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Here’s some early stuff from John Tortorella. Can’t put it all up because the lockerroom is opening in a few minutes.

On Game 7 in review:

“I looked at our Game 7 and that’s the way we need to play through the series, I thought. I thought we had more puck control. I thought we did a much better job in the neutral zone. But we fall short where, we have the puck quite a bit in the first two periods, but we still don’t create enough offense. I think we still ended up with probably seven or eight scoring chances in that game. …

“We still didn’t finish. We still didn’t make that last play,and that’s the big problem with our club. We all know that, that we’re an offensively challenged team.”

He said he thought biggest move of the series was the Capitals’ change to Varlamov.

On whether there’s not enough top-end talent, or whether the top-end guys not good enough?

“Both. I don’t want to step out of bounds because i’m not the manager of the club and we’re going to have, in two weeks, meetings regarding this. But I think I can step out and say I don’t think we have it totally as far as within our team, and I don’t think we got it totally from the people within our team.

“This is definitely going to be addressed.”

How much did the Sean Avery/Tortorella distractions around Games 4-5-6 impact the series? Here Tortorella finally copped a mea culpa … big time:

“My thing … it’s a bad mistake by me. I regret it. I think I put the New York Ranger organization in an embarrassing situation. I’m embarrassed by it. I am an intense person, which is a positive, but it also turns into a negative sometimes, and that turned into a negative for us. And I regret it. I didn’t want to talk about it the other day because I didn’t want it to be more of a distraction than it needed to be. Was it a distraction? Of course it was. How much it played into that next game, I don’t know, because I thought we played a good first period and I know I had capable coaches on that bench in Schoney. 

“It can’t happen. It can’t happen. I preach discipline. I preach team concept. I am disciplined and I am a team-concept guy. I stepped out of bounds. I made a huge mistake. I made a huge mistake. Do I have warts? You’re God damned right I do, as all players do. We all make mistakes. But in that situation I am the head coach of the New York Rangers. At the time that that progressed through the game … and I’ll be honest with you, I was protecting my players, at least I felt I was at that point in time, but I did not do it correctly. I stepped way out of bounds.”

He said the referees told him they could have had the fan or fans removed. Tortorella said he had told security to remove the fan, accused him of spitting, and being beligerent. Thought the coach of the team asking security to get rid of him would be enough.

“Hey, listen. I am not backing off. That us my responsibility as a leader of men and a manager of that team at that point in time, that stepped out of bounds. How much it hurt, that’s for you guys to find out. I thought our team played well in teh first period.”

On the Avery benching:

“With Sean Avery, I would do it again. I would sit him out. I think there’s a misperception of how Sean and I get along. We get along great. And we are very honest with one another and we were very honest with one another after that situation. … I would do it again for the short-term and for long-term.

“I felt it was building up to that point, and I know that guy wants to help this team win. He’s not treated fairly in the league as far as on-ice play, some of the things that happen to him on the ice he’s not being treated fairly. He cares. He cares. But it was building up and …. I watched him and I gave him another opportunity (late in Game 4) to be out there and it blew up in my face. It wasn’t, ‘you screwed me, Sean. Me’ I just felt he couldn’t get control at that point in time. I have to look at short-term and also long-term as far as what we’re building as far as accountability. That’s what came into my decison there. And it was my decision. I discussed it with everybody in the organization. Some people didn’t want it to happen, they disagreed with me, but I felt I had to make that decision. That’s my decision.”

If he knows who he wants to stay and go:

“I have a pretty good idea of what’s here now. I don’t know the minor leagues. Jimmy and Glen have been great explaining to me … I don’t even know how to pronounce his name — I call him Artie (Anisimov). I liked the way he played in Game 7. I don’t think he was nervous. It’s a big body. I’m anxious to see him in camp.

“But as far as the people on the roster, I have a pretty good idea — and remember, I’m the coach, I’m not the manager of this team and I dom’t have all the figures as far as cap and what the contracts are — but as a coach I have a pretty good idea of what people are, who I’d like to keep and who I’d like to change.”

“To be honest, I can go through that roster and say, ‘He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone, I want him,’ You can do that as a coach, but it’s not that simple. You have cap problems, you have contracts that are here. Do you have any people that want to trade with you? I’ll go out on a limb and say, ‘Does Glen Sather want to change this team?’ You’re damn right he does. He knows some change needs to be made.”

“Do I envision as a coach what I’d like? Yeah. But it doesn’t happen that way. So that’s why we’re going to have these meetings.”

… more later.

The beard details are in the previous post. Check it out.

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  1. I like the fact that he flat out says he can go down our roster and say, “He’s gone, he stays”.

