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I really hope to not make too big an issue out of this, especially since we have almost two full rounds of playoffs still to go. But, man, last night we had a great game, played really hard, entertaining to the end, and yet I found myself going back to the Yankees or checking my email. Why? Versus.

And I must say, my anger hasn’t yet subsided from the two Game 7s last week. The NHL decides that Versus is its home, and the cable station can’t find a way to show both Game 7s on one night? Not only that, but it keeps on promising to join Carolina-Boston in progress — an altercation in the first game was missed because Versus was promoting the second game — and then when the first game ends, Versus goes to seven or eight commercials before going back to studio to tell us that Carolina-Boston is between the second and third periods. They couldn’t give us that info before the commercials?

Plus, why didn’t Versus switch to the Carolina-Boston game between periods of its first game?

On top of that, Versus — the NHL’s TV partner — didn’t even bother sending a crew to Boston. It used TSN’s feed (with Pierre McGuire). So at least we saw a production of higher quality.

PS, nice couple of days at the new Boston Garden, huh, with the hometown Bruins and Celtics both losing home Game 7s.

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  1. Carp, I agree with the VS not switching to the games right away. Could you see this happening with an NBA, NFL or MLB playoff series??? No way, how is that possible? Well, they show games on ESPN and ESPN has the ability to have multiple channels available to them.

    This is just one of many reason Buttman should be gone. Soke talk how he brought in the cap and saved the NHL teams. First off, that is BS as anyone would have been able to get that done with the NHLPA. It was due to the majority of the owners wanting a cap and were willing to live without hockey. I bet you most of them actually made and saved money because of the strike.

    I hate seeing what has become of the NHL and it truly saddens me.

  2. eff boston!

    im glad when versus has to show tsn feed or even hnic feed. i can listen to the tv. its a nice change, lol.

    someone posted an article on the top 10 reasons to fire bettman and one of them was the contract he signed with OLN (versus). when he did that he basically hid hockey from the non-fan. the people they were trying to get by putting all these new rules in play and expanding and getting rid of fighting.

    with bettman here, the nhl will always be a joke in america.

  3. Carp
    VS has ALWAYS Sucked
    No post game interviews, late coming back from commercials, HORRIBLE announcers, etc etc.

    They suck huge donkey nuts!

    ANd the less I see of Pierre “La Douche” Mcguire the better
    I pray he gets the coaching gig in Minnesota so I dont have to hear him ask the most ignorant hokcey question sI’ve ever heard

    Here’s to hoping another puck hit him this year, and may it hit him square in the face!!

    Any Ranger news?
    Updates from Casa de Sather out in Cali?

  4. Mikey, the NYR just got back from La Quinta. No news yet. Apparently they will begin the re-tooling — as much as it will be possible — around the draft.

    Just spoke with Josh Thomson — seriously. He wanted me to tell you guys that he’s like Bart Simpson. He never ages.

  5. How is it that a man who presided over 2 crushing lockouts and the relegation of hockey to like the 6th place sport in America still has a job? Obama should fire him like he fired Wagoner.

    Bettman is the worst commissioner in the history of sports, it’s not even close. I want to call his radio show (where he spouts nonsense such as “Our league is very strong, our website gets over a gajillion hits a day,” like that means anything) and tell him that.

  6. Carp, I couldn’t agree more, and I think most fans would agree. VS really is brutal. I really hope that ESPN gets some hockey back ASAP!

  7. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Even though Versus is not as good as it could be, I find the games so great to watch that the game excitement completely overshadows the less than average production quality by Versus.

    Of course I wish it were broacast by ESPN or ESPN2 or even the “Ocho” ESPN 8 with Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks!

    Funny, the goaltending has been spectacular, however most of the goals are soft. Last night Ward played great, but two of the three goals were not that good. And Fleury was amazing (like against the US last year) yet one of the two goals was soft. And Sunday, same thing with Osgood and BulinWall. They played great even though they gave up bad goals.

  8. Carp –
    The NHL really dropped the ball in promoting the great sport of hockey. How could they not make these insane playoff matchups more available for viewing than just on VS. To not have both GAME 7’s viewable is beyond me. The action, competition and intensity of these matchups was exactly what the NHL needed to promote the game. ESPN has two channels of which one was showing Track and Field. Do you think GAME 7 playoff hockey would draw more of an audience than Track and Field? I do. Very poor job.

  9. LOL I really do hate Boston and I couldn’t be happier when Scott Walker scored that goal…in game 7 no less! then the celtics follow suit?! HAAAAAAA

    Seven’s where it’s at! 7 chipmunks twirlin’ on a branch, eatin’ lots of sunflowers on my uncle’s ranch. You know that old children’s tale from the sea!

    Anyhow, I remember when people used to dog ESPN and FOX for the way they covered game but I never remember it being as atrocious as what Versus has been doing all along. They really do suck from Keith Jones right on down to the dolly grip.

  10. Can’t be long before Josh is the big 3-0. I reckon he’s been 26 for about 3 years. I won’t ask Jane’s age, its rude to ask a lady her age and Carp’s “the (gran)daddy”.

