Ryan Getzlaf = monster (updated)


The headline has nothing to do with the post. I just wanted to write that.


In case you missed it, the Phoenix Coyotes have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Gee, how did we not see that coming? Hockey didn’t make it in Glendale, Ariz.?

Anyway, here’s the statement from the NHL last night:


NEW YORK (May 5, 2009) – National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly issued the following statement regarding the Phoenix Coyotes:

“We have just become aware of today’s Bankruptcy Court filing purportedly made on behalf of the Phoenix Coyotes. We are investigating the circumstances surrounding the petition, including the propriety of its filing. We have removed Jerry Moyes from all positions of authority to act for or on behalf of the Club. The League will appear and proceed before the Bankruptcy Court in the best interests of all of the Club’s constituencies, including its fans in Arizona and the League’s 29 other Member Clubs.”


Can I tell you something about the Yankees game last night? Two people in the expensive seats (which seats  aren’t?) behind home plate were hit by foul balls because they were talking on the cell phone. Doesn’t that say it all? One was a woman in the little cafe area. The second was a guy on the phone, with an umbrella, and the ball nearly hit him square in the crotch. His umbrella went flying, but he never stopped talking on the phone, even though he was obviously shaken up by the direct hit and now he was getting soaked by rain. Idiot. It kind of made my night.


Polls close in 24 hours (or less, depending on when you read this).

So get out and vote for the most Mara-like Playoff Beard by noon Thursday. The winner gets his/her choice of a beard trim at Sal’s Hair Station in White Plains or a pack of disposable razors, autographed by me and Jane. We may have some surprise awards, too.

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AFTERNOON UPDATE: 2:44 P.M.: Here is the story from NHL.com in which Gary Bettman said the NHL is committed to the Phoenix franchise.

And here are the NHL Players Association’s finalists for the Lester B. Pearson award, which goes to the union’s choice as the most outstanding player. The finalists are the same as the NHL’s Hart Trophy (MVP) finalists.

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  1. Where's Pavelich? on

    If we had Getzlaf, the whole Hugh Jessiman era would have never happened!

  2. UESBlueshirt on

    “We have just become aware of today’s Bankruptcy Court filing purportedly made on behalf of the Phoenix Coyotes. We are investigating the circumstances surrounding the petition, including the propriety of its filing.”

    Hm, could those circumstances be moving a franchise to a location that has not seen naturally occuring ice since wooly mamoths walked the earth?

  3. Where’s Pavelich, are you giving up on the Hugh Jessiman project already?

    Also, Where’s Pavelich … he’s in the woods of Minnesota.

    Nasty, also, “… the World’s Most Fam … Oh nevermind.”

  4. UESBlueshirt on

    Let me retract my previous posts, Paul Mara walks the earth and there is still no ice in PHX.

  5. Carp- What pick do the rangers have in the first round and how should they be targeting?


  6. Jessiman,Jeff Brown,Michael Stewart,Stfan Cherevki,Chris Dude,etc,etc etc. The curse of the ranger first round pick.

    However they can defenseman in the first round: Leecth, Staal, Patrick. Hopefully Del Zotto.
    Bobby Sags? Jury still out

  7. Just read something curious on Yahoo sports…

    how about Drury (and a little something something) for Marleau?

  8. I wish we could dump Rozsival and give some of that money to retain Morris (3.5m?). I’m going through various scenarios in my head about our d-core.

    Staal – Girardi
    Redden – Morris
    Gilroy – Sauer/Sanguinetti

    As much as I like Mara, I think he wore down too fast and was not as effective in the second half the season.

    How about Strudwick back for a 7th? :D

  9. Chris F, even if Drury waived his NTC, I don’t think SJ would go for it, mainly because he still has 3 years left.

  10. roc, I think the draft order for the teams that made the playoffs has yet to be determined. As a first-round loser, I think the Rangers would pick anywhere from 15th to 22nd. Not sure how that’s decided.

    As for whom to pick, the Rangers should make a list of their top players — if they pick 15th, for example, they should list 15 players. Then they should take somebody they don’t have listed in the top 15. The George Costanza Opposite theory.

  11. UESBlueshirt on

    Bobby Sags…one letter away from being something unsightly.

    I think the beard definitely weighed Mara down. Shave that thing off and he can look upright again.

