The players as they head out the door


I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but John Tortorella couldn’t comment on his staff next year, at least where it concerns Mike Sullivan, because of tampering rules. Sullivan, his associate coach in Tampa, is expected to be named Tortorella’s assistant here when his contract expires during the summer.

Here are some player remarks from breakup day. I couldn’t stay for all of them, but got most of the free agents-to-be:


“I didn’t think about it yet, but I will for sure … it was great. It was great. It was perfect for me. I enjoyed it a lot. … It’s not up to me, it’s up to Glen and my agent to discuss, but yeah, this is a great place to play and I’d like to be back.”

“It’s a great city and a great hockey town. The team’s been great and the organization’s awesome.”


(on Tortorella saying his play was on the upswing in the playoffs):

“I felt pretty good, but it’s easy in the playoffs to try and step up your game or play well. There’s so much excitement. It’s what you play for.”

“We’ve just got to find a way to put it together a little better, and I think with Torts coming in next year and having a full year with us, I think it’s going to be good for us and it’s going to be something we look forward to.”

“We definitely had our spurts where we could have used a little more energy (due to conditioning) but I don’t think there’s going to be a lack of that next year. That’s going to be a main focal point.”


“I think right from the get-go next year, the start, it’s different now. We know what to expect, we know what is expected of us from Torts, and I think from Day 1 it will be different right away.

“It’s easy to say, ‘Wait ‘til next year’ but you bet we are excited.”

On the conditioning:

“We didn’t have it. There will be a lot of changes over the summer with what Torts expects and what he wants. It’ll be a different workout program for all of us.”

“I’ve got to get back to just creating, back to, the people I play with, make them better. I’ve got to get back to that. … In Torts’ eyes we all have to come back, and it’ll be different, let’s put it that way.”

On speculation he might be moved.

“If there is there is, nothing I can do about it. From Day 1 when I got into the league my name’s always been floating around.”

On Torts’ suspension causing a distraction:

“Not at all. Not at all. Torts is old school and the position we were in (up 3-1) was because of the guy. That doesn’t even have to be brought up. No one even thought that for a split second in this room, that that was a distraction. That’s a guy who’s passionate in what he does, he cares about the team, and it wasn’t any distraction at all.”

Bar being raised:

“Yeah. In his eyes, it’ll be different in a few weeks. It is, and that’s the way it should be.”

On whether there was enough accountability:

“I’m sure there will be a lot more from the start, let’s put it that way. It was one of those years. It was what it was. But I think we all know it will be a lot different here.

“There’s a lot to prove. It was a terrible year, not only with the way the team ended, but personally. … There’s a lot to prove … I’ve always been one of those guys who created and this year I didn’t make the guys I played with better, and that’s always been one of my things. So, you bet, this summer’s going to be different. It has to be because this year was disappointing.”


He rode the bike for 20 minutes, which is the first step from a concussion. No blurry vision. Had mild headaches the first few days. No surgery needed.

He said he had some interesting minutes with doctors immediately after the hit when he couldn’t remember anything.

“It was everything people said it was. In my personal opinion, it was late and it was kind of a blind-sided hit. It came from behind me. His elbows weren’t up. It was straight shoulder. But I just think it was late.

“I just wish a penalty had been called during the game. You don’t really care about the suspension or anything like that. A penalty at that time of the game could have been the difference in that game. But that’s over with now. What can you do?”

On Brashear’s comment that “anyone who knows hockey knows it was a great hit.”:

“I don’t know. It was close to being a great hit. I just think it was a little late. It was a late hit. I didn’t expect it. I was turning toward the bench, looking to change, and I don’t think it was a great hit.

“Obviously I’m upset about it. It took me out of the lineup in a game I would have loved to be playing in, a Game 7 especially. But I’ll get over it. I don’t want to focus on that.”

On his free agency:

“I really have no expectations. I’ve enjoyed my four years here, I’d love to be back, but we’ll see what happens.

“I didn’t expect anybody to give me a hint whether a contact might be offered or anything like that. I think I’ve played hard, I think I’ve played well for them. With the new coaching staff, I think they’re going to have a lot to do with who comes back. If they feel I can be part of this team next year, I’d love to be back. I’ll have to wait and see. It’s going to be a long wait, that’s for sure.”


(who shaved his beard but kept a big, bushy moustache he called “a fun thing that will probably be coming off tonight”).

“I love New York, I love playing for the Rangers and this is a place where I want to play for, hopefully, the rest if my career. But we’ll see what happens.”

“I think the feeling of defeat in Game 7 is something you’ll never forget and you never want repeated. So you put that in the memory bank and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“They know where I stand and that I want to be here. … New York is where I want to be and where I want to play.”

He wouldn’t say money’s not important, but “at this point in my career I want to win and they have some building blocks in place to win, so that’s a big factor right now. It would be great to win here in New York.”


“I wish I had some answers. Obviously New York is a place where had a blast playing. It was a great opportunity, a great group of guys. I hope it works out, but if not it was a nice honor to play here and at least experience a little of it. I think everybody should play some of their career in New York, that’s for sure.

“I think the coach they’ve got here is excellent. I think Glen does a nice job every year of making this team competitive. Whether people believe it or not, this is one of the places everybody wants to play. I definitely want to play here, but I don’t know where it will go.”


“I think with Torts we’re going to have a new system and it’s going to be nice to get everybody used to it right off the bat. I’m really excited about next year.”

“It’s tough. Everybody wants to be playing this time of year and to not be playing right now, it’s hard to come in here and pack your stall up and leave. But at the same time you’ve got to take it as an experience and move forward and use this as ammo next year, to get you ready and get jacked up for another year.”

On restricted free agency:

“It’s kind of out of my control now. I did what I could do during the year and whatever happens happens now. I’m not too worried about it. We’ll see what happens.”


That’s it from here. Don’t forget to send in your “after” photos of your playoff beards. Details in the early post from this morning below.

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  1. I don’t know… out of all of these guys besides Cally and Dubi, Paul Mara is the one that stands out in his comments as to really wanting to be here, to be a part of this team and this city and is willing to take less money, like he did last year, to stay here. He had a very strong season and I for one hopes he stays.

  2. If Mara could keep two hands on his stick at all times and not take those damn reaching and grabbing penalties I would LOVE the guy. He is good for a few bad penalties though. He definitely does stick up for his teammates though. If the money is right, I’d keep him.

  3. NYRanger4Life on

    There is nothing to be torn on Mara about Nasty. Yes, he’s a quality guy and a good teammate and he loves NY. But the fact of the matter is HE IS SLOW and has NO use on this team beyond his sticking up for teammates. We have a good crop of D in the pipe, and lord knows we dont have an extra $2 million dollars to throw at a Jason Strudwick type of player.

  4. Nasty,

    That’s the problem, money. When 2 of your 6 D-men take up 11.5 Mil, there is not much more money to go around. If they played like top 2’s, it wouldn’t be a problem. We seriously need to move Redden which we probably can’t so that leaves Rozy and after seeing how he kept coming back in game 7 and how he played when he was healthy, I’d rather keep him if it didn’t come down to money.

  5. The D would be ok if there were any offense. The Caps GM said he traded for Federov because he knew he could still play, but he hadn’t realized how important he would be in mentoring the young players. Sather let Jagr and Shanahan go, and we immediately saw the young offensive players here flounder. Someone has to be brought in who is a bona fide star, in order to help develop the young potential.

  6. kc,

    Cally didn’t flounder. He had a solid and statistically, much better season this year, and he looked a lot better after the coaching change too.

  7. Long time rabid ranger fan from sweden here. I haven’t been as excited about anybody in the ranger organization, since probably bure, as i am about tortorella. I remember when he was with the lightning and i believe they had just won the cf against philly and he said something like “we won’t tip-toe in, we will jump right in” and from that moment on i always thought he was one of the premier coaches in the league. He always seemed to allow some room for his most skilled players, as long as they played their hearts out, and that lighting team was one of the best in the last decade or so i would say. There are alot of things this organization needs to do in the off-season imo, and even though i’m a swede too, a näslund retirement sure wouldn’t hurt. But at least this year there is a feeling that sather won’t be able to just throw money at the ufa´s that seem to appear every year, just waiting for the rangers to give them the best offer. I generally like brooksie, but his article in the post about st louis is way off. No way “we” should give up any of the young players he mentions there (even though i think st louis would be a good fit for gomez (as would any speedy shoot-first winger be)). Either way, i see good times ahead, as long as the people in charge give tortorella some lee-way. LGR!!

  8. I really like Mara. He’s a solid hand on D (not a 1st pairing guy, but still solid, with some potential offense). He added a lot of grit to his game this year, and is always among the first to step in and stick up for a teammate. like after the Betts hit (and will be needed if we do end up losing Orr). Plus, he loves the team. I always thought it was great watching him stand at the locker room door and pat everyone on the way out, then coming out last. He is a big part of this team’s heart (like Dubi/Cally, and unlike Z/Drury).

