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With Carp gone living the good life in New Orleans, you all are stuck with me for the week. I will try to get any hockey news up here, but I have a full slate of assignments so I won’t be able to monitor everything. Be kind, and send me an email ( if I need to know about something.

Anyway, I consulted with Nasty 1 about the best way to get started this week and he suggested that everyone try to come up with a song that best describes each Ranger. I’ll give an example, Colton Orr = “More Human than Human” by White Zombie.

Just seems to fit his temperament. Or maybe that Rage Against the Machine song with lyrics unfit for a family blog.

Anyway, feel free to riff on that or anything else, and I’ll chime in from time to time. And thanks for the roller derby links. New York City’s league, Gotham Girls, will be playing all summer if you miss seeing a NY team slam someone to the boards.

UPDATE: Thanks to a poster for emailing me about the reports that Nik Zherdev broke his hand playing at the World Championships. Unfortunately, the original report seems to be in Russian, so I will see if I can get that confirmed.

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  1. If you think the song bit is a bad idea, blame me, not Jane. I thought it would be a good idea and suggested it.

  2. Aaron Ward “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” haha. I just had to throw that in there, because that guy is always getting sucker punched by someone.

  3. Nik Zherdev “Now You See Me (Now You Don’t) Lee Ann Womack.

    And no, I don’t like that song or Lee Ann Womack.

  4. man i got two for Cally:

    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk)
    Ride the lightning (Metallica)

    Gomez – Baby Bitch (Ween)

    Orr – How I Could Just Kill a Man (Cyprus Hill)

    Drury – Hamburger Train (Primus)

    Redden – Possum (Phish)

    NYRangers – Mo Money Mo Problems (Biggie)

  5. The whole New York Rangers team accompanied by the PS 22 Chorus singing to Tom Renney “Since You’ve Been Gone” Kelly Clarkson

  6. Here is a funny story to break this up a little bit. The kids in my class have been having intense practices for a school concert/play for the last 2 weeks now. They are a pretty talented group, but they really need to show more emotion and project their voices when they sing and act. Knowing this, I showed them a few clips of the PS 22 chorus(you can see them on youtube, they are amazing, even if you don’t like any of the songs, it is impossible to ignore the talent of that group). Anyway, I showed them a few songs, and when I turned the light back on a few of the kids had tears in their eyes. And I said, “See, see how good they are. See the excitement and passion that they put in to their songs. They are great right?” The girl in my class looked at me and said, “That is not why I am crying. I am crying because we suck and we will never be that good.”

    Oh boy, my plan backfired. FML HAHA.

  7. Unemployed Steve on

    Chris Drury and Scott Gomez – Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band

  8. Bob Dylan – Cocaine Blues

    You take Sally, an’ I’ll take Sue,
    Ain’t nah difference between the two.
    Cocaine all around my brain.

    Hey baby, you better come here quick,
    This old cocaine ’bout to make me sick.
    Cocaine all around my brain.

    Cocaine’s for horses and it’s not for men,
    Doctor said it kill you, but he didn’t say when.
    Cocaine all around my brain.

  9. Great topic!!! Hard to think at work, but I think WHEN Cally and Dubi are signed…

    The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy

    Blair Betts -Whiplash by Metallica ;-)

    you guys have come up with some great ones already, and great story as always Nasty!!!

  10. Cally -Engine No. 9 -Deaftones
    Dubi – The trooper Iron Maiden
    Mara – I’m a Lumberjack – Monty Python
    Drury – Always look at the Bright side of life – Monty Python
    Hank – another brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd
    Naslund – The song from the Magic Garden

  11. lmao @ the song from the magic garden and Have A Cigar!!

    Redden, Gomez & Drury Money by Pink Floyd

    Tom Renney & Perry Pearn Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top

  12. Lundqvist- Ace of Spades- Motorhead

    Tortorella (after this summer) You can’t always get what you want- Rolling Stones

    Drury- Wake up- Rage Against the Machine

    Redden- Leave- Jojo

    Gomez 2- Chorus to C.R.E.A.M – Wu Tang Clan

    Roszival- Usless- Depeche Mode

    Sather- The @$$hole song- Dennis Leary

  13. Family Guy was HILARIOUS last night. Three Kings was the title and it makes fun of Stand By Me, Misery, and Shawshank Redemption.

