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I’m having a hard time not posting today, so I thought I’d throw a couple of things out there.

1) We should have the beard contest polling up and running by late Monday or Tuesday.

2) Do you guys — the Boneheads, the Festivus Bloggers, all of you — want me to just throw a blank post up when I have nothing so you guys have a fresh place to have your own discussions? It seems that might be the way to go when there’s no news from here, because obviously you guys talk here 24/7.

What do you think?

Here’s my story from breakup day in The Journal News and LoHud.com today. You have already seen all this stuff live from the training facility yesterday.



Also, I found this site (duh, NBC, not like I was Columbus or DeSoto as a discoverer), which has video of Torts’ mea culpa yesterday, and also video of last night’s Chicago-Vancouver game, including that Brashear-like hit that resulted in a two-minute penalty. Note that referee McCreary is the common denominator.

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  1. eddie giacomin on

    I like Henrik. I am glad he is the Rangers goalie. but, he is not above improvement and consistency. he clearly is playing too deep in his crease, giving up too much shooting angle, and giving crease crashing room.

    he is getting beat on his glove side, the short side, from the right faceoff circle by high shots because he is too deep and going down too early.

    the goalie coach needs to work with him on that

    he could move from very good goalie to elite status

    obviously, he needs better offensive support to give him some breathing room too

  2. Hey Carp-
    I like the idea of new posts, but don’t make them blank. Lets make them about constructive talking points or breathers…like ask players about their summer plans or favorite moments of the year and as we run out of things to ask think of things like favorite foods, hockey brands, etc…but do it quick because not many players will be hanging out around the MSG training facility much longer

  3. Both Zipay and Grossman are reporting Valiquette has resigned for next season for the identical $725k cap charge as the just concluded season. Not a bad move, he’s a credible back-up for the 8-12 games he’ll be called upon and seems to have a good relationship with Henrik.

  4. Yea that idea is fine. I’m sure we’ll end up discussing the rest of the playoffs. What hockey fan can resist playoff hockey? It’s so awesome!!

  5. When I say blank post, I don’t literally mean blank. But if I have absolutely nothing to say, I’ll just wish you all a good morning and you guys can take it from there. Or I might have a single thought, like, oh, about how excellent Versus’ telecasts have been. Or how much I miss shootouts. Or some Seinfeld lines.

  6. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Golf course!! says Greg L. on

    Nice idea Rick , I myself need a lil “Rangers time-out” all this has pissed me off but it’s done and over now so maybe a guy can relax and not be so playoff stressed!!

    I just e-mail you Rick to give ya my “after ” shot of my weak beard. Rick N Jane , again thanks guys. It’s nice to see that the editors care and having you two run this , make it a whole lot better.

    Go Rangers!!!! Next year boys , we ‘ll get ’em!!!!

  7. Thx for thing of us Boneheads !
    Good idea – you can post a topic, & we’ll take it from there.
    It beats working all day .
    I MISS MY RANGERS !!!!!!

  8. Johnny LaRue on

    Seinfeld is always a good topic on the Festivus blog. Maybe some trivia or a probing question. For example, how come the guy that owned Fredo the parrot that swallowed Kramer’s key lived in 5E? 5E was Newman’s apartment. Quite vexing.

  9. Johnny LaRue on

    I can only think of Morty Seinfeld and Lloyd Braun. You got me on the third.

  10. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Golf course!! says Greg L. on

    Dam I don’t watch Seinfeld …

  11. even though i dont post every day i read preety much all of them. i LIVE for hockey. vali sucks we need a better backup

  12. Ok guys, hell with everything!! I will take one for the team… ill play as a backup goalie next season for half the money Vally is taking. Because for me… *TEAM ALWAYS FIRST!*


  13. Johnny LaRue on

    If you are counting the Jerry’s two face girlfriend that would be three.

