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Here’s my column from The Journal News and today, about Joe Devenney of Mahopac, who is retiring after 37 years with the Rangers as an equipment guy.

Tom Horvath, the legendary NYC hockey coach who developed the Mullen brothers, has been in the organization about 52 years as an equipment man. Devenney was second in terms of length of service. When I first covered a Rangers game in 1978, only three people were there then who are still around now: Horvath, Devenney (who started in 1972 under Emile Francis) and Sam Rosen, who was just starting out doing Knicks and some occasional hockey. Now there are two.

You might recognize him (above) because for years he was on the visitors’ bench during games, literally, in the early days, opening and closing the bench door.

Just a great, good man. We will miss having him around.


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  1. congrats JOE!!!! job well done

    wow didnt realize sam rosen was with the club that long!!!!


    during the long days of the summer a clean post would be awesome…..what did you think of the hit by brown last night on hudler? detroit finds a way to win every night its amazing


    Carps columns are the best! I used to love his Sunday columns on hockey when he was covering the Rangers.

  3. Wow, 37 years with the same employer. I wonder how many of us will be able to stay that long with an employer?

    Congrats Devenney and good luck!

    Carps, how are you feeling?

    LGR 09-10

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Devenney All the Best to you and your Family.
    A very interesting artical I had no idea that one from the home team would man the visitors bench door, at one time.
    Thanks Carp

  5. A familiar face around the Rangers bench will be gone. Congratulations Mr.Devenney, enjoy your retirement. Much happiness and good health to you.
    Great article Carp, thanks!


    What does Devenney’s t-shirt say in that picture? Can anybody figure it out?

  7. Hey I pulled this off…any takers?

    personally I’d rather have Mr. Devenney’s job.


    About the Job
    Asst General Mgr, Hockey Admin (NY, NY): Manage bus.? hockey operations functions for New York Rangers.? Negot.? & prep prof’l athlete, coach, & scouting staff contracts.? Work w/?athletes, agents, NHL, NHLPA union, insurers, legal counsel in contract, collective bargaining, grievance, & admin areas of industry.? Prep & present cases before tribunal in litigation or labor grievance procedures.? Work w/?all foreign Clubs & Leagues w/?regard to player transfers & contractual rights as they relate to NHL & AHL players.?

    Serve as primary point of contact w/? NHL & NHL Central Registry w/?respect to all player signings, player trades, & transfers w/?in framework of NHL Bylaws & CBA.? Conduct legal research, as well as evaluate issues re:
    laws, rules & procedures in environ.?

    governed by bylaws & CBA as well as contract law issues.? Prep & present cases in grievance & NHL salary arbitration matters on behalf of Club.? Req’ts:
    J.?D.? (Juris Doctor) or foreign equiv & 5 yrs progressive exp incl: negot.? contracts in prof’l sports setting, w/?particular exp in relation to athletes & agents; prep & presenting cases before tribunal in litigation or labor grievance procedures; administering laws, rules, & procedures in industry environ.?

    governed by bylaws & a collective bargaining agreement; working w/?admin & bus.? issues related to prof’l athletes, agents, insurers, union reps, & legal counsel.?

    Please send resume to: New York Rangers Hockey Club, a division of Madison Square Garden LLP, P.?O.? Box NYT-HO-19, 71 Fifth Ave, 5th Flr, NY, NY 10003.?

  8. mike in ia on

    caps look like they did in game 7 against us. maybe triple shifting ovary constantly has taken its toll. i hope the craps get swept. and then the pens get destroyed by boston

  9. mike in ia on

    my god caps fans cheer every single time the caps get possession. even in the d zone. its pathetic. lol

  10. Hockey Guy on

    His shirt says “Too Strong” it was a shirt that all the players have, and I belive worn during training camp or playoffs last year.