    As for games i’ve not seen much other than highlights of the last few series since we got knowcked out, its a bit difficult to try and stay up late when its not NYR playing. I’ve kind of switched over to steroidball for the summer, although it will be interesting to see what happens at the end of June at the draft and the start of the mad season on July 1st.

  11. Maybe if Versus hired a few capable, less hideous commentators more people would actually tune in to watch, or at least not tune out.

    Pierre McGuire may just be the worst broadcaster in all of television, point period. I’m not just talking about sports either. I mean, this dude couldn’t shine the shoes of the guy who does the voice over for “When Animals Attack!” (if you haven’t seen it, you’re fooling yourself).

    What makes a broadcaster great is knowing what to say and when to say it; sometimes that means saying nothing at all. Pierre just loves to hear himself talk, and at the expense of the viewer no less. He’s so caught up in interjecting his opinion on every play that we never get any real color. Biased or not (which he is) no one cares if that’s an “undisciplined play”; leave that up for us to decide. How often do you hear dudes annoucing NFL and MLB games question every player and challenge their integrity? It’s just annoying and it’s bad for the game.

    Brian Englblom, give it up already buddy, stop trying to live the dream… YOU’RE GOING BALD! Nothing wrong with that, 90 % of fellow males are as well, myself included, but most of us know when to call it quits on the quaf. You don’t have enough hair to rock the mullet anymore. It looks like you have an animal sitting on top of your head that’s sewn to another animal hanging off the back of your ears. That is straight weird. Ron Duguay’s face lift and Travolta gear are even cooler than your whole vibe, and that’s saying a lot.

  12. true story, I was watching a game on Vs, and during the between period coverage my wife came in the room and she asked me, “What the hell does Nick Nolte know about hockey?” HAHA, she thought Engblom was Nolte. You know you are in a bad way when people are mistaking you for Nick Nolte.

  13. Does anyone remember when Josh (j0shy) used to really fill in for Sam on occasion?

    He slacked off on *one* morning practice before a game, didn’t post lines that practiced, etc, and we really let him have it.

    He proceeded to do a BANG UP job and dropping loads and loads of detailed information the next chance he got. Josh turned out to be a really beat guy when he was on the job.

    f0rk teh upd4tes j0shy!

    *27 IF* (reference?)

  14. I do remember that. I think he was hung over that morning because he was out all night celebrating his 26th birthday or something?

  15. I know it’s early but has there been anything said about the Rangers participation in the Traverse City Prospect Tournament this upcoming season? I had a feeling Renney has a lot to do with it in the past and I wonder if Torts is gonna change things up this year.

  16. Unemployed Steve on

    Carp I also agree with all of your comments. I was also looking for some of game 7 with Boston between periods and got frustrated when it did not come on.

    I also switch during commercials to any other type of sports on since the Rangers are no longer in it but the hockey has been so entertaining that I always come back to it.

  17. How is Gary Thorne any better than anybody? He shouts from the drop of the puck to the buzzer and mispronounces every name and says “cleared in” when the puck is dumped into the offensive zone (cleared is obviously a defensive-zone reference)?
    Plus, I believe he shouted something about the Rangers doing something they hadn’t done since 1940 when they beat the Devils to reach the finals in ’94, even though they had been to the finals a few times in between.
    I’ll take Sam Rosen, Mike Emrick, Howie Rose, Kenny Albert — plus the local guys Versus uses (except Beninati) and any of the TSN play-by-play guys — any day before Thorne.

  18. What infuriates me the most about the Game 7 fiasco is the fact that I wasn’t able to watch the Boston-Hurricanes match on Centre Ice, even though it was on the schedule. I tuned in to that channel, only to find ML baseball. So basically, I didn’t get the product I PAID for. I’m so furious that I’m seriously considering not subscribing to that package next season. With the three local teams, there’s already plenty of hockey for me to watch during those long winter nights.

  19. Jay-Gary Thorne was the worst. Like Carp says, all he did was yell. My ears are still ringing when the Devils won in Ot to make it to their 1st playoffs. “THEY DID IT!!!! THEY DID IT!!!”

  20. If they want to improve the quality of post season broadcasts, VS should bring back together Sam and JD. It’s not like St. Louis or the Rangers are ever past round 2 anyway… might as well enjoy the commentary that I miss so much!

  21. Versus flat out sucks…how long is their contract for?

    (from the previous thread)

    downeaster – The problem with playing the RFA game is that there are so many factors involved. First, you need a player that’s willing to bolt. Second, you need to out-bid the team that has that player. And third, you have to pay out the ying-yang to get a guy you’d probably have anyway if you just relied on the draft picks. Also, I suspect GMs have a bit of a gentleman’s agreement to not raid each otheres’ cookie jars…I’m trying to think, but the only RFA signing I can recall is PENNER, and look at the outrage that touched off…to think, Edmonton paid a first, second and third rounder for a guy who looks as though he’ll struggle to make 30 goals in a season…

  22. >>Maybe if Versus hired a few capable, less hideous commentators more people would >>actually tune in to watch, or at least not tune out.


