Naslund’s done


We had heard the rumor a couple of days ago, now Larry Brooks is writing in the Post that Markus Naslund will retire from the Rangers — saving them some cap money and avoiding an inevitable buyout by doing so.

So the parade of change has begun.

Meanwhile, you keep getting reminded about how much has to change. Did you see last night that the Blackhawks have already had six playoff periods in which they’ve scored at least three goals? My God! It would take the Rangers two or three games to score three.

And the Rangers’ coaching staff and players would do awfully well to watch tape of how the Penguins, Capitals, Blackhawks and especially the Canucks work the 5-on-3, how to pass the puck in a box, how to align guys so they are always on their forehand. It was almost an automatic, fairly easy and very quick goal on every 5-on-3 I saw yesterday.

The Canucks, however, did display some of the worst down-low, around-the-net defensive play that I’ve seen since the Rangers had Kevin Hatcher.

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  1. Let’s see — every season it seems the Rangers are rebuilding. There’s only one person to blame for that, and he’s 65 years old, refuses to speak to the media, and always tries to deflect blame to the players and coaches that he has assembled. Glen Sather, please retire.

  2. from last post

    kaspar- dead on, spot on ole chap, bang on good buddy
    about NOT goin after mary gabo-RICH. its just the type of thing that will come back to bite us in the ass AGAIN!! if sather does it, and signs him , it will kill this team longrun. gabby will play all 20 games a season for us and it will be like pavel bure all over again. even worse probably. so naz retiring gives us 4 million right? thats just enough to sign doobs, cally and bring in a redwood tree on d to replace morris. put gilroy in maras spot. he and rozy should be capable of handling the pp. rozy should be better given the injury he came off of and still had the most goals and points of our d men. i say we sign a guy like komisarek. as far as redden, give him the first 15-20 games of next season to see if he will actually start scorin some goals on the pp. if he is still playing the same as last season, theres no reason to think he will ever improve, so sather should waive him, and as far as being worried about future free agents not wanting to sign here because of it, then we dont need guys who are gonna pull a redden anyway. and maybe it lets other free agents know that its not gonna be a retirement home for them here. if they “love” NY so damn much then they shouldnt have to worry about it. as far as offensive winger to play with gomez, put cally on his line. callys gonna be even better next season. im sick of hearing how gomez needs a better winger to play with. how many guys have played with him and struggled? jagr for god sakes couldnt find chemistry with him. maybe its gomez and not his linemates.

  3. whats with the whole “first”!!! thing? does it really make people that happy?

  4. they save $4 mill. that helps a ton…

    be smart Rangers.. go younger, faster, and bigger.

    Gaborick is 27 Bure I think was older and groins are not knees… I am not sure on Gaborick but he is a game changer, the rangers have no game changers..

  5. Farewell Nazzy! Now lets hope Redden decides to spare himself another season (or 5) of humiliation and do the same.

  6. DCloutier39 on

    mike in ia

    whats with the whole “first”!!! thing? does it really make people that happy?


    I’ve been saying the same thing for weeks. It’s really sad actually.

  7. Strange that Nas wouldn’t just wait for the rags to buy him out. Classy but strange.

  8. carp- the hawks 5 on 3 last night that sharp scored on was a great play. the main difference was their point shots actually hit their target. and when they lose the puck, they go hard to retrieve it, and win the one on one battles. how many times have we seen mara rip one from the point or at the top of circle just to go 10 feet wide and around the side boards out of the zone? redden with his weak wristers. but the hawks did overpass alot. also, our guys take way too long to get the shot off while the goalies moving. jeez, ya know what, i couldve just said yes, youre right carp. that wouldve been enough lol. ehh im in a grumpy mood watching ben eager score last night on luongo while our number 1 sniper didnt even get a point in the whole series against a 20 year old rookie with no playoff experience. yea zherdev, im talkin about you. you better man up and stop the mood swings. this is hockey man!!

  9. BrooklynDomi on

    i said it in the last post but ill say it in this one also, Mike Cammaleri is a very signable FA, with 39G 42A i think hes a finisher that would do very well on our team at 3.6mil especially if we let go of zherdev which i think we should absolutely do because Z was a ghost in the playoffs and hes not physical enough where as cammaleri is

  10. I really hope Naslund retiring doesn’t make Sather go out and do something stupid with this money

  11. The only negative with Cammaleri is that he’s small and I don’t know how he’d do in the East vs. the Flyers/Devils 12 times a year. I’d still be down.

    I say one scorer and leave it alone.

  12. Rick, you wrote:
    “And the Rangers’ coaching staff and players would do awfully well to watch tape of how the Penguins, Capitals, Blackhawks and especially the Canucks work the 5-on-3, how to pass the puck in a box, how to align guys so they are always on their forehand. It was almost an automatic, fairly easy and very quick goal on every 5-on-3 I saw yesterday.”
    This is all Renney residue that will be corrected by Tortorella. The team was still in a Renney hangover right up until they were eliminated.

