Happy Mothers’ Day


And for all you non-mothers, call your mom right now and wish her a Happy Day.

Today’s my last day for a week. I can’t even come on to say hello starting Monday, and I will definitely miss you guys until I return the following Monday. Hopefully Jane will be hopping on here from time to time.

In the meantime, I wanted to say this: Dustin Byfuglien = Monster.

Why do all these other teams have these monsters?

During my week away, I am allowed to think … I think. So I will be formulating my Rangers’ summer strategy. I know that a lot of you have already checked in on that, and I’ve been sniffing around trying to get a clue as to what the NYR will do — in addition to golf meetings on the West Coast. I’m not going to tell them what they should do, but I will say what I think they might do, and I don’t think, honestly, it will be a lot.

More on that next week. Have a good week.

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  1. Something has to give with the Sharks. Moves will be made. I’d love to see a speedy guy come in here but trading again is going to be worthless. Re-sign antropov, let everybody who isnt Korpedo, Cally, Dubi, Girardi and Staal pretty much go. Redden…ugh.

  2. “Why do all these other teams have these monsters?”

    It’s simple… all these other teams don’t have Dolan/Sather.

    Those two monsters out-monster anybody!

  3. Proof that Sather is the worst GM in the history of the NHL:

    Salary cap commitments for 2009-2010 (All terms US)

    ANAHEIM: $38.7 million to 15 players — $1.333 to Todd Bertuzzi buyout

    ATLANTA: $31.605 million to 13 players

    BOSTON: $47.545 million to 15 players — $1.383 to Glen Murray buyout

    BUFFALO: $46.538 million to 15 players

    CALGARY: $44.911 million to 14 players

    CAROLINA: $42.329 million to 15 players — $266,000 to Jeff Hamilton buyout — $300,000 to David Tanabe buyout

    CHICAGO: $34.529 million to 11 players — $456,000 to Curtis Brown buyout

    COLORADO: $44.897 million to 16 players

    COLUMBUS: $42.921 million to 19 players — $366,667 to Duvie Westcott buyout

    DALLAS: $39.518 million to 19 players — $1.937 to Sean Avery re-entry waivers

    DETROIT: $51.254 million to 17 players

    EDMONTON: $42.887 million to 19 players

    FLORIDA: $38.003 million to 13 players — $750,000 buyout to Josef Stumpel

    LOS ANGELES: $39.931 million to 19 players — $1.030 million to Dan Cloutier buyout; $666,000 to Alyn McCauley buyout

    MINNESOTA: $43.666 million to 17 players — $727,000 buyout to Mark Parrish

    MONTREAL: $23.520 million to 11 players

    NASHVILLE: $33.012 million to 13 players

    NEW JERSEY: $39.908 million to 13 players

    N.Y. ISLANDERS: $32.460 million to 17 players — $3.25 million to Alexei Yashin buyout; $400,000 to Shawn Bates buyout

    N.Y. RANGERS: $38.096 million to nine players

    OTTAWA: $49.945 million to 19 players — $229,000 to Ray Emery buyout

    PHILADELPHIA: $49.901 million to 17 players

    PHOENIX: $32.075 million to 15 players — $700,000 to Dave Scatchard buyout

    PITTSBURGH: $46.835 million to 14 players

    SAN JOSE: $46.750 million to 13 players

    ST. LOUIS: $44.764 million to 18 players

    TAMPA BAY: $40.285 million to 17 players — $1 million to Marc Denis buyout

    TORONTO: $44.523 million to 18 players — $1 million to Darcy Tucker buyout; $733,000 to Andrew Raycroft buyout

