Last day of recess


What a week it’s been. You dubbed Henrik Lundqvist “Wonderwall,” guessed who the Rangers were in my three stories, wrote some killer stories about which Rangers had been naughty or nice off the ice, and wrote some hysterical job descriptions.

I really liked The Esteemed Doodie Machetto’s idea of taking the last day of my tenure in Carp’s absence to write out favorite moments from the season.

Mine was Adam Graves’ night. I was there with Carp that evening, and it was my first Rangers game as a writer. (I’d been to a bunch as a fan when the law firm I worked in had corporate seats in the 1990’s, a lifetime ago. Yes, I was one of the people in the really good seats who came for the beer, the seats were next to Janet Jones. Unfortunately the job was soul-sucking, but I digress…)

Carp obviously knew Graves, who played during the 63-year span Carp covered the Rangers. He even wrote the program notes for the Garden that evening. I was struck by how moved the crowd was when Graves spoke. How everyone stood for the whole thing, and how grown men were literally wiping tears from their eyes.

I am a sucker for scenes like that.

Feel free to add your own, be it a win, a coaching change or watching someone get slammed to the boards.

And by the way, I informed Josh of what’s going on here, and he nodded his 26-year-old, disembodied head sadly. Actually, he laughed and said this was a pretty fun goup of people. So there.

UPDATE: If you were looking for something to do tonight, Sean Avery is opening his new club, Warren 77 tonight. Not sure if Rangers jerseys are proper attire.

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  1. Awsome idea Jane. I have to ponder this one a bit. (and no I wont say first!) lol..

  2. REPOST:

    “CCCP, are you familiar with Camp Bisco?”

    LOL I knew I’d find at least one person with the same brain waves!

    YES! Camp Bisco… I love it! Went there last three years in a row… had great time! This year “YB” and ‘Shpongle” are playing together at bisco, and “Hallucinogen” DJ Set from Simon! I am still trying to figure out “to go or not to go” this year or to fly to Britain on October 30th for the worldwide launch of the amazing new album from “Shpongle” at Roundhouse in London. I saw them live at the same place last year and it was absolute magic! So I guess you are also familiar with “Infected Mushroom”… I love these guys! My fiancé and I flew to Israel once just to see a two hour set by “Infected Mushroom” They are not what they used to be, but new direction is pretty good as well. Waiting for the new album to come out in July. Saw “Infected” last month at “Fillmore” and it was insane! The place was jumping all night! Anyway, good to know you like this type of music *Salty*

    Have you heard “Ott”? If not, check him out…he is also from “twisted” gang.

  3. Two home shootout wins come to mind for me, both early in the season: Zherdev’s goal with eight seconds left against Pittsburgh to send the game into OT, and the win against Boston where they went to video review of Boston’s non-goal (I think it was Kessel). Everyone knew we had the game won, but we had to wait for the official word; the roar of the crowd when the ref waved it off was terrific.

  4. let me think on this, but in the meantime

    I am devastated to know that it has NOT been Josh Thomson responding to us, just devastated!!! ;-) ;-)

  5. all the games where Chris Drury scored CLUTCH goals for us, and Wade Redden qb’d the power play so “montana” like (as in Hannah Montana!)

  6. “I was struck by how moved the crowd was when Graves spoke. How everyone stood for the whole thing, and how grown men were literally wiping tears from their eyes.”
    Proud to be one of those men.

    As for other favourite moments, Steven McDonald coming out is always one of mine. Bettsy’s goal against Philly was fantastic too. But I went to Switzerland so that come-from-behind win (yeah Cally!) was probably my top experience. I was jumping up and down hugging these freaked out Swiss people screaming ‘we never do this, we never come back like this, oh my goooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!’

  7. I think it comes down to 2 really great nights at the Garden.

    The most recent was the night I met Josh Thompson Rangers playoffs game 3 against the Thrashers-7-0 win, 2 goals by Callahan, interviewed for the paper, and got a “pound” from John Gianonne on the way out of the building…on top of that it was the first game I got to go to with my father in a very long time. I was 25 at the time and I don’t think we had gone to one together since I was about 15. We have never had many of those father-son sports moments and that night was the one i’ll always remember.

    Not second by any means, was having the honor to be at Mike Richter night. It was an amazing night that brought tears to my eyes (mainly because those dopes lost to Minnesota in regulation lol) but wow. Hearing Richter speak, hearing his teammates speak about him and watching his number go to the rafters….just unbelievable.

  8. lmao great story Scotty! “we never do this,” that is just hilarious!

    I always like opening night, when the players are introduced individually, and you’re just so amped up that the season’s starting and you’re excited to see the team on the ice. Then, a month later, you realize we’re stuck with Redden for 5 more years, that Voros was more interested in the quiznos oven, and that Drury is, is, comatose!

  9. OOPS that was definitely not the question that was asked….screw it- those memories top anything that happened this

  10. Jane I am going to agree with you on Graves’ Night.

    I didn’t have the chance to be there live like you, I was watching at home with my nephew. The best part was when Gravy was coming out and my nephew got all excited because his coach was going out to the Garden ice. He had the opportunity, with countless others in the area I’m sure, to go to a clinic for kids at the MSG Training Facility that was run by Graves. That my nephew, who is a Mite player, thinks of Graves as his coach speaks volumes about the guy whose sweater was raised to the rafters that night.

  11. As for this season Graves night was definitely the best. He really made me feel like he was speaking right to me with parts of his speech and I’m sure alotta other people here could agree with that. Too bad they couldn’t pull off the win for him.

