Boston or Bust


Sorry so late with this post, everybody. I am sick as a dog today. Feel like I’ve got hockey pucks inside my sinuses and Donald Brashear sitting on my lungs.

But this is the biggest day of the season — and it will be the best day of the season for you guys if the Rangers go directly from D.C. to Boston, and the worst day of the season if they don’t — so I’m going to tough it out.

Just crawled out of bed because I wanted to be sure I can stick it out tonight, even if goes multiple OTs.

Here is my story from The Journal News and today. The Rangers are really playing up the “we’re huge underdogs, everybody’s counting us out” angle, which is fine. JohnTortorella was saying yesterday that they should be relaxed to tonight because of that.

The Capitals are playing up the make-amends angle. Last year as you know they fell behind Philadelphia 3-1, came back to force a Game 7 at home, and lost it on a Flyers power play in overtime.

There’s not much more to be said. The Rangers can win Game 7. They will either have to find a way to outscore the Capitals in a 4-3, 5-4 game (not bloody likely) or they will have to find a way to shut down the now out-of-the-barn offensive horses. Henrik Lundqvist, obviously, will be the key, but he can’t do it alone as he did earlier in the series.

I’ll be back later if there’s any news. I doubt Anisimov will play. I think in a Game 7, Tortorella will be loyal to the 20 on his roster. I could be wrong. Again.


Selke Trophy (best defensive forward) finalists: Datsyuk, Kesler, Richards.



New York, April 28, 2009 – The New York Rangers will host hundreds of fans as they gather together at Clearview’s Ziegfeld Theatre to cheer on the Blueshirts for Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The Rangers will face-off against the Washington Capitals in the final game of the series tonight at 7 p.m.  Rangers legends Adam Graves and Nick Fotiu will join the Blueshirt faithful and give away special Rangers playoff prizes.  The game will be shown live on the big screen on MSG Network at 7 p.m.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and admission isFREE.  For additional Rangers playoff updates, please visit 

                   WHAT:     New York Rangers viewing party to watch Game 7 of the Rangers vs. Capitals playoff series; live coverage on MSG Network.

                    WHO:       Adam Graves, Nick Fotiu, Rangers Fans

                    WHERE:  Clearview’s Ziegfeld Theatre, 54th St. between 6th and 7th Ave.

                    WHEN:     Tuesday, April 28, 2009 @ 6 p.m.

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  1. If Voros plays over Anisimov I will lose it.

    Voros was WAIVED.

    We can’t risk his penalties in this game. Play Anisimov and hope he can net one.

    Anyone remember Korpikoski’s laser last year in Pittsburg?

  2. Can’t overlook the fact that when the Caps lost that Game 7 to Philly on a OT Powerplay Goal that: a) The Flyers are a highly offensive team (and the Rangers can’t even buy a goal) and b) It was on a PPG (as for the Rangers PP, well… I think you get the idea). I’m pulling for the Rangers tonight, but I just don’t see it happening.

  3. I have seen crazier thing happen. let’s hope the Caps choke at home similar last years game Seven against the Flyers after comng back from a 3-1 game deficit. Remember the Rangers are 11-0 when up three games to one if that means anything. keep the faith and let’s steal it. All the pressure is on them.

    Lets Go Rangers !!

    Ranger crisis # 26


  4. ITAN

    That laser was deflected by the Pens D-man. But to be fair, Korpedo was doing what everyone else wasn’t, and that’s putting pucks on the fuggin net.

    I agree, Artie needs to play, just because Voros sucks. Torts is a good coach, and if he doesn’t play him, i don’t blame him, he doesn’t really know the prospects that much, and this is a game 7, and he might think he doesn’t want to put a kid who’s played one game in a game like this. But id be disappointed to see him scratched.

    Dreary, and his band of losers better step up their games. This night could either be a great night, or the most embarrassing night of the year, and for me, the most depressing playoffs for Nyr since i got into this fuggin game. Each year gets worse with the eliminations, hopefully tonight it doesn’t end up like that.

  5. If Jagr is still on this team, I’d have a strong “We can do this” attitude.

    Heck, when we went down 3-0 to the Pens last year, and Jagr said not to count them out, I followed suit! And he delivered a dynamic Game 4 performance and the Rangers almost brought it back to New York for Game 6.

    No Jagr = No Leadership

  6. Carp, two words, SWINE FLU… good thing its not transmittable through the computer.

    What will go down tonight:

    – Rangers come out full tilt and outplay the caps for the first 5 minutes with some big hits and good scoring opportunities.
    – Phantom penalty call at the 6 minute mark, Caps go on PP.
    – Rangers kill off penalty and score midway through first on a good individual effort by Zherdev; we contemplate resigning him for one nano second and then come to our senses.
    – Caps turn on the heat and the King makes some big saves the second half of the period.
    – Rangers go into locker room up 1-0.
    – Caps come out firing in second, Rangers weather storm, Anisimov scores a weak goal coming out from behind the net on a misplayed puck by simple Simon, Rangers go up 2-0.
    – Caps immediately score on the following shift to cut deficit in half.
    – Back and forth for the remainder of the period, Rangers go into locker room up 2-1.
    – 5 minutes into the third Rangers score another soft goal from the blueline on a shot by Morris.
    – Caps throw everything at the Rangers but cant score until the 2 minute mark to cut the lead to 3-2.
    – Dubinsky puts in an empty netter.

    Rangers win 4-2.

  7. sam (not the great Weinman) aka Pedroia's brother likes little boys on


    Where were you last year and the rest of the people that now agree with your statement about Jaro.

    I repeated last year that Jagr was the reason for our resurgence, not Renney. And losers on here said Jags was selfish and called him Yommy Yogger.

  8. Let me tell you something – if they dont come out with passion, fire, intensity, goal scoring. If they look flat and uninspired. That should be a CLEAR indication that the WRONG players are on this team. From Drury on down to Orr. If every player doesnt step up, then they should be removed from the roster in the off-season. Seems extreme – but we have seen the same players hot and cold all season (mostly cold) now is their time to shine. I posted a heart/no heart of all the players. Let see if the “no heart” guys – pretty much every high price player on the team (except LQ) can play to their paycheck…

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Carp, do you oink when you sneeze???

    This one’s for all the marbles boys… LGR!!!

  10. It’s the pollen guys. Awful today. My black Audi A4 looks like a frigin tennis ball with wheels. Disgusting.

  11. Yep. Dont forget the refs, the slew foots, the phantom calls on Cindy, the bone head play by Hollweg…

    Yeah that series would have went the distance… no doubt.

  12. Carp: Lets hope they win this one for you tonight!!
    Feel better

    And for better or wrose, this has been one of the most memorable seasons in the last few years. The ups, the downs, the highs and lows. Coaching changes, player trades, Avery’s return, Weiman’s exit, Carps return etc.

    Im just proud to be a Ranger fan (Just not proud of Sather and Dolan)and member of this board with you all.

    Im feeling realy positive today and think were gonna walk away with a win, however its done doesnt matter, but with a WIN.

    Underdogs is right. For some reason, everyone hates us, and you know what I LOVE IT!

    My Game 7 Poem:

    FU to the reporters who bash us;
    FU to the teams who think they can trash us;
    FU to Mike Milbury and Pierre the douche;
    FU to Ovechkin and his huge gap tooth;
    FU to caps fans who have no class;
    FU to Campbell for the bite on Dubi’s hand;
    I say FU to you all;
    Who have no blue in there hearts;
    Because we are true RANGER FANS;
    And telling you to go F yourself is how we say hello in these parts!!