  2. I think Zherdev is very high on the list of guys that he wants gone.

    I suppose it’s nice to get an ample dose of candor from Torts but when it comes down to it they’re severely handcuffed with a lot of their contracts.

    Dumping one of the big 4 (Dru, Gomez, Rozi, Redden) will be near impossible. If the cap was increasing then a buyout might be an appealing option but it’s either staying flat or conceivably going down the next couple of years. Burrying guys in the AHL would really set a bad precedent for future FAs.

  3. I think with Torts having all summer to think about Orr’s usefulness, he might just want him back. If they can sign Zherdev cheap, they should sign him. We compare him to Kovalev but Alex had some elite seasons. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

    First order of business is for Sather to sit down with Schoenfeld and Dolan and let Dolan know that he (Sather) will just retain the title of president while Schoenfeld will be the new GM. Of course Dolan would approve that since he loves Glen and is his rubber stamp.

    Once that is done, work on getting rid of some of those contracts. Drury and Redden would be the toughest so we are probably stuck with those two. Naslund has just one year so even if we keep him, he’ll be gone after the 09-10 season. Gomez might be tradeable but he’s locked in for another 5 seasons at a total of $33.5M. What team will be willing to take on that kind of an expense for the limited talents of Gomez?

    On another board, a Marleau for Gomez trade was suggested. Would San Jose go for that? Marleau is just due $6.3M for the 09-10 season so SJ would be trading a 1 year contract at $6.3M for a 5 year contract at an average of $6.6M. They would most likely want additional compensation.

    Rozsival would be the easiest contract to get rid of but not that easy. If he decides to play in Europe, are we free of his contract? His cap hit is $5M for another 3 seasons. There might be some team interested at $4.33M without us having to take back another contract, maybe a 1st or 2nd rounder in return. That would leave Staal, Girardi and (ugh) Redden for next season with Gilroy, Sags, Sauer, Del Zotto and Potter competing for the other 3 jobs.

    With the additional $5M cap availability from Rozi, that provides $8M to cover Callahan, Dubinsky, Korpi, and Sjostrom. That should be enough with hopefully a little left over. The only other considerations would be Betts, Orr, Zherdev and Antropov. Might squeeze Betts and Orr in there but it’s going to be very tight for Antropov and Zherdev unless more contracts are shed. Don’t see them signing Mara and Morris especially with Redden’s $6.5M cap hit still on the books. Will Dolan sit still for having to pay Redden his millions playing for the Hartford Wolfpack to free up that $6.5M? Don’t think so.

    Naslund’s cap hit is $4M. If we trade him, will Grachev be ready to step in his place? Will that be enough to sign Zherdev and/or Antropov? Probably not so keeping Naslund for his final season under contract will allow the Rangers to give Grachev time to futher develop in Hartford.

    If Betts isn’t signed, Shoe and Korpi make an exceptional PK duo with their speed. Add Drury and Callahan as the 2nd pair and our PK should be just fine. If Orr isn’t signed, we need somebody who can play and fight. Byers? Weise? or make a deal for someone like Neil. Hope they sign Orr, they need him even if it’s only for one shift a game.

    Can’t wait for that 3 man management caucus. :)

  4. Hmmmmm

    I like to Torts had to say. Really honest man and I like that. No sugar coating. He is exactly what this organization need. I would love if he had more say on the roster. Because I know he would get rid of the dead weight.

    WE LOVE YA TORTS!!! cant wait till next season!!!

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    ““To be honest, I can go through that roster and say, ‘He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone, I want him,’ You can do that as a coach, but it’s not that simple. *You have cap problems, you have contracts that are here.”*

    Is that not an indictment of at least one of our big contract players, or what? He is clearly saying he would get rid of one (or more) of them if it weren’t for their contracts.

  6. By the way, great job Rick and Jane but one thing I believe was missing from all the people who cover the Rangers was being soft on Sather.

    He was the culprit and gave both Renney and Torts an inferior team to work with but none of you guys nailed him for that and nobody called for his head which should have been done.

    Got to admire Tort’s honesty and willing to admit his mistakes, Renney never did that but Renney got along better with the media so his lack of accepting any blame was not exploited by you guys. Torts on the other hand, has a volatile relationship with the media so the media going to “get” him every chance they can, especially Brooks.

    Not necessarily pointing the finger just at you, but to the media in general.

  7. UpstateRanger on

    Good stuff, RC. Thanks to you & Jane for making this such a worthwhile daily visit.

  8. SJ would never trade Marleau for Gomez when they have a player similar to Scott and his name is Joe Thorton. Big Joe and Gomez are the same player, both are great set up men behind the net and on the half wall.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Lenny, I like a lot of what you said, and I disagree with some of it, but I will focus on only one thing:

    “Hope they sign Orr, they need him even if it’s only for one shift a game.”

