A Messier moment


I was watching the Blackhawks the other night and their pest Martin Havlat — pretty darn good player, but annoying — reminded me of an incident when he was first up with Ottawa.

A game against the Rangers had been decided and in the third period Mark Messier found himself with Havlat behind the net. Of course, Havlat had bugged him all night, and now Messier was in a rage,  punching him, whacking him, elbowing him, really going overboard even after the officials arrived. I think Messier was thrown out of the game, either that or he got a misconduct and there were less than 10 minutes left, but his night was done.

Afterwards, an Ottawa reporter asked Messier, “What were you thinking there with Havlat?”

His answer: “I was thinking what else I could do to him.”

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  1. That Messier story reminds me of the time when our current captain, Chris Drury, got so fired up that he…oh, wait, that hasn’t happened yet.

  2. He will always be the greatest Captain the Rangers have ever had. I miss Moose…

  3. Carp, I love it. Maybe when there is not any news, you can do a page of memories that you have. I am being serious here. I am sure you have a bunch of good stuff from being on the beat for so many years. It doesn’t even all have to be Rangers or Hockey. I am sure others here would love it too.

  4. Richtersgirl on

    Give Callahan the C! Even if he isnt a leader in the locker room….at least he is a leader on the ice!

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    I sent my beard picture to you this morning Carp. Sorry for the delay. It’s been on my cell phone and I’ve just been lazy about getting it onto a computer.

    I’ve never been so happy about a player retiring as I have been about Naslund.

  6. We should sign Havlat. He’s like Avery but he can actually score 30 goals if he stays healthy. Would be a perfect second line winger.

  7. One Ranger Love on


    I am afraid that is the problem we have now though. We don’t need any more second and third line players, we need some FIRST line players. Hopefully with Naslund retiring it should help the Rangers sign somebody that is respectable enough to play on the line…and young. Oh yeah, and not overrated.

    I may be asking too much of Sather though…

  8. does anybody think that the Rangers should go after Afinoganov?? He could probably be signed for real cheap since he was such a disappointment on Buffalo.

    He has never played for another team so a change of scenery could do him good??

    I dont think he’s worth the gamble but it sounds right up Sather’s alley doesnt it??

  9. The Puck Drops Here on

    Is Naslund’s retirement official or just as reported by Brooks? Hope it’s true.

  10. Do you know whats sad ,what we have scene in drury all year is him getting fired up. What a waste of the C and the money!!!!!!!

  11. somerset – A change of scenery was supposed to do Redden and Naslund some good. Naslund is just getting older, no fault of his own, and Redden lost it before the lock-out. No more change of scenery players.

  12. One Ranger Love,

    You took the words out of my mouth! NO MORE SECOND/THIRD LINERS.

    I’m not sure how we do it but we need someone who’ll play to his potential and increase the potential of others.

  13. The Puck Drops Here on

    We can’t do any worse with input from Torts than Slats does on his own. LOL

  14. I am moving to a new place (still in Brooklyn)… so I’m going through my stuff… i found 22 plastic “Let’s Go Rangers” beer cups from last season LOL
    Seven cups have “Playoffs” written on them. This is kind of funny. How many do YOU have? lol

  15. Hey Carp
    I second Nasty’s idea about throwing up a memory from the past every so often while it’s slow newswise. It will make for a good change of topic and keep the conversation fresh.

    As for the Afinoganov suggestion by somerset; I don’t think he’s as good a sniper as you might think. And I don’t believe he has that much size either. Maybe with his speed he’ll do ok in Tort’s system. But as a pure scorer there are better out there. Cheap ain’t always right.

  16. Havlat is a second liner. If he plays on the first, he’ll be out long-term with shoulder problems again.

  17. Nazzy retiring kind of surprised me. I was piss drunk last night so i didn’t know if i was dreaming, or not, until i saw it on this blog.

    I agree with you Staal, he wasn’t the worst thing this season. But he just passes up to many opportunities to score, it gets annoying, just like in game 3 i think, or game 6 where he could have made it 2-1, and he decided not to shoot at an open net, and i think he did it again in game 7.

    I didn’t think he’d retire, but eh, no big deal, we need the money. Now only he Slats can find a way to dump Rozi, and convince Dru he sucks, and should go somewhere else.

  18. No to Gaborik, No to Hossa, No to ST.Louis. No signing big names just for namesake

  19. It took 50 years to win the Cup. How long will it take to have another Leader like Mark Messier?

  20. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Havlat would be a first liner on this NYR squad. That doesn’t mean he’s a first liner though.

  21. Who gets Naslund’s ‘A’ next year… or does Torts re-do the C’s and A’s all together

  22. UESBlueshirt on

    Isn’t Afino basically like Zherdev but left handed? Makes you wonder how he stayed in the league so long…please Slats don’t resign Zherdev. Looking at the stats it’s way too easy seeing Zherdev taking that sort of career arc.

