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Brief post this morning and then I’m off to the Jets, but I want to steal another idea from Nasty 1 and another poster from Monday’s thread.

Hockey can’t last forever. and eventually all players have to retire. Now if you’re Mark Messier or Adam Graves, that probably means a lot of charity work, trips to the Bahamas and nights at the Garden to see your number hanging from the rafters.

But what about everyone else?

If your favorite Ranger had broken his leg in his first year of junior hockey and joined the chess team instead, what would he be doing today? For example, (and I’m borrowing here) Paul Mara would be on some fishing boat in Maine where he catches lobster with his bare hands, cooks it over an open fire and then chops down a few trees.

His teammates?

And a Ranger in action, press release below:

Ron Duguay and Ken Daneyko will host a special edition of their weekly SIRIUS XM Radio talk show, Ice Breakers, alongside guest host Sean Avery, from the NHL Powered By Reebok Store on Thursday, May 14, to discuss the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs. It will be today from 5 to 7 p.m. at the NHL Store in Manhattan, 47th St. and 6th Ave.

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  1. Colton Orr – Sanitation Worker
    Sjostrom – Frankenstein for the Remake in 2010
    Avery- Working with Vogue
    Gomez – BlackJack Dealer
    Callahan and Dubinsky – NYPD
    among the obvious….

  2. Broadway Roe on

    Repost from last thread b/c I spent way too much time writing it!

    I love meeting the Rangers. I don’t particularly even care about autographs. I much rather shake their hands, talk to them for a minute and take a photo. Hands down the nicest guy (not even just hockey player) in the world- Adam Graves.

    One of the coolest days of my life: It was the last day of the regular season in 2000. My Aunt and future Uncle (both huge Rangers fans and season ticket holders) got tickets to the hottest play in town, Copenhagen. They asked me if I wanted to go see the play with them. Normally, I would want to go to the Rangers game, but honestly, I couldn’t watch my favorite team, with no chance of making the playoffs play their final game at the Garden.

    So we went to Copenhagen. WOW what a bore! It was two people standing on a stage with only a chair and talking about nuclear weapons. Everyone was sleeping, including my Uncle! At the end of the first act, he said, let’s go get dinner at ESPN Zone and play a few games.

    While I was playing air hockey with my uncle, I look over and Eric Lacroix is next to me playing against his girlfriend. I frantically whisper to my uncle who it was. I didn’t bother him for his autograph but I said “Hi Eric” and was very pleased. As I’m calling my mom from my uncle’s phone to tell her about it, I see Mike York playing arcade basketball. Now I knew it had to be more than a coincidence that two Rangers are in ESPN Zone at once. As I go over to tell my Aunt, she frantically waves at me to come over. We look down into the glass room below the arcade floor and the ENTIRE New York Rangers team was there.

    Needless to say, I stole a bunch of ESPN paper from the podium and proceeded to get the autographs of the entire team. Richter came over and chatted with me for a few minutes.

    But here’s a story I’ll never forget. My soon-to-be uncle just lost his brother tragically to cancer. He was young, and a huge Rangers fan. A few months before the ESPN Zone meet, Adam Graves went to meet his brother in the hospital and stayed for three and half hours talking hockey with him. He passed away shortly after, but he always kept his Adam Graves memorabilia by his bedside.

    When Adam came by that day at ESPN Zone, my uncle and aunt were sitting at a table nearby while I waited for autographs. My uncle called Adam over and thanked him for visiting his brother. Adam sat down at the table with them, put his arm on my uncle’s shoulder while he was telling him the story and stayed with them for about 45 minutes. Class act doesn’t even begin to describe the man.

    Awesome day. I’ll never ever forget it.

  3. Blair Betts – soccer goalie with all the shots he dives in front of
    Voros – Amusement Park Ride Operator
    Valliquette – Lurch in Adams Family remake
    Torts – Pro Wrestling Manager

  4. Continued from last thread.
    Tony from Az great story got me to thinking about a good NYR story.

    PART 1-When I was a kid, my dad was a salesman and took the companys tiks to take me to games. The seats were about 10 rows behind the net. One game he came back from the bathroom with a beer and a puck. I asked him if the puck was for me and he told me it was for my brother because I’m at the game. I was so sad cause I wanted a puck. I kinda remember saying a prayer to get a puck. I remember Larry Sacharuk taking a slap shot and Espo tipping it but it went too high into the crowd. The puck flew over my head and went about 10 rows behind me. I didn’t stand up but looked behind me to see everybody going for the puck. Someone redeflected it right into my seat. I got my puck.