  12. I guess my favorite moment of the season was actually the game in Nashville that my fiance and I attended! It was the first time I was seeing the boys live in about 10 years, and I was just so excited that I cried when they came out for the pregame! There were a few other Rangers fans sitting around us, and this was my fiances first NHL game ever. He was actually getting into it, and when Aves scored, I went absolutely NUTS and I did my AVERY SCORES jig, he was crackin up. It was even better because the Preds fans were talkin trash about Aves, and when he scored I was like “NO SLOPPY SECONDS THERE!!” He’s seen me go nuts in good and bad ways watching on TV or the comp, but he really must think I’m insane after that.

    It’s always a highlight when they beat the Devils and Flyers.

  13. i was struck by a few thing this season. from the “lets go Rangers” chants in Berne to the October 13th game and the moment of silence in honor of Alexei Cherepanov. the garden was silent and it had an effect on me.

  14. Mine was prob completely ignoring work to watch the game against Magnitigorsk on my laptop, which ended with me screaming and jumping around and being overall loud enough that I blew a take in a Voiceover session someone was doing next door in studio B

  15. I loved Graves Night and the two wins which secured the Rangers a playoffs spot, but my second favorite moment this season actually happened in the preseason.

    The Victoria Cup Game was a lot of fun to watch and made it feel like the Rangers actually did something right.

  16. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    My great story of the season happened just last night. The Broooooons were beaten like the bum losers they are. The best, though, was listening to Red Sox fans (obviously they werent Bruins fans, such fans dont exist) chant “WE WANT IT” repeatedly. I have sources that have confirmed,

    they were chanting about Wanting Red Sox tickets and an injection in the heinie for Little Papi David Arias.

  17. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    my sources are anonymous, however, and do not include Selena Roberts.

  18. Zherdev scoring with 8 seconds left against the Pens, and then Henrik stuffing Crosby to win the game in the shootout.

    Was also my b-day night so it was a perfect gift from the Blueshirts.

  19. Kudos to Carp for getting this Josh Thomson ball rolling when he reported that he is no longer 26.. Pretty funny stuff. :)

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz once Ruled!! says Greg L. on

    when we started the season on that winning streak was the best , we were in first place and on top of the world!!!
    It was the best time this year by far!!! NO ONE WAS BASHING Gomez ,Drury,Redden or Zherdev!! The start of the season , winning all those game was the high point this year with nothing even close to topping it!!!

  21. Josh Thomson on

    My favorite moment was turning 26! It feels like i am 26 forever! AWESOMENESS!

    Oh, and also being up 3:1 against the Craps was a pretty good feeling as well… :P

  22. isnt it funny though when we we were 10-2-1 in the beginning of the season and drury had no goals and maybe 3 assists in that whole span. we didnt need him at all!!!

    my favorite moment was when z scored the tying goal with 8 seconds left against pitts. that was when i really thought, we have found our sniper, and had high hopes for him. the other fave moments were renny being fired, torts being hired, and brodeur having the biggest hissy fit in carolina after losing with .2 seconds left.

  23. no, who am i kidding, the best was most clutch of all clutch goals when captain clutch himself scored the 2nd period gamewinner in game 4!!! that one clutch play alone is enough to justify his huge salary forever

  24. ohh and also those awesome subway virtual ads come a close second to the most clutch goal ever scored ever!!!!

  25. My favorite moment was at the end of the Caps-Rangers regular season game (the one we actaully won) when the crowd was at a fever pitch cheering the good ol blueshirts on; they showed several scenes of players faces all intense on the bench, the fans standing, the coach staring, back to the crowd, down to the faceoff circle and just at that exact moment in this tense atmosphere…my girlfriend snored real loud; like snoring hiccups or something…scared the crap outta me!!


    My fav moment was Graves night. I was watching on TV. When Adam walked through the locker room and along the corridor heading to the ice and stopped to talk to, shake hands with and hug the kids, I was so overwhelmed. I watched those special moments a bunch of times on the web site, too. Adam is a very special person.

  27. My fav moment was in March when I visited family in NY & got to go to the Bruin afternoon game. I caught a puck.
    I mean I CAUGHT A PUCK !!
    In all the games I went to I never came close to catch anything.
    Plus we beat the Bruins 4-3 !!

  28. My favorite moment was when Drury, Gomez, and Redden scored to help us win the important games.

    Oh wait.

  29. Josh Thomson on

    My favorite moment was in the beginning of the season when I went to Yankee stadium and caught the PUCK!! I was so excited… after the game Chris Drury signed my bat!

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    my repost from yesterday when I suggested the topic:

    “Mine is Voros’ pummeling at the hands (literally both hands) of Janssen. Hey Aaron, next time, stay down. Better yet, don’t fight. Even better yet, don’t play for the Rangers.

  31. the new Rangers on

    Bye bye Zherdev too ??

    from Steve Zipay of Blue Notes at Newsday,

    Take this for what it’s worth, note the third word, which is key:

    According to unconfirmed information, the club forward NHL New York Rangers’ Nikolai Zherdev soon could move to one of the top clubs of Continental hockey league.

  32. The real noteworthy news of the day is that Salty is into horrible trance music. That revelation completely shades every rational point he’s ever made on this blog in my view.

    Next we’ll learn that his favorite all-time Rangers player is Marcel Hossa because A) he liked his frosted hair and B)they share the same taste in music.

  33. UESBlueshirt on

    Favorite game I attended was vs. Pittsburgh in December. I always make a point to go to a Rangers-Pens game with a friend that’s from Pitt and she said she’s never seen the Pens win on the road (including games on the Island and when she lived in DC). Pens were up 2-0 and then Zherdev re-directed a Gomez floater to cut the lead and then in the 3rd Prucha scooped in a shot off the end boards to tie it. Rangers went 3 for 3 in the shoot out and it extended my friend’s Pens winless streak. The best moment of the game was when Crosby tried to hop around Staal in OT and Staal just gave him a nice stiff shoulder and knocked him to the ice. It got the biggest roar from the crowd that night.