  13. a lot of these kids are playing for a spot on the roster next year… while the best certainly dont need that added incentive, maybe it’ll help a Zherdev go stud-wild tonight.

    I for one see a lot of promise in his game and think Tort’s might be the perfect guy to give him an aggressive (pun intended) make-over.


  14. sam (not the great Weinman),

    I was not posting on the blog at that point. But, trust me, I would’ve been saying the same thing. Jagr was a thrill to watch, and as long as we had him, we were always in a game.

    I was never quite sure why Jagr was not labeled a “winner” like Gomez and Drury considering Jagr was a way more focal point of the titles won in Pittsburgh.

  15. “Last year as you know they fell behind Philadelphia 3-1, came back to force a Game 7 at home, and lost it on a Flyers power play in overtime.”

    And it was good ol’ Tom Poti who took that penalty.

  16. Right on MAKO – its all about HEART, and mine can hardly take it any longer. I haven’t slept for two nites, my told me this morning that I woke her up last nite yellin “GO AVERY”. I watchted 8 reg. season games and was last Wed. painful victory at the Garden, and have watched another 70+ games on the tube this year. Win or lose, I know I will be able to sleep tonight IF the Boyz in Blue play with Fire and Passion. LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!

  17. ZzZz ? ZzZz !! says Greg L. on


  18. I often hear and read about how the current “leaders” are great “in the room”. I think it’s time that they showed us how good they can be on the ice. I really don’t give a damn about how they are “in the room”; it’s time to deliver ON THE ICE!

  19. onecupin69 years on

    I hope there are plenty of water bottles for torts.

    I don’t mind a coach or player getting suspended for getting mad at a player or ref, but a fan?
    I hope he sues torts ,the rangers and the NHL.
    All torts did was add gasoline to the fire.

  20. ZzZz ? ZzZz !! says Greg L. on

    Pressures all on Washington , we took ’em both games at the start of this , let’s go grab us that last one!

  21. From Zipay, Tortorella said “I always believe that people can care, but people can really care. There are certain levels.We’ll find out as we go through. I hope all 20 of them really care.”

    Me too coach.

  22. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Andrew Gross reported that Glen Sather was inspecting the glass behind the Rangers bench. Sather???

  23. JBytes – you’re right. Tonight’s the night for the leaders to step forward. I don’t expect Drury to guarantee victory and score a hatrick or anything, but he has to step it up and so does Gomez and Naslund.

    As for Zherdev, I’ve been saying this all year, he’s another rangers 3rd line player. He seems timid out there, touch and crumble timid.

  24. Jagr was a great leader on the ice in the playoffs with his goal scoring. Other than that he was big fat zero in the room. I don’t understand the obsession with Jagr. His great leadership never got us past the second round. He’s dead and gone now as a Ranger, time to let it go

    Ranger Crisis # 26

  25. I just read that the caps will be putting a big subway advertisement behind our bench to protect coaches and players – just like the ones on the glass at msg ;)

  26. Noah, Jagr was never labeled a “winner” because he didn’t win a Little League World Series.

    Drury’s “winner” status ranks up there with lots of role players who got lucky to be on a Cup winner.

    Anybody call Jay Wells a “proven winner”? Or Matteau?

    Not knocking either of those guys…in fact, Jay Wells would be a welcome addition to this timid group.

    All that being said…I’m hoping for a miracle tonight. But the vibe from the team through the coaches sounds more like “Oh, well” than “Let’s get ’em!”

    C’mon Hank…tonight is the night to have the game of your life.

  27. I think the formula is pretty simple, and to quote a classic movie, “Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!”

    The Rangers must score first, silence the crowd, and establish a crisp pace, especially by staying out of the box. Henrik mustn’t give up any short-sided softies, and the D must play better infront of him. I hoep Anisimov rips one past his Russian counterpart in net, Varlamov.

    Blueshirt fan, we must keep our heads up, and believe in our team! LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

  28. feel better carp.

    for tonights game…i think they will be competitive but will lose in the end. this team just doesnt have the fight, the grit, and the motivation to finish the caps off. they need to be damn near perfect to win by a goal. i dont see them having enough gas in the tank to man up and take it to the caps.

    still, i would be ecstatic if they manage to pull it out.


  29. 1-0 Rangers win
    18.51 first period Korpikoski unassissted…

    7.23 2nd period Semin misses penalty shot

  30. If we see stick checks and failure to shot block early tonight…know right then that the Rangers have already packed it in. That will be the first sign.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see VarLAmov suddenly have a stinker in net?

  31. if the Rangers can pull off a win tonight, I will have the wine flu. as in, hungover.

    yes, my wine comes with a screw off cap and a paper bag.

    Stay positive – start praying or what ever you do when you really want something really bad


    Carp, have a nice big dish of pasta – cures all !!
    Fussilli Carp !

  33. A kid in my class gave me a little Hank figure thing before game 5, and I put it on my desk on top of these rangers pucks that I have. Obviously we have not won a game since. I put the pucks in front of little Henrik, to symbolize no pucks getting under or behind him, this morning. Should I leave it like I have it set up, or just put little Henrik in a locker until after the game?

    Yup. I have officially lost it.

  34. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    I still have faith that we will pull it out tonight. I even heard Sweet Caroline on the way to work this morning (heard it the morning of Game 4 also). LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!

  35. Here we go gang….

    Picking with my heart I took Rangers in 7…I didnt really believe ( I still dont)

  36. Unemployed Steve on

    Nasty, I like the pucks in front of Hank.

    Have you shaved yet? I saw you ask the question the other day.

    I have not and it looks…well…Nasty..(sorry it was the perfect word)

  37. Nasty 1

    Get rid of that Hank toy for god sakes…you mean while I’m sweating bullets all weekend long about these idiots you had the evil voodoo doll from that black magic little kid posed on your desk?

  38. Ha, I will leave the pucks where they are. And no, I have not shaved yet. I am holding out as best as I can.

  39. And this one will last a lifetime on

    This has been like a 12 hour scheduled Pep Rally.

    Carp: I hope you feel better , but sometimes we do our best when not feeling physically well. So maybe your next posts will be inspiring.

    Mikey: Nice poem.

    Brandon: We have the same score , via a different way to get there.

    Nasty: Coach Torts should let you do the pregame

    Itan: Lighten up, come in off the ledge, and root for whoever Torts throws out there.

    Come on boys…win this one for Betts, or for Torts, or for the fans, or just the shut Ovie’s pie hole.

    doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot…Potvin Sucks

  40. I had called Rangers in 7, so hopefully I will be right. I don’t know if I buy the “no pressure on us, we were supposed to lose” thing, especially when you blow a 3-1 series lead. But I don’t think the sky is falling either. Hank has shown that he can return to elite form, which he will need to do tonight. Betts is a big loss, but Korpedo has been a great addition to the PK and Sjo is still getting it done. Also, maybe the few extra days have helped Drury recover so he can be more effective. Dubinsky seems to be playing much better as of late, and if Zherdev decides to show up, it will be like another player we haven’t had all series. The Rangers CAN win this

  41. I’d rather have Orr in than Voros. Voros misses his checks, causes odd man rushes and takes the DUMBEST penalties!

  42. Speed Ranger on

    Nasty – you always make me laugh – get some fresh air!
    Carp – nap til gametime, feel better soon.

  43. Qoute: “Are you guys suggesting Swine Flu or that I’m a Pig-man—half man, half pig?”

    No Rick, that would mean you are Tyler Kennedy.