    VANCOUVER: $31.258 million to 13 players

    WASHINGTON: $44.605 million to 15 players — $366,000 to Ben Clymer buyout

    *All buyouts are included in these figures

  4. Can i play with Cheechoo and Gomez too? I heard they have great naps on the West Coast!

  5. I have a friend that knows nothing about hockey. Last night I went to visit him. As soon as I walked into his apartment I see an orange Flyers hat laying on a bar stool. I almost lost my eyesight! I asked him wtf is this?? He says “it’s a hat” A hat? Can you guys believe that? A hat!!! And he added “I look good in orange” I almost hit him with the bottle of cognac that I had in my hand over his dumb skull. Of course he had no clue what the big black letter “P” on the hat stood for BUT he didn’t forget to ask me if I knew who Ovechkin was. This kid (a friend of mine) was born in Brooklyn! SAD!!
    “Is Ovechkin better than Gretzky” that was one of his questions. Is he?
    Anyway… I am trying to educate my little silly friend on how to properly bleed red white & blue. Since I can’t take him to the Garden to see the game, what would you guys recommend to get for him or do; I don’t know, to ease him into the dark world of New York Rangers. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  6. scott- i dont know why anyone would want thornton or marleau. we want to win the cup someday again. not bust our way into the playoffs full steam and whimper out in 6 games. now i know theyre better than what we got, and that also means that in order to get the 2 playoff chokers, wed have to give up anisimov too. along with drury. and callahan. maybe they do want to get rid of marleau, i doubt they will get rid of thornton. but if they do wanna trade either one of them, im certain we wont be in on it. thornton is a 1st line center with size and great playmaking skills. we could have a younger version of him in anisimov. marleau would be a great swap with dru, but wed have to give up a few prospcts along with him. instead of trying to get other teams stars, we should develop our own. we have to give these guys a chance. so what if we have a year or 2 of subpar seasons. it seems theres 2 ways we can do this, either build from within like pittsburgh, washington, and chicago, and fill in a few CHEAP vet role players, not 7 million dollar 2nd and 3rd liners, or, we can keep up with the sather tradition of buying a high paid mercenary who spends a few seasons here and does nothing, and repeat the cycle. we were going the right way of rebuilding until gomez and drury were signed. and of course redden. i wouldnt mind swapping dru or gomez but you know they will want our prospects too.

  7. cccp- thats automatic grounds for a bro beatdown. its for his own good ok. of course you can always break out your vhs recorded 94 cup run like we all have and tie him to a chair and make him watch it over and over again!!! do not, i repeat, do not show him anything rangers related showing chris drury or he might slip into a deep coma. you save tha for your worst enemy!

  8. cccp- i think that was poti’s greatest moment as a ranger. it was a little late though. he couldve gotten us that tying goal in game 7 but hey, better late than never!

  9. mike in ia that’s hilarious!!. yes do not show him any drury related content or he bein a coma! lmao

  10. pavel- thats so pathetic regarding the the cap money devoted to 9 freakin players compared to the rest of the league. how can he still have a job? its mindboggling that he is allowed to make even the simplest of decisions.

    fart-lol thanks, btw nice name! did u blast some ass while thinking of a screenname?

  11. Mike In IA-right on! I think they might be able to get Marleau for just Drury and a pick though. Marleau only has on year left on his contract. Honestly, I’d trade Drury and even first rounder for Marleau just to get Drury’s crap contract off the book; Lou L did it in NJ.

    I agree with Larry Brooks today to go after Penner. He’s been a disappointment but the guy has skill. Torts conditioning camp would take care of him.

    People keep forgetting that AA/Grachev were not first round picks only because of this transfer agreement nonsense and xenophobia against the Russians. Those two along with Dubi/Cally/Henrik/Staal/Girardi/Korpi/del Z/Sangs/Gilroy/Sauer/Weisse are the future.

  12. mike, haha yea. you dont know who this is do you? its me zach from work. remeber a while ago you had me and sean come over to watch a hockey game at your house and you tried getting us to become ranger fans? ha so i saw this blog you were on talking to other people and i figured i would mess with yop! i posted my comments under different names and i pissed you off a few times i know that! anyway, you coming to the metting next saturday? boss was pissed you didnt show up last time. better get your butt there ok dude.