    Favorite moment of the season might have actually been Dubi’s goal in Game 1. It was an amazing move and at the time it was such a shock to see them pull off a win in that way.

  34. JJP

    have you ever heard any of those artists live? or even in a quality other than YouTube video? i dont think so… till then, please no need to judge something you don’t understand… is there anything else you’re into besides hockey and lawn mowing? :)





  36. I really enjoyed Graves night (the ceremony; the game stunk) and ALSO Howell/Bathgate Night as it’s about time the team did more for the pre-94 history.

    I’m also really happy that we got to see some of the younger players like Staal/Cally/Girardi/Dubi play in big moments, it will help them down the line, and got to see the NHL debuts of Anisimov, Sauer, Potter, and regular season debut of Korpi; this should be the start of something pretty cool and hopefully both AA/Sauer become regulars next year.

    I also really liked the game against the Devils honoring Alexei Cherepanov as it was a really sad time and it was great to see the Rangers come out and spank the Devils.

    The team lost Alf Pike from the 1940 team, Walt Poddubny one of the only bright spots in the Espo era, and Cherry this year; let’s hope next year there’s less loss.

  37. Reijo Ruotsalainen on

    The Ceremony of Graves night was amazing the listless performance afterwards,not so much.

    Sean Avery’s return to the Garden was a special moment. Av-rey! Av-rey!

    Avery scoring two against the Flyers in the stretch drive to make the playoffs was pretty damn good too.

  38. Graves night was my favorite too.

    My girlfriend was over, and watching TV in the bedroom so I could have the big living room TV to watch the ceremony. She likes going to NYR games, but can’t stand watching sports on TV.

    During the ceremony, she comes out for something, and starts watching. I explain who Graves is, what it means to have a number retired, etc.

    When his banner started going up to the rafters and they showed his kids with him, I looked over and my girlfriend was crying too. Amazing. Even someone who knew nothing about the man 10 minutes ago was moved to tears.

    Adam Graves is awesome.

  39. My favorite moment was the Devils game in late March at MSG. After we won, me and my brother were walking out of the 400 section when suddenly this nerdy-looking Devils fan threw some beer at a nerdy-looking Rangers fan. It would have been a lame fight, but thankfully the Ranger fan dodged and it hit a grizzly-bear sized Ranger fan, who proceeded to chase the Devils fan until security stopped him. It took like 4 guys to hold him back haha.

  40. Jor71 I tried to get the story linked in there but having issues. Can you do link it in here?

    For those who don’t know, Jor71 “discovered” a newspaper article about the Josh26 project.

  41. Josh Thomson on


    you have my personal permission to link that story in here… kiss

  42. Howyagonnatellme on

    When Petr Prucha scored his first in early December against the Penguins to tie the game. Great to see Prucha score…

    Better to see the reaction on the bench. It was amazing. Prucha wasn’t the only one elated by his goal. The whole bench jumped up, hooting and hollering for Prucha. They jumped up and cheered for him like Prucha tied a game seven Eastern Conference final game. His teammates on the ice just CLOBBERED him. What a great instant…

    And then the MSG feed went out. :-P

  43. Late to the show toaday, but yes CCCP, I’m familiar with Infected and Ott as well.

    I would STRONGLY suggest returning to Camp this year. It seems to get better every year, and that Mariaville site is just so awesome. Camp is probably closer and a lot more affordable than flying to Britain (I’m assuming you’re in NY).

    Either way let me know as it approaches…

  44. My favorite moment this season was Graves night. He will always be one of the most special guy to ever wear a Ranger jersey.

  45. If Nicky Z leaves Nyr ill be pissed. Yeah, he had a bad end to the season, and was terrible in the playoffs, but he still has a lot of upside. Most of all, it would suck trading Tyuts for nothing.

    We didn’t get a draft pick, a good prospect, or anything out of that deal besides Z. Danny F sucks, and he doesn’t count.

  46. HOLY CRAP!!!! the josh26 project is absolutely awesome!! when will the merchandise be available?

  47. my favorite moment was when me and my friends got kicked out of the boston garden. the rangers 1-0 and played terribly, but being escorted out of an arena (for no reason) full of opposing teams fans calling you every name under the sun and throwing stuff at you is quite an experience, and one i will never forget.

  48. Graves Night was the highlight for me as well. I think I kept it at two tissues for the night. The guy simply personifies what a good man is, never mind an athlete. I’ve always felt a little guilty I bought my Messier jersey in ’93 instead of a #9. The man is a treasure.

  49. If Nicky Z’s really trying to go to Russia and his reasons are the style of play in the NHL not being suited for “him”…( see the endless giveaways to avoid being hit )then he should go and we shouldn’t miss him or his elegant back passes that lead to opposition rushes….

    Just chalk him up to another player we took on as a project; a player who someone else saw the flaws in before giving him a long term deal-they were smart enough to be rid of him and we should be too

  50. anyone with the NHL network ?
    theyre showing the Memorial cup ..Tysen Dowzak of Kelowna is playing right now

  51. We need a new Prucha. Someone to surprise us with 30 goals. Maybe Artie, Grachev, or anyone.

    I cant wait to see Del Zotto, Gilroy, and Grachev in pre season.

    Ugh, this would have been the year we could have finally seen Cherepanov. I was looking forward to that for a long time god damn it !

  52. tyler mayers of kelona 6 ft 7 sabres top prospect . looks real good on d.

    usually agree with you but zherdev is a soft pathetic loser. giving fedor up for him sucks but giving zherdev 3.5 mill is a waste and dead wrong

  53. ERIC

    I don’t know, i was thinking him having a bad year wasn’t so bas, if we get him cheaper. Who knows maybe he’ll turn his game around and have a better year.