    PART 2- Fast forward to 2003, a very sad year as my brother died. I had to organize alot of stuff and try to keep my parents comfortable. At the funeral I wanted to put something into his casket but couldn’t think of anything. At the last moment I took the same puck and put it into his pocket. The same puck that I prayed for was now going back to heaven, so to speak. My brother left behind a 10 year old son who I actively took a big role in trying to be a good male influence on him. I told him I’d take him to my next NYR game. When my family found out that I was taking him to a game, they were happy. My sister kept asking me where we were sitting so I knew she was up to something. In between periods of the game a girl comes up to us and asks for my name. She then hands the 2 of us a gift bad which contained some items including a puck. I told my nephew it was a gift from his daddy in heaven. I got my puck. Turns out my sister wrote to the Rangers and told them the whole puck story from the time I got it to the time it was buried with my brother. She asked them if we could get a puck. As much as I complain about the way the Rangers are run, they are truly a class organization. Thanks Tony for inspiration.

  5. UESBlueshirt on

    Lundqvist – Model and occassional rock band member
    Staal – Farmer
    Drury – Investment banker/hedge funder that doesn’t let a day in the red ruin his weekly P&L
    Orr – Strip club bouncer
    Dubinsky – Fire fighter or armed forces
    Callahan – Gym teacher
    Voros – hair dresser that gabs about Gossip Girl
    Avery – club promoter

  6. Lundqvist – Guitar Hero
    Zherdev – Professional sleep study taker
    Redden – Traffic cone

  7. Gomez-Rodeo Clown
    Drury- Little League Coach
    Voros-stray shopping cart collector at Target
    Dubi- NYPD
    Cally- Youth Hockey Coach/new character on Rescue Me
    Avery-Club Owner
    Mara-outdoorsman-nothing specific, just lives on the land
    Rozy-Dancing with the Stars contestant
    Staal-Sod Farmer
    Orr-Bouncer at Avery’s club

  8. UESBlueshirt on

    Jane, hm, I wonder where you got your impression of Mara from:

    May 12th, 2009 at 1:42 pm
    Yeah Mara looks like he works on fishing boats during the off-season except they dunk him in the water and he catches 500 lbs. tuna with his bare hands.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Redden: traffic cone
    Voros: punching bag
    Staal: The lone failure of his family
    Josh Thomson: 26 year old.

  10. Aaron Voros: Waiter at Sonic
    Colton Orr: Waiter at Applebees
    Blair Betts: Waiter at Chachkis (with 30 pieces of flair)

  11. Ranger fans who boo their own players against rivals at home-

    Fredo from the godfather

    Ranger fans who yell shoot!!! constantly at games

    Corky from Life Goes On

    NYR Fans who think they can do better – Walter Mitty

    Fans who start Potvin Sucks chants during crucial parts of the game or when we are down – Baby Huey

    NYR fans who are obsessed with proposed trades all year up to the trading deadline – Veruca Salt

    oops this was jobs not fictional characters , ah well someone has to take the players side.

    Colton Orr vs Riley Cote Twice !!!

  12. lmao @ Josh Thomson-26 years old & Snuffleupagus

    Derek Morris – landscaper
    Nik Antropov – rescues cats from trees
    Chris Drury – sleep study doctor
    Scott Gomez – late night variety show host
    Aaron Voros – professional competitive eater

  13. When Voros was asked why he felt the need to try and eat Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi, before the Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, he responded, “That what I do to anything or anyone that might get in my way, I eat it.” Before the reporter could get in a second question, Voros then grabbed the microphone, squirted some mustard on it, and ate it, foam top and all. He had to be restrained by the local authorities with a cow prod, tranquilizer darts, and a weighted net. More new at Ten. We now go back to regularly scheduled programming.

    Welcome back to the Mr. Belvedere Marathon, in this episode, Kevin gets a job at a local chicken fast food place………

  14. 22figure8, your nephew is lucky to have a uncle like you.
    Someone once said “no man is as tall as when he stoops to help a little boy”
    And I agree, our Rangers lead the league in class & community service

  15. tony and 22figure8,

    I am sorry for the losses in your life. your stories are truly inspirational and i appreciate your sharing them. not to sound overly corny, but what a family type atmosphere that has formed on this blog in the last few months. i have been a long time reader at this blog but was never interested in posting due mostly to the whole trolling phenomena. but these last few posts have really drawn me in and i hope to join in on a lot more of the discussions. this blog differs from others in that you guys usually dont bicker back and forth over opinions. keep up the good conversations and know that you help a lot of us make it though some very long work days.

    jane: excellent work in keeping the blog interesting during the rangers off season!! kudos to carp as well.

  16. Let’s just say that a deal of Gomez, ________, and a prospect could be shipped to Tampa for big Vin. If you had to choose between Dubi and Cally, who do you pick?

  17. nasty,

    my wife was watching a clip on-line and i said “hey, is that ps 22?”. she had no idea what i meant, so i related your story about the girl crying. my wife went to youtube and found out that the clip she had randomly clicked on previously was in fact ps 22. totally random coincidence, but she and my daughter were amazed at their talent.

    your class (or more likely, their parents) should feel lucky to have you as a teacher. my daughter has been lucky in getting the best available teacher each grade (now rapping up 4th grade). but i know there are a lot of teachers out there without the love for the students.