  44. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Nasty , the toy is evil. Take it out back and use it as a puck and take a slap shot on it.

  45. onecupin69 years on

    The rangers have only lost 4 or more games in a row twice this year
    The capitals have won 4 or more games in a row only once.

    So ,if you’re an optimist and play the odds, the rangers will pull it off tonight.

    The odds favor the rangers ,winning 4 in a row will be tough.

    They have to frustrate AO by getting in his face, do anything to get him off his game even slashing him on his wrist until it hangs by his ligaments,what’s a six game suspension?

  46. This is what I wrote two weeks ago:


    April 15th, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    “It will not be a short series. I absolutely think the Rangers can win if the stars align a touch, but I am picking the Capitals in 7 —- on an OT goal by Green.”

    I was right about the length, but I hope to God I am wrong about the outcome.

  47. But, the pucks I had, were behind little Henrik, and I switched them to the front?

    I don’t know what to do?

    Ha, the funny part is, I am a grown man, who doesn’t know what to do with a toy.

  48. But, this isn’t the Caps winning 4 in a row. It would be 3 in a row. What are the stats on that?

  49. This game has the feeling of being a Rangers win by one goal, or just domination by the Caps, them winning by 3+ goals. I don’t see any in between.

  50. The Caps came back from 3-1 to win a series in 1988 against Philthy and the Rangers won a game 7 after starting a series 3-1 in 1994….

  51. onecupin69 years on

    I was always a dunce in arithmetic. the caps won 3 in row several times, but 3 games is still tough, hopefully the rangers will want it more than the caps.

  52. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Wake up. Rangers were 3-1 and Henrik playing like a king.
    An evil voodoo doll shows up and the tide turns.

    Now take the stick to it, and piss on the pieces.

  53. accdg to Zipay, AA is in, and Orr may not dress because of the absence of Brashear

    Clark back in for Caps

  54. I hope the security at the Ranger bench is tight. but more importantly, I hope the security in front of the Ranger net is airtight.

    LGR !!!

  55. First, thanks for all the well-wishes. Tony and Speed Ranger, that is exactly what I was thinking of doing — both ideas.

    Nasty, that is perhaps the greatest piece of strategy in Stanley Cup history. It escapes me now who first said it. Do you remember?

    I love the positivity here today, and I’m trying to picture what this place is going to look like tonight, depending on how the game goes. I imagine it will be extreme, to say the least, this being the first Game 7 in blog history.

    All the beard guys and gals … just in case your boys somehow don’t pull it out tonight … remember to snap a photo of your furbish before you shave it. We’ll figure out the hows of the competiton at a later date.

  56. I really hope Voros doesnt try to be too physical, get caught in the moment, get in a fight and completely energize the Washington crowd with his punching bag routine.

  57. >>i got a terrible feeling about this game.

    Maybe a little James Brown could make you feel good?

  58. I hope Tort’s tells Drury, Gomez, and Redden before the game that they’ve had a mediocre, if not, horrendous year and that tonight is their chance to make amends. It’s Game 7 and it’s time for our high-paid “stars” to finally earn some of their money.

  59. Patrick Brennan on

    I shaved when i got home sunday night….I was so disgusted with the team and was too damn itchy with that crap on my face

  60. Brandon if it goes down like that it would be tremendous.. alot of forwards have been sleeping this series so in an optimist view we can say they’re due to break out. Anything can happen, im confident we can do this

    Leeeeeettsss Goooooo Raaaaaannngggerrssss

  61. I can’t believe no Orr in favor of Voros. If this game started slipping away I would have qualms with seeing a Ranger end an important Capital’s season just before they move on… preferably Green or Semin. OV I want in if they go one so they can’t blame losses on not having their star.

    Heading into this series I was saying I’d be all for Caps if it was they who prevail. I don’t think I can hold my word to that.

  62. So apparently Patrick Elias, Chris Drury and Claude Lemieux are tied among active players with two Game 7 game winning goals….

    Elias and Drury with a chance to break the tie tonight! LGR!!

  63. Unemployed Steve on

    Tony…too much info but if it works….it might also releive some tension…lol

  64. Pavel,

    Just to clarify, Chris Clark has been injured, not a healthy scratch. That guy only improves the Capitals PK, defensive coverage, but might also provide a lift to the entire team getting their Captain back.

  65. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Patrick- I am not Dave…Nor am I O’brien

    Tonight is all about Hank. If he’s plays like Jesus walking on water again, then we will win. IF he doesn’t, look out. He has been shaky again but I expect Henrik to bounce back in a major way and steal then series tonight. Rangers 3-2.

    Voros= Penalties. No Betts= Power Play Goals against.

    G.L. Costanza: I wish there were pigmen. You get a few of these pigmen walking around and suddenly I’m looking a whole lot better. Then if somebody wants to fix me up at least they could say, “Hey at least he’s no pig-man!”

  66. Seriously, am I the only one the feels like the collective Rangers doesn’t even comprehend how detrimental the Betts injury is? I feel like most people aren’t even realizing how important that man really was to this squad. EVEN IF they win tonight…. FAT CHANCE against PIT without Blair Betts on the kill.

    The only chance would be if Drury completely took over that position, even then I don’t think he has half the heart of Blair Betts.

    Someone NEEDS to go down on WSH long term (if we are clearly going to lose)

  67. hockey history on


    All dates in 1919

    With the NHL reduced to two teams eighteen games into its 20-game season, a decision was made to have the two remaining teams—coincidentally the two teams leading each half of the season—compete in a best-of-seven series to see which team would head west to battle against the Pacific Coast Hockey Association champions. With Ottawa star Frank Nighbor missing most of the series due to a family bereavement Montreal won the series four games to one and faced the Seattle Metropolitans for the Cup.

    With the series tied after five games (with one tie), the sixth game was slated for April 1, 1919, when the Spanish Flu epidemic forced the cancellation of the series. Several players on both sides were sick because of it, and it would eventually claim the life of Canadiens’ forward Joe Hall five days later. Canadiens manager George Kennedy would not recover completely. This was the only time in history when the Stanley Cup was not awarded after the playoffs began.



    hey, 90 years later, will these playoffs be affected by a flu epidemic too ??

  68. If Anisimov doesn’t play, that is just outright stupidity. The guy can only help. And, if after the Game 6 “activities” Orr doesn’t play instead of Virus, that is just more stupidity. Plus, I think Orr is a better hockey player than Virus.

  69. god I can’t even type a complete thought out today, should read *Rangers community*….

    I have game 7 jitters.

  70. I don’t know if anybody else noticed, or if they even read the whole article that was posted here earlier (I think two posts ago), but apparently Ken Campbell of The Hockey News thinks *Eric* Staal plays for our team: “But it got far worse, according to the Rangers. They said later in the letter, ‘One patron was screaming at the team, in graphic language, about whether Dan Girardi and Eric Staal have a sexual relationship. This was within earshot of several children seated nearby. Several other fans also made repeated homophobic remarks.’”

  71. And this one will last a lifetime on


    Good Call. You are obviously master of your domaine.

    How amazing are the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

    Game 7s , teams in chaos, players injured, players suspended, coaches suspended , superstars neutralized, ..,history tells us it may me an unsuspecting bad goal by a role player from the underdog that decides this one. How bout the puck hits Avery as he is pummelled in front of their net

  72. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Elaine: David? David, I think we aught to talk.

    Puddy: Alright, that’s cool.

    Elaine: David, I don’t think we should see each other anymore.