    They don’t need Orr. Orr is useless. He can fight, sure, but no one ever fights him except in the prearranged scraps off of a faceoff. He can’t hit anyone because he is too slow (and this is even with his improved skating) and as such, he offers no hint of deterrence. I think Mara and Dubinsky have fought 5 times more than Orr has in defense of a teammate.

    Best example of Orr’s uselessness is Betts getting destroyed by Brashear. Orr was in the lineup. Mara came to Betts’ defense, but did Orr fight Brashear later or hit any of Washington’s players? Not at all.

    You need to get someone who can still play the game when not enforcing. Orr is a wasted roster spot.

  10. I’ll say one thing….

    If you don’t love John Tortorella, both as the coach of this team and as a person, you’re probably just not that cool of person.

    Talk about a guy you’d want in a foxhole with you, by your side in a bar fight or leading you on to the battle field.

    I’m just going to start calling him The General. If we can a decent team under this guy, we’re going to do some big things.

  11. Greg_Section_403 on


    “Burrying guys in the AHL would really set a bad precedent for future FAs.”

    I think it would set a great precedent. Right now, the word on the Rangers probably is: sign a big FA contract, a contract SOOO BIG the Rangers are stuck with you, and simply show up and go through the motions.

    Now if the Rangers stuck a few underperforming FAs in Hartford for the remainder of their careers, THAT would set a good precedent. The new word on the Rangers will be: If you want to be a Ranger, and you sign for big $$$, you better perform, cuz the team has no qualms about burying you and your career in the AHL if you fail to produce.

    THAT, is a good message to have out in the market. That message will attract the FAs that we actually want in NY, not the ones who are just looking to cash a check.

    Dolan can afford to bury Redden and Naslund in Hartford and not even blink twice.

  12. Doodie, that was a crappy example in regard to Colton Orr….He was not in the lineup when Betts got hurt.

  13. Wow, I know Torts is Torts, but those excerpts said a ton about his views on the team – in essence, it summarized what has been written about on this blog all year, but it came from the head coach! One thing for sure, I will certainly be more interested in the pre-season games next year!

    Torts has a very Keenan-ish feel to him, great coach, knows the players (or type of players) he wants – will lead a team to success (as far as they can go) but will have a short life span, theerafter.. I’ll take that, but, as he points out, the team is constaraned by the cap, which handcuffs him in terms of personnel.

    I figured he would apoligize for the his actions after the playoffs,he said what he had to (I regret it, it on me, I was defending my players) – Michael Kay can relax now.

    On Dubs: I think his upside is a Joe Thornton-light (i.e. he likes to wait, slow down the play and make a pass) – again, I’ll take that, given Dubs’ intensity level – he just needs to get physically stronger.

  14. Jay G… I wish Scott Gomez was Joe Thorton. You do realize Big Joe, despite his playoff woes, is in the top 10 in scoring every year, won the heart trophy 3 years ago and is BIG!

  15. Its kind of sucks because the lesser of the Two Evils (Rosi and Redden) I’d rather keep Rosi

    At least he shows heart and plays hurt
    Redden, too much of a non factor for me and I guess torts as well

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, that was a crappy example in regard to Colton Orr….He was not in the lineup when Betts got hurt.”

    That’s right. I forgot thathe was in warmups but not dressed for the game. Fine.

    My pointd still stand though that Orr does nothing to stop the other teams because he never retaliates, only does the faceoff fighting, can’t hit because he’s too slow, and sucks at actually playing hockey.

  17. Interesting that Brooks brings up Radulov…he is a pretty damn good goal scorer and cheap if he wants to come back from Russia, and he’d be playing for a contract.

  18. Brandon April 30th, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Jay G… I wish Scott Gomez was Joe Thorton. You do realize Big Joe, despite his playoff woes, is in the top 10 in scoring every year, won the heart trophy 3 years ago and is BIG!

    Brandon, I ask you one thing. Since the Thorton trade, where has Boston been and the same for SJ. PLus, what good is top 10 scoring if your team isn’t winning the Stanley cup and not getting past the second round of the playoffs?

    I still think Jags should have won the Hart trophy the year Thorton won it. The reason why Joe won is because noone was expecting SJ to be as good as they were.

  19. IMO the Rangers problem is that they have 2 players that do the same job too often.

    Redden and Rozy – do the same job/put up the same amount of points

    Naslund and Zherdev – do the same job/put up the same amount of points

    Korpi and Sjo – do the same job/put up the same amount of points

    They Need a big time scorer and the way to create roster room is to eliminate at least 1 player from each category.