  14. NEW YORK (May 1, 2009) ? The Stanley Cup™ Playoffs Conference Quarter-Finals have concluded, and the National Hockey League reports that virtually all key business metrics have continued their strong momentum from the regular season, in spite of challenging economic conditions.

    During the regular season, the NHL achieved its fourth-consecutive season of record attendance, and that momentum continued. During the Conference Quarter-Finals, playoff teams played to more than 100 percent of arena capacity and averaged 18,739 fans.

    Television ratings continued their momentum from the regular season and increased sharply. Viewership on NBC surged 17 percent and the network had the most-watched NHL first-round broadcast in eight years. Also, viewership rose 23 percent on VERSUS and 42 percent on TSN – helping each network to their most successful Conference Quarter-Final results ever.

  15. Rick, I too like the “blank” post.
    I was thinking too that since we all like to talk hockey here maybe as the Playoffs progress we can talk the games we see on VS, NBS whatever. I think it would also be nice to talk about prospects in Hartford, who we think has a shot next season and who doesn’t.
    Who are you all rooting for here on out?
    Me…All Bruins Baby!!!
    Go B’s!!!

  16. Good point Staal Wart

    Hawks all the way! Love that young team. Plus I’ve always been “Bulin Wall” fan.


    Eddie Giacomin, I think the answer is a NEW goalie coach for ’09-’10. Torts needs to find somebody else.

  18. carolina in east and red wings in west.

    i think we should all root for wings since they have best shot to beat pens or caps if they make final

    i think we all agree if cry baby crosby wins a cup we will all puke.

  19. Johnny LaRue on

    “I can’t use this, it’s got PABA. I need PABA free.”
    “You got a problem with PABA?”
    “Yes I have a problem with PABA.”
    “You don’t even know what PABA is.”
    “I know enough to stay away from it.”

  20. Even if I agreed that they need a new goalie coach … and I don’t … I would make that about No. 1,378 on the list of things they need. And a new backup goalie isn’t far ahead of that.

  21. Johnny LaRue on

    The NBC guys Krespe and Shermack. One or both of them were different from earlier episodes.

  22. Johnny LaRue on

    Sharing a hug? Uhhhh…

    I do think Jane has a nice voice though. Nice and “flinty”.

  23. see, that’s a joke. Brown gets 5 min major for identical hit that Brashear got ZERO for on the ice,

  24. That was a nasty hit by Mike Brown on Jiri Hudler. I’m telling you, that Brashear hit has made them call penalties on that hit tonight and the one last night which was only a minor. Just because Betts wasn’t bleeding doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have had a five-minute power play from interference. That would probably have made a difference.

  25. Here’s a question… We all remember Puddy being the Devils fan.

    That was what, early-mid 90s?

    Can anyone remember earlier references to the Rangers (or the NHL in general) on TV sitcoms?

  26. the only reason he was cut was because of his face shield. his shield edge is what caused the cut

    it just shows how the Rangers are given the shaft by the league compared to favorites like Det

  27. The Puck Stops Here – To your conspiracy theory, nobody could script that ending of the Hurricanes-Devils series unless they told Brodeur to let a couple in, and that’s not happening. Sure, the Capitals and Penguins still could have met in the semifinals, but it wasn’t scripted.

    Contrary to most of you, I’m still going to be rooting for the Capitals. I like the players on their team, and Ovechkin wasn’t really whining that much; he’s still a cool dude. It’s our own team’s fault (maybe the refs, too) that we did not close out that series when we had a good chance to do so.

  28. Hanny –
    King of Queens. Doug Heffernen’s sister worked as PR for MSG & used to get Doug Ranger tickets.
    I watch way too much TV !!!

  29. Andy305 – Valiquette (or whomsoever) is going to need to play at least 20 games next year because Lundqvist will be playing in the Winter Olympics, which also results in a more compressed regular season schedule. Unfortunately, we’ll probably be fighting for the playoffs again next year, so it will be hard to give Valiquette starts down the stretch unless Lundqvist is showing wear.