    But i agree, he is soft, and soft is the last thing this team needs. I just hate giving up Tyuts for nothing, and not having a chance to trade Nicky Z, and get anything in return.

  54. ORR naslund 4 mill will go to cally and dubi you would think. i think zherdev at 2 mill might be worth it but he wont take less then last year. regardless this team is in a major bind.

    all thats left is to root against the pens.

    pens wings again

  55. If Z leaves (doubt he will) then expect the Rangers to sign Gionta and have him play with his buddy Gomez and family friend Cally. I’m not for it but this is Sather logic we’re talking about.

    Orr-I’m setting realistic expectations for Artie and Grachev in year one. I think both will be great but doubt they’ll score 30 each next year; I think Artie can get a dozen goals along with 20 helpers playing 3rd line while Grachev goes back to Brampton or even Hartford as he’s still very young.

    If Cally can score like 25-30, Dubi 20-22, Korpi 15, and some kids like Owens can net 10 and Byers 10, that’s an improvement already.

  56. It’s gonna be tough rooting for Nyr next season. Besides all the kids, this team has nothing. We can only hope some of these prospects can surprise us, and turn into stars.

    Watching all these teams in the playoffs, Nyr doesn’t have any of those guys that really care. It’s all aboot money.

    I don’t think i can take this team seriously, not until Dru, Gomer, Redden, and Rozi are gone.

    And if Slats signs Gionta, then that shows you how bad of a GM he is. I know Slats never surprises most of you with his moves, but that would surprise me. It just screams desperation.

  57. Zherdev “is like a lazy Marcel Hossa with Hands” -even though that makes it sound like he’s nothing like Marcel Hossa, that actually describes the guy perfectly. If he jumps to KHL its because he knows he can’t hack it in the NHL. Too bad we can’t have Tyutin back.

  58. Orr and company-I don’t understand how it’s gonna be hard to root for the Rangers next season and all of the general pessimism (not to insult anyone here).

    If they have young hungry players who compete every night, stick up for each other, hustle, and show improvement, that’s all I ask for.

    Remember that this team was supposed to stink in 05-06 and be bad for at least 4-5 years and they’ve made the playoffs every year, which is pretty darn cool.

    This is not a Cup team, not even close, but get the young guys like Dubi/Cally/Staal/Girardi/Korpi established, add Anisimov, Grachev, Del Z, Sauer, Sangs, Gilroy, Byers, and Owens (he’s a Sjostrom clone and I’m rooting for him to make the team) and THEN go after a UFA like Kovalchuk and then that’s a pretty good team.

    If we keep wanting them to buy this guy or buy that guy or trade everything for a one-year rental, we’ll all be dead by the next time they win the Cup.

  59. MIKE

    Ill root for them as i always do, but it’s just tough, i haven’t gone into a season thinking they wont win the Cup, but that’s how ill go into this one.

    I want a team like the 05-06 team, and the 06-07 team. But we wont see that until these losers are gone.

    But watching Cally, Dubi, Staal, and the kids is the only thing to look forward to, for sure.

  60. Seems Hank and Avery are tight. During yesterdays XM show Lundqvist was texting him during the breaks from the back office of the store.

    Sean Avery Points Fingers At Flames Mike Cammalleri :

  61. Orr and comp-Undrstood! Honestly, I haven’t thought they could win a Cup yet since the lockout, maybe it’s just me. Jagr was brought in as a stopgap so they’d have some credibility and it turned out much better than expected. This team has the pieces and is moving in the right direction.

    The last real chance this team had to win a Cup was 97 but by the time they got to the Conference Finals half the team was injured and Graves was playing on a line with Russ Courtnal and Dallas Eakins.

  62. Mouth, I love ya, but can you maybe shorten the “show intro”? kills me to sit through that every time man!

    keep up the good work

  63. Josh Thomson on

    Hey kids

    I just spoke with my manager and I got good news. We’re going to be launching an underwear clothing line called “Ageless” by Josh26. Stylish underwear that will include classics such as “scratch and sniff” “12 month underwear” “skid free bottom” and my personal favorite “forever fresh” will be available in October. Stay tuned for more info.

  64. Drury and the family are on Clutchival Cruise lines Clutchcation in the Grand Clutchman Islands. They are enjoying lounging about, scuba diving, and money counting.

    lmao @ forever fresh!!! will Josh’s noggin be silkscreened on the boxers?

  65. Since Zherdev is restricted do we get any compensation if he leaves for Russia?

  66. “Since Zherdev is restricted do we get any compensation if he leaves for Russia?”


    yes, we get “Napoleon” cake and kompot!

  67. You know you miss Rangers hockey when @3:30 in the morning you watch “Oxygen” network “erotic shop” and actually thinking about buying “Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker” :)

  68. haha salty its 55 seconds cmon. I will see what i can do maybe I’ll whittle it down to 30 seconds could ya sit through that? I gotta have something lol. sometimes that 55 second intro is half the total time of show lol


  69. “its 55 seconds cmon”

    dude you have to realize, that is an *ETERNITY* in “internet attention span” time… in 2009 you can’t be greedy with peoples time because if things start to drag there is nothing stopping us from clicking one of the other hundred billion links on youtube just begging for a view

    I’m only even bothering to tell you this cause I dig the show. constructive criticism, nothing more

    by the way that was me with the Calamari post.

    keep it up

  70. and this one will last a lifetime on

    Jane, thanks for the props. (two times this season. “Sweet on Sauer” and “Wonderwall”)

    Seasons favorite moments…continuation of the transition to a younger developing team (coaching change / trading deadline moves)…both jersey retirement nights…Orr winning fights…watching Mr. and Mrs. Staal watch their sons play against each other, and whenever they check each other (remember when Keith Primeau beat up Wayne Primeau?)…and who ever came up with, “Avery may be as a$$hole, but he’s our a$$hole” (boy do I love that line and man is it true)

  71. Mine was Graves night too. He was my favorite player growing up and i watched it the hospital with my one day old baby girl. It just would have been nice for them to have won.