    Then i’d like to see a package go San Jose’s way (i’m sure they are gonna have a fire-sale after their first round defeat) to get Danny Boyle out of there

  20. I think the most telling part of the interview was that the “he’s gones” outnumbered the “I want hims” 3-to-1.

  21. Greg,

    I understand what you’re saying and while I agree with that idea in principle there’s got to be a reason why other teams haven’t done it, for example Edmonton with Penner.

    I can understand that players toward the end of their careers like Naslund would really have nowhere else to go since he’s most likely on his last contract. But players that are just signing their 1st FA contract and will have at least 1 or 2 more contracts later on would never want to come to a team that would summarily bury them in the minors.

  22. I’m surprised to see so many people want Orr gone. I think since he’s been on the team he’s developed into one of the league’s best fighters, especially considering what he makes in comparison to guys like Laraque and Brashear. Every team needs a guy like that, even in the new NHL.

    NYRGuy, considering the stunt Radulov pulled going to the KHL, I would say he’s a huge liability. Imagine Zherdev but less stable.

  23. SCX April 30th, 2009 at 11:57 am

    I think the most telling part of the interview was that the “he’s gones” outnumbered the “I want hims” 3-to-1.

    That’s interesting.

    Keep Drury, bye bye Gomer, bye bye Redden and bye bye Roszy.

  24. St Louis is a great scorer and what the Rangers consitently lack, but at age 34 and 5’8″, he isnt worth what they will ask – Cally plays similar to St Louis with less skill, but a more physical presence…

    ..they shld keep Orr unless they can upgrade the enforcer role.. recall, he beat up Federok (in response to his countless dirty hits on the Rangers including the Jagr head shot) and Can Janssen (jawwing (sp?) at Lundquist).. Yeah, he fights other heavies around the league (parro, Brashear, laraque) to establish his rep, but that is part of it….he is a top fighter, and absent other guys that fight/overall team toughness – you need to have a top “heavy” on the roster – like it or not. Presumably, other guys on the team respect him with is also important in that role.

  25. Doodie- Orr was not in the game Brashear hit Betts- many think no way that happens (including me) if Orr is in the lineup

  26. what was brooks talking about, why would the rangers even consider giving up two of cally, dubinsky, grachev and del zotto for st. louis? Not saying sather isnt dumb enough to trade some of those guys for a vet, but grachev and del zotto shouldnt be traded no matter what, there is no player available via trade (ie that a team would actually give up) that would warrant giving up either of those two players, let alone both

    -and i think burying vets in the ahl will deter some from signing here, but its the kind of player that we don’t want here in the first place ie the players who sign with the rangers and know they are easy street (see Redden, drury, gomez, etc). a good player can still expect to get paid well and he will play so long as he gives a damn

  27. Dan, I understand that, but he has one year left on his deal making just under a million dollars, and he’s 22 and is a goal scorer. For one year, they can take the risk, if it doesn’t work, Torts says screw you and gets rid of him. If they were willing to take a risk with Avery, they would be idiots not to take a shot at Radulov

  28. Greg_Section_403 on


    Yes, there might be legal/NHLPA reasons why more teams don’t do it, and we may be arguing a dead issue.

    But, if there isn’t a legal reason that’s holding them back, why not? Edmonton prob didn’t do it cuz they can’t afford to do it. Dolan used to pay $10-$15 million more per season pre-lockout for rangers payroll, so he is probably the 1 owner in the NHL who could sent underperforming FAs to the AHL.

  29. Pete I think he was really saying that the price tag is too high and they would need to come up with a solution. As much as I like St. Louis and want him, if Sather ever gave up 2 of those guys for him, I would organize a week long protest outside MSG to get Glen Sather fired

  30. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Very good and forthright comments by Torts on a host of things. first, I really do think that Torts now believes Avery could be one of his guys because of the way he battled in the last game and all the other games in the series. He also is not at all happy with the roster,that clearly is evidenced by his 3-1 gone vs keep comments. I also like the factthat he was impressed with AA’s play. It seems to me that unlike the last regime,age will not be a determining factor in whether a player plays or not. That’s got to be good news for all the kids in the various leagues.

    Doodie- spot on the Orr comments! He is a totaly useless player who cannot skate,hit,pass,score. In todays game, and with the cap an issue particularly here, he is a waste of cap space. We need Dane Byers for that spot. He is a good skater,can fight,and is good around the net. He scored 29g last year with the Pack. This year due to injury he did not play alot but still almost averaged a point per game,and was the best player for the Pack in the playoffs. He has nothing left to prove in hartford. Neither does AA or Mike Sauer. Both of these guys need to be given every chance to stick next season.