    I’m gonna name my kid *Seven*.

  30. Hanny –
    Another was “Cheers”. Carla’s boyfriend was the back up goalie for the Bruins. He was killed when he got run over by the Zamboni !

  31. Unbelievable !!

    Brown just threw a late hit at Hudler, and a shoulder to the head, and guess what everyone. He gets a MAJOR !!! A 5 MINUTE PP FOR THE WINGS !!

    What do Nyr get ?? SH*T !!!

    There’s your proof, if you didn’t believe the league was out to screw Nyr out of that series.

    Why cant a player have the god damn balls to step up and take a suspension, and call out Campbell, Buttman, and the rest of the rejects that are running this pathetic “sport”, that apparently isn’t as popular as Soccer.

    I hope Buttman falls asleep while driving, and runs over Brashear, and Buttman goes flying out of the car, and goes head first into Crosby’s balls.

  32. Johnny LaRue on

    Norton was into the Rangers on The Honeymooners.

    Captain Video and his video rangers, that is.

  33. the canes scored and ran over the goalie after the goal. and were given the goal, but also penalty. but Franzen scored and then ran over the goalie, but not no penalty.

    I say again that Det is given preferential treatment by the league.

  34. Carp, I definitely like the idea of the blank page.
    Also, in your own opinion, if you were Sather, besides kicking your own ass, what would you do this summer? What would the Rangers look like next year if you had your way?

  35. Hanny
    May 1st, 2009 at 7:36 pm
    Here’s a question… We all remember Puddy being the Devils fan.

    That was what, early-mid 90s?

    Can anyone remember earlier references to the Rangers (or the NHL in general) on TV sitcoms?


    i’m going out on a limb and saying’

    The Odd Couple and I know Friends did once or twice.

  36. Carp,

    Frank Costanza was played by two different people. In “The Handicap Spot,” George’s dad is played by both Jerry Stiller in one version and another actor in another version.

    A Festivus for the rest of us!

  37. Sorry, missed the ‘earlier’ reference.

    Friends ran at the same time, and I know the Nanny did too, but there was an episode of that where she was in the Rangers lockerroom, I think Greschner was in that one.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    I know what I would do this summer if I were Sather:

    smoke cigars, play golf, screw the fans. You know, the usual.

  39. which one Faithful? Friends or the Nanny?? lmao

    I remember some of them were in the Thanksgiving Parade one or two times.

  40. Doodie Machetto
    May 1st, 2009 at 8:58 pm
    I know what I would do this summer if I were Sather:

    smoke cigars, play golf, screw the fans. You know, the usual.


    hasnt he been doing that every day since his dark prescence got here? Maybe he’ll also give Redden a raise

  41. what a goal by lidstrom! 49 seconds from OT and wow! that’s gotta be a heartbreak there for the ducks.

  42. Hanny-If memory serves me right, I think it was on Reading Rainbow that Levar Burton (aka Geordi la Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Kunta Kinte in Roots) puts on a goalie mask and is transported to Rye Playland where the Rangers are “shooting” in him. He quickly takes it off and says he never wants to do that again. That was some point in the 80s when I was really young so I can’t give player names but before Roger Neilson.

    Does anyone remember the early 90s Letterman episode where Leetch/Messier where shooting pucks trying to break a camera lens?

  43. Noah, I am shocked by that. I never saw the other Frank Costanza. I did, however, see pictures of his cousin Carlo in Tuscany.

    Linda, yes, Oscar Madison was fooling around with a hockey goon’s girlfriend. I have his name on the tip of my tongue. I’ll think of it.

    Nasty, first I’d tell all the fans to piss off. Then I’d sign Callahan and Dubinsky. Then I’d play golf.

  44. The Rangers also did that top 10 list on Letterman … and again I’m drawing a blank, but one of them was a big fat actor who supposedly partied too hard after the Cup, maybe Matteau or Kypreos or Richter? Anybody remember?

