Brashear takes a seat


The word I’m getting is that Donald Brashear is going to be suspended any minute and that it will be severe.

Ooops … here it is, from

Caps’ Brashear suspended for a total of six games
Monday, 04.27.2009 / 3:45 PM / 2009 Playoffs Conference Quarterfinals
TORONTO – Washington Capitals forward Donald Brashear has been suspended for a total of six games as a result of two separate incidents — one prior to and one during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Quarter-Final series Sunday against the New York Rangers.       

Brashear was suspended one game for initiating contact with Rangers forward Colton Orr during the pre-game warm-up. Brashear was suspended for five additional games for a blind-side hit on New York forward Blair Betts at 9:54 of the first period. 

“Brashear delivered a shoulder hit to an unsuspecting player,” said NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell.  “It is also my opinion that the hit was delivered late and targeted the head of his opponent, causing significant injury.”  

Brashear’s suspension will be served beginning tomorrow night when the Capitals meet the Rangers in Game Seven of the series. The suspension will extend through the Capitals’ next five 2009 playoff games, the 2009-10 regular season, or both, as circumstances warrant.


Also, word is that there may not be enough video evidence to slap a suspension on whichever Capital bit Brandon Dubinsky. Apparently the teeth marks aren’t enough because there are conflicting reports on which Cap did the biting. Jim Schoenfeld and Dubinsky thought it was Shoane Morissonn.


Finalists for the Vezina Trophy: Backstrom, Mason and Thomas.

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  1. maybe we can get every player on the ice for the caps to bite a pencil and see if a dentist can match the bite marks.

  2. The guy gets 5 games, yet the Rangers didn’t even get a 2 minute penalty! We would have probably squandered it, but how do 4 zebras miss such a hit?

  3. it’s been updated, he’s got 5… big deal, damage already done

    now Nylander will take his spot in the lineup and probably have a 3 pt night

  4. onecupin69 years on

    Has anyone checked Dolan for a pulse?
    Why does he put up with this crap from Sather and now Tortorella?
    This team is dying.
    Tortorella can’t control himself how can he get the players respect?

  5. i would have rather have had 5 minutes than 5 games… should he have even been allowed to be in the line-up given that the first offense came before the game?

  6. I’m gonna say first goal wins tomorrow

    if the Caps score first, we’ve seen enough of these Rangers to know that the combination of that, the fans and the relentless offense of the caps will cause them to wilt and probably lose the game going away, like 8-0

    if the Rangers get the first goal, it will be a huge confidence boost, maybe the caps get nervous and start pressing and opening things up for odd-man rushes against

    we all know the Rangers will need a stellar game from Lundqvist and some lucky bounces but it can happen… and does anyone believe Lundqvist will really be poor enough to lose 3 games in a row like this? I say he comes back strong and the Rangers win 2-1


  7. Speed Ranger on

    ONE CUP — I wonder about that, too, but then I think, games as MSG sell out and TV ratings are up, so maybe that’s all that matters to Dolan.

  8. Shoryuken (Redden gets a clean slate for the Playoffs)
    April 27th, 2009 at 3:55 pm
    6 games for a career-threatening hit, same suspension as talking crap about your ex-girlfriend.


    Yeah you believe that. I swear I HATE Bettman, Campbell!!!!

  9. Greg_Section_403 on

    Who cares ‘who’ bit Dubi? Someone did from the Capitals. NHL should tell caps, find out who bit Dubi, or NHL will randomly suspend 1 caps player per game until someone admits it.

    I know it probably can’t be done, but WTF! The team should suffer cuz one player decided to act like a child.

    I’ve posted way too much today.

  10. and maybe for once the kid in goal for the caps will actually be made to look like, well, a kid in goal for the caps

    he has not been tested or challenged much at all, the Rangers need pucks on the net and crash hard for rebounds… I dont remember Varlamov being forced to make 2nd saves, the one rebound I do remember was put in the net by Drury

    More shots, more pressure, more screens… simple as that, right?