  31. I just realized that this was Zherdev’s first playoff experience …. i’m willing to cut him a break then.

    He was the most consistent Ranger player and team leader in +/- this year, which is a huge improvement in his game

    I have a feeling Gaborik will be a Ranger next season which would be awesome as long as Sather doesnt over-pay for him (which he will). I’d offer no more then 4.5 – 5.5 million, because of his injury prone status.

    I do think Jim Ramsey will take good care of him. The Rangers seem to be pretty lucky the last couple of years with healthy players and we should attribute most of that success to Ramsey and his team

  32. All I have to say is watch out for Cally and Dubinsky next season. Cally had a quasi break out season. But they are both going to put up some decent points next year.

  33. Wasn’t it mentioned before that Radulov would have to clear waivers to come back to the NHL? We don’t want to look like the Islanders and their attempt to get Yoda Dubi back to the NHL only to have another team pick him off.

    Greg, again I like the idea of motivation for a player to succeed or it’s off to bus rides, 2 star hotels and crowds of less than 6,000 (unless of course you’re an Islanders player and that seems like a large crowd). I like even better the idea of relegation of a whole team like they do in the Euro soccer leagues.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d say he’d probably want to cut ties with Redden and Naslund altogether.

    I imagine he would keep Gomez if there was no replacement forthcoming, or at least to try and include him in a trade for a better player.

    Rozsi I think he likes and would keep. His contract sucks, but if you can wipe off Redden and Naslund, it’s not as glaringly terrible.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Fly line, first, I acknowledged that Orr wasn’t dressed for that game (I forgot that he was only in the warmups). Second, that still happens if Orr is in the lineup. You think Brashear gives a damn about Orr?

    Remember two years ago when Brashear was running at all of the Rangers, basically cheap shotting our whole team. Orr fought him and that did nothing. Shanahan fought him after that later, standing up for Jagr. What did that do to deter him? He sucker punched Ward on the way out. Yup, two fights later, he is still cheapshotting. You think Brashear has changed since then? That’s how he’s played his whole career.

    What happens if Orr was in the lineup? Orr fights Brashear. Big deal. There is no retribution by us taking a run at one of their guys.

    What about in this series when Freddy Sjoes took an elbow to the head? Where was Big bad Orr then? Sucking wind behind the play. No retribution from anyone.

    Orr is useless. Get a guy that can play hockey. Or, alternatively, get a guy that can take out one of their players. I like Chris Neil for that kind of hitting that makes the other team think twice before cheapshotting our players.

  36. I’m giving up my season tix and moving to hartford so I can buy season tix for the wolfpack and watch them play.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    “I have a feeling Gaborik will be a Ranger next season which would be awesome as long as Sather doesnt over-pay for him (which he will). I’d offer no more then 4.5 – 5.5 million, because of his injury prone status.”

    Where are you getting this imaginary money to pay Gaborik?

  38. I myself would keep Orr, tell him to work on the weights, his skating and shot for next season and hope he improves. Otherwise we’ll just have another Andre Roy type guy who jiggles around the ice and fights.

  39. Orr definitely can fight, but he needs to do it more at the right time. I still love when he knocked Rupp in to next year with one perfect shot.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    JAY G, I was so pissed when they reupped their deal with the Hartford Arena. I was so excited that they might’ve moved to Brooklyn.

  41. Redden is significant contributor to Rosie not looking great down the stretch. Do any of you remember how awful Girardi was playing with Redden? Chara is a God as far as I am concerned because we he is an excellent defenseman and made Wade Redden look good!

    Sather wants to keep his job and maybe the old bat is concerned about his legacy – nothing done since ’90! He cleared the team of veterans before the lockout and had lots of cap room to start it – adapting to the “new NHL.” Well under the salary cap era, bad contracts have to either be bought out or burried in the minors. A few different pieces and this team goes further in the playoffs, more home playoff games, and more money for Dolan to more than pay for these contracts buried in the minors. I also expect the league to do something about these long-term contracts, as well as the players union. Players want $, but they don’t want to play in the minors!

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty 1, I liked that fight too, but Rupp gave him a good beating earlier in the season. That’s just embarassing.

  43. Doodie – what game are you watching? Orr is by far one of the better fighters in the league – what about earlier in the season when he hit Cindy? Also, do you remember a few years ago when he dropped Fedoruk in the Garden right at the beginning of the game? This was pay back for Fedoruk running around at earlier games. Finally, for a good fighter, Orr makes very little money. He is not a great player, but he is fine for a figher. Almost every team has a fighter, especially in the Eastern Conf.

    The guy in the organization to replace Orr is Justin Soryal – watch his fights on youtube – he does very well. The team may also bring up Byers to add additional toughness next year. The Rangers could use a few more north-south players.

