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Today’s practice should be interesting: Tortorella will speak for the first time since his suspension. He hasn’t apologized yet that I know of. Blair Betts will surely be reexamined, and if he sustained a concussion he’s probably done for quite a while.

The Rangers will try to make everybody believe they think they can win Game 7, and that all is well with their goalie, who wasn’t as horrible as people make him out to be, but surely buckled against an overwhelming attack playing vs. a less-than-ordinary defensive team (men vs. boys?).

And will talk about Colton Orr, and whether he will dress for Game 7, and whether they will have to recall a player from Hartford (which was up 2-0 in its playoff series and got bounced in six).

Here is my column in The Journal News and today, talking about what a proud day yesterday was for the New York Rangers (not).

Yet here the Rangers are, needing only to win one game to advance. Imagine.

I’ll be back later from practice.

Here are the official game summary and event summary from Game 6.

MORNING UPDATE, 11:05 P.M.: Artem Anisimov is in the building. Don’t know if he’ll play, but why wouldn’t he?

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  1. Repost:

    So…….Do we shave our beards tonight in hope of a fresh start, or do we leave them and hope that it gives the team strength?

    I wonder if any of our players read this blog like Ovie reads the blogs of the Caps?

    Hi guys, you suck! Can you change that a but for us?

  2. Do they want to win? on

    Im really not that sure that the Rangers even want to take the beating of a series vs. Boston. I truly feel that way.

    The Caps on the other hand, want this thing so bad…

    I would be interested in seeing the Vegas line for the Caps tomorrow…It might be the most lop-sided spread in the history of game 7’s.

    Betting on the Rangers could pay out like the power-ball.

  3. Lundqvist is a God on

    Maybe better to lose now instead of in the 2nd round and just secure a better draft pick

  4. I shaved my beard between the 2nd and 3rd period and the Rangers scored twice. Take that for whatever it may mean.

  5. maybe you should bet a large amount on Caps. This way if they win you’ll have money and if they lose you’ll be broke but who cares (rangers advance)

  6. dancing_echoes on

    I’m not going to deny that we don’t deserve to win this series, after the stunning lack of heart displayed by some of the players on the team. However, I’m stunned by the fact that some of the media (the washington post in particular) think that the cheap shot taken by Brashear and the biting incident by Morrison are a subject of amusement.

  7. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    two questions carp. why is josh thomson’s picture on the right of this page. does he write articles for lohud, i thought the picture was for people who do the blog. i guess it’s just there to plug Boston University.

    2nd, if we are losing game 7 and there is no chance of coming back, like in the 3rd period yesterday, i hope Torts (he is bostonian) makes our guys go out there and just drill people.

    call me sick or not, those losers yesterday for NBC made it appoint to pronounce that worthless toads name correctly, var LA mov. that sickened me more than the rangers lack of effort. i hope that colton orr or aaron voros lay a career ender on varLAmov. that sick loser. those losers at nbc probably misunderstood that loser varLAmov and mispronounced it anyway. only a sick worthless pig goes by varLAmov.

    whooooo, i feel 1% better after that rant.

  8. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    the only thing that should strike them should be voros’ stick on varLAmov’s head and also a paralysis hit to Ovechkin, and then the rangers should take care of voros for the rest of his life for ending the careers of 2 of the most worthless bums on the face of the planets, throw that piece of worthless **** matt bradley in on the list too.

    again, if were going to lose, i say we turn it into some


  9. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    but im not giving up, we can still win and stick it to those lets lose in overtime at home to the flyers last year losers.

  10. WFAN just reported that Brashear has a hearing with the NHL at 1 PM today. They better suspend that loser.

  11. I feel like Sean Puffy P Diddy Diddy Puff Daddy Combs in Monster’s Ball waiting to get executed. That is what it feels like waiting for tomorrow night’s game.

    My class is like a HUGE b*tch fest today. All Ranger and Devil fans. I am not even teaching. We are ALL just venting about it. Ha.

  12. Why we will win Tuesday (disclaimer: reader discretion advised)

    I was just thinking about it, and it only makes sense that we should win Tuesday; here’s why: This has been the most BIZZARE and inconsistent season I have ever witnessed. From the braindead signings in the off-season, the 0-for pre-season, starting in Prague, going undefeated in October, going 0-for in February, Renney firing, Torts hiring, Avery 2, shootouts galore, this entire series, etc. etc. (the list goes on and on).

    So, if we lose tomorrow that would actually make for a consistency, which in it’s own right would be inconsistent, right? We all expect to lose, yet anything we’ve expected all year has been the opposite. The only way for this season to be “consistently inconsistent” would be for us to win tomorrow.

    Right now, we’re playing with the house’s money. We have nothing to lose b/c we’ve already lost it all.

  13. Why do you want Brash out? on

    In all honesty…I would rather Brash be in the lineup tomorrow for the Caps..He will hardly see any ice time…The other option would be Clark or Nylander..

    Game 7’s hardly ever have rough stuff…it is too risky to take a penalty, and players turtle to get penalty calls..(Erskine/Avery punch)

    Even if Brash isnt suspended, I dont think the Caps bother to dress him..they will want speed and offense…not some guy that stirs it up and plays two minutes of hockey…

  14. Orr has to play, I know the coaches are different but everybody forgot how Philly took liberties 2 yrs sgo when he sat. NBC guys really didn’t dwell on the Brashear elbow. I like Mara but a bear hug after the elbow doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to go in throwing fists.

    All of that doesn’t explain how bad the Rangers were yesterday. Lundqvist is back to his high glove side flaw. Did sitting Avery make him too timid yesterday? Something will change tomorrow either NYR blow 3-1 lead or they win game 7 on road. Neither have occurred before.

    Right now I see a bloodbath. I hope Torts has something up his sleeve.