    Renney never even practiced the power play. I guess when he took over he just deferred to Jagr to run the PP, and in the first year they were very successful – Jagr and Prucha had great PP stats. After that, I guess Renney knew that Jagr had the team’s respect more than he did, so he left things as they were.

    I guarantee that Tortorella will not leave a single aspect of this team untouched. They’ll be watching plenty of film to correct the PP deficiencies, and doing it over and over in practice until it’s fixed.

    One of the more disturbing habits is that the PP point guys never shoot on net – always wide and off the back boards. That means that a couple of forwards have to vacate the front of the net to go retrieve the puck, wasting time and often resulting in a clear. Another is that Rozsival has gotten his shot blocked so often (he totally telegraphs it), that he doesn’t even attempt to shoot now. I doubt you’ll see him on the PP much if he doesn’t start shooting.

    I’m delighted that Tortorella is going to have a lot of input on who stays and who goes. I just wish he could fire Sather as part of the deal. Regardless, the team will be a lot more exciting to watch next season, right from the start.

  13. I don’t get why everyone wants Gaborik…I’d rather spend the money on someone who I know can play 20 straight games without getting hurt.

  14. Good luck to Naslund as he enjoys his retirement. Here’s hoping Sather uses his money to sign Cally and Dubi quick!! Once those two are definites for next season, I will be able to relax a bit!

    Next time you see those “roll over minutes” commercials with the mom yelling at the son in the car, look at the two kids, the one she’s talking to looks like a young(er) Dubinsky, and the little brother they show like once, looks like a little Chris Drury, before the energy and life left him!

  15. BrooklynDomi on

    Cammaleri may be not be too big, but hes proven himself in the west where i think its very physical and as far as im concerned thats much better then Zherdev especially for the price
    and if Camaleri did well in the west i think he as the ability to play well in our division also

  16. stu- you got a point. he is def. one of the top 5 guys in the league when hes healthy. it would be either the best move sather will make, or the worst one depending on if he stays healthy. and he is young. so i guess im just being overly cautious because of past decisions by slats. like i said to somebody few days ago, i would love it for kovalchuk to become a ranger, but i think we should wait and see how some of our high end prospects pan out, so we wont have to overspend on theguy, when possibly we could have someone like that in grachev or anisimov.

  17. >>Strange that Nas wouldn’t just wait for the rags to buy him out.

    I have NO idea why a Rangers fan would call the team “rags”.

  18. Well, I respect Naslund’s decision if this is a done deal. I give him credit for being one of the only Rangers to score a couple goals in the clutch this year (the game tying goal against Boston with seconds left in the game back in November was sweet. I was in attendance).

    I haven’t been able to figure out why you guys have been on the Gaborik band wagon when Hossa is going to be a UFA again though. They’re going to demand similar money give or take a million and Hossa is more effective and twice as healthy.

    If they can even clear enough cap space to get a guy like this I say Gaborik is damaged goods.

    Cammalleri is a slighty greater risk then Hossa seeing as how he’s never played in the East. Don’t know if he could produce in the NY spotlight either…I know he did in LA but they’re just not as rough media-wise these days…

  19. Naslund is truely a classy guy. Could have waited for a buy it. Guys if we had our pick for one of the following to keep, seeing as this gives us a bit more flexibility to sign a guy who is part of the team already but we may not have had the money to do so 2 days ago (not looking outside) who would it be:

  20. good luck to you Naslund. I was very excited when he signed but I was afraid of the inevitable buy out. Very classy act by him to leave now when it is better for everyone. Now an additional 4 mil is available against the cap. Perhaps a 2 million dollar contract is in order for both Callahan and Dubinsky? I will miss the guy, have a happy retirement Naslund!

    On the Gaborik note. I notice many people are worried about his health, as am I but I should point out that many players have miraculous turn arounds when they go to a new team. Rozsival for example? He was a chronic injury problem until he came here where he missed only few games.

  21. No Country For Old Rangers on

    So long Naz. Dont come back. Nice goal in game 1.

    The first thing is pathetic. It’s classy though when you are first and don’t write “first!”

  22. Mike G-Hands down Antro out of those three; he’s a pure goal scorer and the Rangers need offense.

    The 3rd pair is replaceable on D; between Sauer, Gilroy, Potter, and even an outside shot of Bobby Sangs or Mike Del Z.

    Jason Strudwick is also a UFA again, I know him and his wife are from EDM and all but I’d be down to have him as a cheap 7th to help break in the young Dmen, especially Sauer who has that snarl to his game.

  23. I do like Cammalleri like most of you, but he made $3.5 mil last year and will no doubt be getting a raise, so how can we afford him? Do we really want another long expensive contract?

  24. MikeA

    Like the Strudwick idea. I have always like him and have always felt hes a good guy to have around especially when u have a big group of young guys trying to bust through. It’s always been said hes a good coach type player who will almost certainly have a coaching job when hes done. I think we could certainly benefit from having him around.

    Carp any thoughts?

