Rock the beard vote (updated)


OK, folks. Time to vote for the inaugural (unofficially named for Paul Mara) Rangers Report Playoff Beard contest winners.

You can click here to vote, or go to this link:

Let’s put a time limit on this. So we’ll say Thursday at noon will be the cutoff. OK?

Anybody who is in: If you want your actual name or your screen name used instead of Contestent No. X, please e-mail me at and let me know A) which one you are, and B) what name you want listed.

Talk to you all later. Hope this goes smoothly.


It’s official. Naslund announced his retirement this afternoon. Good guy who was once an excellent player, doing the decent thing … and one of the few athletes who isn’t completely consumed with his paychecks. Good for him.

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  1. Contestant 18 lol

    Carp u can use my name…

    no cheating people… you can vote for yourself as many time as you want… refresh the page, vote… refresh the page, vote and it counts lol

  2. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Golf course!! says Greg L. on

    sweet , im gonna win!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously, Contestant #2 should win simply because she’s female and entered the contest. However, with regards to true playoff beards, Contestant #5 looks like he really just let the damn thing grow – no cleaning up around the edges or anything. I wish I had entered the contest!

  4. lol people are going nutz! Contestant 4 clearly having time of his life with 68 votes already! lol

  5. It’s not even close. Contestant #5 should be the runaway winner.

    I mean, that dude didn’t even so much as line himself up; he just let it grow like an amazon man.

  6. Some of you guys look too young to stay up late to watch a hockey game & some of you look like you’ll never get past security at JFK !

  7. Yeah – Carp, I have a funny feeling that people are voting multiple times. I think this should be a revote and have one vote per IP address. At least the culprits will have to go to another computer to vote again.

  8. Sally… I’m impressed! If it takes you that little time to grow facial hair i wonder … no, ill stop right there. :P lol

  9. This is funny… i have a friend, he is an orthodox Jew… i sent the site to him so he can vote for me… this is what he replied to me with:

    “I guess it’s a good thing for you the rangers lost when they did! as a ultra orthodox Jew – we can’t shave from Passover till shvuos (Giving of the Torah). So you may see Jewish men on the train unshaven its not because of the hockey playoffs but its funny how it always ends up being the same time.”

  10. GravestheBest on

    Do you think the Lightning would trade Vincent Lecavalier for Gomez (add in picks and/or minor leaguer)? They are the same cap hit next year, but they go in opposite directions after that (Vinny’s going up). Plus Gomez comes off the books a lot sooner.

  11. No chance, Graves. Gomez for a bag of pucks, maybe, but definitely not Vinnie.

  12. New Newman on

    Naslund retires! Thank God. He did us a huge damn favor. Saves us like 3 or 4mm cap space! Sweet.

    Meanwhile, after watching the Wings and Ducks and then the Canes Bruins….we were lucky to win 3 games and we would have gotten stomped in the next round. The Wings or Ducks will destroy everyone on the way to the Cup. No doubt.

  13. Chris from Albany on

    Just a question: Does anyone think that Joel Lundqvist would fit? He would be a solid 3rd or 4th liner and he is cheap. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. Rick?

  14. Im pretty sure Nslaunds salary stil counts against the cap next year since he is 35…, i dont know if the rule changed but that is what it was in 05/06 someone please prove me wrong?

  15. Lightning will probably listen to any trade offer with the Rangers, but they want Staal in return on all deals… no thanks!

    The way I see it is that the only way you trade a Staal is if you get a Staal in return. Additionally, in these tough economic times, they can preserve each other’s uniform numbers to save money.

  16. Mike08, I found this suitable information for you.

    (Sec 50 (d)(i)(B)(5).

    Players 35 and older (“as of June 30 prior to the League Year in which the SPC is to be effective”) count against the calculation of the cap regardless of whether they are playing or not.

    Naslund was born July 30, 1973, which means on 6/30/2008 he was 34 years old, which means if he retires he would not count against the cap.

  17. Chris, the last thing the Rangers need are more 3rd or 4th liners – IMO, the whole team is comprised of 3rd and 4th liners. They need some major talent.