  14. I’m a metal head, some songs.

    Orr- “Seek and destroy”-Metallica

    Lundqvist- “to my head”-Riot

    Redden- “living dead”-Plasmatics

    Drury- “Manic Frustration”-Trouble

    Sather- “Train of Consequences”-Megadeth

    Renney- “shoot you in the back”-Motorhead

    Dolan- “in league with Satan”-Venom

    Bill MacCreary- “subtle whistle”-Clutch

  15. NY Rangers team “We are the champions” (well, refering to Victoria and not the Stanley Cup”

    Wade Redden – “Hate Me” – Blue October
    Tom Renney – “Back Door Man” – The Doors
    Scott Gomez – “Blister in the Sun” – Violent Femmes
    Colton Orr – “Walk” – Pantera
    Sean Avery – “My Best Friends Girlfriend” – The Cars
    Chris Drury – “Creep” – Radiohead
    Henrik Lundqvist – “Girls Girls Girls” Motley Crue

  16. lmao @ My Best Friends Girl!!

    Chris Drury I Wanna Be A New York Ranger – The Misfits

  17. Jane, I mentioned Whiplash by Metallica for Blair Betts

    I’m tryin to get a Sjostrom one…. and NOT these boots are made for walkin lol

    Thanks 22, I’m surprised noone had come up with that one yet

  18. Dolan – “Spellbound by the Devil” – Dimmu Borgir
    Cally – “A New Empire’s Birth” – Keep of Kalessin, “The Chainheart Machine” – Soilwork
    Redden – “Wasted Years” – Iron Maiden
    Drury – “The Sounds of Silence” – Nevermore (technically a Simon and Garfunkel cover)
    Dubi – “With Strength I Burn” – Emperor
    Gomez – “Embody The Invisible” – In Flames
    Avery – “Psycho Holiday” – Pantera

  19. Jane, you must have missed it cuz it had a line through it!

    this is one hysterical topic! i’m trying to think of emo songs for redden!! i think any music from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure would be appropriate for Gomez, the clown prince of the New York Rangers.

  20. I don’t expect 99% of you guys to have heard this stuff so I am going on titles alone rather than actual song content

  21. Dan The sounds of silence is GREAT for Drury!!!

    Sather and Dolan Symphony of Destruction Megadeth

  22. Lundqvist – Save Me Roger Daultry
    Redden – Lonesome Loser Little River Band or Give it away by RHCP
    Sather- Aqualung jethro Tull

    Avery On 30 Rock/ GigantORR Episode # 1 Orr vs Koci


  23. I guess Zherdev really broke his hand during the first game vs Washington in the playoffs.

    Q-It turns out that because of the injury you weren’t able to play to your strengths?

    Zherdev- Of course. I couldn’t shoot. I couldn’t make plays one on one.

  24. it seems as if Orr is the easiest one to come up with songs for!!

    Still trying to think of a funny one for Gomez since he’s such the comedian, also tryin for one for Marc Staal and Derek Morris.

  25. Unfortunately with my musical tastes, most songs are about triumph or destruction, so I dont have much good stuff for players like Sjo who leave very little impression on me…

  26. ok… this is really funny and classic post idea by Nasty 1!

    NOW… (not to steal Nasty 1’s thunder) can we come up with a song/movie that best describes this *festivus* blog/bloggers? :P

    Carp will be very proud of us.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Tome Renney- “Final Countdown”
    Nik Antropov- “Frankenstein”
    Chris Drury I feel deserves a coldplay song! Pick one:
    A Whisper, Behind the Public Masks, Bigger Stronger, Daylight! (hahaha for his naps), Everything’s Not Lost!, Help is Around the Corner, Politik, Sleeping Sun, The Escapist!, Viva La Vida! hahaha. I feel like they all apply. Geez, i hate him.
    Sean Avery – Lights, Camera, Action by Lil Wayne
    Henrik Lundqvist – “Clothes Off” by Gym Class Heroes

    After typing this I realize Chris Drury could also be “Gold Digger” by Kanye West.