    Puddy: You gotta be kidding, how come?

    Elaine: Well, you see, David, you’re a face painter.

    Puddy: Yeah, that’s right.

    Elaine: Well, it’s not that I don’t like you, but, well to be perfectly honest, I’m just having some trouble getting past the face painting.

    Puddy: Well, alright, so you don’t like the face painting, I just won’t paint it anymore.

    Elaine: Yeah, but you like the face painting.

    Puddy: Well, I don’t need to do it. It’s not like a habit or anything.

    Elaine: Oh. You mean you’d stop it for me?

    Puddy: Yeah, that’s right.

    Elaine: That’s so, that’s so sweet.

    Puddy: Ah, c’mere. (They kiss) Alright, I gotta go home and get changed before the game. I’ll be back, we’ll make out.

  73. my heart’s been going crazy and can hardly breathe since this morning, it’s not even gametime…and no i don’t have no swine flu symptoms. LGR! let’s do this!

  74. You know your team has zero f*cking shot when the message boards are a buzz with Seinfeld quotes on Game 7 day.

    This is from a music board I read:

    “As a Caps fan, I cant say that Im not extremely nervous for tonights game”

    This is what we are up against people.

  75. Linda, I am hidden. Ha. But the name is ngibson31

    Give it a shot. I think I am hidden, because when I search myself I can’t find me.

    Carp, I am not sure who said that quote, but JD always used to say it during Ranger games.

  76. If we were still in the mid 90’s, this would be the kind of game that would have a “foot in the crease” goal waved off.

  77. My prediction: MARKUS NASLUND IS GONNA HAVE A HUGE GAME TONIGHT (2 goals, 1 assist)

    Rangers win 3-2


  78. of course Henrik has to be good tonight, but it really depends on whether Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Antropov, Zherdev, etc step up for a change and deliver.

    the veteran forwards have been major disappointments most of this series, and if they are invisible or worse tonight, it won’t matter how well the others play, it won’t be enough

  79. yea nasty, can’t find you, myself or my friend who just signed up an hour ago also..very odd.

    Onto more pressing matters…

    i mentioned the other day a dream I had, and I didnt wanna jinx it because on the tv in my dream game 7 had just do I tell ya the score or what?

  80. Two things make me feel really positive about tonight

    1. Lundqvist has probably never had 3 bad games in a row in his life.

    2. Last years Wash/Flyers series has got to be creeping into the back of their minds … we score the first goal and they will FALL APART (taking bad penalties, missing the net, etc) !!!

  81. Question of the Day#1

    How can a team that has Alexander Semin on it have its way physically with the Rangers???

    Question of the Day#2

    Who would Torts rather have behind the bench tonite?
    1)The Unibomber guy he had to spray or…
    2)Larry “The hound dog” Brooks

  82. The Most Interesting Man In The World (formerly MiamiPimp) on

    I believe the NHL should have a “most interesting man in the league award” and that Avery should win it. Sponsored by Dos Equis.

    I’m going to have a Dos Equis tonight for good luck.

    Stay thirsty, my fellow fans.

  83. Had a dream about how tonight is going to go down:

    1st period:
    Caps come out flying for the 1st 10 min and dominate play. Lundqvist weathers the storm and keeps it scoreless.
    With about 7 min left Rangers get a PP and REDDEN scores from the point assisted by Gomez and Cally
    Rangers lead 1-0 after 1

    2nd Period:
    Naslund does what he does best and takes a lazy hooking call with 15 min left.
    ALEX SEMIN scores to tie the game at 1. Assists go to Mike Green and Ovechkin.
    Play goes back and forth with Lundqvist and Varlamov making several key saves
    With 3 min to go AVERY scores to make it 2-1! Assisted by Cally and Antropov
    2-1 Rangers after 2

    3rd period:
    2 min into the third, Ovechkin steals the puck from Zherdev who like always tries to skate through the whole team and scores on Lundqvist
    Game tied 2-2
    Lundqvist gets help from the post halfway through.
    With 4 min left, Naslund scores on a beautiful wrist shot off the right post and the Rangers take a 3-2 lead! Assisted by Girardi and Drury
    However, with the goalie pulled Mike Green scores to tie the game with 1:17 left on a slapshot from the point. Assisted by Ovechkin and Nicolas Backstrom
    Game goes to overtime tied at 3!

    Rangers get called for a bullshit penalty but kill it off

  84. Above the comment box where I’m writing this, there is a space for “website” so you can put anything that you want there, and then your name will appear in bold, too!!

  85. Anyone else fired up to see Dubi’s and Callihan’s first few shifts? This is how legends are made… hope Messier was brought in to remind them what wearing the Ranger’s sweater means.


  86. CARP –

    I never say never – but these are the wrong players – pure and simple. Cally for the C, Dubi for the A – get rid of the rest!

    I am intersted in your take on the exchange b/t Larry Brooks and Torts. I saw some info on the other post – but seriously, as both a journalist and a fan, what do you think of all of these charades by Torts? I say he has some explaining to do – in a large way to the players and to the fans. What about being accoutable?

    I still say – Renny had the right idea and coached this team the best way he knew how given what he had – a bunch of aging, non-scorers – and the fact that they went as far as they did before collapse with Renny speaks volumes about his ability and character


  87. Love the above post about Freddie getting the game winner… guy gos so hard every shift. Love it.

  88. I also had a vision while spacing out today that Korpi would take advantage of an errant pass off green’s stick while we’re shorthanded and he would go on a breakaway and would score on penalty shot with around 3 minutes to go to give us a 2-1 lead.

  89. Prediction for tonight:

    Lundqvist makes 45 saves in regulation. The Rangers muster 14 and the game is tied at 0 and heads to OT. The Capitals dominate the OT, much like the rest of the game, but then Derek Morris takes a slapshot from center ice. The shot careens around the boards, Varly comes out to play and the puck take a weird bounce and goes in the net. Rangers win 1-0.

    Ovechkin and company are devastated.

  90. clueless Tom on

    for such a “Renny” lover, you ought to at least learn to spell his name. it is “T-R-A-P”

  91. And this one will last a lifetime on

    the quote “arriving in ill humor” is usually attributed to Bobby Clarke.

    I love the way Dubie and Cally are playing, they just need to finish off some of their efforts with the reward of a goal or 3

  92. Carp has the swine flu and he still makes it to the keyboard.

    B-Mother fuggin LIEVE!!!

    Lets Go Rangers!

    Recent quote “We will win tonight” Chris Drury.

  93. I can definitely see us playing Renney hockey if we somehow manage to get the first goal in this game. Staal needs to have a much better game tonight. He has had a pretty rough series IMO. It is all part of learning, but I think he is due for a strong game tonight. This whole team needs to worry about making the smart and simple play, rather than trying to get cute. USE THE BOARDS DAMMIT, they are your friend. If anyone tries going up the middle, even if they feel safe doing so, and it leads to even a scoring chance against, needs to be stapled to the bench.

    Patience and capitalize on the other teams mistakes. Play some strong team D and let Hank see the puck.

    P.S. Little Henrik is across the room, next to a box if tissues. Everything else is status quo.

    I am out of here in a few, but LET’S GO RANGERS! The fan in me refuses to let my hope die.

    Talk to you all later.

  94. Patrick – Use the link from your profile page, though (with the digits in it, like mine). That one you have will just take someone who clicks on it to their own homepage on Facebook.

  95. “Puddy: Ah, c’mere. (They kiss) Alright, I gotta go home and get changed before the game. I’ll be back, we’ll make out.”