  18. Sad to see NAslund (officially) retire.

    He was a decent Ranger, if even for 1 season.
    Good luck to him and happy retirement at 37!

    Wow I’m 33, maybe I can retire in 4 years too?

    Well our highest points player jsut retired:

    Who gets a letter now?

    Torts really has some work to do with ole Glenny boy over the summer

    Hope with the 3 or 4 mil freed up by NAslund retiring makes them get someone who can score.

    AND resign some of our guys – DUbi & Cally

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    WOW. #5 is UNREAL.

    Carp, I was gonna vote for you since I figure you can actually make use of the prize in Westchester, but oh man, that guy is by far the best.

  20. Doodie Machetto
    May 4th, 2009 at 4:53 pm
    WOW. #5 is UNREAL.

    Carp, I was gonna vote for you since I figure you can actually make use of the prize in Westchester, but oh man, that guy is by far the best.


    not as UNREAL as #18!! :)

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I think the 3 or 4 million goes to reupping Dubi and Cally.

    They’re also hopefully not going to spend a lot in free agency, or give out one year contracts only. This way we can have a lot of space in 2010 (even with the cap going down) to resign Staal and hopefully make a big pitch for Kovalchuk.

  22. New Newman on

    From TSN.CA: New York would have had an opportunity to buy Naslund out in June, at a total cost of $3 million in cap hits over the next two seasons. Instead, with Naslund’s departure, the Rangers will save $4 million in salary cap space immediately for the 2009-10 season.


  23. mike in ia on

    mikey nj- he wasnt our highest points producer, but yea he did lead the team in goals if we hadnt gotten antro. hes only 35 though not 37.

  24. UESBlueshirt on

    Take about $2-$2.5MM of Naslund’s $4MM and spread it out to Dubi and Cally. Remember that would be $1-$1.25MM on top of what they earned this year. Maybe be smart with the cap and give them 3 year deals so it’s still relatively low cost for the term of the contract but their deals expire when Drury and Rozi’s contracts expire and they’ll have real cap room to sign them again assuming they’ve earned it.

  25. Priority 1 = re-sign Cally and Dubi long-term
    #2 = find some top line scoring talent without overpaying (Gaborik & Gionta are UFA but might be pricey) i think a trade would be the only way to go
    #3 = figure out whether to keep the 4th line intact or
    #4 = call-up the likes of Grachev, Byers, Moore, Ansimov, Sanguinetti, Sauer, Potter and see if they can cut it..
    #5 = try and get rid of Zherdev and Virus for draft picks or prospects

    We’re lucky that Naslund saved us some cap space, lets hope Slats doesn’t waste it on someone over the hill or more 3rd/4th line players we don’t need.

  26. Shoryuken on Wade Redden

    where are you watching the World Championship? I’d like to watch it too!

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    UKRanger, here are my thoughts on your 5 priorities:

    1) absolutely

    2) no such talent exists because someone will overpay for talent, even if it’s not us. And Gionta is a big time gamble that he can regain the chemistry he had with Gomez. Also, he’s a really small guy. We need some bigger bodies.

    3) Fair enough. I think you have to keep at least either Betts or Sjostrom, if not both. I’d keep Betts.

    4) I’d call up Byers and Anisimov up front. I wouldn’t rush Grachev (we’re not contenders next year, why rush him), so I’d give him a year in the A. Moore sucks; AHL lifer. Sanguinetti is looking like a bust since we spent so much money on Redden, drafted MDZ, called up Potter, called up Sauer, called up Potter again, and then spent a lot of money on Gilroy, all after having drafted him. I think the organization has a problem with his game. Although, with Torts at the helm, maybe he gets a shot. Potter probably gets a call up. Sauer hurt his chances with how much he floundered during his call up.

    5) Zherdev is either going to be resigned or will walk. There will be no sign and trade. Nobody wants Voros, and he will likely spend the remainder of his contract in Hartford.