  25. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I should have made this joke before my previous post but…

    Naslund to retire? I thought he retired after game 4

  26. Naslund to retire? I thought he retired after game 4



  27. Really a classy move by Naslund. I don’t know many other guys who wouldn’t have taken the 2 mil buyout. We need toget younger now.

  28. mike in ia on

    mikeA- i think calgary would like to keep cammaleri dont you? 39 goals, small or not is nothin to sneeze at. i dont think they wanna keep jokinen. he was kinda absent in the playoffs too. idk their cap situation though. but if were gonna sign a small guy, id have to go for cammaleri too. hes younger than st louis. giontas 30 and we know would play well with gomez, but he only had 20 g this year and that just wont cut it here.

  29. Rickisaneg on

    I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years now, but haven’t posted since Sam departed. Rick, why are you always so negative? Instead of working in your standard negative comments about the inept PP and other defficiencies, why not expand on the Naslund retirement and talk about how it will help the team’s cap situation. Do you think we don’t know about that 5-4 and 5-3 problem? We’re not “getting reminded” of this by watching the games. You’re reminding us day in and day out.

    I know I’m in the minority when I say you should consider not doing us the favor of running the negativity board, I mean blog anymore… a task which you are always so quick to point out that you are doing only as a favor or something.

  30. mike in ia on

    mike g- struds is good and experienced but hes slow and old. i think redden and rozy are plenty experienced to help the young guys. and im not saying they should play like redden, and mold their game after his, but he used to be a very solid d man and should be able to help out our young d. im hopin redden has a bounce back season next year. i want him to at least be someone who will give the extra effort even if he doesnt score a ton of goals, to kinda justify to a certain extent his huge contract. its not his fault sather gave him the money and for too long, but if he can step his game up like mara did, which i really think he can because i doubt torts is gonna put up with his soft point shots and his limited effort he showed this year for very long next season. i say give redden at least till early next season to see if he can step his game up. he had 2 goals in the first 3 games this season, so i know he has some talent, and maybe if he does better next year he might be a little easier to trade to some teams with cap space. probably not but ya never know. mara sucked his first season here and he turned it around so maybe redden will too

  31. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Oh well, at least he can go to his backhand to slap one of his children rather than putting the puck right into a bum goaltender varLAmov.

    Im still angry at that weak crap Henrik gave up to lose game 7.

    rickisaneg, i think that at times rick is a bet negative, and yes, i dont like how he says he’s doing a favor, etc, if that’s the case, just let Jane do the blog…….BUT,

    Rick is really not that bad. He could be the worthless Pete Abraham on the Yankees blog, he could be Peter clean the Red Sox Gammons, or John tongue the Bruins Buccigross or Bill bathe every boston team Simmons only when the become good of course. I likes Sam Weinman, but, Sam made not that he was not a Ranger fan, just a hockey fan (who annoyingly spoke of his daily hockey stories or past hockey stories like he was an athlete). Maybe Rick is negative because he’s a Rangers fan.

    Rick, Are you a Rangers fan?

  32. mike in ia on

    wow, ozzie robbed miller!. thats the difference between some goalies. a guy like nabokov who is awesome in the reg. season but chokes in the playoffs, then a guy like osgood who is average most of the time and horrible this year, is clutch in the playoffs. wierd how some guys cant handle pressure. luongo looked like hank last night. made some spectacular saves but then gave up 5. maybe they werent softies but some were stoppable. goalies are very hard to judge some times

  33. Good luck to Naslund. I knew he was a bit long in the tooth when the Rangers signed him but I think the guy gave a decent effort every night. The guys talents have just diminished greatly. The Rangers were so desperate to sign anyone in the last off season with any offensive cred they chose Nazzy. Just like when they got so desperate to sign a Defenseman to help on the PP (haha) they signed Mary Lou Redden who also had offensive cred like 4 years ago. lol

    The Mouth

  34. mike in ia on

    see mouth, redden isnt that old though. hes only 31 right? i think redden can elevate his game. i think he was nervous his first time in nyc and the fans booing him constantly. he always played better on the road too. not all the time but for the most part he looked more comfortable. im not justifying him. i hated him this year, but i think half of it is sathers fault we all hate him. nazzys gonna be 35, still, not that old yet. he definitely could put up 20 more next year. i guess he figured he cant keep up in torts system. i liked nazzy early on he was great, but like shanny he cant play a ful season. redden has no excuse. he better at least earn half of his salary next season or i hope hes gone.

  35. mike in ia on

    cool blog mouth!. i favorited it. i’ll check ya site out looks pretty good.

  36. Hey, Did the Shanahan signing in NJ put the Devils past the 1st round? Just a reminder to the Rangers to stop reaching for 33 plus year old players in free agency. It has to STOP. Useless. It is important for the team to find goal scorers. No more defensive minded forwards need apply.

