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Hey, y’all. Down in the bayou. Had a Po’ Boy sandwich last night. Awesome.

But it’s been a tough few days. Went to a charity golf outing Thursday. No carts allowed on the course because of the wet conditions. Fine. I don’t mind walking. But the minute we hit our first shots, it began drizzling. That was funny because there was no rain in the forecast.

Sure enough, it got heavier and heavier. We had played five holes of a scramble (1-under, by the way) and were drenched and out at the farthest point from the clubhouse when it became a monsoon, and then was followed by thunder and lightning, and of course the horn that called off the event. So my foursome — my dad, my brother and a friend, and two caddies — were stuck in a cement bathroom for like an hour, and we finally had to hoof it back through heavy rain. Completely soaked.

PS, of course we had all sorts of Seinfeld lines going: “Where’s dad?” … “He’s in the Bathroom!”

Next morning, off to N.O. JetBlue was fine — except that they charge pretty much for everything now. They’ve got a great new terminal at JFK, including a Cheeburger, Cheeburger place. And get this — I never saw anything like it — a vending machine where you can buy an iPod and accessories.

So we get down here and it’s 90 degrees and humid, of course, and we’re staying with relatives on a house on a lake. Beautiful. Except that the air conditioner broke in the middle of the night. So it was a tough night.

But it sure beats working.

I also wanted to tell you guys that as of Monday, I’m going to be totally unavailable for a week. So I will not post for seven days. I’m going to ask Jane to put up something here or there, or somebody in the office to just give you guys a blank post so you can have your own discussions.

See y’all tommorow.

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  1. I’ve never been to a Cheeburger, Cheeburger but people always tell me they’re the best. Enjoy your trip!

  2. jbytes- jordan is overshadowed by malkin and crosby. he gets 3rd line minutes with pk time. lets put dubinsky or cally on the 3rd line and see how many points they put up. actually, until torts got here, cally only had 13 goals. dubinsky had 8. its when they got more icetime is when they started being more of a difference and scoring more. im not sure who staal played with all year but im sure theyre not offensive wizards. at this point, staal seems to be stagnant on that team. and no, i wouldnt trade dubinsky or cally for him at this point, especially not cally. but thats only because you can see that torts really sees alot of good things for these kids. they were basically leading the way against the caps in the series. maybe not scoring all that much, but they were continually the best on the ice. but ya gotta think pitts isnt gonna be able to hold onto all these guys, and they need wingers, so kunitz will probably get signed, if hes a ufa, guerin will probably retire, or sign a 1 yr deal. they need wingers and they might wanna move staal. now we dont need centers, but i think another team will take staal, and try to get him top minuteson the 2nd line and since hes already good in the defensive side of his game, hed have an oppurtunity to play with some better wingers and become better offensively.

  3. colin- but you are first! enjoy your moment of glory!! lol. celebrate your amazing skill in being quick on the draw!!
    p.s. im not makin fun of you, im talkin about the other numbnuts who say first!!!! yay!! im first!!! its the only thing ive ever been first at!!!!

  4. mike
    its all good i didnt think i was going to be first. happen to be on the site on my phone and on my desktop.

    im going to celebrate by not working to hard @ work.

    lovin the “off season” cause the convos are always good.
    its always a good, clean debate.

  5. carp- thats sucks but jane will take care of us. right jane? jane, can you get some audio of maras beard about his summer plans? and can you tell us if sather is going to offer the beard a contract next season? if so, what will happen to mara? you just cant separate them like that. it would be like henrik without daniel!! it would be like crosby without bettman!! it would be like sather without his stogie!!

  6. yea, until the playoffs end then it will really hit me that hockeys totally over!! but then we got the draft, which is the best part of the offseason, the free agent period is good too until sather signs somebody. if sather does sign someone this season, im hopin its antro. hes a guy that has size and skill. something we really need. granted, he doesnt hit too much, but his size is great for puck possession and on the pp. i would like havlat to sign here but hes too expensive. hes been great for chicago in these playoffs but that will up his value. might not be worth it.

  7. I saw one of those iPod things a few months ago in Orlando. As an Apple employee, it was fairly concerning.

  8. No. the whole thing. (plus they have Dunkin, and italian, and chinese, and chicken, and salad bars and all the fast foods). But Cheeburger was really good.

  9. about a week ago…I said we should figure out a way to getof
    Redden(Hartford), not cap killer with that.

    I said we should sign Walker, Beauchimon and Neil.

    what this fight:


    you will see a very good defenseman who can handle himself.

    We will not go anywhere without toughness.