  13. ha zach you prick!! yea u remember all that crap i talked about drury huh? lol yea i’ll go to the meeting. my only damn day off and i gotta spend an hour and half there. ey zach, why dont you take care of your newlywed instead of bustin my balls on here!

    mikeA- if it only costs us dru and a pick id def. do it. marleau, cally and antro would be a sick line. or keep aves antro and doobs together, and put gomer, marleau and cally!! but marleaus a center right? o well, im sure torts will figure it out. anisimov could center the 3rd with shoe and korpi flankin him. but i still wanna give z another shot. i think torts will get him to play witrh some fire and get him to stop the fancy crap

  14. its brooklyn dummy!!! and im not from brooklyn ya geek. im from long island ya freakin redneck!!! go shuck some corn farmboy. i’ll see ya at work later. gotta go man. peace and stick around here maybe you’ll learn something about hockey. there are other sports besides college football and nascar buddy.

  15. Chris Drury on

    Wtf is going on here?!

    Get the hell off my blog with this meet and greet garbage.

    For the rest of you, don’t worry, I won’t let it ruin mom’s day. Tom and I spoke last night, he said he’s having a great day with his mom too.

  16. Captain Clutch update: Don’t believe imposters like the one above! Without me you guys wouldn’t even know about the Clutchmobile!

    Called my mom today! Thanked her for having the most clutch birth ever! It only took 7.7 seconds!

    Oh yeah I made Page Six in The Post!

    *Sightings: Nik Antropov and his New York Rangers teammates nursing their NHL playoff elimination with lots of white wine and cute girls at the Empire Hotel lobby bar*

    What a leader! I wasn’t gonna let blowing a 3-1 series lead ruin my time at the Empire Hotel lobby bar! And Larry Brooks wrote a column about what a disappointment Gomez is while I fly under the radar once again! Ha-Ha! Best offseason ever!

  17. Marleau is listed as a LW/C on TSN.ca so maybe he can play LW.


    ????? LOL

  18. funny thing

    Dmitri Kalinin is good enough for team Russia but he was not good enough for the Rangers.

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kalinen was perfectly fine, especially once Torts got here. He was a great puck mover with Buffalo and looked very good between Torts’ arrival and his own departure.

    Its too bad Morris sucked. It’s also too bad Rozy wasn’t the guy that was moved.

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I ain’t paying no $32 on a freakin tshirt for a team that doesn’t care when they lose! Eff you Chris Drury!

    OK, I take it back, Avery, Lundqvist, Dubi, and Cally cared… for the rest, my statement applies. Eff you again, Chris Drury!!!

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz once Ruled!! says Greg L. on

    Happy mothers day mom!!!! Goooo Canada !!! …and Rangers on the golf course!!! hole in one eh!!!

  22. Its been all over the news that dolan may be selling msg and all its affiliates. yayy sathers days may be numbered

  23. Great Post by pavel and Ranger fans should let the Poti thing go.. you act like he murdered someone in ya family

    The Mouth


  24. From Russia with GOLD!!

    Back to back baby!

    Only the third Gold medal for team Russia since 1992.
    1993, 2008, 2009.

    World Championships record from
    1954-1991 USSR

    Gold Medals 19 times.

    1954, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1990

    Pretty impressive.


  25. DETROIT (AP) – Really, it’s not about the money.

    Some people cringe when athletes say that.

    When Marian Hossa did, no one could question it.

    Hossa signed a one-year deal with the Detroit Red Wings last summer, turning down a longer contract to stay in Pittsburgh and a more lucrative one to play for Edmonton, because he believed the defending Stanley Cup champions gave him the best chance to win a title.

    Anaheim Ducks forward Teemu Selanne vividly remembers hearing the news back home in Finland.

    “We were joking, ‘The rich got richer,”‘ Selanne recalled Saturday, a day before facing Hossa and the Red Wings on their home ice in Game 5. “We knew Detroit was going to be stronger.

    “It’s hard to repeat, so it’s good to have new blood from guys who are hungry to win the Cup.”