  11. Unemployed Steve on

    Carp, thanks for keeping us up to date. It seems crazy with the game being on NBC that there was no camera angle to see who bit Dubi.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  12. Lundqvist doesn’t play well, team says we need to win for Lundqvist. What happens? We lose.

    Avery gets benched for his bad penalties, team says we need to win for Avery. What happens? We lose.

    Torts gets suspended. Team says we need to win for Torts. What happens? We lose.

    PLEASE don’t say you have to win for Betts. That motivation isn’t working.

  13. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    Carry your beliefs, but Im not an embarassment. I get out my anger on here, because like all 4 NY teams, I carry myself with class and dignity, that of which gets both them and me nowhere. The scumbaggery of the Pats Red Sox Celts all turns into championships, while the NY teams take it in the heinie, are the laughing stocks of the sports, and to boot, the NY teams get ridiculed by the national media and the loser NY media (the worst media in the world). While the boston media licks and cleanses their teams with spittle.

    Our teams get crapped on by losers like Larry Brooks and Peter Abraham. Its a mockery and a sham. If I were the NY teams, I wouldnt let any media near my team, fines by the leagues be damned. Id spit in the face of Pete Abraham as he was looking for a negative story about Arod.

  14. Yep. He hasnt been tested at all… They seriously need to crash/go hard to the net and they havent been doing that at all. And I could CHOKE Naslund for not pounding that puck into the yawning net! Just think – the Cally post that dribbled along the line and the Naslund brainfart could have meant we win game 6

  15. True Blue 23 on

    6 games for Brashear means nothing they could have suspended him for the whole season and that would have 0 effect on CAPS as he is worthless scum…as far as Rangers go I sure hope that atleast we’ll see some effort in game 7.. this team has to have a different look to them next season win or lose tomorrow night

  16. It’s anybodys game . The Rangers can win, but they can’t be soft or they get beat. The King can still rule!

  17. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    the bruins scumbaggery still hasnt gotten them one yet, but chara and lucic, the biggest fraudulent pigs in the game, hopefully wont be rewarded.

  18. And this one will last a lifetime on

    True Blue is correct. Caps will dress Nylander and he will help them more than The Donald.

    All of this means nothing. Dubie will be rabid from the bite and score twice. Henrik will play great and only give up one to Ovie and one other PP goal.

    AA will pop his cherry, and we will prevail 4-2 in the end.

  19. Good job Rick! I’ve been refreshing here and and you’re the winner for me! Somewhat disappointing…maybe from now on, suspensions for hits to the head should be as long as it takes the injured player to play again. Maybe THAT would stem these dangerous hits. And regarding the Dubisnack one of the caps decided he needed, bite marks should be proof enough. I’m sure theres video somewhere and they are not looking hard enough, and I agree, maybe whatever dentist you guys mentioned should do dental impressions for the two guys who tussled with dubi before decided to take a bit outta him. That player needs to be suspended also. This isn’t kindergarten! They are supposed to be grown men playing this game! Any player who bites another should, in my opinion, be given at least an automatic one year suspension. Be life McGruff, take a bite outta crime. :-)

    I had a dream last night,with a prevalent score. I don’t want to put it here and jinx it, but I gotta tell someone what it was so if it happens I can say I dreamt it lol!

  20. Broadway Roe on

    Can’t they get somebody from CSI Miami to do a dental mold and figure it all out?

  21. six games for that goon means nothing. betts is out the caps dont need him to succeed. we needed betts.

    season over

    as al michaels once said DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.


  22. Actually, the reason that there is no video evidence of the bite is BECAUSE the game was on NBC. The broadcasts on NBC and Versus are horrific.