  37. lets trade Gomez and Redden to Dallas for Brad Richards.
    what you guys think?
    oh, and then sign Camalleri and Komisarek in free agency

  38. mike in ia on

    john m- great point. and if we had gotten him, wed not have cap space to get antro who i hope and think theyre gonna resign. i really think theyre gonna sign him over zherdev. i think anisimov is ready for nhl now and grachev in a year or 2 will be up here too, so they can afford to let z walk. i really dont wanna give up on z but if he is gonna want more than 3 mill a year forget it. antro can be the top line winger until grachev is ready. he really showed me alot in game 7. i was hopin z would do the same but he didnt. antro helped us get into the playoffs just as much as avery did. i think either antro or cally can defintely be a suitable 1st line winger on the team. if gomez starts playin like he did in jersey he can get these guys more goals too.

  39. mike in ia on

    actually, whats up with zubov? i know he was injured but hes like 40 now right? i dont think hes gonna be their next season. but still, redden did us no favors in terms of possibly trading him. i still doubt dallas would do that. plus they have a gomez 1.5 in ribiero.

  40. Redden and Gomez for Brad Richards? Are you actually serious? Lay off the Xbox buddy, Brett Hull hasn’t lost his damn mind yet

  41. Johnny LaRue on

    What’s really stunning is the fact that Naslund still led the team in goals for the season, only behind Antropov who scored most of his goals with another team.

  42. Dallas likes high priced guys and Gomez would be a great way to market team to hispanic community in Texas…

  43. Rickisaneg
    May 3rd, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years now, but haven’t posted since Sam departed. Rick, why are you always so negative? Instead of working in your standard negative comments about the inept PP and other defficiencies, why not expand on the Naslund retirement and talk about how it will help the team’s cap situation. Do you think we don’t know about that 5-4 and 5-3 problem? We’re not “getting reminded” of this by watching the games. You’re reminding us day in and day out.

    I know I’m in the minority when I say you should consider not doing us the favor of running the negativity board, I mean blog anymore… a task which you are always so quick to point out that you are doing only as a favor or something.


    I second, ever word!!

  44. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Golf course!! says Greg L. on

    Alrightt IM FIRST!!!!!! woohooo , wait …no I ‘m not …dam mutha truck-ah !

    You guys that are now whinning about some people say im first!!!?? You guys COULD NOT be first even if ya wanted too!!! HAHA , classy to not say it..come ive heard everything…( D coultier ,Country and mike ia )I saw it done alot and have been first , this blog has beard contests, seinfeld triva and other crazy stuff ..why not complain about the beard contest too guys??

    Naslund , now thats class!!!!

  45. The only thing more annoying than the “First” thing are people who bitch about the “First” thing.

    Who cares? We’re all a bunch of guys (and gals) who sit on our asses in front of the internet talking about millionaires who could give a crap about us. Don’t get me wrong, I do it too… but we shouldn’t be splitting hairs about who’s pathetic and who’s not.

  46. LEt me be the first to break this news:

    Komiserek will be a Ranger next year.

  47. I am also trying to get confirmation on Marty St Louis. He wants to come to NY, Torts wants him in NY, but Sather would have to give up a lot to get him. I think it is a bad idea, but it may happen.

    I would prefer a proven linemate for Gomez, Brian Gionta.

  48. And it wouldn’t hurt to get a menacing forward. The Rangers are WAY too soft.

    Could we see a Gomez for Joe Thornton rumor coming any day now?

  49. These are the moves I would make.

    Send Redden to Hartford or Trade Rozy.

    Sign Neil, Beauchmin from Ducks and Matt Walker from Chicago.

    I like Strudwick…but this is a better version.

    Neil gives u a legit cruiser weight in the lineup every night and this makes sitting Orr more practical.

    Beuchmin is 28 and very good…adds grit.

    Matt Walker is also 28-29 and is a decent d-man and a legit heavyweight.

    This makes the Rangers a whole lot tougher.

    Last year I begged for Walker/Vandermer and Commordor, instead, I got Redden and Rozy…correct the ship Sather or be banished to hell forever.

  50. Wow you Naslund bashers are real smart. Here is a guy who was second on the team in goals and him being the classy guy he is saved the cigar toting tool an extra cool $2 mil which should be enough to lock up Cally and Dubi. I am sure some of you guys bash Avery for his heroic or better yet Houdini like disappearance from the playoffs again.

  51. I give Naslund alot of credit. He realized he could not give 100 % and he called it a career. Steve Larmer did the same thing. Thank you Marcus for doing the classy thing. The right thing and not just take the money.

  52. I would do everything I could to trade Gomez and re-sign Cally and Dubi and make runs at Komisarek and martun Havlat who finally stayed healthy and putup strong numbers…also take a chance on Sykora again..i bet back on broadway he’d put 25-30 goals in the net.

  53. I actually like the Sykora idea. I think he can help i PP, but how old is he?

    Another thing; I keep thinking about constructing a shut-down checking line… I’d like to have a Sami Påhlsson type line to ease off the typical Rangers scenario where we give up a goal after every goal scored.

    Id like two really offensive minded lines and two gritty ones. I also like the Havlat idea….