    Haha, love the Puddy !!! To bad he was a Devs fan on the show. But you still gotta love him.

    Hopefully Voros gets lost on the way to Craps game, or gets kidnapped.

    Go Rangers, im trying to believe, but with losers like Dreary, Gomez, Redden, and Rozi, it’s a little hard.

  96. Still typin’ hurt. And it actually hurts my head to type. So I am in ill humor.

    I think Bobby Clarke made it famous, but that it came from Freddy “The Fog” Shero.

    Seems to be a lot of sentiment for a Sjostrom GWG. Just sayin’ …

  97. No Country For Old Rangers on

    if we lose tonight, all i can say is that I hope it will be the last we see of drury, gomez, redden, naslund, zherdev, antropov, voros, orr, morris, roszival, korpikoski, and mara in rangers sweaters. is that too much to ask? hate sather.

    i hope anisimov nets one tonight so bad

  98. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “Hopefully Voros gets lost on the way to Craps game, or gets kidnapped.”

    Make it happen!

  99. I’d love to join the positivity here but the quotes about some being “ready” for game 6 and some “needing to test the waters” has me feeling sicker than Carp could possibly be.

  100. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Elaine: What is that?

    Puddy: That’s the letter ‘D’.

    Elaine: Why is the letter ‘D’ painted on your chest?

    Puddy: Well, I’m going to the game tonight, and me and these five other guys are gonna take our shirts off and spell out ‘Devils’.

    Elaine: But you said no more painting.

    Puddy: No, I said no more face painting, and as you can see this is not my face.


    Why Korpedo ? Maybe he’s not what we hoped he would be, but if anything he’s a responsible 4th liner, good on the PK.

    Of course he’s no Mike Green, like we could have had !!

    I bet Mrs. Nylander is pissed right now, since Nyls has to play, he cant get her knocked up some more. How many kids do they have ? 8, 9 ?

  102. Thanks for the adds guys! It’s great to see more Rangers-related statuses (statii?).

    Let’s get to VarLAMEov early and often and protect Lundqvist with blocked shots. Sounds easy, right? I’m really hoping for a good showing from Zherdev. He’s got the talent and needs to use it. Hopefully, the referees keep the whistles away except for on really blatant penalties, not blowing the whistles for little stick fouls.



  104. And this one will last a lifetime on

    try some lemon tea with 2 huge scoops of honey, with a shot of gold tequila

    Tony from AZ:
    better check the local laws out there,

    if you can’t break little Henrik, change where here is and what he is doing


    play every second like it is the last second you will ever play

  105. Pru, it was Jon Voight. It was justified. He thought I was going for his wallet.

    Did anybody call Alec Berg for tickets?

    If I don’t have any tea or lemon, can I just substitute another shot of tequila?

  106. I have a feeling that Dallas is going to take Rozsival’s contract. This is assuming Zubov is gone.. they need D and are desperate.. and maybe they “owe” us for taking Avery’s contract?

  107. No Country

    Going out on a limb here but I’m guessing you are the type to bitch about your tax bracket after winning the mega-millions.

    Mara has heart and plays well. Gomez is probably our best player (like it or not), Morris hasnt been too bad and has a hell of a shot…


  108. “Can I just substitute another shot of tequila?”

    Absolutely, it’s a proven fact.

  109. I get the feeling that someone who has done very little either all year (Redden) or during the playoffs (Zherdev, Drury and others). Do any of you remember the Brian Maclellan playoff goal from the 80s – he did not do much all year and scored a huge OT goal in the playoffs.

    Lots of our guys are playing for contracts either for this team or someone else – that should be motivation enough. Also, all of the pressure is now on the Caps – according to all of the pundits there is no point in even playing this game. Have faith, the King is not going to blow three games straight.

    Rick – please go to Caps bench and cough and sneeze on everyone and also cough on that ***hole behind the Rangers bench.

    Keep the faith and don’t choke as a fan!!!

  110. Pavel – They would only owe us if we took Avery’s whole contract. They are still on the hook for just over $1.9 million per year in cap space and real money for the next three years.

  111. Carp,

    I actually rock the shot of Patron in tea when I chase my “emergen-c”… not sure if it works or is simply a placebo but it rocks a better record than the Sharks…in the regular season.

  112. I did not finish my thought someone who has not done much either during the season or playoffs will step up tonight. Game 7s separate the men from the boys!

  113. To watch Nicky Z fade away from a hit and throw the puck out into center ice to somehow try and avoid being hit is priceless…

    Hopefully people dont know how scared he plays and just think that he loses his scoring touch for weeks at a time
    so they offer him an RFA sheet….

  114. Zherdev’s cowardice that led to Washington’s first goal in Game 6 was even worse than Dawes’ famous wimp-out vs. Lucic two months ago. Even if he lays it all out there tonight, which he won’t, I go back to Another Shero quote:

    “Courage is not a sometimes thing.”

  115. “Can I just substitute another shot of tequila?”

    no, don’t touch anything from mexico

  116. Greg_Section_403 on

    T H I S I S T H E

    L O N G E S T D A Y E V E R!!!


  117. UESBlueshirt on

    I’m going to be at the Mets game tonight (I know this is kind of like being a child in an abusive household where both parents beat you) but I’ll be fervently checking my iphone during the game.

    I figure I can be pleasantly delighted if they win and feel somewhat better that I didn’t have to watch the game if they don’t win. First Game 7 for the Rangers since 1994. I think I would have been all in if anyone told me at the beginning of October that they’d have a Game 7 against Ovechkin & co. by this time of the year.

  118. The only reason why Avery and Torts both losing it is so embarrassing is because the rest of the team, with only a few exceptions ( Cally-Dubi-Staal) doesn’t play with that same chip on thier shoulders….

    if any of the rest of them went as ape-sh*t even one or two times this series we’d have won this thing already

    Some People earlier said that Avery and Torts were oil and vinegar…I me they’re vinegar and vinegar

    Think about it…if Avery is losing it and Torts is losing it and on the ice guys are fighting for their teammates like Betts and Hank getting mauled; if things are as insane on the ice as they are off it …then we’d be a team to reckon with…now? we’re just a bunch of Nicky Z scardy-cats with a crazy coach and one bratty guy

  119. I have such low expectations for tonight. I am fully accepting of the Rangers season being over, so if they do go on and win, it’ll be a nice surprise.

    Also, how weird is it that we haven’t had an OT game? This seems like the perfect time for one…

  120. Anisimov should use his personal relationship with Varmalov to his advantage… fill in Z and Antro on some details… maybe teach Avery a few words or give him Varmalov’s sister’s number?

  121. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Orr- youre right, Korpedo seems like a good PK type player but we have Sjos and Betts. Considering that’s also all that Drury is good at, I don’t see how Lori fits in. I wouldn’t mind keeping him around but I wouldn’t be sorry to see him go. He’s not going to turn Marc Savard.

    Mara and Morris are decent 3/4 D-men, we could do a lot worse, I can live with them but where will Gilroy, Del Zotto, and Sangs fit in?

    Carp- You are absolutely right. I’d be thrilled if we could get rid of just Dru or Gomer but they are so bad that nobody wants them.

    Dudley- Going out on a limb here but do you smoke crack? Huff gas? Are you on acid now? Gomez our best player? I can’t even take your comment seriously.

  122. I really want a win, but I have zero confidence in this team right now. (Don’t want to set my expectations too high)

  123. It is not a big deal because neither Voros or Anisimov will play much, but Anisimov should clearly play over Voros. The team needs offense and anything he can provide would be welcomed. Voros only adds minimal grit, which will not be needed without Brashear.