    You really believe that? If you’re true hockey fan, you will tune in to watch, no matter who the commentators are. For instance, I despise Chico Resch, but I still watch the Devils broadcasts; I just hit the “Mute” whenever he starts yapping.

    Those VS guys don’t bother me much since I rarely pay attention to what they have to say. What really annoys me, though, are those silly on-the-bench interviews. Players and coaches should be left alone to concentrate on what’s happening on the ice, not being pestered by Christine Simpson. I think it takes away from the integrity of the game. Besides, it’s not like those guys are going to say anything we haven’t heard already.

  23. # Rick Carpiniello May 19th, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    How is Gary Thorne any better than anybody? He shouts from the drop of the puck to the buzzer and mispronounces every name and says “cleared in” when the puck is dumped into the offensive zone (cleared is obviously a defensive-zone reference)?
    Plus, I believe he shouted something about the Rangers doing something they hadn’t done since 1940 when they beat the Devils to reach the finals in ‘94, even though they had been to the finals a few times in between.
    I’ll take Sam Rosen, Mike Emrick, Howie Rose, Kenny Albert—plus the local guys Versus uses (except Beninati) and any of the TSN play-by-play guys—any day before Thorne.


    Obviously I would take the tri state area announcers before Gary Thorne. I just think that the Espn Production of Hockey is a million times better than Versus. Shit, I don’t even need John Saunders and Barry Melrose in the studio. I’ll take the ESPN Sunday night NHL theme song alone. You can even throw in the ESPN NHL2NIGHT theme song also.



    By the way, There are 3 announcers I would take before any of the tri state guys 1.Bob Cole 2. Rick Jeanneret 3. Jim Houghson. They are the best. Dick Irvin gets honorable mention.

  24. What everyone has to realize is that ESPN doesn’t care about sports they don’t have on their air. They don’t show highlights/talk about it or care enough about hockey right now BECAUSE it’s not on their channel. Sure it would draw more than Track and field but that doesn’t matter.

    ESPN didn’t want hockey so the NHL was FORCED to go elsewhere.

    I’m not sticking up for Bettman (in fact I can’t stand the things he’s done) but it was VS or damn near nothing. Like it or not. I’m sure if he were given the choice the NHL would be on ESPN.

  25. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    When watching VS – I always put it on pause and build up time so I can fast foward during the intermissions and commercials.

  26. If I weren’t a hockey fan, do you think I would be checking and commenting on a NY Rangers blog in the middle of May, more than 2 weeks from being eliminated from the playoffs and with opening night no where on the radar?

    The NHL is not trying to attract hockey fans; they’re trying to attract casual observers who they might be able to turn into fans. They could put a Golden Retriever behind the desk, stick Big Bird in Pierre’s spot and put the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in the booth and us hockey fans would still tune in.

    But, the average person, who doesn’t live and die hockey, is not going to be engaged by those commentators, those announcers and those color guys that Versus has employed. Even for someone like Carp, who loves hockey, he wants to trun the channel when those guys come on, as do I.

    I can’t watch their intermission analysis at all. They never show the right highlights and they’re always a step behind when they should be a step ahead.

  27. Is it October yet?

    Are we going to defend that Lava lamp trophy we won last fall in Europe?

  28. And for the record, ESPN DID want hockey, but Gary Bettman and his cronies just didn’t negotiate properly so they told him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  29. My post was waiting moderation before too, and all it had was a Nick Nolte mugshot and a picture of Brian Engblom. Looked pretty identical too. ha.

  30. Hey Carp, What are your (or anyone’s) thoughts on the whole phoenix situation? I know you aren’t a fan of hockey in places like phoenix, but should this be how they are moved out?

  31. In a crappy economy, you remove 6 of the worst performing teams ($-wise) and re-do the Conferences.

    You won’t even need a salary cap then.

  32. Well here’s the thing about ESPN. Even when they HAD hockey, it was treated as a sport somewhere below tennis and dog racing. Even during the playoffs Sportscenter would first report NBA playoffs, then baseball, then if it was the weekend, golf, then some NFL news, and then NHL. Very few of their guys even FOLLOWED the NHL (I used to laugh at how they pronounced names all hockey fans new). Yeah, they threw us a bone with the Hockey2Nite which was on like 2AM. I was hopeful that OLN/VS would at least push the sport some. Well it wasn’t meant to be. The problem is, unless they go back to ESPNs third rate coverage of the sport, what else is there? Could they try TBS? They have no sports during the winter months, and at least they have some national exposure. Anyone remember USA network’s coverage of the sport back in the 80s? It was really teriffic. But that was when the network was owned by G&W who also owned the Rangers. That’s what they need, a REAL national network willing to stick it’s neck out for the sport.