  18. i would trade calli because i think dubi has a bigger upside. but i know calli is producing a bit more at the moment. tough call as they are two of the few passionate rangers right now.

  19. Well, I will say thank you very much. But that class (PS 22) is not my class, ha. I was showing my class a clip of PS 22 to get them motivated and pumped up for their own performance that is tonight.

    I do definitely love teaching though. Especially where I am, it is a lot of fun.

  20. Voros – Working at Carvel

    Prucha – Pre-school teacher

    Orr – Neighborhood watch (director?)

    Lundqvist – Swedish porn star

    Redden – Stop sign

    Gomez – won “Americas got talent” (longest time w/o breath)

    Drury – won NYR Lotto and now nowhere to be found.

    Rozi – Jagrs personal assistant

    Naslund – Retired

    Sather – Barney not so friendly dinosaur

    Avery – Major Hollywood movie star… mostly known for his portrayal of Cruella De Vil.

  21. I know, I feel the same way. It is a very tough decision. One that I don’t really think we are going to have to make, but you never know what Darth Sather might do if some big name is available. There are a few guys obviously that we would obviously want here if we could some how land them.

  22. nasty,

    no, i know you were not at ps 22…i meant that you took the forethought to show your class the possibilities out there if they put in the effort. also, like i said, i have read this blog for a long time and you seem to understand the fine line between teacher, friend and mentor. plus, the guy bouncing around with his guitar did not look like the nasty 1 from the beard contest…ha ha.

    gotta’ go but will check back soon.

  23. Wade Redden – funeral parlor director & mortician
    Glen Sather – Reddens first stiff

  24. HA, nice. Well thank you very much. Yeah, there is definitely a fine line you walk with being a teacher, friend, mentor, and it took me a few years to kind of find where that line is, but I definitely think I have found it. When you find that line, and are not just one of those prick teachers that yell all day long, the respect, quality of work, and just about everything else is amazing.

  25. i dont think voros should be involved in the food industry unless its as a competitive eater. the deli meat and mayo story from yesterday just makes me think he’d be one of those wackos that would dunk body parts in the ice cream and then sell it, or take a bath in burger kings sink

  26. The deli meat and mayo thing wasn’t something I just thought up. There is actually a story behind that. A god awful story. HAHA

  27. lmao Nasty! I’ve heard of fun with food, but it usually means strawberries, chocolate sauce and reddi wip and NOT deli meat!!

    lmao @ Cruella de ville

  28. Drury would probably just take his ultimate clutchness to soccer where he would totally score all his goals in stoppage time, with two broken feet.

    Someone also said Torts as a pro wrestling manager. I could totally see him coming out to the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase’s music and wearing the million dollar belt studded with diamonds.

  29. good luck nasty’s class!!!

    and lol at parking cone

    (I know I’m way behind… my computer wasn’t working earlier…)

  30. I pictured Torts more as the Jimmy Hart type, yelling into a megaphone all the time, but the million dollar man works also

  31. Orr- bouncer/bartender

    Gomez- American Idol wash out

    Mara- Park Ranger

    Drury- Pee wee hockey coach

    Redden- Zedeno Chara’s stick boy

  32. DanNYC

    Renney could be an announcer. “Welcome to MSG ladies and gentlemen, where tonight John Tortorella and his entourage will try to give their challengers something to think about. They have good intentions, but will they manage the puck and manage their opponent? Perry?”

    “You know Tom, if they keep passing and then pass some more, and never shoot, they’ll be OK.”

  33. “dunk body parts”

    I don’t know why that’s so funny to me, the word “dunk” in that context… I’m gonna end up fixating on that from now until tuesdayish

    good show Linda

  34. Hhmmm….

    Voros – Coat Rack
    Drury – Host of the new show “Win Chris Drury’s Money”
    Antro – Body double for the Statue of Liberty
    Gomez – Towel guy in the men’s room of a night club
    Zherdev – A magician and his niche is disappearing
    Renney – Host of his new show on PBS Mister Renneys’ Neighborhood
    Henrik – King Friday of the Land of Make believe in Mister Renneys’ Neighborhood
    Torts – X-The Owl of the Land of Make believe in Mister Renneys’ Neighborhood
    Jane – Queen Sara of the Land of Make believe in Mister Renneys’ Neighborhood
    Redden – The Trolley
    Avery – Prince Tuesday
    Sather – Smuggler of Cuban cigars
    Dolan – married to a cuban cigar smuggler living in Iowa

  35. good show Jor!!! lmao @ coat rack!! As ridiculous as it sounds, I wonder if any of them ever read this stuff. I mean honestly, you guys are just hilarious.

