Can they pull it off?


Hi, folks. It’s Joe Erwin getting things started today. Carp will be checking in later and will be posting throughout the game tonight.

By now you know the numbers: The Rangers have never won a Game 7 on the road, going 0-4. Their last Game 7 on the road was a 4-3 loss in Philly in 1974 to the Flyers, who went on to win the Cup. For road teams overall, though, the numbers aren’t awful. Since the NHL went to a best-of-seven format in 1939, the home team has won 78 of 123 times in Game 7. That means the road team has won 37 percent of the time.

The other piece of good news, as Carp pointed out today, is that as bad as the Rangers have played the last two games, they can erase it all with a win tonight.

So what do you think? Can the Rangers do this?

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  1. Yes,THEY CAN!! screw Brashear, Oveie, Bettman, Campbell, McGuire, Milbury, Hradek and LaGreca all poking fun at the Rangers.I am PISSED. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately, it seems to be all up to Lundqvist, Callahan, Avery, & Staal. I only say Avery because his antics could turn it either way. I say unfortunately, because it doesn’t seem like other players are ready to step up, except for the penalty killers in the absence of Betts.

  3. Sweet, secured first post… now on to my thoughts.

    I dont care about 3-1 deficit stats, 3-3 series stats, all time wins / losses, etc. What I do know is that this Rangers team WILL come out and play 60 complete minutes of hockey.

    They were flat the last two games and got away from what put them in a position to send the Cap’s to the golf course. Simply put, they werent being scrappy. I’m expecting finished and aggressive forechecks and a lot of shots being thrown at the goal, if for no other reason than a rebound might appear.

    I’ve gotta believe and am sticking with a 4-3 victory for the boys from NYC. Staal will net one, Drury will do something clutch, and Antropov will have a big night as well.


  4. Name (required) on

    Cross Check Charlie
    Can they? Sure. Will they? I doubt it unless Henrik has a monster game.

    You are right on the $ on that one

  5. So 35+ years ago we couldn’t win a Game 7 on the road. Who cares? Most of the players tonight weren’t even alive then.

    Great analysis guys…

  6. I’m not making predictions- but let’s play well, play tough and leave it all out there.

    If they do that, at least I’ll be entertained.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  7. And Hradek can kiss my a*s. He has bashed Avery all year along with his friends in Dallas. Well get over it, if Turco would have stop pucks this year instead of whining about Avery maybe they would be in the playoffs. Yeah I know its Averys fault Turco had a GAA at 3 and save % around 890 which is horrible and ranked him almost last in the NHL.LETS GO RANGERS!

  8. Reading their quotes, they’re in over their heads.


    They have yet to play a good game this series. Every win was a Lundqvist steal in some way or another (others might say lucky with all the pipes rung).


    They play their best game of the series they can win.

    I wish all of them felt the same as Dubinsky. It would be a for sure YES.

  9. Greg_Section_403 on

    As CJ said in the previous thread:

    Riche…I’ve got the same feeling about how this team is approaching this game. There’s no sense of “We can do this” it’s more a sense of “If we do, it’d be amazing”

    That is the most disturbing thing. To a man, it seems like the Rangers are hoping the Caps don’t show up tonight and the Rangers might get lucky, score a few and hold on for the win. Not exactly a winning game plan, if you ask me.

  10. YES!!!

    Rangers win tonight

    Here we go Rangers here we go CLAP CLAP!!

    And I hope Dubi gets himself a goal tonight

  11. What will go down tonight:

    – Rangers come out full tilt and outplay the caps for the first 5 minutes with some big hits and good scoring opportunities.

    – Phantom penalty call at the 6 minute mark, Caps go on PP.

    – Rangers kill off penalty and score midway through first on a good individual effort by Zherdev; we contemplate resigning him for one nano second and then come to our senses.

    – Caps turn on the heat and the King makes some big saves the second half of the period.

    – Rangers go into locker room up 1-0.

    – Caps come out firing in second, Rangers weather storm, Anisimov scores a weak goal coming out from behind the net on a misplayed puck by simple Simon, Rangers go up 2-0.

    – Caps immediately score on the following shift to cut deficit in half.

    – Back and forth for the remainder of the period, Rangers go into locker room up 2-1.

    – 5 minutes into the third Rangers score another soft goal from the blueline on a shot by Morris.

    – Caps throw everything at the Rangers but cant score until the 2 minute mark to cut the lead to 3-2.

    – Dubinsky puts in an empty netter.

    Rangers win 4-2.

  12. The Rangers will come out flying tonight, that is for sure. I’m hoping Torts will light the fire in the locker room and the Blueshirts will torch the Caps. If we can stay out of the box and play tight in our own zone, I don’t see why we can’t win this game.

    Today we find out who deserves to wear the Red, White and Blue next year – ALL eyes will be watching. Either play like it’s your last game, or get the heck out of New York – that’s my attitude…

  13. Cross Check Charlie on

    You’re waiting for a performance by Zherdev The Invisible? Good luck.

    What a waste of talent. If a forward steps up tonight I’d look for Gomez or Antropov. Zherdev? I’m not holding my breath.

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