  124. Last time I was this excited was June 14th, 1994.
    If I remember right we had a 3-1 lead in that series also,
    And we lost game five 6-3 and lost game six 4-1

  125. Oilers asked permission today to speak to Renney about coaching in Edmonton next year

    PErry PEarn is also interested in the job

    Guess he doesnt want to be Renneys sidekick anymore huh?

  126. Domi
    I read your link…thanks

    I thought Torts was the guy who said things like “don’t think too much..just play hockey” ….sounds pretty desperate to me to be playing reverse-psycho games on people…

    We’re going to win because you guys think we wont..

    he forgot to mention that they think that because we’ve sucked badly

  127. MikeyNj

    When Sheldon Souray found out about the possibilities of Pearn and/or Renney running the PP in oilcountry I heard he canceled one of his dates for this evening

  128. Rick, I got the source of the quote correct.

    April 28th, 2009 at 2:33 pm
    Nasty, I do believe it was Clarke’s coach, Fred “the fog” Shero who came up with that quote.

    Can I win a Rangers victory?

  129. Captain Clutch don’t lets us down now baby. Hank…do your thing and everything is going to be ok.

  130. Dudley K – Mara has heart yes, plays well? ehhh first half of the year played solid and real well, then second half he leveled off and has not played smart in playoffs, too many untimely/stupid penalties.. his penalty that ended up being the cause for the caps 2nd goal in game 6 was borderline and i dont know if it shoudl have been called, but you cant have a free hand liek that, he took two dumb penalties away from the puck in game 4 that got overshadowed by averys stupidity late in that game. I really think Mara has slacked and I dont think there is any way they can sign him or Morris next year, I dont mind either of them, but i both think they started better than they have played lately.. for Morris that being the time when he got to NY he played pretyy well and i think he has declined as well.. those last 2 D spots need to be young guys, combo of Gilroy/Sanguinetti/DelZotto hopefully
    Redden and Rozsival will still be here like it or not, peopel say Rozi might get traded but whos taking that salary and waht are we going to get back.. I think he is underappreciated anyway, ill take him as my 3rd d-man for next year, hope he shoots on PP tonight and burys a one timer like that OT-winner at the garden vs. buffalo 2 yrs ago and shuts all of his haters up on here

  131. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Call up the entire Wolfpack. Maybe AHL players will score on an AHL goalie

  132. 22
    Bobby Clarke was an animal; sub-human; grotesque; he smelled and had bad breath and was un-cooth and yet….

    I’d trade this whole team for him

    Oh yeah…he was also known to break wind during faceoffs

  133. agree with Rob M until you got to rosival. he has shown that he will not shoot the puck, he has been a big part of the PP failure, he should be traded and replaced by one of those younguns you mentioned

  134. Kaspar, I HATED Clarke. He was the dirtiest player with his stick. He would whack somebody, then hide behind one of his goons. HATE HIM!!

  135. Captain Dubinsky on

    Here is some good news:
    If our boys pull it out tonight they will be nice and refreshed for the Boston series.
    Maybe they didn’t ‘show up’ in the three losses to conserve energy for the next series. They really have always been a very intelligent team.

  136. “Kaspar, I HATED Clarke. He was the dirtiest player with his stick. He would whack somebody, then hide behind one of his goons. HATE HIM!!”

    Ahhhhhhhh….those toasty warm holiday evenings

  137. i am reading alot of peopel saying this will be a good time for an overtime game hah overtime hockey is GREAT, GREAT to watch… but do we really want overtime with this team?
    do our hearts and blood pressures need overtime tonight? no
    We need to take any win we can get i understand that but if u r gona dream/wish then just wish, dream and hope for a win period, and even though there woudl be nothing better than an overtime Win to clinch the series, i would feel much better about things winning during the first 60 minutes hah but we will see

  138. sorry, for some reason, work happened!

    3-1, and i consider it lucky because my grandparents were in the dream, and they are both no longer with us. Only good things happen when I dream of them!!

  139. Rozi has been real sound defensively in this series too by the way, he realizes its playoffs and plays like it, shoudl shoot more obviously still on the offensive end but i dont think you can say rozsival has been a “big part” of the power play failure.. I’m pretty positive the team has done that collectively as a team equally, you could go up and down the roster, through the 4 defenseman that are on it most often (Rozi/Redden/Mara/Morris) and any of the 7-8 forwards that have been on it throughout the year.. woudl liek to see Girardi and especially Staal on the PP more often but i see why they dont get that much time, its bc they get the bulk of the PK time and the bulk of the even strength time, against the other teams best players.. but still staal can eventually be a force at the point on the PP, the few times he ever gets to shoot he makes good hard shots, whether it goes in or not.. and we all see he can carry the puck well also, watch some video of his OHL days too if u really want to see how good he can carry
    So in summary the PP can not be blamed more on Rozi than others lol

  140. No Country,

    Havent been doing the acid/huffing routine but if it dulls the pain of this season I might reconsider…

    Gomez hasnt played to his potential but he is a piece of the puzzle. Pair him with a sick shooter and THEY will produce… are you arguing his ability to bring the puck in deep and dish the biscuit?

    Everyone on the team needs to play better…and it is my sincere belief that they will do just that tonight.

    Would love an AA goal this evening… CMON RANGERS

  141. It’s too bad he’s been probably our best defenseman this series.


    First of all, he’s supposed to be.

    Second of all, he would be certainly the worst one if Torts didn’t keep him away from Ovechkin as much as possible.


    I have to agree with this


    So do I…

  142. Here is some good news:
    If our boys pull it out tonight they will be nice and refreshed for the Boston series.
    Maybe they didn’t ‘show up’ in the three losses to conserve energy for the next series. They really have always been a very intelligent team.


    WTF are you talking about?

    Refreshed? They’d have to fly straight to Boston without even stopping at home, wouldn’t they?

    And Boston SWEPT… They’ll be more refreshed than anyone.

    And *intelligent* team? WTF are you getting at?

  143. PruBelongsOnTheIce on


  144. You didnt catch any of the sarcasm about the intelligent team part? Im speakin on his behalf but I have to think they were bein sarcastic about how they were being intelligent about not showing up for the two 4-0 games

    and refreshed i think he means refreshed as in rejuvenated after winning the series, not refreshed as in rested.. just my thoughts on what he meant


  146. Dru the short straw on

    with all the bailouts going on in Wash these days, I hope that Henrik can bailout the Rangers tonight.

    and maybe Captain Invisible can provide a stimulus. after all, he has enough money to do so.

    but then again, I wouldn’t want it to ruin his earth day.

  147. instead of doing an EA Sports NHL 09 simulation of rangers and washington, I’m going to play as the Rangers and see what happens, you know why? because




  150. Does anyone have any compelling reasons why I should watch the game tonight? I need some. I’m feeling weak after taking care of the sick kitty all weekend and not sure I have the heart to watch this…

    Convince me!

  151. Dru
    Is today really Earth day??

    What am I doing at work running lights and electricity with my pick-up truck idling in the parking lot all day for?

  152. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I was going to add, I bet it’s only a 5% cut. Which makes those $2600 tickets more like $2500.

  153. Dru the short straw on

    kaspar, I would reply, but I tuned off my computer to save energy.

    actually, the electric company cut me off due to unpaid bills.

