sunday this season, lol.

    hell be the backup next year so i guess that solves that

    fernandez can be a #1 goalie someplace else

  7. colin,

    Compensation as follows (from
    $2,615,623 – $3,923,437
    1st and 3rd round pick

    $3,923,437 – $5,231,249
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick

    $5,231,249 – $6,539,062
    Two 1st’s, one 2nd, one 3rd round pick

    $6,539,062 or more
    Four 1st round picks

    Well worth it.

    As for shedding salary, well, yea. He needs to do that.

    It’s not happening by the way. There is zero chance the Rangers get Kessel (I actually wrote more on why they should get him on my blog…shameless plug lol).

  8. There is no way 4 mil will be enough to get Phil Kessel. RFA means Boston gets to match and they will easily match 4 mil.

  9. roc- who does boston have as far as goalie prospects? fernandez wasnt bad with them this year, thomas is like a one hit wonder and who knows if he can do it again next year. toivenen is still there? idk. he kinda sucks though. but to have thomas who is already like 36 as your only good goalie, isnt very smart. they will sign kessel, just like we are gonna sign duby. id love lucic on the rangers though. hes a big tough dude who can score.

  10. ok didnt see the post above. so rask is good i forgot about mannys gonnabe a goner then

  11. staalwart- gabby could be either the best move sather could make, or another pavel bure deal. if he hasnt learned his lesson from that,(not sure if it was him, couldve been smith that got bure), but all the same, if he hasnt learned from past mistakes like that by now, then you know he has been lobotomized and is in full control of evil count bettman. he does look like the count from sesame street though

  12. Rick, doncha mean Tawwwwwwwwwwwk amongst yourselves? :-)

    teehee @ moron tag team! I was thinking more like the dil*& brothers tag team, Keepin it Clean for the kids!!

  13. Yesterday everyone was talking about Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick and the good Ole days most likely to forget this past seasons nonsense. So I decided to upload the first Eight minutes of a Ranger/Islander game that took place on February 4th 1981. I never realized how much I missed Jim and the Big Whistle. I also had forgotten what it was to fear the New York Islanders. This is when they were REAL rivals. Stick with the entire 8 minutes it will put a smile on your face for sure and maybe bring back some memories.

  14. Warren Mason on

    Thanks, Carp. But, could you please ask Jane for a topic for us to talk about? ;-)

  15. Josh, you getting naked would mean your shaved your noggin…gotta see a picture of that!!

  16. and this one will last a lifetime on

    I say we discuss either:

    -what direction the Rangers should go this off season
    -if fighting belongs in the “new NHL” (yes it was part of the game and belonged, when players honored the code, but they have no respect for the code and all where visors now)
    -the upcoming draft
    -greatest Rangers in history at every postion. (G, D, C, W)

  17. Josh Thomson on


    are you hitting on me?


    During the offseason this is nudist colony… join us. :)

  18. lets all discuss who has breakout years next season and if drury and gomez will improve under the new system

  19. redden will have better offensive numbers next year i believe. but hes still gonna be a human traffic cone in his own end which will further cement him as the 6 million dollar malik. he will be bought out sometime in the year 2065

  20. Rangers agree to terms with Heikkinen Newest Blueshirt was third-highest scoring Finnish league defenseman

    6-2 200lbs shoots left loves to fight
    Pros: very confident with the puck, likes to QB the PP
    Cons: So so ont he boards

    WOW first Rangers news for the last few days

  21. Ilkka Heikkinen – sorry forgot to inculde his first name

    And he’s 24 years old

    Cuuld this be a replacement for MAra/Morris?
    Or a HArtford addition to replace one of the D who are (Maybe) goign to make the team next year; Potter/Bobby Sangs?

  22. cally will score 25g 20 a, aves-17g 15a, dru-25g 30a, gomer-18g 45a, doobs-19g 32a, korpi-12g 15a, artie-10g 18a, z-26g 39a, shoe-9g 10a, byers-5g 4a, orr-2g 3a, cammalleri-40g 30a
    rozy-10g 25a, redden-8g 28a, staal-6g 15a, gilroy-12g 20a, girardi-9g 19a, sauer-4g 8a

  23. didn’t we sign some Swedish kid last year in offseason too? Some kid who was supposed to be a second coming of Avery? Then we signed Voros to be third coming of Avery… Voros turned out to be fan “favorite”… then the fourth coming of Avery..Avery himself…ridding on sloppy Dallas seconds.
    anyway, what im trying to say is… what happened to that Swedish kid? Was he even Swedish?