  11. mike in ia on

    mikeA- you seem like your around the same age as me. i remember reading rainbow but not that episode with the rangers. i know its not a tv show, but in the movie the forgotten with julianne moore, the guy who helps her find her son who also lost his daughter was a former hockey player for the rangers. i think he is in the show the wire on hbo. awesome show too.

    anyway mike, is grachev eligible to play for the pack next season? or does he have to be a certain age? or is that just for north american players? either way, i think another year would be good for him too. nhl is a huge difference and id rather him have another year under his belt before jumpin up too fast. anisimov i think would play awesome with zherdev next season. maybe if we can keep antro too, we could have an all russian line!! maybe that will get zherdev goin. i know theyre not all russian. ukraine and kazakhstan but still, they speak the language i think

    wow, caps look like they met their match in the pens. gettin smoked!!

  12. mike in ia on

    jeez, just like in game 7, caps get outworked badly and get 1 shot and score

  13. YES!
    thank god
    im sorry i cant watch the pens win.

    its 9 vs 5 when you play em
    no series is ever fair.

  14. OMG, can que ball mcguire, how ever you spell is retarded name, shut up, all he keeps stating is how the caps need to step up there game because there a custom to the slow play of the rangers. This moron has hated the rangers for years and still throws jabs at the rangers organization when he has the chance. If I ever see this guy in person, god help this moron.

  15. mike in ia on

    colin- i wouldve been rooting for the caps, but after ovary and sperm, or crapstrom i dont remember, did that stick salute in the garden i just cant stand him anymore, or boudreau. hes a little whiner. but yea, he dissed the rangers organization with that mock salute, and their fans are just as bad or worse than pens fans. i hate both teams, but i’ll take crosbys whining over ovechkins lack of respect and selfish attitude. and it looks like the caps are geting all the calls so far in this one. now its 2-1 on a 5 on 3 goal

  16. That is how you do a 5 on 3 power play. I wish one day before I die that the rangers organization can get the right players to play like this, one day, maybe. The garden would go wild.

  17. i hear ya mike.

    i just cant stand crosbys face.
    i hate that they did that as well. someone will make em pay for it next season.

  18. mike in ia on

    tomg- i’ll help ya beat ovechkins baby out of him. yea, he should not show his face in ny next season and if he does i’ll pay someone to kick his ass

  19. If Sanchez falls in the mud, and gets all filthy during Jets rookie camp, what would you have?

  20. mike in ia on

    oh i hate crosbys face too. i cant even stand hearing him in his pregame interviews and i hate his littl ugly face too. hes such a girl. he looks like he couldve been like one of those little stuck up snobby punks from the hawks in the mighty ducks movie. i actually hope both teams lose all their home games and it goes to game 7 in washington, and then goes to 6th overtime and they just physically exhaust themselves and kill each other so theyre worthless for the boston series. i hope the caps lose in 6 or 7 ot

  21. Margo Devenney on

    I know that Joe shared with you, that I think you are by far the best sports writer covering professional or High School sports. We, Joe’s family, want to thank you for this article. What a memory!!!

  22. Pens are gonna prove how much Nyr sucks, by making VarLAmov look like the rookie he is.

    I really don’t give two sh*ts who wins this series, i just want Boston, or Carolina to come out of the East, and hopefully either the Hawks, or Ducks come out of the west.

    It sure would be nice if Crosby, and Ovechkin got injured, that would make me feel a lot better aboot things.

  23. I think Boston will go to the cup, actually, I would be surprised if Boston doesn’t make it to the cup finals. Why, they remind me of the west, big, fast, strong etc…

  24. Boston really is the best TEAM as far as I am concerned right now. They have a little bit of everything in their lineup, and they play as a TEAM. I think a great Final would be to watch Boston take on Detroit.