    I hope we keep him. If we have to lose him due to the cap, then it’s the 37th smack I owe Sather.

    Besides… the beard! DUDE! The beard!

  9. I like Mara but I don’t want him standing in the way of promotion and ice time for the young developing Ranger Dmen like Sangs, DelZ, Gilroy, Sauer

  10. ..hearing a swede talk about a Naslund retirement as a good thing really says something.. How did heck Sather give Naslund two years AND a no-movement clause when nobody else wanted him? (I guess the latter malkes the no-movement irrelavant)

    Dubs will be more consistent under torts.

    I do love Mara’s statements about NY and the Rangers, but he just dosent skate well enough for Tort’s system (see: TOI) – having said that, there is room for him on the team at the right price and pairing…

    Morris wasnt physical enough given his size for my liking and the money/years he will command

  11. 22figure8….you got a newborn to keep u busy….and football training camps in a few months….

    enjoy the weather!

  12. charles barkley on

    hey, hockey is year round. the playoffs end in June. then the draft in late June, then the free agent signings begin on July 1, then after Labor day the pre-season workouts begin.

    it’s hockey 24/7/365

    and I love it !

  13. I don’t know if I want Mara back. I am also not sure if he fits Torts system of skate, skate, skate.

    Liquid: Excellent point on Gomez. Sort of reminds me of Bobby Bonilla when the Mets gave him all that money and he couldn’t care less. “You’re not gonna get the smile off my face” Urph

  14. We need need to get rid of 1 of the following players in each category because they are too similar in style and point production:

    Naslund or Zherdev

    Mara or Morris

    Redden or Rozy

    Sjo or Korpi

    If we let 4 of these players go, we will have enough room to pick up a big-time scorer and promote a couple of WolfPackers to fill in the 3rd/4th lines

    I leaning towards keeping: Z, Mara, Rozy, Korpi
    and resigning Antropov, Betts, Orr and Vally

  15. Morris sounds like he is already packing his bags…..and rightfully so…

    Another nice guy, wellspoken, etc. but way overpaid and I am sure the signing of Matt Gilroy was a big concern to Morris since it basically was the Rangers way of saying goodbye to him.

  16. UESBlueshirt on

    I know this has been nearly beaten to death but for those talking about moving player X and player Y to bring in the likes of Hossa/Gaborik/Kovalchuk, I was having a similar conversation with a friend and discovered this:

    Here’s something to ponder, out of top 20 scorers (in terms of points, not just goals) in the league this year, 15 of them are on the team that drafted them. The first is Iginla at 8th, who was more like a prospect when Dallas traded him for Nieuwendyk. The next at 9th is Savard who took a little while to blossom and in some ways is a benefit of the “new NHL”. Then at 11th there is Thornton, who just about every hockey expert in North America has branded a choker. At 13th is Cammalleri who has twice alternated point per game seasons with disappointments. Then there’s St. Louis, who was more/less a scrap heap pickup for Tampa. Maybe the Rangers have someone that will be their home grown sniper but it seems like we’ve been waiting around for a long time for them to come.

  17. Nas, Red, and Ros all have contracts for next year. so, you can’t get rid of them unless something very unexpected and drastic happens in the minds of 29 other GMs

  18. Paul Mara, my thoughts on the guy. First off, I loved the beard and i think he’s a great team player; however

    the guy is slow, for a big guy he’s not very physical, he takes stupid holding and interference penalties, and he’s got a pretty lethal slap shot that he gets on net 3 times out of 10.

    It’s nice to hear players say they like playing in NY, i’m not really sure they’d say the opposite to the media, but i think Mara means it. But i wont be sad to see him go.

  19. I think right from the start of camp i’d put Dubi on the wing. He would be a way better player if he didnt have to be defensively responsible as the Center position demands. Watching him in game 7, he looked like he learned a few things about spinning out of the corners and creating some open space for himself like a certain number 68 used to

    Put AA at center with Dubi and Antropov on the wings next year and that line would be great.

    My other lines would be:

    Avery – Gomez – (hopefully new sniper: Gaborik or Gionta)
    Zherdev – Drury – Callahan
    Korpi – Betts – Orr

  20. onecupin67years on

    I don’t buy that conditioning bunk for a minute, if a pro is out of shape ,ship him out. All renney ever did was tout the team’s conditioning program. Fire the conditioning/ strength coach,etc.
    Utter crap. The rangers had very little man games lost due to injuries, a pretty good barometer of a teams conditioning and strength.

    Unless big changes are made, which I doubt because of the cap and Sather’s huge ego, maybe they will finish a little higher in the standings OR they will get bit by the injury bug which they eluded. But the cap squeeze a resigning Dubi and callahan will cut into the cap $$ for free agents,Thank God.

  21. also, if you want more scoring it has to start from the d in your own end. better puckhandling, better first outlet pass, better following up the play as a trailer as they enter the off zone, better shooting, better point PP play and presence

    iow, guys like Gilroy and Sangs should make the Ranger forwards better point producers. with some dropoff in the def side of things, granted.

  22. one more thing, i really hope Game 7 was the last time I have to see Voros on the Rangers. Honestly, the guy shouldnt even show up for training camp next year unless somehow during the summer he learned to skate, shoot, pass, hit and fight.

  23. disagree. I think the lack of injuries came from playing soft and playing the Renney hang back style.

    they clearly were out of condition to play the 3rd periods after Torts took over and installed a forecheck system

  24. The Mara thing is a shame…

    Its because of Redden and Rozi contracts that we are locked into the dollars and limited spots for all these defenseman we drafted….

    In a heartbeat I;d re-sign him for $2M a year but we have to start shedding dollars so he’s out and replaced by a $1M kid…wish we could keep him and shed the other two but…..

  25. The more I hear these guys talk about being out of shape and conditioning for next year the more I begin to angry at Renney all over again!!!

    What the hell was all that bonding about in Europe???? eating Hagen Daz as a group?

  26. Again, this is why I’m confused as to why they traded Prucha, since he was one of the best conditioned players according to Renney, but maybe that only worked under Renney’s slow system.

    Mara sounds much less certain of being back here than Antropov, but logically, it would seem to be the other way around. Morris is saying the right things, but I don’t think he’s going to take less than $2 million, which is what it would take for either he or Mara to say. Betts sounds worried because he probably knows that Renney liked him so much and doesn’t know where Tortorella stands.

    Like I said in an earlier post, Mara could alternate playing time with Gilroy and whoever else makes the team among Sanguinetti, Sauer, Del Zotto, Potter, etc. There could potentially be some days when Mara even sits out as the seventh defenseman, depending on Gilroy’s play. I’m sure the Rangers would be nervous, however, to have two rookies in the lineup, or have the chance of that happening on a regular basis by making a rookie the seventh defenseman.

  27. Drury



    These are the only players on the books for next year with a $42.9 Million dollar cap hit

    Torts def has his summer cut out for him

    But you knwo what, woudl you rather have Renney in this spot saying everything is OK, or Torts telling us it’s not OK and there will be changes

    Again, the ONE smart thing Sather has done in a looooooong time:


    Now we get to see what effect he has on ole Glenny in the offseason

  28. I still don’t get the lack of conditioning for this team. What the heck were they doing all year with Renney? He used to say that they were working on conditioning over working on plays etc…when answering questions about the power play …so a new coach comes in and they are not in condition? That the trip overseas didn’t allow time for practice and then the condensed early schedule…You’d have though they were going to be the best conditioned team in the league.

    Looking forward to next year.

  29. MikeyJ
    You’re right
    everyone is worried about Avery and Torts differences
    more likely there’ll be a Torts and Sather splitting of the minds

    along the lines of time – splitting…do you think NHL GMs are going to start telling coaches to rest guys from here on? I mean only kids can advance to begin with and even some of them are abused…I mean Richards did everything for the Flyers…now he needs one and maybe two surgeries…Stevens killed the poor guy…same with al;l these goaltenders playing 70 games and getting smacked down in the first round….

    I think that is something that needs to change…teams getting killed just to make the post season; playing playoff like games for a solid 2 months to end the season and then…the real playoffs..its too much…what do you guys and girls think??

  30. Jason, I beg to differ about Callahan — he was very inconsistent (not all his fault) for most of the season until Tortorella showed up. For example, who exactly was Callahan’s center? Callahan would go from 1st line to 3rd line, and from a power game to invisibility. There needs to be a consistent first line then the other forwards can develop. There is no first line on this team, and that lack of a veteran star adversely affects the entire offense. Like Gomez said himself, he didn’t make anyone around him better this year, and I don’t remember him doing it last season either. That’s why the young kids floundered.

  31. Cally was consistently strong all season. his linemates were not, and Renney hurt him with his hang back system which is not suited to Cally’s game.