  72. My *Salty* friend!

    I don’t know if I’m going to camp or not, yet. I used make decisions on my own… SIGH… now; i gotta see what my fiancé says LOL… But as far as I know, right now we are leaning more toward London trip.

  73. I think new topic of the day should be

    “You know you miss Rangers hockey when…”

    This could get very interesting…. Or not.

  74. You know you miss Rangers hockey when… it takes more than half hour between comments on LoHud Rangers Blog!

  75. WOW!! REALLY??

    Nobody has anything to say at all? This blog has seen better days for sure.

    You know you miss Rangers hockey when… MSG is showing “Knicks most wanted”

  76. You know you miss Rangers hockey when:

    seeing a picture of Chris Drury or Wade Redden makes you smile!

  77. I think we all owe a HUGE round of applause to Jane, who was the BEST substitute teacher ever!!! Great job on the blog this week Jane, awesome topics and lots of fun!!

  78. you know you miss Rangers hockey when its 85 degrees out and you wear your jersey!

  79. you know you miss Rangers hockey when you’re about to search iTunes for the Rangers Victory Song to download on your iPod!

  80. isnt it a dry heat Tony? ;-) LMAO @ with or without your spouse!!!! And just so ya know, no Rangers Victory Song on iTunes.

    You know you miss Rangers hockey when you think Lifetime may show a new movie called “CLUTCH, the Life and Times of Hockey Superstar and Little League World Series Champion Chris Drury”, but then realize there would be no women in peril!

  81. thanks for that Tony! Just what was needed on a Saturday afternoon before going to the gym!!!

  82. Josh Thomson on

    i did go to “Warren 77” last night. I was wearing my Dion Phaneuf jersey and people at the door told me that I can’t come in. So weird.

  83. josh i thought i spotted you on the subway over there. i was going to ask for an autograph but i didnt know how that would work.

  84. Salty I’m totally down for constructive criticism. So the next show will have a 29 second intro. in return I ask you to subscribe to the channel !

    Ok enough about my thing, back to the best Ranger blog on the internet. What do you think about Avery’s suggestion about getting Mike Callameri aka: Calamari ?

  85. hockey talk eh…

    What a season the New York Rangers had! What a beginning and what a finish!!! The team is full of committed stars that are ready to sacrifice everything to play in NYC… even a chance to win the cup! What character!

  86. Mouth

    I’d love to see Calamari on our team! In fact, i’d love to see anyone on this team who can score 30 goals.
    Torts Calamari…sounds delicious. Kaspar, what do you think? :P

  87. CCCP
    I’ll take a Calamari dish for starters…then maybe later a little Sanguinetti; lightly sprinkled with Lundqvist and bathed in DelZotto sauce…

    But ya know to hell with food…I’m really only here for the drinks…I’m really looking forward to a Dubinsky on the Rox

  88. hey at least we still got some awesome playoff series to look forward too. until the stanley cup game is over, then we’ll really be in withdrawals. im rootin for the hawks this year. it would be sweet as hell if somehow detroit n pitts face each other again and the wings win again!! what does shero do then? especially if hossa is the deciding factor in the series. i will laugh so hard and i hope bettman cries that his boytoy crosby lost. although i am getting sick of watching detroit win everything all the time!! go hawks go!! my 2nd fave team. rangers should let z walk. resign doobs, cally, antro and erik cole. hed be a good winger for us until grachev is ready. wed still be 1 winger short with both z and naz gone, but we could always put artie on doobs wing. i know we dont have money to sign any big free agents, but cole should be good for a season or 2. hes pretty good. hes not a midget like gio or st louis. but calamari is better skilled. even though hes smallish and hes a center i believe, id rather have him, but hed be lookin at 5 per. not sayin hes worth it, but with a potential 7 mill off the books from z and naz, it wouldnt be that bad

  89. i’ll take a megan fox furrburger deluxe with a side of lindsay soto sloppy seconds soup of the day, an olga kurylenko honey baked hamhock, and for desert, a slice of alba pie, with extra whip cream and a broken cherry on top

  90. Ill take a buttery nip, those aren’t bad at all. And Mike, Fox doesn’t have any fur downstairs, thank god. Id like to avoid a Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm pubic hair choking.

    Not cool !

  91. haha orr. i know i just thought it was funny. i got it from doogie howser from harold and kumar.

  92. how bout kim kardashian orr? i dont like her personal choices but she is one smokin hot babe

  93. I’m kinda tired of Detroit and Pitt and would feel lukewarm if they play each other again. I know Detroit is well run but it just makes me jealous why we can’t have a team run that way so I’ll be rooting for Hawks/Canes.

    I like Cammileri but no room $ wise (they still gotta resign Staal/Girardi after next season) and he’s never played in the East so I’d be a little hesitant.

    I think Tangauy or Kotalik could help the PP, and just let Artie pass the puck like he has in Yaroslavl and Hartford on the 2nd unit and it’ll be more creative.

  94. and this one will last a lifetime on

    Even though Pitt and Det are the two best teams for now two years in a row, anyone with a heart at all, and surely Ranger fans must pull for Chicago. 1961 ? 48 years without one Stanley Cup ? nuff said

  95. mike- i dont want a repeat of last years cup finals either. but if it did come to that, and they are the 2 favorites out of their conferences, i would want dtroit to win again. it would just be so interesting to see how the pens react and it just would be an intriguing series because of the circumstances. but yea, hawks all the way for me. im sick of detroit. i dont know how they always make it to the end especially with osgood in net. they just have so much depth. i ont know how they can stay under the cap with the talent on that team. as far as tangauy or kotalik, neither are gonna be difference makers. theyre complimentary players. we have enough of those. i would take kotalik though because he would be cheaper. the caps going down in a year so mayeb give him a 1 year deal. if he even wants that. gotta resign staal though. i think sather is gonna try and trade rozy and then get a scorer

  96. and this one

    7 more and then they can win, lol
    i wanna see em make it to the finals but i know detroit is the only team right now that can beat the pens. cam ward is going to have to stand on his head if the canes are going to beat the pens.

