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I’m just working on my column for tomorrow, trying to analyze the Rangers’ season, and to me it’s just so simple … I have said it all season long, and especially so since inheriting this blog from Sam Weinman, and I am certainly not even close to being the only one who saw it this way:

The Rangers don’t score enough goals, at even strength or on the power play or ever.

So I was just adding up the damage:

The Rangers played 89 games this year, including playoffs. They scored two goals or fewer in 45 of those. In another five, they were awarded a “third” goal because they won the skills competition at the end of the game. That’s 50 times in 89 games they had two goals or fewer in regulation. 

You can blame some of that on Tom Renney’s defensive system, that it stifled some offense, and that’s fair. But under John Tortorella’s “Safe is Death” system, the Rangers played 28 games including playoffs, and scored two goals or fewer in 14 of them, including five times in seven playoff games.

And as I posted last night, the bottom line on the seven-gamer against Washington: 11 goals in seven games, a number exaggerated even by the four allowed in Game 1 by Jose ThreeOrMore, who sat on the bench the rest of the series.

Or seven goals in six games against the rookie goalie, Simeon Varlamov. And that is five goals in six games if you subtract the two garbage-time goals in Game 6, when it was 5-1 in the third period.

You all know how I feel about the general skill level on the team. All the guys on the Rangers top two lines would be fine if they were on the second and third lines, even Gomez and Drury. But they weren’t.

And you all know about the cap hell that’s going to make this a difficult summer.

But we’ll get into that more as we go.

For now, some picks for the conference semis (after going a pathetic 4-4 in the first round).

Bruins over Hurricanes in six.
Penguins over Capitals in seven.
Detroit over Anaheim in six.
Chicago over Vancouver in six.

Anybody else want to go out on a limb?


HART TROPHY (MVP) finalists: Ovechkin, Malkin, Datsyuk.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 2:50 P.M.: Just got this on Blair Betts. He does have a concussion, but the fractured orbital bone will not require surgery. He should be fine over time. Of course, with concussions, you never know how much time.

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  1. Hit the nail on the head. At the start of the season, everyone asked “where will the goals come from?”

    We got our answer. Nowhere.

  2. gee aren’t you Jagr haters glad we said good riddance and got that powerplay going!?

    Naslund was the perfect replacement

  3. We needed a PP for the QB-a guy who can control the puck at the blueline and have a ok shot…Redden was obviously no campbell/streit but Redden was supposed to be that guy-he failed misreably

    We needed goals from anyone and everyone….the capatain sucked…..we never had consistent lines that had time to gain chemistry-(imagine antropov-avery and dubi playing together for 20-30 games…..neither coach found any chemistry up front-im not saying we are loaded with talent but you gotta work with what your given….the 4th line just doesnt score goals-how can it score goals with guys like orr this year and/or hollweg last year playing 80 games

  4. scoring goals is an obvious issue but does anyone else feel like on Fedorovs goal it would be a better option not to have Redden there at all? id take my chances with hank on a breakaway rather than Redden not playing the body and creating screen….

  5. Bruins over Hurricanes in Five.
    Penguins over Capitals in seven.
    Detroit over Anaheim in Seven.
    Chicago over Vancouver in Seven.

    The Rangers need to go hard after Martin St. Louis!

  6. I made the comment to a work buddy:

    The rangers 1st line last night (Dubinsky’s line) was great. They would be a great second line on any other team.

    that right there pretty much sums up the season.

  7. BringBackStraka on

    As everyone agrees we definitely need a sniper to put some pucks in the net. Good point…Zherdev/Naslund are 2nd or 3rd line guys.

    I just didn’t get the offensive system of 3 guys behind the net and nobody in front. I understand puck possesion is crucial, but having someone in front or in the high slot is hockey 101. At least twice in the last five minutes the puck went into the slot area, with no Ranger to be found. Last five minutes go to the net! It’s just something I saw all season that needs attention.

  8. What are we going to do. Our cap situation sucks! I guess in 6 years we will be ok. Atleast I can root for the Devils. They have Parise and Zajac! I think the Devils should make a run at Dubinsky and Callahan. The Rangers dont have the cap space to match them and atleast I would still get to root for the kids! I still think the rangers will be ok as Gomez and Dury will figure it out. Its Redden/Avery we have to worry about. But I would really like the Devilsto make a run at Dubi and Callahan.

  9. Bruins over canes in 6
    Penguins over caps in 6
    Anaheim over detorit in 7
    Vancouver over Hawks in 6

  10. Don’t envy anyone trying to fix this mess- but at least the job falls on the guy who created it- unfortunately the fans will have to endure it. Hardest thing in modern sports is working with overpriced talent under a cap. Thank God for the kids!

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    “yeah we get all that. But why have your “most important player” at 50%. He cant take faceoffs, he cant shoot. Its useless… Yeah he showed b*lls buy playing but then again how many plays would have followed through corectly if he was healthy or another player was in his place?”

    Number of goals by one-handed Drury this playoff series: 1.

    Number of goals by Avery, Zherdev, Korpikoski this playoff series: 0.

    I think Drury was terrible this season, but I’m not going to quesiton his effort in the playoffs, provided his injury was a broken hand. If it was something like a broken finger, that’s just not a good enough excuse.

  12. Carp, I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely Cally and Dubi will be Rangers next year! End of Story.

  13. out of your element



    if jagr was here we wouldnt have given up so many shg

    you think the wings are going to lose? shocking.

  14. Is Grachev ready to play in the NHL? If he does, is he gifted enough to make an impact in his first year?

  15. My hopes (probably won’t come true) is that Tampa will give us St. Louis (5 1/2 mil for 2 more years I think) for Naslund (veteran, expiring contract), Zherdev (sign and trade) and some picks. I wouldn’t be opposed to these lines to start next year:

    Avery Gomez St. Louis
    Drury Dubinsky Callahan
    Korpikoski Anisimov Free Agent
    Sjostrom Betts Orr/Byers/Voros?

    Staal Girardi
    Rozsival Gilroy
    Redden Sanguinetti

    I think it would help our cap situation by having Anisimov, that 4th line and Gilroy/Sanguinetti up…I think we could fit under it, considering St. Louis would only be 1.5 mil more than Nas

  16. We dont need Marty St. Louis, we dont need another 5’8 forward 34 years old. We need size along with a pure goal scorer.

  17. To their point though, couldn’t another team pull an “Edmonton” and sign them to large offer sheets, thus the Rangers can match but would be even further in cap trouble?

  18. The first thing that needs to happen is Sather needs to be terminated with “extreme prejudice”! He absolutely ruined this team with his crap signings. Who was bidding for Gomez and Drury when he decided to lay $14mm on them. Who was knocking down Rozzival’s door? Why pay Redden when Harry Howell would have been just as effective? If we can’t trade and least one and hopefully 2 of these guys we are not going to be able to even think about getting a finisher unless he’s willing to take some of those premier Yankees seats as compensation.
    This team can be on BIG, BIG trouble if Sather stays and we can’t dump some of the aforementioned. Any thoughts?

  19. St. Louis is familiar with Torts, won a cup with him and his contract only had 2 more years left on it…would you rather have him for 2 yrs or Nas for 1?

  20. Keepers
    Callahan, Dubi, Avery ( good third line..decent second line)
    Lundqvist ( have him play 60 games tops)
    Betts, Sjo, Orr ( they do their jobs well)

    stuck with unless a miracle happens….
    Drury, Gomez, Redden, Rozi

    Have to go because of the above quartet…unless…
    Morris, Antropov and , I’m afraid, Mara (more reason to hate the R&R signings)

    Should go….
    Naslund, Zherdev, Voros, Valliquette, ( i’ve seen enough of these guys)

    holding pattern
    Girardi, Korpikowski

    coming up?
    Ansimov, Byers, Gilroy, Sangy, Sauer or Potter

  21. What are we going to do. Our cap situation sucks! I guess in 6 years we will be ok. Atleast I can root for the Devils. They have Parise and Zajac! I think the Devils should make a run at Dubinsky and Callahan. The Rangers dont have the cap space to match them and atleast I would still get to root for the kids! I still think the rangers will be ok as Gomez and Dury will figure it out. Its Redden/Avery we have to worry about. But I would really like the Devilsto make a run at Dubi and Callahan.


    You will die cold and lonely.

  22. Hurricanes over Bruins in Seven.
    Capitals over Penguins in Six.
    Red Wings over Ducks in Five.
    Canucks over Blackhawks in Six.

    With all these high priced contracts I don’t see how the Rangers can change improve the team. One option could be from within, but that road is not overnight.

  23. JohnP – 100% right – but Sather ain’t going anywhere ie we are fooked for a few more years to come.

  24. Kudos to the Rangers for playing their guts out yesterday against a vastly superior team.
    I am pessimistic about our ability to solve fix our team enough to truly compete with the the elite teams over the next few years thanks to Sather’s bungling of contracts in view of the salary cap.
    Till Grachev,Del Z, Sanginetti are ready, we will be woefully lacking in talent, & Torts is stuck with too many guys he would never ever want in a million years.
    Unless we part with some of our best players & demand teams also take our overpriced players as part of the deal, we’re pretty much screwed for the foreseeable future.
    Would love to see what folks think can possibly be done to dig out of this Sather caused mess.

  25. From Zip:

    Offseason Game Plan: 5 things

    It was a season that began in Europe with a sweep of the first two NHL openers in Prague against Tampa under coach Tom Renney. Back home, the Rangers jumped to a 10-2-1 record before losing their way after Christmas. By late February, John Tortorella was at the helm, Sean Avery was back and the Rangers scrambled to a seventh-place finish in the East, only to be eliminated in the first round. They were axed by the No. 2 seed Washington Capitals, losing a best-of-seven series after taking a 3-1 lead for the first time in franchise history, and clearly need to retool in the offseason.


    This will be one of the trickiest offseasons leaguewide, with 40 percent of players either restricted or unrestricted free agents and the salary cap expected to go down in 2010-11, which will affect long-term contracts. So this is easier said than done. But before any missing pieces can be added, the brass and coach John Tortorella need to create some room. About $41 million of the $56.9- million cap is committed to nine players (Henrik Lundqvist, Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Wade Redden. Michal Rozsival, Markus Naslund, Sean Avery, Marc Staal and Dan Girardi). One or two for them could be asked to waive a no-trade clause and be sent elsewhere or bought out, with the latter spreading the future cap hit over a number of years. A buyout isn’t unprecedented: Think Knicks or Bobby Holik in 2005, who had two years remaining on his contract.


    Not only could the man-advantage units not score – they finished 29th in the league – the Rangers surrendered 14 shorthanded goals. Without a power-play quarterback – a role Redden was expected to fill – the Rangers failed to gain points in at least 10 games that might have been won or tied if the power play didn’t come up empty, bedeviling both Renney and Tortorella. Clearly, last summer’s decisions to part ways with Jaromir Jagr, Martin Straka and Brendan Shanahan didn’t help. Signing Mark Streit or Brian Rolston last summer, or even Mats Sundin when he was available, would have. Perhaps Vancouver’s Daniel Sedin (31 goals) or Chicago’s Martin Havlat (29) would be an answer.


    Two of Tortorella’s favorites, young forwards Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan, are restricted free agents with tremendous upsides who will be re-signed. That will add more dough to the payroll. So will Hobey Baker-winning defenseman Matt Gilroy of North Bellmore, but his salary will be covered when unrestricted free-agent defensemen Derek Morris and Paul Mara aren’t re-signed. But tough decisions have to be made on three other RFAs: the mercurial Nik Zherdev, speedy Fredrik Sjostrom and Lauri Korpikoski. And there are four other UFAs: Nik Antropov, Blair Betts, Colton Orr and Steve Valiquette.