  32. onecupin67years on

    And I think Tortorella should be fired, he cracked under the pressure and embarrassed the team, tarnished the NHL and made a jackass of himself.
    I don’t want a coach who loses control of something minor with a fan. He has a major personality flaw.
    I know Bobby Knight is a jackass
    I know Lou Piniella is a jackass
    I know Billy Martin is a jackass
    They all have winning records but they are nut cases.
    When you lose control in a tight situation you act emotional not rational.
    They will never win with torts,
    And as long as sather and dolan are together.

  33. Zherdev put up 58 points this season:

    i checked salaries by players putting up similar numbers and …

    Kesler – 59 pts- 1.75 mill
    Pavelski – 59 pts – 1.6 mill
    Hudler – 57 pts – 1 mill
    Michalek – 57 pts – 4.3 mill
    Huselius – 56 points 4.7 mill

    If Zherdev stays around the 2.5 mill he is already making i would be fine with him coming back under a Tort’s Training camp

    Dubinsky – 41 points this year
    Callahan – 40 points this year (22 Goals)

    C. Armstrong – 40 pts (22 goals) – 1.2 mill
    Vermette – 41 pts – 2.7 mill
    Gagner – 41 pts – 1.6 mill
    Bourque – 40 pts – 1.3 mill

    Dubi and Cally could fall around 1.5 mill a piece

  34. In regards to Mara, I have to agree with what Kaspar said. I’d love to see him back, but with Redden, Drury, and Gomez’s contracts taking up so much space, I don’t think we’ll have the money to spend on him if we want to improve this team. It’s a shame because he’s a quality teammate. The fact that he took a paycut to play in NY this year AND changed his game speaks volumes to the type of guy he is.

    I do think we might be trading Roszival this off-season. His play against Ovechkin in that series surely raised his stock. He steadily improved as the year went along and became a reliable defenseman once again. I could definitely see a couple teams being interested in him. Under better circumstances, I think 4 million for him wouldn’t be that bad for us, but we need all the cap space we can get.

  35. yan cant cook on

    Nasty im with u on Mara, yeh he might be slow but i would rather have him on the ice besides Rozi or Redden. He has always showed heart and gave his all on every play. Not something that could be said for either of the other 2.
    Carp. would have loved to hear Zergay’s quotes. Im sure he probably would have half assed it too.

  36. Hopefully Cally and Dubi’s agents dont go to arbitration with these numbers to back them

    13-19 (32 pts)- $4.2M
    10-17 (27 pts)- $4M

  37. Kaspar

    Do you remember Renney saying “we are the best conditioned team in the NHL?” Who did their conditioning? Steven Hawkings!??!?!?!?

  38. a couple things. Z made $3.25 mill this season, not 2.5, that was his cap hit. so as an RFA he will be looking for MORE than $3.25 mill. so, let him go

    also, Rosival made $7 mill this season, and he makes $4.333 in each of the next 3 years with a $5m cap hit.

  39. I don’t think you can just let Zherdev go and get a compensatory pick. They should try to sign and trade him.

  40. Chris from Albany on

    Hey Rick,

    Could you please do us all a favor and put a stop to the writings of one Larry Brooks. His article today is about why the Rangers need to bring Martin St. Louis to NY. Has he lost his mind? This team does not need to load itself down with anymore big names(although St. Louis is only big in name). He can not be allowed to print this type of smut. We sign Drury and Gomez based on what they did elsewhere and so far its been a bust. Redden, ugh, enough said. Nasland, double ugh. St. Louis is not the answer to running with Ovechkin, Zubrus, Crosby, Malkin, etc, etc, etc. So, please, STOP HIM!! I got your back.

  41. Speaking of Zherdev and compensatory picks, what would the compensatory pick be for letting Zherdev sign with another team? He was drafted in the top 5 so it should be rather high.

  42. Looks like the players are behind Torts. Firing Tortorella at this point would be a mistake. Yes, I think he let ego get in the way of business as far as the Avery benching went.

    But he inherited Renney’s team. Then had to get it in the playoffs. let’s face it The Caps were a much better team than us. The only issue that is still a bur in my saddle is that we couldn’t close em out 3-1. The guy has won a Stanley Cup. If you can find someone with a better resume to coach that’s available maybe I would consider the argument of replacing the coach.

    Maybe this will cheer up the Ranger faithful. I know we are all still smarting from that loss.

    Three NYR fights from 1995-1996


    The Mouth

  43. Ugh makes me sick. Zherdev has BOATLOADS of talent & could easily be a 40 goal scorer. But jeeeeeeeze wtf why cant guys like him just turn it on here!??! In stead of shining in the bright lights they stand behind in the shade. Seriously, do any of these guys see sports psychologists to get their head straight?

  44. it does not matter where you are drafted. it depends on the offer sheet he signs.

    over certain salary levels you get higher picks as compensation

  45. I just watched Torts vid on Rangers site…I think the best thing that happened this season was Torts getting hired.
    I can’t believe Ass-munch Sather has literally tied the hands of this organization. In any other job/career this guy would be fired…absolutely no doubt.

  46. $$$$$ … do you know what those levels are?

    if somebody does sign Zherdev to an offer sheet, I imagine it being higher than his current salary and in the $4.5 – $5 million per year range.

  47. Keeping Mara may NEED to be a reality. Redden isn’t going anywhere; there’s 1. Staal and Girardi will be here, there’s 3. Rozsival is the only defenseman who can QB the PP, but he makes a ton of money and has a semi movable contract, so he may be gone. Morris makes double what Mara makes. Letting Ovechkin get by him for the highlight reel goal sealed his fate…gone. That leaves 2-3 open spots on D. Are Del Zotto and Sangs ready? What about Potter? Do you really want your defense core to be Redden, Staal, Girardi, and 3 rookies?

  48. I believe this is accurate.

    Offer sheet = Compensation
    $660,000 or below = None
    >$660,000 – $1mil = 3rd rounder
    >$1 mil – $ 2 mil = 2nd rounder
    >$2 mil – $ 3 mil = 1st & 3rd rounder
    >$3 mil – $ 4 mil = 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounder
    >$4 mil – $ 5 mil = 2-1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounder
    >$5 mil = 4-1st rounders

  49. so, they almost surely would get at least a first, second and 3rd round picks by letting someone else sign him in the 3-4mill range

  50. yan cant … I have no idea who you are talking about.

    Chris, if I could stop Brooks, why do you think I wouldn’t have done it in the 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s until now? Just kidding.

    Don’t expect a boatload of picks for Zherdev if he signs elsewhere.

    I think some of you guys blame Renney for Global Warming and the economy, too.

    I’d re-sign Mara in a minute. But I don’t think they will be able to afford him.

  51. You are absolutely right chris from albany! trade staal along with at least 2 of callahan, dubi, del zotto, or grachev? are you kidding me. the focus of this summer should not be on the free agent market or trading the future for the present. that will only put this team in more of a cap-hell that it is already in and i personally do not think that there is anyone on the market that can make this team that much better.

    Slats’ first order of business should be resigning/extending guys like callahan, dubinsky, staal, and any other young guy he wants to keep around for the long term. he should also try to shed some salary by getting rid of gomez or rozsival. that is obviously very unlikely to happen.

    i know i’ve said it a few times on this board: its more salary-cap feasible and would better serve the team’s future to try to find room for ilya kovalchuk in the summer of 2010.

  52. Vitaly – Based on last years numbers:

    MikeyNJ – There’s also Gilroy at $1.75 million and Rissmiller at $1 million (according to our beat writers).

    Kaspar – Nothing’s probably going to change unless some guys are more hurt than others and the coach feels like a replacement can do better. They’re not going to be resting top guys just because they are tired. I think in arbitration, they can only compare the point production and age of those players before they signed the contract, not what happened during the contract.

  53. Carp, I consider a first rounder, a 2nd rounder, and a 3rd rounder to be a pretty good boat.

  54. $$$, I cannot imagine in this economy, with the cap going down, and given what Zherdev showed this year, that he will get anything close to that kind of an offer. or what team might have that kind of cap space to throw away on a guy like that.

  55. i cannot see how anyone would sign zherdev for 3 – 4 million. i know there are a lot of idiots out there running teams, but that will be a vary hard sell in this economy.

  56. Mara took a paycut last season @ 1.95. He’ll want at least 3m, bank on it.

    Morris will want at least 4… if PHX can give him that, so will NJ.

    Cally and Dubi must be signed ASAP.

    Offer Antrosoft a 2y 5.5m deal, front load it. If not, let him walk.

    Trade Rozsival after some team fails to acquire Bouwmeester and the other UFA dmen (and they’re desperate).

    Pull a Kaspar on Redden. 26 points in 81 games at 6.5m/y year. Dump him. End of story.

    Rip the C off Drury’s chest and put him on waivers. I don’t care if he played with a broken hand. “Captain Clutch” had 0 shots on goal in game 7.

    Give Gomez a sniper for the love of God!!!!!!!!