  54. I don’t think he has any illusions about his game. It may have helped on some other squad but on this up-tempo style he was out of place.

    Now what about the rest of the dead weight?

  55. Oh and I do not like the KOmisarek thought… All the Canadiens games I have seen this year (just 4 or 5) he has been kind of a liability… Maybe their weak on defense overall, but I just feel it could go south…

  56. alex t….re: pahlsson…we have one better in Betts. They are the same “role” type players…shut down and pk

    Cammallari will cost 4.5-5.5 million.

  57. Mike in IA i hear what ya saying as far as age goes with Redden. As a matter of fact I was not a Redden hater at all during the season despite his underwhelming play. I even gave him cred for stepping it up in the playoffs before he pulled that all out retreat once Federov got the puck in Game Seven. I guess ,My point was that The powers the be signed a defenseman from Ottawa to be help on the PP when he hadn’t been a factor on the PP for the Senators since the 2005-2006 campaign. But like you I give everyone the benefit of the doub theie first year but his contract is a total buzz kill. Some people even have said he was the reason Rozsival’s play suffered so much this season.

  58. doogie;

    Well, Maybe you’re right… But Bettsy is always going to be the 4th line center and perfect for PK (where he is top of the leauge) but he really lacks offensive skill…

    Cammallari is not going to happen, I guarantee you…

    About Redden. He is probably impossible to move, but his performance this season is just beyond words. I agree that he stepped it up at the end of the run. But if you take his salary into account (which you should) he is by far the worst signing in rangers history. The worst!

  59. BrooklynDomi on

    you think cammaleri is gonna want a $1mil raise?and even if its 4-4.5 i think he could work well with gomez hes fast and has a great shot with numbers like his (39g42A) he’d be worth the $

  60. Thanks Nas. I hope Drury does this same thing after sucking bag again next season.

    NO to Gaborik
    YES to Hossa
    MAYBE to St. Louis

    Whoever knocked Carp for the negative spin… Get bent. Be happy we have a beat writer who is not hypnotized by Rangers PR and who tells it like it is, without hesitation. I love that. There are plenty of NYR stroke job sites if that’s your thing… This blog is pretty refreshing compared to those…

    Whoever said Avery pulled a houdini in the playoffs… is clueless.

    And saying “first” is definitely for queens.

  61. Hockeymanrangers on

    Yep I was thinking the same thing earlier today, Sather should retire now.

  62. Any thoughts on bringing back ryan hollweg? He’s been riding the pine in toronto. In fact I think he’s been waived. A hardworking player like holly would do well on a team that requires speed strenght and grit. I think if we lose betts I’d love to see 44 back on the msg ice!

  63. The Blackhawks have been the most entertaining playoff team, I would love to see them in the finals. Watching them score has been very refreshing because finally a team I root for can score.

  64. Naslund should have retired right after he missed that open net in game 6 that 9 out of 10 people on this blog (no exageration) would have put in the net.

    Good riddance.

  65. I was watching Hockey Night Live late last night as I was falling asleep. It was the end of the show and I heard Daneyko mention something about a Ranger friend of his that has inside info say that Zherdev will be back next year. Did anyone else hear this? Did I hear him wrong? Did I just imagine him saying this?

  66. I like Sykora. But he layed a big egg in the playoffs for us in his previous stint here and now is 4 years older..If we had more cap room Id say he’d be a nice secondary player but he doesn’t do much for the size issue Torts is talking about..neither does Cammalleri..

    btw- with Naslund gone that makes Avery our top LW…we’ll need more then one UFA up front this offseason.

  67. If A. Naslund wasn’t labeled as a guy who would make up for goals that Shanny and Jagr would have had, and B. some others would have contributed, he would not have been considered a bust by some many people. He definitely showed his age by the end of the season, let alone end of the playoffs, but his point production was pretty much on par with what I would expect from a second line player, which is pretty much what he is. I know they had him on the top line quite a bit, but he really didn’t have much business being there.

  68. whats all the concern about Gaborik’s health??

    If we can sign him for a reasonable price (4-6 million), we should absolutely sign him. . . if he gets hurt again, we put him on LTIR and his money doesnt count towards the cap anyway

    The Flyers have had Hatcher and Mike Rathje on LTIR for over 3 seasons now combined and that doesnt stop them from spending right up to the cap and filling out their roster every season.

    Also, I think we need to cut Zherdev a break !!

    He has had NO PLAYOFF EXPERIENCE before this season. We cant give up on the guy yet. He drastically improved on his defensive game to play here and was our most consistent goal scorer (next to Naslund)

    I’d Sign Gaborik or Gionta
    I’d sign a depth D-man like Ian White (in case Gilroy sucks)
    Resign Antropov, Zherdev, Betts and Orr
    Trade either Rozy or Redden
    Trade either Korpi or Sjostrom

    and round out the roster with Wolfpackers.