    Free-agent right wing Marian Gaborik, 27, has the touch (13 goals in 17 games; 72 goals in the previous two seasons), but he will be very pricey and is injury-prone. Artem Anisimov, the Hartford Wolf Pack’s leading scorer who played in Game 7, will get a long look at camp. So will 19-year-old OHL rookie of the year Evgeny Grachev (40-40-80 in 60 games), the Rangers’ third- round pick in the 2008 draft. Someone like Ottawa’s Chris Neil would add snarl, or perhaps Atlanta’s Colby Armstrong.


    You’d think so, unless the Rangers implode by midseason or he rattles the boardroom with his confrontational demeanor and suspendable moves like tossing water bottles at fans. Tortorella was hired by president and general manager Glen Sather to do two things: Get the team into the playoffs and reshape the attack for the future. He’s accomplished one. The jury’s out on the other.

  26. While I hope im wrong I just dont see how the rangers can afford Dubinsky and Callahan. They couldnt come close to matching 3-4 million dollar offers.. which is what they both will get. What about Staal next year??? OMG we are screwed. I just want to root for them so I think the Devils should make a run at them.

  27. Johnp
    You’re right…Sather has double vision; he signs two of everything in a cap world…its maddening

    One of Drury or Gomer has to go (theyre both 2nd liners)
    one of Redden or Rozi has to go (insanity in value and length)

    prefereably I’d like to keep Gomez and jetison the other three…the dee-men I can’t stand, the two centers just occupy the same second level space and I dont hate either…if Drury was a $3M dollar man he could center a 3rd line but at $7M!!!!!

    I dont think we could trade him because he still has three years left…think anyone in San Jose thinks he’s a winner and can take the Sharks to the promised land??? LOL

  28. As for the Rangers not going to the net last night, I agree, they need someone with a presence in the high slot. That’s what’s gonna come though when you have all grinders. Their instinct is win the puck along the boards and get it to the front. You can’t have lines with 3 guys like that, unless maybe it’s your fourth line.

    Dubi and Calli will be Rangers next year, Naslund, Zherdev, Voros, Morris and Mara will very likely be gone. Maybe Colton Orr too. We have talented defensemen in Hartford, plus Gilroy. So that hole should be plugged rather easily with Staal and Girardi emerging as the #1 pair. And Dredden, Rozy (who was a warrior last night), and either Sanguinetti, Gilroy, Potter, Sauer, etc. To fill that other hole.

    Plus, if Callahan and Dubie played under Torts the whole year, they’d be 25-30 goal scorers, Cally was already. Dru and Gomer are gonna have their 20, if we can get Antropov going, he’s a 30-35 goal scorer with those hands and his shot.

  29. Bruins in 5
    Pens in 6
    Wings in 5
    Hawks in 6

    I have always felt that we have way too many 2nd and 3rd line players. But, we lack in so many areas. We do not have any true hitter (quality, not quantity), no one to QB the PP, no sniper, no crease clearing d-man and so on.

    I do not think it is fair to really judge Tort’s system, as these players were already tainted this season. We may have gotten some more points in the regular season games.

    Next season will tell us how well he can do with this team. I really do not see any big additions this off-season, just some subtractions. Unless, Cigar man can pull off some nifty moves.

    LGR 09-10

  30. As highly as I think of Dubinsky and Callahan, their offensive numbers and their realistic value to a team (they’re second liners), I doubt any team is going to have the cap space to sign either one to an offer sheet, nor would they be willing to give up the draft picks. They will both be Rangers. Book it.

  31. Do you think the Rangers will have to get Callahan and Dubinsky locked up quickly with the risk of some teams throwing a huge amount of money at them to lure them away from the Rangers? I think Zherdev will be sign/traded at the draft IMO. He doesn’t want to be here and Torts does not want him here either. How much could we get for someone that is restricted and traded to a team? Just draft picks?

    Rick and Jane you guys did a great job filling Sam’s shoes. Hopefully you guys can get him to weigh in over the summer as well as a guest blogger from time to time. Keep up the good work and don’t stop blogging over the summer.

  32. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on


    It’s so simple: Our big guns don’t produce. When that doesn’t happen this team is screwed.

    I hope we can find escape clauses this summer for the fat cats. I’m disgusted with Drury especially. Now we have to hear about his heroics because he played with a broken hand. Tell us how heroic it is when he scores the winning goal for us or even ANY goal. That’s not directed at you, Carp, I’m just venting.

  33. As much as I despised Zherdev the last 2 months or so, he DID have the most points for 70something games. Maybe Torts can turn him into a star? I know he has to get a qualifying offer of 2.7 at least, and that’s not bad for your leading points guy who is 23?

    Cally and Dubi MUST stay Rangers.

    Gomez and Rozsival MUST be traded (I say that because no one will take Redden and Drury has an iron clad NMC).

  34. Salty was just reading your post at 12:40 thinking has the Saltard totally lost it… then i realised you were commenting on someone else’s post. Thank God

  35. Please, everyone stop with these free-agent signings. It has never worked, and never will. Give me a New York Rangers team full of homegrown talent and I will be very happy. Think about it, has a free-agent signing ever met, or exceeded our expectations? I don’t include Sean Avery in this group, since I see him as a player that was re-signed but lent to the Dallas Stars for a couple of months. BTW, if Avery were to play every game like he played last night, I would say give him a letter.

  36. Carp – Thank you for consistently stating the obvious; and I mean that. Too many people around the team deny what is clear in the same way we all try to pretend Yankees don’t age and that we didn’t all know everyone in pro sports was juicing.

    This team needs top-tier talent (and, no, it’s not Dubi or Cally; great role guys, nothing more). The fans deserve A listers. But is there any way to undo the Gomez-Drury-Redden albatross? I’d like to hear how. Buy out Gomez? Nancy Kerrigan Redden?

    And can A.A. be top tier? Can anyone in the system?

  37. Bruins over Hurricanes in seven.
    Capitals over Penguins in six.
    Anaheim over Detroit in six.
    Vancouver over Chicago in five.

  38. Rick. teams wont offer them 3 million? Could the Rangers even afford that with 32 million locked up for drury/gomez/hank/redden/ rozi?? Im just saying they are in a tight spot and need to have them signed before July otherwise they are goners.

  39. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    Bruins in 5
    Pets in 5
    Anaheim in 6
    Chicago in 7

  40. Local fan I have the exact same fears- If I’m a team in the Atlantic I toss 3 mil offers at both forcing the rangers to let them walk for picks or sign them to more then they want- I understand the sentiment that people think they will 100% be back, but there are other teams that can throw a major wrench in that plan-

  41. Canes over Bruins in 6
    Penguins over Caps in 6
    Detriot over Anaheim in 5
    Vancouver over Chicago in 7

  42. Send all west coast teams that bogus player profiles show on Drury and convince them that he’s the guy they need…

    San Jose is desperate…and we all know Drury really wanted to be on the West Coast. It took millions and a NTC to make him fulfill his childhood fantasy of wearing a Blueshirt.

    Drury and one of Redden/Rozi have GOT to go if the Rangers are even going to pretend to try to fix this mess.

    And, of course…SATHER needs to catch a nice flu bug so we can finally be rid of that piece of garbage. He’s stolen enough money from NY.

  43. The Kings will be buyers this year. They have a lot of cap space and are going to try to get the Sedins and one of Hossa/Gabo…. let’s hope they get neither and give us Frolov for Gomez! :D

  44. Carp what do you think of St. Louis? I think it’s realistic and his contract is not too long, which is fine because we can add Grachev in too years for cheap. We say we want a sniper and someone for the PP…seems like a good fit to me.

  45. I think the Rangers can offer Cally and Dubi arbitration and that will mean other teams cannot make offers….there is a date that this must be done by

    I think a club can do that once to a player during their RFA eligible years…they did it a couple of years ago to Avery right?

  46. I think they should let most of the UFAs walk, buy out Naslund, attempt to package Gomez and some picks into a trade for Thornton, and fill the rest of the empty spots with younger, homegrown talent. Look at how a real youth movement has worked out for the Blackhawks. I know it’s a pipe dream (no way San Jose is trading Thornton after he thrashed Getzlaf .2 seconds into game six), but a guy can dream.

  47. Hurricanes over Bruins in Six. – Staal Factor (Cam Ward too), Bruins will lose game one because of the layoff from the first round sweep.

    Penguins over Capitals in seven. better Goalie and better Blue line

    Anaheim over Detroit in Seven. Anaheim a bigger more physical team riding a hot goalie.

    Vancouver over Chicago in Seven. This will be a fantastic series with two of the best goalies in the game. I think the teens not having enough experience to get by a bigger more experienced Canucks team.

    I’ll take Chris Neil and St. Louis. Avery and Neil on the same team will make us a team not to mess with although the stars did have Barch, Ott and Avery and look what happened there.

  48. If people remember, even when the Rangers had Jagr and Shanahan last year, they had a tough time scoring goals. The power play also struggled. These aren’t new issues. They were issues that were never properly fixed. Losing Jagr didn’t make things worse. Things weren’t better OR worse with him gone. It was the same team minus Jagr’s ability to turn it on in the playoffs. Even with that, the Rangers couldn’t make it out of the second round.
    My moves if I were GM:

    MOVE #1: Dump Gomez and/or Drury ASAP! Both he and Drury are overpaid (not their fault). This team needs a true #1 center. Dubinsky is the #2. I think he will flourish under Torts.

    MOVE #2: Dump Redden ASAP! He isn’t helping with the PP or the transition game (things he was brought in to do), so he is useless.

    MOVE #3: Make sure you sign Betts, Dubinski, and Callahan. Give Anisimov, Grachev and a few of the prospects a REAL chance to find a spot on the team! There aren’t any fixes out there in Free Agency… or if they are out there, they will be too expensive. Players come to retire in NY, not to thrive. I would love to get Hossa, but if there is no #1 center for him, how effective will he be? If the Rangers can find a #1 center, the Rangers have no finisher for him.

    Free Agency will be too expensive to fill the holes on this team because the holes on this team are in the area of premium talent. If they can trade Gomez/Drury for a scoring winger, then pick up a #1 center (haven’t looked at who the FAs are) then the Rangers might be better off, but that is a HIGHLY dubious scenario.

    I don’t think Drury goes anywhere because I would take a guess that Torts likes him. Gomez and Redden are probably stuck here. So, I would think that next year is going to be more of the same.

  49. Kasper.. they cant really do that because what if an arbitrator gives Callahan and Dubinsky more then the rangers can afford with 36 million locked up for drury/gomez/hank/redden/ rozi/nasland??

  50. I have a question? How are did Mike Green fall into the boards last night while trying to take out Zherdev?

  51. Good point about Cally/Dubi, Carp!

    What do you guys think about acquiring a guy like Cheechoo to play with Gomez? He scored 50something once!

  52. “OK, I am only going to say this ONCE MORE: Dubinsky and Callahan will be Rangers next year. END OF STORY.”

    now what do we talk about?

  53. My Picks
    Bruins over Hurricanes in Seven.
    Penguins over Capitals in Six.
    Detroit over Anaheim in Six.
    Chicago over Vancouver in Six.
    Then Detroit over Chicago in Six and
    Penquins over Bruins in Seven
    Stanley Cup Detroit over Penquins in Six

  54. loneranger April 29th, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    My Picks
    Bruins over Hurricanes in Seven.
    Penguins over Capitals in Six.
    Detroit over Anaheim in Six.
    Chicago over Vancouver in Six.
    Then Detroit over Chicago in Six and
    Penquins over Bruins in Seven
    Stanley Cup Detroit over Penquins in Six

    Wow, rematch from last year? I have Pens playing the Canucks in the Finals.

  55. The Puck Drops Here on

    Carp, are you feeling better? The cooler temps today has helped me breathe a little better.

  56. Local fan…they will have an idea of what they will be getting before they offer arbitration so if it’s too much they won’t offer it

  57. The Puck Drops Here on

    Can Torts strip the C from Dru (if he stays) and give it to Dubi? It might even take some pressure off Dru. Leetch seemed to falter when he wore the C. It’s not for everyone.