  28. mike in ia on

    contestants 5 6 and 8 need to stay far away from airports. i had to vote for 8 because that guy mustve taken alot of crap and was probably scared for his life wondering if fbi agents are gonna break his door down and arrest him as a terrorist. contestant 1 looks suspect also, but looks more like a guido

  29. mike in ia on

    contestant 11 actually looks like he has less hair than in the before photo!

  30. Wang and Kumar bought the isles lol…

    Its funny… imagine if Harold and Kumar bought the White Castle… would be same result.

    Devils and Isles should merge together and call the franchise “Tri-state Mermaids”

  31. The Rangers, and by extension NY-area hockey, gain nothing from the Isles’ current situation. All it does is lessen the excitement around hockey in the NY metro area. And it turns our six games against them, which used to be the best six games of the season, into average contests. What exactly is satisfying about that?

  32. mike in ia on

    cccp- lol, i knew that one was you. from awhile ago whenb the contest started. i wouldve entered the contest but linda said something like i have a babyface or somethin like that

  33. How would people here feel about Erik Cole who is UFA? Before I get burned at the stake; 1) I’m well aware of his injury history 2) he probably wants to stay in Carolina at this point in his career

    1)he can play first line minutes 2) although he’s not the physical force he once was, he still has wheels and is good at protecting the puck 3) he’s from upstate NY and is more affordable than a lot of other options.

    Just a thought to stir the old discussions.

  34. World Championships can be watched online at, click the ice hockey links and pick your game. Media Player links don’t need to be installed (assuming you have Windows Media Player), there are also some programs called Sopcast and TVU that are good downloads, you might want those too.

    Also, Universal Sports (464 on FiOs) is showing the quarterfinals, but I’m not sure if it’s just USA or all of them. Quarters start Wednesday

  35. cole isnt a bad player but he really doesnt solve our problems. we need goal scorers and there arent many available on the market (id say havlat and camm, not counting hossa who we cant afford, but even those 2 other guys will get 5+). really the best thing sather can do is bury redden in the minors try and trade roszival and if i had my wish buyout drury. however it wouldnt surprise me to see all three players back next year.

    i would let zherdev go unless he will take a pay cut b/c if u tender him wont he get 10% of this years salary (3.5M i think)?

  36. mike in ia on

    mikeA- i dont know about cole. i like him hes a good strong guy who can score 20-25 and i watched the game last night he does handle the puck well and hes good behind the net and good and strong to make plays in front of and near the net. he would be a good 1st liner to play with gomez. we really need some size and strength on our 1st line. saying that, i just dont think signing him would be the best thing to do. i think w either should sign a pure sniper who will score 40 goals or more, or not sign anybody. i wouldnt be against signing cole if we already had that star player that can really help with our scoring problem, but we dont and i doubt cole will be the guy that will get us past the 1st or 2nd round. if hes cheap enough then it could be a help until grachev or somebody else can develop into a sniper for us to play on the 1st line. how much will he cost and do u think carolina will try and hold onto him because he plays great with staal.

  37. mike in ia on

    see if zherdev had showed up in the playoffs and say scored 2-3 goals for us, i think id consider keeping him for 3.5 4 mill. i really think hes got the goods to be a high scoring winger for us. but at the same time, you cant wait forever for the guy and i think if the kid really cared, he wouldve showed alot more effort in the playoffs. im torn on what to do with zherdev but if torts feels he can work with him and get him to reach hjis full potential and pay the price to score goals and do anything to helkp the team win, then im all for him staying. i have faith that torts knows whether or not hes worth keeping.

  38. mike in ia on

    if another team is gonna offer him stupid money and we get a 1st rounder or 2 for him, bye z!! but i doubt that will happen

  39. I am contestant 11 and yeah, my beard didn’t even grow that much at all.

  40. mike in ia on

    joseph, are you new to the blog i dont think ive seen u post here before. and hey, thats a good thing. my beard didnt start growin in thick until i was in my early 20’s. and i wish it still took forever to grow in, i hate shaving every day.

  41. mike in ia on

    another goal for crosby. hes got 6 already in 8 games. as much as i hate him, id love to have him on our team.