  10. itstheradman on


    I live in down here in New Orleans and wanted to give you some food advice: go to Coop’s on Decatur St. (a few blocks away from Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter) and try their Jambalaya Supreme. You’ve never had anything as good as that…

  11. Johan Franzen 29 DET $1,150,000

    _Do it. Do it._

    Enjoy the Vacay Carp, you (seem to have) earned it…

  12. uggghh, i have the swine flu !!

    It’s Renney’s fault !!

    If i really do have the swine flu, i promise ill track down Redden, and Drury, and cough in their faces, and give it to them, cause im such a nice guy.

    Go Ducks & Swine !!

  13. “Jumbalaya!”

    Orr, spare Renney. He’s gone. (although I’m sure many of you think he’s to blame for the flu). Save it for some actual good it might do. You don’t really have it, do you?

    Itstheradman, thank you.

  14. mike in ia on

    hey guys versus doesnt totally suck, they got some cool fishing shows on sat and sun mornings!! i dont know how many of you guys like fishing but i love it. summer is definitely not the best time to go fishing, but its still fun and helps get your mind off the long boring days off the offseason

  15. mike in ia on

    that show sports soup is pretty funny too, although matt iseman is not very funny, it is funny watchin pac man say” uhh i like a da scrip club”!! freakin retard is hilarious!! strip club buddy!1, not scrip club!! lol

  16. Carp, that post sound like it would make a very entertaining movie, or a hilarious episode of a TV show, like How I Met Your Mom, or something like that.

    Cheeburger Cheeburger is a damn good establishment. Good food. And the iPod vending machine I have seen once. They have one is the Macy’s at the Bridgewater mall. I too was blown away when I saw it. I kept picturing some guy putting his money in and then having the iPod not come all the way off the thing, and then the guy getting mad, and starting to shake the machine, only to be carried away by security, and that is where the Nasty 1 would come in and Fonzarelli the machine, give a nice “Aaaayyy” towards the camera, and walk away with a free iPod. Ha, I have way too active of an imagination and too much free time. But I hope it entertained someone for even half a minute.

  17. mike in ia on

    orr- if you have swine flu i suggest you pay sather a visit. spare drury, because you know hes gonna get us that clutch second period game winner where we beat the thrashers 6-1 next october!!! you know we wouldnt be able to win without dru getting that 2nd goal that just happens to be the gamewinner. as for redden, i think he may already have the swine flu by the way he looks when hes playing. either that, or he was infected by the t virus from resident evil. it would explain his emotionless state

  18. mike in ia on

    actually, redden may have infected shaone morrison with the t virus. i mean, how else could you explain him tryin to make a snack out of doobs? yep, hes a zombie. the only way to get rid of redden is to go for the brain!!! shoot the puck at his head!!!

  19. fans? what fans? on

    where the hell is the RANGERS 24 hour radio channel ??


    Penguins to Launch HD Radio Channel in September

    by Tony F on 05/09/09 at 09:18 AM ET
    Comments (0)

    From the Penguins:

    The Pittsburgh Penguins will launch a new HD radio channel in September, devoted specifically to the Penguins, the NHL and other hockey-related programming.

    “Pittsburgh Penguins Radio” will be a joint effort with 105.9 The X (WXDX-FM), the team’s radio rightsholder, and will be heard on 105.9 HD-2 and http://www.pittsburghpenguins.com, beginning with training camp coverage in September.

    The Penguins are the first team in professional sports to announce the creation of a channel that may be heard 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  20. enough is enough

    what makes you think we give a fck about your worthless opinion?

    We care!

  21. btw Carp

    You should thank the Management of the Rangers for this little vacation right now. If it wasn’t for them and the crappy team they put together that got kicked out early… there be no Cheeburger or Po’ Boy or even 1-under. So enjoy this time off on behalf of the New York Rangers and the management.

  22. enough is enough –
    You sure make yourself look stupid !
    Carp is a friend & he’s telling us where he is & what he’s doing.
    People with NO friends don’t understand this.
    Hey Carp , we got your back – have fun & enjoy yourself, friend !

  23. fans?-

    the penguins are the face of the league

    perfect example is the “seconds” commercial
    where they score and “bring it back to pittsburg for a game 6”


    2nd place = first loser
    why push the first loser on the “non-fan”

    im not saying to push the rangers to the non fans but there are plenty of players that you could throw on a commercial and get people to watch.

    a huge hit by dion?
    a sweet breakaway by pavel?
    the sedin twins?