  58. morris and mara will be replaced by 2 of the young Ranger D kids.

    up front they need more size and scoring. the ONLY way that can happen is if sather creatively dumps a couple big contracts. if he is not willing to admit his mistakes by dumping a couple contracts, then unfortunately, the rangers are screwed, because they will be very similar to this year with no scoring punch.

  59. I really like Morris, but the cap hit from PHX is ridiculous. We can’t afford a 4m d-man… maybe we’ll get lucky and players will waive NTC’s!

  60. Yesterday we saw what I hope will be the end of the Betts era. Anisimov played a competent, spirited game. Betts and Orr (I love them both as players, don’t get me wrong) have just taken up too much space on our roster for too long and with too little upside. They are both UFA.

    To me, after yesterday, Betts symbolizes the malaise of the past two seasons as much as Renney did. We can’t just tell our opponents that “we’re playing not to lose”. Every time Betts was out on the ice, they knew there was no danger on the scoreboard or even physically.

    Betts has never played fewer than 66 games for us and never produced more than 13 points. He also just doesn’t play with any visible emotion, just meticulous attention to his job’s limited demands. Kinda like Tom Renney.

    Orr, for all his spirit, takes up space and only returns a goal per season (except in 06-07 when he scored a pair in just 53 games).

    Both are unrestricted FA’s and should under no circumstances, be resigned. Anisimov is ready to come up and play. We have Gomez, Duber, Korpi, Drury, Anisimov and Antro who can all take faceoffs. That’s more than enough.

    Incidentally, on the Zherdev/Antro question, I take Antro and let Z go. This will at least get us picks.

  61. Gomez – 8
    Drury – 8.05
    Naslund – 3
    Voros – .900
    Avery – 4
    Anismov – .850

    Redden – 6.2
    Rozy – 4.333
    Girardi – 1.6
    Staal – .765
    Sanguinetti – .850
    Sauer – .600

    Henrik – 6.875


    Re-sign Dubinsky and Callahan (Under $1 million each)

    Re-sign Blair Betts (Under $1 million)

    The Rangers should have some wiggle room to sign a trio of forwards and perhaps a defenseman. If they could find a place for Redden or just take the cap hit, even better.

  62. first off, carp, important question that i think you have missed: are dubinsky and callahan going to be rangers next year?

    Boston in 6
    Pittsburgh in 5
    Detroit in 7
    Vancouver in 6

    Slats should be planning to get under the cap for next summer to sign Kovalchuk. Gaborik is not the answer. Neither are either of the Sedins. I think rozsival is the only high earner that could possibly be traded, albeit a slim possibility. maybe they can trade him while resigning mara to have some veteran presence on the blue line. get rid of zherdev, he can’t get out of here soon enough. if they resign antropov make it one year only. same goes for any FA they might sign. bite the bullet next year, dump salary and sign Ilya Kovalchuk on July 1, 2010.

  63. Santos, I do not agree. I don’t want Anisimov taking Betts minutes, I want him to get 3rd line minutes. Betts is a perfect player to have center the 4th line.

  64. James, those cap numbers aren’t correct…Nas signed a 2 yr/8 mil deal, so its 4 million cap number…NHL salaries against the cap are based on the average value of the contract

  65. We all asked the question:

    Jagr is gone, Shanny is gone… add up just those goals and someone on this squad had to pick up the pace to account for that. None did. End of story.

  66. Bobsantos
    I only agree with the point that Betts being out in last minute or two when we are down is sending a negative message…and we saw that from Renney 25 times!!

    Other than those times…if he gets under $1M a year I say sign him for PK’s and killing time off the clock…

  67. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Zherdev is young and has talent. If NYR can sign him cheap, I’m all for it.

    Local Fan- Maybe your Devils can take Scott Gomez back.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I gave my predictions on the previous thread, so a repost:

    I went 7 for 8 in my playoff predictions, and was 80 seconds away from being 8-8. Also, the Devs series was the one series I said I wasn’t sure about because I really wanted to pick the Canes, but everytime I pick against the Devils, they shove it in my face. Well, this time I picked them, and they found a very clever way to stick it to me.

    So, for next round:

    The big problem for the Bruins is going to be rust. If they managed to stay sharp, they will take down Carolina very quickly. They will just pound them down and punish Cam Ward. But, Carolina has got to be flying high right now, and I think Boston has a bit of rust. Carolina takes game 1, and possibly game 2 with Boston on its heels. If Carolina wins game 1, Bruins in 6. If Boston wins game 1, Bruins in 5. Either way, Bruins win.

    In Bettman’s wet dream, the Penguins come out on top. The Penguins will be able to do what the Rangers could not: have an offense. They will beat the Capitals in 7 games.

    Unlike the Sharks, the Wings are not a cursed franchise. Again, like the Bruins, the biggest danger for the Wings is rust. But they’ve been there before, they know how to get it done, and in the end, they just have too much talent for the Ducks to handle. Pronger and Niedermayer can only stop so many players. Wings in 6.

    Hawks and Canucks is an interesting matchup because the Hawks managed to score on Kipprusoff, but Luongo is a tougher test. They beat the Blues in low scoring games, and I expect it will be probably more of the same, although a lot closer. Canucks in 6.

    Bruins, Pens, Wings, and Canucks advance. Bruins and Wings in the finals. Wings take the cup.

  69. I haven’t had a chance to read through all 1,284 plus 75 comments, so I may be repeating some of you, but…it’s pretty clear here where the real change needs to be made…Sather needs to go. This season and this collection of players was all on him….


    Bruins over Matt Cullen in Seven.
    Caps over Cry-sby in Six.
    Detroit over Emilio Esteves in Five.
    Vancouver over Sega NHL ’93 Roenick’s Team in Six.


    Caps over Aaron Ward in Seven
    Detroit over Where Messier Should’ve stayed and never came back in Six


    #8 beats Team Octopus in Six

    After watching Ovechkin for 7 straight games, there will be no stopping him as he gets closer to winning it all.

  70. Riche

    Jagr and Shanny had 25 and 23 last year
    Naslund and Zherdev had around 24 each

    as much as I love our young guys……
    What we needed was the Dubi-Dawes-Pruchas and Korpis to step it up from 2007-08…none of them did

    and our dee-men were basically useless on offense

    there is a lot to fix…..

  71. Under Torts we have seen flashes of how we need to play. Now we need to have the right players to be able to do it for a full season.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    In every round of the draft, they should draft a goalscorer.

    We have picks in every round but the 2nd if I’m not mistaken. That’s 6 chances to get lucky (because we all know we won’t draft well on purpose).

    Someone asked about Grachev. I think he could step in the NHL next season, but why rush him? We’re not winning next year. Let him get some confidence in the AHL first. Maybe bring him up late in the season.

  73. I’m still thinking about my conference semi pix
    I went 6-2 in first round ( my two losses were from the heart…not the head…Rangers and Jackets)

    leaning towards Pens vs B’s in east and Ducks vs Hawks in west….unofficial as for now…I have to consult the cloud patterns in the northern sky on a Wednesday first…while standing naked except for a garlic necklace

  74. NYRGuy: I know Betts is “perfect” in his role in many ways, but we need offense. Let Korpedo or Drury center that line or call up Moore.

  75. Speed Ranger on

    Pens in 5
    Canes in 7
    Wings in 6
    Hawks in 5

    Thanks for a good season of reporting, Carp & Jane

  76. Ha hah hah!! Just saw what I wrote. “let drury center that line”. Can you imagine a 4th line center making 7 mil?

  77. I don’t think the cap issue is really that big of a deal when it comes down to it – Sather is going to be forced to move one of the big contracts.

    The nucleus of big name players showed they can’t be effective as a team together no matter which coach or style is played, time to retool.

    It’s more a question of what the team will have to give up to get someone to take on Gomez/Druzy/Redden/Rozsival’s contract. Will it just be prospects or will the Rangers need to throw in a Dubinsky/Callahan to get a deal done?

  78. Doodie I think Grachev will play in AHL next year and then come to the Rangers in 2. As for Del Zotto, I think he will also spend a year at Hartford and then take over on D when Rozi’s contract is more tradeable after next year

  79. JJP…I don’t think Sather will deal Dubi or Cali…I don’t think teams will take on a big contract regardless of who we throw in.

  80. they definitely should let Z walk, and take the picks. you can’t have soft perimeter players like that. he and Naslund and several other Ranger forwards will not go to the front of the net, thus no screens on the goalie, no rebounds, no battles with opposing dmen to wear them down.

    since scorers are not growing on trees or cheap, I would be happy to see them play more like they did last night, only with more grinding tough corner working guys like the Avery line played, and get rid of guys like Drury, Naslund, Z who don’t fit that style, and bring in more who do. more young big grinders with some scoring skill, not big money guys

  81. Hey just got back from the golf course… that crazy Coach T. is going around blasting everybody with a Super Soaker!
    Oooh I’m drenched!

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    JJP: I’m with you. We have to pay the other teams to take our guys away.

    But honestly, it’s not worth it. We’re better off losing than we are trading away prospects/picks just to bring in some other UFA to score goals. The only way I’d be OK with it would be if we were trading for a bona fide 40+ man that we can have for almost a decade (read: Kovalchuk). Other than that, we’ll just be making the playoffs with early exits until we’re rid of all of the contracts, but we won’t have any prospects to come in and fill the void… leaving us to to spend 21 million a season on a good second line center, a second/third line center, and a decrepit, career free-falling defenseman. Oh wait, that already happened? Damn.

  83. Unlike the Sharks, the Canadiens, the Devils, the Flyers, the Flames, the Rangers did not go out with their tail between their legs. They had a key centre, Drury, playing with a broken hand, their goalie, Lundqvist, went cold in two games, and they were playing an offensive powerhouse who got lucky with a hot rookie goalie. Federov has made that shot in big games before. Renney came in with a defensive system and had a huge talent, Jagr, to lead the team and put the puck in the net. But they were going nowhere with him, especially without Jagr. Tortorella is the best thing that’s happened to this team since the cup and before that Fred Shero and Emile Francis. The team did not have the conditioning to play his style and that’s why they kept conking out in the third period, even in the crucial game, with one shot. They’ve got a mess with the cap, but they’ve dumped guys in the past, Kasparaitis and Holik, and I’m sure that Tortorella won’t play guys as Renney did with Backman and Ozolinsh just so the boss won’t look bad. The signings were stupid, Naslund instead of a guy like Ryder, Redden instead of a guy like Souray. I think that’s Renney’s influence. Maybe they can swing a deal with the Sharks and get some of their hard-nose players like Clowe, Murray, and Cheechoo.





  85. I know we are all bummed and angry about being ousted, but does anyone, like I do, not have that feeling of tension anymore. Ha. I kind of like having it, but it is kind of overwhelming at times.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    “they definitely should let Z walk, and take the picks”

    They don’t get picks if they let him walk. They have to qualify him and then someone has to sign him to an offer sheet. Since his qualifying offer is at least 2.5M (I don’t know what the mandatory raise is, but he made 2.5 this season), that means another team will have to want him for more than 2.5, plus the draft pick(s) they would be giving up to have him. Who would?

    Personally, I think we should try and sign him to a 1 year deal. We have nobody on the team that even has the POTENTIAL to consistently give us 30 goals like he does. What’s the harm in giving him one more year to try and get his game straightened out? Who would he be blocking in the system? We don’t have a single decent RW (besides Callahan, who I love, but is not going to be a consistent 30 goal scorer, not to mention Callahan would be the #1 RW, and Zherdev would be #2) in our entire system. There aren’t any players worth signing in free agency to take his spot either.

    If it doesn’t pan out, we can deal him at the deadline for a mid round pick.

    What’s the harm, honestly?

  87. The Puck, two things: Yes, feeling better, thanks. Also, the Leetch-captaincy thing is a total myth. He failed because the team lost Messier, lost its heart and its best forward, and went downhill the moment he was kicked out the door. It had nothing to do with Leetch wearing the C. That’s a fallacy.

    He’d be a great captain on this team or any other team.