    Perhaps it makes sense that Hossa helped Detroit win a game it needed against Anaheim to avoid being on the brink of elimination in the Western Conference semifinals.

    After being held pointless in the first three games by the Ducks, Hossa broke a tie with two goals in a 3-minute span to lift the Red Wings to a 6-3, series-evening victory in Game 4.

    “It definitely feels good when you can finally put a puck in the net,” Hossa said. “We had some great chances and played some good games, but the puck didn’t go in. We tried to stay patient.”

    Hossa, though, was impatient about his quest for a Cup.

    The marquee free agent from Slovakia signed in Detroit at a relative discount for about $7.5 million, declining an offer estimated to be worth $49 million to remain with the runner-up Penguins and reportedly many more millions to join the Oilers.

    The 38-year-old Selanne understands why Hossa made the rare decision to leave money on the bargaining table after completing his stellar career in Anaheim with a championship two years ago.

    *For a veteran who has made a lot of money, like Hossa, you know you have to sacrifice to win a Cup,” Selanne said. “Winning the Cup is priceless. I think anybody would take a pay cut to try to win a Cup.”*

    The 30-year-old Hossa improved his chances – and those of his team – by finding a way to score in a matchup featuring the past two Stanley Cup winners.

    “He’s a high-end player and he has to feel like the weight of the world is off his back,” Detroit coach Mike Babcock said. “Anyone who envisions themselves as a scorer, when it’s not going in the net, they start pressing. So it was good for him.”

    Hossa had a team-high 40 goals this season and has scored at least 29 times in nine straight seasons with Detroit, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Ottawa.

    Ducks defenseman Scott Niedermayer said it was inevitable Hossa was going to find the back of the net in the series.

    “He’s a talented, gifted guy,” Niedermayer said. “But when we look back at those goals, we feel we could’ve done more in those situations.”

    Heading into Game 5 on Sunday in Detroit, Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle would not say who would be in goal trying to stop Hossa.

    Carlyle replaced Jonas Hiller, who gave up five goals after making 100-plus saves in two wins, with Jean-Sebastien Giguere on Thursday night.

    “We decided to rest Jonas Hiller in that situation,” Carlyle said. “Giguere has been working diligently, and we felt it would be best to give him an opportunity to sharpen and hone in playoff-type action.

    “With it being a three-goal lead, it made sense to do that and give him an opportunity to get his feet underneath him. If we decide to go in that direction, he’s not coming in cold.”

    So, who’s going to start Sunday?

    “You guys better come to the warmup,” Carlyle said.

    Babcock isn’t buying it.

    “Oh, he’ll be back,” said Babcock, referring to Hiller. “Giggy’s really good. Hiller has been fantastic.”

  26. CCCP
    May 10th, 2009 at 3:37 pm
    funny thing

    Dmitri Kalinin is good enough for team Russia but he was not good enough for the Rangers.


    another funny thing

    Nikolai Zherdev is not good enough to play for team Russia but he is good enough to play for Rangers.

  27. POTI'S AGENTJames (G)) on

    Has anyone seen my client? Havent been able to get in touch with him since last night..He was last seen mummbling something about his best goal of the playoffs as he headed to the candy store for some Reese’s pieces..

  28. For a veteran who has made a lot of money, like Hossa, you know you have to sacrifice to win a Cup,” Selanne said. “Winning the Cup is priceless. I think anybody would take a pay cut to try to win a Cup.”

    When asked his reaction to Selanne’s statement, Ranger’s captain Chris Drury, just waking from his afternoon nap, remarked, “Or you could just win the cup early in your career and take a sh!t load of money from the Ranger’s towards the end of your career. Thanks Glen”

    In between sets at The Laugh Factory, Ranger center Scott Gomez agreed with the captain’s statement. “Sacrifice? You mean like take a hit to make a play? That’s almost as funny as me. I’m rich biatch.” quipped Gomez.