    Gaborik might be the only realistic shot of a purebred scorer. With the cap either staying the same or going down they’ll be less teams willing to overpay him. Part of why I think Gomez and Drury got the contracts they did is because they expected the cap to increase every year. So you can use the cap increase essentially as a discount factor for the future value of salaries. The other part is that Slats was asleep at the wheel but the Flyers also have a lot of money tied up in Briere so at least there are other non-cap savvy GMs out there. Anyway, with his injury history, Gaborik probably can’t command a long term deal. Hossa I doubt is a possibility. If he turned down a nice offer from Pittsburgh last year to join Detorit I doubt he’d look at the Rangers before either staying with Detroit or maybe even going back to Pitt.

  23. mike in ia on

    guys, i seriously doubt were signing any big name guys we just dont have the money. i think it would be better to just sign our own players and save some money for the coming years. that 1 big player we might already have in our system. cally will be a 30 goal scorer next year watch. doobs will hit 20-25. torts is gonna lean on these guys alot and they might not be close to skill against hossa or gaborik, but at least when grachev or anisimov develop into great players, we’ll have money to keep them. unless drury and redden are gone then we really cant get a 1st line sniper. and if we get st louis, they will want either high picks or prospects, and they will not take redden or drury. they would want gomez but i wouldnt do that trade. gomez still has value and clearly would be the best choice to center a guy like st louis.

  24. miked why no to hossa? marian hossa i mean. i agree no gaborik and not crazy about st louis.

  25. mike in ia on

    ues- afinogenov is like rico fata. very fast but no hands. we have speed in gomez and shoey. avery is a quick lil sob too. zherdev is not fast. hes actually kinda slow, but its only because he likes to stickhandle way too much and he doesnt utilize his teammates enough. he was great at keepin the puck and deking guys out but hes gotta learn that hes playing against some great shut down d men out there. you can see hes not adjusted from the euro style to nhl. and for that hes not worth it. hes too soft and plays perimiter hockey. alot of his shots are from 40 feet out and he doesnt have a shot like ovies or hossas that can score from 40 50 feet out. hes eithet gotta adjust his game drastically because hes skilled, but not that skilled where he can keep doin the same thing and expect to get better, or go to europe where he can get away with his soft play style.
    oh and ues- youre right, hossa wants to win a cup, and if detroit doesnt this year, he will probably either stick with them for another year or go to another elite team. even with giving detroit a discount to play with a contender, we still couldnt even match what they gave him and were not close to being a contender

  26. I’m not with it as far as St Louis goes. He’s 34 and I can’t see giving up picks and/or prospects for a 34 yr old. That’s same ol’ same ol’ crappy Ranger business practices. I’d rather watch kids that bust their butts every night and make mistakes learning than some latter year player come here to retire. Seen enought of that.

  27. Hossa is the wrong man. Great player, but like Drury and Gomez, he is best as secondary scoring. He does best when he is playing second fiddle to someone better. In ATL, Hossa had Kovalchuk. In Pittsburgh, he had Malkin and Crosby. Now in Detroit he has Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Franzen (though he did lead the team in goals, Datsyuk and Zetterberg are the stars). If he came to NY, he would be the go-to man, and I don’t think he can shoulder it. It would be just like Gomez, not ready to lead

  28. UESBlueshirt on


    I always thought Afino was like Kovalev-lite, didn’t have the finish or for that matter the shot but he certainly had some sick moves.

    Zherdev seems to cruise rather than fully utilize his speed. I think he’s kind of like Jagr in the way that he doesn’t look like he’s skating hard but he can cover a lot of ground when he needs to.

    The problems with Zherdev certainly weren’t due to any physical deficiencies moreover he doesn’t do the little things that help his team out at both ends of the ice. He also doesn’t seem to have that elite scorer’s knack for finding the right spot on the ice to score goals.

    The most amazing thing about Ovechkin, even moreso than his highlight reel moves, is that everyone knows he’s a threat but he must put on an invisibility cloak because he somehow gets lost in the play and then re-appears just at the right moment to put home a ton of his chances. One of the reasons the Rangers were so effective against him in the first 4 games was that they didn’t lose track of him when he was on the ice. The goal he scored in Game 1 vs the Pens even though it was a 5 on 3, he still was able to be virtually ignored right at the doorstep of the goalie until the last sequence of passes set him up for a slam dunk.

  29. CCCP
    May 4th, 2009 at 2:23 pm
    Give “C” to Henrik Lundqvist.


    That’s what I said after the Nucks gave it to Luongo!!!!

  30. Greg_Section_403 on


    It took 50 years to win the Cup. How long will it take to have another Leader like Mark Messier?

    100 Years. Sports-leaders like Messier come along once every century.

  31. The Puck Drops Here on

    OH, I see. The Canucks have 3 A’s and Luongo has a C but not the on-ice powers of a Captain.

  32. you know which names jumped out at me from that free agent list?

    Manny Malhotra 29 CLB $1,500,000

    Jamie Lundmark 28 CGY $600,000

    has it really been ten years since they were ranger draftees?

  33. How much do you miss watching Mess play? That’s what the Rangers need from a Captain, they are missing the passion!

  34. St. Louis is not some old player that would come here to end his career…the guy works his tail off year in and year out and its obvious when you watch him play…I agree that I do not want to give up anything substantial to acquire him, but with only 2 years left on his deal, putting him on a line with Gomez and reuniting him with Torts (he did say he was the heart and soul of the cup team), it’s a good idea.

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