  28. Actually better one for Zherdev – “The Wanderer and his Shadow” – Pantheon I… btw this is all reminding me just how huge my itunes library is and how much crap I NEVER listen to

  29. lmao @ FINAL COUNTDOWN! europe! thats too funny

    Henrik Lundqvist ALONE AGAIN Dokken

    Glen Sather Smokin in the Boys Room

  30. Redden and Zherdev…”Fat Bottomed Girls” Queen
    Dolan and Sather…”Pigs” or “Welcome to the Machine” Pink Floyd
    Redden…”Hits from the Bong” Cypress Hill
    Avery…”The Bitch is Back” Elton John or “LA Woman” Doors
    Gomez, Drury and Redden “D.R.F.S.R.” Warrent…don’t ask how I know that one…yuck!
    Staal…”Another Brick in the Wall” Pink Floyd
    Colton Orr…”F***ing Hostile” Pantera
    Callahan and Dubinski…”Creatures” 311

  31. noonan May 11th, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    man i got two for Cally:

    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk)
    Ride the lightning (Metallica)

    Gomez – Baby Bitch (Ween)

    Orr – How I Could Just Kill a Man (Cyprus Hill)

    Drury – Hamburger Train (Primus)

    Redden – Possum (Phish)

    NYRangers – Mo Money Mo Problems (Biggie)

    Love some of these, like How I Could Just Kill A Man by Cypress for Orr…

    How would Hamburger train constitute Drury though? haha

    Love that song

  32. Avery – “I don’t want to grow up” by The Ramones
    Cally – “Bodies” by Drowning Pool

    more to come, those were right off the top of my head

  33. Oh, and I love the “I get money” by 50 for Hank, vitamin water ties and let’s be honest, NY hockey, Hank “runs new york”

  34. Rammer “Walk” Pantera

    or “Du Hast” RAMMERstein, ha. I know it’s really rammstein.

  35. Scotty Gomez – “Send in the Clowns” – Frank Sinatra

    Petr Prucha (before getting traded – “I want action” – Poison

    I still like Wade Redden- Hate Me – Blue October…..its like he is singing the song to us Rangers Fans

  36. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Rozie = “Ring around the rozie”

    Valliquette = “Short people”

    Tortorella = “You can’t always get what you want”

  37. Voros- Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen
    Tortorella- Gambler by Kenny Rogers
    Prucha- Tiny Dancer by Elton John

    For some reason when Mara had his beard I kept hearing Pirates of the Caribbean theme song in my head, haha so I’ll go with that.

  38. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Orr= “Five for fighting”

    Carp = “Oh when the saints come marching in”

    Redden = “Lifestyles of the rich and the famous” (Good Charlotte)

  39. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Lundqvist = “Wonderwall”

    Avery = “Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood”

    Drury = “Let it be”

  40. snag BANJ!!! I was just about to mention that one!!!

    how about YESTERDAY for Redden also…ya know, like when he had heart and talent?!

  41. BANJ May 11th, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Redden-Gomez-Drury “We’re only in it for the money” Frank Zappa


    YES — even though it’s an album, great one…

  42. Dolan-“send me your money”-Suicidal Tendencies
    Korpikoski-“young, white and well behaved”-Ludichrist
    Mara-“Paul a roid”-Adrenalin OD
    Gomez-“Across the river”-Anthrax

  43. Nasty 1
    I like the Perry pearn Rear View Mirror….very nice

    Renney…Get out of my ****in face

  44. Banj
    I’ll find out where my son got it from…he burned me a DVD with all KINKs videos last summer…I got it…Ray Davies is very funny in it…guy should have been an actor

  45. Our young guns that played well this year (Dubi, Cally, Henrik, etc) – Never Gonna Stop – Rob Zombie

    Sather and Dolan – Jump in the Fire – (The Good) Metallica

  46. “please go back to seinfeld, that was less boring than this crap.”

    Kramer-Rozival on the PP
    Frank Costanza-Torts
    Estelle Costanza-Mike Commodore
    Jerry-Aaron Voros
    Poppi-Sather (i gotta dit down)

  47. Bashful – Orr
    Doc – Prucha
    Dopey – Drury
    Grumpy – Torts
    Happy – Gomez
    Sleepy – Nik Z
    Sneezy – Redden
    Snow white – Renney

  48. Tchaikovski on

    Ranger Fans – Boulevard of Broken Dream (Green Day)
    Betts – No Respect (Rodney Dangerfield)
    Dury – Nice Guys Finish Last (Green Day)
    Dubi – My Hero (Foo Fighters)
    Gomez – Broadway (GOO GOO Dolls)
    Korpikoski – Pitfall (Blinside)
    Avery – Fight for your right (beastie boys)
    Voros – An honest mistake (the bravery)
    Cally – Fuel (metallica)
    Orr – Break stuff (limp bizket)
    Zherdev – Drift & Die (puddle of Mudd)
    Mara – Loyality (American head charge)
    Naslund – This is the end for you my friend (Anti-flag)
    Redden – give it away now (chili peppers)
    Rozsival – Blind (korn)
    Staal – Pretty fly (offspring)
    Lundqvist – Caress me down (sublime)

  49. Vally- Vision Quest. No Not a song but a movie
    He looks like Matthew Modine lol

  50. i dont know if someone already brought this up..but for mara

    please dont go back to the seinfeld stuff!!!