  57. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Rick, the issue I still don’t get about Prucha, is why wouldn’t they have tried to re-sign him (aside from Renney/Sather being pieces of trash)? It just seemed like Renney/Sather felt it was more important to have a big lazy worthless body (Voros, Antropov) than a faster skater that was giving 100% every shift. I don’t think Pru would have been asking for more than the $1.6 he was making, if not less. He wanted to be in New York, and I think if Tortorella had just one more day with him, or had more say, he would still be around. So, what really was the issue there? I sure missed him during the playoffs.

  58. All the player talk about conditioning is interesting. Renney’s sit-back system, which you’d think would result in fresher players down the stretch because they expend less energy during games, actually seems to work in the opposite direction.

  59. Carp, I totally disagree on this one. he is making $3.25 mill right now. his agent is not going to even start at anything less than $3.25 m

    look at the other guys recently signed.

  60. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I’m not sure about the Gomez interview, I’m listening but they’re talking about the Debbies now. Did I miss it?

  61. the cap is not going down next season. it is going down some in ’10-11, the following season.

  62. I’d pitch a tent if Kovalchuk became a Ranger. There is an elite talent, proven goal scorer in the prime of his career. MAKE IT HAPPEN

  63. Zherdev is very young, so front load his contract.

    4m/3m/2m/2m. Since he’s an RFA the lowest offer he can sign is 2.7m/y, so give him 3m cap hit front loaded.

    Antropov is what, 29? Give him 8m/3y at 4m/2m/1m/1m or let him walk.

    Cally/Dubi should be long term deals 7-8 years, so you can stretch out the cap hit… not sure on the cap hit though… 2m max maybe..

    Callahan – Gomez – Hossa!
    Antropov – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    Sjostrom – Anisimov – Neil
    Byers – Betts – Rissmiller

    Staal – Girardi
    Sanguinetti – Sauer
    Mara – Gilroy

    Let Wiikman back up Hank and we’re done. I wish that lineup was realistic… lol we’re stuck with those contracts.

  64. As far as Zherdev and an offer sheet is concerned, remember Dustin Penner? There is always a fool somewhere out there with plenty of cap space (L.A. Kings). Let’s hope somebody offers him $4 mil per year and we’ll take the draft picks.

  65. in order to get ilya, next year would have to be a real down year. i’d prefer that to any band-aid solution that is available this summer like st. louis. in my mind signing kovalchuk in a year might be the only way to compete against the caps and pens in the next decade.

  66. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Hopefully Crybaby and Ovary settle there differences on a ride in the yellow cart!

  67. UESBlueshirt on

    Front loading contracts does nothing for the cap hit as the player’s cap hit is the total value of the contract divided by the years. For some teams maybe the actual pay per year makes a difference in terms of operating budget but I doubt that’s the case with the Rangers.

  68. right, UES. Rosival’s contract is front loaded, $7m this year, but his cap hit the next 3 years,$5m, is higher than his pay,$4.333m

  69. “Gaborik WILL be a NY Ranger next year. Guarantee it.”

    and which contracts are they going to be able to move to get the cap space to sign him? because he will cost about $7-8 mill. he is making $7.5 mill right now

  70. Pru, I have no idea what the problem with Prucha was (since Renney was fired pretty soon after I came on the scene, and since Sather doesn’t bless us with his pearls of wisdom). I only know that he wasn’t going to be re-signed.

    $$$$, you are talking about a GM (other than Sather) willing to give Zherdev more than $3.25 and willing to give up the picks to get him (with the cap going down during his contract)? If you know that GM, please give me his name. I want to sell him some land, or my new book on how to make money without working.

  71. I know front loading doesn’t change the cap hit, but it gives the player an incentive (plus if you trade him).

  72. # Rick Carpiniello April 30th, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Pru, I have no idea what the problem with Prucha was (since Renney was fired pretty soon after I came on the scene, and since Sather doesn’t bless us with his pearls of wisdom). I only know that he wasn’t going to be re-signed.

    $$$$, you are talking about a GM (other than Sather) willing to give Zherdev more than $3.25 and willing to give up the picks to get him (with the cap going down during his contract)? If you know that GM, please give me his name. I want to sell him some land, or my new book on how to make money without working.

    Carpy has a new comedic gig Thursday night at Sloppy Seconds on East 71st street. Don’t miss it!!!!!

  73. UESBlueshirt on

    I think Pitt has a decent amount of cap space opening up with Satan, Sykora, Fedetenko, Guerin and Gill coming off their books. In fact the first 3 players equal $7.25MM right there so look for them to be a big player in the FA market.

    That being said, Gaborik might see a deflated market due to his injury history and the impending cap squeeze.

    I likened the Rangers signing Gomez/Drury/Redden to their contracts to the MBS market. The long dated deals didn’t look so bad as long as the housing prices (the cap) kept going up. When housing prices flattened and started to go down the buyers were suddenly left with overvalued and illiquid assets (players that are untradeable either by economics or actual no trade clauses).

  74. Carp, Dustin Penner was signed to a RFA contract of $4.25 mill for 5 years before the previous season

    he is a big, but soft winger who scored 29g,16a,and -2 in the season before he got the offer sheet

    he is not as talented as Z, and a bit older

  75. UES: Excellent analogy. You pretty much summed up the state of the Rangers in a nutshell.

    $$$$: Yes, what a wonderful move by Kevin Lowe. Let’s hope he is a big fan of Z.

  76. “I would have had to care about what he was going to say, and I didn’t.”

    Ouch, Carp.

    Watch out, Zherdev might come after you for that. But he’ll probably avoid contact and just send a weak wrister 3 feet to the side of you.

  77. Harvey: There is NO WAY Zherdev is going back to Russia. Have you heard of the troubles Jagr is having with the KHL? At this point it’s a ‘Mickey Mouse’ organization that no sane person would want to be a part of.

  78. Vitaly, right, but Lowe is the pres now, Tambellini is the GM in edm

    but yes, Z is similar to Hemsky of Edm in style and goal scoring

  79. The thing with Zherdev is he has a boat load of talent but needs to play for a team that has a lot of other offensive talent. If he ever went to San Jose or Detroit he would be a STAR.

  80. From TSN:

    KLOTEN, Switzerland – Jaromir Jagr can see himself in an Edmonton Oilers jersey someday.

    While the 37-year-old plans to play out the final year of his contract with Avangard Omsk of the Continental Hockey League next season, he hasn’t ruled out a return to the NHL in the future.

    And if he does decide to go back to North America, he’d love to play for the team that tried to arrange a transfer for him this year.

    “I was pretty excited when I heard that Edmonton pushed pretty hard for me to get (there),” Jagr said Thursday at the IIHF World Hockey Championship. “I really appreciate it.

    “If I ever go to (the NHL), they would be my No. 1 pick because they showed the interest first. I never forget that and I respect that.”

    The Oilers also offered Jagr a contract when he became a free agent last summer.

    He decided at that time to go to Russia instead because he had only received one-year offers from other NHL teams. Jagr also acknowledged Thursday that he needed a break from the stress of being a top player in the NHL.

    “Day-by-day it’s so much pressure,” he said. “I don’t know how to describe it. If I would be on the third or fourth line, I would probably be in the NHL because you don’t have to produce every night.

    “After a while, you just need a rest, clear your head.”

    Jagr had 25 goals and 53 points in 55 games for Omsk this season. He’s also joined the Czech national team for the world championship and has been its best player by far — despite being more than three years older than any of his teammates.

    He doesn’t look or sound like a guy that is ready to pack it in.

    “I love the game, this is no problem,” said Jagr. “I work harder than I ever did in my life, this is no problem.”

    Jagr won five scoring titles and one Hart Trophy as league MVP during his time in the NHL. He also was part of Stanley Cup championship teams with Pittsburgh and was wearing one of those rings as he spoke to a small group of reporters on Thursday.

    “I’ve still got it for luck,” he said of the ring.

  81. I disagree. his soft perimeter play will never be popular with any NHL coach. he will always be just what he is now, a talented but soft and frustrating underachiever who will leave everyone asking for more.

    some schmuck will sign him, though, and that is good for the Rangers

  82. “Day-by-day it’s so much pressure,” he said. “I don’t know how to describe it. If I would be on the third or fourth line, I would probably be in the NHL because you don’t have to produce every night.”

    so, he wants all the money, but no pressure. what a joke. then pay his ass like a 3rd liner too.

  83. and, btw, those who said he demanded a 2 year contract for $15 mill total were absolutely right. he confirms it right there in that story that he demanded 2 years. but he wants no pressure. eff him

  84. Pavel: Seriously though, he has so much juice I would not at all be surprised if he’s using steroids, human growth hormone or some other stimulant.

  85. Vitaly, he has to be on something. He plays like 26 minutes a game and triple shifts. Either he is pushing the limits of athletic endurance and he’s going to be completely burned out by his mid-late 20s, or he’s on something.