  24. so hes an offensive d man who likes to fight? awesome!! wopuldnt that be sweet, a pp qb who can maybe clear crease lol thats wishful thinkin

  25. andreas jamtin. but cccp, he sucked hard in the preseason. they said he was like avery with his style, he was a pest, but he couldnt skate very well it seemed. aves is a great skater. jamtin didnt look like he was in nhl condition. hartford at best

  26. hes swedish yes cccp. dont know i think he was sent to play in sweden again. idk if the rangers signed him. i thought it was a tryout

  27. thnx mike… i completely missed what happened to that kid… btw, in your season projection you didnt mention antro… you dont think he is coming back? but you didnt forget to mention calamari… it’d be great if we could snatch him but i dont think its going to happen.

  28. The Rangers signing Ilkka Heikkinen would be like finding out Voros was traded…no one cares.

    He is probably a new player for Hartford, who will fill the shoes/skates of a player Slather plans to move on draft day.

  29. lol Tony got jokes today!

    man, this whole off-season thing is killing me!!!! I think I should find my ’94 All Star game on VHS and watching it on repeat until morning.

  30. cccp- yea antro wont be here i dont think. hes too slow for torts run n gun style. hes a big guy with some hands, but he doesnt hit really. i think hed command around 4 mill a year or close to that and i think even with z having a bad playoffs, hes still got more upside and more skilled. he will probably be signed over antro unless a team offers him more than 3.5m/yr. in that case i can see them resigning antro. they should at least sign one of them, but antro just doesnt seem to fit in with torts. if he was a little faster, hit more, than i can see him being worth the money he will want, but we are lackin talent up front so bad that zherdev, who probably would be let go by alot of other teams, will probably be resigned just for the fact that he does have the talent and you can teach work ethic, you cant teach skill. then again, torts may have seen enough of him as a ranger and if they have a good chance of signing calamari, or scungeili, escargo, or whatever french delicacy, he might be a goner. i still think he deserves another shot. just like redden. his reg season numbers werent that bad, so i think he stays over antro next year. plus i think sather wants to see him here, just for the fact we gave up toots for him, and maybe doesnt wanna see that as another failed trade

  31. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Slow day on the blog, huh?

    Josh, great pics. You don’t look a day older than 26!

  32. colin,
    tell me your not serious man…
    the guy has never stepped into an NHL game…
    he reminds me of no one. This team has so many issues to deal with, cause by none other than Gleny boy.
    You know what when I used to play defense, I reminded myself of Lidstrom

  33. cccp- ive been playin nhl 09 so much my 360 is probably gonna just gonna blow up on me. i think i heard it call me an a$$hole the other day. i said what was that? then my xbox just started smokin and i heard a fart noise. so im gonna give it a few days. naw screw it, its my only day off and im divorced!! i can play all day!!!

  34. staal- i played d too. i reminded myself of mara though. big hard shot, innaccurate as hell!! hit hard though!!lol

  35. yea i just looked on wolpacks website and jamtin played 8 games this year. he was an ato(amateur tryout). so he didnt have a contract or anything with us

  36. im guessing heineken is gonna just replace sauer or potter in hartford unless hes really good. weve been stocking up on d men lately so theres gotta be a trade in the works. i wonder how kundratek did this year. havent heard too much about him. im sure he’ll be on the pack next year. between sauer, potter, sangs, del zotto, gilroy and now heineken, somebodys gettin packaged in a deal soon.

  37. staal

    do you watch anyone else play hockey?

    if you have seen the guy play he has an awesome first pass
    he can quarterback a power play

    and he has really good hands and fast feet for someone as heavy as him

    yes i am serious
    i watch a LOT of hockey

  38. F XBOX


    mike, got ps3? i play NHL 09 pretty often… kind of like afterhours for me.

  39. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    63rddd!!! saweeet….love this blog…love it!!! Go Rangers!!!!!!!