  12. From http://rangers.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=421552

    “On Wednesday, Zherdev will be going against one of the Rangers’ prospects in Belarussian defenseman Vladimir Denisov. After the Hartford Wolf Pack’s season ended, Denisov joined the Belarus team. He has played four games at the Worlds so far, helping his team to three dramatic overtime wins.

    One other member of the Rangers’ reserve list, defenseman Ivan Baranka, also competed at the World tournament, but his Slovak team failed to reach the quarterfinals. Baranka, who played one NHL game for the Rangers in 2007-08, finished the tournament with one assist and four penalty minutes in six games.”

    I thought Baranka wasn’t NYR property?

  13. Pavel,

    Baranka’s NHL rights are still owned by the Rangers. They tendered him an offer last year, he didn’t sign, signed in Europe but the Rangers still own his rights, same goes for Jarrko Immonen.

  14. Jessiman,Jeff Brown,Michael Stewart,Stfan Cherevki,Chris Dude,etc,etc etc. The curse of the ranger first round pick.


    You’re forgetting 2 of the biggest in Pavel Brendl and Manny Malhotra.

    Thank god PHX is crumbling. How does that taste Bettman? I hope there are many more contractions in the coming years, especially “expansion” teams. Next up, Nashville.

  15. No Country For Old Rangers on

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw Ryan Getzlaf was the headline as I irrationally thought for a second that the NYR had somehow acquired him in the middle of the playoffs. Thanks Carp.

  16. UES. yup. looked exactly like them, only not funny at all.

    Salty, don’t forget Lundmark.

    No Country, sorry. I was going to make it Jessiman = Monster.

  17. Salty, they will just add another team somewhere, perhaps North Carolina or better yet a third Florida team.

    This league is a joke and starts with Buttman and ends with Sather, and Dolan in the middle. There you have it, a crappy sandwich.

  18. Where's Pavelich? on

    Thanks Carp, Pavelich dissapeared similar to Bob Denver.. just faded to nowhere to smoke pot – showing up once in a while (San Jose Sharks, Harlem Globetrotter on Gilligan’s Island, etc).. sadly, Bob has since passed on…

    anyhow, would a team take Drury plus a #1 pick in exchange for something of value (i.e. Marleau)? would you do that? If it were Redden I would have to consider it – depending on what comes back. The negative of these long term contracts really eats into the value of any pick..

  19. I wish I could go to McDonald’s right now and order a McDLT in the original packaging.

  20. Remember when Jessiman said he took fighting lesson during the summer and then got his ass handed to him in the preseason. He looked like a pony trying to take it’s first steps. It was so pathetic.

  21. Where's Pavelich? on

    after those fighting “lessons”, he got beat up by Downie on Philly, who was like a foot shorter and 70 lbs lighter.. not much fighting at Dartmouth, I suppose.

  22. Haha who saw what happened in the final minutes of the Wings and Ducks game? Terrible by the refs, just absolutely terrible. :)

  23. Speed Ranger on

    Ryan Getzlaf is the reason I’m cheering for Anaheim…. and does anyone else think he looks a little like Dan Girardi?

  24. Cherepanov’s ghost can score more goals than Jessiman.

    BUST !!!

    The refs suck, they screwed the Wings last night, but im glad they did, cause i want the Quacks to win. Fugg the Chicken Wings.

    But then again i think Chelios got away with a dirty elbow, so i guess everything evens out.

    Go Craps, ugh !

  25. BroadwayBlue on

    Guys- not fair to include Stefan Cherneski as a 1st pick washout. Guy was a goal scorer & the last guy cut in either ’87 or ’88. Then coach John Mucker didn’t want to send him down, but it was felt he’d benefit from more time in Hartford. Unfortunately, he was hit by the dreaded Rangers curse. On an innocent enough play he was gliding into the boards after the puck when his knee protection shifted off his knee just as he was checked. His knee cap was shattered & for all intents so was the kid’s career. He tried coming back following rehab, bit his knee wasn’t up to it. So,the career of Cherneski ended prematurely just like that of Dan Blackburn.
    Carp- I maintain if Blackburn had been injured, the Lundqvist Era would not have come about. Your take?


    i know, i know… its gonna be moved to southern ontario, but i can still dream

  27. mike in ia on

    but jessimans noggin was like 70% wider than downies. he shouldve at least broken downies hand, arm, and shoulderblade absorbing those punches. he kinda reminds me of that stupid mtv show awhile back called “the head”

  28. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i came up with 6 markets that could support an NHL team better than 6 current markets.