  36. I would have to say Cally. His value _could_ be at a highpoint right now. In general I thikn Dubinsky has a little bit more natural leadership in his personality and we need as much of that as we can get considering our virtual black hole in that department. Dubinsky I also think will grow into his body a little more than Cally will over the next couple of years.

    that said, obviously Cally has been the better of the two so far in terms of fire and consistency… I would hate to see either go.

    Gomez & Lil League for Vince, straight up.

  37. Lundqvist – Porn Star

    Mara – Porno Director

    Orr – Hank’s Body Guard

    Avery – Fashion Designer for Porn Stars

    Zherdev – Sex Toy Cleaner

    Antropov – Human Dildo

  38. today on ovies to do list

    sulk because he got beat down by a sissyboy
    watch himself as Jaws in the james bond movie
    chest bump the caddy

  39. lmao @ little league! honestly, there is no better comedy anywhere in this country than on this board.

  40. Seriously, of the SNL writers all die god forbid, they should just hire all of us. Ha. PERFECT!

  41. Torts-Waste Management
    Renney-press secretary for Canadien gov’t
    Voros-Landscaper who blows his paycheck at the bar every Friday night
    Gomez-failed comic working delivery routes
    Redden-gay porn star
    Valli-assistant retail store manager
    Drury-AA baseball manager
    Rozi-welder-always getting burned by excess slag
    Lundqvist-1st Swedish NASCAR champion
    Cally-roadie for Ozzy

  42. Lol, Cally on Rescue Me, that would be so cool.

    Aves should get on the show, he has a solid acting background. Or maybe Entourage.

    Mara should be on Sons of Anarchy, even though they have a biker with a puffy beard.

  43. salty that pic is just disturbing because they are ugly as sin. wow, it really IS about money for some women! I wouldnt let either of them touch me with someone elses hands!

  44. The Ovie and Jaws likeness is perfect. McLovin’ it.

    In all seriousness:

    Drury – bond trader on Wall Street. You know the type.

    Gomez – Gym teacher

    Naslund – Your local town doctor.

    Avery – Obviously a fashionista.

    Valiquette – Guidance Counselor. Or psychotherapist. Same thing.

    Lundqvist – struggling musician becomes fashion model becomes one of those people famous for you’re not sure what.

    Mara – agreed, a lobster boy.

    Girardi – A farmer. A great one, but a farmer.

    Staal – Fisherman.

    Dubinsky – No doubt about it, he’s a cop.

    Callahan – hockey coach.

    I’m done for now.

  45. Linda
    May 14th, 2009 at 2:20 pm
    lmao @ little league! honestly, there is no better comedy anywhere in this country than on this board.


    Actually, there is one more place… its Rangers LR!!

  46. LOL Salty

    where did you get the picture? Ovie looks wasted!! and those chicks are ugly! I mean, Ovie is not Alain Delon either but the money in his pocket should get him better date than that!!

  47. I’ve been sitting on that pic for a while, waiting for the right time to drop it and actually forgot about it during the first round. Thought for sure someoone else had posted it by now…

    There’s also a copy of their receipt from that night floating around, something like $9k including several “private room dances”… I’ll try to find it

  48. salty, ovie looks like he caught a cannonball with his face! that picture is hilarious (for the jeans) and scary (for the faces) at the same time! Youth is wasted on the young. hey, at least those girls arent scary like the one that got arrested at dirk nowitszki’s (i KNOW it spelled wrong!!) house!!! how that chick landed 2 athletes is beyond my scope of comprehension!

  49. i think sally originally posted that photo salty. I had only been coming to the blog for a short time when I first saw it. then someone posted a link to the pics of carey price and friends. You guys have certainly broadened the hockey spectrum!

  50. colin,that picture is so funny i think i might save it as my background at work. every time i looke at it i laugh, and i just read the show was in mexico city, its just too funny! too bad the clown wasnt from alaska

    lmao @ private room dances! Ovie in his george michael jeans, $9k receipt, it doesnt get any better unless rupaul danced for him

  51. I’m glad Cindy and the Pens won. Don’t get me wrong I hate them but the way the Caps fans and their writers were bashing the Rangers, I couldn’t wait for the humble pie to be thrown in their faces. I really hate Boston fans and want the Canes to win tonight but I think the Bruins have the best chance to send Cindy back to her hat shop. F-the Caps F-the Pens

  52. nice video my salty friend!

    They talk about how important it is for hockey to have TV coverage and yet Buttman signs with VS… the worst TV network in the world! Shame…

  53. Is the Boston game even televised tonight? VS is carrying the Detroit game… the schedule is all weird tonight too, why is the Boston Game at 8 and Detroit at 7? Shouldn’t Boston be at 7 and Detroit at 8 local time, which would be 9 eastern? that way it’s possible to watch both

  54. now come on cccp, count bettman felt like a trail blazer for signing with an ‘up and coming’ network! he had the walleye by the tail ;-)

  55. dan i said the same thing to my daughter last night. that makes absolutely no sense, but this IS bettmans NHL we’re talking about.