  42. How classless is the caps organization… the only people that allowed to purchase the playoff tickets for this series are the people from around the Washington area! Imagine if we did this in NYC? If you’re not from BK, SI, Queens or Bronx you’re not allowed to buy a ticket to watch a playoff game @ MSG! CLASSLESS.

  43. onecupin69years been to the final only twice in 30 on

    Naslund retires? maybe he got the hint? maybe sather had a father and son talk with him , I hope sather has a lot more talks with his players

  44. Doc (i have an orgasm on every single play) Emerick reacts to everything that’s going on the ice as if a certain play never happened before! First ever shot on goal…first ever hit off the post…first ever penalty. I want to smack him with my shoe…

    That kid Varlamov looks good… As much as I don’t want Penguins to win anything… I’d like to see them score few goals on Varlamov… few bad ones to shake his confidence and bring the kid back to earth…so next season caps will have a goalie problem again

  45. mike in ia on

    cccp- yea it wouldve be funny as hell if they could only fill to half capacity because only “caps fans are good enough to watch hockey in their city”. ithought it was funny when they showed the guy wearing a pens jersey. f the caps and the only reason they could be so arrogant is because they have the best forward and best d man in the league. actually hes hardly a d man. without his offense hed be a minor leaguer

  46. bull dog line on

    let the 4th line walk. they are all replaceable. let zherdev walk. let all the unrestricted go. leave as much room as possible for the young Dmen the rangers have coming up. play grachev, don’t care if he is ready or not, let him learn with the big club. move dubi to wing, make room for anisimov. byers replaces sjoostrom, anyone can replace betts and orr. try to move either gomez or drury, and either rozival or redden.

  47. mike in ia on

    and varlamov will be lit up in this series. he had that really awesome save in game 1 but the pens have a great offense and will score on him like hes an average goalie. im hopin so anyway. i hate the caps worse than the pens now. boudreau is a big whiny warthog

  48. Mike in IA-I thought of Cole because while he’s not a pure sniper, he’s a solid player and will net about the same as Naslund. I don’t think this team is ready for prime time yet next year and I’m fine with that as long as they play hard so I’m not a fan of paying a lot to one guy or putting all of the pressure to score on the core of Cally/Dubi/AA/Grachev plus he older players.

    It’s funny, a relative of mine was like “we need this star next year, we need that star next year” and had no patience to develop and kinda got angry at me when I said let’s not go for the Cup next year and that “have patience and develop within. If you want this star or that star every year to solve this team’s problems, the next time they win a Cup you’ll be dead and I’ll be lucky to be alive.”

  49. mike in ia on

    mikeA- yep. i agree. thats why i think instead of getting gabby or kovy we could have a star like that already in grachev or anisimov. hey, look what happened with doobs. i mean, hes not a star yet, and he very well may just be a 20 goal guy his career, but when sather signed dru and gomez both, it was because we had no depth at center. and little did we know that doobs would turn into a good 2nd line center. if sather had let him develop we might have only gomez bad contract instead of drurys as well. so youre right. andcole would be a good solid guy to help ease pressure off the young guys. i didnt think of it like that. if hes cheap enough, yea id be cool with it. knowing sather hed try to outbid carolina or some other team and overpay. then id be against it

  50. mike in ia on

    i would actually just be happy we have the extra 4 milion and would be happy if sather just saved it. were gonna need it for upcoming seasons when the cap goes down.

  51. Here’s my solution to next year by the way:

    This team is not one sniper or one player away from contending for the Cup but should make the playoffs and maybe win a round or two. Let’s do this the right way.

    Trade Rozi either for Ron Hainsey straight up or Rozi/Z (if you gonna let him leave) to EDM for Penner and Gerbeshkov.

    Go after decent players for 2-3 year contracts who will put up decent numbers but won’t cost a lot. I’d like them to resign Antro and get one of Kotalik/Tanguay/Cole and leave it alone.

    If the production of lines 1-2 goes up slightly, and the production of lines 3-4 goes up by like 10-20 goals, that would be much better.

    Fowards (13): Gomez, Drury, Antro, Korpi, Dubi, Cally, Anisimov, Avery, Betts, Sjo, Penner, Byers/Weisse/Dupont, Jordan Owens.

