Evgeni Malkin = Monster


There, I took your suggestion for a headline, CCCP. We aim to please here at the Festivus Blog.

In other news, Josh Thomson (photo on the right side of the page) is no longer 26.

Finally, don’t forget — you ballot-box stuffers — that today at noon is the deadline for the Paul Mara Rangers Report Playoff Beard Extravaganza (OK, I got a little carried away with the title).

Cast your last-minute ballots here.

I was really happy with the participation in terms of number of beards and the number of votes cast.

Today I have a long, long meeting with Mr. Titleist again, including dinner. So I may not check back in until late tonight. On Friday, I’m going to New Orleans for some R&R, and will also do some RR (Rangers Report) from the road. So I’ll post instructions for the winner(s) to claim their grand, grand prizes.

Since this is a hockey site, maybe I should add some hockey here. But I’ve got nothing except: These playoffs have been phenomenal so far. Great games, great players, great passion. Maybe next year your NYR can hang in there a little longer, because that would really be fun for me, and for all of us here.

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  1. LOL

    This is better than winning the Beard Contest (not that i will win it… OR WILL I?) Thank You Rick.

  2. …it felt so right to say it :P
    lol jk man… it’s all for good fun

    Our monster is Redden… sleeping monster to be exact.

  3. Chris Drury on

    *wish the Nyr’s had a Monster :(*


    I play and talk like a zombie! Close enough!

    *wish Greg L. had some clutch :(*

  4. ZzZz 13 ZzZz once Ruled!! says Greg L. on

    HAHA I asked for that!!! well by the look of yer pic cccp ,you are one mean looking mutha F***er in yer before shot…

  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz once Ruled!! says Greg L. on

    Nice try Chris Drury ..or shall I say Salty!!!

  6. I’m actually NOT “the Chris Drury” (if I do post, I’ve used “Another Chris Drury”)… although I was skimming through yesterday and the day before and the “clutchness” posts are HILARIOUS.

    I think it’s TrueFans though, he seems to be one of the few others who loves to hate the Drury hype as much as me.

  7. ZzZz 13 ZzZz once Ruled!! says Greg L. on

    well salty , it’s kinda wrote in a way that you write your posts , but Truefans did cross my mind but it’s definatly your style of writing. My answer , hate to say it …is Clutch!!!!

  8. Chris Drury on

    Captain Clutch update: Clutchmobile update!

    Took the Clutchmobile back to the dealer today! How could you sell a Clutchmobile to Captain Clutch with no clutch! Not clutch bro!

    Turns out there was a mix-up, they sold me a Malikmobile! Now I know why other cars kept flying right past me! Ha-Ha! Maybe I should get one for Redden! Ha-Ha!

    The salesman Mr. Pearn was great! He said he was new at this job, so I traded him an autographed mouthpiece for free undercoating! So clutch! What a winner!

    The clutchmobile now has clutch!!! Sleep time! Maybe I’ll check in tomorrow afternoon after I wake up! I call it the Carp schedule! Ha-Ha!

  9. lol Happy belated birthday Josh! I was wondering if they’d ever update that…He interviewed me during the playoff series against Atlanta the night we beat them 7-0. Good guy.

    Carp- enjoy your trip. Eat something good at one of Emeril’s restaraunts for me.

  10. Chris Drury on

    I wont let this clear insult on me by using my name ruin my summer vacation

  11. Drury's Agent (aka JamesG) on

    Well you guys can hate on Drury all you want but I did what I had to do…Hey! GUESS WHO’S GETTING A NEW BOAT!

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