  33. I always hated ESPN’s coverage of hockey…with the Tiger Woods updates every 3 minutes and their dip-sh** comedian-wannabees in the control rooms… The only good thing was Gary Thorn calling the games…but then you had to put up with Bill “its not a game its a Tilt” Clement

  34. i would much rather watch FOX and their glowing puck and hockey robots.

    espn was very laid back with their hockey coverage. they almost always seemed to be having fun (player interviews, commercials, etc). i miss those double header nights with the rangers on msg and any game on espn followed by a west team @ 10pm on espn2

    ahh those were the good old days, lol.

  35. let me add to that i would much rather watch fox than versus. even if fox was “teaching” people

  36. I tend to read a book, and have the game on in the background when it’s on Versus. Can’t bear it.

  37. I’m a huge hockey fan and have been for 20+ years. I watch all the Ranger games, and I’m on here every day and have been since the beginning. But let’s face it, hockey is simply not going to be an All-American, big TV game, especially when there are 200 channels people can tune in to. The problem is not VS. (which blows) but the expectation that our beloved niche sport would be rocking the whole nation if it was treated better. Bettman sucks, but he can’t make it easier for people who don’t know the game to follow it on TV (even digital), just as he can’t make it succeed in places like Phoenix.

    Hockey is feeling the aftereffects of the growth of entertainment options, not simply the mismanagement of the game; though that hasn’t helped. And, let’s not forget, if Glen Sather could put together a great lineup that would create more fans and that would create more buzz and that would generate more ad interest and that would generate a better TV option. It’s not reasonable to expect any network to put a lot of money into a sport that not so many people on a national level (or local, to be too frank) care about. Television is about advertising dollars generated — that’s it, nothing more. It’s not about making sure everyone gets to see as much hockey as possible. Sad, but true.

    We’re lucky. Compared to most sports and most networks, Rangers on MSG is great (even if Sam and dumbass need to get better, not more Homer).

  38. “I tend to read a book, and have the game on in the background when it’s on Versus. Can’t bear it.”

    I tried that but the only book in my house is “The History Of Versus”

  39. I loved ESPN/ESPN 2 for them picking Chicago vs. Columbus as the 7pm game (when chicago was sooo bad) then they would preview the late game, whoooooo the late game. Yea at 10pm it was LA vs. St. Louis. Those were the days. I used to stay up and watch Al MacInnis rip slapshots past Felix “The Cat” Potvin until 1am.

  40. Versus is too involved in telling us that bullriding is coming up at 11PM to show a replay of a penalty or a good play.

    The camera work is awful and how many times is something going on on the ice and Doc Emrick is droning on about nothing imparticular related to the game or they are breaking away to commercial.

    Gary Thorne is God awful. He can’t get a name right and if he manages to get the right guy, he can’t pronounce his name. Manny Malhoterer?

    I don’t see what the network see in Doc Emrick either. The guy screams the game away with the same time worn observations ad naseum.

    Reminds me a little of the Big Whistle Bill Chadwick, although Bill was hard not to love:

    “He went around him like a hoop around a barrel, Jim”.

    “You can not impede the progress of a player not last in possession of the puck”.

    “He’s a pretty good hockey player, Jim”.

    “The Rangers can’t stand prosperity”.

    “Shoot the puck Barry, shoot the puck”.

    “He can fly, Jim”.

    And when Dave Schultz of the flyers showed up unannounced in the Rangers announcing booth: “Get that idiot out of here”!

  41. Hey any of you guys hear Milbury on Pierre Mcguire on NBC Sunday?

    I didnt have the sound on because those idiots make Gary Thornes mis-pronunciations sound loveable

    Supposedly Dingleberry finally got sick of Circum-head always saying he won a stanley cup ( as an assistant with the Pens in 91)so he said “enough with your cup you were just carrying Scotty Bowmans luggage”

    They talking about it on Montreol radio all week

  42. I think any new posts that have links attached are being put in to moderation.

  43. Vs. is the perfect minor league station for this decidedly minor league league. It’s is a farce of titanic proportions from the top to the bottom. Thank Bettman for destroying what was easily poised to be one of the most popular sports in the country only to be eclipsed by cars driving in circles and cage fighting. I’d venture a guess that the PBR gets better ratings then the hockey games and Bauer is probably selling more helmets to amateur Bull Riders.

  44. Big Whistle: Gene Carr couldn’t put the puck in the ocean if he was standing at the end of a dock.

  45. When the camera was on a hot chick in the crowd. Chadwick would say…”Millie I’m not looking!”

  46. Who’s the guy that would say, “Top Shelp, where his sister has the acne medicine!” and things like that?

  47. Here’s my take on the VS situation:

    If Bettman wants us to forget ESPN and how they didn’t really want us, he should demand that the VS production be even better than ESPN. Instead we are getting an inferior product. Now, I could see that for the first year or so because of growing pains, but we just completed year 4! We have penalties missed, goals missed, etc. I can’t see how Doc Emrick and other announcers who come from quality hockey productions can handle that! He comes from a quality production done by MSG and if it was me, I’d have a fit every time the production was cut off to go to a commercial and the situation wasn’t explained after the commercial. So, why isn’t anyone saying something to the production staff saying, “we shouldn’t have gone to a commercial there. Why is that ad banner being shown during the play, etc.” My only theory is that there is a dictatorial manager at VS who will not listen to any outside criticism, no matter how constructive it is!