  25. mike in ia on

    orr- i am rootin for chicago all the way. since movin to iowa 4 years ago, i get to watch chicago and st louis alot. i like st louis because of JD and i like their young guys alot. but since i was a kid, i always liked the blackhawks. now, the rangers have and always will be my team. but after the rangers i always have rooted for the hawks. its fun having a team from the west too so when the rangers lose, at least i got ateam i can root for out west. i dont know why i always liked the hawks, i liked chelios, larmer, roenick, amonte, dirk graham, etc.. cant remember all of them.

  26. mike in ia ,
    Amonte was a ranger but we had to trade him as part of winning a cup in new york, it was worth it.

  27. mike in ia on

    nasty- i would love to see that too. they would be the 2 superpowers goin to war from each conference. i do want chicago to advance, and i do love when the underdog wins, but as far as the 2 best teams its alwways more fun to watch, especially when our team has already been eliminated.

  28. so glad atdhe has the other feed i can imgine what they are saying on nbc and thats good enough.

  29. great article carp. love human interest stories like that. shows you usually get what you give in life and seemingly most people appreciated what he brought to the table – both work ethic and personality. and opponents respected him too that says it all.

    LI Joe

  30. mike in ia on

    i know he was a ranger. i liked him thats why when he went to chicago i rooted for them.

  31. No one else deserves this job than scott as a member of the Somers/North Salem hockey community, scott lives and breathes this sport and we will all miss him.

  32. ThisYearsModel on

    Gee, you get shots on Varlamov, and the red light is activated. What a concept. Too bad the Rangers were not able to figure that out.

  33. mike in ia on

    haha yea this years model. our top goal scorers couldnt score on this guy and mark eaton from the point with no screen scores on him!!! hope drury, zherdev, redden, naslund and rozy are watchin this. maybe they can get a few pointers from mark freakin eaton!!!

  34. OK, I’ll give the caps goalie that one, lundqvist stinks when it comes to using his goalie stick.

  35. Both of these goalies seem unsure of their positioning and rebounds today, but they have still made some spectacular saves. What a stick save by Varlamov a couple minutes ago!

  36. mike in ia on

    he stops that but cant stop a slap from the point from eaton? what did he take lessons from hank? hank is either out of this world amazing or totally horrible. i hope next season he is more consistent but if we dont get some goals for him its gonna be the same crap as this season.

  37. mike in ia – I remember reading in one of the season wrap-up conversations that Grachev will play next year in the AHL if he doesn’t make the Rangers.

    Wow, Crosby grew up enough this year to actually grow a respectable playoff beard. At this time last year, it was starting to get hideous!

    Let’s hope for only one overtime at most so NBC doesn’t have to be embarassed again by switching to pre-horse race coverage early.

  38. Name (required)
    May 2nd, 2009 at 10:44 am
    CCCP May 1st, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    Good point Staal Wart

    Hawks all the way! Love that young team. Plus I’ve always been “Bulin Wall” fan.

    I thought pulling for other teams makes one less of a “fan”..I guess that makes you as big a Rangers fan as me.

  39. lol what i wanted to say *SON KID BRO YO!* is that *liking* a team from a different conference and admiring Devils while being a “HUGE” rangers fan is something completely different… try not to miss the point kid…

  40. I still ant get over the fact that Hank was outplayed by VarLAmov. It makes me sick.

    I like Hank, but there was a time where i thought he was better than Luongo, and all these other goalies, but im starting to think he’s pretty average.

    You can argue whether he’s better than Cam Ward, but Ward won a Cup in his rookie year, and outplayed Broduer, and Fluery took his team to the Cup finals, and Luongo is one of the best in the league, and this might be his year to go to the Cup finals, now that he has a better team in front of him, and etc.

    To be fair though, Hank doesn’t have a good enough team in front of him, but the fact is he blew that series against the Craps.

    It’s the story of Hank’s career, he can make amazing saves, and stop the big shots, but he cant seem to stop the small shots, and it’s really annoying. Especially since he’s getting payed so much money.

    It just pisses me off, this last elimination isn’t going to be easy to get over, last year was bad, but this one is worse.