    MSG cameras probably would have picked it up. They captured a clip of the beer being thrown on Torts, but not the Versus or TSN cameras. I know I saw it during the game, but for some reason, there’s no video of it online…Not that it really matters – just shows how awful the “national broadcasts” are…

  23. McCreary better be eliminated from the NHL Officials List for the 2nd Round. The guy was an absolute disgrace the last game…with the handling of Brashear and Dubinsky’s MC. I just checked on wikipedia, it stated that Bill up until 2007 worked 13 straight Cup Finals (which is based on the merit of their officiating). No wonder this leagues officiating is a joke, if that’s true, because McCreary suck and HAS been aweful for a long time.

  24. First of all Dubi should confront Green or Morrison or both. Fight them as part of the code. Or, Orr should do it for him.

    Tomorrow you have to dress Orr and put him out there early to go headhunting. As long as he attempts to keep it clean but accidentally gets his elbow up or his stick up, it will likely be just a 2 min penalty.

    Brashear is a gangster. Nothing more. The guy should eat S and die…like Dave Brown.

  25. nyrblue, that’s one of the most sensible things anybody, myself included, has said today.

    Sam, yeah, that’s a good idea: Teams should ban the media. That will work out.

  26. PruBelongsOnTheIce – how old are you ?
    And I have no problem not talking to you.
    And Pru called & said stop using his name, he’s embarrassed

  27. Brashear is useless pile of garbage… he could get 82 game suspensions and no one will notice…

    Not having Betts in the lineup is going to hurt this team down the road… if we get to the second round and beyond. (Second round and beyond… sounds like it light-years away)

  28. this is what happens when NBC does the game. there is no MSG tape to look at. all NBC cares about is going to commercial and promoting Ovary

    if MSG had done the game, there would probably be tape from a different camera angle that would identify the biter

  29. I don’t understand how there can’t be video. The altercation occurred behind the net, the camera’s were on the entire time. Next thing Dubi was given 14 minutes of penalties for showing the ref he had been snacked on

  30. hey carp, was torts’ jovial “who here thinks we can win?” exchange before or after his confrontation with brooks

  31. Staal, i too find it incredible that EVERYTHING finds its way onto the internet, but on a national broadcast they can’t find conclusive evidence of one player biting another during a ‘get together’ when all 2 NBC cameras are on that action….or maybe they were at another Kentucky Derby or Heroes commercial.

  32. Pavel, i said almost the same thing on topix, ya know it’s gotta be green at this point. Has Dubi named any names, or is he just gonna settle it on the ice?

  33. Billy C, it was after the confrontation.

    I must also point out that I may have the best relationship with Tortorella of any writer on the Rangers beat (if I am on the beat??) because it goes back to the days when he was a Rangers assistant and then interim coach and it continued when I was traveling with the team and would see Tortorella in Tampa. Just so you know I have no axe to grind.

  34. Also, word is that there may not be enough video evidence to slap a suspension on whichever Capital bit Brandon Dubinsky. Apparently the teeth marks aren’t enough because there are conflicting reports on which Cap did the biting. Jim Schoenfeld and Dubinsky thought it was Shoane Morissonn.

    THAT IS A JOKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….CAMPBELL SIT IN UR F_-$%$%^$^$ office and watch it over and over again until you figure it out

  35. Now that Brashear is suspended and dracula won’t get suspended, maybe this team will focus on the game.

    Rick – what players, besided Anisimov, were called up from Hartford? Any discussion about playing Mark Bell, he is big, has decent hand and will fight, if needed. Also, who do you think will dress tomorrow Orr or Voros? I would dress Orr and Anisimov.

  36. Brashear is out 6 games…This means nothing to the Caps.

    He would probably wing on the 2nd line for the Rangers though…

  37. Hardly severe, considering the intent and the damage done. I lose a little more respect for those who run this league with every passing day.

  38. Rangers lose their top PKer, and the Craps lose their thug goon who can’t skate. yeah, real fair exchange

  39. Ummmm


    How can they not have video if I HAVE IT ON MY TIVO from the game AND MSG has been showing it in ther post game shows since last night?