    D: Redden, Staal, Girardi, Gerbeshkov, Sauer, Gilroy/Sags, Strudwick as a 7th.

    G: Henrik, Vally/Zaba.

  52. mike in ia on

    wow, tie game again. this series is gona be determined by varlamov vs fleury. it may have taken a backseat to ovie vs crosby, but varlamov is outplaying fleury so far. ha theyre chanting crosby. the guy scores 3 goals on ya in 2 games. the chant doesnt seem to be workin caps fans!1

  53. mike in ia I’m new to posting in the blog but not new to the blog at all, I’ve been reading this blog since last season.

  54. I think the signing of Gilroy puts the final nail in Sangs coffin with the Rangers.

    Package Redden and Sangs OR

    Rozy and Sangs to get back a PP-QB D-man.

  55. mike in ia on

    i thought penner was a bust mike? i had heard that he is lazy. you think hed be worth it?

  56. mike in ia on

    i think gilroys signing is to replace morris. i dont think they’ll give up on sangs. hes had a decent year

  57. mike in ia on

    i mean i could be wrong, but we really dont know how gilroy is gonna pan out. i dont think we can give up on sangs yet when we dont know if gilroy will be any better

  58. Longtime reader, first time poster.

    Anyway Carp, I gotta question for you. Is it possible that an under-the-table deal was made with Naslund that would get him some money, or is this stuff forbidden by the collective bargaining agreement. I ask because I don’t really see why he wouldn’t take the 2 mil he’s entitled to. I know, I know, “but he’s classy and he wants the team to do well, even when he’s not playing!” I’m sure 99% of the people who say this wouldn’t give their own job that kind of loyalty if they were going to leave, especially if they only worked there for one year. But who knows?

    Perhaps it’s also possible that the Rangers’ management, either through honesty or through bluffing, told Naslund they weren’t going to buy him out so if he wanted to retire he should do so not expecting the money. Or, like I said before, maybe they gave him the money anyway, in some other form, to prevent him from causing a cap hit. Some inside info on how this stuff played out would be nice.

  59. mike in ia on

    alright joseph. yea i started posting here last summer but started reading a couple months before that. i thought i would have to join up or somethin or pay like with bb plus! lol

  60. I voted for #18….
    and I want him protecting Hanks back in 2009-10!!

    So long Nazzy
    We hardly knew ya’…

  61. mike in ia on

    mike k- interesting idea. i actually thought about a scenario like that myself, and also because hes only been here 1 year, i just couldnt see him doin that. but who knows. anythings possible. i think there could be more to it than any of us will ever find out

  62. mike in ia on

    jeez whats up with all these broken sticks?? these new composite sticks are weaker than peanut brittle.

  63. It’s amazing how hard these guys play to smash sticks the way they do. I’ve been using my Easton composite for 5 months now and it doesn’t show any signs of breaking the way these guys smash em, though I did smash the composite blade in about 4 months. These dudes are super strong

  64. Mike in IA-Penner’s been a big bust in EDM and they’ve called him lazy but if you look his numbers from two and three seasons ago are comparable to Naslund.

    He has size and potential. I think all it would take is a phone call from Torts to get his attitude in check. If the Rangers had him, Antro, Dubi, Anisimov, one of Byers/Weisse/Dupont, and maybe even Cole in the lineup, then that is a very big team all of a sudden (along with Cally and Very hitting everything and if Sjo is back as the engine that never stops).

    No one should give up on Sanguinetti yet. Last year was his first full season and in the second half he was a +8 and he was a plus player in the playoffs while leading al of the Pack in scoring. He’s getting there. Another year in the AHL with a callup next year won’t be too bad.

  65. HockeymanRangers on

    Has Sather retired yet???
    We need to start a campaign to get rid of Sather.
    Who’s in???
    Carp where would you stand on this???

  66. HockeymanRangers on

    Ovey, is amazing.
    His hustle in these playoff games is fun to watch. I don’t care if he did beat us in the last round I still think he is the best player in the NHL. WOW

  67. HockeymanRangers on

    I sure hope the Pens come back in this series, this is fun to watch.
    Besides what the hell is there to watch once hockey is over.