    I wouldn’t say the same thing about Cindy or Malkin the slew footer, although I still hate them.

  86. I am talking about he wants all the money, but no pressure. it does not work that way. that is like saying you want to be the janitor, but be paid like the CEO

    if you want no pressure, then play in a beer league.

  87. Pavel: Absolutely not. Cindy and Gino(aka Malkin) are great players sixty seconds at a time. This guy (Ovechkin) stays on for the whole two minutes of the power play and double shifts during the game. It’s crazy. Somebody should investigate him for illegal substance.

  88. He’s taken the money and the pressure for years, and in case you forgot, with the money and pressure he put up a 123 point season and got robbed of the MVP by idiot voters for a franchise desperate for success in the media capital of the world. If he got his money last summer from us, do you really think he would have asked for third-line minutes?

  89. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Zherdev will never be an 80 point player. The guy has all the skill in the world, but the guy is unbelievably easy to contain. He’s a perimeter player, so if the defense is even a little bit stubborn he’s pretty much rendered useless. I don’t know if that will change, but so far I haven’t seen him going into the dirty areas and battling it out.

    Priority #1: Resign Staal, Dubinsky and Callahan.
    Priority #2: Retain our prospects please
    Priority #3: Try to get rid of one or two of the massive contracts if possible

  90. you are not getting what he is saying. he wants no pressure. iow, he wants to be like don’t ruin my Christmas Drury

    he does not want 3rd line mins. that is not what he is saying. he wants the money, the playing time, and all the benefits, but NONE of the responsibility

    that won’t fly in the NHL and it certainly won’t fly with me.

  91. Carp,

    seems like amount of interest you had in listening to what Zhedrev had to say is the same as his interest to working hard, ZERO!

  92. It really sounds like Mara wants to be back. If something could be worked out salary wise, I’d say keep him. Its always good to have players on the team that genuinely want to play here.

    I’d still try to move one of the major contracts we have. Gomez/Rozi have the most marketability so I’d consider trying to move one, if not both, of them. Nobody is going to want Drury or Redden so anyone saying that we can get rid of them doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    Signing the homegrown kids is the most important thing to me. Dubi and Cally have to be Rangers next season. Bring up whoever has a good training camp from Hartford to fill in the gaps of people like Antropov and Morris. We don’t need them, and they make too much money. Zherdev needs to go also, in his case, to make room for someone who actually cares about the game and will put effort forth every night.

    Vally’s time has run out too, you won’t see him back. Wiikman (is his name I think) will take his place next year.

    I wouldn’t try to sign anyone major just yet. If we can pull in a Hossa/Gaborik/Kovalchuk I’d absolutely jump all over it, but I don’t see it happening.

  93. please let zherdev walk. hes not worth the 3.5 he will ask for. i dont wnat any russians. they never work for us.



  94. $$$$, I’m not arguing with you … I’m just saying, if I were a GM with an extra $3-$4 M kicking around in the till, I could find a better way to spend it and keep my draft picks. I’m sure crazier things have happened. But I couldn’t agree more. If somebody wants sign him and to fork over the picks to the Rangers, then Tortorella and Schoenfeld should throw water bottles at Sather if he tries to stop it.

    When I first saw Zherdev on Opening Night, I thought, “wow, what unbelievable hands.” And I kept waiting and waiting and waiting.

  95. I’d rather keep Rozi than Zherdev…He sucks! I don’t care what he did in the regular season. I saw everthing I needed to see against the Caps.

  96. Naz-Gomez-Higgins
    Cally-Duby-Pick your prospect-AA,Grachev,Byers

    Mara/Pick your prospect-Gilroy,Potter,Sang

  97. I recalled seeing Eric Perrin in person on the NHLLIVE SHOW last week during the Rangers playoffs, he played for Tortorella with the Lightning perhaps he was not only here to catch a game since his contract his up in July and last I seen his salary was at $750,000.

    His stats for this year was 2008-2009 78Gms 7G 16A 23Pts.

  98. Staal Wart
    April 30th, 2009 at 8:05 pm
    I’d rather keep Rozi than Zherdev…He sucks! I don’t care what he did in the regular season. I saw everything I needed to see against the Caps.

    I second that. Rozy was outstanding for the last few months and throughout the playoffs.

    As for Zherdev, who looked like a baby chick trying to hatch out of an egg.

  99. The thing about Penner and Vanek being given large offer sheets is that Lowe knew that the Ducks and Sabres, respectively, wanted to re-sign those players. Vanek went back to his team for over $7 million per year, but the Ducks felt like they could not spend over $4 million per year for Penner. By the way Zherdev played, it is pretty clear that he is not a high priority for us to re-sign this offseason; we need to protect our homegrown players first. The most that we could probably get for Zherdev is a first- and third-round pick, since that covers up to $4 million, but it is more likely that a team would try to work out a trade for his rights if they really wanted him for some strange reason. It’s likely that he will only be offered about $2.5 million, since that’s one second-round pick

    Pavel – You are certifiable if you think Antropov is accepting less than $3 million per year after two seasons of 25+ goals. At his size, strength, and talent, he is a hot commodity. I’m not sure how we got him for only a second round pick and a conditional pick when we traded *three* average-looking players for Morris.

    We would be lucky to be able to sign one outside free agent who is a useful scorer.

    Versus tried to make their scoreboard smaller with smaller font, but the period and power play clocks are a little to small to read right away, at least in standard definition.

  100. St. Louis will score 30+ goals with Torts and he was the heart and soul of their Stanley Cup team…If Naslund is gone, then it is only affecting the cap by 1.5 million more and his contract is only for one more year. If we don’t have to give up anything substantial, I have no problem putting him and Gomer together

  101. Why would anyone want to keep Rozi over Nicky Z ? At least if you keep Nicky Z, and you bench him, he’s not gonna eat up a lot of salary.

    Trade Rozi. It’s a fuggin start to fix this pathetic garbage team.

    Being an Nyr fan is embarrassing. It gets worse every year. I thought it was bad enough getting beat 4-1 by Buttman’s kids last season, but now we lose a 3-1 lead against Buttmans other sets of kids this year.

    Crazy how this season turned out. 10-2-1, to barely making the playoffs, and losing in the first round, by blowing a 3-1 lead. Ugh, what a waste.

    Hopefully this blog is a lot better this summer, cause it usually sucks during the summer.

  102. Orr It’s easy to say trade someone, but Sather is going to have to turn into a magician to trade one of these contracts. His awful contract management has put us in a lousy situation where we will have to let good players just walk on by while we keep guys that are paid way more than they are worth.

  103. Great comments from Avery via Zip. I hate the guy, I love the guy, it’s vicious cycle. I want him to do well, I’m beyond disappointed when he doesn’t because I feel I was duped to believe he is better than his latest screw up. Glad to see he’s going to focus on hockey, and more importantly, himself this off season though


    How do you really feel?

  104. Carp –
    Tortorella brought up the conditioning issue a few times since coming on. Any indication who he was referring to? You must have gotten some read from either the coaching staff or the players throughout your tenure ……

    I personally didn’t really notice a lack of conditioning but what do I know. Interested to hear who fellow posters thought was out of shape too.

  105. Yep, great comments from Avery. I like this paragraph in Gross’s post: “Avery said he played very tentatively in Game 6 because he was worried about hurting the team with penalties. But a chat with a girlfriend made him think.”

  106. JJP – With Zherdev, I couldn’t tell if it was lack of hustle or being tired. I would venture to guess that Orr was tired because of Voros playing in the last two games. I don’t think Korpikoski was as sharp as he was during the regular season, either.

  107. My Opinion this off season is going to be very similar to the off season in baseball. I few teams are going to spend money like Montreal and Maybe LA. Other then that most of the teams that spend money are up against the cap and need to sign there own free agents. The big spenders like Philly,Det,Chicago,etc all are against the cap. I think we are going to see a few muti year contracts but for the most part it will be alot of one year contracts.

    On the rangers restricted free agents: Dubi and Cally should both get simliar contracts to what Petr Purcha two years ago. They should get two years around 1-1.5 million a year. Zherdav should take the 10% qualifying offer the Rangers will probably and run. He had a ok season but he has great hands but is sooooo slow. Maybe a training camp with Trots will help him. Hes only 23 and has never played in the playoffs. Sjostrom and Korpy is a tough call I don’t think we need both.

    The rangers UFA’S: Mara was good at the beginning of the season but tailed off. I would let him go. Morris is interesting because he gets shots through to the net. I would bring him back for the right price one year around 2 million max. Antropov I really like another guy with really no playoff experience but he did alot of good things in the regular season. He’s big and strong and there are not alot of players like him. I would bring him back for the right price too. 1 to 2 years 2.5 million max. Orr I think will be back but in a very limited roll.