  51. Fischler's Ghost on

    Orr — “Endangered Species” Sepultura
    Gomez/Redden/Drury — “Isn’t It a Pity” George Harrison
    Sather — “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” Travis

  52. lmao @ CCCP and the seven dwarfs

    and some good choices by Tchaikovski

    Tom Renney The Logical Song Yes

    Markus Naslund Time in a Bottle Jim Croce

  53. Orr: Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
    Drury/Redden: Give It Away – Ped Hot Chili Peppers
    Gomez/Drury/Redden: Can’t Buy Me Love- The Beatles
    Avery: Limelight- Rush

  54. How bout Surfin Bird ( remake by the Ramones)

    “N-n-now everybody’s hip about the bird
    the bird bird bird the bird is the word”

    Now that’s a great song deserving of a player….Mark Staal? Don Saleski??

  55. Dolan King Nothing-Metallica

    lmao @ psycho killer

    noones come up with anything for Derek Morris!!

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I must be too young, I don’t know most of these songs! I think i listed the only RnB on here. haha

  57. Alexei Cherapanov Seasons In The Sun, that damned song always makes me cry

    Wade Redden (the possibilities are ENDLESS for this guy)
    The No No Song Ringo Starr

  58. 22figure8 May 11th, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    Dolan-”send me your money”-Suicidal Tendencies

    Great pick!

  59. Yea, that episode made me really angry for some reason, I just found it hilarious at first, and then really irritating by the third time he started singing, and then it happened like 5 more times after that

  60. Sean Avery (when he forgets to play discipline hockey) – Man in the Box – Alice in chains

  61. Yeah, at times I think Seth fails to realize that he is going with it a tad too long.

  62. Longtime Lurker on

    Aaron Voros – I Am The Warrior – Pat Benetar

    I can just see him skating around with this song going in the background….

  63. Scott Gomez – Tears of a Clown

    Take This Job and Shove It- more than one lol

    lmao @ Voros the Warrior!!

    Shoryuken Ok

    wade redden, “No No No No I don’t bodycheck no more, I’m tired of smashing into the boards…”

  64. Henrik Lundqvist – All By Myself (Celine Dion, who i despise)

    Sean Avery – Big Shot (Billy Joel)

    Cally – Breakout (Foo Fighters)

    Redden – Cocaine (Clapton)

    Zherdev – Give it Away (RHCP)

    Gomez – Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Pretenders)

    Drury – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2)

    2009 1st round pick – Don’t Let Me Down (Beatles)

  65. Drury: “Slow Burn” -Atreyu
    Gomez: “Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground” -Coldplay
    Avery: “Hollywood” -Cute Is What We Aim For “Beverly
    Hills” -Weezer “Wanted Dead Or Alive” -Bon Jovi
    Naslund: “Honorable Mention” -Fall Out Boy
    Voros: “Unwanted” -Avril Lavigne
    Callahan: “Epic” -Atreyu
    Mara: “Being From Jersey Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry” -Cobra Starship
    Redden: “Blow” -Atreyu
    Lundqvist: “Do What You Do” -Cute Is What We Aim For
    I love this :]

  66. as i mentioned before… lets come up with the song/movie that best describes this blog/bloggers.

    or not.

  67. Raider, NOT CELINE DION…make it the Eric Carmen version!

    some Rangers fans singing to Kovalchuk

    ” I like dreaming, cuz dreaming can make you mine”

  68. Does Ward really have a broken orbital bone. I did’nt hear that part.
    Ward’s a sucker anyway. Didn’t he get sucker punched when he was a Ranger – Brashear I think

  69. That could be good ‘or a movie’ each time theres a new blog, the Ecstasy of Gold can play

  70. eh is right Linda :) btw, that movie is pretty good

    i was thinking of a title for the non-playoff Rangers teams and the team now


  71. i have an aaron voros song running through my head to metallica’s trapped under ice…i hope i can come up with a good one..i’ll try to fit taco bell, crisco and ben and jerrys into it!