    NYRGuy, no, not a Rangers fan.

    Billy C, yes. Sigh.

  88. I think we should get a group together this summer and go Cheer Jane on at the Roller Derby. Carp, you would have to come too. Anyone interested in going? I think I am definitely going to do it. Maybe bring the family.

  89. This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Pens in 6
    Canes in 6

    Wings in 5
    Canucks in 6

    Like I said in the prior post , Rangers were a team in transition this year. Start the year with 4 new forwards and three new def. in the line up (Jagr/Straka/Shanny/Hollweg/Malik/Backman/Tyutin)
    Then 2 more forwards gone (Prucha/Dawes)
    Then a new coach. Thats a new head coach, 6 forwards and 3 defenseman one year!

    Now this year, say goodbye to all we can. (Zherdev/Antropov/Naslund/Mara/Rozy/Morris/Voros/Betts)
    Bring up Sanguitti/Del Z/Potter/Sauer/Anisimov/Parenteau/ and sign/get proven goal scores like St.Louis and/or Gaborik.

    Get the roster to a point where it does not change so drastically every year, ir really really young, and we can be like the Blackhawks. I am willing to have a learning/growing season next or two, to eventually get there

  90. All I want to know is if that stupid s.o.b. Sather is going to go out and bring in more Drury, Gomez, Redden, Kalinin types, yet again this off-season? As it is, probably no more than two minor league young prospects even have a chance to make the club in the fall. Sangs, Del Zotto, Sauer, Potter, Anisimov, Parenteau, et al, good luck, given you are in the wrong organization. Anisimov will be 23, and should have been on Broadway all year. It was obvious that Sauer was ready by mid-season, but of course at that time such stalwarts as Kalinin, Redden, and Rozsival were blocking younger more talented player advancement.

    That is what this organization is about, kissing butt of mediocre older playersa and treating younger players like smelly old fish.

    No Cup for this organization until the damage wreaked by Sather is overcome – about five years after his is gone, which seems like forever to bring about.

  91. there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way that the rangers played last night for 2 periods. if they had the additional big forwards to grind it out for all 3 periods, 60 mins, they would be able to frustrate quite a few NHL teams, as they did to the high skilled Caps last night for 40 mins.

    more Callys. more Dubis. fewer Zs and Nazzs

  92. “After watching Ovechkin for 7 straight games, there will be no stopping him as he gets closer to winning it all.”

    I disagree. He’s going to burn himself out. He needs to be tested for juicing, imo.

  93. So, the season of frustration has come to an end. It’s ironic that the Rangers played one of their best games of the year, but still lost. Washington scored more fluke goals in this series than I can remember.

    At the end of last season, I said that the Rangers were not big enough nor tough enough (particularly on defense) to compete against the better teams. Unfortunately, nothing was done to address this glaring deficiency, in fact, the changes they made made the problem worse.

    Anisimov played well, which raises the question as to why Voros was playing in the other games instead of him. I will say, however, that Voros hustled for the first time this year.

    As many have said already – they just can’t score. This relates, in part, to the size and toughness issue I mentioned earlier. No one showed any inclination (read: guts) to take charge in front of the net.

    A definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Under this definition, Sather and company are clearly insane. The big test for the Rangers will be whether management actually wants to make significant changes to the make-up of this team. Time will tell, but based on past history, things don’t look good.

    Enjoy your summer! It will be a long one!

  94. if you rate Z above Cally, you are clueless. Z has not changed one iota in 4 years, he got all kinds of chances for 4 different coaches, 2 in Col and 2 here

  95. The Puck Drops Here on

    Hey, Carp. Weren’t you doing a story on somebody in the Rangers organization that is retiring? Did you ever put it out there for all to read?

  96. Do the Rangers have any advantage in terms of moving a player like Nasland to a cash strapeed team since his actual cap hit is less than what he is owed? I think the Rangers front-load a lot of these deals with that in mind- to make the players more tradable?

  97. The one guy who will take a beating at the net is Avery and I also think Drury wouldve been there had his hand not been broken

  98. i went 6 for 8, missing on the Ducks (if anyone tells you they picked them is a liar) and of course the Rangers.

    Next Round, im going…

    Bruins in six
    Caps in
    Red Wings in six
    Canucks in seven

  99. The verdict is in:

    Naslund and Zherdev are not Jagr and Straka;

    Voros is no Shanahan

    Redden (3 goals) is no Tyutin (8 goals)

    By standing pat they would have went forward if that makes sense. Now they are in salary cap hell.

    Torts got them into the playoffs and Torts lost them the first round with his idiotic, asinine move of benching Avery when he is the one putting him out on the ice — and Torts undisciplined move of going into the stands …

    Sather and Torts has to go.

  100. Koffy nobody’s perfect, Torts shouldn’t go because of a mistake like that. The guy played 2 straight undisciplined games that almost cost us one. I don’t agree with his decision but I understand it.

  101. I think he got 5 mil this year and gets 3 next, so a cheapie team can pay him $3 mil but have it count as $4 towards their cap allocation- this could be beneficial for a team near the cap floor-

    not sure if this is the case but seems as though it would be

  102. looking ahead,why not trade redden [eat2.5 million of his contract and get a draft pick]trade gomez [and eat 2 million of his contract and get a draft pick]trade drury[eat 2 million and get a pick]trade rozy[eat 1.5 mil and get a pick]buy out and develop our will cost us about 12 million next year, but every but five years goes fast.with the kids we have plus whats coming,in 2 or 3 years we will be ready to bust out.we can take the cap hit with a line up like this:callahan,dubinsky,sjostrom.grachev,anisimov,avery.betts,bell,and weise.byers,moore,korpikoski,with extras,orr and parenteau.on d:staal and sanguinetti,girardi and del zotto,gilroy and sauer.extras:potter and denisov.

  103. Larry if you trade a player, the whole contract goes…NHL doesn’t allow stuff like that.

  104. Never thought about that Fly Line…interesting point…Carp any info on what Fly Line is suggesting?

  105. Someone send “A local fan” home, “Devils should go after Dubi & Callahan” KILL YOURSELF, YOU ROOT FOR THE RANGERS AND DEVILS AND CALL YOURSELF A “FAN”

    dubi and cally will both be rangers next year, no matter what it takes, even sather realizes and knows that much to get that done
    #’s 17 & 24 will be in red and blue for a long while to come

  106. PAV- do you know who else has a no movement clause? Also, anyone have a good site to find 2009-2010 cap numbers for players?

  107. For those of you who enjoyed last night’s game & thought it looked very familiar, it was because it was right out of Tom Renney’s playbook. With the team he inherited, Tottorella’s “Safe is Death” mantra had some traction in the regular season, but without superhuman goaltending from Lundqvist, his team was no match for anyone outside of the Islanders or Lightning.

    Who would I want to keep from this years’ team? Forwards- Zherdev, Dubinski, Callahan, Korpikoski, Avery, Betts, Orr, Antropov (cap problem) & Anisimov, eliminating Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Voros, & Sjostrom. On defense, Staal, Girardi, Mara, Morris (again cap problems), eliminating Redden & Rozsival.

    It’s been said there is a sucker born every minute, so for the right price, I’m sure there is a market out there for guys like Gomez (LA?), Drury (back to the Avs?), Naslund & Redden. Until some of that happens, safe is death will include a loud, hollow ring to it.

  108. Gomez contract is front-loaded as is Rozi’s, so they may be easy to trade…especially Rozi…assuming a team has the cap space

  109. CARP !
    How can you not be a Ranger fan. I know you had history with them & now with this blog.
    How can you not root for them. Who do you root for ? Be careful how you answer !

  110. “For those of you who enjoyed last night’s game & thought it looked very familiar, it was because it was right out of Tom Renney’s playbook.”

    Hunh? For the first forty minutes, it was the OPPOSITE of Renneyism. Two man forecheck, pressuring the puck low, valuing puck possession, defending the blueline instead of allowing speed to build in the neutral zone.

    How in God’s name does that remind anyone of Renney??

  111. Unemployed Steve on

    Carp, didn’t you write for the Star Ledger and cover the Devils? (Also wrote the Devils update in the Hockey News?)

    Please don’t say you are a Devils fan….

  112. little green men on

    We have a few young defenseman that may be ready to give it a go next year. The question is how/can we rid ourselves of Redden.

  113. oo goodness, its already started on all sports channels about crobsy v. ovie.. geese the NHL really did get their wish… personally, i dont want either team to win, but since thats not an option i’ll go w/ washington.. ovie is a better player than the diver, and he’ll show it in the series… CAPS IN 6.

  114. The Puck, yes, I am doing a column on Joe Devenney, the equipment guy since the early 1970s. It hasn’t run yet because there haven’t really been any off-days during the playoff run. I hope to run it Saturday and I will post the link here as soon as it’s done.

    Unemployed, no I never wrote for the Star-Ledger or covered the Devils … I picked up the Devils many times in the playoffs after the Rangers were eliminated. I covered the Rangers from ’78-79 through the middle of ’02-03, and did the Rangers news for The Hockey News.

    No. Not a Devils fan.

    Tony. I don’t root.

  115. Go for cheechoo, Sign cally and dubi for less than $1mill each… what are you people smoking.. get real, please

    We dont have a first line center, but Dubinsky is going to turn into one eventually.. but we are going to have to put him there starting next year, whether he is one or not yet, its going to have to be that way.. He does everything great, pass, faceoffs, penalty kill, puck carrying, only thing we need to get this kid to do is SHOOT
    Make him spend the summer with Esposito and he’ll learn to not be afraid to shoot, and he’ll probably to shoot even better being aroudn a guy like that

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Pavel where did you get the info on the movement clauses? That’s the most I’ve ever seen on the subject.

    “Gomez contract is front-loaded as is Rozi’s, so they may be easy to trade…especially Rozi…assuming a team has the cap space”

    Gomez’s is front loaded, but he is still making 8 million for the next two seasons and 7.5 in the third. No small market team would take him. The second to last year of his contract it drops to 5.5, then to 4.5 in the final year. Those are the only years where we would stand a chance of trading him.

    Rozsi’s contract is probably moveable to a team with some cap space. He’s still grossly overpaid, but I think he is still a pretty good 3-4 defenseman. He’s also been very good in the playoffs the past couple of years. Plus he was playing on one leg last night, so the guy definitely has heart.

    “if you rate Z above Cally, you are clueless. Z has not changed one iota in 4 years, he got all kinds of chances for 4 different coaches, 2 in Col and 2 here”

    I’m going to guess that was directed at me, only because I can’t see anyone else who said anything that could even remotely warrant such a repsonse. But if you look at what I said about Callahan and Zherdev, I said Cally would be the #1 RW next season, while Zherdev would only be #2.

    I said that Zherdev has a higher ceiling, not that he was a better player. I don’t really think that’s something you can argue with.

  117. Carp, you gotta feel something for this team after covering them all those years.
    You gotta root for someone !
    “gotta support the team” – David Puddy

  118. Unemployed Steve on

    Carp – by the way I saw you when they were showing the press conference on the pre game yesterday when Larry Brooks and Torts were going at it and I was glad to see your beard was still going strong.

  119. jpg30, you have every right to like Tom Renny but like Rigere said please show at least a little understanding of what you’re talking about?? the game last night was exactly the type of game Renny hated because — horrors! — at times the Rangers had three guys below the hashmarks in the offensive zone. Please don’t expect a comment like yours to go uncommented on, because it is way wrong in the basics

  120. What does it matter who Rick is a fan of, if anyone? He does a great job, is impartial, and tells it like it is.

    Howie Rose is a Rangers fan but does a damn good job with the Islanders broadcasts, I don’t think many Islanders fans care who he roots for (the smart ones anyway, I think he is a great play-by-play guy).