  29. POTI'S AGENT (James (G)) on

    I just saw that play from last night! all I can say is…


  30. i dont get it… how is Hossa taking a pay cut if last year he made 7 mil and this year he makes 7.450 mil??
    Am i missing something here? Is it because he turned down long term contracts from few teams? So fcking what? He’ll get that money next year anyway. So where is the big pay cut here?

  31. CCCP,

    He had offers of $9-10M I thikn from EDM… I think Drury, Gomez, and Redden would have all taken the MONEY.

    This stream rules. DET is on fire, Hudler just batted 2nd goal in so hard off a ZETT rebound midair.

  32. Salty

    I know about the offers he had. As i said, he’ll get that money next year anyway. So what’s the big deal here? Is Hossa the new HNL hero who left two mil on the table to go to the best team with the best chance to win the Cup? That was no brainer. Anybody would do the same thing. He has the money… so what exactly did he sacrifice? Oh right, moving from Atlanta to Detroit… that’s a HUGE sacrifice!

    *“Winning the Cup is priceless.”*

  33. Happy Mothers Day Sweetheart Izzy B.
    Thanks for spending a wonderful year with me and the little one.
    Great Ranger year and I much enjoyed spending it with you!
    We love you Carp and wish yours a Happy Mothers Day too!

  34. Anybody would do the same thing.

    Sorry man, I know what you’re saying, but I disagree. I think a lot of guys pass up the chance to win for the chance to put more in their pocket.

    Again, just look at Drury (and Briere for that matter). Went for the money in NY instead of trying to keep the President’s winning team together.

    Hossa also could have stayed with Cup finalist PIT. He decided he’d rather try to be part of something special in DET.

    And yes, he does know winning a Cup would make his value skyrocket.

    I don’t think the guy is a *saint*… I think he’s a guy who values winning more than you can say for a lot of others who would have opted for the massive contracts. It’s almost like he spent $3M out of his own pocket to chase a Cup.

    Honestly, thinking about Hossa and then thinking about Drury makes me want to go into my kitchen am break every glass and plate and chew the broken peices.

  35. carp…lets not get carried away.

    Yeah, I grabbed the “buf-myster” on my fantasty team for a stretch this year, but lets not forget about the “Q-stasch” coach who I DO admire to a great degree benching him for a long stretch and playing very limited minutes for even longer stretches this year. A la Aaron Voros. Almost ANY player put in the right situations under the right coaching, in the right setting, under the right ownership, can be a “MONSTER”.

    Owners, GM’s, coaches have ALMOST as much to do with a player “worth” as does there ability to play the game.

    There’s little substantial dispute against it.

    (yeah, even Z, who I’m very reluctant to admit so…but after some really good coaches in – Hitch, Renney, Torts…could probably be an NHL top 15 (scoring) guy in the … right system, under the right GM, coach, etc…

  36. Holy crap I just heard a single to the new Dream Theater record and it OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. *Again, just look at Drury (and Briere for that matter). Went for the money in NY instead of trying to keep the President’s winning team together.*

    Whoa Whoa Whoa! I couldn’t even tell you what my salary is! Ever hear of my favorite team growing up? A little team called the Broadway Bluejerseys! Ever hear of a player called Don Mattingly, #23? My favorite player growing up! That alone was enough for me to sign with the Rangers! The $35 million and full no-movement clause were just added bonuses! I was DYING to play here, I swear!

    And did you see all my clutch goals for Buffalo??? 7.7 seconds baby!!! And don’t forget all the other clutch goals too! Like the time……..well……anyway, Captain Clutch is the reason that Buffalo finally got over that 2nd Round hump! Eastern Conference Finals runners-up baby! I bet you didn’t expect THAT from an underdog Presidents Trophy winning team!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile with the new clutch…so clutch

  38. zherdev knows his ass is history. he is probably gonna spend the next 2 weeks talkin to the khl teams. i cant believe he thought he had a good season. i guess he doesnt expect much more from himself. i dont care if that was his first playof experience. its not like we played against guys in the playoffs every year like the wings. as good as ovechkin is, he wasnt the main factor in them winning. if zherdev wouldve scored a couple we might still be in it. so torts didnt say nothing except “till next season”? seems like he said his goodbye to z.