  48. I’ve looked up Bill Chadwick many times and don’t see anything about him dying. Is he still alive? Gotta be like 100.

  49. About Gene Carr not being able to put the puck in the ocean, one time he scored for the California Golden Seals against the Rangers out in Cali and Jim Gordon said, “I thought you said he couldn’t put the puck in the ocean.” And Chadwick replied, “Well, it’s a bigger ocean out here, Jim.”

  50. back to the whole jagr/henrik talk for a moment (no offense but its pretty boring talking about vs and espn)

    henrik needs to learn not to go down so early on every shot, he exposes himself up high and that is a real problem against talented shooters. the last goal against washington was largely his fault, i dont think he’d tell you any differently. if he had be standing tall in his net instead of crashing federov would have had nothing to shoot at.

    and jagr definitely liked playing for renney (hell he kept calling renney in the beginning of the season to check on the team). while jagr was here it was his team and renney just ran the other lines that didnt include jagr and shanny. it would have been interesting to see how jagr (and shanny for that matter) and torts would have mixed and whether jagr could have handled such a fast paced system (im leaning towards he would have been cherry picking like Ovechkin)

  51. I used to love the intermission interviews with Chadwick and King Clancey. Soties about when Clancy would ref a game and let the players do whatever they wanted, and the next game when Chadwick would ref, he had to clean up Clancy’s mess.

  52. Who was that other kid that we had who was supposed to be pretty good? It was around the Dube time. He kind of looked like Zach De La Rocha from Rage. Anyone? I feel like his name is on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t remember. He was kind of short.

  53. Josh Thomson on

    A recent survey stated that the average person’s greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, you’re telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy.

  54. No Country For Old Rangers on

    What the NHL needs is an 20 team league.

    10 teams in the USA (no teams below the mason-dixon line)

    10 teams in CANADA

    there would be no room in the league for dirtbags like Brashear and Hollweg.

    The overall talent level would be way higher with incredible finals drama between American/Canadian squads

    that would kick ass

    it’s going to be a long, hot, boring summer

  55. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Goneau is hanging out playing NHL 2009 with Brendl, Lundmark, Daigle, and Jessiman

  56. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Christian F-ing Dube

    how could i totally forget about such a great player?

  57. You got that right. He was such a stud in that one. It was unreal. And he was tough too. People just bounced off of him.

  58. Bill Chadwick was a classic , I remember him when he did games on WOR.
    Wasn’t he the first ref in the Hall of Fame ?

  59. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Who do you guys think was the all-time NYR bust?

    Drury is making a run at it

  60. Bill Chadwick was the official who invented the hand signals for penalties.

  61. On the Rangers making the playoffs in 78-79 “Millie pack your bags we are going to L.A”

    Bill is still alive at the age of 93. I think he’s stayed well preserved with all that booze he drank all those years. God Bless ya Big Whistle. His interviews with Toronto’s King Clancy were hysterical back in the day.


  62. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Carp here’s one for you, yes versus coverage really realy sucks. But I also turned channels during last nights game. But I partially blame the length of the season. And I have heard this from more than one semi-hockey fans. That the season is too long and either people are just bored with it at this point or they don’t watch most of the regualr season b/c by the time the playoffs get here they are bored with it. Which I can of agree with I have kind of cared less attitude if I catch the games now or not. ANYONE ELSE AGREE OR DISAGREE THAT THE SEASON OVER ALL IS TOO LONG??

  63. Draft bust, absolutely, but our drafting has improved significantly over the past 6-7 years (minus Jessiman).

  64. I watched 24’s finale last night. They had a game during the Lost finale last week as well. I think all the shows I follow are over now, so I might start watching these games (actually, I’ll just start watching game 3 of the finals).

    My friends I were all in our teens in the mid 70’s
    That Chadwick complimenting the Rangers play was a jinx was a known fact
    In 1975 or 76 the Rangers are playing in Washington; Caps are the worst team of all time…Rangers go up 1-0 and they are pushing for more…Chawick ( all excited) shouts “The Capitols look like they are skating in sand Jim!!”….we all glance at each other nervously….Caps score two goals in about 45 seconds after Chadwick said that…they wind up winning the game 7-1…for the rest of the 70’s whenever we played hockey one of us would yell “the (whoever we were playing) look like thy’re skating in Sand Jim!”

    in fact we all used to talk to each other and call each other “Jim” doing Chadwick imitations…one in million…He and Gordon have never been replaced

  66. carp- gary thorne was a stooge. he butchered everyones name it was embarrassing. he used to call tom poti”tom potty” like a kiddie crapper. i thought it was funny. but id take him over beninati and mcguire anyday. in fact, beninati kept saying, “hes a great feeder” instead of great passer. he gets so out of the way with his wording that its sometimes incomprehensible. “tom potty” or “backliner, frame, infraction etc..” yea sam n joe are good enough for me. i like bill clement too.

    nasty- engblom cut his hair now, and hes got sort of an early 90’s style mushroom haircut that all the 5th graders in my class had! lol.