  56. Ovie and Semin are standing in the middle of the golf course raising their club.

  57. bettmans nhl should follow the 7 p’s in regard to how the schedule potential game sevens! Sure, you never figure you’ll have 2 on the same night, but if and when that situation comes aboot, as a fan you should be able to watch both games in their entirety.

  58. Jor71
    May 14th, 2009 at 3:21 pm
    Ovie and Semin are standing in the middle of the golf course raising their club.

    And doing chest bumps.

  59. versus will pick up boston after detroit game. so hers my question if red wings are up 4-0 in 2nd do they switch to boston or wait for conclusion of detroit. either way i am glad i have center ice package

  60. ouch… i dont think ill survive!! Although the blog is going so strong that it actually helps to ease the pain of no Rangers hockey!

  61. It is a real shame that people that do not have center ice, could possibly miss some or all of a game, due to it being on VS. Imagine if the game goes to 3rd overtime…It is a joke and Buttman should be removed.

  62. Hey CCCP, you could be like the MSG brass and just live off the past and watch old tapes/dvd. I am tired of 94, how about 2010!!

  63. NYRanger4Life on


    So you’re saying that you would be wearing the worlds ugliest jeans and hanging out with the world’s ugliest women??

  64. On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, the video for Steel panther’s “Death to all but Metal” is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time

  65. So you’re saying that you would be wearing the worlds ugliest jeans and hanging out with the world’s ugliest women??


    If I were OV, I’d be blackout drunk with my teammates just like that with eager slizzies waiting for me to unzip, yes absolutley.

  66. If Sather can get Lecalavier in here, trade anything and everything minus Staal and Lundqvist.

    Bringing a guy like Vinny to New York would spark his career, and with-in 3 years the Rangers will have a cup, sounds familiar? Lecalavier could be the Rangers next Messier…Get him at all costs

  67. Salty, choose your words carefully :)


    I’ve been -crossing- -trampling over- _toeing_ the line of appropriateness on this blog for years.

  68. Salty, i think he meant because you put the word “me” after what versus does. it makes for a bad mental image of joe beninati stalking you

  69. andrew

    i do believe trading for vinny is a good idea i would love to see any big scoring threat here. but burkes gonna win that war

    sather and burke have been goin back and fourth and its burkes turn. look @ all the draft picks toronto has. i wouldnt be shocked if he gets the #2 pick and vinny.

    also i dont know if id give up ANYTHING for him. there are a lot of untouchables i believe in the minors.

  70. LOL

    They gave Ovie the city key! WHY? lool i saw that key on EBay for sale!! Those dirty Russians!

    Dance prvt booth 6 thousand?? Imagine how much food one can buy for starving children! :P

    And what are those letters mean next to girls names? LD Emma, TD Jenefer?

    LD = Lap dance?

    TD = Tap dance?

    dont think about tomorrow, do what you want today!

  71. you can tell who the new girls are at that club, they’re the cheaper ones, or maybe those other girls did naughty things with cannonball face. Daaaaaaaamn how any woman would let him touch her just is out of my scope of reason! Great talent, vile face

  72. the funniest part is, they charged 6 grand for the booth and it had an 11 before it, and then they charged for each chick!!!! doubble dippin! i just love that receipt, even if it’s not his, its still funny

  73. The receipt is in ZAR. It’s like 9 Rand to the USD, so its really a ~$1000 bill. Not bad for ~30 drinks and 20+ dances…..

  74. lmao! i guess when ya have that much money, and are that messed up in the face, you’d HAVE to. the sad thing is, i’d probably rather sit next to him than crosby, pansy boys just freak me out!!! Notice i said SIT, there is NO TOUCHING involved!!

  75. Josh Thomson on

    “Notice i said SIT, there is NO TOUCHING involved!!”

    hey, i am 26 and never been touched! So i’d let him!

  76. Josh Thomson on

    just tell me where Ovechkin is! I wanna give him the TD (Tuhes dive) dance!

  77. I’m guessing TD = table dance

    and say what you will about Crosby, watching his interviews after the series, he has really outclassed Ovechkin…and he got the job done. I still -hate- loathe him, but it’s hard to not see the compasisons with Gretzky… who was also a spoiled, whining, golden boy when he was a kid growing up in the NHL.

    talk about an epic series… I only wish game 7 had been better

  78. a bit off topic, and i am sure most of you guys already have done this, but go to and see if you have unclaimed funds. it won’t tell you how much, but if you have something, a claim comes up, you click on it and print it out and maybe get some money back. i just found myself and my brother may have some money coming to us from ny state.

  79. DAN!!! MY EYES!!!!!! poor tony!!! well, at least its not Voros and his mayo’ed lunch meats!

  80. Linda, it can’t be that bad, for all we know Josh is nothing but a 26 year old head with no body attached to it futurama style

  81. holy crap jor thats outstanding! That must’ve been ovie BEFORE he caught the cannonball in his face! and still had teeth

  82. lmao dan! if tony paid 26 bucks for a little head in a water filled jar….wait, did i just type that???