  97. colin- canes beat the bruins man. i dont think the canes are that much of an underdog here. they beat the best team in the east. and beat them on the road in game 7. that aint nothin to sneeze at. i know pens have better players, but the canes have alot of veteran leadership and a much more experienced coach too. the goalies are about equal, although id give ward a slight advantage. fleury can make some huge saves though. i think pens are the better team on paper , but the way things have been goin in these playoffs, who knows. i mean look at san jose. then the bruins getting upset at home. i think the canes are feeling real good right now and i think the bruins wre the biggest challenge for any team in the east this year. they beat them and i think they sorta have less pressure too from being the underdog. im rootin for chicago anyway, but if the pens win their series, i would feel better if the wings played them in the finals. it would be awesome to watch them beat crosby again. if they do it will be fun to watch crosby bitch and cry.

  98. CCP you got that right we need a guy like Calamerri someone who can put the biscuit in the basket 30 times. kaspar your post made me laugh and hungry not good for a guy who is living XXX large lol

  99. mike in ia

    i do believe the hurricane are an extremely talented team but imho when you play the pens its 9 vs 5

  100. Mike In IA-I know Tangauy and Kotalik are only complimentary players but I don’t think it’s a logical move to try and get a star this offseason when you know Kovalchuk is going to want out of ATL and the UFA crop will be better next year (Rick Nash and Frolov?).

    They need one or two cheap wingers who can score like in the mid 20s to maybe early 30s in goals; guys who will give you at worst about the same as Naslund and someone who can work a PP which Tangauy is excellent on.

    If they try and break the bank on a Cammelleri or Hossa or other players who are not real franchise players, then it’s another big contract to worry about when they already have 3 of those plus Rozi’s.

    I still say trade Rozi for Penner or Rozi/Z for Penner and Grebeshkov (no way EDM gives up Tom Gilbert) and try and trade Drury and a 1st rounder for Marleau.

  101. For me, obviously Graves Night was special because it honored one of us who really made it. Just hearing how genuine he was during it was enough.

    My favorite moment was the Howell/Bathgate Night which was long overdue. I thought it was so well done with guests from other Original Sixes there. And for me extra special because of my Dad, who always raved about Bathgate and called him the greatest Ranger he’s ever seen. Just seeing and being able to experience and share his joy was something I’ll never forget.

  102. i really liked howell and bathgate night. as a younger ranger fan i never really got to know to much about the old timers. that was an opportunity to get a little more familiar with my favorite team’s history.

    the moment of the year was when zherdev tied it up with 7 seconds to go against the penguins. remember how great we all thought zherdev was then? what a difference 7 months makes. close second would be lundqvist’s on carcillo.

  103. *close second would be lundqvist’s save on carcillo in the last home game of the year.

  104. Replace Mara with this guy and it will be a start.

    Ducks’ general manager Bob Murray said he expects rugged defenseman Francois Beauchemin to test the waters as an unrestricted free agent this summer.
    Beauchemin is solid NHL defender that can log big minutes, while playing a physical game. He also possesses a good shot from the point and would be a solid addition to any team that signs him should Anaheim be unable to retain his services. “That’s a variable that’s out there, for sure,” Murray said. “I have a good relationship with him and we’ll talk again. You’ve got to admire what that guy did. I’m so impressed.” Beachemin was sidelined back on Nov. 14 after tearing his ACL, but returned late in the season and helped in the Ducks tremendously in their playoff run.

  105. mike- yea i dont want to get a big star right now either because we cant afford them first off, but if we sign any big free agents, id have to guess sather has plans to move a big salary or 2. remember that even though drury, gomez, rozy arent producing big like we thought, i think there are certain teams who could use gomez especially, and rozy too. drury is not going anywhere because of his contract. some teams undoubtedly think that sathers mismanagement of players as well as renny could be the reason for them struggling, and might want to trade for them. im not sayin that i would be cool with just giving gomez away for a 2nd pick or somethin because i think hes worth much more. but i think the only way we sign a big free agent is with one of them gone. and its either gomez or rozy. redden and drury are lifers sadly. until bought out with a year or 2 left on contract. i also dont think our pp needs that much to be successful either. i just think our d men are bad at handling the puck. they are very tentative with it, nobody wants the responsibility of controlling the play, and our retrieval of the puck is horrendous. gomez is one of the only guys who can carry it in. other than that, they dump it in and get outworked for it. i think the benefit of them getting into much better shape this offseason, could help them tremendously in having the speed and strength to win more puck battles and being able to hold onto the puck longer to create plays instead of playing hot potato. our pp still wont be drastically improved without a qb. how much you think tangauy will cost? 4 mill? 5? were also missing that hard accurate shot from our d and our forwards too. shanny was great for us setting up onetimers. we dont have anyone with his kinda shot except for nbaslund and hes gone. z has a good shot but he might not even be here soon. i dont know much about tangauy, bvut if he has a good hard shot, and you say hes good for the pp, then yea, id go for it. i just dont want sather to sign him for 5 years! LOL. im just tired of seeing trhe same shit every year. wasnt tangauy injured alot this year for the habs? how old is he mike, like 30, 31? if he doesnt cost too much fine, but you think he;’ll go for a short contract?