    And Sharapova is still injured, so sports is pretty boring these days. And Ivonovic is always losing.

  41. Seabiscuit on

    I pick Friesan Fire in the derby

    and Pioneer of the Nile as the longshot pick

  42. ORR – Without Lundqvist, we would have been swept by the Capitals, or maybe beaten 4–1 since Theodore played the first game. Quit your bitchin’!

  43. Good luck to Joe Devenney. As far as Sam Rosen and years of service in my opinion, he might have they years I dont think most Ranger fans are gonna miss him when he retires.

  44. mike in ia on

    who won the game guys? i had to go out with the gf shopping. yay!! shes lucky the rangers werent still playin or shed be goin by herself. or maybe im lucky cuz she’d probably dump me if she had to endure 2 months of ranger playoff hockey.

  45. mike in ia on

    i’ll miss sam. i wont miss michelobetti though. sam is ten times better than emrick or bad cliche machine beninati

  46. Really Mike ? maybe I’m wrong where the Rosen barometer is on Toucan Sam as far as Ranger fans go. His constant spin doctoring and towing the MSG corporate line makes me ill. Plus he doesn’t like the fights which to me makes him a total goober. Michelobeetti doesn’t bother me, to me his like J.D light.

  47. mike in ia on

    yea i may not agree with sam all the time and sometimes he could be a little more biased for the rangers and not remind us of how good the other team is, but all in all, i like sam, hes been here forever. at least since the mid 80’s, and him and JD were a good duo. michelobeti is ok. hes better than the versus color guys, and way beter than mcguire.

  48. mike in ia on

    pavel- yard work rocks!! the great outdoors!!!! love the smell of cut grass in the mornin’. beats goin shoppin with the old lady

  49. mike in ia on

    love cuttin the front lawn and then doin some trim inside the house after!!!

  50. SPIDER

    That would be better than watching them blow a 3-1 lead against a goalie who hasn’t played more than 10 games, Believe me.

    Hank has no excuses. He blew it, he knows it. His team didn’t help.

    At least Luongo has a little help from his friends when he blows it, like he almost did in game 1 verse the Hawks.

  51. Name (required) on

    CCCP May 2nd, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    lol what i wanted to say SON KID BRO YO! is that liking a team from a different conference and admiring Devils while being a “HUGE” rangers fan is something completely different… try not to miss the point kid…

    2 Conclusions..
    #1 I can now conclude you are officially from Brooklyn
    #2 There is no winning with you because (see #1)

  52. Speed Ranger on

    Carp – nice touch with the article – so many unsung heroes work like mad behind the Ranger scene. Thanks.

    Hi Joe :)

  53. Carp, I am not sure if you saw my question earlier, but did they honor Joe and Howell/Bathgate Night? I remember they made a presentation to Rammer and I thought someone else too.

  54. Nasty, I don’t recall if they honored him that night, but they announced his final home game the last regular-season MSG game and he got a nice hand.

  55. Mike In IA-I’m 28. My first full Rangers season was 89-90 when they won the Patrick Division. I barely remember hockey beforehand, although I do remember the “New York” road jerseys which I though looked budget as a kid.

    Grachev and I believe Del Zotto both have to play in the NHL or OHL. They can play ten games before teams have to send them back or keep them up. You have to be 20 for AHL promotion hence Dale Weisse going to the Pack at age 20 which would have been his overage year.

    Mouth-I love Rangers Crisis although I disagree; I’m going to miss Sam Rosen sooooo much when he retires in a few years. He’s been there forever and I feel comfortable calling a game. I know he’s a little slower and makes some mistakes and people give him beef for being too pro-MSG, but there’s something right about Sam calling a Rangers game.

    It would be cool for Howie Rose to get the gig; I know people view him as a traitor but my friend’s dad summed it up; “He stuck around for the Cup, and left after to advance his career in TV which is more money and power than radio. He’s Sam’s logical prodigee.”