  40. colin,
    I watch as much hockey as I can. I don’t miss any Ranger games,
    I watch the Debbies/Fishsticks if the Rangers aren’t on
    and the games on VS.

    and it sounds like Redden,
    Good first pass and PP QB…lol

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Carolina is perty good on the nhl 09 , Staal is a beast and Cam Ward is awsome.

  42. here we go just so we can debate this

    Ilkka Heikkinen has been playing in SM-Liiga for 4 seasons now and it is noted as one of the top european leagues. In those 4 seasons he has 31 goals and a total of 113 points playing an average of 53 games a season totaling 283 games played in all 4 seasons.

    in his junior season he had the most assists by a defenseman playing (07/08)

    at 6 2 200lbs im glad the rangers signed him.

  43. staal

    i dont watch just the nhl

    this is how i know gilroy is such a sick player. ive watched him more than most people on here watch the rangers waiting for him to sign with toronto but instead he signed here and i am forever grateful.

    you can only hope that glen signing both of these young, talented defenseman that this means someone is getting moved from the rangers, from hartford or both. something has to be in the works.

  44. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    cccp ? is everything ok…..hmmmmm no , actually no…tanks for asking. everything is not ok ….well ok fine , yeah everything is great!!

  45. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    If ya wanna know CCCP , it really c-cold outside , we just got passed by a snow storm heading to edmonton…but it still is freezing out , how can a guy stay sane when it’s like frickin winter over here and it ‘s in the middle of May!!!???

  46. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    I thought you lived in russia man …what you do , move to the bahama’s?

  47. I like it when the Rangers sign young free agents like Gilroy or this Finnish guy, no matter who they are.

    Believe it or not, I think its a shrewd use of the Garden’s massive resources. The organization isn’t dependent on the draft and can afford to pay a few guys to take a look at them even if they don’t work out. Unlike other teams who are financially constrained.

    Think about it, a seat down low at MSG is like $230/game. Compare that to Pittsburgh for example, where the most expensive ticket is $126 and thats only a very small group of sections. The Rangers have a huge financial advantage to sign guys like this.

    I’m never going to be happy with Dolan/Sather but I’m always encouraged when they at least do something to flex the org’s financial strength.

  48. I think the Stock-piling of D-men means the Rangers are gonna try and package Bobby Sangs.

    I felt this way when i heard the Gilroy signing, and now the Rangers go and get a top 5 Finnish-League Defenseman.

    The Rangers are gonna package:

    Sangs, Rozsival, a 1st round pick, and maybe a player like Sjostrom (for his PK ability) to Atlanta for Kovalchuk on Draft Day

  49. If Atlanta trades Kovalchuk they might as well just pack up the entire team and move somewhere else. Hockey market in Atlanta is crap… w/o star like Ilya there is no reason for anyone to come and watch Thrashers play.

    But, it’ll be great if we could get a player like him. Ilya reminds me of Josh Thomson… they are both 26! lol

  50. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Rangers have always been “so-called rich” and have thrown too much cash around resulting in nothing. Players look tward NY and see a big fat paycheque and never think about having to deliver on it.

    Very nice to see guys like Gilroy come in because at that age , Gilroy just wants to deliver and even though he got his payday …he is young and want to prove himself.

    Why can’t we take a new direction and don’t grab the Sundins ,Gaboriks and Hossa’s. asslanders were sooooo right to tank the season…look who they may end up with? Im so jelous that we don’t get a high-end draft pick!!!

    Tempting to not grab big $$$ players but if we stick with Dubinsky , Cally and Staalsie amoung others we will learn as we go along. Im here for the long haul , why can’t management think the same?

  51. Greg- I feel your enthusiasm, I’m a sucker for the Rangers every year. As far as your last question, look at my post at 12:45pm today.

  52. Josh, you are one super stylin primate, but you have a body in that picture! Something’s rotten in Denmark!!!

    Everyone keeps talkin about Kovalchuk, but isn’t it noted that (supposedly) he has said in the past he doesn’t want to play in NY????? We have enough guys who only have come for the money. I want guys who WANT TO BE A NEW YORK RANGER!! Guys who that actually means something to. Not another dollah bill collectah

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