  15. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Torts has really coached the Rangers out of win this series. First he disciplines Avery with the scratch, right or wrong, it certainly blew up in his face and nuetered Avery for game 6. Then he gets suspended for a lack of discipline after scratching Avery for a lack of discipline, not surprising the Rangers come out flat after that kind of hypocrisy. Finally he scratches Orr, which allows Brashere to win the game for the Caps in the first 10 minutes with his cheap shot.

    I like Torts as a coach, but he has really screwed up this series. If Renney had made these mistakes, there would be a lynch mob. Of course, if Renney were still the coach we’d already be golfing.

  16. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    they still need to score goals to win. thats where the king steps in. if they dont score they dont win. therefore, we’ve got a shot. its not like the champions league in football where you can draw with a team on the road and then draw 0-0 at home and still win. They have to score, we have to score, it’s a matter of who wants it more, and whether or not a pigscum loser will put the puck down and instead of putting it in the net, put it to his backhand and right into the goalie lying on the ground.

  17. Honestly, I don’t even know if I want to watch game 7. The team showed ZERO life in games 5 and 6… so why bother?

  18. for any U2 fans…Rangers came out to “Magnificent” from the new album…they should have played “Moment of Surrender” at the close of the game as well.

  19. Why do you want Brash out? on

    Last year when the Caps played the Flyers in game 7 there were only a few hooks and trips called…No rough stuff after the whistle.

    That was a rough series as well…I dont see it happening tomorrow..No one wants to go to the box for 5 minutes…and no one wants to be the goat on a game changing dumb penalty.

  20. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Pavel, i wouldnt watch game 7 if it were tonight. i wont watch the yankees tonight in favor of “24”, because 24 shows more effort than the yankees/rangers do right now, and although the giants had a pretty darn good draft, we cant win offensively with hakeem nicks as our NO. 1 wr, we need a no.1 plain and simple, we cant let a season go to waste like last years playoffs when we’ve got the defense we do.

  21. Green and Brashear hearing at 1pm per ESPN. How much does anyone want to bet that nothing comes out of it?

  22. Since Torts was presumably responsible for scratching Orr BEFORE Brashear’s warmup message and didn’t give Schoeny the authority to restore Orr to the list after the Caps submitted their lineup, let’s hope he’s got enough smarts to import some muscle from Hartford to supplement Orr on Tuesday. If he puts a torpedo on his two “skill” lines, Boudreau will have to monkey with his own.

  23. Why do you want Brash out?
    Becuase after game 1 they inserted him in the lineup and they morphed into a different team. A team that thinks they can rough us up without any ramifications as was most evident in Game 6!!

  24. lulu,

    thats great but it doesnt help us score nor does it really hurt the caps. if brashear is not playing then orr shouldnt play either. we need a harder for check. id bring up anisomov and bell if betts cant go. have 4th line of sjos anismov bell.

  25. Why do you want Brash out?
    April 27th, 2009 at 10:20 am
    “Last year when the Caps played the Flyers in game 7 there were only a few hooks and trips called…No rough stuff after the whistle.

    That was a rough series as well…I dont see it happening tomorrow..No one wants to go to the box for 5 minutes…and no one wants to be the goat on a game changing dumb penalty.”

    Ah, but I believe Poti was in the box for a penalty when the Flyers scored in OT. I don’t remember what the call was, but I do remember it being something that would have never been called pre-lockout.

  26. Green might be getting suspended for calling Stahl and Dubi gay..It’s obvious Sather doesnt like the name calling.

  27. Domi, You are right, under the radar of the Brashear/Betts hit – Kovlov scored a goal and continued skating hard into LQ and slammed right into him – no one did anything about it… generally, that is the type of thing that results in a scrum esp. in the playoffs – it has to to prevent the agressively charging the goalie…

    …the lack of talent is one thing, but the lack of heart, grit and caring makes it very hard to cheer on this particular group of players… that is on Sather, as they are not very skilled and dont care..

  28. yea what’s going on with Green? He didn’t do anything did he? If anything I can see this joke of a league looking at Dubi’s hit on Green?….?

  29. Yeah…the call on Poti last year in Game 7 was a little weak…but NHL officiating is weak in general so no suprises there.

  30. Last night, at around 11:30 I heard keys jingling in my front door, so I was a little freaked out. I peeked through the window and it was a man who seemed to be a bit incoherent and lost. I opened the door and he pushed me out of the way and said, “Oh good, honey I am home, the damn key wouldn’t work, and who is this guy in our home?” I was very puzzled at first, but after I turned the light on I realized what was going on. It was Blair Betts. Still dazed and confused from being cheap shotted earlier in the day. I gave him a ride home, and he was very thankful. I seriously doubt he will be playing in Game 7. What I night.

  31. Brashear = Magila Guerilla, how much is that monkey in the window? He should get at least a 1 game sus.

  32. What about the Biter???????? I think Buttman should personally inject every player on the Caps with a Rabies vaccine.

  33. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    yes candstandya, i mean costanza, we did nothing about lundy getting run over just like they were the ones giving cheap shots up 4 goals. such is New York, take it in the heinie, with nary a response. but when Joba Chamberlain throws behind some fat pole smoker who whines about everything, he gets suspended when he didnt hit anyone and you cannot judge intent.

  34. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    the officiating in every sport is weak, but generally out to get the NY teams. I’ve tried to deny it the past year or two, with all the people on here and yankees lohud calling me conspiracy theorist, etc. but it’s just to evident to ignore. it doesnt happen every game, but enough to make a large impact on a team. id like to take a hockey stick and stick it right through bill mcqueery’s eyes and blind the sob.

  35. Patrick Brennan on

    I better see a warning for madcat for this comment after I got a warning from Carp for this same type comment!!!!

    madcat April 27th, 2009 at 10:31 am

    Brashear = Magila Guerilla, how much is that monkey in the window? He should get at least a 1 game sus.