  56. Do you need golf lessons Rick? If not, I suggest you join a scramble with Joe. Except for having to count 3 or 4 of your drives for 18 holes, it’s as if you weren’t there unless you got the best shot in any sequence. That’s my speed.

  57. Name (required)
    May 2nd, 2009 at 6:10 pm
    CCCP May 2nd, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    lol what i wanted to say SON KID BRO YO! is that liking a team from a different conference and admiring Devils while being a “HUGE” rangers fan is something completely different… try not to miss the point kid…

    2 Conclusions..

    #1 I can now conclude you are officially from Brooklyn

    #2 There is no winning with you because (see #1)


    #3 I am always right. :)

  58. well, after 4 years of procrastination I’ve actually set up a blog of my own. For those of you who want an extra read or just something to be really critical of please take a look.

    Hope that’s ok to post in here Carp. I apologize if it isn’t

  59. MikeA…I agree, I absolutely hate listening to the Saturday and Sunday games during football season when Giannone does them. At least Rose would be a familiar voice if that were indeed to happen.

  60. Chicago is officially my 2nd favorite team. Sharp? WOW! Kane? WOW! Even Eager, a friggin 4th liner, had a beauty today!

  61. mikeA- k i’ll be 28 in july so we basically grew up watching them at the same time. same for me i started watchin in 88. went to my first game in 89. kisio was captain i think. bernie nicholls was my favorite at that time. erixon was great too. those were the days that i never got mad at a player for how much money he actually i was 8 i didnt even realize that they got paid, or cared for that matter!! the beezer was awesome too. i remember his damn name was so long they just barely could fit it on the back of the jersey. ahh good times. does anyone remember corey hirsch the backup goalie? he looked good what happened to him? i only remember him for 1 season i think.after that he was gone

  62. pavel- awesome game right? i was like, damn these guys can freakin score!! they make luongo look like threeormore. i wish we had some offense like they got on our team

  63. yup. watchin the hawks score on luongo liuke that and a guy like ben eager score crashin the net really just made me think of us against the caps and then i thought of zherdev and started cryin. why god why???

  64. I hate to agree but Orr’s dead on about Henrik. As great as he can be at times is as mind boggling as he can as well letting in clunkers he has no business allowing if he’s in that elite class.

    I agree the team in front of him sucked but let’s be honest. The Rangers weren’t bad in the first period of Game 6 but their goalie let them down big time hurting the momentum.

    Sure. He was better in Game 7 and the team played well for 2 periods but ultimately ran out of gas falling short. And Fedorov beat Henrik short side again on a shot he admitted was stoppable. So it is frustrating even if this team was going nowhere.

    Just an fyi…courtesy Brooks, looks like Naslund just might be retiring:

  65. Naslund’s retiring???

    Looks like another classic case of a really good player coming to NY to retire.

    I for one, think Naslund played well for us this season. He would have finished as the Rangers best goal scorer if we didnt trade for Antropov, and have always really liked the guy.

    I guess now Sather just has to get rid of either Rozy or Redden (or both) and we would have plenty of cap space to go after a Big-Game Scorer . . . Im leaning towards Gionta or Gaborik

  66. I’m actually surprised at reading about Naslund’s retirement this morning…

    And I gotta say, that really does show some class on his part to step up and say “I can’t do this anymore” instead of cashing a check he doesn’t deserve (REDDEN!!!DRURY!!!)

    One useless, overpaid veteran down…how many more to go?

  67. I heard Naslund was retiring several days ago, so no surprise there, that’s helpful to the team….

    As far as Henrik, I think a great goaltender gives his team a chance to win by snuffing out the opposition’s best scoring chances consistently and then at times, when the team is playing poorly, standing on his head to keep the team in the game. In game six the Rangers were actually pretty bad in the first period -they did have scoring chances but there were 2 egregious turnovers thyat led to the first goal, and on the third one Staal got caught pinching and they gave up a 3-on-1. Two of those goals should not even have been shots. I understand that’s a goalie’s job, to stop those, but how many times can one guy bail you out? At some point the team has to score a bunch of goals, play dolid defense and take the pressure off the goalie.