    My dream lineup would be:

    Zherdev – Gomez – Gaborik/Gionta
    Antropov – Drury – Avery
    Callahan – AA – Dubinsky
    Orr – Betts – Korpi/Sjo

    Staal – Girardi
    Mara – Redden/Rozy
    Potter – Sangs – Gilroy – Ian White

  69. i said nyr should try to sign sykora earlier this week. but, with the unexpected $4million surplus i change my mind. cammalleri would be great but i doubt cgy lets him walk too easily. we should all root for det to win the cup so hossa will be willing to move out of detroit. i would say

    1- hossa
    2- cammalleri
    3- sykora

    i still like mikael samuelsson for about 2 million outta det he made 1.5 this season

  70. Honestly, the 1 thing this team doesnt need is another D-man in the system.

    Sign A Big-time Goal scorer

    Resign Mara and round out the D-line with more kids (we have plenty)

  71. they most certainly need a d man to QB the PP. it is painful to watch that PP when it cant get into the offensive zone.


    We made the playoffs with NO offense.. We scored 210 goals and gave up 218 in the regular season.

    Imagine if we had ONE 40 goal scorer (Hossa) instead of all these goddamn 3rd liners. Force the cap rapists to retire or go to Europe. This franchise is a joke!

  73. Um Salty, what did Avery acutally do in the playoffs besides end up in the penalty box and get an assist in game 7 this year?

    Unfortunately for the Rangers and its fans, this team will continue to suffer as long as Sather is still the GM. He will not make the rational decision and he will continue to throw money at players who are overrated. Sather will also trade for players who have that key characteristic “potential”, but never seem to live up to it. Why cut Zherdev a break, I saw enough lazy ass play from him this year to last another 10.

  74. BrooklynDomi on

    and i would love to have a hossa or a kovalchuk but i just dont see it as realistic so thats why im rootin for us to pick up cammalerri

  75. once again, the league looks foolish, that was a goal by the Canes, and the replay showed it so. even Andy Brickley, who is the Bruins analyst, said it was a goal

    but the league says no. that is ridiculous.

  76. BrooklynDomi, rumors I guess. I’ve been reading 5-6m on spector’s rumors. He’s usually right.

  77. I thought naslund was retired while he was on the ice. how could you tell the difference??

  78. mike in ia on

    nasty 1- you were having a nightmare buddy. i have hockey induced nightmares all the time.

  79. yea that was a goal by larose. but it wont matter boston blew this one. good. their fans boo the team if they dont enter the zone on the pp. they boo for every little thing. i know we have no patience in ny either, but damn they had a much better season than us. staal just made it 3-0 now.

  80. Going after a defenseman would be idiotic. Honestly, I don’t even think our D is too bad. The thing that hurt us all season was not being able to score. Losing Naslund is a big help. I thought he performed OK this year for the money. The key word should be VALUE. Drury, Redden, and Gomez are not good value for the money.

  81. Mike, ha, I know man, Chico and Dano are the biggest Devil homers, but I could have sworn he said something about Zherdev coming back next year. Did anyone else hear this?

  82. BrooklynDomi on

    Pavel- Damn thats a real big raise if thats true, i dont think hes worth that kinda $ but for 2-3mil id take him, for anything over that im not so sure, if he had better stats then id be all for it but 2G 7A on the year is not good enough for the kinda $ your talking about

  83. BrooklynDomi on

    Pavel if we are going to pay 5-6mil for a D man we should grab bowmeester

  84. From what i’ve read …

    JBo wants something in the 6-7 million dollar range

    Komo wants something in the 5-6 million dollar range

    Gabo wants something in the 6-7 million dollar range

    Hossa wants something in the 7-8 million dollar range

    Most of you guys preach you want the “kids to play” then how can you justify wanting to add a 1st line D-man in the off-season?? The 2 strengths the Rangers have in the minors is D-men and Centers.

    We need a true 1st Line Winger and a Depth D-man (Mara) in case the Potters, Sangs, Gilroys, DelZottos, and Faheys arent ready to crack the lineup yet.

  85. Hmm, let’s see. Redden is a 6.5 million cap hit, this season put in 26 points, so that means he gets a million bucks for every 4 points. By that scale, Mark Streit is worth 14 million dollars.

  86. If the Rangers are unable to unload Gomez then they should do whatever they can to sign Gionta because he and Elias are the 2 players that Gomez produced and meshed very well with. The last 2 seasons its been very difficult to find anyone who can play with the guy.

    And Carp, I thought this was a great post by you until you had to go bring up Kevin Hatcher. I mean really, was that necessary?

  87. Here’s what I want

    Callahan – Gomez – Cammalleri
    Antropov – Dubinsky – Avery
    Korpikoski – Anisimov – Sjostrom
    Betts centering some youth

    Trade Drury for a 3m winger and a prospect, bring up the young D, make this team young and scrappy. I like that first line. I think Gomez and Cammalleri would tear it up together.