  36. how is that a warning? didn’t mean it to be racial if that’s what you are referring to, someone else had made a simliar comment.

    If that is the way it is being interpreted, then I apologize to ALL.

  37. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    this will define NY and referees,

    Dick Bavetta was accused of being a NYK fan long ago, 4 point play Larry Johnson. What a joke, of all the referees and each Boston team, Dick Bavetta was singled out. What about every umpire being a red sox fan (there are a few fair ones to the NYY, not many).

    Manchester United played in the FA Cup semis the other day. Before the game, the head official was accused of being a Man U fan. There was a clear penalty kick that could have won us the game in a scoreless result, but because he was wary of having his integrity questioned, he didnt give it to us, we lost on PK’s later.

    Sickening, referees, certain ones, should be shot and hunted for food, like poor animals that are killed for fun, sickening. Referees are lesser than roaches. Id rather stomp on a referee than a roach.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Copy and Pasted from that link.

    * Mike Green and Donald Brashear may be suspended for Game 7 at the Verizon Center, according to reports from the Washington Post, as reported moments ago on ESPN’s SportsCenter. However I can’t find any information related to this on the Post’s website. I assume they are still working on the report. Brashear was involved in a huge hit of Blair Betts are center ice in Sunday afternoon’s contest. There were also allegations that Shaone Morrisonn bit Rangers center Brandon Dubinsky. Maybe it was really Green? I guess we’ll soon find out. This article will be updated once more details are available. However as of writing this, I cannot find anything on,, or the Post’s site. So considering the source of ESPN at the moment, take this with a grain of salt.

    TSN does report :

    Washington Capitals forward Donald Brashear has a 1pm et hearing with the National Hockey League to discuss his actions in Game 6 against the New York Rangers. Brashear will face supplemental discipline for both his exchange with New York’s Colton Orr in the warm-up prior to the game and his late hit on Rangers forward Blair Betts in the first period.

    ** UPDATE : ESPN just retracted on SportsCenter, stating that Mike Green and Donald Brashear have not been suspended, yet. However they both now have a hearing at 1pm today. This is according to ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun. They also quoted George Mcphee, whose phone must have rung off the hook after to the previous report. The biting incident with Shaone Morrissonn is alleged to have happened after Dubinsky boarded Green, so Green would have been on the ice, and involved in that scrum. Is it possible that he bit an opposing player?

  39. Torts castrated Avery in game 5. Then Torts castrated the team in game 6 with his suspension. Sadly I think we are done.

    Washington is -240. That means put up 240 to win 100 on Washington. Put up 100 to win 240 on the Rangers. The Caps are like a 7 to 3 favorite.

    What about a replay on Morrison biting Dubinsky? I mean Dubi’s wound wasn’t self inflicted.

    And is everyone convinced on Zherdev yet? I mean that wide open net to make it 3-2 and instead it was 4-1 about 20 secs later. Bring up AA and let him play for Z. Cannot do worse.

  40. After being inspired by seeing the motion picture Tyson this past weekend, Capitals Defenseman Mike Green decided to use a play out of the Tyson playbook, by biting Rangers center Brandon Dubinsky late in the second period. After being suspended on Monday, Green only had one response when questioned by reporters, “It seems I bit off more than I could chew.” More details later on the 7 PM edition of Sportscenter.

  41. What would have happened had Marcus Naslund calmly put the puck in the net to give the Rangers (at the time) a 2-1 lead?? Different scenario?? That play gave me nightmares.

  42. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    i love the commercial, its the NBA, where amazing happens.

    theyre right,

    its amazing when a former player of a specific team is the general manager of another team, then gives one of the best players in the league to the team he played for in his day for nothing, and the recipient wins the NBA title no problem.

  43. Can’t believe that ESPN is breaking all this news on the NHL.. HAHA just goes to show you how and all the other major hockey networks are keeping this as quiet as they can. That biting incident must be big name, sounds like it was Green.

  44. Until the Rangers get some serious heart and muscle o this roster this team will not be a serious Cup contender. The way they get pushed around is a disgrace. Sather must go!!!!

  45. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    Why calmly put the puck in when you can make a tremendous backhand deke to fool the empty net?

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How are the Rangers going to generate ANY scoring chances if Green’s suspended?! Damn it! :)

  47. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    oh well, betts is done for season, broken orbital bone, there goes our PK

  48. Rick, regarding Waterbottle-Gate, please try and find a “deep throat” -this was an inside job for sure. I think you need to get all Woodwardy and Bernsteiny on this and discover how the Caps did this.

  49. That hurts. Betts being hurt, really hurts us. You can see from the two PP goals against yesterday, how important he is to our team.

  50. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    this is my suspicion,

    green and brashear were suspended and thats why it broke on espn, then the league realized they were playing the rangers, and said we cant suspend green, and so espn retracted it. Espn never makes mistakes, like perhaps reporting Darryl Strawberry dead several years ago, things like that dont happen to espn ;)

  51. Sam (not the great Weinman)

    Where did you see that about Betts? If that is true, they should suspend Brashear for as long as Betts has to miss because of Brashear’s vicious and flagrant attack.

  52. As of this moment, NHL homepage shows nothing of Brash potential suspension or the Green hearing. Since when where they behind the 8 ball on hockey news.
    This news has been available for about an hour.

  53. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    NHL is a political machine. They will keep the exposure to the minimum on the homepage, and hope to sweep it under the rug.

  54. Seth
    I heard that ESPN reported that Green and Brashear were suspended and then retracted that report a few minutes later.

  55. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I bet it’s the same spot that Betts broke/fractured last year in the playoffs (or 2 years ago!?). That was also a broken orbital bone.

  56. As bad as they’ve crumbled and as much as it took smoke & mirrors to even get up 3 games to 1… our Rangers still have a shot.