  72. Nik Antropov on

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  73. who was the player that absolutely destroyed Voros in a fight closer to the end of the season? was it Braschear?

  74. I am in a goofy ass stupid mood as it is, and when I just read the the Nik Antropov song I shot tangerine flavored seltzer out of my nose. Good job with that one.

    Wow, I never thought you guys would have this much fun with the song thing. If anything it make you think and dig in to the memory bank for some good songs.

  75. Aaron Ward got clocked by Brashear in the game that Shanny fought him at center ice. Shanny pretty much held his own, and when Brashear was skating away Ward said something and Brashear cheap shotted him and dropped him. The guy is like a frigin punching bag.

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m sorry, Aaron Ward deserved that. I don’t know how Scott Walker gets the only penalty there!

    Aaron Ward hits Cullen up high with a fist in the head. Walker comes over to defend his man and Ward doesn’t have the ballz to back it up and stands there like a deer in headlights. I’m sorry. Ward deserved that, he actually initiated the altercation… he just didn’t realize he’d not be dealing with another pussyfoot in Matt Cullen, he drew the ire of a big boy.

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I just read that Walker was suspended and not fined! Hell yea! I could do this job. That’s exactly how I saw it too. Ward is an eff’ing dope. Brought that on himself.

  78. ward is a punk. he doesnt fight but the guy starts crap. even the softest hockey players like semin defend themselves. lol. ward has no chin either, he cannot take a punch at all!!! one punch hes done.

  79. varlaaaaaaaamov is shaky. has been since the 5-3 loss in pitts. hes good, he’ll be a good goalie in the league but not this year.

  80. Wow I just want to publicly thank Nasty for making today so fun. Reading these have made me laugh out loud all day. And taken me back to my punk rock youth, where I spent a Suicidal Tendencies show in the mosh pit.

  81. tony- haha frank zappas hilarious! my dad used to listen to him all the time. i grew up with henrix, zappa, the doors, all good stuff

  82. did anyone know that the foreigner song ” double vision” was inspired by j.d.?? wierd huh? it was because everytime he got hit in the head with the puck, he got double vision because of the masks they wore back then. true story!!

  83. No Country For Old Rangers on

    All Beatles Songs

    Sather- Fool on the Hill

    Redden- Help!

    Drury- Nowhere Man

    Gomez- Obla Di Obla Da

    Callahan- Hard Days Night

    Hank- Don’t Pass Me By or Dont Let Me Down

    Zherdev- Hello Goodbye

    Avery- Happiness is a warm gun

    Antropov- Tomorrow Never Knows

    Staal- Act Naturally

    Orr- Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

    Roszival- Get Back

    Dubinsky- Getting Better

    Tortorella- Helter Skelter

    Jagr- Across the Universe

  84. No Country For Old Rangers on

    did you see Cindy coast off the ice on that Caps goal? Some captain…

  85. Jane I did that in december, ST finally made it to NY, and it was my first time seeing them (Was 21 when I saw em) Great show… They ended with Pledge Your Allegiance and I got on stage and sang along

    You can see me here

    about 11 seconds behind the bass player with a Dark Blue hat on and Black shirt, shouting ST and you can see me throughout the 4 minutes


  86. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sorry, my bad…. I read that Walker was fined and not suspended (if you read my following statements above) that’s what I meant. Not enough sleep lately.

  87. wow the Nik Antropov song rules all! That’s a gold mine! For some reason, I envisioned in my head Dolph Lundgren AND Brigit Nielson singing it!

    “wake up drury i think i got something to say to you
    it’s late september and you gotta stop sniffing glue
    I know you think your clutch
    But can you win a face off much
    Oh Drury we just cant take you any more”

    sorry I’m not much of a song writer, i just get ideas in random moments

  88. All Dylan

    Positively 5th avenue-Avery
    The Times They are a changin (back)-Welcome home Jags
    Knock Knock knockin on Drury’s door “wake up!”
    …and you check…Just Like a Woman-Redden
    It Aint me aint me your going to interview-Slats to NY media
    Like a Rolling Stone-Hank on most nights (how does it feel to be on your own?)
    It takes a Gomez to takes a Ranger game to cry

  89. ThisYearsModel on

    2 exciting games tonight. Too bad most of the country isn’t able to watch. What happened to the great Captain

  90. HEY!

    Does anyone know how old Josh Thompson is?

    btw- how bout penalty box by Two Man Advantage or Man in the box from Alice in Chains for Avery?