    On Trades: Martin St.Louis is a great player but he is 34. What do you give up for a 34 year old forward. If its a prospect and a pick maybe. However 3 players!!! Go fly a Kite!! The guy they should look at if he’s on the open market is Kovalchuck. I would trade Dubi and Del Zotto and some else for him. You can trade Dubi and Cally. However you can trade one of these defenseman or a young forward in Hartford.

  108. pavel, we need to trade gomez for a sniper. he has been absolutely useless to us and more inconsistent than nicky z. hes a big contract and we could probably get someone fairly good for him. and i wouldnt jump to the conclusion that all those guys are ready to come up from hartford. remember last season when all those guys were supposed to be ready for the nhl. sanguinetti. potter. fahey. anisimov. paranteau. and who did we bring up…korpikoski. one guy. whoopdee freaking do. and so what if z was inconsistent. everyone on the team was. we got shutout everyday. all hail the offensively retarded rangers!!

  109. Spiderpig- I read that too. Steve also said that Pat Rissimiller signed a three year deal. So either the websites are wrong or our boy steve is wrong.

  110. roc – Weinman also said all of the beat reporters heard that the Rangers signed Rissmiller to a three-year deal, the same as Voros. I specifically remember Valiquette being signed for one year, though.

  111. kind of off topic: blackhawks are so good! I watched a few of their games this year, and now in the playoffs and boy are they good and young. their pp? its amazing. shows u how good our pk was when they lost to us this year even with like 15 pp’s…. and now canucks scored on them with 1:13. I still don’t take tht back. Hawks were down 3-0

  112. Wow, great third period tonight. At least three of these series are going to be good; Boston-Carolina I’m not so sure. That power play goal by the Canucks (first goal by Demitra) really shows how it’s done, with lots of movement making the defense run around and lose track of their assingments.

  113. So roc, you’d go into next season with basically this team? If that happens I doubt they’ll make the playoffs. If the Rangers are smart – and Sather isn’t – they’ll try to take advantage of desparate teams with cap space like Montreal and unload a big salary or two. I could see the Habs trading for Gomez or Drury, ditto LA. Whomever it is, the Rangers definitely need to unload some salary and add two top line forwards and a hitting defensive presence.

  114. I wonder if LA would want to trade Frolov for Gomez or Drury? maybe package something up

  115. mike in ia on

    dubinsky and cally will both be signed cheap and antropov will be signed i think too. i think he, duby and avery made an awesome line in game 7. at least antro scores and is big. we dont have enough big guys. zherdev i kinda want to be signed too. i was pretty pissed at him in the playoffs but i still just dont wanna give up on him yet. i would give him another chance since it was his first playoffs and i wanna give torts some time to work with him. i hope we dont trade zherdev and he becomes a freakin 40 goal scorer for another team that has the patience to deal with him. at the same time, the guys been in the nhl for a few years now and hasnt progressed very well, so what do ya do? sather will probably trade him.

  116. mike in ia on

    joe in de- what was frolovs numbers this season and how much is his contract for? i dont know about him that much but hes like a 25-30 goal scorer right? 60 point range? i think if we get him, we will have to give up either gomez or drury, not both, and a good prospect. they wont take both dru and gomers contracts when they havent produced here

  117. mike in ia on

    blackhawks are the team im rootin for this year. i love their young players but also they have some good defenseman. mostly homegrown guys. thats how the rangers shouldve looked by now. our prospects seem to take forever to develop and none have the look of superstar material, maybe grachev and anisimov. maybe.staal is great but needs to work on his shot.

  118. Mike in IA, Frolov put up 32-27-59 this season. He’s a damn good player, 26, decent size, speed. He’d work in this system. LA is a super young team that might need some veteran presence. I’d be totally cool with trading them Drury and Korpi, or maybe a high draft pick. I watch a lot of Western conf hockey, and Frolov would be a super addition. He’s like a bigger Prucha with a better ability to finish

  119. Frolov is going into his last year of his deal and the cap hit is 2.9 mil (salary is 4 mil though).

    32 goals and 27 assists, -6, 30 PIM, 12 PPG, 13 PPA

    What worries me is that 2006 was his best year and each season after has gotten worse, but with a 2.9 salary hit and a FA at the end of the year, isn’t too bad.

  120. I think (if we can’t get rid of Sather), the first person who has to go is Redden. I think Rozy stepped up in the playoffs and played well, especially defensively. Here’s where I differ on what a lot of you folks are saying. I don’t want another OLD player. Their leadership is overrated. I think we have a lot of young leadership on this team if you let them do their thing. I can see Cally or Dubi, or even Staal taking a leadership role. I would go out and get Kovulchuk if possible. He’s still young and we know he can score, Give them Zherdev, and one of our young D-Men (maybe even Girardi who’s stock has fallen in my eyes, he’s reverted back to an “average D”. I’m tired of signing all these older players while watching teams like Wash and Pitt with such a young core develop into monster teams. And watch out for the Isles if they get some good young people. I think we may need to be REALLY bad for a couple of years and get a top 3 draft pick. Build from within. We actually STARTED doing that after the strike, and then went away from it the last 2 years. Once you have a core of young players (I mean solid, not just 1 year wonders like Prucha), then bring in some vets around them. Oh, and also, someone needs to work on Hank’s glove hand and he needs to stand up a bit better. Caps exposed him in the last few games. Knowing Hank though, he’ll get the right.

  121. onecupin67years on

    A lot of guys would like to re-sign mara, not me , let him go. There are guys waived , guys cheaper and Younger to get to play d.
    Mara was a good soldier but let him go.

    Sign Dubi and cally and package one or both along with a redden, drury , gomez, roszival or any other dead weight for a legit sniper, you will clear cap money and get a sniper,

    You have to give something to get something.

  122. mike in ia on

    steve- it will be almost impossible to pry kovalchuk away from atlanta with anything we have. they would want way too much, and hes gonna be a free agent next summer. so id wait until naslund is gone so we will have some more room. if we were to get kovalchuk we are going to have to not only dump drurys salary or gomez(which i would rather keep because hes the only guy close to a 1st liner on the team) but redden too, because staal will be up for a raise next year and kovalchuk will probably cost around 8 mill. we could actually have our own kovalchuk type player in a few years anyway if grachev is as good as they say. but if we do get him next summer i certaintly wouldnt be mad about it. id love to have him become a ranger.

  123. mike in ia on

    onecup- you would be ok putting duby or cally in a trade with one of the bad contracts to get a sniper? see, if i just looked at say duby’s stats this year id agree with you. but too many times weve done that and the “star” we traded for underachieves and the young up and comer went on to become a great player. and also theres more to dubinskys game if we look past his disappointing season, we see hes becoming a leader for the team and he was also getting better under torts. he was our go-to guy at the end of the playoffs along with cally.

  124. Last Friday I couldn’t wait for the day to end, because I thought I was going to go home and watch our Team take the series. Now it is Friday a week later, rainy and muggy, and our team is playing golf. This sucks :(

  125. ANd how can Zipay report that Valli is signed for next season when no contract has been released, no announcment made, and no terms disclosed?

    I thoguht you weren’t allowed to do that in the NHL?

    I think MR. Zipay, and whoever hsi sources are, either have an inside scoop, or are completley wrong.

    I honeslty hope he’s wrong. I like Valli, but I’ve had enough of him. Rather have Mika up here.

  126. I’m a free agent looking for a good team to go to…

    One team, to make room, takes a young player full of potential that they groomed in their system and they trade that player with an under performing-fat contract veteran to make room for possibly signing me…..

    Another team takes that fat contract and buries it in the minor leagues;keeps the young player…

    Who do I sign with if I want the team to succeed…I can get my money anywhere but I want to win

  127. Mikey, Zipay says he was told Valli signed, no proof. Maybe because he works for Dolan, he’s got a scoop. One more thing about Newsday, I only get it a couple of times a week but every article about the Rangers has to have the sentence, ” The Rangers, who like Newsday, are also owned by Cablevision.” Every article! God dam Dolan has to remind the readers that their favorite team is owned by an a-hole?

  128. Zipay would not make that kind of statement unless he could eventually back it up (I’m sure it’s hush hush at the moment for details). He’s not Eklund!

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    “(who shaved his beard but kept a big, bushy moustache he called “a fun thing that will probably be coming off tonight”).”


  130. I actually shaved a mustache when I shaved the other day. I left it just for the night, to go out to dinner with the family. Ha. My wife was more than annoyed. I thought it was hilarious.

  131. I was going to keep it for work, but I decided against it. Hey, nothing screams “Welcome Back Kotter” like a teacher with a nice mustache.

  132. This will certainly be an interesting off season…. especially considering how many RFA’s we got, trying to re-sign the young talent(Dubi,Girardi,Callahan,Zherdev to name a few), Staal next year… and you have these crazy contracts with Rozi,Redden,Gomez,Drury… Antropov and Morris have big contracts…. it’s a cluster f*ck right now. I’m not sure, and won’t even speculate how that will turn out. But i do expect a Big name Ranger to get moved this Summer. Just don’t know which one…

    Aside from that… the stable of young talent is getting packed! We might have another stud defenseman in the making out of Sanguinetti,Gilroy, and Del Zotto. One of those guys should be a mainstay in 2 years.