  83. Josh, if you don’t have a body, then you’re rippin people off. lmao @ josh’s preserved head next to Richard Nixon’s on futurama

  84. its gettin out of control in here!! i hope i didnt offend Tony with that comment. :-(

  85. Josh’s next project will be starring in a remake of the popular In Living Color sketh “The Head Detective”. It will cost an estimated 26 million dollars to produce.

  86. yes, out of control indeed, it’s been a loooong day, I have worked for 15 days straight with no breaks, and I am getting to that point where my mind is slowly slipping away

  87. thats brutal dan!

    wasnt there an old b & w movie “they saved hitlers brain” or something like that, where they carried it around in a jar or a box?

    Too much Chiller Theater as a kid for me i guess!

  88. Josh Thomson on

    well, having just a head is quite comfortable! Every Thursday and Saturday i give head-dance at the local truck stop. The boys love me there… also, people on the bus or a train always give me their sits.. and taking showers couldn’t be much easier.

  89. Jane should make little stamps or stickers out of Josh’s photo there and give them away as prizes for the awesome topics that’ve been here lately!

  90. They Saved Hitler’s Brain is a 1966 science fiction film that was adapted for television from a shorter theatrical feature film, Madmen of Mandoras, directed by David Bradley. The film was lengthened with about twenty minutes additional footage shot by UCLA students at the request of the distributor. As the original footage was shot several years earlier, the differences in costumes and production values are rather obvious.


    World War II is over, and Nazi officials remove Adolf Hitler’s living head and hide it in the fictional South American country of Mandoras, so that they can resurrect the Third Reich for the future. It fast forwards into the 1960s, and the surviving officials kidnap a scientist in an attempt to keep Hitler alive. Various intelligence agencies, aware of the evil plot, recruit secret agents to bust the Nazi officials.

  91. guess you don’t use Head & SHOULDERS shampoo Josh, that’d be over the top eh?

  92. The wonders of wikipedia, now you’ve got me curious to watch this, it sounds like a masterpiece of modern cinema from that description

  93. i have only seen a few brief moments of it, if it’s even the right movie i’m thinking about. All i remember was a bunch of people walkin around in a very dark place, carryin around hitlers brain. I might have been 8 or 9 lol

  94. Poor 76-year-old, torso-less Josh. You people really are brutal in the way you dissect him. Somewhere, in the cryochamber where his head is being preserved, he is crying frozen tears.

  95. icicles!!! hilarious!!! lmao @ dissect him. i cant believe i’ve been on here almost all day!!! thank you all for getting me through yet another slow day at work.

  96. rofl @ round these parts!

    we are josh thomson groupies, better lookin that the ones George Michael Ovechkin and his wingman have in that picture :-)

  97. Josh Thomson on

    Thank you guys! I should reward your loyalty by inviting all of you to my Birthday party this Sunday at Restaurant “Jubilee” in Brooklyn. One problem though, i got a cake but no candles. Can someone bring candles? 26 of them to be exact! thnx!

  98. Josh Thomson on


    yup… that song gets stuck in my head all the time!
    also, when i was born, i came out head first!

  99. lol Tony! Yeah, those were the days!

    This groups is from Israel and actually came a long way! They are very popular now around the world, playing mostly Psychedelic Rock/Electronic music. Look for them, trust me, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been following their art for the past 11 years.

  100. heh, i know I’ve been trying to push this group here on the blog for a while now… give it a try boys and girls! It won’t kill you! I hope the “head” of the blog don’t mind me promoting the band. (I’m referring to Josh of course lol)

    This is what the band sounds like today. thnk you.

  101. shrooms, I remember those days….well, really I don’t, they were a blur for me.

  102. Josh’s favorite band is Talking Heads.

    His favorite orgy movie was “eight heads in a duffel bag.”

  103. hey colin

    I love this music man! It reminds me of early techno days. Thank you.

    I love electronic music in general. I don’t know, maybe because i grew up around that scene. All those NYC Trance parties and then after parties under the George Washington Bridge. I get hallucinations just by thinking of those days!

  104. ok… moderator snatch my original comment! aight…ill do half and half then… :P

    * hey colin (and everyone else, this is still off topic, I hope nobody minds… after all, there is nothing wrong with learning something new, right?)

    Check it out… this is sort of “Pink Floyd” of our days.
    The group called “Younger Brother” *

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Jane, here’s an idea for tomorrow’s thread: your favorite moment of the season.

    Mine is Voros’ pummeling at the hands (literally) of Janssen. Hey Aaron, next time, stay down. Better yet, don’t fight. Even better yet, don’t play for the Rangers.

    On a side note, I really like the announcing team right now on Vs. Who are they?

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh and Jane, the frozen tears comment is my favorite thing you’ve said since joining the blog. I literally was laughing out loud.