  106. JerseyRanger4life on

    Warren77 experience:
    My wife and I were lucky enough to go to Warren77 on Friday night. I’ve been reading this blog for about 3 years but this is my first time posting, and figured would be a great way to start by sharing this with Jane/Carp and all my fellow NYR fans. We get to the door and there are a few people smoking outside, including a few hot euro looking girls and figured we must be at the right place. We walked right in with noone at the door asking us if we were on a list or anything (which is typical in any of these NY bars/clubs). It’s a real small, cool looking place, looks like an old building that they renovated into a bar with sports paraphanelia all over the place. Its like a long hallway with 3 semicirlce lounge seats that fit about 6-7 people. After that there is 1 L-shaped bar in the back with a few tables and a bunch of flatscreens throught the place.
    It’s not too crowded, and the first person we see is Shanny along the wall talking to someone about the playoffs.As we walk to the back, we Avery, all Vogue-d up and playing host and talking to people at the lounge seats. AS we walk towards the back, along the wall is Sjostrom with his girlfriend. We get to the bar, and my wifes face lights up, starts fixing and hair – I ake her what is she doing, and she points in front of her, and its Henrik (she is madly in love with him). He is pretty tall, still has the playoff scruff going. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a freddy kreuger looking black fedora. He was talking about music with some of his friends. I dont think 80% of the people there knew who he was. This guy is a pure stud- girls walk up to him, and practically melt, including my wife. We stand nxt to the bar bhind him, say hi to him- he is really cool. All the guys were cool and easy to talk to, except sjo who can barely speak english- i asked shanny if he was going to come back for 1 more year and he said he wasnt sure yet. My wife and i talked to avery for a few minutes, asked him to do a shot w. us, and thanked him for having molson canadian on tap. he said it wouldnt be a hockey bar w/out it. Weird part of the nite is when John McEnroe came into the bar with his NYR hat on backwards. I know he is a huge NYR fan, but just didnt expect to c him here. I’ll add more details later, esp after every1 had a few drinks in them,there are plenty since we were one of the last ones to leave, but just wanted to give every1 a little taste of my exp at warren77.

  107. yea mike, i know that even with the more offensive attack style torts will implement, im afraid we still dont have the talent to enjoy the full benefits of having that kinda system. id like to think dubinsky and callahan are gonna be bigtime scorers, but i just dont see it yet. i think cally is pretty much maxed out. at most he could be a 25 goal a year guy. hope he proves me wrong. as far as dooby, hes got more skill, and size, and could be more of a set up guy. he can make plays and will still score about 20 a year but he kinda dissappointed this year. even though he came strong at the end, he just seems inconsistent. now, next season, with being a full year older, more responsibility, and some more experience, i can definitely see them doing the opposite of what i said. i just dont wanna get my hopes too high with them yet. even though i love both of them, and i know theyre gonna be the core of our team, i hope we dont have to rely on them for most of our offense. we need a pure goal scorer. doobs and cally arent. i dont know if artie is a pure goal scorer either. isnt he more of a playmaker? we need finishers so bad on this team. callys the closest that we have to being that. its gonna be another scoring by committee again next year. i hope they resign antro. hes got good hands too. hes just slow as hell.
    thats why drury and gomez piss me off so much. i know drurys not big, hes more defensive, but hes gotta score more. theres no excuse for it anymore. gomez needs to work on his shot. i dont know how you could play nhl hockey for that many years and have such a weak innaccurate shot. so whats grachev? hes a big power forward type right? can he come to the pack next year? id like to see him play a ful year on the pack. i keep hearing good things about him, but he could be a few years away still. maybe we suck for a few years until all these prospects are ready. i think sather is incapable of doing the right thing for the team, and is all for right now and giving dolan a playoff team every year.

  108. hey jerseyranger- awesome dude. i cant believe you got to chill with some rangers and shanny too. i wish i was still in ny, id be there as much as i could!!. thats weird how it wasnt crowded though. i wouldve thought a ton of ranger fans wouldve been there out the door tryin to get in.

  109. Mike-Tanguay is going to be 30. He was injured with neck should problems but still managed to play 50 games get 41 points and 5 PPGs and 11 PPAs. His production has gone down the last two years but he’s on the right side of 30 and is generally durable. I think 2 years at $3.5 million would do it.

    Grachev put up 40G and 40A is junior this year and his coach still thought he could play better so that’s great. He’s already 6 foot 4 in and is still growing but unless he has an outstanding camp I think he’s going to Brampton or Hartford which is fine. Let him develop at his pace, no need to rush him.

    Cally is going to score 20-25 Gs every year along with about 20 As, he’s the perfect support player for an elite playmaking center and a sniper. Dubi should hit around 50 points.

    Beauchemin is a great player; if they can make it happen without killing the cap and trading Rozi, then as Captain Picard would say, make it so.

  110. JerseyRanger4life on

    mike in ia- it was a great experience. i think avery was trying to keep the opening low-key and seemed to be more of a private party scene since mostly everyone in the place seemed to know each other. cool part was when it was last call, he took control of the laptop playing the music and he started playing hip/hop, dance and he started dancing around.

  111. I think we should face facts that Gomez, Drury, and Redden arent going to be traded for a couple of seasons if ever.

    Rozsival is the only player that we could possibly trade to free up a little cap space. Im sure there are plenty of teams that could use a 30-40 point D-man, especially if u are a team like Atl, LA, who have trouble attracting Free Agents and have to make the Cap Floor.

    Between Rozy and Naslund’s contracts that frees up about 9 more million dollars of cap space. That should be plenty of money to resign Cally, Dubi, Betts, Orr, Korpi and i’d like to see Zherdev, Antropov, and Mara back as well.