  133. wait till next year on

    Why would any of you consider firing Tortorella? At least on that night in Washington, he showed up to play while the rest of the team, including Lundquist, took the night off.

    Lundquist blew that series for us just with that piss poor performance in games 5 and 6 and the softy in game 7. Broduer blew that series for the Devils with the lame goal with less than 30 seconds to play. The goalies need way more accountability than you guys are giving them.

    Theodore blew that first game for Washington and you never saw him again.

  134. Wait till next year, are you retarded? Look at the shot difference. The only reason the Rangers were in a position to win the series in game 5 or 6 was because Hank, single-handedly, stole the wins. He could have won game 7 too, but our piss-poor offense couldn’t muster enough goals.

    All Hank can do is keep his GAA to around 2. The offense then needs to score at least 2. It seems simple to me

  135. These young guys are competiters. Their game is constantly changing. It took Guy Lefleur four or five years in the league before he turned into the scorer he was for the Habs. People may be suprised at what the young Rangers may turn out to be, given a chance.

  136. Our PP could have given us a much better record this year and it didn’t. We are not going to score a boatload on goals even strength, maybe 2 a game. But if you could put in 1 or 2 on the PP, we could have been a much better team this year. It really is as simple as that.

  137. Let’s day our team could have scored 3-4 goals a game this year on most nights. We would have been one of the best teams in the league. What was our GAA on the year. Had to be between 2-3.

  138. I’m confused just trying to follow all of the contracts. who has what, who has not. In terms of the Z talk. I’m a believer that Torts liked what he say from Zherdev, that the benching times were his belief in him. Remember the relationship with Vinny L? Richards? Torts got young guys to play. Everyone here has some beef with some player- but let us look at the reality of our system without jumping to the “play our youngsters” gun. Does anyone really know how soon our youth can play? Many are calling for 2 new d-men from Hford. Huh? Really? Nigel Dawes was a sniper in Hartford- couldn’t do it here. Korpi as well. So maybe, just maybe, everyone get off the high horse and realize that the best thing Torts brings is a better youth developing mentality than Renney ever could. If we’re talking contracts: give Z a 1 year. Give him an actual line role and stick with it. Same with Korpi. Same with Animsov. Let morris walk- 1 free d spot.

  139. Doodie Machetto
    May 1st, 2009 at 10:15 am
    ”(who shaved his beard but kept a big, bushy moustache he called “a fun thing that will probably be coming off tonight”).”



    I bet Semin wouldnt mind one. :P

  140. Nasty

    Yeah even if the pp was AVERAGE – they could have probably won a hand full more games and won this series. (but they probably would not have played the Caps if they had a better record) LOL


    I hope Glen does not package a deal that includes Cally or Dubi as suggested above. Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!! They are our future and probable captain or alternate.

  142. I swear some ppl in here make no sense. “OH YAY OUR YOUTH DUBI’s LEGIT, SO IT CALLY” then in the same breath “trade them for a high scoring winger” ugh… we either keep both of them for another few years to see if they pan out OR DUMP a couple of salaries to pick a FA up to PLAY with them.

  143. I would LOVE to see Dubi now with Jagr. He is really turning into a GOOOOOOD winger. I think he’s much better on the wing. With a primo centerman. WOW that would be a great line. But its not happening.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    What do we have tied up in salary next year, 42 million? Cap next year is 56, but dropping to 52 the year after. Since Naslund’s 4 million comes off the books that year, it’s like a push. So we’ve got 14 million to work with.

    Based on that, free agents I’d keep:

    Dubinsky & Callahan: long term, try and get them for 2.5-3 million per each (8 million left)
    Betts: 750k, three years (7.25)
    Korpikoski: qualifying offer, two way contract. I think his qualifying offer would be something like 1.25. (6)
    Sjostrom: qualifying offer only, but wouldn’t hesitate to waive him if needed. I think that would be like 1 million. (5)

    Players I would let walk:

    Valliquette (unless he takes a paycut to the league minimum)
    Orr (same as Valli)

    Players definitely coming up from Hartford:

    Anisimov (4.2)
    Potter, who would get a raise to 700k (3.5)
    Zaba or Wiikman, if Valli isn’t resigned (3)

    Add in either Gilroy or Sanguinetti (1.25 left if Gilroy, 2.15 if Sanguinetti)

    That leaves us with 1.25 or 2.15 million to sign a scoring forward or a checking forward (depending on how they want to use Korpikoski or Sjostrom). If it’s the 1.25 number, I figure it’s Hartford callups, maybe Parenteau for offense and Byers or Soryal for checking. If it’s the 2.15 number, maybe they sign Bertuzzi?

    It also assumes that one of our centers (likely either Drury, Dubinsky, or Anisimov) will move to wing.

    This plan would also leave us about 4 million to resign Staal with in 2010.

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    I left Mara off the walk list because I would want to resign him to a front loaded long term contract (say 2 million over 5 years by giving him 5 this year, then 1.25 over the next 4), but the only way you could do that is if you can dump Rozsival. I don’t even really dislike Rozsi, it’s just that his contract is just terrible, as opposed to Redden, who I dislike besides his albatross of a contract.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    “per Zipays blog Vally has resigned for next year”

    UGH. It begins. 725 for his 15 awful performances this year. Zaba and Wiikman are never going to replace Lundqvist. Why not just call them up to ride the pine and play the 10 games that Lundqvist doesn’t? If anything, you might learn that they can hack it at the NHL level and be able to trade them. Not to mention you would be saving 200k in cap space.

    You know what that would be? Learning from the mistakes made with Montoya. But no, Slats doesn’t learn from mistakes.

  147. Leetch is the Man on

    Sather loves his veteran goalies. I dont like the move hopefully its a one year deal and Zaba or Wikman are up the following year.

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    The thing is, Valliquette isn’t even a good veteran. If you want a vet, get a guy like Brian Boucher. He was paid 650 last season and was solid in 22 games. Give him 725 and maybe we can afford to have Hank play less than 70 games a season.

    And don’t give me “yeah, but it was for the Sharks,” because most of Valliquette’s playing time came during Renney’s defensive system, so his numbers should be benefit from that, just like Henrik’s.


    Is it really only 3 days since we’ve been eliminated? It feels like a lot longer…. like training camp should be starting in a week or two. I’m not going to make it til then!

  150. Sather needs to be forced into retirement. Shoenfeld proved he can lead, speak well to the press, and understands the needs of the team. It needs to happen soon, before any deals are made.

  151. KC, he just gave Valli a raise. STOP THIS MAD MAN!!!!

    Hey Dolan, A-HOLE!, you know a younger GM just might give you more than 3-4 home playoff games a year.

  152. I am going to say this again… the Rangers season has ended and none of the upper management found it necessary to talk to the press and let the fans know their feelings about the season and what are some plans for the future. It’s just very upsetting that we are being treated this way by the dogs upstairs. When this team was playing horrible hockey under Renney, a lot of fans did the right thing… they were not showing up for home games. I think we should do the same thing again to send a message that we want Sather out once and for all. Enough is enough.

  153. With all respect to Paul Mara, he looked slow and at times just overwhelmed out there at the end of the season. The Rangers should use his spot on defence with younger puck moving guys that would fit better in the Tort system. Zherdev is a skilled but passive forward, who also looked lost in the Tort system. He needs to find a better fit for his type of style. For instance anywhere Tom Renney goes. I would love to see the Rangers bring back Antropov, despite him being offered more money in other markets. He is a big physical forward with good hands and can go get the puck in this system. Money may be the ultimate issue with him, however the Rangers can make it work if they find a suiter for Zherdev. Listen if Antropov is too much money, then how do you expect the Rangers to sign a goal scorer like Hossa? Not gonna happen anytime soon. Rumors for Hossa, Gaborik, and one of the Sedin twins are just that, rumors. The Rangers couldn’t afford any of those guys. I’d like to see them bring back Antropov and use the other spots for guys like Anisomov, Korpikovski, and maybe even a Greg Moore for the 4th line. We have buried ourselves in contracts for at least the next 2 to 3 seasons. We have to find our way out of this hole.

  154. Dane Byers should be up next year. He’s strong and he gets to the net and he puts the puck in the net. I guarantee if his season was not lost this past year due to injury he would’ve been up at some point.

  155. onecupin69years been to the final only twice in 30 on

    Just a reminder: I doubt things will change much as long as Dolan is the owner, just look at the knicks and rangers.
    Dolan choices for GM’s only prove his bufoonery ,
    I don’t who or what advised him…
    But its gonna be a long , long time before championships.
    Where’s Madoff when you need him?