    In a Game 7, anything can happen.


  57. Bruce is def outcoaching Torts, albeit illegally. If I were Bruce, I would have gone after the same guy in Betts. Now that they’ve successfully taken out our best penalty killer. Their power play should be significantly better than it already has been.

  58. again suspending Brashear is like having bernie madoff give back $500 mill of the $50 bill he stole and calling it a day.

    he brutally and the key word intentionally hurt another player..

    INTENT, with the knowledge or tacit aprroval of his coach took out another player. Is it debateable….

  59. ESPN also said Ovechkin has been suspended, and Gretzky signed a one game contract with the Rangers for tomorrow…Please ESPN…just stay out of it…

  60. Rookie Artem Anisimov has been called up and is practicing with the Rangers this morning, an obvious indication that Blair Betts, as expected, will not be available for tomorrow night’s Game 7.

    Good lets hope artie can do something good tonight
    HE should be fresh from the Wolfpacks playoffs as well

  61. If Green did bite Dubinsky, he should be suspended 1 game. That’s what happened to Rutuu when he bit Andrew Peters. So anything less is just the star treatment.

    As far as Brashear, it was clearly a late, intentional headshot. Brashear of all people should know how much it sucks to get hit in the head, and refrain from doing it to others. Suspend him, or better yet, suspend Semin to punish the team and prevent no-skill goons from running around and injuring players who contribute

  62. Good for anisimov. suit orr and anisimov instead of Betts and Voros…

    the NHL cabal starts.. wow they will discipline a 6 time abuser Brashear, jsutice is served.

    the 4 blind mice did not see the brutal, late, and dirty hit…My bad they told Drury it was clean!!!!Think about that sports fans the hack ref’s thought the hit was clean, and the geniuses like milbury and other league hacks thought it was borderline…

  63. Brashear suspension should be 20 games, no pay, and the caps fined $500 K.. The Semin suspension so they do not reward hurting contributing players also should happen Joein Dleaware is correct.

    SIt green and Semin and then enjoy the PP.

    BTW this was all premeditated, no question about it……….

    Brashear is a fool, beuadreau is a scum………Scum……

  64. If Green did bite Dubi, that is a huge hit to his reputation and to the league’s. We’re talking about a young star offensive defensemen. A rare specimen these days. If there’s no video, there’s no crime.

  65. Scumbags with no class period

    What are they five year olds? Biting another player?
    Its jsut ridiculous. You shoul dbe suspended for at least 5 games for biting ANYONE in ANY sport

    BRashear – great but who really cares
    GReen or Morrison – Gives us a little more of an advantage fi there not allowed to dress
    Put Shultz back in so Dubi can undress him twice in one series

  66. It is not the refs who are the problem, they take orders from the top. Of course Bettman AND the networks have conspired to have a Washington – Pittsburgh match-up. This reminds me of the NBA fixing the draft, years ago, so that a certain Georgetown center by the name of Patrick Ewing would be draftable by the New York Knicks. So it works both ways. Not that it is right because it is corrupt and disgusting. Like a recent Super Bowl outcome and a recent World Series that were fixed.

    What can one do? Nothing. It’s about abuse of power from politics to sports, nothing more, nothing less.

  67. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Green will get nothing for the biting, as I don’t think there is any video evidence. Brash will get 1 game for the pregame, and another for the viscious intent to injure elbow to the head. Yet Avery got 6 games for a “sloppy seconds” comment. The NHL is a joke.

  68. ctrain – Bruce is outcoaching Torts? Pretty easy when the team he’s coaching is head and shoulders above talent-wise. It’s not the coaching it’s the heartless and gutless team Sather handed over to Torts.

  69. ctrain-

    totally agree-huge blow to him and to the nhl so bettman and campbell will do anything and everything to cover it up if it is indeed true…..

    bettman is probably calling the official’s right now for tomorrow’s game….give the caps and the canes all the calls. we must have pens-caps round two…..just get it done whatever has to happen GET IT DONE for the Nothing But Crosby network

  70. Actually two World Series were fixed in recent years, Boston-St. Louis in 2004, and Philadelphia-Tampa Bay in 2008. And the Super Bowl fix I refer to is Pittsburgh getting ALL the calls vs. Seattle. Most flagrant fixed sports event in history, that was.

  71. Brashear should be set free into the jungle where they found him. And that’s not a racist comment…that’s saying an animal like him shouldn’t be allowed to compete in professional sports.

    If there is video of whichever Cap player biting Dubinsky, the suspension should be no question.

    But this is the NHL we’re talking about. Even the assclown refs thought the Betts hit was legal. When you’re that inept at your job and have freedom to be that inept…

    Well, there’s a reason why hockey ranks behind poker in this country. Start with Buttman and work your way down.

  72. Dr. good point. NHL considers hurting another mans FEELINGS more of a crime than hurting another mans BRAIN. In that case, the NHL should cancel game 7 due to the Caps fans hurting the feelings of Torts in Game 5.

  73. if the SJO fits on


  74. According to Betts has an orbital bone fracture and is done for the playoffs. Hello Artie.

  75. Cliff understood, but Torts knew full well before he took this job that he was going to have to coach with the hand that was dealt to him… Why havn’t we run their goaltender? Or sent orr out on Semin, or Backtrum?

  76. There IS video of the Dubi Bit, plus there’s the ACTUAL bite mark on his arm. WHat more do they need
    BRashear is a no brainer and WILL be suspended
    Whoever Bit Dubi is out, period. IF not then Campbell douche bag and BEttman are really in jeapordy of making the entire NHL a joke.

  77. Mikey,

    Do you have the link to the video? I’ve been searching and can’t find it yet, I’d love to see it.

  78. Cakewalk – How many conspiracy theories do you have? Can’t we all just enjoy sports and not think about the gambling or markting angles?