    That’s for the 6 teams that are facing serious financial trouble to move to, by my count that’s Phoenix, Florida and Atlanta, then Nashville then the Isles and Sabres.

    They are, in order of probable sucess.

    Hamilton, Ontario
    Kansas City, MO
    Las Vegas, NV
    Seattle, WA
    Quebec City, Quebec
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Hamilton seems like a no brainer at this point.

    KC is kind of a weird market in that the KC Royals are the very definition of small market team. But almost all the teams in the midwest do pretty well (from Minnesota to St Louis to Chicago now) and KC has that new area that doesn’t even have a major league tenant yet, but all those suites ready to roll.

    Seattle is also weird, in that it JUST lost its NBA team. But its always seemed like a four sport market to me and the Northwest is a region in which pro hockey has always made sense. Seattle or even Portland Oregon I’d be ok with. You put ’em in a division with Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Minnesota or Colorado? Ain’t nothin’wrong with that.

    I think the NHL will be the first league to go to Vegas mostly because it has the least to lose. Every league wants to but is a little gun shy. The NHL wasn’t gun shy enough to cancel an entire season, I almost mean that as a compliment. The NHL id’d San Jose as a viable big league/ NHL market and hey, its done pretty well!

    While the Canadian WHA cities I mention lost their teams in the early 90s, that was a different era. And those cities housed sustainable WHA/ NHL teams for about 20 years which is much long than some of these fledgling US markets have been viable.

    I would hate to see Buffalo lose its team and I also wish I thought Hartford, CT could support a team. But Buffalo’s the only one that’s actually on the block and I think the Hamilton thing appeals to them in that they think they’d draw old Sabres fans and the excess fans in Toronto. I’m not sure if Hamilton is close enough to actually do that.

    Anywhoo, next time I’ll line up the new six divisions.

  29. mike in ia on

    pavelich- u mustve read that puck daddy story on a drury for marleau trade too. i read it and would do that trade in a heartbeat, but we again, would have to send a prospect or 2 their way. they do need a good playoff performer and drury would help in that area(teehee).

  30. mike in ia on

    ryan getzlaf=monster

    hugh jessiman=bub the zombie from ‘day of the dead’

  31. I’m sad to see the Coyotes struggling & probably moving.
    I go to about 10-15 games a year.


    It’s definitely sad for the fans any time this happens in sports. That said, I think this has potential to be “addition by subtraction”, hopefully the team will go back to Canada.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing an “Ontario Jets” or something…

  32. “I wish we could dump Rozsival and give some of that money to retain Morris (3.5m?). I’m going through various scenarios in my head about our d-core.

    Staal – Girardi
    Redden – Morris
    Gilroy – Sauer/Sanguinetti”

    I think you’re dreamin thinking Gilroy is going to step right in to the NHL(or any of the current Wolfpack constantly mentioned in this forum). I’m not sure what there is to inspire confidence in Morris. He’s a slow, aging d-man with a hard shot that rarely gets to the net. He’s not exceptionally physical either.

  33. Broadway Blue, that is an interesting take. But Blackburn looked like he was going to be the real deal, too.

    I think it will be Hamilton, Ont., which will be a perfect fit for two Ontario guys, The Great One and Don Maloney. That province will go nuts with TGO there.

    Austin, I don’t see the Whale coming back.

  34. mike in ia on

    I wish we could dump Rozsival and give some of that money to retain Morris (3.5m?). I’m going through various scenarios in my head about our d-core

    pavel- no way. id keep rozy over morris. rozy will be better next season having another few months to let his surgey heal better, and he still led the d in goals and points. morris sucked in the playoffs for us too. rozy played much better and he had to play against the ovie line. morris and zherdev made two horrible giveaways that ended up being a goal against in game 5. i know he has a good shot, but so does rozy and he’ll be shootin better next season. if morris was much more physical and cleared the crease id say yea keep him, but hes average at best in each category of a defenseman. at least rozy has offensive skills.and he was ok playing against ovie, save for that 1 mistake where he fell down in game 6 that caused the shorty. i know his contract is still worse than morris, but the only way i take morris over rozy is if they are able to package rozy in a trade to get us a scoring winger.