  156. NYRGUY

    I don’t know aboot Byers, i wouldn’t mind it if he was with the team next season, but i don’t see him being any more than a 4th liner. In my opinion. Same with Moore, and Parenteau.

    Anisimov, and Grachev are the two that i wanna see the most in pre season. Along with Gilroy, and Del Zotto on D.

  157. I think Callahan and Dubinsky will be back no matter what. Torts seemed high on Antropov but as he said he has an idea of what he wants this team to look like. I’m curious if Naslund will be back.I feel like he’s not a Tortarella guy and thus may be willing to waive his NTC. Carp correct me if I’m wrong but Zherdev probably wont be in the plans if they’re looking to free up money for a finisher of some kind. Derek Morris was a nice addition but isn’t worth the money (wish we could keep him over Redden though)…Mara might be smart to keep around..yes we have prospects but a veteran presence on the blueline not named Redden or Rozsival is crucial IMO..It seemed to me that Antropov was a guy Torts liked so I assume they’ll try to work a deal to keep him..But this is just one fans opinion. I think we’ll see something drastic this summer from the way Torts was talking and I for one can’t wait for it.

  158. BTW anyone who doesn’t want Betts and Sjostrom back on this team is nuts. I’ve listened for four years about how Betts was expendable. He wasn’t the anchor of the penalty kill..Since the lockout I’ve heard people say its because Straka was out there, then it was because Ward was out there, then it was because Ortmeyer was out there and so on and so forth…Betts was part of the equation all along and as everyone else has departed we have kept a quality penalty killing unit..He’s worth a contract. Do it.

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    Adams nominees are out: McClellan, Julien, and Murray.

    I think McClellan should be replaced with Sutter in NJ, but otherwise, I think they are pretty good choices. Honorable mention to Joel Quenneville.

  160. Doodie Machetto on

    James, I’ll definitely give you Betts, but not Sjostrom. Korpikoski is his Finnish clone, with better hands.

  161. btw, does anyone know where a heartbroken Rangers fan could watch 2009 IIHF WORL CHAMPIONSHIP besides on the iihf web-site?

  162. this is the TV schedule for TSN in Canada

    I don’t know if any games will be picked up by Center Ice or any US sport channels.

    Playoff round, teams and time TBA

    Playoff round, teams and time TBA

    Playoff round, teams and time TBA

    Playoff round, teams and time TBA

    Quarter-finals, 10 a.m. (TSN) and 2 p.m. (TSN2)

    Quarter-finals, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

    Semifinals, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

    SUNDAY, MAY 10
    Bronze-medal game, 10 a.m.; Gold-medal game, 2:30 p.m.
    The Toronto Star

  163. TV

    thnx!! all i have to do right now is to drive to canada… rent a place… get cable tv and im set!! :p

  164. I miss watching hockey on MSG, TSN, CBC… just about anyone other than “VS.” They changed the on screen graphics last night–the same HUGE size, except the score, the time & the penalty information is so small, it cannot be read from a distance. They really don’t get it.

    Dave Strader is a poor play by play man, but sadly, he is an improvement on “VS” regulars Joe Beninotti & John Forslund. Let’s hope Doc Emrick emerges okay from the shock induced coma he suffered at “The Rock” the other night & be able to resume his announcing duties this weekend.

  165. and I thought CCCP stood for Canadian Cable Customer Puckschedule :)

    but seriously, the games are not on in the US. Universal Sports has the US rights, and they have a schedule beginning with the quarterfinals on May 6, but do not say where the games are on

    for further info, go to

  166. Hey CCCCP
    You still bitter about losing to the Man AO his girlie teammates???

  167. TV

    LOL good one man! Thank you for the help. Man, I need another hobby besides hockey… i gotta learn knitting or something. Carp, ill knit a nice summer cap for you! It will protect you from the evil sun!

  168. Somerset.. dubi on the wing? i hear your logic but he is great defensively so you WANT a guy like that at center, AND hes tremendous on faceoffs.. its a no brainer he will be a center for the rest of his career.. and im pretty sure in one of the last posts u were talkin about sending rozi or redden and a draft pick for dan boyle? u have to b joking if u think san jose woudl ever do that, we could give them one of those d-men and our first roudn pick for the next 10 yrs and they wouldnt do that.. dan boyle is one of the best d-men in the league.. no chance for that happening

  169. Oh and am i dreaming or did someone mention DAINUS ZUBRUS in the same sentence as Ovechkin, Malkin & Crosby
    HAH wild stuff you read on here man, wild

  170. Kaspar

    F AO and the rest of the NHL! I am sad because my team is ruined by some prick who does not know what team sport is all about. But, i will be fine! That day will come!

    We get no respect…

  171. Mara is a good hockey player and all, but you cant be spending $2million on your 5th defenseman in the NHL… just cant, love the guys heart and is capable of playin some real good hockey sometimes, but too many dumb penalties and too slow like one of the first posters mentioned, its a no brainer with the 4 guys we hav locked up(redden/rozi/staal/girardi/) along with the young guys we have comin up in the system to not sign mara.. sorry paul

  172. especially when your spending 1.75 on your 5th/6th (Gilroy)
    Hopefully he turns out to be the real deal though


    It is so crystal clear that the NHL wants their poster boys AO and Cindy to face off (pun intended) in this round. We had no chance of beating the Caps. Nobody can convince me there isn’t a conspiracy going on here.

  174. Betts and Sjostrom are absolute musts. They are fan favorites and great teammates. Give them $1m each for the next 3-4 years and let Korpedo and Orr walk (unless Orr re-signs for a 10% raise and plays no more than 40 games).


    I’m not saying we could beat Boston but they stacked the cards against us in the first round. For sure.

  176. Someone said zherdev will get offered 4.5 – 5 mill this offseason.. from who? 4 to 5 mill on a guy that had 0 points in a 7 game playoff series.. i think between 3 and 4 is maximum but there r nuts who love to overpay out there, yes thats right there are other besiiides glen sather hah


    Its the Illuminati man…Federal reserve and the English Royalty…and Gary Bettman hangs with them all; well…he serves them Knishes but he’s still with them!!

  178. right. Sharks are happy with Boyle. it is Nabokov, Marleau, and Thornton that they are pissed off with

    nabokov is a playoff choker. Marleau is not a good captain because he does not hate losing, and Big Joe is more concerned with being left off next years Team Canada olympic roster than he is the playoff losses

    my prediction. they will make Boyle the Captain. they will demote Marleau to the Asst cap, they will take the A off of Joe

    and they will trade nabokov. no way they can come back with the same goalie who has let them down for a decade

    it took 23 shots per goal to beat Hiller, a playoff rookie. but only 9 shots to beat nabokov

    the sharks give up the fewest shots in the entire league, but can’t get clutch goaltending.

  179. Hows Dubi turning into a GOOOOOOOD winger when he plays center every night?
    People are shot, the guy is the best faceoff guy on the team, hes not playing wing or going to, end of story

  180. Valiquette is fine at backup.. all season long nobody had anything bad to say about him… He played good for us all year almooost.. He had a horror show in atlanta which was a huge game for us so everyone probably hates him for that, and he also had a horrible 5 minutes in toronto in that breakdown of a game that we had the lead for the entire game. Besides that the guy played acceptionally well, and say what you want about his numbers or wahtever under renney, but he still made saves when he needed to make saves.. its not like we were only letting up 10 shots a game. The guy earned a spot back with the team in my opinion.. i dont know enough about the young guys like wiikman to defend their side, but im fine with vali.

  181. im not doubting him, i cant wait to see him and other young guys get chances in the line up

  182. Everyone talks about DUMPING this guy and his salary, or dumping that guy and his salary.. its highly unlikely.. and if it does, then what? Spend and overpay on ANOTHER free agent that we dont know how they will do in NY.. We have to live with what we have and have faith.. Redden is not going to be the QB we signed him to be, but we have a lot of young depth at that position and unlimited potential.. with Gomez and Drury we just have to hope they come back with stronger years.. its not IMPOSSIBLE that they could play better next year.. everyone wants to throw guys out the window so quickly all the time, guys have bad years, they r human beings.. i was saying a week ago we have to get rid of zherdev bc of how disgusted i was with his playoff performance, but thats in the heat of the moment.. i rather have antropov than him, but i really dont know if i want to just throw zherdev away after one year with the team, under a defensive system for most of the year.. maybe he can flourish under a full year of torts.. nobody knows what can happen.. i cant argue with people bashing him for his play, but we did giv up tyutin for this guy and like someone mentioned it woudl be a shame to see him walk and then go to another team and score 30-40 goals.. at the right price we shoudl probably give this guy another year or two, i jsut dont know how everyone is going to fit and i really would liek to see antropov back bc of that size and potential.. but i doubt seeing both of them back, we can only wait and see waht happens.. my main point it, things can get better even if there are not alot of new free agent signing pickups.. the young guys get a year older, and maybe drury and gomez come back with big years, its not like they r 40 year olds out there that are completely done in their careers..

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