    ITs an above angle view, but not the far away one, the one right there behind the glass

    I have it and will rewatch it tonight

    But it looks more like Morrison than Green

    How can he say theres not enough evidence? its complete
    You can even see Dubi yell at him in pain

    Colon douche bag at it again!!

    We win tomorrow night, 4-2


  40. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I don’t have to tell you how old I am. I don’t have to tell you anything!

  41. What should be done is Soupy Campbell should award a suspension to a Washington Capitals player of the New York Rangers choice.

  42. And whoever is posting @MikeyNJ is not me.

    Whoever you are, are you talking to me or jsut trying to steal my handle?

  43. how interesting it is that this one clip can not be located however the replays have been played all day

  44. deja (is never leaving the house) on

    any word on suspension for the officials for handling that badly?

  45. if it was AVERY who did the biting or if the biting was on poor OVECHKIN/CINDY you bet ur a— that f—nbc would have the tape…this is a f– joke

    ok seth two minutes in the box for foul language-calm down…..i made sure someone at work just threw a ranger water bottle at me


  46. Reading comments on TSN and NHL from Caps fans about the suspension being too lengthy or unwarranted are probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a while. GOD FORBID that was Ovechkin getting hit by Orr or Avery, I wonder if they would feel the same.

  47. What the F is up with Phil Esposito saying that the Dubinksy hit on Green is equivalent to the Brashear hit on Betts, what is he stoned?

  48. The DVR box should have several output options. The best would be usb/firewire where you would transfer the video files to your pc and do the necessary conversions.

    The other option is to output the DVR via component or composite cable into a vga box on your computer. Think of it as using your PC as second DVR (getting it’s signal from the 1st DVR) and you could record in whatever format your software allows.

  49. Brashear is an embarrasment to the game period. There is no place in the game for that kind of thugery and IMO should have got 10 games minimum. The only way to remove that crap is to punish the offender, and as far as biting an opponent…..well he needs serious help

  50. Blair Betts career could be in jeopardy and Brashear gets away with murder!
    No anger management for Brashear? Incredible…
    Hit ‘em in the head all you want… Bite their hand off as much as you can… *BUT DON’T YOU EVER EVER SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR GIRLFRIENDS!*
    That is how we get down in NHL now days!

  51. Pru…you don’t have to say anything. We can figure it out by what you wrote and how you wrote it.

    Odds are: under 21 and possibly under 18, education of maybe middle school and possibly high school, raised as white trash where being a bigot was passed down from generation to generation.

    We get it.

  52. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    the altercation was the camera crew’s cue to not show Dracula and Dubinsky. They were warned ahead of time!

  53. Here’s my take on the suspension

    Sean Avery: makes some dumb comments to the media. Suspended six games.

    Donald Brashear: “delivered a shoulder hit to an unsuspecting player…the hit was delivered late and targeted the head of his opponent, causing significant injury.” Suspended six games.

    Enough said.

  54. deja (is never leaving the house) on

    does anyone else want to blame vorros for this juuuuuuuuuuuust a little bit i mean he pushed brasher with a cheapy into his bench when going into the line change and brash seemed ticked and was gonna go after vorros but he went over the boards so he turned and went after the first guy who wasnt looking…betts

  55. Rangers better dress another center for tues.- we’re playing with just two- and when Betts got hurt yesterday and Dubi was sitting out 14 minutes of punishment for being a Ranger- we essentially played with one. No one seemed to notice that on NBC yesterday- too busy killing the Rangers for having no fire- no leadership. Been a Ranger fan for over 40 years and you’re gonna need a lot of darkness and distance to make game 7 into a pretty girl- can’t see Rangers winning…Caps will have to lose it.

  56. What a JOKE!

    The punishment is a slap on the wrist, in my opinion. He should be suspended indefinitely.

    That wasn’t just a high hit, it was an intent to injure.

    Hypotehtically, if we were to go on a Cup Run, Betts would be out for the entire playoffs.