  88. There is no need for this team to waste any money on defenseman…we are set. Gilroy is a good puck mover and solid in his own zone, him and at least one of the young guys can replace Mara and Morris. We are deep enough to have plenty of options for a 7th D-Men. All our money should go towards forwards and we should save some money for an in-season acquisition if need be.

  89. You guys are forgetting Mark Bell and Evgeni Grachev. Two big bodies that could feasibly provide grit and scoring next season. Watching the Detroit game today I couldn’t help but realize how good Darren Helm was playing, generating scoring chances…on the 4th line. The only thing our 4th line can provide is a rest for the rest of the team and the occasional ass whooping

  90. Man, have you guys watched our defensmen play? You think we are set? These guys, collectively, suck! And they are ridiculously overpaid. Staal is a 2nd pair dman right now, and he is the best we have. There is NO ONE on this team that can clear the crease. Adding Brendan Witt at the deadline, for example, would have been a huge improvement. Getting a crease clearer has to be a priority – good thing is, these guys are much cheaper than offensive Dmen. Gilroy is a question mark, and it will be another 2 years or so until the new blood arrives and has an impact.

    Whoever gives JBo $6 to %7mm is insane, even without the cap going down in future. I say $5.5mm tops for him.

  91. think its safe to say drury and redden have no trade value whatsoever. Both are disgustingly overpaid and that not even taking into account the full NMC Drury has (who is from CT and would probably not waive that) and Reddens limited NTC. Redden in the minors drury u either buy out now or hope the cba changes in a yr or two then buy out all the overpriced vets

  92. Geez, got some really idealistic fans around here! I cant believe any of you think Gomez, Drury, and Redden are tradeable, unless the Rangers eat half or more of their contracts. You can say all you want about letting the young guys play, but that will just leave us with more of the same. There is not a single player in this system with 30+ goal talent (save for Zherdev and Antropov, who have the talent but lack so many other things). For as much as I love Dubinsky and Callahan, they are 2nd liners at best, great defensive forwards who can play the PK, but not first liners. Who’s going to score? Anisimov? Avery? I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen.

    The Rangers need to bring back Paul Mara and Blair Betts, as well as obviously tendering Dubie and Cally. Zherdev can eat it. Antropov is hit or miss, but I’d take him at a reasonable price. I didnt particularly care for Morris in his time here. Drury and Gomez are here to stay, like it or not. I love Freddy Sjo but I’d prefer to find a tough-guy 4th liner who can actually contribute on the PK, if such a player even exists.

  93. Err… I meant I love Freddy Sjo, and I’d prefer to replace Orr with a tough guy who can play PK. My fault.

  94. Um Salty, what did Avery acutally do in the playoffs besides end up in the penalty box and get an assist in game 7 this year?


    You’re clueless. If that’s all you are looking at you don’t get it.

    What did Ovechkin actually do, judging by the stats? Not too much for the “best player in the world”, 4 points or something.

    BUT if you actually watched and understood the game, you’d know that Ovechkin far from “disappeared”… the guy was still a monster and a threat at every second.

    You don’t “get it”. You want to talk about guys who disappeared, look at guys like Zherdev, Gomez, and Drury. Avery is one of the few guys who came to play hard, and was probably the best player on the ice for both teams in game 7. It’s not all about points, especially for a player like Avery. Say what you will, but to say he pulled a houdini in this years playoffs shows pretty serious hockey ignorance.

  95. Salty, i’m with you – Aves was loads more visible and involved in the play than the likes of Z and Gomez. You can talk all you want about stats, every time Ovy got the puck i held my breath, same when Avery was flying at full speed towards a Caps defenseman or cycling on the boards getting cross-checked.

    As for changes, we should be able to get Dubi and Cally re-signed for minor raises, or we could do long-term deals for slightly more to avoid a few years of free agency. I would like to see Sjo, Betts, Mara, Orr brought back and Antro if its only for a $2-3m cap hit for say, 2 years..?

    Naslund is pure class is my eyes, he may not be the scorer he once was but to not milk the Rangers for $3m and retire now shows the kind of attitude i would like to see throughout pro sports.

  96. I give naslund credit, he could have glided next year and collected a cool 4mill like most vets do on this team

    now redden, rossival, drury, gomez and zerdev need to to be dumped… or get swine flu

    Anyone who thinks that Zerdev is worth the 3.5 he will get is delusional about his abilities. I think antro was at 2.5mill? I would sooner give him 1mill more to stay that keep zerdev for 3.5…

  97. “Avery is one of the few guys who came to play hard, and was probably the best player on the ice for both teams in game 7. It’s not all about points, especially for a player like Avery. Say what you will, but to say he pulled a houdini in this years playoffs shows pretty serious hockey ignorance.”

    so so true salty….

    drury hurt or not, gomez, and zerdev were gutless all series

  98. Fair question, would you guys chose Zherdev or Sykora for 3 million. IMO its Zherdev easily, its easy to overlook our own guys and think what everyone else has is better

  99. If you guys want a tough cheap guy who can play PK-Travis Moen is your man.

    Also, Jordan Owens from Hartford is young and can play PK and will only cost the league minimum as he was an undrafted FA who has absolutely worked his you know what off to become Hartford’s version of Freddy Sjo with better offensive numbers.