  39. kalinen sucked so bad even morris who sucked, seemed like leetch compared to him. kalinen had 1 goal for us. rozy had an off year, but the guy still had 30 points, 8 goals too. the most of all our d men. and the guy had some serious surgery last year. what did girardi and staal have? 7 combined? i know they are the better guys defensively, and rozy did piss me off with some weak ass play sometimes, but all in all, he was ok. kalinen is a freakin joke. i remember his shining moment one night when him and the clutchmaster skated into each other behind the net, they collide, one of the habs picks the puck up and scores. it looked like the special olympics out there. between kalinen and drury, their special powers combined and it was just too much talent on the ice at one time, and they cancelled each other out and imploded. its a good thing too or else the universe would have ben destroyed

  40. *Cap’n how can I be as clutch as you? I wanna mishandle the puck like it’s a hand grenade on the 5-on-3 just like you.*


    First off you need a contract worth $7 million per year and a Clutchmobile. Start with that! Secondly, did you break your hand yet and play through it like a true hero? Well what are you waiting for! Follow these easy steps and clutchness awaits!

    By the way, my -3 in 7 minutes of ice time in Game 5 wasn’t clutch, but my -3 on the golf course today totally made up for it! Best offseason ever!

  41. Our Drury rules.

    I would LOVE to make the real Drury read every post of it. I wish he’d stuck with baseball.


    The definition of torture:

    Trying to watch a boring ass baseball game in May while there is playoff hockey on another channel.

    (I have to do this on occasion when I’m looking after my 95yr old Yankee fan uncle… torture)

  42. roller derby on

    Jane – msg has a vault show with old footage. now they have 1 on roller derby, i see it’s on 3 in the afternoon monday and then again during the night or tues morning at 2 am

  43. Jeez – i panicked when i saw that headline. Mothers Day is in March over here!!

    I saw Uncle Larry says the organizational meetings are this week (ie Slats takes Torts, Schony et al for a couple of games of golf). Will Torts lay down the law to Slats and say get rid of one or two big contracts so he can build a team that he wants? The biggest question will be, if so, who will take the likes of Gomez, Dru, Redden, Roszi and can we get anything in return?

    In my opinion Gomez and Redden will be hardest to trade due to the length of their contracts, Dru and Roszi are a little more palatable to other teams as each only has 3 years left and Roszi’s contract was front-loaded with $7m in the first year. San Jose could do with a dose of Captain Clutch couldn’t they?

    Personally, i would sign up Cally, Dubi and Korpi to long-term deals (3yr+) and resign Sjo, Betts and Orr to 1 year deals. See what Antro is looking for and if its $3m or less sign him up for 2 yrs. Let zherdev go, try and trade Roszi, Dru, Gomez or Redden for whatever you can get (ie cap-clearing) and then put all your remaining money on grabbing a UFA scorer or two or trade for one without giving up one of the young guns.

    Jane/Carp – will there be an update after the meetings? Do they ever release any details of the discussions?

  44. Hey
    Anyone here catch HNIC broadcasts? Ron Mclean mumbled as they were going off the air in between periods Saturday that the Dolans are trying to find a buyer…….

  45. Why does Carp think not much will happen over the summer?

    I think your totally off on this. We have a tone UFA’s, and they aint all coming back

    So there will be new guys on the team, no matter what

    And can everyone jsut forget about trading capt clutch?
    he has a NO TRADE CLAUSE!!!

    You really think he is goign to waive it?

  46. I believe Carp means action vie trades and signing of other teams UFA.

    There will most lokely be no big surprise, as we are sure to lose some of our players.

    I do not see how any team would want one of our big conracts, there still several years left in them.

    We are stuck with these huge contracts.

  47. I agree with the Mouth,let he Poti thing go…I would GLADLY take Poti or Malik right now over Redden…Any day!

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