    Betts and Sjo- KILL IT by Helloween

  91. Redden/Gomez/Drury/Rozy:

    “Money for Nothing”…..Dire Straits

    That was my favorite so far. lol

    Wade Redden: “Don’t go away mad, just go away”, Motley Crue

  92. yep, we wouldve beat the caps had sundin been here!!! thats right mats we have the better goalie!!! you dumbass!! 7 goals against in an elimination game???? cmon luongo you suck!!! kane is awesome i know that, but some of those goals were just laughable. after watching the goalies performances in the playoffs so far, nabokov, luongo, fleury, khabibulin, both masons, varblablamov, price(who was horrible) even thomas and brodeur have been ok at best. the goalies are not having a great playoffs. hank was solid but had a few duds. hiller has been great, save 1 game. man if we can get some sort of offense goin next year we could really do somethin but there are no low scoring teams makin it out of these playoffs anymore. the teams all have either 1 or a few bigtime snipers on their teams. we have nobody except maybe the closet to a sniper would be zherdev if he ever can get into a position to shoot and not whiff at the puck. you put iginla, cammalerri, and jokinen on the rangers, playing in front of hank, now you know we win the 1st round against the caps. i am actually appreciating that we even got to a game 7 against them with our pathetic offense. watching the caps force game 7 against the pens, really makes the rangers not look so bad, but if we could just add a few goal scorers to put in front of hank, we could be right at the top with the rest of them. our d actually is fine. hanks enering his prime years soon, so cmon glen, get some scoring on the team now. no st louis!!! hes not the answer

  93. Jane McManus
    May 11th, 2009 at 7:46 pm
    Wow I just want to publicly thank Nasty for making today so fun. Reading these have made me laugh out loud all day. And taken me back to my punk rock youth, where I spent a Suicidal Tendencies show in the mosh pit.

    OK Jane, now I offically love you. Seeing Suicidal at L’amour was one of the best shows that I went to in the 80’s.

  94. Good morning America!

    So, is it Ovie or is it Cindy? Will friendship prevail?

    Or will Cindy have a problem with ovie? :)

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Jane, I had no idea about your punk rock roots. Kudos.

    These playoffs have been amazing. Definitely the best since the lockout. Can anyone honestly remember a playoffs that was as good as these?

    To us Ranger fans, 94 was obviously the best, but we’re a bit biased. So forgetting 94 (or even 79 for that matter), can anyone here remember a better playoffs?

  96. Josh Thomson is probably 29 or 30 now.

    Cally & Dubi You’re Gonna Go Far Kid

    Wade Redden Yesterday ( all my talent seems so far away, now it looks as though I’m here to stay)

  97. so Josh, you must be a child prodigy then, graduating from college in 2002 and 7 years later, you’re only 26.

  98. CCCP the problem is Cindy wants to DATE ovie. ;-)

    Did you ever get a movie or song to describe the blog??

    I got one more Drury song The Lion Sleeps Tonight

  99. Josh Thomson on

    “Did you ever get a movie or song to describe the blog??”

    i would describe it as ageless. :P

  100. lmao @ ageless! Josh Thomson is the Highlander! Immortal, and never ages physically!!

  101. My favorite was seeing Slayer….also when I went to see Suicidal and Megadeth at the Ritz.

  102. I had my nose broken at a Slayer show at Roseland once, technically during Fear Factory’s set, stayed the whole show though

  103. I saw Rage Against the Machine at Roseland, and that might have been the craziest show I have ever been to. That place is not big enough for the kind of shiz that went on that night.

  104. Craziest show I was ever at was getting dragged to a slipknot show by a girl on halloween night a few years back at Hammerstein, people were jumping down from the balconies and overfilling the floor to really dangerous levels, ever been in a crowd that just sways? and it was starting to reach like 115 degrees in there, one of my friends passed out from heat exhaustion in the middle of the pit

  105. LOL, I use to play with this band and we did a show at Neri’s (Staten Island). We played all different type of Rock and we had this one death metal song, it was titled “Death Metal Song”. We played it at that show and some dude got his butt whipped. I remember seeing this big dude step on the other dudes throat.