  107. drury – accountant
    redden – shoe box
    sean avery – pimp
    lundvqist – model (that handsome devil…I MEAN RANGER)
    dubinsnky – actor in teen romantic comedies in lieu of michael cera in juno (come on you know its true)
    korpikoski – voice over for finnish movie trailers (have you heard that kids voice?)

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Voros could be a stunt double for Mike Modano in a movie where Modano plays a punching bag.

    Osgood looks really sluggish. Gives up a rebound and is very slow to move them. That’s very bad news for the Wings and my finals prediction.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    I love watching Lidstrom, even now past his prime. Best European NHLer of all time.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    “dubinsnky – actor in teen romantic comedies in lieu of michael cera in juno (come on you know its true)”


  111. Doodie Machetto on


  112. Doodie Machetto on

    So far I’m 2 for 3 this round (I had the Canucks). My Bruins pick isn’t looking so good right now though.

    I went 7 for 8 in the first round. 9 for 12 wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m hoping for 10 for 12.

  113. dubinsky as a romantic lead in a teen comedy would not work, only because he is not a sickly stick thin wuss. Most of the guys the girls like these days don’t even come close to lookin like men! They weigh about 120 pounds, look as if they havent seen the sun EVER, and are on the femme side. Ya put a big bad hockey player in there and the teeny boppers would think he was the wolfman or something.

  114. my fiancé is in love with Dubi! lol

    Every time we watch Rangers, she makes me feel very uncomfortable by the remark she makes towards Dubi lol
    I love watching games with her… she just a casual fan, not a hardcore like us… the things she yells out during the game are hilarious… so I have to keep my mouth shut about Dubi thing or she won’t watch the games with me anymore lol

  115. lmao @ The Razor of Love

    where the hell where all you hilarious rangers fans when I actually lived in NY??

  116. “where the hell where all you hilarious rangers fans when I actually lived in NY??”

    its never too late to come back Linda :)

  117. where is Sally???? The King of All Zombies, who sired Redden is playing right now!!!

    CCCP, I am going to have to come up next season and hopefully get tix to a game and maybe meet a few of you crazies! That’d be freakin awesome!

  118. now the bruins jump and bump? what the hell is this cheer camp????

    My daughter loves Lucic, she’s probably wearing her bruins T right now! WOW look what happens when ya have someone in front of the net!!!

  119. well, you know that Josh Thomson HAS to be there!!!!!
    Jane can tote his futurama head around on a skateboard!!

  120. lmao @ the 6 year old kid with no shirt and the Bruins logo painted on his chest!!! That kids dad is just hardcore!!!That’s the most hysterical thing I’ve seen all playoffs, except, of course, when Voros actually beat someone to the puck!

  121. Josh Thomson on

    Is Captain clutch ok? No updates for a while now… hope he cashed his check on time!

  122. Captain Clutch must be enjoying his vacation, especially since it started so early! I picture him, with one foot on the 3rd step of a staircase, hand on hip, thinkin

    “yea i got a LITTLE captain in me”

  123. I wouldnt mind someone like Lucic, the guy hits every freakin thing in sight, and hits it hard!!

    Ya know, after one full year of Wade the Rave Redden, I gotta say, I miss Malik!

  124. yeah i am watching that game

    I was thinking how great it would be to see Wings or Hawks and Bruins go at it in the finals! When was the last time we saw any of the original 6 play for the Cup?

  125. i was thinking that earlier too, that’d be great for hockey!!! bettman would be furious though! he must look like a plum tomato when he gets mad, they’re about the same height!

  126. that was my first season of watching hockey!!! as a young girl i was thinkin HEY THIS IS GREAT!! my first season watchin and my team’s in the finals! My daughters first season watching, they won the Cup! Maybe I need to have another kid!!!

  127. Tim Thomas Blows he’s having a lucky season. He will be mentioned in the same breathe as Jim Carey,Blaine Lacher and Joe Theordre. All had great seasons.

    As for the Rangers they need a goal scorer and I think they are going to try to do that. That being said I really hope if they fell short on getting that sure fire stud they don’t just settle. I would even take Gaborik for one season only. If hes healthy I would extend him during the season. IF is the word we are taking about.

  128. i’ll try to get the man drunk after his competition and take advantage of him! omg he’d stroke out if i ever was pregnant!!!

    anyway, i’m thinkin double ot for this game.

  129. great action!!!!

    I’m going to my neighbors to play poker and finish watching the game… talk to you later beoneHEADs!

    Linda, get some rest…

    Josh…Stay 26 buddy

  130. Won’t it be funny if the Rangers drafted Landon Ferraro considering how bitter his father Ray was when they signed him and took less money and then traded him. Ray still hates the Rangers.

  131. niters CCCP enjoy your poker game!