  45. ORR, I am sure you’ve seen this before, but I thought, if you hadn’t,maybe it’d bring a smile to your face


    that’s the exact link, i’m trying to figure our why it says 82 in line but 81 for the link…oh well!!

    Rick, I also think Oscar relayed a story to Felix about taking his wife at the time to a Rangers-Wings game.

    I remember that Letterman episode!! At least they didnt record an album of Christmas songs like the Islanders did! OMG my brother just HAD to have that horrible assault on the ears!!!

  46. Carp,
    I’ll pose my question from the last post again.

    Who is Tortorella referring to in terms of poor conditioning? You must have some indication from either the coaching staff, trainers or the players….

  47. Linda-You want to hear embarrassing; the Espo and the Rangers Rockers Hockey Sock Rock song is painful to the ears.

    It’s not even funny to listen to like Daryl Strawberry’s rap song Chocolate Strawberry which is 80s gold.

    Waymon Tisdale is a nasty jazz bass player though. The real deal.

  48. This would have been later than the 90s, but there was an episode of a show with Whoopi Goldberg, I think it was just called Whoopi, where she went to a Rangers game and I think some Rangers had parts in the show. The show wasn’t good and I remember being appalled at how amateurish was the production.

    Not a sitcom, but there was also an episode of Law and Order where the Ice-T character sarcastically says something like, “And I’m the goalie for the Rangers.”

  49. Coach Murray Chadwich (Ed Lauter)in “Youngblood”. He was a brawling NY Ranger in his playing days.

  50. Too bad Marc Savard couldn’t play for Sather, he has 2 goals tonight and was the #! star. No wonder Sather has a lifetime deal with Dolan, he is so astute in player evaluation. Imagine if The Rangers had a real GM, we might still have Savard and maybe a player from the 2003 draft. When is fraud Sather going to be held accountable for this mess of a team?

  51. Carp, I think it was Mike Hartman in that Letterman top 10 who said he spent his time off after winning the Cup eating.

  52. “I know what I would do this summer if I were Sather:
    smoke cigars, play golf, screw the fans. You know, the usual.”

    Spot on and completely classic.

  53. Love the blank post ideas..maybe leave a question or a topic for us to discuss Carp…

    BTW- I can’t place my finger on which Ranger did the too much partying skit on that top ten list from 1994..I just remmeber Leetchy: “keeping my stick waxed. IF you know what I mean….”

    Carp/jj- didn’t Smith trade Savard and Cloutier at the last draft that he worked in 99?

  54. Savard was traded because he had a bad attitude and was considered too small by Smith to be the #2 center. and yes, that was in the deal with Cloutier and Sundstrom where they got Brendl and Lundmark. Another poor post-Cup gamble by Neil The Deal.

    Remember; Savard much like a Straka is a product of the new rules. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it is what it is.

  55. Another sitcom was home improvement tim goes to see the wings play the rangers

  56. Sather has made poor choices for signing UFA’s,Savard was a free agent in 2006, after a breakout season, and was passed over by Sather and signed a 4 year 20 million dollar contract with Boston. Sather signed Matt Cullen instead for 4 years. My point is that Sather is not a good judge of talent.Sathers free agent signings have been awful.When he ran Edmonton he said if he had the Rangers money he would win the cup with no problem. That’s why I thing he’s a fraud.

  57. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Uncle Leo was played by 2 actors. The second one was vastly superior

  58. Splint McCullough! – excellent! – BANJ – honestly, did u look that up? the actor looked nothing like a hockey player..