  44. Yea Doodie, sorry that had been pointed out I hadn’t refreshed- The Fedorik Flyers example is a good one- I remember for a long time not having a guy that could fight (Pre-Orr) with the heavy weights and I think (unlike many) that a fight has the opportunity to change a game-

    I don’t see a problem with a 4th line of Sjo Betts Orr- all serve a greater purpose to the team than just a 4th line guy, whether that be on the pk or as a fighting presence-

    There are tons of issues with our first 2 lines, why are we worried about the 4th?

  45. Doodie – if Hartford came to brooklyn, where would the wolfpack play? At the Aviator or would they build a bigger arena in downtown brooklyn?

  46. Justin Soryal is pretty good…the guy uses both hands (in fights) very effectively.. and looks to be an “ok” skater(granted, only based on EHL and AHL experience) .. he is a little light for “enforcer” status – but the NHL is changing maybe in 2-3 years that wont matter, but right now with the current toughness level of the Rangers team, Orr is necessary, imo…

  47. St. Louis is not worth it.. the guy is 34 and tiny…

    they don’t need orr or Sjostrom.. they need to see if grachev is ready to contribute if he is he better make the club.. other teams play 19 or 20 yr old all the time….

    roszival is better then you think and they could trade him, redden that is a whole nother story…

    naslund would be good to move or have him go back to sweden, he is a terrible 23 goal scorer….

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    I never said the guy couldn’t fight. He is a very good fighter. But we need a guy that can play, not just a goon that can throw fists. He’s just got no skills other than fighting. He doesn’t kill penalties, he isn’t a good passer, he can’t shoot, he isn’t a good two-way player, etc.

    He’s a relic from a different era. He’s obsolete. We need a guy who can play and fight.

    Man, I wish we had Clarkson.

  49. I say get rid of Orr unless you bring in another fighter with some skills. Doodie, I agree that Orr never went after guys who went after our guys. The Caps game that you mentioned and the famous Gaborik game vs the Wild when Brent Burns totally plastered Prucha with a late hit. Nothing happened to him. Still pisses me off!

  50. bs. they buried Kasparaitis in the AHL and that did not stop one single solitary additional UFA from wanting to come to NYR

    players will always want to play in the big apple for the endorsement opportunities etc

    and burying a couple of the ranger contract mistakes in the AHL would also put both the players on notice that they better do their job as expected, and also would put pressure on Sather to not make more of those mistakes.

    so, I say give Drury a choice. Hartford or waive your clause and get moved if possible. if no one wants his contract, then he goes to Hartford. same with redden, gomez, and rosival

  51. Jay G,

    They could play in the Nassau Coliseum in 2 years. I hear the building will have no tenants by then.

  52. im glad torts says it like it is. he seems to see what we see out there, unlike when renney was coach how he would just keep playing the same overpayed losers reguardless of how bad they were. if torts was coaching in september i think you wouldve seen petr prucha in the lineup.

    i think torts likes drury. if we were to trade one of the big contracts, of all of them i would shop gomez. redden is impossible to trade as everyone knows so thats out of the question. roszival is tradeable, but id only make that trade if were getting a big d-man that hits hard and fights. between gomez and drury, gomez contract will be on the books longer than drurys, which is the deciding factor for me on who we look to trade. plus i think gomez can get a better return than drury.

  53. Do we want to play a young kid with talent on a fourth line? Won’t it help the kid more to play 20 minutes a night in Hartford?

  54. jason April 30th, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Jay G,

    They could play in the Nassau Coliseum in 2 years. I hear the building will have no tenants by then.

    JaySon – where did you hear this?

  55. someone mentioned chris neil, ive always liked his game. hes nasty and can hit. looks like averys big brother. if hes UFA id like to have a guy like that on our 4th line.

  56. can’t have a guy making 2+ mil on our 4th line the way our cap has been mismanaged-

  57. UESBlueshirt on

    Endorsement opps? What NHL players aside from Crosby (and maybe Ovechkin) have lucrative endorsement contracts?

  58. I think we should keep Orr, he does his job on the ice. Anyway, Orr isn’t the problem… Drury on the otherhand……..

  59. the LA Kings have plenty of cap room, and they are looking for a LW. how about sending Naslund to them for a draft pick? he has only 1 year left on his contract, so he would be possible to move.

    that would open up $4m for the rangers cap

  60. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Why would any team want Naslund? Why did NYR want Naslund? Oh yeah, to “replace” the legend wearing 68. Nice one “Slats”

  61. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I like that Torts is intrigued by AA. I’d like to see him center the 3rd line next year I’d hate to see AA waste away on the 4th line getting like 3 minutes a game though

    (I know we have the best 3rd line center in the league in Chris Drury but I think he’s more effective on the wing with Dubi anyway, maybe Drury can become Jim Ramsey’s assistant. He could fetch equipment, etc)

  62. Naslund was to replace Straka’s production, actually, which he did just that.

    The gamble was that Zherdev would emerge as the #1 winger like Jagr. Of course, that gamble failed.