    Those were the days…I miss them so much :)

  106. I think they were still touring off their first record at that point, may have been longer ago than I think it was, really not a fan so I don’t know what year that would have been

  107. Craziest show I ever saw was in Beverly Hills at this place called the Peach Pit After Dark. This band was singing, and I think two of the guys were brothers. Nick and Drew were their names. Man, it was really hot in that place, I think the air was broken that night, at least that is what Nat said. It felt like it had to be at least 98 degrees in there.


  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty… I’m so disappointed with you for even knowing anything about it.

  109. Hey, if you want to play with the big dogs, be prepared to be bitten.

    Another great band was Pantera. They were awesome live.

  110. HAHA, come on man. When Kelly was hooked on smack for that short little while, that is when I watched that show. My wife, well, she was my gf at the time, at least I think that is who made me watch it. Hmmm, I will have to ask her if it was her. Oh no, what if it wasn’t? D’oh!

  111. Deftones put on a hell of a show. Saw them a few times over the years. Chino’s voice though, if it is off, kind of sucks. I saw his side project a few years again in the city, Team Sleep, and that was a fun time. He did the rap song from Revenge of the Nerds. Class stuff right there.

  112. I only turned 16 in 1998, so I missed the glory days of metal so to speak, by the time I was able to go to shows on my own all the greats were either old or gone…. My mom did take me to see Metallica on the Black album tour when I was 11 though which was the highlight of my young life

  113. Pennywise at Irving Plaza was a good time too. That was a pretty rough show if I remember correctly.

    Also, Bio-Hazard at this crappy place called Obsessions. My buddy caught a guitar head on his throat. We have pics of that laying around somewhere.

  114. No, I don’t. Ha. I have a little picture of Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat though.

  115. And when I say caught a guitar head, I don’t mean he actually caught it, I mean he was a little too close to the stage and the guitar head hit him in the throat and messed him up reeeeaaaaallll good.

  116. lmao @ mc skat! I figured you for a debbie gibson or tiffany kinda guy, NO WAIT!! The chick from the Bangles, Susana Hoffs i think her name was.

  117. One of my friends once tried to convince us all to go speed dating just for a goof, and be as stereotypically metal and anti social as possible… then we reminded him it costs money

  118. thank you Dan! you carry the mantle with honor! amusing yes, but ya could have run into some crazy stalker chick!!

  119. YIKES!!! dan, you need to meet a better quality of woman!! then again, lots of women are freakin INSANE!!! i feel for you guys tryin to find a non psycho chick!!

    Another tune…. Hit the Road Jack for Redden!

  120. I’ve had a good one for goin on 3 years now, but anything previous to that was bad news, from stalkers to one who became a heroin addict

  121. Josh Thomson on

    Back in a day there was Russian chat room on AOL… i met my fiancé there. :)

  122. good to hear you got a good one! sometimes it takes a while! I’d be devastated if I was single right now! Especially here in Alabama….the pickins are almost non existent!!!

    ok concert I saw with the most bands:

    Tattoos the Earth at Giants Stadium, Metallica was the headliner and lets see there was: Sevendust, sepultura, slayer, slipknot- who had one guy toss pee on the crowd, classic

  123. lmao dan, josh russian girl was probably 16 at the time, they like those American men with big wallets!

  124. Josh Thomson on

    very long time ago i tried to enter one silly contest…”grow a beard”…but when i saw Sallys picture i knew i got no chance!

  125. every time i see getzlaf play for anaheim i think of glen sather drafting jessiman and go into a screaming fit of rage

    then i think of the 03-04 rangers, and wonder why they couldn’t have sucked just a little more to move up to pick either 1st or 2nd and nab malkin or ovechkin

    then i cry myself to sleep with a bottle of tequila

    my life sucks

  126. I am convinced Josh is Duncan MacLeod from the Clan MacLeod! only with a 16 year old russian bride!

    massive sunburn down the part of your hair?! brutal! when your scalp peeled it must’ve looked like dandruff!

    Chris Drury’s Theme Song- Do You Know The Way To San Jose

  127. Well the worst was I couldn’t brush my hair for like two weeks, and my hair’s about 2 feet long, so I turned into a caveman for a while

  128. Lundqvist – “Don’t Bring Me Down” – ELO

    Megan Fox – “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” – The Smiths

    Tom Renney’s New York Rangers – Saved By The Bell theme song

  129. I love The Killers they’re undoubtedly one of my top rated bands. Though I have to say I discovered this fabulous mr brightside cover version on Youtube . com yesterday and i think I like it much more than the original recording! It is advisable to watch this … The Killers Mr Brightside Cover

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