  154. Dru the short straw on

    .946 save% the first 4 games for Henrik, to .735 the last 2

    let’s hope he’s BAAAAAAAAAAck tonite

  155. i can stil remember when the rangers traded for zherdev watching the video they had on of all his sick higlight goals from last year.. how nice would it be to see just a GOAL from him, i dont care how pretty or ugly… it could happen tonight, it could happen

  156. Everything on my screen melded into one…did I just read above that Crosby saved the NHL by assassanating Bettmans Kitty???….and Sally had a .946 Save Percentage??

  157. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Rob M- Do you play NHL 09 online? PS3? Let me know, would love to play sometime. That goes for anybody else on the board

  158. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Dudley- That’s what kills me about him, he CAN dish it and he CAN carry the puck beautifully but what he CANT do is make players around him better and that’s what separates good players from great players

    Jagr/Dubinsky last season, perfect example

  159. u know waht i want gomez to do tonight, make the players around and near him look worse instead of better, for example like tom poti john erskine mike green pothier, make them look worse
    do it scott, do it

  160. The last piece of the choke puzzle gets put in place tonight! It’ll go down as one of the greatest gag jobs in NY sports history. Can’t wait!

    Rangers tee time, 9 a.m. tomorrow. Bring your heavy clubs.

    Coach will bring the water bottles.


  161. they just had Pierre on Francesa. they are going to take hockey calls now. wow, all of 10 mins on hockey for the fat yankee lover

  162. Yes 7th place Rangers vs 2nd place Caps…up 3-1 worse choke then…

    Yankees up on sox 3-0
    Mets any year in September
    Jets first half of this season ( also 10-1 in 1986)
    Kramer about to rule the world in RISK

  163. “Rob M- Do you play NHL 09 online? PS3? Let me know, would love to play sometime. That goes for anybody else on the board”

    I do. best sports game ever.

    otherone81 add me.

  164. No Country-

    Fair point… and I see where you are going with that and agree. I dont think any of the Ranger faithful are going to confuse Gomez with Jagr, especially at this point in the season (ie, Jagr was able to be doubly effective thanks to being a goal scoring threat everytime whereas every great pass Gomez makes has to be deeper since opposing goalies arent all that terrified of his shot).

    Also, let me clarify something… I said best player… what I meant to say was, “best offensive” player.

    That being said, I dont think Gomez is a has been or suffers from lack of drive. I dont find his perma-smile to be reflective of a lack of care. I think the guy will find his game again and be a valuable part of our team for a time to come much as I believe Drury still has much to offer the Rangers… (I can hear the uproar now from this board) their contracts are impossible to live up to, and I am not debating that. All I am saying, is that I wouldnt feel comfortable lumping those two in with certain other players that are afraid to finish a check or are afraid to EVER shoot the puck.

    Is it 7 yet?

  165. Linda:
    Lets hope your grandparents are right and that your dream was a VERY good dream.

    Im out of here boys and girls!

    Will be back tomorrow to either discuss the happiness with the win, or the other.


  166. hello MaryLou, goodbye Dru on

    my nickname should be MaryJane, for that’s what I smoke, which rhymes with coke.

  167. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Geez, what happened to this place? People saying the Rangers will be fresh for Boston? Someone citing Hank’s SV% as the reason for the Rangers demise? Someone saying Rozsival’s been defensively solid this series?

    Wow! Hank let in 2 softie’s game 5, but you can’t expect him to win a shutout or to even force a scoreless overtime when the Rangers defense has lapses everywhere (which is what happened game 6). I can even address the other comments they are so off-base.

  168. A little push back is what I am looking for tonight. An actual forecheck from the Rangers would be a welcome sight again. Could Gomez please set up some people tonight? Maybe AA OR Zherdev or maybe Antropov. One of those guys…we CAN win in Washington…it is just a matter of A. Staying out of the box, B. Putting in at least ONE PP goal (I know, I like to dream…), C. Forechecking HARD, and D. get more then 30 shots on varlamov

    Seriously…I want the Rangers to come out with another hardworking 20 shot period like they had against Brodeur and the Devils back in March.

  169. Organ music plays, sung to the background of “Johnny B. Goode”

    Way down Verizon Center
    Down in D.C. way
    Two teams will get together to a-hockey play
    A series that was over or the Blue Shirts thought
    But Ovie and the boys said, oh no it’s not!

    Choke, choke
    Choke Rangers choke!
    Choke choke
    Choke Rangers choke!
    Choke choke
    Choke Rangers choke!
    Choke choke

    Time to play golf!

  170. Brandon
    April 28th, 2009 at 10:16 am
    Least deserving? What does that even mean?

    As in the Caps have some sort of entitlement to winning b/c they have the game’s biggest star and have compiled more shots? Shots aren’t goals. Thats why they call them shots, not goals. That’s why the closest you can come to scoring, hitting the post, doesn’t even count as a shot on net… why? Because it’s not on net. Furthermore, last time I checked, you can also lose a baseball game with more hits.

    On top of that, you actually have to play a game and win to be entitled to the win; they call it sports.

    There is no such thing as “deserving” in sports. Absolutely no such thing at all. It’s wins, it’s losses and sometimes the better team, better player or even hardest workers don’t win. That’s why sports are great.

    If they decided games on who deserved to win, why would we even bother showing up?

    I mean, I deserve to hit the lotto under that rationale. I’ve been a good upstanding citizen. I’ve never stolen. I watch my carbs. Hell, I should be a millionaire. That’s more logical than this moron’s take.

    hellz yea brandon! f them “entitled” punks. they are entitled to play dirty, bite our guys, headhunt, leave feet when hitting, and they were entitled to draft some of the best playersand the best in the world, and all we got is a shaky hank. i think were the ones who’ve perservered with a hurt drury, a season ending injury to our best pk’er, and constantly biased officiating. as far as im concerned, were the ones who kept it a tight interesting series. they are the 2nd seed, were the 7th. they should be better, but whatever. i love the underdog role, and this whole sideshow should unite all of us fans tonight! go rangers!!!! go cujo..err dubinsky!!! go 1 armed leprechaun!!!!, go go gadget gomez!! go maras beard!!!! go go naslund spin o rama from 20 feet bad angle shot!!! go antro the android. torts-reprogram antro for termination mission. target- ovechkin!!

  171. “Geez, what happened to this place? People saying the Rangers will be fresh for Boston? Someone citing Hank’s SV% as the reason for the Rangers demise? Someone saying Rozsival’s been defensively solid this series?

    Wow! Hank let in 2 softie’s game 5, but you can’t expect him to win a shutout or to even force a scoreless overtime when the Rangers defense has lapses everywhere (which is what happened game 6). I can even address the other comments they are so off-base.’

    You think thats bad? What about Crosby and Bettman conspiring to kill Kennedy and his kitty…who had a .999946 save percentage…did you read that too?

  172. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I liked the tea-time, water-bottle (fore!) one. That was funny.

    This one was bad, even for an inbred redneck. Is that why ya’ll “rock the red?” so that your farmer’s tans blend together?

    * Choke, choke
    Choke Rangers choke!

  173. whats roszival done wrong?

    sundays defense lapses was thanks to morris/zherdev on the first goal, second goal was a PP goal thanks to a Mara PP and a lucky bounce off a SHOTBLOCK from Rozsival (shotblocks are good when defending in the sport of hockey)
    3rd Goal 3 on 1, 4th goal Kozlov beat Staal, 5th Goal PP by ovechkin tipped from Poti
    Dont see Rozi in there, and the other games he has been real good, Mara & Morris were brutal game 3, game 5 was just a debaccle.. i dont see how rozsival has had a bad series? people just love to find scapegoats to hate on, for the most part this year being mostly Redden along with Rozi

  174. Johnny LaRue on


    “Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well”

    From the gang at J. Peterman.