  68. Are the Rangers kids in the AHL that bad? You watch these teams like Chicago that have 12 kids from their draft pix playing and I know we have no Kanes or Toews on the team but we got to have a Burish or Bufygla-blah blah to stick in there dont we?

    You have to ask yourself, as an organiztion, are we not willing to pay the price to let kids develop? or…are we completely inept at the draft…

    Either way…if the salary space opens up we’d be a lot better off-long term- investing it in one or two youngsters instead of bringing in that Gabro-groin guy…who would just wind up being the next rich UFA we’d all wind up hating and running out of town…and you know the list

  69. Very strange inverse-perspective playing out in Montreol…

    While we rue all these fat contracts the Rangers are locked into; the Habs media and fans are fixated on the fact that the Habs lost because they had too many UFA/RFA players on the team…something like 13 guys playing w/o contracts for next year

    Habs critics also claim that they’re in a mess because no UFAs ever want to sign with them (they went after Shanny in 2006, Briere in 2007 and everyone available in 2008)…while we sit here and cry about this being an old folks retirement home…

    I feel like telling them that they’re in a very good way…their mediocrity can be solved by letting guys go and replacing them with kids….we need to hope for miraculous trades or retirements….

  70. BrooklynDomi on

    according to that website given by somerset i’d say there is a good amount of FA’s to pick up next year.
    My wishlist for the rangers would be:
    Mike Cammaleri – 82pts(39G 43A) – 3.6Mil

    Ales Kotalik – 43pts (20G 23A) – 2.5Mil (Sniper especially on the power play (12G&12A on the PP) which everyone and their sisters know we need help on)

    Dump Vally and pick up Craig Anderson from FLA
    Vally725,000 – Anderson 575,000
    and for D its unlikely but dump Morris at 3.95 and pick up bowmeester at 4.8 but we have such cap issues that it makes it almost impossible to grab him unless we give them redden which i wouldnt be opposed too= )

  71. BrooklynDomi on

    komisarek is available at 1.9 also but i have a strong feeling that him and avery wouldnt get along and those sloppy seconds comments would be coming from every angle

  72. BrooklynDomi on

    resign antro also, he can score and we can get him cheap for around 2 – 2.25

  73. kaspar- your dead on. spot on ole chap. bang on good buddy about NOT goin after mary gabo-RICH. its just the type of thing that will come back to bite us in the ass AGAIN!! if sather does it, and signs him , it will kill this team longrun. gabby will play all 20 games a season for us and it will be like pavel bure all over again. even worse probably. so naz retiring gives us 4 million right? thats just enough to sign doobs, cally and bring in a redwood tree on d to replace morris. put gilroy in maras spot. he and rozy should be capable of handling the pp. rozy should be better given the injury he came off of and still had the most goals and points of our d men. i say we sign a guy like komisarek. as far as redden, give him the first 15-20 games of next season to see if he will actually start scorin some goals on the pp. if he is still playing the same as last season, theres no reason to think he will ever improve, so sather should waive him, and as far as being worried about future free agents not wanting to sign here because of it, then we dont need guys who are gonna pull a redden anyway. and maybe it lets other free agents know that its not gonna be a retirement home for them here. if they “love” NY so damn much then they shouldnt have to worry about it. as far as offensive winger to play with gomez, put cally on his line. callys gonna be even better next season. im sick of hearing how gomez needs a better winger to play with. how many guys have played with him and struggled? jagr for god sakes couldnt find chemistry with him. maybe its gomez and not his linemates.

  74. great article Carp..
    well done.

    nice to see Naslund such a classy guy. he cannot produce any more and he retires and does not just accept the money.

    good for the Rangers also.

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