  121. Hey Rick

    I just emailed updated beard photos to you. Its hard to say good bye to this lovely hair mess on my face…but, im about to shave off that thing. Thank you Carp and Jane for making this season fun! Let’s all say


    and one more thing

    *F YOU SATHER!!*

  122. thanks all – not the best season as a fan –

    but remember this – they have put together winning / playoff seasons for 4 now. We now excpect winners – and that is a fry cry from the pre-lockout years.

    And – if you don’t score goals you don’t win games.


  123. Hey Carp- do you think we as Ranger fans are overrating Cally, Dubi? Are Staal/Girardi a #1 D pair that we can win with?

  124. It wasn’t just the number of goals that Jagr and company would score — it was the amount of time 5 on 5 that they would control the puck in the offensive zone, even without scoring. That offensive dominance never existed this season at all.
    And if Sather had any class, which he doesn’t, he would resign his position and retire. Jagr saved his job for him after the lockout, but he kicked Jagr out the door, and claimed credit for everything. Sather is disrespected in the hockey world for many reasons, and that whiny email he released to the press the other day should be the final straw. He is not capable of being a general manager in the league — he has been outsmarted for years, but this season was the absolute worst. He is a disgrace.

  125. Gordon Bombay on

    Bye Bye Zherdev…..80% of the time we didnt even know you were on the team. Dubs and Cally will be back. Trade one or both of our high priced D-men. Rangers didnt sign Gilroy to play in the minors and Sanguinetti will get a real shot to be on the team next year. Gotta get a scorer on this team. That needs to be priority this off-season via trade or free agency.

  126. Guys keep says we should trade one or both of our high priced D-men.
    It’s not going to happen. Who would trade for these guys & the salary that goes with them.

  127. And blame Joe Thornton. If Canadian media hadn’t given perennial playoff no-show Joe Thornton the MVP 3 seasons ago for his half season effort in San Jose, Jagr would still be here, and the Rangers would be in a different place today. Washington might have had to think about the Rangers offense, and Dubinsky’s development would have taken off. But no, Gomez was this year’s “offensive force” — thanks for nothing Joe Thornton, and congrats on not leading the Sharks anywhere again. Best thing Boston ever did was get rid of him.

  128. NYRGuy … not sure how you can minimize what Torts did by benching Avery … It totally turned the series around … Caps who were shaking their heads trying to beat the King, now raise up and say’Are you kidding me!’ … the focus of them losing goes right off them and now the Ranger players are shocked and played like it … Torts knew it was a mistake, that is why he was in piss poor mood in Washington and what happened there …

    Avery comes back in game 6 .. he does not know how he is supposed to play…

    The series loss lays right at Torts feet. Avery led the league in penalty minutes a few times… of course he is going to get penalties — he has also been ripped off by the refs — it is the coaches responsibility to monitor the ice time.

    Do not put him out there with 3 minutes left then scratch him because he got a penalty (which was killed and the team won!) … the coach was the one that put him out there !!!

    I believe Torts will have a short shelf-life in NY … too big an ego, and a hypocrite to boot … scratch Avery for undiscipline play then try to get into the stands … and no apology … he has lost credibility in a lot of peoples minds …

  129. I’m not saying what Torts did was right…but I don’t think he should be fired over it. Let’s give him a full season before we start talking about that kind of stuff.

  130. I think Torts is here to stay IF AND ONLY IF he has a say in the signings/trades. This team will be much better conditioned by the start of next season.

  131. I think NONE of us have any idea what Sather is Really goign to do this offseason.

    Maybe he is goign to ask one of the 7 million dollar men to waive there trade clauses?
    Maybe teams dont think so poorly of Rosi, Naslund as we do?
    Maybe ALOT of other teams are in the same boat and this year will see some very unlikely trades.

    Look at the Devils, half there team is UFA next year.

    I hate Sather as much as any fan, but seeing the results from last year to this year, he isnt happy, and knows one way or the other he’s got alot of new players on this team next season.

    Id rather have the youth up who are ready (AA, And others)

    Remember only 1 player form the minors has made the RAngers the last 3 seasons out of training camp
    Maybe next year is the year we change that philosophy. Especially with Shoney being behind the bench this year, I def trust his judgemnt with the youth more than anyone.

    But expect the unexpected when it comes to Sather
    Either way, Drury is Captain and on the team next year, without a doubt. He doesnt want to go anywhere, and is unmoveable. Rosi Redden, Gomer, all possibilites but pron still here next year too

    WE shall see

    And for the last time in 08-09 season – LETS GO RANGERS!!

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    “Guys keep says we should trade one or both of our high priced D-men.
    It’s not going to happen. Who would trade for these guys & the salary that goes with them.”

    Rozsi is moveable. His contract was front loaded. He made 7 million this year. I don’t know his salary breakdown, but it averages 4.3 million per. Phoenix and LA are going to be scraping the cap floor, and could afford his higher cap number.

    C’mon Donny, you know you want Rozsi!

  133. To the gentlemen who commented on my initial post, I understand what you were seeing in last night’s game & thinking of games like the Leafs at MSG the night Bathgate & Howell’s numbers were retired… & the Flyers Sunday afternoon debacle. At that point of the season, the Rangers were no longer playing Renney’s system the way it was drawn up (and NO, I didn’t care for Renney or his system in the least.) But harken back to the beginning of the season & the games vs TB in Praque. The Rangers WERE an up-tempo forecheck team… a puck possession team. They were also a team that rarely, if ever, allowed odd man rushes because two defenseman & the third forward were designed to be back when the opposition broke with the puck over their own blue line.

    The Rangers finished October with a 10-2-1 record & eclipsed the 30 shot on goal mark in eight of those games. The problem then, as it always has been, is goal scoring… PERIOD.

    In a series vs a dynamic scoring team like Washington or Pittsburgh, either the Rangers had to reduce the oppositions better quality scoring chances or rely on Lundqvist to be a game saver. Lundvist WAS the game saver in games two & four, & also dominated Theodore head to head in game one, a game the Rangers were outshot 35-21.

    It was only in game seven when the Rangers decided to use both an aggressive forecheck combined with a serious dedication to defensive bodies back (only odd man rushes for the Caps were after the score was 2-1) and ended up losing because of the lack of offense in relation to their own opportunities.

    You may disagree, but I stand by my initial post.

  134. Fly Line, I don’t know if you (or I) am overrating Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal and Girardi. It depends on how you rate them, I guess. People who are giving Staal multiple Norris Trophies need to slow down a bit. I think he will be a first-pair D in the future, and on this team he is already … but would he be on Boston or Detroit? Girardi is young and improving, I thought. I would absolutely want Dubinsky and Callahan on my team. I think Dubinsky will grow offensively under Tortorella, and Callahan has already started to grow. But neither is a first-line player at this point. Nothing wrong with good solid second-line players with character, though. Nothing at all.

    If the rating is reasonable, then, no, none of them are overrated.

  135. no trade clauses and NMCs are just negotiating ploys for the players. it means they will demand a payoff to waive it.

    if you think good players with NTCs can’t be moved against their wishes, just ask Danny Boyle.

    the difference in Tampa is that Lawton was a new GM. he was not the guy who signed that deal

  136. Carp
    I’d like to see Staal play on a team that scores enough to not have to have near death experiences to win a game once or twice…personally I think he’s blossomed already defensively…if he gets any better or develops offensively he’s a superstar

    Dubinsky is all potential and heart at this point

    Cally has blossomed…if he never gets higher thats OK

    Girardi is Redden at $4M a year less

  137. I have a question. Why the questions about available D. We are stacked with Defensemen. Why not bring them up from Hartford, let them mature? By the time they mature, Gomez, Drury, Redden etc will be off the books and we can sign some good offensive players.
    Lets face it we aren’t going anywhere for the next few years.
    We will be adequate just good enough to squeek into the playoffs for the next few years and go nowhere, and just bad enough to never get the great picks in the draft…
    Thanks SATHER! Your tenure here will NEVER be remembered!

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    Summer? He didn’t even make it to the summer. This won’t ruin his Cinco de Mayo.

  139. I would be happy if they could deal Drury, Gomez, Redden and Naz, even if its just one or two it would be great. Z and Morris you gotta think are gone. Letting Antro and Mara go I think would be a mistake because just the size that would be lost. Keep either Lori or Shoe. And Vally, Cally, Betts, Duby, and Orr are a steal for the money they are paid(Bell and Rissmiller make more). If it was my team id go after Scottie Upshall, Drew Stafford, maybe Clowe or Goc the Sharks are gonna have a shake up, Komisaerk or Higgins the Habs entire team is practically free agents. Im all for giving Arterm A, Gilroy, Bobby Sang, Gravchev a shot

  140. I’m with you, I think I may be overrating them in my head a little bit…the way they have played got me very excited and thinking of a young core similar to the Jeter, Jorge, Andy, Mo, Bernie type of guys-

  141. I should have been a stand up guy and worn my old number #37 upon signing with NY and let Gomez wear 23…maybe we’d both have been better off… he won 2 Cups wearing 23 number and I won with 37 if I remember correctly on that STACKED team when I could actually skate like a professional 10 years ago before I developed that addiction to pork based foods and creampies.

    God, I hate myself. Can’t wait til my hand heals so I can spend all my money on premium seating at the new stadium and wait with my hands open for Derek Jeter’s foul balls.

  142. Jim Ramsey should have been pricking Prucha with steroid needles every time he pulled his pants down to drop a deuce.

    That’s what the did to Marty St. Louis and just look at what happened.

  143. Carp, you & Jane provided us crazed fanatics with such a daily bread of Ranger tidbits that I can’t thank you enough!!! Mostly all the regulars on this blog have sent their thanx and I’m not a regular writer but a regular reader because you always had a great sense of th game and this team and the NHL. You told it like it is and were almost writing like one of us!! Begs the question, were you , in the beginning of your covering this team, a fan of it?? I understand how it becomes a job over time, but in the late 70’s, did you find urself rooting for our Boys in Blue??

  144. ZzZz 13 ZzZz !! says Greg L. on

    Strip drury of his “c” , he can’t handle it and give it to Dubinsky or ,…..just Dubinsky!!

  145. Vancouver over Chicago in 7
    Anaheim over Detroit in 6
    Carolina over Boston in 6
    Washington over Pittsburgh in 7

    No you didnt misread, thats right.. no detroit, no boston.. yup
    I’m reeaallyy going out on a limb for ya there Carp

  146. I came to the dance late but also want to add thanks to Carp and Jane and to all of you regular contributors here. I appreciate your insight and humor. This is the best place to read and post on the Rangers.

    Thanks to all…great fun!

    When does camp open?

  147. I don’t usually like Hockey Rodent too much but this “rant” is pretty damn good. Esp. his points on Drury and the officiating.

    Oh and Zherdev Sucks!

  148. ZzZz 13 ZzZz !! says Greg L. on

    – buy out Redden ,Naslund and Drury , trade Gomez or buy him out too and play our young guys , rebuild with “new young guys”

    Hank let’s in too many goals at weird times.He needs more rest during the season because of all the ” in the tank games” hes been involved in …Release Vally , hes useless and hopeless .Washington plays a minor league goalie and we make him look like gold , I would pull Hank after 2 goals tops ( ala Keenan style ) and bring in a capible replacement ( not Vally ) to challange Hank next year. If yer gonna lay a lesson to Zherdev late in the season and ruin his game then guys like Hank , Gomez, Drury ,Rozi , and
    Redden should get it too.

    Release Zherdev if he refuse the 3 years at 3 million contract.Thats 1 million per season for 3 years. Try to sign Antro and we may have to let go Morris.

  149. UESBlueshirt on

    Pittsburgh over Washington in 2, Bettman steps in and changes the series to best of 3 after the Pens win the first 2 games of the series. Hey, the implemented the Avery Rules in the middle of the season, why not change the rules for the Mandated One?

    Boston over Carolina in 5. Eric Staal is good enough to win one game by himself.

    Detroit over Anaheim in 5. In OT of Game 5 an errant octopus knocks out Hiller as one of Detroit’s 8th round draft picks scores from his own end of the ice.