    Roc, funny brothers were huge Islanders fans. So for Christmas, I got my youngest brother his first authentic Islanders jersey, and it just happened to be Ray Ferraro! 6 months later he was a Ranger! Man my brother was disgusted!

    If the Rangers drafted his kid, I wonder if they’d pull a Lindros!

    Have a good nite! Josh, dont ever change!

  132. chara had a disappointing series against the canes.

    as long as the pens do not win it all I am happy…

  133. LOL stop hating on Josh everyone. He’s not even here to defend himself.

    Jane- lmao@ frozen tears…get him in here for a day to defend atleast…

    btw- if you need an idea for a new blog you should try songs that you relate to your team..not just the players..

  134. Warren Mason on

    I posted this on Zip’s blog and, but I thought that you guys might enjoy the story as well:

    I went to the NHL Store yesterday after work to check out the Sirius/XM radio broadcast. After Avery finished his segment, he chatted with some of the hockey fans at the store and signed a few autographs.

    Since Ken Daneyko was there, most of the people at the store were fans of the Devils. I think there were only about half a dozen people, if that, wearing something with a Rangers logo. The best moment I observed was when a Devils fan, decked out in his jersey, asked Avery to pose for a picture with him and Avery obliged! I am certain that the picture will hit the Internet in no time if not already. But, go easy on this Devils fan as he was actually a true hockey fan, a really nice guy and it was all in fun.

    Since I popped by after work, I was wearing a suit. I asked Avery what he thought of my shirt tie combination. Instead of just saying something like “I love it, it’s great”, Avery looked back and forth at the the shirt and tie a few times intently. He then responded, “it’s good, you’re bringing in the Spring flavor”.

    Avery then signed an autograph for my wife, who ran late and unfortunately missed him, and walked away with my sharpie marker. He had a bunch of markers, so I thought he was being funny and just taking everyone’s sharpies. After mingling with a few fans, he approached me, returned the marker and said, “I’m sorry, I think this is yours”.


  135. wow i missed some funny discussions here yesterday. you guys are crazy. crazy stuff with the canes winning last night. i cant wait for the hawks wings series. i hope to god the hawks make it. im so sick of seeing the wings win everything. i’ll shoot myself if its pens wings finals again. how freakin great if the pens lose again though. and hossa scores the game winner in game 7!! that would be classic. wow the last 3 cup winners are in the final 4 with the pens being the eastern conf. winners last year.

    cccp- u like good music man.

    linda- your awesome girl! funny lady

  136. just scrolling through and seeing the some of the *Simon Posford Love*, very nice… I’ve seen Simon/Shpongle/YB and various sit ins many times over the last few years

    CCCP, are you familiar with Camp Bisco?

  137. jonathan McDonald reports the Canucks re-signed forward Steve Bernier to a two-year deal worth $2 million per season.

    This should help us with the Cally and Dubi contracts. Bernier had a much better year then both.

  138. ALLHOCKEY.RU: cites an unconfirmed report suggesting NY Rangers winger Nikolai Zherdev might be playing in Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League next season. Zherdev is a restricted free agent this summer.

    We shall see how true this is. After the whole thing with Cherepanov I don’t believe anything the russia papers and websites say.

  139. LOL @ the New Jersey Jets.

    Jane, Sean Avery had an interview and said we need a goal scorer.. get that guy a GM job!

  140. Roc
    i like to be optimistic about the Dubi/Cally re-signs too and I see the Bernier comparison as good for us…


    what does the arbitor do when Cally compares his stats to Nicky Z, Drury, Gomez and Redden….this makes me shudder

  141. Nasty 1

    RAD! That movie was awesome, a must-see for fans of cheesy 80’s stuff. I loved how they made up insane rules to keep that kid out of Helltrack, and the whole community found ways to help get him in, of course to musical montages.

  142. “CCCP, are you familiar with Camp Bisco?”

    LOL I knew I’d find at least one person with the same brain waves!

    YES! Camp Bisco… I love it! Went there last three years in a row… had great time! This year “YB” and ‘Shpongle” are playing together at bisco, and “Hallucinogen” DJ Set from Simon! I am still trying to figure out “to go or not to go” this year or to fly to Britain on October 30th for the worldwide launch of the amazing new album from “Shpongle” at Roundhouse in London. I saw them live at the same place last year and it was absolute magic! So I guess you are also familiar with “Infected Mushroom”… I love these guys! My fiancé and I flew to Israel once just to see a two hour set by “Infected Mushroom” They are not what they used to be, but new direction is pretty good as well. Waiting for the new album to come out in July. Saw “Infected” last month at “Fillmore” and it was insane! The place was jumping all night! Anyway, good to know you like this type of music *Salty*

    Have you heard “Ott”? If not, check him out…he is also from “twisted” gang.

  143. mike in a

    last 3 cup winners are not in final four. the ducks were one of the last three and the bhawks have not won since 1961.

  144. Very good written information. It will be supportive to anyone who usess it, as well as yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

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