  79. need video of the biting!!!!!!!!

    Why look at his arm and the tetanous shot..

    who bit him? A ghost???? One of them did it it is not to hard to figure out.. If they lie, suspend both of them..How complicated can it be?????????

  80. I’d like to see the Rangers do what the Syracuse Bulldogs did before the Federal League Championship game against The Chiefs.

    If you can’t punch, you don’t play.

    In all honesty, our team has and will continue to be a joke. Washington should be embarrased that they have to play a game 7 against us. I’m also happy that I won’t have to give Dolan any more mercenary money out of my pocket.

    The only issue I have right now is what to do to Donald “proof of evolution” Brashear. To break our top penalty killer’s face open was without a doubt a premeditated plan and Washington has NOTHING to lose by a guaranteed “Simian” suspension.

    Screw this joke of a league, screw proper sportsmanship, and crack Capital skulls open tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Dude

  81. again the brashear antics were approved and advised by there jolly scumbag coach..

    no doubt about it… first of all he was in the lineup, 2nd his sweet hello at center ice during warmups, and then the bow to betts face….

    and OJ is innocent………..

  82. Ctrain016

    They haven’t sent Orr out on Semin or Backstrom because HE CAN’T CATCH THEM.

    The problem with this whole series is that the Rangers can’t handle Washington’s speed. The Caps get to every loose puck and are much better at pulling the puck off the wall in the defensive or offensive zone and moving it to a teammate.

    The only chance the Rangers have is if Lundqvist stands on his head again, but his confidence is shaken. I just don’t like our chances in Game 7.

    am I the only one who saw this coming? Who didn’t get caught up in the hoopla of the Game 4 win? I came right on here after that game and noted how the Rangers were on their heels that entire game and that if they continued to play that way, they would lose the series. Everyone told me to get my head out of my @$$.


  83. Same here Pavel. This guy is the ultimate team player. Keeps his mouth shut and plays heard and effective. Shit like that only happens to good guys.

  84. You know it’s funny…I actually like Rangers fans, and prefer them over Pens and Philly any day.

    These message boards need to chill..we are all Americans…

    Im also sorry for the guy who went off on Torts..he wasnt even in Red or in Caps gear…As you can tell, Real Caps fans wear Red..he was a nobody that somehow got those money seats and wanted to cause trouble…

  85. I just want payback…
    F the Caps I would like nothing more than to see a Caps player get plastered…
    You know in baseball when a pitcher throws at another player, there is hell to pay, and you know the opposing pitcher will retaliate. Dubi got bit and Betts is out because of a cheap shot fucking scumbag. (Sorry Carp but I’m PISSED!)
    I want someone to retaliate end of story!

  86. Greg_Section_403 on

    Does the NHL need video evidence of Dubi getting bitten? Dubi has a bite mark on his arm and he took a tetanus shot. Does the NHL think that Dubi went to the locker room and bit himself? Also, does the NHL seriously thing that Dubi would risk the following tetanus shot side effects if he really didn’t get bitten:

    Tetanus Shot Side Effects (from
    Difficulty in breathing or swallowing; hives; itching, especially of feet or hands; reddening of skin, especially around ears; swelling of eyes, face, or inside of nose; unusual tiredness or weakness (sudden and severe).


    Confusion; convulsions (seizures); fever over 103 °F (39.4 °C); headache (severe or continuing); sleepiness (excessive); swelling, blistering, or pain at place of injection (severe or continuing); swelling of glands in armpit; unusual irritability; vomiting (severe or continuing).

    Other side effects may occur that usually do not need medical attention. However, check with your doctor if any of the following side effects continue or are bothersome:

    More common
    Redness or hard lump at place of injection.

    Less common
    Chills, fever, irritability, or unusual tiredness; pain, tenderness, itching, or swelling at place of injection; skin rash.

  87. I’ve never hoped for an injury more in my life. I’m starting to hope all the Caps players get hurt instead of Pittsburgh… ok both!

  88. JAson

    They showed the replay on MSG with Al Troutface and Maloney

    I tivoed it and you can clearly see Dubi yelling as his hand is being bitten

    But yeah how can you call it with jsut a bite mark, a tetanus shot, and video?

    Such a joke if Morrison or GReen arent suspended for it

    I cant tell in the video cause Dubis arm is between both of them, and Green WAS in the scrum, not on the ice like some reports are saying. But it looks more like Green than Morrison from what I can see

  89. From Zipay:

    Artem Anisimov has joined team and is skating…

    Anisimov, 20, was 37-44-81 in 80, and two goals and a minus-4 in the playoffs for the Wolf Pack

    Assume he’ll be in for Betts

  90. ESPN bottom line reporting that Mike Green, Shoane Morrison and Donny Brashear all suspended for Game 7. Can someone confirm this?

  91. Caps Fan,
    GO HOME…your team is lame, Brashears cheap shot was a disgrace, and your team has players that would actually bite another player.
    Your team may win but its cheap! no sportsmanship whatsoever!

  92. If ever there was a time that makes you think longingly of the days when Mess would cross-check one of the opposing team’s best players IN THE FACE IN FRONT OF THEIR BENCH!

    Sadly, this Rangers squad doesn’t have the stones to do anything but quit. 4 or 5 players can’t carry the load for a team of pussies.

    And the Rangers are right now the biggest pussies in the league.

  93. True Fans Bleed RW&B April 27th, 2009 at 11:52 am

    Jay G, read the last hour of posts.

    Don’t have time, busy at work. just thought I would post.

  94. This team has derailed itself. The focus has changed from winning each game in whatever way possible to off ice garbage between Torts and Avery ,Torts and the league. it’s just gone in the toilet. lets hope the Caps collapse under the pressure of closing out the series and we can squeak a win out. Lets Go Rangers !