  67. I wouldn’t go that far as to say we have improved dramatically in the last 7 years draft wise take a look at some of these.

    2002 RD 2 Pick Lee Falardeau C
    2003 RD 1 Pick 20 Hugh Jessiman RW
    2004 RD 1 Pick 6 Al Montoya G
    2005 RD 1 Pick 12 Marc Staal D
    2006 Rd 1 Pick 21 Bob Sanguinetti D
    2007 RD 1 Pick 17 Alexei Cherepanov Deceased
    2008 RD 1 Pick 20 Michael Del Zotto D


  68. anybody watch the ax men finale last night? thats a great show too.

    all time busts? mine would be jessiman.

    no country- plus with the 20 team league, we’d be gauranteed to never ever have the 29th worst offense ever again!!!!!! 20th in the league pp doesnt sound too shabby either i might add

  69. whats this mouth??? did you forget the highly talented sniper lauri korpikoWKsi????????? shame on u

  70. so i know i asked this awhile back, but how does our 2nd round cpmpensatory pick work? i know we traded ours for antro, but whos place do we take in the 2nd round? if all 30 teams pick wuld we just get the 61st pick?

  71. I loved Jim and The Big Whistle. As much as I liked Sam and JD, there was nothing like watching a game back in the 70s with those two. I always remember Jim started every game with “I’ll give you names and numbers early”. They always argued about fighting, and about not calling penalties late. And watching those two during the run to the Cup finals in ’79 was such a treat. Anyone else get a kick hearing them on MSG Vault? Watching those games made is seem like it was yesterday.

  72. Unemployed Steve on

    All Time Bust is definitly Jessiman but wasan’t Gagne a big bust as well?

  73. “2002 RD 2 Pick Lee Falardeau C
    2003 RD 1 Pick 20 Hugh Jessiman RW
    2004 RD 1 Pick 6 Al Montoya G
    2005 RD 1 Pick 12 Marc Staal D
    2006 Rd 1 Pick 21 Bob Sanguinetti D
    2007 RD 1 Pick 17 Alexei Cherepanov Deceased
    2008 RD 1 Pick 20 Michael Del Zotto D”

    The top 3 are definitely busts (although who knows with Montoya, once Hank established himself his days were numbers, and I like Shoes who we got for him). I think Staal is definitely NOT a bust, but I thought he’d be better offensively. Jury is still out on Sanguinetti and Del Zotto. Cherepanov was unfortunate, but from all accounts the kid was going to be a player.

  74. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Biggest bust this season is clearly Zherdev . Here’s a guy who lead the team in points for the most time all year and at times was the best Ranger out there , trying and setting up beutiful plays. Come playoffs …better yet , come Torts ..Zherdev became invisable .When your leading scoring dissapears a week or two before the playoffs…no bust can be bigger than that!!

  75. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    that last post by me sure hurt to write …the truth hurtz.

  76. onecup and counting on

    Carp,why get angry at VS. if you’re a hockey lover?
    watch the games . This is the first time in years that I can give a rat’s butt about hockey,something about the officiating,players and style that just doesn’t do it for me.
    Hockey has changed and its not for the better ,just look at the ratings.

  77. Who is the biggest bust of this blog? I say its *Beer me!* Hands down or hands up or even hands in the pocket! :P

  78. All time Ranger bust: Ken Hodge for Rick Middleton

    Hodge scored 23 goals and 45 assists for 64 points in his two years as a Ranger.

    Middleton scored 402 goals and 496 assists for 898 points in his 12 years as a Boston Bruin.

    Worst trade by far in the history of the Ranger franchise.

    That, by default, makes Ken Hodge the biggest bust.

  79. Rick-if you were a diehard hockey fan you would have shelled out your money for the nhl package.(TV) here you would have gotten the boston game at the same time as you got the other series.

    And you could have avoided Versus !

    Or try your computer. nhl.com would have given it to you I believe.

  80. ZzZz – You have to cut Zherdev some slack. That was his first-ever playoffs. He played all season on a team that wasn’t physical and basically played the trap. Then suddenly everything changes with Torts three-quarters of the way through the season. He’s thrown into Torts’ chez bow-wow on several occasions…during the POs, he was basically adjusting his game to Torts’ style and the playoff style, where the tempo is thrown into overdrive…the players that thrived for the Rangers were those who had been in that atmosphere before, plus young and in shape(Korpikoski, Dubi, Cally to name a few). I’d venture a guess Z learned more during that seven games than he’s learned at the NHL level. I’d also venture a guess his play will elevate from the experience.

  81. and this one will last a lifetime on

    all time draft busts (by the Rangers, cause if we extend it to other teams/sports could take too long)
    first rounders: Jessiman, Blackburn, Brendl, Cherneski,Brown (Jeff), Ferraro (Peter)
    and this list only goes back to the 90’s….Holy $hit!