  35. yan cant cook on

    agree on Getzlaf, athough Cali kinda reminds me of him with the grit and the hard work. Lets see if Cali can start scoring like him.

  36. Where's Pavelich? on

    mike – Jessiman does have a huge head – it’s like Sputnik.

    …yeah saw the Marleau article .. don’t know if a #1 and Drury gets Marleau back.. kinda of funny that a #1 pick alone is more valuable than Drury/Redden and that pick.

  37. Broadway Roe on

    Cali can score IF paired with the right people.

    Carpie, I agree that Blackburn would’ve been the real deal without the unlucky injury. Good kid.

  38. mike in ia on

    yan- getzlaf is a much more complete player than cally is. although cally is becoming much better at scoring. getzlaf has superior passing skills, has a better shot, and his size allows him to control the puck better and make better plays. cally kinda reminds me of an adam graves type player. cally is also getting better at getting himself open for good shooting positions, and is a very energetic guy who can help turn momentum and is becoming more of a threat with his shot. hes what 5’11” 190? getzlaf is more of the main guy that can do it all. cally what he lacks in size and puck handling skills, he makes up for with his grit, energy, and an always improving shot, and hes getting better at finding open ice to shoot from. theres no question id trade cally for getzlaf in a heartbeat, but in time cally will be just as good in his own way. i can definetly see cally on the 1st line with gomez and a sniper and being a 60 point guy for us. he already has the work ethic and hes shown he has the ability to score goals. you need guys like him on a line with a playmaker an a sniper to give you that edge and tenacity. hes more like a corey perry i think. i hope he continues to improve because he showed the most promise of the young guys this year. even more than marc staal in my eyes.

  39. Just a general FYI, I ran the numbers, buying out Wade Redden would be a $2.067 cap hit for the next 10 years (details on the calculations are on my blog, link in my name). Granted, Sather’s not buying out Redden, but it’s interesting to look at.

    Redden’s current cap hit is $6.5 million for the next 5 years, so a buyout would save the Rangers $4.5 million in cap room for the next 5 years, but then cost the Rangers $2.067 in cap room for the following 5 years.

    Just some food for thought.

  40. As for Blackburn, I remember draft day 2004 when all of the WaMu theater booed for the Montoya pick and started a Dan Blackburn chant. It is such a shame what happened to him.

  41. mike in ia on

    pavelich- lol sputnick! he looks like a potatohead. thats why when he fought downie, he probably broke downies hand, arm and shoulder! you ever se jurassic park 2 with the dinosaur with the big skull that had like 8 inches of bone and he charged at the 2 guys in the jeep and knocked the damn thing over on its side. huge head on that thing. looks like a distant relative of hugh’s. could be instead of originating from apes, hugh evolved from that dinosaur

  42. mike in ia on

    oh, and im saying as of right now at this point in time, id trade getzlaf for cally. but seeing how cally is steadily becoming one of our top players, and who knows what the future holds, it would be very hard to make that trade not only because cally is a fan favorite and hes got high potnetial, but also because hes a new yorker with an edge!! we need more new yorkers on the team. and plus we all know what happens when we trade our youth for superstars. it never works out!!

  43. mike in ia on

    dave, why dont we just give him 1 more year to see if he can bounce back and really improve his game. not saying he’ll ever live up to his contract, but i say give him another year, and if he still sucks then just waive him and bury him in hartford. never expose him to re-entry waivers either or we might have to pay half his salary. i know the cap hit is way too high for the 5 years left, but double that time period at 2 million is just way too long to have to pay this guy. id rather have him completely off the books in a few years than have to pay him for 10 more years. hell, maybe he can have a good season next year and who knows, maybe his trade value will rise and a team desperately needing a d man will take him for a playoff run! lol. hey ya nver know right?

  44. Mike in ia, I have no problem giving him one more year. I was just running numbers to give the “Let’s buy out Redden” people some numbers to look at. I was also interested in what it would cost.

    I believe Redden has a no-movement clause, so he would have to approve the reassignment.