    The Mouth

    Ranger Crisis # 25

  95. Brasher’s hit on Betts= Roid Rage..

    Gary Bettman and the NHL need to look into the use of steroids in professional hockey, Simple as that. I can’t find a reason why they wouldn’t investigate.

  96. I can hear Buttman and Colie right now…

    “The Betts hit looked pretty clean…the puck was within 20 feet of him. And it’s not like Brashear has ever done anything like this before” Colie says as he pulls his trousers back up.

    “And this Green kid…I tell you…What a strong, strapping young man. And I just love his hair. He wouldn’t bite anybody…I’m sure that Dubinsky clown bit himself” Buttman says as he pulls his pud out of a Sidney Crosby poster on the wall.

    “I heard Avery said “damn” to himself on the bench” Colie says as Boudreau gets off his knees.

    “Suspend that bastard…No room in Cindy’s sport for that garbage.” Buttman says as undresses his Sidney doll and walks into the bathroom

  97. Great about AA.

    Rick, is there any reasonable way for the Rangers to unload cap space in the off-season? Can Gomez be traded? Would anyone touch him? Really going to be sad if the Rangers can’t get real, true sniper talent because they ponied up for the supposed “clutch leadership” that has failed them miserably, on the scoreboard and off.

    Go rangers!

    Why am I sort of not wanting to watch a Rangers-Bruins series?

  98. i dont know why every one is complaining. (sorry if some one mentioned this in an earlier post but i dont have time to read all 100something comments. But we could have easily won the game yesterday. we missed open nets three times only to have them come back and score seconds or minutes later.
    First was the Nasland attempt right after we scored the 1st goal. he got the rebound and instead of shooting wanted to skate it into the Valramove. Instead of us going up 2-1 we got a bullshit penalty on mara for holding and went down 2-1.
    Second there was the Calli (or Dubi cant remember) miss in the second period. That would have made it 3-2. He missed a wide open net only to have kozlov come back and score to make it 4-1.
    Third was the Zherdev miss in the 3rd period. (I didnt watch the 3rd but heard that once again this worthless piece of shit who wants to be a hockey player missed a wide open net) If he was a race horse he would have been taken out back and shot, but im not running the team.

    So if we would have hit the wide open net instead of missing the net even with all the Capital’s goals the final score would have been 6-5 us. This series has been a series of bounces. We got the bounces early in the series and they got them late. Game 7 lets just hope the bounces come our way.

  99. I havent been able to go through all of the posts. Im at a loss for words right now about the two losses.

  100. Well said, Mouth….

    In regard to Brashear, the thing that irks me the most is the fact that their was no penalty called on the late, head hunting hit to Blair Betts. The entire course of the game would have been different.

    Only God knows how things would have turned out for the Rangers, good or bad, but we do know that the officials did not make an obvious call when the score was tied @ 1-1.

    To make a long story short, we will never know what woulda happened if the call was made against Brashear.

    I hope Betts gets well soon, and does not have any adverse effects from that head shot. He is a solid team player.

  101. Remember that show on the food network Yan Can Cook?

    Well I think the above quote comes from the new show “Yan Doesn’t Know a Thing About Hockey.”

    Game of bounces, sure, but the Caps have created so many more opportunities than we have. It really isn’t even funny.

    I don’t mean to be a jerk by making up a funny TV Show name at your expense, but I definitely don’t agree with you on your post. It is your opinion, and although it doesn’t seem like I respect it, I do, but I am just bitter and angry today. Sorry.

  102. NYRanger4Life on

    Yea, I also just heard that they are suspending Semin, Ovechkin & Backstrom too.

    Guys – it doesnt matter who skates for the Capitals. The Rangers have displayed absolutely zero heart in the series.

    Naslund going to his backhand and shooting RIGHT into VarLAmov>? Zherdev missing countless open nets? Gomez turning the puck over in the neutral zone?

    Those are fixable mistakes. What is NOT fixable is the lack of retaliation after a clear-cut attempt to injure by Brashear aka ThE LACK OF HEART.

    Outside for a select few (who CANT fight… ie Dubi / Staal / Mara) we have nobody who is willing to step up.

    This team is and has been an inconsistent mess all season. We have nobody to blame but GLEN SATHER HIMSELF. He put together this bunch of mercenaries.

  103. One of the plays that made me absolutely boggled my mind was Naslund FAILURE to know ANYTHING about hockey and shooting the PUCK INTO AN EMPTY NET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. uhhh let’s win this next one. F tht piece of trash Brasear. He’s garbage can’t even fight should join the WWF


  105. No one on this board would care about that hit if he wasnt hurt…If Betts was fine and Green was out…would you care? Nope…

    Im sorry he is hurt…he is a good player….Brash came in on a late hit…It is not nearly as bad as Avery taking out Jurcina’s face on an ICING TOUCH up…You want to talk about intent to injure?

    All this stuff is not worth complaining’s starts with your teams heart and energy…Can you believe the whole Caps team celebrated in Henriks face after the Kozlov goal? Thats awful..I was yelling at the screen to not do that…it’s disrespect to a good goalie, and a good guy…YOUR TEAM HAS QUIT..

  106. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    GUYS, Go look at my comments on sally jenkins site, it’s evanadog. ill post one here.


    I’ve decided to find out where your kids go to school. I know you no longer have contact with them because of your registered sex offender status, but I am going to find them, spit in their faces, call them names and bite them and see how you like it.

    Maybe you’ll get turned on by it because youre a PEDOPHILE, but Im not sure, maybe you will see the error in your ways.


  107. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Caps Fan:

    An elbow to the head that breaks the orbital bone away from the puck is way worse than the Avery play you mentioned. On top of that, Avery received a penalty for the play, yet Brashere got away with a 5 minute major scott free. Stop trying to justify it. It was a cheap shot with intent to injure.