    You can’t just come back and play through that type of injury. Your livlihood depends on it, not to mention vision.

    What an absolute disgrace.

    A goon, who’s been nothing more than a goon his entire career, doesn’t even get suspended for an entire playoff series for taking out an important player on our team who was killing the caps all series on the PK.

  57. and, unless I am mistaken, Bratwurst started to go after Voros, who I think it was who checked him near the boards, then he changed his mind and went directly and with malice toward Betts. he knew that Voros means nothing to the Rangers, but he also knew that getting Betts would help the Craps PP. so, he changed his mind on Voros, and went purposely after the better player

  58. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I’m not a bigot, I added on the comment there it wasn’t about race, it was the fact he’s a piece of garbage human being.

    try mid-20s, Bachelor’s degree

    and new newman, that was not called for

  59. The only way we get respect in the nhl is if Mark Messier becomes NHL President, I VOTE FOR MESSIER FOR PREZ!

  60. It is a travesty that Brashear did not get a five-minute major for interference during the game and a game misconduct. It’s rediculous that Campbell and his cronies could figure out the severity of the hit but not any of the four officials on the ice, since I believe linesmen can assist in the calling of a major penalty. The suspension of Brashear will not effect the Capitals at all, and it might help them because a semi-talented Nylander will be back to play. They should suspend the player who bit Dubinsky; a defenseman loss would hurt them.

  61. If Avery was in this position, he’d be suspended indefinitely. 100 percent, not even up for debate, we all know that’d be the case.

    And, it’s not like Brashear isn’t a repeat offender.

  62. deja (is never leaving the house) on

    ive seen new newman say more racey things than pru

    and abindy- centers – gomez dury dubinsky and anisimov also korp can play center as can avery were good

  63. People in corporate positions must realize how poorly the league is run from top to bottom right? I mean the old saying lls down hill is glaring in the NHL, Bettman to the quality of officiating…all garbadge

  64. Domi28
    April 27th, 2009 at 4:31 pm
    “What the F is up with Phil Esposito saying that the Dubinksy hit on Green is equivalent to the Brashear hit on Betts, what is he stoned?”

    Domi, he’s been stoned for 20+ years. Remember the Ridley/Miller trade for Carpenter?

  65. I remember the camera angle on NBC you are talking about when the supposed biting took place. Someone needs to get that on Youtube for everyone that doesn’t get MSG!

  66. Dubi’s hit wasn’t dirty. Borderline, but not dirty. How about Ovechkin leaving his feet/charging on 9/10 of his hits? He’s starting to turn into a Crosby.

  67. The real blame on

    If Henrik could of stopped a beach ball in game 5 or 6, this series would be over for the Rangers, and Betts would be fine.

  68. Funny how 4 officials did not whistle Brashear for the most obvious of late and head-hunting hits, and now he gets a 5 game suspension. Where was the 5-minute major and match penalty? The league if they want to send a message should have the Caps defend a 5 minute major to start the next playoff game. What good does having a spare forward suspended for five games when the rangers lose a very important penalty killer (2 immediate goals against on the PK after the hit by the way). I know it will never happen – but who cares about the suspension. Let him play and get Orr to take his head off. or try.

  69. discipline tomorrow fellas…..ORR VOROS maintain discipline-we must stay out of the box, i know its gonna be hard and we want revenge for dubi/betts but we must stay out of the box!

  70. This is a moot point, though, as Brashear shouldnt have even been allowed to play in the game due to the pregame antics.

    Brashear doesnt play, Betts doesnt get hit, presumably Caps dont get 2 powerplay goals, that game is now 3-3.

    I know this an extremely ‘shallow’ look at the impact of that hit, but its simple to see that the Brashear hit clearly impacted the game and it makes it even worse that he shouldnt have been allowed to play at all.