    We dont need Morris, Sjostrom, or Voros back

    Avery – Gomez – (new sniper)
    Zherdev – Drury – Callahan
    Antropov – AA – Dubi
    Korpi – Betts – Orr/Byers

    Staal – Girardi
    Redden – Mara
    Sauer/Potter/Sangs/Fahey/Gilroy for the last 2 spots

  112. Hahaha Johnny Mac !!!

    My fav Ranger fan in the whole world. Unless Megan Fox was a fan, then he’d have to take a back seat.

    Don’t fugg with J-Mac !! He’ll rip your head off and play tennis with it.

  113. Gilroy better make the team next year, and have a half way decent season. We shouldn’t be paying him that kind of money to play in Hartford. I like the signing though, i think it was a good move.

    I really hope both Gilroy, and Del Zotto make the team, or maybe Sangs too, but i doubt that. It’s scary to think our only vet d-men will be Redden, and Rozi. Oofaa, i wouldn’t want the young guys learning from them. Unless you can get paid for snorting cocaine in a veteran way, then Wade is perfect.

  114. somerset-Well done, although I personally (you are all free to disagree and yell at me LOL) I wouldn’t put two young DMen as the third pair. Keep one vet with one youngster and make sure you have a good cop (puck rushing/offense minded) paired with a bad cop (crease clearer/more physical stat at home).

    I’m rooting for Sauer to make the team as a crease clearer and for Gilroy or Sangs to be that puck rusher.

    Also, I think Torts like Sjo a lot so he may stay but ih he wants too much, Jordan Owens is a Sjo clone and has had a very similar AHL career.

  115. wow hawks are kickin as so far. good for them. rangers are my fave team forever. no other team comes close, but the hawks are my 2nd fave team, its cool having a team from the west to root for. since i now live out west. ioh damn weak goal by cleary tied it.

  116. somerset and mike a- agree and rozy will be the most sttractive guy to move for other teams. but i think we should see how gilroy pans out before trading rozy. rozy still is our best offensive d man, had the most goals and points while coming off a serious injury. and of all the bad contracts, he makes the least. the only way i trade rozy is if we are able to get enough room to sign a sniper. mike- i like your idea of having a vet paired with a rookie on d.

  117. wow what a game so far. very exciting!!

    shoe is great but doesnt score. we keep betts, have korpi on the pk with him. bring up owens like mike said. it saves a little money too.

  118. Wow did anyone see the Ducks GM hit a woman with a chair after they lost to Detroit? If that isn’t suspension worthy I don’t know what is.

  119. hows this for d pairs. if rozy is traded.

    staal- girardi

  120. na mike thats pretty pathetic. why did the woman attack him or say or do somethin crazy?

  121. how bout these d pairs after trading staal,girardi,mara,morris,del z, sangs, sauer, gilroy


    7th dman- rachunek

  122. my fantasy roster-

    vanek-eric staal-ovechkin


    7th d man- shea weber, extra forwards- betts for pk, orr for beatdowns


  123. MIKEA …

    I agree they arent the right D pairings, they were put that way to have the potter/sangs/gilroy effect thing at the end.

    Honestly, i like Staal and Girardi, and would definitely split up Mara and Redden. Does anyone know who Sangs partner was this year in Hartford??

  124. Yeah, it was Potter most of the year somerset. Potter went from having Andrew Hutchinson to Bobby Sangs as his D partner and with Sangs learning the pro game, it was why Potter didn’t have as great year. Sangs got much better in the second half.

    I hope Mara comes back guys and gals but I don’t know; he’s not really a Torts guy. He’s been nothing but great since they got him for Aaron Ward and i hope I’m wrong.

  125. I just got home and was watching the NHL Network “On the fly” and saw Pierre McGuire interviewing Chris Osgood after the game. I’ll tell you guys; someone should punch that penis looking dude (McGuire) straight in the nose. I mean, the professionalism of that guy is lower than low. He asked Osgood right in his face “Every year you come into playoffs and everyone says that the weak link for Detroit is Chris Osgood…How do you handle that?” It was obvious that the question really got Osgood deed…It got him upset…Detroit is a great team, and Chris Osgood is a proven winner. If I was Osgood I would grab that fcking midget by the ears and slam his face right into my knee and break every single bone in his face so he won’t be able to talk…EVER! But Osgood is a veteran and handled himself really well… he said “I don’t care, I am in top 10 playoff wins, I play for 15 years, I am no fluke by now” What a disrespectful useless pile of garbage that bold prick. Versus should be ashamed for employing people like him. But then again, that entire network is made of bunch of amateurs.

  126. Mcguire is a joke…all those on the fly guys are. Osgood should wear a shirt that say “kiss my @ss” if and when he hoists another cup this year

  127. Somerset – i like your thoughts but i think we need more than one sniper to make this team more of a scoring threat. I wouldn’t give Avery 1st line minutes and i wouldn’t bring back Zherdev.


    New Guy – Gomez – Cally
    New Guy – Drury – Antropov
    Avery – Dubinsky – Korpi
    Sjo – Betts – Byers/Orr

    Staal – Girardi
    Redden – Mara

    I think with the amount of young D-men we have on the cusp of making the big team then we can afford to trade Roszival, to free up cap space to acquire another top 6 forward or get one in return and maybe keep Mara on for <$2m to retain some experience.

    I think Antro is a good fit for the team if we can add a speedy sniper to complement his size and good hands and we should be able to find someone to take Gomer’s drop passes and hit the twine for 30+ a season. 3rd and 4th lines we have plenty of options.

    The big problem is: the person making the decisions like this is Slats so he’ll probably get it all wrong again..!!

  128. one memorable moment from this season was the bizarre 8-5 loss to the Devils….its obv not my favorite game but literally just for that 30 seconds my favorite “moment” might have been when the rangers tied it up in NJ when they were down 5-1, they came all the way back only to blow the lead less than a minute later…that was a very bizarre game and we still owned NJ up until that point…..

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