  68. Kaspar

    I voted for #18 too! He told me that it’ll be his greatest pleasure to join the team and protect Hanks back!

  69. HockeymanRangers
    May 4th, 2009 at 9:32 pm
    I sure hope the Pens come back in this series, this is fun to watch.
    Besides what the hell is there to watch once hockey is over.

    South Park!

  70. Sick game
    Ovechkin 3 Crosby 3

    You know what…earlier this year I said Malkin was better than Crosby…I still hate Sid but he eats Malkin alive

  71. HockeymanRangers on

    Sorry cccp not a South Park fan.

    Pitts scored, not enough for another, maybe.

  72. CCCP

    and Yanni’s your Dad

    Just kidding..little Beavis and Butthead on ya

  73. HockeymanRangers on

    Well Malkin is playing with no emotion. He has sucked in this as of late.

  74. Eric Cartman: It’s a man’s obligation to stick his boneration in a women’s separation; this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.

  75. CCCP, there was actually a story on Yanni in the Sunday paper. I didn’t read it.
    You’re treading on dangerous water with that last Eric Cartman quote.

  76. Carp
    You see AO tonite??

    When he’s a UFA in 2023 we’re getting him…I mean Slats will sign him

  77. Crosby and Ovechkin both have hat tricks…damnit we’ll never hear the end of this from Bettman and his cronies.

    What are the odds they call this a classic when advertising the next game?

  78. Hey!!

    Kunitz cross checked Varlamov in the head right before Sids 3rd goal….

    Straight on face first…

    Avery must be squirming

  79. I didn’t see the lady tonight but if it’s the normal one, she’s awful. She takes about 2 minutes to ask a question and the players just stand there dumbfounded

  80. Carp

    Is there some sort of a trigger where you at? I mean, as soon as someone “tread on dangerous water” you pop up right away! lol That was a close quote, eh… I like that one!

  81. NYRGuy

    It’s the regular one… her name is Christine or something like that. She asked Ovechkin about Varlamov and he told her he doesn’t want to talk about him. So she still had to ask Ovechkin the dumbest question ” Is it because you don’t want to Jinx it?” Dumb broad.

  82. Vs chick interviewing Pavel Datsyuk

    Vs Chick “Pavel you guys were not playing too well before the break what did the manager say to you after the second quarter that made you come out the way you did and really…really put the Stars into, I mean to put you ahead”

    Pavel: “ahh…win game”

  83. bearded lady on

    Ovechkin with another big night.

    Crosby is playing well, but Malkin is playing like crap. his line was on for 2 goals in game 1, including the losing goal. and in game 2 again Malkin was crap with his slew foot trip penalty leading to the big goal while he was in the box.

    and he is doing zip on offense.

    it is going to be Caps for sure unless he wakes up. and fleury is not coming up big either

  84. wow
    I watched on HNIC..but I just saw the Versus interview…AO couldn’t wait to get away from that ditzy woman….

  85. Not that Washington is such an unbeatable team but with all the mediocre talent on our team… we came into Washington and won two straight games and 3 out of four… not bad at all.

  86. Kaspar

    did you see how she lost her words after Ovi told her politely to F off
    she barely got few sentences together after that… mispronouncing every word lol

  87. Versus is horrible…makes me wish for ESPN idiots showing split-screens with golf hilites during playoff games!!!!

  88. Sally rockin the ultra beard with that Miracle Gro and a heavy duty comb!! #17 very decent, #18 also good, #15 should because he not only has the beard but the 70’s dude from BOSTON fro, but I had to cast my vote for #5, very impressive for 12 days! Great job everyone!

  89. Is that woman from VS/TSN either the beautiful Lindsay Soto or Christine Simpson perhaps? I’m not watching the Caps/Pens series that much; a little too soon and I hate the Pens. The other series I’m’ definitely watching.

    Doug Riseborough or however you spell his name is a Sather buddy; he might join the Rangers in some capacity. He has a good draft record (Gaborik, Burns, Bouchard, Koivu, etc.) so that’s a good thing.