  82. Jeff Brown
    Peter Ferraro
    Michael Stewart
    Jayson More
    Jim Malone
    Wayne Dillon

    and the aforementioned Dube, Brendl, Lundmark, Malhotra … and those are just the first-rounders.

  83. Unemployed, Gagne turned out to be a pretty good player when he went to Minnesota. A very good player, actually.

    Two more Big Whistles: One, when a guy got knocked out cold: “Jim, I think he’s dead.”

    And in the third period with a lead: “Jim, they’re playing Katie bar the door.”

  84. I don’t know if I’d consider Blackburn a true bust like Jessiman and Brendl etc because the kid actually got hurt.

    a bit off topic but my friends ex-husband just got totally annihilated in divorce court today. I swear, some women are beyond evil and make it harder for the ones who arent.

  85. Yo Drew-Tampa was involved in Traverse City so that should mean the Rangers will stay. Plus Gordie Clark and the Hartford coaching staff handled the prospects hands on, net Renney.

    The drafting and young talent has improved over the last 5 years; Henrik (I know, drafted way before but he made his debut in 2005), Cally, Dubi, Staal, Girardi(UFA), Korpi. Plus Betts was a Calgary pick but matured and worked his way up in the Rangers system, and Orr was a young goon who was turned into a hockey player.

    I give the drafting a B now; if the others like the two Italian Ds and two Russian Fs become contributing members, and one of these big wingers (DuPot, Weisse, Byers) can be a 20-G-20A guy, then we can start giving the drafting a B+ to A-.


  86. Linda

    I feel for the guy… some women have no boundaries when it comes to punishing the man…and i am getting married in 2 month! Sigh… i need a hug.

  87. Linda, sorry to hear that. My last relationship had a lot of g/f issues and g/f vs. mother issues, and I’m still pretty pissed about it and how ruthless women can be (no offense to any women here!)

    Between that and my crappy job, now everyone knows why I know every Ranger prospect’s stat down to a tea :)P

  88. Yeah Tony, I am… Willingly too! Can you believe that? Im approaching stage two…wedding ring…hopefully the suffe-ring part won’t be too painful lol

    Nuh, she is a great girl… so far! And her mom loves me… so far! Lol
    We met on AOL… Russian chat room. :P

    oi vei.

  89. Another Big Whistle:

    Tkaczuk was killing a penalty and playing keepaway, skating in circles. He ragged the puck for about 10 seconds. Chadwick said, “Jim, I think Walter’s got a nail on the end of his stick!”.

  90. I’m not sure which was/is funnier: Bill Chadwick’s story about having dinner with Barry Beck the night before that was almost immediately followed but Beck scoring a goal and the immortal words from the Whistle “Shoot the puck, Barry, shoot the puck,” or the bizarre fact that it happened one time in some midseason Ranger game 30 years ago and yet EVERY Ranger fan knows exactly what you’re talking about when that line spews forth.

  91. Michal Roszival=Barry Beck in terms of not shooting the puck and having a great shot.

    Beck was a little before my time but I remember the fans were pretty angry at him when I first started watching in 89-90 and have since warmed up to him (Draft Day 04).

    What was the deal with Mike Rogers? Can someone please explain that guy to me? (Before my time) Scores over 100 points yet misses a lot of playoff games in his tenure.

  92. CCCP, maybe we should have a little talk over lunch (just kidding. I say that to all my engaged friends, including the now-happily married, over-26, Josh Thomson).

    MikeA, Rogers’ problem was that he spent most of his years in Hartford. He was a really good little player, always, always dependably productive, with great wheels. Could grow a Mara-esque beard, too. He’d easily be the No. 1 center on the 2008-09 or ’09-10 NYR.

  93. Also, Beck was unpopular at first because the Rangers traded half the team that went to the finals the year before to get him. Not that any of those guys was terribly missed. And that ’79 team was overrated, or at least it greatly overachieved.

    Beck was a big, tough, Lindros type of guy. He had a bum shoulder that shortened his career, though. He was a good captain, a really good guy, and in the good old days he’d be the first off the bench to stick up for a teammate. I remember him high-hurdling the boards from the bench to get at Paul Baxter, who was one of the baddest men in the NHL, after Baxter cheap-shotted Eddie Johnstone. Beck’s timing was bad, too. He came along smack at the beginning of the Islanders dynasty, and in the old playoff setup, the Rangers had to try to go through NYI in the first two rounds every year.

  94. Hey Carp

    First off, welcome back! Most of us didn’t even notice that you were out, but it’s nice to have you back anyway! :P

    “little talk over lunch” LOL
    I’m in too deep, in too deep!

    See if you could guess who is behind this quote:

    “I was the best man at the wedding. If I’m the best man, why is she marrying him?”