    Chicago over Vancouver in 7. Eddie O dies from sponataneous combustion when Kane sets up Toews for the series clinching empty net goal after Luongo stops 200 of 210 shots in the series.

  150. onecupin69 years on

    I believe that Tortorella should be fired.

    I just wonder what the NHL insiders actually think of Dolan, Sather, Tortorella and the rest of the organization.

    The fans think one way, the writers another, but I wonder what the opposing players think.

    It obvious that AO thinks very little of Hank and the Rangers by what he said, the rangers should have responded by thrashing AO and the caps,But this team lacks a REAL leader.
    I will not give this team any credit for any accomplishment they may have had this year,to do so is rewarding mediocrity.

    And Carp , thanks for your time and patience.

  151. Paul
    April 29th, 2009 at 12:37 pm
    We dont need Marty St. Louis, we dont need another 5’8 forward 34 years old. We need size along with a pure goal scorer.

    thank you paul. it seems after all these years of stupid free agent signings, people would finally stop wanting other teams old garbage. not sayin he sucks, but hes 34, tiny, and imagine him on a line with gomer and aves. that would be the weakest, smallest, unproductive first line in the history of the nhl. reden and rozy could stop that line from scoring for god sakes. you need to just drop zherdev morris and voros. naslund has 1 more year and could give us 20 goals again. hed be ok for the 3rd line. with the money you save you sign cally and doobie and put them onto the 1st line. give them the 1st line and give them the most minutes. now if we can somehow dump redden, then st loius can be signed, but id rather sign havlat cuz hes younger.

  152. but havlat will be expensive too. idk. maybe we dont sign anybody, just waive morris and redden, and then put gilroy in if hes good enough. if not, put sauer in. sanguinetti looks like hes gonna be a bust if he doesnt improve his defense. but if we do sign a top free agent, we gotta get some size along with skill. marty is just too small on a team full of softies.

  153. Caps over icec chickens in 6
    Boston over Carolina in 6
    Detroit over Ducks in 7
    Vancouver over Chicago in 7
    The only big contract we can move is Rozi. He has some value.
    We are in salary cap hell. thanks mr.Sather.

  154. Artem Anisimov – Keep
    Nik Antropov – Gone/He can’t Skate in Torts system
    Sean Avery – Keep
    Blair Betts – Keep
    Ryan Callahan – MAKE CAPTAIN!!!!!
    Chris Drury – Gone/He needs to shoot the puck..and he won’t
    Brandon Dubinsky – Give him an “A”
    Scott Gomez – Gone/What ever happened to coast to coast?
    Lauri Korpikoski – Keep
    Markus Naslund – Gone/Can’t skate/Can’t hit/OLD
    Colton Orr – Keep
    Fredrik Sjostrom – Keep
    Aaron Voros – Gone/Can’t skate/Can’t score
    Nikolai Zherdev – Needs to play harder. Keep for now
    Dan Girardi – Keep
    Paul Mara – Keep
    Derek Morris – Gone
    Wade Redden – GOOD BYE!!!!!!/Self Explanatory
    Michal Rozsival – GOOD BYE!!!!/Self Explanatory
    Marc Staal – Give him an “A”
    Henrik Lundqvist – Keep…forever
    Stephen Valiquette – Gone/We need someone to challenge Hank when he get’s lazy.

  155. I agree with what someone said earlier. There is not much affordable free agent snipers this year. I would try to lock up Z at the right price for a nice 2 year deal. He will score goals for us, and maybe Torts can help turn this kid in to a game changer. He is still young and played on a very defensive team in Columbus and pretty much here with Renney for most of the year. If we could get Z and Antro at decent prices, I would take both of them.

  156. i dont know why we got bell, unless hes gonna just be a replacement for someone comin up from the pack next season. maybe dupont or paranteau get promoted along with anisimov.paranteau has been rackin up a lotta points in the ahl and i know its not the same as the nhl but hes gotta be better than voros. hes not big but he could probably get some goals on the 4th line. maybe alternate him with orr next year.

  157. matt k-

    you make a good point w/ the backup goaltender situation.
    never thought of it like that.

  158. Guys I know I will be disagreed with here but I think Rozi was one of our best defensemen in the series.
    I think its kind of funny that Poti outplayed Redden

  159. nasty- i hope zherdev will be better if we do get him signed, but he was better offensively in rennys system than torts. i think he just clashes with torts and some guys cant handle the pressure of a coach like him. but if another team offered him anice contract, i think slats would take the picks, dont you? its gotta be a tough decision because we know he has the skill, and you cant teach skill, but the effort just wasnt there in this playoff series.

  160. Mike, agreed. I think he does clash with Torts. But I think Torts clashing with players is more like him challenging them. Z might just not be the kind of player that it works with. If something better comes up, I am all for it, but I just don’t think there is much out there.

    Let’s say we are keeping Gomez next year. Who would you rather have playing on his wing. Z, Gionta, or St. Louis?

    I am not saying that I want any of them. But if this team is unable to move contracts, do you sign a Gionta who has had chemistry with Gomez? How old is Gio?

  161. staal- rozy was great last night. hes just too inconsistent. maybe next season he’ll be healthier and a little better on the pp. he was better than redden though. i dont have a problem with redden as much as i used to, but he will slowly get worse over time, so his contract will look worse and worse and sather is gonna have to get rid of him somehow. 3 freakin goals in 89 games while playing top pp minutes is just flat out awful, even if he got better defensively. rozy wouldnt really be as big an issue if we only had him and his contract. redden just magnifies the teams situation.

  162. I dont care what else Sather does. GET A GOD DAMN 40 Goal SCORER!!!! ENOUGH IS A ENOUGH!!! DAMN IT!!!

  163. Roc, which 40 goal scorer would you like ?
    And where do we get the money to pay him.
    I’m sorry to finally admit, Mr Sather has really screwed us with the salary cap.

  164. reached the finals twicein 30 years aka onecupin 69years on

    Dump zherdev! Ha can’t score and he’s afraid of contact, he doesn’t even back check.He’ll get better offers elsewhere.

  165. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    # Salty April 29th, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    “Jim Ramsey should have been pricking Prucha with steroid needles every time he pulled his pants down to drop a deuce.”

    Salty, it’s called “taking a brashear”

  166. If anyone needs a good laugh after last night, go to the Record’s Devils blog and read the comments from about 9:20 to 10:30, it goes from “Haha Rags choked” to “I’m crying right now” and, I kid you not, people turning on Brodeur and Lou.

    I love it.

  167. oh defintely gionta. we know hes had great chemistry with him so its a safer bet with him. i think gionta is maybe the same age as st louis or a little younger. not sure though. maybe 32 or 33. st louis would probably get more production, but who knows if he doesnt gel with gomez, and it seems not many people do, it could be a long season of line juggling again. i think gio might be cheaper too. but then ya got a 24 yr old zherdev who has alot of potential. damn this is drivin me crazy. good question though nasty. if we know slats though, hes probably gonna sign st louis at the request of torts. if torts indeed thinks zherdev is a bust. who knows though with sather. anyone of those 3 are good possibilities.

  168. actually gio is 30 nasty. just looked him up. he had 20g, 40a for 60 points this season. hes 4 years younger than st louis and has chemistry with gomez, so id have to go for that. even if st louis has better production, hes gettin up there in age and will probably want more money

  169. Well, if you are going to keep Gomez and try to get a winger for him, I guess the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. Pun intended :)

  170. Steven Walkom on

    The following officials have been selected to work together in the Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Semifinal series (previous playoff games listed in parenthesis):


    Bill McCreary (270) & Eric Furlatt (31)

    Paul Devorski (155) & Dennis LaRue (41)

    Marc Joannette (59) & Kelly Sutherland (34)

    Kevin Pollock (86) & Dave Jackson (59)

    Brad Watson (99) & Tim Peel (29)

    Dan O’Halloran (67) & Mike Leggo (29)


    12 blind mice. see how they skate

  171. a line of gomez, gionta and avery would be nice. or gomez, gionta and antropov. doobs avery and antro had awesome chemistry last night. maybe they could be the 2nd line next season with gomez, cally and gionta. man im getting way ahead of myself. im gonna try it on nhl 09 lol

  172. imploding from within on

    First rule of defensive play especially in your own end is Gap Control. Redden somehow has figured out how to get a mega million dollar contract but not gap control there was 10ft between he and Federov. They have huge issues with contracts that are not dumpable, cap issues both in the playoffs and with salary and in general no clear direction.
    I do not fault Torts nor many of the youth but Sather is the cause of much of the dead wood.

  173. Shoryuken – that site sucks. Remember Carp was talking about putting 30-50 comments on a page. Well that’s how it would look.
    Devils suck & their blog sucks

  174. Rangers season is over and our beloved Sather doesn’t even care enough to come out of his whole and at least give some sort of a speech to the fans. Don’t we at least deserve that much? No respect…

  175. ZzZz 13 ZzZz !! says Greg L. on

    Yo Colin , give credit where credit is due, I stated the Hank stuff first and Matt said it after reading mine.

  176. Wow, reading the commenters on the Devils blog just made me feel 10000000 times better.

    Misery loves company!

  177. nasty- lol. yea thats exactly what sather would do. hed get gionta thinking all of a sudden they can recreate the chemistry and score a bunch next season, but like always, it wont be enough to compete with the top teams, and around and around the sather gaffes continue. i think we need to get back to the direction we were headed in 05-06. but instead of just starting over with new players, we ned to start all over with a new gm too.

  178. Buttman is licking his own nutz right now. He finally got what he wanted.

    A match of the Century!

    A game of the Millennium!

    A meeting of a life time!

    Hom-o-vechkin vs. Cry-sby!

    I can only imagine how much we’ll be fed with those two before their series is over. And also I cannot wait and see who will get all the calls… who Buttman wants to move on… it’ll be very interesting.

  179. Matt K … if only it were that easy: Keep. dump. I’m sure the NY Daily News will do one of those polls tomorrow (or they would if they cared about hockey). You can’t just say “dump ’em,” without explaining how you’re going to get somebody to take them, or how you’re going to absorb the salary cap hit, etc. Not to mention that the head coach and the GM and the assistant GM don’t think some of these guys were bad this year. It’s really easy to make a list of keepers. The rest is the hard, if not impossible, part.

    Artie, I was a Rangers fan growing up … frustrated by Bobby Orr and the Broad Street Bully Flyers. Started losing interest when the traded Hadfield for Beverley and dumped Giacomin and was totally over them by the time they made one of the worst trades in sports history — Middleton for Hodge. When I first started covering, you couldn’t help but pull for them because they were such a fun group with JD, the Maloneys, (later Barry Beck), Greschner, Eddie Johnstone, Anders Hedberg, Lucien Deblois, even guys I didn’t particularly care for like Espo and Duguay. It was fun following them to the final. But I didn’t really root for them.

  180. Unlike Hank, I don’t see any admission of blame from his cross-river rival…

    (From the Record’s Devils Blog)

    “It’s shocking,” goaltender Martin Brodeur agreed. “We did everything we could. We worked really hard in this game. Guys performed really well. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in losing like that. It’s definitely shocking. That’s the bottom line,. We had them on the ropes. We had a four-minute penalty with a one-goal lead and we had tons of decent chances..We had a couple of them from the outside, but we had two or three of them right in the goalmouth there and we just couldn’t put it in. When you leave a team playing the way they play hanging around they’re going to score. They make plays, But it’s really disappointing.”

  181. Too hockey-depressed to talk about the current playoffs right now, so…

    Carp – would you say it is realistic that we could sign Dubinsky and Callahan for about $3.5 million combined, even if it is for one season? That would more than double their current salaries, and we would not be in such bad shape. They seem very valuable to us, but Dubinsky had huge non-productive stretches during the middle of the season. Callahan is more likely to get an offer sheet around $2.5 to 3 million, but for that amount, I don’t think a team would bother, since we should match that. Also, that post should probably read 50 times that they scored two goals or fewer in regulation *and overtime.*

    There is almost no way to get Antropov back on this team, unless we want to take money away from the defense through a trade, since I don’t think Drury or Gomez will be traded. I still think it is a good idea to bring Mara back for the same salary because he can pair with Gilroy and a seventh defenseman who makes it onto the roster, alternating between the two to skate with Mara perhaps. It’s a good thing Staal is signed cheaply for another season!