    As for the $2 million cap hit, in 5 years, you have to assume that the cap will be upwards around $65 million. The $2 million is just a fraction of that. The question here is, is it worth it to save $4.5 million over the next 5 years to take that $2 million hit for the following 5 years.

  45. “Do we include Al Montoya in there yet, or its too early?”

    Too early, he looked pretty good in his coupe of games with the Yotes.

    You never know, he could be a good 1st round pick, but we got Freddy “Stone Hands” Shoes. I like Shoes, but if Monty is a decent starter, then we blew another 1st rounder.

  46. Sjostrom is a sub-$1million cap hit who scores a few goals (a couple were short handed), shoot out wins, and is a great PKer and forechecker. Guys like him and Betts are necessary for any successful team.

  47. Where's Pavelich? on

    Getzlaf is a top 10 player in the league; young, big and plays physical, as much as we all like cally’s effort out there, they are a different class of player

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lundqvist was drafted 7th round, he would have been a Ranger if Blackburn was still here but would he have made the lineup?! Probably because the Rangers never waste money on Kevin Weekes and so Lundqvist and Blackburn would have battled for the top spot the same way Hank and Weekes battled for the top spot.

    Ya’ll know when I say “battle” i actually mean… DAMN IT, TOM RENNEY!

  49. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If contestant 16 put on a helmit, I would think it’s ClutchMaster Flex himself… Chris Drury.

  50. Orr,

    We didn’t really blow that 1st rounder on Montoya. Blackburn’s career was in serious jeopardy and obviously ended and we didn’t know how good Lundqvist would become.

    I’m sure no one in the Rangers organization knew he’d be as good as he is, especially as a 7th rounder and in the year that the Rangers took Montoya, the Rangers used 5 different goalies. (Vally, Jamie McLennan and Mike Dunham ended the year with the Rangers) The Rangers obviously needed a goaltender and the year Montoya got drafted, he posted a 30-7-3 record at Michigan and backstopped Team USA to the 2004 World Championships while being named to the all tournament team.

    He seemed like the obvious and best pick for the Rangers who were drafting 6th overall, had no apparent goaltender of the future (before Lundqvist’s emergence).

  51. Wonder if Capt. Clutch found that Clutchmobile with the clutch yet. That would be clutch. When last we left, he was disappointed to learn the Clutchmobile was an automatric. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Captain Automatic! Because he’s automatically clutch!

  53. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I heard Blackburn got arrested in Dallas for trying to buy Smirnoff Ice with a fake i.d.

  54. UESBlueshirt on

    I hope he got arrested for the attempt to buy Smirnoff Ice and not for the fake ID part. Unless you’re buying it for a bunch of under 21 SMU sorority girls there’s no excuse for that. Did his ID say his name was McLovin?

  55. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the contract talks!! says Greg L. on

    Bitt , Yeah ive been hearing Jagr to Edmonton Oilers alot.
    Jagr would buyout his Omsk contract and then join Hemsky on young hungry Oilers team.

  56. Carp, does a player have any recourse if a team decides to send him down? Basically, can the Rangers send Redden down to the AHL for the legnth of his contract, not risk calling him up and eating half of his contract?

    If the $ can be spent in a better way (and we all know it can) isn’t this the rangers only logical move? Our old payrolls were more than the salary cap is now, so it’s not like the Garden can’t absorb paying Redden’s entire contract rather than a buyout for cap purposes. Isn’t that our lone advantage in this salary cap era? I don’t see why this isn’t a no brainer move other than Redden’s feelings…he hurt all of our feelings last year so I think it’s fair-

  57. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the contract talks!! says Greg L. on

    During the all-star game , they play a ” youngstars game ” inwhich the game is only 2 periods , then the next day they play the 3 period game with the real “stars”. Why not add a 3rd game and have it the “old timers game” with the two teams playing 1 period and is practicly a shinny game….that way guys like Chelios ,Sundin ,Weight ,Recchi , and other gets to play one last time. This way we see which conference had the best “old foggies”!!!

  58. iWannabeanyr on

    The Phoenix Coyotes are going bankrupt? Good, move the club back to Canada where there are actually kids who play hockey…on frozen lakes and ponds, no less.