  175. Well Seanie’s mind’s on Elle mag and a fashion shoot
    And Lundquist is a thinkin’ he might be a fruit
    Coach Tort’s too busy pitchin’ bottles to even care
    And Gomez is a-skatin’ in his underwear

    Choke choke
    Choke Rangers choke!
    Choke choke
    Choke Rangers choke!
    Choke choke
    Choke Rangers choke!
    Choke choke
    Choke Rangers choke!

    Time to go home!

  176. jake- hey, go ahead, beat us tonight. we got no star players except hank and we still took your asses to game 7. i wouldnt feel to great about that. so yea, beat us and then play against a team who not only has a goalie, but some star forwards as well. good luck in that one. if you guys even get to boston i will enjoy every moment chara knocks jaws, i mean ovechkin on his ugly ass constantly

  177. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I read the other whacky stuff and figured someone got a hold of a little ‘somethin, somethin’ and started a pre-game misery/celebration!

    It’s funny, if you get here late most nights Liquid is saying the weirdest stuff… but ya’ll topped him/her “fo’ sho’!”

  178. I’m picking the Rangers….
    may the gods be with us
    (takes shot of whiskey…looks around)

  179. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Zherdev, Anisimov, and Antro all score tonight

    Ovechgay, Semen, Varlamov all have bad games.

  180. rosival falling down like a beginner and letting the puck get by him for the shorty goal with equal blunder from drury

    yeah, he’s been just great on the PP

  181. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rob M.
    Rozi has taken shots on net only two of the 6 games this series! He’s not paid to be a defensive defensman! The PP failure can be partially blamed on him. He was also minus-2 in game 5 and was one of the two numbskullsnutz responsible for the very first SH goal against! He’s not even playing against Ovie most of the game either! Save the pleasantries, he hasn’t been good. He’s been average or bad this series.

  182. rob- rozi has continually played horrible on the point on the pp, he is slow, he gets out worked to every loose puck, he didnt play that bad in game 6. that was morris, mara and zherdev, and then staal pinching in and leaving 1 guy back. hes not totally horrible, but for a vet, he should be much better. i agree, he has some good games, and then is awful the next. for the most part though, he hasnt been the reason we are in the position were inj. but hes not really helpin the cause either

  183. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I’m so on edge right now, just snapped a 3rd grader in a red shirt

  184. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m picking the Rangers too. I can’t believe it because I originally thought the Devils would win in 7, but i just have a gut feeling that the Rangers find their A-game (similar to Giants 2 years ago) and pull out a big win against a great opponent on the road.

  185. Matteau, Matteau, Matteau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aka ….


  186. Mikey McD!CK on

    our best defensive player is out indefinitely with a broken orbital bone/concussion, so lets just give it up and lose tonight..lets face it the odds are stacked against us. the league drools over AO and wants them to go all the way. call me pessimistic but its almost worth it to lose the series so that dolan and slats will “clean house”. waive everyone of the kids except dubi, callahan, and staal..make them A’s and C please. Resign betts for a big deal. get a superstar goal scorer (kovalchuk). Id like for antro and gomez to stick around. Drury your weak broken hand or not, just run away, you don’t have enough pride to last here in NYC. i love how we can’t even score more than 2 goals a game on a consistent bases. Hank its all up to you tonight because well, you are the only one who can save your team the embarrasment..

  187. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow. How bad an omen is that?! I wanted to type “CAPITALS” but typed “Devils would win…” oy veh.

  188. i think he had a weak season for hiim after playing real solid last 2 seasons before that but in the playoffs he really doesnt deserve to get abused he has been solid in the series
    and someone said he barely plays against best players, thats not true, they ideally want staal/girardi out there but redden/rozsival have been trusted vs ovechkin and co. and have done a good job, its when mara and morris r out there in the games at washington vs ovechkin when there is disaster bound to happen

  189. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Thanks IA mike. I’m out for now guys… i’ll see you later when we Rock out with our Red… shirts out!

    I love this misfit of an organization (Sather, Avery, Torts, the water-bottle fillers)! LGR!

  190. oh and by the way, if everyone played as they were paid to play, gomez and drury woudl hav 90 pts each, & redden woudl hav 25 goals, 15 of them being on the PP…
    Lets just take things for what they are now, and not say what they r paid to do
    Rozsival got a lot of money to be solid on the point but also to defend well, he is a good balanced d-man on both side of the puck (when he plays like he did in 06-07 & 07-08.. Those years him, Girardi, Staal & Tyutin were all fundamentally sound both ways, especially defensively
    So the defensive part of the game counts too, dont say well hes paid to run PP & be offensively effectively, we all know that was the thinking when these contracts were signed.. now we have to settle for waht we can get out of them

  191. Mike in IA,

    If the caps were to have won, they wouldnt matchup with the Bruins (1 and 2 seeds)…

    But none of that matters, they wont and we will.


  192. Rob M

    You consistently make strong and informed points…

    …from my point of view.

    I wish I was at the Verizon center… tickets arent even selling for that much of a premium.

  193. ThisYearsModel on

    Has our march to the penalty box started yet? I expect we end up in there 6-8 times tonight, unless the Caps break out on top and lead throughout.

  194. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    What a long day! I’m going to go home and take a brashear and get ready to watch the Rangers win this game!!!!

  195. My brother went to pick up pizza from our fav local place, so I’ll be taking a brashear before the game as well.

  196. good looks Dudley

    90 minutes til war starts anyone else starting to feel it in their bones

  197. Heading out of the office as we speak… Volume will be set to high, bathroom breaks will be non-existent, and I’ll have a liberal amount of beverages next to me to assist with the anxiety disorder this series has given me.

    You gotta believe…

  198. I just wanted to you guys to know my pregame nap is in effect.

    Im not sure if it will carry over into game time.

  199. come to think of it, i might drop a brashear too. im gonna have to give my toilet a 6 game suspension after all that beer and taco bell last night

  200. jake mchugh, you are lamer than lame. your poetry is cute though. will you come back and post if the caps lose tonight?

    geez is it game time yet. this day has dragged on longer than i care to remember.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!! Make your fans proud!

  201. its ok chris. im sure after thsi incredible season you had, this one little game wont ruin your summer golfing!. just make sure you dont play too hard and re injure your golf swing. or your stroke

  202. hmmmthat was more like a byfuglien than a brashear. whew!! glad i got that one over with. talk about the dump of death

  203. Captain Mumbles on

    is there a microphone that will pick up the soft mumbling of our capitan? it is like pulling teeth to get him to utter a few syllables, and then he just has trouble getting his lips to open and he just grits and grinds out a soft sighing mumble that is all cliches and predictable pablum.

    oh, the life of a reporter

  204. thats why im here on

    lets see if drury can do the same thing he did to us when he was with Buffalo…he has been clutch throughout his career and we need him to be tonight!!! go rangers!!

  205. If Tortorella is true to his own philosophy, Zheredev should be scratched tonight for Anisimov & Betts is replaced by whoever is most like him from Hartford.


    Since the Blues are done, can’t we get JD to do the color. I would feel a lot more confident if I heard “ohhhh, baby!..”

  207. PJ
    April 28th, 2009 at 5:48 pm
    jake mchugh, you are lamer than lame. your poetry is cute though. will you come back and post if the caps lose tonight?


    Sure, PJ, sure!

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