  182. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I can’t root for the Capitals and I can’t empathize with the people here that do.

    As far as I’m concerned the playoffs ended yesterday.

    I will tune in towards the end of the conference finals but right now the pain is too fresh

    Bettman’s been having an orgasm since about 9:30 last night

  183. What did i say? Second round hasn’t start yet and first series NHLN pre-viewing is Ovi vs. Cry-baby!

    as much as it hurts right now being beaten by the Washington and Ovechkin, i still like Alex and still cannot stand Cry-baby! So i hope Ovechkin lets Cindy know who the real hockey player is! Level that brat with the ice.

  184. I can’t root for the team that just beat us & I’ll be damned if I root for the Pens.
    I’m hoping that both team kick the crap of each other & the series gets canceled

  185. CCCP, I would never ignore you… I just forgot to check. I know I got a bunch of pictures today and spoke with my tech guy about how to proceed.

    Spider, with arbitration as leverage, the Rangers should be able to sign both players to fair contracts. I agree on Mara, but he may not come back for the same money if there’s more out there for him. Maybe they could sign his beard.

  186. Bruins over Hurricanes in five.
    Penguins over Capitals in six.
    Detroit over Anaheim in seven.
    Chicago over Vancouver in five.

  187. mike in IA-Bobby Sags was a plus player and lead all of the Pack in scoring in the playoffs. He actually finished the year +8 but since he started the year with like -17, that is why he was still a – player.

    Paranteau is UFA and coming off a concussion so no guarantee that he is resigned if he can get a shot somewhere else (like Derek Armstrong)

    How do the Rangers afford Gionta? And if they do that doesn’t exactly constitute as getting bigger.

    If the Rangers can get Ryan Clowe without giving up anything young (for a pick and someone on the roster expendable) make it so, that guy was the best Shark in the playoffs.

    If you’re still feeling down about the Rangers, think of the ending of The Empire Strikes Back; the good guys lost that one but the young guys grew from it and won in the next movie.

  188. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i bought myself a parrot. the parrot talked, but it did not say “i’m hungry” so it died

  189. The Sharks continue to open every season to rave reviews; and there will be people who think next year will be their year..

    4 years; they average 107 pts a season. 2 division titles, one presidents trophy

    BOTTOM LINE:3 second round exits and 1 first round exit

    4 years: they average 95 pts a season “0” division titles

    BOTTOM LINE:2 second round exits and 2 first round exits

    Anyone saying next year is the Rangers year?

  190. Kaspar-The Rangers haven’t been real Cup contenders since the lockout at all. They’ve actually exceeded all expectations as people thought it would take 3-5 more years to even make the playoffs. A lot of their flaws were hidden by Jagr and Henrik.

    The core is very good with Dubi/Cally/Henrik/Staal/Girardi/Korpi/Anisimov and add a few more guys in and with a little luck, this team will be able to really contend i 3-4 years.

    Just because Richter won a Cup when he was 28 doesn’t mean there’s this time limit for Henrik. It took Hasek forever to get that trophy and it would help if they got a legit backup to rest Henrik more.

    Bottom line; this draft should be about acquiring finishers and another goalie for depth. D men need not apply.

  191. a couple was married 50 years. they asked the husband what is the secret. he said they go out to dinner twice a week

    he goes Mondays and Wednesdays

    she goes Tuesdays and Thurs

  192. No Country – Bettman probably peed himself around 9:30 then had to wait a little over a half hour more to have the full orgasm after the Hurricanes’ two goals.

  193. No Country For Old Rangers on

    My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana, I said “No…. but I want a regular banana later, so… yeah”

    ok i’m done now

  194. mikeA- ok, from what i understood, sanguinetti was lookin like a bust. not so much a bust, just not progressing as expected. as far as paranteau, i thought he could be a good winger on the 4th line in place of orr when were not playing tough physical teams, since he does have some good numbers down there. im just thinkin that he might be a better choice for helping our scoring problem than some other guys in hartford. i didnt know he had a concussion though. he isnt too big either i guess. what is he 5’9″-5’10”? the 1 way contract doesnt help either. gionta will not be affordable. i was just bs’in with nasty about possible free agents that we would want to play with gomez to get him goin next season. no, i doubt we make much progress next season, but anisimov and grachev, del z and sauer, gilroy etc.. should be fun to follow next season, and hopefully can make an impact on the team somewhat in the next few years. it does suck not having any real moves we can make this offseason and hank is almost at his prime so id like to see him be able to have a contending team in front of him soon.


    Tonight with no game and no anticipation for the next game,…it’s really sinking in that our season is done. I can’t stand Pitt/Wash/Boston so I guess I go with Carolina not that they’ll get it done.

    Would love it if AO and Cindy collide and knock each other out of the series. Hey, I can dream…….

  196. no country- is that the guy who says weird off the wall stuff that died of heroin od?? mitch somethin. ?

  197. oh, shouldve just scrolled up and read the rest of the posts. yea mitch hedberg. crazy guy, weird but funny. i remember the 1st time i saw him on comedy central i almost felt bad cuz nobody got his humour, but then, ashe kept goin, it got funnier and funnier, very funny one liners.

  198. u know why i love rice? its great when youre so hungry and you want like 2000 of something, you can eat rice!! it went somethin like that. cant remember much else though

  199. heroin od i read in a magazine. not sure if it was a heart attack caused by an od, but he did od. horrible drug. had a friend od from it. very addictive and the hardest drug to overcome

  200. lol good stuff tony. never heard of steven wright, but he sounds like mitch hedberg. maybe one inspired the other it sounds like.

  201. puck drops here- yea i said the same thing. it would be awesome to see bettmans 2 heroes collide head to head and knock each other out of the playoffs!

  202. Mike
    there is an underground DVD of an HBO wright performance in the early 80’s…frickin hilarious and yeah…when I first heard Mitch I thought about Wright…so I told my son ( who loved Mitch) about Wright…he wound up getting this DVD…they both are unique but the “dry delivery” was enough for me to tell him “hey if you like Mitch you’d like Wright”

  203. so they say tony. but when you quit ciggarettes, you dont get so physically sick that you cant go to work or function, and so terribly depressed and nervous that you wanna kill yourself. i watched my friend lay in a fetal position shaking and vomiting for weeks. he was no wuss either.

  204. oh ok kaspar. im only 28 so i was too young i guess. but i liked hedberg so i’ll probably like wright too.


    mike in ia – if that were to happen, it would all be worth it. Well, almost.

    Every year that passes with no Stanley Cup makes you realize just how awesome ’94 was and in a way, makes it sweeter!

    In 94 when the Rangers won, I RAN to the phone and called my Mom long distance. It was nearly 11:00 but I knew she was watching, too. We Won! We Won! I shouted in the phone. It was one of the most special moments with my Mom. Sadly, she passed away in 2004 still saying #2 was her favorite Ranger ever. Yup, ’94 was Special.

  206. My bad Mike, sorry about your friend.
    I’ve never done heroin but I smoked & quit last Aug & I’m still a wreck. I just got pills from the Dr for anxiety attacks. I wake up in the middle of the night craving for a smoke. It ain’t easy & I cheat every once in a while. I’ve smoked for over 50 years – but I’m trying.

  207. yea i was 13 in 94 and watched the game with my dad. it was so awesome but i kinda took it for granted at how long it took us to win a cup again and the actual meaning of us winning. i was so excited but when i saw the “now i can die in peace” signs i kinda realized how important it was for so many people. i guess i was a little spoiled because i had started watching in 89 and didnt have to wait long to se them win it.

    tony- hey no prob man i wasnt mad or nothin. my grandmother is a smoker for 50 somethin years and she cant quit. im a smoker too and it is hard to quit. i have quit before but i can only imagine after 50 years how hard it would be. ciggs are the hardest in terms of the mental addiction that comes with it. heroin is just like a physical torment thats very intense. but the mental cravings arent as bad as the physical withdrawls are. so yea, theyre both hard in their own way i guess.

  208. mike in IA-Sags will be fine. He’s only 21 and this was his first full pro year so nothing to worry about. He had like 40+ points. He may need another year but Sauer and Potter could be ready. I liked Sauer a lot and think he will learn from the PITT game and be ready to kick some @ss in training camp.

    Between Dane Byers, Dale Weisse, and Brodie Dupont, those are three big guys who have a little offense and will fight.

    Jordan Owens is a very underrated player and is a lot like Sjo. I’d love to see him make the team too. He’d only cost the league minimum as he was an undrafted free agent.

    Ouch…Windsor is beating Brampton 6-1; well, a series is not one game.

  209. Rick, I hear ya’!! I was devastated when they traded Park & Ratelle and the Middleton trade ranks as if not, then one of THE worst trades in Hockey history, not just Ranger history!!!! I stuck with them though, just like I stuck with the Yankees through the early 70’s and the 80’s!! I felt that if I was to pound my chest when they won, I had to take my lumps when they lost!! Yet, losing fan favs like Park, Ratelle, Hatfield, Giacomin, Middleton, et al, taught me how much pro sports was just a business, as hard and as bad as I rooted!!! I still can’t debate with a guy that tells me I have to root for the front of the jersey, regardless of who is wearing it. And I say, well, how can I root for the team if I don’t care aboot who’s in the sweater???

    You must have some good inside stories about those late 70’s teams that us fanatics are totally clueless about!!!!

  210. tony- get yourself a prescription for xanex for anxiety. it helped my dad quit smokin. he has very high blood pressure too which unfortunately is supposedly pretty common for italians, and it got passed on to me, and at 28 i have to take blood pressure meds.


    I would love to hear some 70’s stories from Carp. It broke my heart, my heart! when Giacomin went on waivers to Detroit and it was so emotional when he came back the next game and beat us with everyone chanting Eddie! Eddie!

    There must be some good Sanderson stories!

  212. mikeA- ok yea you follow the pack more than i do so i’ll take your word for it. 21 is still young for a defenseman. takes a little longer to develop than a forward. its even harder now with the rule changes. i just got a feeling that he wasnt progressing very well from some comments i read on here during the season. i do remember del z having a better training camp and preseason thats why i was curious. yea dupont, byers and weisse are all about 6-2 over 200 lbs right? it would be great if maybe 1 of them could get a roster spot next season. thats why i cant understand the voros signing and the rissmiller signing. i guess sather didnt think theyre good enough yet.

  213. forgive me if this was already discussed.

    i think that the arrogant, pompous GM will try to trade one of the over paid money pits (gomez, drury, redden, roszy) gomez would be the only one who another gm would entertain offers for. i heard a rumor in the winter about LA being interested but i doubt we could pull a goal scorer outta there for just gomez. maybe gomez and a D prospect (del zotto?) for frolov? that will save $3 million or so in cap space and get a scorer (32 goals, 12 ppg)

    offer zherdev a 1 year contract for minimum qualifying offer. if he takes it great, if not oh well. petr sykora? michael samuelsson? both are servicable wingers who can score a little and wouldn’t coast as much on free agent market? $2.5 million?

    gotta keep dubi and cally (duh). also gotta keep sjostrom (great engine, never stops), korpi ( expect 13-18 goals with reg ice time next year), betts (obvious reasons), and orr. stuck with everyone else. maybe can dump voros on someone for picks?

    13 forwards
    sykora? samuelsson?

    on defense, stuck with redden and roszy. i think rozsival will be better next year. i don’t think he was ever healthy after hip surgery. maybe mara takes hometown discount, but gotta make way for the young def men from hartford

    7 defensemen
    slug #6

    i don’t know any more? thanks glen!