    Doug Heffernan also had a “Nassau Colessium wife” in one episode to get tix to Isle games

    Lic Robitalle was in something like 20 years ago…

  59. Uncle Leo was also in a great episode of “Get Smart” – Season 2, I believe.. His catch line was: “What?…No torture?”

  60. Reginald Dunlop on

    In the Detroit game, Hudler gets blindsided to the head and Duck player gets a major and game misconduct…at end of period Jones and Engblom both correctly draw the similarities to the Betts hit…….How did 4 sets of eyes miss that????? and what are any of the 4 doing in the next round????? didnt Greg Devorski blow an icing last year and get benched the rest of the playoffs????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  61. I think if Torts sees that Vali can’t handle playing more then we will have a new backup goalie for after the Olympics.

  62. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules the Golf course!! says Greg L. on



    Is anyone going to watch the Caps/Penguins game today? I am hoping AO crashes into Cindy and they both get knocked out. I’d be SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Sorry i’ve not been joining in much this last 10 days guys – my wife just gave birth to UKRanger jnr (son #2).

    I managed to catch some of game #7 inbetween hospital visits but it seemed we were slipping back to the pre-Torts style of trying to contain instead of pushing the other team back into their own zone. Was it tiredness? Was it the Caps doing a better job of avoiding the forecheck?

    Either way i’d love to see a couple of wingers come in with some scoring punch and a few young guys step up a level from AHL. But the biggest question is how can they do it with the cap and the existing contracts? What we really need is Grachev or another youngster to come to camp and prove he can score 30 goals, then try and sign a free agent winger to do the same.

  65. I’m not saying go get these guys, but what does anyone think of the following players?

    -Mike Grier
    -Mike Cammalieri
    -Alex Tanguay (he’ll make the PP better)
    -Travis Moen

    I’ve been a Cammaleiri fan for a while. I realize he’s gonna be making waaay too much dough, but if they can somehow get rid of a big contract, what would you think of him?

    Also, I’d love to see Grachev here next year, and Torts may want him up right away, but having him play one more year for Brampton is not the worst thing in the world.

    If they can get the right mix of AHL players like Anisimov, Owens, Byers, etc. who can come in and realistically score 12-15 each and get a little more from Drury/Dubi/Korpi, and one or two Dmen who can score a little more, their goal totals will go up no matter what.


    Carp, nice column on Devenney today. Clearly not your average job. Lucky break for his kid.

  67. The Flyers had both Derian Hatcher and Mike Rathje on their payroll in the minors this year for a combined $7 million; memo to Sather, this can be done.

  68. Congrats UK.

    Enough with the Seinfeld crap!

    How about some questions to kill a slow day. 1st NYR game. Favorite all time. Best game attended. NYR who you’ve met. ETC

  69. Question:

    Why hasn’t the league suspended McCreary for gross incompetence following his recent wrong calls?

    No matter how bad they are, nor how many bad calls they make (many of which are game affecting), the referees just seem to go on without paying any price for their incompetence. Doesn’t the league review their performance? If they do review it, but take no action, then the review is just a waste of time. Or are they afraid of the referees union and a possible job action during the play-offs if a suspension is handed down.

    On the other hand, the league will pull the trigger on Avery in a New York minute for the slightest perceived infraction.

  70. Name (required) on

    CCCP May 1st, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    Good point Staal Wart

    Hawks all the way! Love that young team. Plus I’ve always been “Bulin Wall” fan.

    I thought pulling for other teams makes one less of a “fan”..I guess that makes you as big a Rangers fan as me.

  71. JJP, I don’t know, but I’ll bet it was most guys, probably including some you never would have guessed. And I don’t actually know if you can have guys come to camp in top, top shape and beat them in a three-line aggressive system for 82 games and expect them to not be gassed at playoff time.

    BANJ, Great call with Splint. He was also like 50 years old.

    Cris, yes, Mike Hartman. Man, you guys really are becoming my memory bank.

    No Country, I never saw another Uncle Leo (except for the one from Utica in the Honeymooners).

    The Puck Drops, and Reginald, thanks. I linked to the Joe Devenney column in the new post, which is now up.

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