    I know that there have been expansion teams in existence for several years, but I still can’t get used to the idea of cities like Phoenix, Dallas, Nashville, and Raleigh having hockey teams while Winnipeg lost theirs, and Edmonton and Calgary are struggling to make money with theirs.

  59. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the contract talks!! says Greg L. on

    I got it!!!! Sell the phoenix coyotes to Canada , yes I agree iwannabeanyr , but put the team smack dab right in the middle of Canada!!! yeah like right in the middle where they have no team but have brought in people such as gordie howe ,mike babcock, cam ward ,luc schen , berne ferderko ,wendel clark and many many more …put the coyotes right in Saskatchewan . No , I didn’t sneeze , I said sask”atchew”an ..oops that time I did sneeze.

  60. Unemployed Steve on

    Capt. Clutch can afford to buy a new clutchmobile but will he know where he is going?

  61. put em back where they were before they were moved.
    there shouldnt even be a discussion.

    winnipeg deserves a hockey team. they have a new arena (MTS center) that holds 15,000+ people.

    you already have an existing fan base (its friggen canada) so you dont need to spend money on marketing (kansas city) for the team and handing them a #1 draft pick that they will only screw up anyways (passing on schenn last draft).

    the moose may not sell out every game but there attendance is way higher than most nhl “out of market” teams.

    “save shane doan!”

  62. I wish the league would get involved and remove Dolan and the rest of those clowns at MSG.

  63. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the contract talks!! says Greg L. on

    Mr Carp geuss what? A New tv series is going to air this fall featuring our beloved Drury!!

    Starsky and Clutch!!! Drury is the driver and is “clutch” in his approach to catching the bad guys!!

  64. UESBlueshirt on

    C’mon you know the Bettman regime would love to put a team in Kansas City so it can finally do a rodeo/hockey game simulcast on VS, that was part of the TV agreement in the fine print.

    They could have Chris Simpson interviewing the bull afterwards asking awkward and obvious questions…”So you really think the bucking back and forth was an effective way to get the guy off your back?”

  65. UESBlueshirt on

    Maybe if the Winnipeg Jets weren’t the redheaded step children of the Smythe division they wouldn’t have moved.

  66. Chris Drury on

    Wonder if Capt. Clutch found that Clutchmobile with the clutch yet. That would be clutch. When last we left, he was disappointed to learn the Clutchmobile was an automatric. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


    Captain Clutch update: Sorry Carp, just woke up! Redden’s Cinco de Mayo party was too sick, I think Voros is still waiting outside! Clutchmobile update coming soon!


    ***Capt. Clutch can afford to buy a new clutchmobile but will he know where he is going?***

    I don’t follow directions, directions follow me! What a leader! By the way Steve, being unemployed is not clutch!


    ***how about Drury (and a little something something) for Marleau?***

    How about a full-no movement clause! Ha-Ha! Thanks again Glen!

  67. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the contract talks!! says Greg L. on

    Wnnepeg Jets were losers , Teemu Salammy , Hawerchuck ,Housley and bobby hull were the only things good about that franchise. Vancouver sucked and the Oiler with Our Messier ruled the Smythe , Calgary tried …LA kings only became something when they traded for gretz and changed those gawd awful purple uniforms to a new syle Black N grey.

  68. Carp,
    Can we have another april fools story so i can be happy for a few seconds that i am a rangers fan?

  69. leavin' on a jet plane on

    wrong. the Jets could not survive in Winnipeg because they did not have enough corporate support.

    there are not enough big companies in that area to own the team or buy suites or give sponsorship money

    fyi, they did not move the team until they had exhausted all avenues first. they tried to sell the team to local buyers, but NO ONE was willing to own the team and take the losses and risk the capital there

    it is not enough to have fans if there is no one to buy the team and take the losses.

  70. Robert Esche looked very good for team USA in goal. the former flyers goalie has worked on his game and he looks much more confident in the net now

  71. no corp sponsorship?

    a quick google search proves that theory wrong

    True North Sports & Entertainment, specifically Mark Chipman, have repeatedly stated that an ownership group is in place. David Asper has also pledged his support.

    i can debate this all day people.

  72. Speed Ranger on

    NEVER Hamilton. It’s all about TV rights. Leafs won’t share. End of story. Never gonna happen.