    If you ask me, they should talk to Atlanta and see if Zherdev + Rozsival + a 1st rounder/Sanguenetti/Dubinsky/Grachev/Anisimov interests them in a deal for next year’s biggest free agent, Ilya Kovalchuk.

    This Ranger team is solid on all fronts, but lacks top end talent. You bring a guy like Kovalchuk here and it will have a tremendous effect on the forwards. Imagine your first two lines with Kovalchuk on one and Antrpov on the other? What a difference that would make…

  63. FiveFootZero on


    Kovalev has endorsements…they’re in The Hockey News…AK27 I think is the line name.

  64. I think it’s time for another….

    Beat your wife Potvin, Beat your wife, Beat your wife Potvin, Beat your wife.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “They could play in the Nassau Coliseum in 2 years. I hear the building will have no tenants by then.”

    They’ll be lucky if it isn’t condemned by then.

    Yes, it was going to be Aviator.

    Naslund was brought in to replace Shanahan, not Straka. Numbers wise, he did just that. Leadershipwise, he failed miserably.

  66. Wow thank god the wolfpack didn’t make the move to brooklyn. I play at Aviator, it’s good for about a central hockey league game. Thats about it.

  67. I’m not trading any young ranger talent for a guy who can’t even get his own team into the playoffs, who could not even score on an open net to win a game, and who was a total flop in his one playoff appearance vs rangers, who swept him in 4 straight.

  68. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Jay G

    I was pretty depressed after Tuesday but I was on yesterday.. posting jokes ironically

    I would take Straka or Shanny over Naslund in a heartbeat

  69. GM,

    In his 1st playoff series, Kovalchuk played a superior Ranger team. You can’t fault a guy for not playing well the first time he’s in the playoffs..

    He’s a legit 40-50 goal scorer every year languishing on a horrible team. We would be extremely lucky to have him. He’d change the team in a heartbeat..

  70. I like Orr – he’s a great team guy and his skating gets better every single year. He stays and trains in NY and is always first to camp in great shape…

  71. scoring goals in meaningless routs making a 6-3 loss into a 6-4 loss is his forte

    just watch him. he is the laziest loafer. he does not backcheck or hustle. he is strictly a talented prima donna with little desire to do anything but add to his personal stats

    sure, he could do well on a team that already has plenty of winners and is a top conference team, but that ain’t the Rangers

  72. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Torts and Kovalchuk would be a bad combination.

    We have enough lazy underachieving Russians

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    gm, I’m going to break your statement into pieces:

    “I’m not trading any young ranger talent”

    We have very little to begin with, and the return for Kovalchuk is going to be more than all of it combined, so don’t worry.

    ” for a guy who can’t even get his own team into the playoffs,”

    He has no center. He has no defense. He has no goaltender. They should rename the team Ilya Kovalchuk and 20 dregs.

    ” who could not even score on an open net to win a game,”

    He took his foot off the gas, something that Torts wouldn’t stand for. Also, he totally dominated that entire game until that point.

    ” and who was a total flop in his one playoff appearance vs rangers,”

    Exactly. One playoff appearance. Give the guy a break. Hank was a total flop in his first playoff appearance, you gonna hold that against him too? I’m sure I can come up with a long littany of star players who flopped in their first go round in the playoffs.

    ” who swept him in 4 straight.”

    We totally outgunned that Atlanta team. They made the playoffs on like the last game of the season. They were just a bad team with the Tkachuk curse.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    “We have enough lazy underachieving Russians”

    First of all, we only have one Russian player (Zherdev), who is technically not even Russian.

    At the same time, we have a glut of lazy, underachieving Americans and Canadians.

  75. No Country For Old Rangers on


    That should have read “We have HAD enough lazy Russians”

    My mistake

    I still dont understand the hard-on for Kovalchuk though.

    We’ve seen it countless times. He is the protypical superstar who will suck in NY.

  76. Since when do you need a full roster of 25 skaters who always back check and grind in the corners?? It would be nice if every center played as hard and mean as a young Messier, and every winger stood in front and took beatings like a young Graves, but it ain’t gonna happen!

    If you have one guy up front who can dominate in the offensive zone, that changes the entire dynamic of the game. It opens it up for your 2nd line, and when you get that 4-2 score going into the 3rd, then you can rely on your Callahans/Betts/Sjostroms to play two way hockey and win the battles..