  214. man its gonna be a long summer. playoffs arent even half over and im having ranger withdrawals. thank god for the ranger report!! so carp, youre gonna keep this thing goin during the summer? in about a weeks time if left unchanged wed probably have a million posts on this blog

  215. nyr13- isnt l.a. weak in the goaltending dept.?? maybe we send gomez along with mike brodeur. tell lombardi hes martys son!!


    I hope Rick and Jane keep this going over the summer to help alleviate the glums, (meltdown?). I wish hockey season would start up again in July. Only 2 teams are playing in June!

  217. wait, mike brodeur was a tryout right? hes not a part of the rangers organization anymore. am i right mikeA?

  218. Let Zherdev go for any number of draft picks that the contract will bring. Unfortunately, in that situation, I think we have to give him a qualifying offer to retain his RFA rights, so hopefully that’s not the best contract that he sees.

  219. Mike,

    Mike Brodeur is not Rangers property. I believe the Rochester Americans own his rights.


    I think Steven Rice is better!

  220. Steven Rice … for about 15 minutes he looked like he was going to be a superstar power forward, even though he was smallish. Still, he turned out to be a piece of Rangers history in October, 1991.

  221. Steven Wright: “Women. Can’t live with em … can’t shoot em.”

    Hockey content: Sadly, Gomez came to NY to frolic, not to win. Though I will say that no one who played with him on the Rangers yet has understood that when a guy can break down a D the way he can, you cannot range on the other side of the rink. You need to follow close, support him, support the puck so Gomez can make small tight passes in traffic. That’s how he and Gionta and he and Mogilny made it work.

  222. Gomo the Clown on

    Speed Ranger, expect it to sideline him for the rest of the playoffs. Remember he recovered from a lacerated spleen. He should be fine.

  223. Steven Rice scored a big goal in the playoffs in ’90 or ’91 against Washington, but then the NYR lost the game on a late goal. And that was that. Too bad, because when he was drafted, everyone thought the Rangers had made a great pick.

  224. Riguere, maybe Gionta on a 1 year deal wouldn’t be bad so he can teach some of our guys how to play with him…

    Also, I think if Byers didn’t get hut he would’ve been the first one called up from Hartford, not Anisimov

  225. Rangers need to get Jagr to defect back to NHL
    & when he retires the young guns will be ready, or Kovalchuk will be a free agent

    Bruins in 6
    Caps in 6 ( think I am only one picking Caps )
    Ducks in 7
    Canucks in 6

  226. NYRGuy

    You know what, I understand what you mean about the interest in Gionta —- though my gut says get a guy whose best days are still ahead of him. But I know what you mean, esp. since Gomez most likely isn’t going anywhere.

    Anisimov can play. Byers too. But I just hope Grachev continues to develop into what by all accounts might be an exceptional player.

  227. Agreed Riguere…I don’t want to sign anybody to long term contracts unless their name is Staal, Callahan or Dubinsky. I think Byers could be a really good 3rd line winger with Anisimov centering the line.

  228. If we can dump Naslund to a team and then sign Gionta to a 1 year deal for around 3 or 4, I’d be satisfied. I’d rather have Gionta for one year than Naslund and this Free Agent class is not anything special where we would need to use the money Nas would clear up

  229. hey –
    not reading everything – but saying again – Lundvist is great – and you can’t win for a team that doesn’t score 2 goals.

    I’ve got your back Hank! LOL!

    drunk S_

  230. Since San Jose was such a disappointment this year, I can picture them dismantling their team …

    What do you think the chances are of packaging either Rozy or Redden and say a 2nd round draft pick to San Jose for Danny Boyle??

    I’m sure Torts would like Danny back.

    Then, I’d sign Gionta to play with Gomez again.

    Add a couple of young guys from Hartford and we will be fine.

    I’d like to see the lineup look like this next year …

    Gionta – Gomez – Zherdev
    Naslund – Drury – Callahan
    Antro – AA – Dubi
    Orr – Betts – Korpi

    Redden/Rozy – Danny Boyle
    Staal – Girardi
    Mara – Gilroy

    Henrik – Vally/Wiikman

  231. Cakewalk

    Anisimov will be 21 at end of may not 21

    someone else mentioned parenteau and bell. both are unrestricted free agents

  232. Got home late last night from a high school softball twinbill. You guys think its frustrating watching the Rangers antics? You should try watching what could be a decent girls SB team ruined by totally inept coaching. Girls SB is big in this part of NJ.

    But I digress!

    First, have to send big props and thanks to Jane and Carp for their incredible work on the Blog here. Carp says he’s not really a “fan”, but to me, only a fan could put in that much effort!

    As I said a few weeks ago, while wishing otherwise, Sather is a barnacle, and is stuck to the USS NYRANGERS until further notice. But, he HAS to stop throwing ridiculous money at average (or worse!) players and learn to play hardball in negotiations. If we could get Cally and Dubi for 1.5 – 2.0mm per for 2-3 years, that’s a good start. Qualify Z and hope someone signs him and we get the picks. At least one of those contracts (Gomez, Drury, Redden) has to go, plus dump Rozi and Nazzy, even for picks.

    Man, I hope Sather can get creative in his old age.

  233. Another thing I think some of you guys miss in Torts benching of Avery is the long term view – there was no way in HELL the Rangers were making real noise in the playoffs this year, due to the shortfall in skill. It doesn’t really matter when we lose, as eventually it was inevitable. Torts was sending an accountability message there, with the message targeted for and the payoff coming next year. The guy is a Stanley Cup winning coach people, and is perfect for this organization. Name a reasonable alternative? With a full season to work with this team, including a training camp, only then can we begin to judge Torts’ results. Laying the groundwork for accountability next year began with Game 6 this year.

  234. Carp-

    Couldn’t find your email off hand and figured you’d probably see it sooner in here so here it goes- I just wanted to say thank you for coming in mid season to take over for Sam and doing such an excellent job along with Jane. I hope we get to keep you guys around for a full season next year. As I said after I started following your articles years back- you are the best. Thanks again.


    James G.
    Harrison, NY

  235. There needs to be a serious shake-up in the line up, otherwise, the same issues will plague us next year. Zherdev, the incredible disappearing Russian, can go. But do they try to sign Antropov? Naslund needs to go, and honestly, I think they should ask Drury to waive his no movement clause. His performance on the ice is not up to snuff, and his leadership isn’t getting it done either. But who do you go after to be the legit #1 scorer we so desperately need? Kovalchuk? made of glass Gaborik? I’d gladly dump pretty much anyone not named Dubinsky, Callahan or Staal for someone like Kovalchuk.

    The situation on D is grim. Redden is anything but the savior he was intended to be, and his contract is immovable. He needs to be waived or bought out. Rozsival’s contract is barely movable, but without him, now who QB’s the PP? I know he gets a lot flack, but he does have a great shot when he uses it, and overall I think his skills are under-appreciated. Staal and Giradi are great shut-down guys, but there is no offense from the backline. Mara can’t hit the net with his cannon. What makes us think that Gilroy is NHL ready? Maybe Del Zotto or Sangs? Even if they are ready, we’re gonna have to live with defensive gaffes and growing pains, which wouldn’t be so bad if we had a stellar offense to compensate.

  236. Carp what are the odds that Nik Antropov is in a Ranger uniform next season? I love what he brings to the team.

  237. Thanks for all your work this year Rick! Your blog definately kept me captivated all year long! I just want to point out that I went an awesome 7-1 in series. Guess which series I predicted wrong? ugh… my own team letting me down from going 8-0!

  238. yes the Rangers are all 2nd/3rd line player, all the defencemen play the puck and not the man except Garide, and as for the powerplay once the puck went to the point all the forward were all on one side of the net and not in some form of a triangel around the net the puck was shot wide so many time’s that there wasnt anyone there for a tip in!! if those things were accomplished there would have been more goals but one other thing not only the Rangers, Ive noticed that all around the NHL so many shots are wide or like the Rangers many shots are rushed!! so there blocked easily as for the Rangers many are just flat out Telegraghed gaint windups when a snapshot would do perfectly instead of the big slapshot. the best players have the whole arsenal, ie wrist, snap, slap, and the most inportant the back hander that i could remember the couches coaching me stressed so much, only if one player on the Rangers had these quailities what a better team they would be but still no Stanley Cup Team!!!! I give them creidt though they just didnt lay down and die in the last game a good team give that effort they gave in the last game. Where was the Captain in the season!!! The Rangers biggest Mastake Was Giveing Jagra the C and Not Shanahan and keeping him!! yes his legs are gone but his other skill’s arent espeaically his leadership!!! Front office you have a great coaching staff now let put a team to gether built around the excellent young players you have now !!! thanks Ranger fan since 1967 yea old right!!

  239. I told many fans at the MSG from the start the rangers were not such a great team. Yes they had to get rid of all the old and slow guys but our buddy Sather never replaced them as he should. # 91, # 12, # 49, # 29, # 6, # 13, # 27 (had a ok season but we needed a big tough guy in his spot and he shouldn’t have been brought back), # 33 are a waste. # 19 and # 23 are not top stars but we sure pay them that way. I said at last seasons trade deadline go get Boyle or Campbell and St Louis too, to play with Gomez. I see now Columbus stole # 51 from us for a big stiff # 13. And if we did get rid of all the old broken down guys last season we sure needed 2-3 young guys from Hartford this year. That team stinks too as all we got at the start of the season was # 29 and he did nothing so our farm team was a waste for us again. And how many top two line players are our own (# 17 would be lucky to be on the 3rd line this year as poor a year as he had and # 24 our second best player after # 30 started as a 3rd liner. Now to next year, we need a real PP D, a real nasty tough D, two scorers up front and be sure to resign Betts out 3rd best player this year all year based on what he does. Or our PK will go right down and we will be in more trouble. They need two players from Hartford to come up and really help. And with their cap problems, anything will be a big deal to do. But there is no question to get what we need above you must somehow move the following, #6 (who knows how), # 13 (don’t resign this bum but maybe you can trade his rights for something), # 27 (need the tough nasty D in his spot), # 33 (way overpaid for what he is and we have to get cap space somehow and maybe you can trade him in a package), # 19 must go for money reasons and he’s no good unless you give him two scoring wings anyway), # 20 and # 29 might bring back something in package trades because they can’t score and we must get some scorers. # 28 must play or teams will kill us so keep him until you get the same toughness in somebody who can score too then you can trade him. # 91 get what you can for him and use the money elsewhere. You need at least two scorers, team toughness (with heart and guts), a PP D and and tough nasty D (maybe even two of them) but it will take some job. The first thing that would help is get Sather out and then a new guy must work on the above. Your team should start off with # 30, # 40, # 24, # 15, # 28, # 23 (way overpaid but you can’t trade all of them and him either), # 18, # 5, # 17 (maybe, unless he is part of a big deal), # 42 AA (top scorer from Hartford and a tough gritty player), maybe PA Parenteau ( top scorer for the last two years from Hartford too), and maybe a young D from Hartford because of cap problems. They must rebuild alot because they can’t score on 5 on 5 OR the PP so all that must be fixed along with alot of toughness on D. And yes # 16 can help at times but he is hated by others on his team, can’t stay out of trouble, last time had alot of injuries and is a problem. The thing is how do you trade him AND get 1-2 guys like that back because the team needs what he brings only in a different player(s). The biggest problems are Dolan and Sather. Dolan must understand he has to dump Sather now. This team was lucky to make the playoffs. Here is the only reasons why they did. # 30, Buffalo loses miller for 13-14 games at the end of the year and with him, they pass the Rangers for sure, and Montreal having such a big fold at the end. If they won only 1-2 games more they pass us too. And also making a coaching change helped too. Those are the four reasons made the playoffs. That’s alot to worry about. No way they beat out the 6 teams ahead of them next year as they are and you can expect both teams they just beat out to be alot better. That’s for sure. So we would fight for our life and if # 30 ever gets hurt for awhile, we are done right there. So big changes somehow must take place. Same as this season but Sather got all the wrong players. Now it has to be done again.

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