  90. Spiderpig
    how can this get old?

    Eric Cartman: Well, I looked in my mom’s closet and saw what I was getting for Christmas, an UltraVibe Pleasure 2000.

    *Renney got Torts job on TSN??*

  91. Damien Cox: “Tortorella took over from Renney as head coach of the Rangers, and then Renney smoothly slid into the TSN analyst chair that Tortorella left vacant.”

    Apparently, there was a clue on Jeopardy! last week about fictional foods, so Trebek had to say Chocolate Salty Balls. ($1,000 clue in fictional munchies)

  92. BrooklynDomi on

    haha tony from az thats not the first time somebody said i looked like rosi
    #6 here and i woulda let mine grow out all crazy also but i had to clean it up for work

  93. What do you guys think about all these new blogs who come on here so brazenly and try to piggyback off the Best Rangers (Festivus) Blog readers on the planet? What do you think I or we should do about them?

    Give them one free ad?
    Delete the heck out of them?
    Get Slats to tell them to piss off?
    Tattoo and scalp them (Pee Wee Herman reference).
    Ignore them?

  94. One Ranger Love on

    I swear Buttman must be foaming at the mouth after Ovie and Crosby both scored hat tricks tonight. Only thing that could have been better for him is if the last Crosby goal had tied it and AO or Crosby had won it in OT with their 4th…

    …man wouldnt Jay Bouwmeester look good in a Rangers jersey? If only Redden would retire (HA)…I would love the Rangers to sign that guy. He is exactly what the Rangers need, a young offensive puck moving defensemen that can quarterback the powerplay.

  95. Up to you Carp, but i’d give them one ad then delete them if i was running things.

    Some interesting points Doodie, Mike et al… Erik Cole could be a stopgap measure if we can’t push Grachev but his injury history is worrying. I think Sangs is progressing but maybe not as quickly as Staal, whereas DelZ (last time i heard) was doing OK. Will we throw Gilroy straight into the lineup or will he be expected to start the season in Hartford?

  96. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Golf course!! says Greg L. on

    dam cheaters!!!! Beard voting scammers , now ill never win!!!!

  97. Carp, I say we scalp him, then we tattoo him, then we hang him, and then we kill him.

  98. mike in ia on

    mikeA- lindsay soto is hot!! she is never annoying. christine simpson is the one in her late 40’s that looks like she could be martha stewarts sister. i dont how what versus is thinking, but you see her, you think home shopping network, not hockey. like cccp said. at least soto gives the players somethin to look at while theyre being asked ridiculous questions.

  99. mike in ia on

    jive- he might start in hartford. i mean if he sucks then at least we wont have to put him on waivers right off the bat. if he stays in hartford he wont have to be put on waivers unless he gets called up to the rangers and then sent back down. i think if he starts with hartford, he can be called up without being exposed to other teams, but if he starts with the rangers, and if they send him down, i think he could be claimed, unless its something like with fahey last year.

  100. Of course Carp, of course. That movie is a classic. Should have left it alone after that though. Big Top Pee Wee was a let down to me.

  101. Great playoff beard contest :) Very amusing, and very nice to see the efforts in team spirit for our NYR. Mara would be proud.

    I recently found an article written by Jeff Greenfield in the mid 1970’s titled, “Hockey Fan-Antics, or…Why the Rangers Will Never Finish on Top or Win the Cup!” The last line is hauntingly true:

    “The fans pour abuse on the Rangers, they revile every official, they cheer every goal. By now, they are telling themselves, this year, this time, all the way. And by April or March, or perhaps by May, if the torture is extended, the Rangers will lose – gallantly or foolishly or heroically, but they will lose, and we will tell ourselves, well, next year…”

  102. One Ranger Love on

    nutgirl- I love that quote, but…only because it is awful…and true. I hate that it is true, but you know…it happens. The Stanley Cup isn’t an easy trophy to win. It takes guts, character and a will to win, oh yeah and a team of players that can score some timely goals.

    Here is to next year!

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