  108. And i dont think Henrik is this type of guy, but he should of torn the team a new one after the 2nd yesterday…

    Maybe he did and we didnt hear about it…With the lack of leadership, Henrik could of really gotten things stirred up…He seems to have crawled into a shell when the times are tough. He’s still got one chance though, and I AM NOT counting him out.

  109. So I hear Brash has a hearing at 1… but what about Morrison? Jarko Ruutu was suspended two games for biting a Sabre, and that was without breaking skin… what will Morrison get for actually cutting someone?

  110. Greg_Section_403 on

    NYRanger4Life is 100 % correct.

    The Rangers didn’t even show up yesterday. No jump in their game, no passion, no heart. Except for dubi, cally and maybe staal (though he made some mistakes), the team was collectively a putrid pile of garbage that stunk up MSG. The team played the same way in game 5. No intensity, no forecheck, nothing.

    No wonder there were 100s of empty seats and the game didn’t sell out (as we were entering the Garden yesterday, PA announcements were saying there were still seats available in every price level). There were dozens of tickets left on rangers ticketexchange and 100s unsold on ebay.

    If the entire capital’s team died in a plane crash, the Rangers would still lose because except for aforementioned players, everyone else on the team doesn’t give a shit.

  111. Yan,

    My apologies again. I am just in a really bitter/bad mood today. You are entitled to your opinion.

  112. Avery could of EASILY Broken an Orbital Bone on Jurcina…

    Green could of gotten his chin knocked in yesterday…some times you get hurt..sometimes you dont…I understand your rage…trust me…I’m just saying crap goes on with both teams…to curse the series due to Brash just insnt the way you want to look at this.

  113. Caps Fan,

    You cannot argue hypothetically if Betts was not hurt. He was hurt, he got hit well after dishing the puck. And their was no penalty called on the play to boot.

    Intent to injury with late hit that targets head of opponent

    No penalty called on the play.

    If you want to discuss hypothetical situations, we can talk about the score being 1-1 at the time, and how the outcome of this game “may have changed” if their was proper officiating.

  114. Caps Fan:

    Marty MCsorley and Chris Simon are available for a game to take out Lundqvist or Cally or Dubi I’m sure.

  115. Avery hit on Jurcina was penalized. Avery swung his hand blindly (without looking) and hit Jurcina in the face.

  116. ESPN erroneously reported that Mike Green and Brashear were suspended this morning. The Brashear news is a possibility, but not official. The Green report was shocking and completely untrue. I’m told that a fan posing as a Washington Post reporter called ESPN and told them Green and Brashear were suspended. ESPN put it on its bottom line ticker and reported it on SportsCenter this morning. It was completely untrue and they retracted it immediately. Green was laughing about it this afternoon.|NHL|Home

  117. If the Rangers come out and play the way they did in game 1 then they should win.

    Carp, In the games that the Rangers have won, did they out hit the Caps?

  118. Yan,

    Chances are exactly why people are angry. Teams don’t get the Stanley Cup on chances they had, it’s chances they convert. The Rangers could win games — and don’t. They live by Hank and by him alone. It’s not good enough.

  119. Fischler's Ghost on

    There really is nothing to say about the way this team played on the weekend. There is certainly plenty of evidence to draw conclusions of a conspiracy if you’d like, but the fact is, the league would rather have the Rangers advance because NY is much bigger media market and there are more Rangers fans. Face it, if we lose tomorrow night along with the Debbies, then the NHL just lost viewership in the biggest market.

    Granted, the fact Avery was assessed a penalty in Boston after the zebras watched the big board certainly has to make you wonder what the hell happened yesterday with brashear? Can anyone who was at the game confirm that it was shown on the big screen?

    I, along with many of you, am in a terrible, ugly mood today, I almost wish we’d gotten swept or not made the playoffs at all.

  120. I think its funny how some of you are acting like Anisimov is gonna turn things around. Like his addition to the line-up is going to offset the Lazy, Soft, pathetic play of our overall cast of crappy characters

  121. Greg_Section_403 on

    I think everyone here will agree:

    I would rather watch a team give 110%, leave it all on the ice, skate hard EVERY shift, battle for EVERY puck in the corner, dump AND chase, (not just dump and stare) and stand up for each other AND make 100 mistakes,


    Watch a boring, slow footed, heartless, timid and soft team that is giving absolutely no effort (ok, maybe 50% effort?) make 5 or 6 mistakes.

    The last 2 games were brutal to watch. It’s not like we can even say “at least the Rangers gave it their all and were outplayed by the better team.”

    All we can say is, “WTF happened to the Rangers. This team doesn’t even belong in the NHL, much less the Stanley Cup Playoffs.”

  122. Fischler’s Ghost


    guys anisimov is going to play 5 minutes, probably mainly with orr and sjos

  123. Greg_Section_403 on

    Fischler’s Ghost:

    “Can anyone who was at the game confirm that it was shown on the big screen?”

    I don’t recall seeing it on the big screen at the game.

  124. I remember Drury saying after game 4, that they were going to play game 5 like we were down 3 games to 1. So exactly how did that pan out, Captain?

  125. all i have to say is Brashear is a scumbag thug, and that they waited way too long to bring in the kid anisimov…

  126. All should’ve, would’ve, could’ve’s aside. And, not factoring in that the Rangers deserved to lose the last two games based on effort alone… The officiating has been blatantly, completely and undebately one-sided in favor of the Caps this series.

    Any key situation at any key time calls have gone in the Caps favor.

    Ovechkin hits late and leaves his feet on every single check — not just some, every single one — and has yet to get called this series… not to mention, the entire season versus any team.

    The fact that Brashear didn’t get a 5 min. major and a game misconduct for a blatant elbow to the head away from the play is just further proof that the officials are spending so much time watching the Rangers, looking for calls, they forget that there are capital players on the ice commiting serious infractions.