  24. Thanks for having my back again, Boneheads. I appreciate it.

    enough is enough, nobody’s holding you here, bud. I post stuff like that when there is no news, just so my friends here have a new place to talk to each other every day (24/7/365 actually).

    If they don’t care about what I’m doing, fine. They talk about whatever they want. They are free to ignore me, disagree with me, dislike me, whatever. It’s their blog, and that’s what makes it great. And since Jan. 29, most of them have become my friends.

    If you want to leave … bye.

  25. Carp have a great time man. We’ll be on our best behavior with Jane at the helm (fingers crossed) : D

  26. “We are dee Keeler Beeze!….Geeve us your Pollan or we take dee weeman!!”

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I love reading Zzzzz Greg justifying how the Rangers were better all series! Delusions are live and well. Carp was right when he said New York is the only city where the fans start every season thinking they will probably win the cup, they enter every playoffs believing they’re actually going to win the cup, and Greg zzzzzzz proved that by not only calling anyone who predicted the Capitals “retards,” but by also justifying it afterwards! haha.

    Life must be good.

    Hank, btw, won 3 games because he was unbelievable and the Caps were fairly flat. They were the better team and it should not have even gone to 7 games. Back to delusion world boy…!

  28. I will tell this only once…and only here….
    KFC has engineered a chicken that goes from new born chick to adulthood (chicken adulthood) in about 4 hours….and without a head or claws……no unessential parts that add to overhead (ba-dum-bum)….

    If you eat it you become a clone

  29. NHL network just showed top ten Vancouver Canucks of all time show…it could also be called top ten ugliest uniforms of all time….I almost lost my meatball hero…..

    Cock-a-doodle-doo Mike

  30. mike in ia on

    see i told ya staal was good!!! he just scored albeit his first lol. give the guy some good wingers he’ll produce. satan made some good plays to get staal that shot too

  31. Drury's Agent (James (G)) on

    So do any of you guys play? just had dinner with Glen and with Naslund retiring he has an extra 4 million dollars lying around…minimum 8 year deal though.

  32. mike in ia on

    wow very exciting game. james- i play d. i wanna be paired with redden. no other reason except he’ll make me look good!

  33. mike in ia on

    actually, no, gimme an 8 yr deal at 4 mill per with a 5 mil bonus for “accidentally” hitting redden knee on knee ala ovie. “im sorry glen, but he called my mama a snowblower”, and he said she wears combat boots”!!!!

  34. is this thing on ?? Ok cool. Sorry about the washout ya had during golf. it happens.

    BTW “Mary Lou Redde”n is gonna bring it in 2010.

    The Mouth

  35. Tom Poti just scored the game winner for the Penguins. Update: Goal was credited to Evgeny Malkin.

  36. Chris Drury on

    Boys, that was clutch. Tom rode the clutchmobile right into his own net. I’ve never done that before, but I’m going to call Tom because he shouldn’t let that ruin his weekend. Normally I’d send a text, but it’s almost nap time and it would be anti-clutch if he texts back while i’m asleep and I don’t reply.

  37. isnt it funny how late in our series, betts gets taken out and it just so happens hes our best asset on the pk which we were shutting them down on. now late in this series ovary takes out gonchar which is pitts best d man and pp qb? and in the end, their own d man loses it for them. payback from the hockey gods???

  38. Mister Delaware on

    Hey Rick, where was the Po-Boy from? I have 4 (expense reported) trips to New Orleans coming up this year and don’t want to waste a meal on a bad sandwich. Good Po-Boys are awesome; bad ones are abysmal.

  39. Hahahahahahaaa after wondering where this new and improved Capital Poti came from, it was extremely gratifying to see him put the GWG into his own net. LOVED it. And here I thought that the funniest thing in hockey today would be hearing Cindy refered to as Sid the Skid.

  40. Ovechkin got a playoff unibrow. I think contestant #4 should give his prize to Ovie to get a free unibrow trim at Sal’s Hair Station in White Plains.

    I will call him Unibrowchkin from now on…

    …and now back to silence.

  41. Wade Redden on

    No Tom! Don’t do it! Its not worth it! Go get over it by buying a vacation with the money you didn’t deserve.

  42. ThisYearsModel on

    Mother’s, in downtown New orleans, is the benchmark for excellent Po Boys.

  43. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Is that a playoff beard on Crosby or did a ferret curl up and go to sleep under his chin?

  44. First I was jealous of the Redwings
    then it was the Penguins..
    then I was jealous of the Caps
    now…I’m jealous of the Blackhawks…
    I will root for them from here on this playoff year because by next year I will hate them…

    Happy Mother’s Day

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