  73. JASON

    No, what i meant is if Monty becomes a solid goaltender, then we wasted the pick pretty much on Sjostrom.

    And what the fugg, why isn’t Callahan, Dubinsky, or Parise on team USA, or Miller ? What the fugg are they doing, go over, the team could use you guys !!

    And fugg Canada, the last thing we all need is another Canadian team getting all the calls from the refs. Put a team in Vegas !!! Maybe we’ll get lucky, and Redden will get into trouble down there, and he’ll get arrested, and eventually Sather will have to do everything he can to get rid of him !!!

    Go USA & Fox !! And Rutuu is a moron, i hope someone ends his career at some point, that loss was his fault, Finland was leading 1-0, and USA was on the PP, and he trips Esche for no reason, and then Brown scores, and then they score another two goals within the next three mins. Great job, idiot !!

  74. Speed Ranger on

    Callahan, Parise et al are not on the US roster b/c they didn’t need anymore skaters.

  75. the key to this video is the AMERICAN DOLLAR

    keep printin it up out of thin air.

  76. mr bettman refuses to face the reality that phoenix is not a hockey town.. let basille buy the team and move it some place people will care.. enough of your freakish frankenstein experiment that has failed miserably gary.! why not get rid of another 2-4 teams that have ZERO place in the nhl and call it a day..

  77. Phoenix is like a lot of sports towns. Give us a winner & tickets will be sold. Give us the crap we have now & the arena will be empty.
    A few years ago when Bobby Francis was the Coyote coach (coach of the year BTW) & the Coyotes where in the playoffs the place was sold out. Now the team sucks & the fans found something else to spend their money on .
    Look at the Cardinals. I used to go when the Giants came to town – 30-35 thousand in a stadium that held 73,000.
    Now – good tickets are hard to find & their sold out most games !
    Everybody loves a winner !

  78. mike in ia on

    pitts is makin all kinds of good passes but they fumble the puck or lose it and cant get any good shots. does anybody know malkin or staals contract status? the pens arent gonna be able to hold onto all these guys. id love to have malkin on the rangers . and staal is good defensively too. hed be great to have.

  79. Is anyone watching Ovechkin vs. Crosby series? Great game… that kid Varlamov could be a real keeper for craps.

  80. i was thinking… how ironic the end of the season was for the NYR losing last game of the year *2:1*

  81. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Travesty! The Referees gave 6 straight PPs to Pittzburgh. Even worse, the Caps got their 2nd PP with 2 minutes left in the game and the announcers were like “Whoa! Wait, it’s not another Pens PP?! I thought there was another caps penalty I don’t even know how the Penguins committed a penalty?!” haha. Eff the NHL and their golden boy.

  82. I was so impressed with Malkin’s game tonight, I couldn’t help but cheer for Penguins. They played with a lot more desperation; they deserve to win.

  83. UESBlueshirt on

    As much as I think the cheerleaders that the Canes employ are minor league, they are cute.

    Does everyone really think the Rangers would get run over that bad by the Bruins?

  84. UESBlueshirt on

    Too bad if the Canes win the series dwarfish Gary will cite that as justification for teams in the sunbelt.

  85. It looks like two of the Norris Trophy finalists [Chara and Green] are not having such a hot second round.

  86. Rangers did play Bruins pretty close in the regular season. We’d lose to them for the same reason we lost to DC – lack of offence.

  87. I bet most of the local boneheads are 100% funnier than those “professional” writers that write for “Sports soup”

  88. Carp, maybe you can mention the following in your next post…it’s an interesting random note.

    Sports Illustrated polled 324 NHL players asking “Who is the dirtiest player in the league?” The results:

    Chris Pronger – 13%
    Steve Ott – 13%
    Jarko Ruutu – 12%
    Sean Avery – 10%
    Scott Hartnell – 5%

  89. I’ll betcha Avery’s pissed……4th place? That dont get nothing in the fashion world…not even a ribbon

  90. As for whom to pick, the Rangers should make a list of their top players—if they pick 15th, for example, they should list 15 players. Then they should take somebody they don’t have listed in the top 15. The George Costanza Opposite theory.

    LoL. Carp I love how you feel the pain of us fans…

    BTW- do you have any idea where Blackburn is these days or how he’s doing?

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