    Does Ovechkin play a lick of defense??? NO!!!! Does he backcheck?!?! NO!!!!!

    But he scores by the boatload, and you ignore his deficiencies because he’s doing what he’s really paid to do.

    Alot of good it did for this team to have Dubinsky/Betts/Sjostrom/Korpikoski on the ice all the time. Yeah, they have heart and I love them all, but they’re not goal scorers.

    Put any great goal scorer on this same team and we’re playing in Boston as we speak.

    Make it happen Sather!!!!!

  77. is Ovechkin a lazy player? NO, he plays hard at all times

    is Lazychuk a loafer? definitely YES

  78. I like Kovalchuk because he’s the only viable option. His contract is up, he hates Atlanta, and he scores 40 goals every year…

    And what makes you think he’d suck in NY? Bure played fine (on two bum knees) and Jagr ate it all up. This isn’t any of the other big 3 sports with media + fan pressure. Hockey players love playing in NY.

  79. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Jagr is one of the few who actually delivered. Bure was garbage. It was the foolish act of a desperate GM.

    I think Kovalchuk suck in NY because he’s soft and lackadaisical. No heart, no grit. Not too mention the pressure of playing in NY and the merciless garden crowd. I think it’s a bad fit. Plus how the hell would NYR pay him?

  80. are we talking about the same Ovechkin who was floating in Games 1 and 2 and wouldn’t get off the ice, directly resulting in a poor back check and the goal that won the Rangers Game 2??????

    Keep in mind he has Backstrom, Semin, and the reasonably competent Kozlov.

    Kovalchuk has Jerry’s Kids and still scores 40 every year.

    I’m not a Kovalchuk lover, i just want a guy who can actually score goals, and he seems like the easiest one to get, based on his contract being up and his age.

    If any of you know a guy who can consistantly score 35-45 goals a year, is younger than 33 and can be had for a couple of prospects + zherdev/rozsival, I’m all ears.

  81. if you think they would take the Rangers vet garbage you are clueless. Z is an RFA, and they would not want Rosival and his contract with a 10 ft pole

  82. As far as his heart and playing in NY go, I don’t think you can judge that until he actually plays here.. No one thought Jagr could stomach it, but he was the best player on the ice every season.

    I personally think a guy like Kovalchuk would eat up the energy from the crowd.

    Financially, and this would have to happen for any big name winger to play here, but there’s have to be several moves made..

    Mara + Morris (at least Morris) are gone.
    Redden or Roszival would have to go.
    Probably Dubinsky is involved in a big trade ( I know everyone loves him, and I do too, but I think Grachev will be better and Dubi is a great bargaining chip).

    Losing Roszival, Mara, and Morris frees up what you’d have to pay him anyway.

    Of course, everyone wants Gomez and Drury gone (I don’t), but if one leaves, that’d help also..

    Bottom line, if we don’t get a pure goal scorer to anchor this team, it’s 7th place and 1st round exits for the foreseeable future…

  83. Joel,

    Roszival’s contract is very reasonable for what he does on the ice.

    And what “vet garbage” was I talking about?

    If the Rangers resign Zherdev, and package him and Roszival + a prospect and Dubinsky, what team wouldn’t look at that in a deal??

  84. Atl and Waddell made bad deals in the past, and he has been raked over the coals about it too. so I doubt he will put his job in jeopardy by dealing their one last fan favorite for anything but top young talent. and that means that other teams will be offering him much more than crap like Rosival

  85. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Trade Drury on draft day for a pick and prospects. That would be a HUGE first step

  86. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I know he has a “no-score” “no-lead” and a “no-let it ruin my holidays” clause

  87. all the insiders seem to agree that the cap will go down in the ’10-11 season. thus, guys with contracts that go beyond next season are almost unmoveable. that is the biggest problem right now with guys who have longterm big bucks contracts.

  88. Baumer – have to disagree with you on Rozi – he is ridiculously overpaid for what he produces. $5mm per year is almost Niedermayer/Pronger type money! You can get handfuls of guys that produce what he does for half the price.

    The Rangers need to start valuing their prospects, and not giving them away. First, Grachev should be virtually untouchable, unless the initials AO or EM are mentioned. He could be VERY special. Sanguinetti is a different case. We also have his clone, who is likely better, in Del Zotto, so Bobby is expendable. For the RIGHT deal, and that ain’t a 34 year old St. Louis. Nothing but draft picks and undesirables (Naslund, Rozi etc.) for him. An old, small guy is one hit away from retirement, though I would love to get him for the right price.

    I wouldn’t touch Radulov with a 10ft pole – that p***y has already quit the NHL once. Who the hell wants a player like that?

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