    I am way late in posting today. Never got the chance until now to check in. I LOVE the Big Whistle references. Bill Chadwick and Jim Gordon (I believe he died) were great together. Thanks to those who posted quotes. You made my day. I watched all the away games on Channel 9 and listened to Marv on the radio for the home games. Life was so simple then and the players seemed like somebody you really knew. Why is that? :^)

  96. hey carp- few days ago we were talkin about steven wright and some of his quotes. i might be wrong, but ive heard his voice before and he really sounds like the radio dj voice from reservoir dogs. they never showed the guy in the movie, but it really sounds like him

  97. Thanks Carp. I saw Beck speak at the Draft Party in 04, he did a nice job telling about his journey to the NHL.

    I vaguely remember Beck on LA in the late 80s and early 90s back when I was just a young kid and a lot of relatives really disliked him and viewed his Rangers tenure as not that great.

    I also remember in the early 90s when the Rangers-Islanders used to do the Old Timer’s games that Beck either played or made an appearance and the crowd bood him pretty harshly.

    Tough break.

  98. ThisYearsModel on

    Gary Thorne is the best thing about ESPN not having hockey any more.

    Manny Mal-hoar-tra
    Jeff Buck-a-bum
    Tom Potty

    What a clown.

  99. linda- that was funny stuff. the “first guy” right off the bat had me rollin. and just at the top of this page we got another “first!!!” dipsh^t

  100. this years model, how bout francois beacheumin is actually beach-man! he has to do it on purpose.

  101. fanarchy looks to be another promising show im absolutely dying to watch. versus somehow managed to outdo themselves again. how about instead, maybe they can have a half hour of competitive sewing

  102. Instead of Fanarchy they just have us going at it with Webcams talking about line combos and trashing Redden.

    I’d buy the Rorschach mask and talk with the interrogation voice effect from True Lies for that.

  103. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... !! says Greg L. on

    Im Last!!!!!!!!! whooohooo…………….ah cool signature…and I hope no conspircies are going on……..lag on this thread affect the bite of my ms dos!!!

  104. Everybody-
    Thanks for bringing back a lot of memories with all the Bill Chadwick quotes. I’ve got one more to add though. Whenever someone would take a dive, he’d say,”Jim, that was a real Sarah Burnhart.” He and Jim Gordon were priceless!

  105. tdchi – Zherdev’s play better frickin elevate next year if he stays as he’ll automatically get a $3.6m one year deal as an RFA unless Slats does him a deal beforehand for a multi-year contract. Thats a big increase on his previous cap value of $2.5m.
    Antro’s going to cost in the $3-4m range i expect too in which case i can’t see us keeping both, we need a scorer to play with Gomez which isn’t going to be cheap if they are a UFA (Havlat, Hossa, Gionta, Gaborik) or might cost us a good young player in return (St.Louis).

    I’m sure after last week’s pow-wow with Slats and Schony that Torts has his plans laid out and now we have to wait and see if Slats can trade away (or not renew) the guys Torts doesn’t want and see if he can acquire or sign the players Torts wants.


    Pee-Wee Herman’s Big Adventure is in the “EPIC” section!!!

    Ben Hur, Grapes of Wrath, Pee Wee…..

    Swear to God

  107. “Kaspar, what kind of selection do you expect in Siberia?”

    Matteauonov….have I been traded by St. Pete??

  108. MikeA
    May 19th, 2009 at 8:06 pm
    “Michal Roszival=Barry Beck in terms of not shooting the puck and having a great shot. What was the deal with Mike Rogers?”

    Mike-The Rangers did trade like 5-6 players for Beck but they were guys like Mike McEwen, Bobby Sheehan, Pat Hickey, DeBlois, etc. Beck was a monster who, unfortunately, was expected to lead the Rangers to the cup. Please don’t mistake Rozsival for Beck. Beck NEVER shied away from a hit. Some of his battles with Lanny MacDonald were classic. I remember he had alot of injuries and wasn’t appreciated. Like Carp said, he came here right when we had to go through the Islanders every year in the playoffs. We definitely could have used a Beck type defenseman last year.

    Mike Rogers was a small center who scored alot. I don’t remember if he lead the league in scoring with the Rangers but he was in the top 5. He only lasted a few seasons.

  109. I was one of those people who didn’t like the trade of all those “Pat hickey” types for Barry Beck; and because of that I am one of those people who do not look back on the “beck years” with any fondness

    He was much too fragile for a big man…embarrassingly fragile in fact

    Overrated or not the Rangers had just become the first team to play 4 rounds of playoffs; made it to the finals…and people think Beck was underrated??? They had re-built the team after the break-up of Emile’s fat cats…Deblois and McEwen were home growns and Hickey was drafted as well (though he spent time in the WHA) think how you’d feel if Dubi-Cally were dealt for Beck now and you watched him limp around for a decade

    Hickey was:
    40-33-73Pts in 77-78
    34-41-75Pts in 78-79

    Deblois averaged 27.5 goals per year for the next 5 years after the trade

  110. LMAO @ EPIC!! best video store in the world Kaspar!!! I absofreakinlutely love that movie!!!

    also, thanks everyone for the Big Whistle and Jim Gordon stuff. I loved those guys!!!

  111. BANJ,
    I wish I could find a recording somewhere of Big Whistle and the King. And I remember those Gene Carr comments, too! Good times.

  112. This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
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