    Dubinsky’s hit was no doubt a penalty, but Green had the puck and was very close to the boards, so it was a dramatically dangerous play. It even looks like Dubi slowed up and didn’t hit him with full force.

    You don’t throw guys out for arguing calls in the playoffs, especially in game 6, especially after being bitten.

  127. caps fan- a backhand swipe with a gloved hand on cannot break an orbital bone. the avery and dubi hits were dirty, but not in the ballpark of brashear’s thuggery. its a late blow to the head to a defenseless player with an elbow, the exact type of cheap shot the nhl is try to eradicate.

  128. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Brashear is a douchebag. That “caliber” of player is over, the goon who can’t skate or shoot role left with the ’90s/post lockout era. Afterall, Betts is a Masterson Trophy candidate, doesn’t the NHL care about him at all?

  129. Artem Anisomov will be able to throw off Varlamov with insults…

    Maybe something like this –

    “Hey Simmeon, your mommas legs are so hairy that she has to shave them with a sickle”

  130. Furthermore, you don’t need to look any further than the NHL’s one dimensional marketing plan to figure out why the calls have gone the way they have.

  131. Greg_Section_403 on

    Guys, please stop complaining about the refs. Yes, the officiating sucked, but we didn’t lose the game because of bad calls.

    The Rangers lost the game because they gave no effort. And they lost game 5 for the same reason. No battle in this team. No one is skating like they actually care, except for 3 or 4 players.

    It’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs for ‘effin sake. Real hockey players would give their left arm to even have the opportunity to play in the playoffs. The Rangers played like they were pissed off that they had to be stuck inside the Garden yesterday when it was so nice outside.

  132. Sorry but no matter what Mohawk moron Green says or thinks, there was a bite, and Campbelll HAS to look at it
    I dont care who it was, one of the Caps BIT dubi, and thats jsut pathetic and MUST be reviewed by Camplbelel douche bag

    So now we can bite in the NHL but as long as its the playoffs it ok and goes unpunished??

    Best revenge is a win tomorrow


  133. After no penalty was called on Brashear I was hoping that the douches in Toronto who do the video reviews would phone the officials and be like,…

    “Uhmm….you guys sorta missed a big ape on skates throwing a late elbow to the head of a player who shows sportsmanship on the ice….you may wanna give that ape a 5 min major….thanks”


  135. Most of you will call this wishful thinking.. but I think the Rangers will show the most heart they have all series, I think they will play this game hard for Blair Betts, and for themselves, and I think anything can happen. They also are going to say lets play hard for Henrik, because the guy doesn’t deserve to only play one round of playoff hockey with his talent.

    “Anisimov is in the building. Now what?”
    Now Anisimov puts on his #42 jersey, and #34’s jersey goes back on the hanger in the closet, where it belongs. No one said Anisimov is gona score 3 goals and carry the Rangers, but its more about the Rangers doing the right thing and what they should be doing, Voros does not deserve to be in the lineup, when you hav a kid that produced all season long in Hartford, give him a shot.. even though we lost last year it kind of worked (see Korpikoski, goal in first game as Ranger). He’s a big lengthy kid, maybe hes the next Malkin?? hahah we can only hope.
    Keep the Faith

  136. Yea Noonan, really cant stand all the negativity and pessimists on here. They have reason for it but still, its game 7 anything can happen.

    Yea how bout Ovechkin all over Kozlov on the floor after his goal last game he looked like a dog trying to get on top of him to hump him.

  137. Rob M
    April 27th, 2009 at 12:57 pm
    Yea Noonan, really cant stand all the negativity and pessimists on here. They have reason for it but still, its game 7 anything can happen.

    Yea how bout Ovechkin all over Kozlov on the floor after his goal last game he looked like a dog trying to get on top of him to hump him.

    They need to have a poster size picture of that as well as the Betts hit from Brashear and hang the photos in the Rangers Locker room with a saying attached NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS?

  138. go get it done at kinkos today and get it to carp

    Either way though, I think the Rangers will still have it fresh in their minds Tuesday, and usually where it is good to forget a bad game like that, this time on tuesday i hope they remember the things that happened yesterday and carry it with them for motivation. Such BS that Blair Betts cant play in his first game 7 ever because of that piece of garbage Brashear, absolute BS
    I dont want Green suspended, or even Morrison, not that missing Morrison would do anything to hurt them, I want them both in the lineup, and Brashear is obviously gona get suspended but as someone mentioned that only helps the Caps.
    I dont want to hear the crying if we win with no Green in the lineup, lets beat them with everybody in the lineup and just do it, I’m pretty sure he was playing in games 1, 2 and 4 and we won all of those, its not liek we NEED one of them to not play to win, we need to play hard for a full 60 minutes and play a complete game, which I dont know if we have done yet in this series, leaning towards not. hopefuly we have saved the best game for last here

  139. NYRanger4Life on

    Please tell me there are others out there who wish Drury would have sat out more than the 1 game he did??

    I am (was) a huge Drury fan — but someone PLEASE tell me what this guy has contributed in the last week let alone the last 2 seasons? Leadership? Goals? Energy? Intensity?

    I havent seen one example of any of the above…

  140. I think the heart that you exhibit is just great. Some of you that still believe going into this game are true fans, and that is what the game is all about.

    I mean, if you think your team is done, you have no reason to watch….That being sad, it is somewhat of a fantasy to think the Rangers can do anything more then what has been happening because they are outmatched…You cant expect things to change after it has been a domination of consistant proportions..

    Those of you who think they will come out and play some miracle game should shift you focus to Henrik..thats what is going to have to happen..Caps like their odds, because Henrik seems to be totally spent and frustrated with the play in front of him, and he is cracked.

    And by the way…if you bet $100 on the Rags, you win $230…Pretty good odds huh? You guys should pay the kids college with this lock….

    $100 on the Caps wins you $137

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