    Mike in IA-You’re right. Calgary will try to keep Cammalari but he may look for $5 million + which could knock him out of their price range.

    Remember everyone, before you want to go after Gaborik, there’s money that will be needed to resign Staal and Girardi next offseason so that’s why a guy like Kotalik could be a good cheap option.

    As far as PK, if the roster was left the way it was today excluding UFAs, the following guys can PK: Dubi/Cally/Korpi/Drury/Anisimov/Gomez/Owens.

  100. onecupin69years been to the final only twice in 30 on

    Don’t bring back mara, I know he’s popular ,but he looked real slow in the caps series, he’ll be another year older, you need young legs for less $$$.

  101. We have a lot of young prospects in our system on defense… we’ll obviously need to use one of them in a trade. But that trade should be for some scoring help.

    I’ve said all along that we could be a good team if we just had some defense in front of Hank. At times over the past few years that defense has been suspect but it’s always ammounted to one of the best in the league (thanks Hank).

    Scoring is what this team needs. BIG TIME. Not easy to get though.

  102. Even with naslund’s decision, there isnt that much money to spend after re-upping Dubs and Cally. I wouldn’t come close to any real money/yrs for Komarsrik – not worth it.. if Mara doesnt re-sign, other guys are out there are cheaper – Gauthier, Montador, even Hal Gill (then we can bring back Jagr back!)

    forwards are tough – if they rehaul the 3-4th.. Chad LaRose, Ales Kotalik, pahnllson, Chris Neil (not my fave).. getting a frong liner (gaborik, Hossa) will be tough given the cap sitaution “slats” put us in..

  103. Unemployed Steve on

    Nasty – this may be late but on Hockey Night Live Daneyko said he had a friend or something that said to him if Z is a ranger next year he is giving up his Ranger season tickets. This comment was at the end of the email segment at the end of the show.

  104. Kovalchuk coming up on last year until free agency, i would assume Atlanta will be looking to move him if they caNT resign him. Rangers should make a push for him with all the hot young prospects they have.

  105. UESBlueshirt on

    Chris Neil would be an interesting addition to the team since he was the one that clocked Drury a couple of years ago that added fuel to the Sabres-Sens fire. Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea, holding the idea over Drury’s head that Neil could ring his bell in practice if he doesn’t perform.

  106. I wasnt trying to single out Avery, but everyone gets a little too touchy of some fair criticism he deserves. With that said, I completely agree Gomez and Zherdev were in fact non existent, for much of the season as well. But with Drury, he must be cut some slack for the playoffs due to his injury. The whole issue is the Rangers have plenty of depth down the middle on the team and in Hartford. They need a top winger, not another smallish player like Cammalerri. One of the 4 untradeable contracts (Rosi, Redden, Gomez, Drury) has to go for this team to improve next year and Sather leaving would also help too.

  107. “Even with naslund’s decision, there isnt that much money to spend after re-upping Dubs and Cally. ”

    relax they are getting signed. Or if someone wants to give Cally 5 million, or Dubinsky something insane we can take the compensation picks. and don’t even mention no skill Gill for the love of god

  108. I think of the Four Big Contracts, Gomez and Rozy are the two that would attract most interest, but a team would want a good young roster player or a good young prospect with them. I don’t know how things are going to pan out, but I would expect that their will be attempts made to move one or two of these guys. Attempts don’t mean a thing though, unless it can actually be done.

  109. I don’t know who I would keep if I had to choose between Gomez and Drury. Drury, no matter who you put on his wing, will never be the playmaking center that Gomez is. Drury is definitely a 2nd, maybe even a 3rd line center. Gomez, given the right finisher, could definitely be a first line center. Who brings more to the team? It is funny/sad to say, that after 2 seasons,I really don’t know.

  110. Sweet move by Naslund, classy and guarantees the resignings of Callahan and Dubinsky. Even if those were pretty much guaranteed signings anyway.

    Proxy for both the Callahan and Dubinsky contracts – Brooks Laich coming off a 21G 16A season – $6.1mn/3yrs last year.

    I’d be surprised if they got more than that, Sather has bargaining power too with the cap coming down in a year.

  111. I agree, Dub and Cally will be get done (unless there is a Penner thing that goes on)… just saying, $4 mil off the books for one year doesnt ease cap enough to get a game changer… without some other moves..How much to buy out Sather?

  112. Well I have to say that was a classy move. I always liked Nazzy but for Vancouver. He was so so here when he actually played. Now if only Redden could do the same thing. Hmmmm did Nazzy start a new trend?


  113. Salty

    i thought you were very much against Avery coming here. are you changing your tune now to make sure you don’t go against popular opinion.

  114. Im pretty sure Nslaunds salary stil counts against the cap next year since he is 35…, i dont know if the rule changed but that is what it was in 05/06 someone please prove me wrong?

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