  71. Rick Carpiniello
    April 27th, 2009 at 4:44 pm
    where and when did Espo say that?

    On the NHL on XM, I was listening to his show “THE POWER PLAY” and he compared the Brashear hit to the Dubinsky hit and mentioned nothing that Dubie was bitten by Green

  72. Guys come on you’re starting to sound ridiculous; 5 minute PP to start the game, Rangers pick a player for suspension, etc. There’s nothing else that will be done, but there is a Game 7 tomorrow that we have to win or else it’s time to start making tee times. Like Carp said, we’re sounding like Pittsburgh fans.

  73. Here is the worst thing we shall see tomorrow evening….

    The Caps win and Drury & Gomez patting the shoulder of Ovechkin during the handshake lineup

  74. guys MSG is replaying the postgame sow in ten minutes.. will the replay of the “bite” be there?

    that said even if it is I don’t have a fire wire cable so can’t put it on youtube but maybe someone else can?

  75. Gomo the Clown on

    after the game maybe the Caps will hire me for entertainment at Varlamov’s birthday party!

  76. Speed Ranger on

    The Rangers don’t have to be the better team, just play the better game. That’s within their ability.

  77. I just watched the Replay of the game on the NHL network. The best camera angle was right above the action (the above goalie cam) and after the hit took place, there was a scrum and you couldnt tell if a bite took place. Morrison jumped Dubinsky, then Callahan jumped Morrison, then a few other players joined in

    The one thing that was clear is that Green was laying down after the hit (“milking it” to draw a penalty) and by the time he got up and skated away there was a 4-5 man scrum behind the net.

    He never came close to biting Dubinsky.

  78. I have to admit it…all of the people playing in the NHL named Ruutu leave both feet when checking.

    Oh, and by the way…..there’s no such rule anymore in the NHL described as “charging”. That has ceased to exist.

  79. As terribly inadequate as the measly Brashear suspension and non-existent biting suspensions are, let’s remember that Brashear was added to the Caps lineup after the Game One (?) loss for a reason: They feel weak without him somehow.

    Can the Rangers exploit this heavyweight deficit? What would Freddie Shero or Iron Mike do in this situation?

  80. LIQUID…that will be the most contact Gomer made the whole series except for the retaliation penalty he took 30 secs into game 5.

    BTW, anyone see OV slewfoot Drury in the first period last night right in the high slot? I mean how the refs missed that was another eye-popper. It wasn’t against the boards, it wasn’t in the middle of a scrum, it was in wide open ice Drury covering the high slot as the puck went into the corner and OV skated toward the puck from the wing and just clipped Dru’s skates. It was as clear as day.

    And make no mistake about it, at 1-1 it was a game yesterday. The Rangers came right back from the goal they let in and scored a PP goal. 3 mins later Brash crushed Betts. 7 mins later it was 3-1. Brash won the game for them. Without Orr on the ice, we had no one to reset the tone.

    Gut check tomorrow in DC. Too bad there are people with no guts on this team.

    Miracle on Ice II anyone?

  81. Anybody notice the difference between Torts & Shoney in their post game interviews ?
    Shoney sat down, had his legs crossed , answered every question. He looked like he was waiting for lunch to be served.

  82. Bold Fenian – very interesting point. The problem is, it is 1 game, you don’t want to take stupid penalties to make a point. The Rangers have failed to hit the Craps most of the series. The team’s defense backs in, whether its OV or Kozlov backing in on them. What the heck happened to holding the blueline that Torts preached? Why did we get away from this?

  83. “the Rangers don’t have to be the better team, just play the better game. That’s within their ability.”

    good point Speed Ranger.

    iow, Carp could write a brilliant post, even though he’s not Shakespeare

  84. Brashear should have gotten 10-12. it was a nationally televised game. way to lure those fans in with horrific officiating followed up by bad league disciplinary decisions.

    And speaking of television what dope in the NHL decided to schedule both Game 7’s basically at the same time and on the same day in the New York area ? Both The Rangers and Newark Devils have almost the same start times. Circus monkeys run this league.

    The Mouth

    Matt Johnson ends Jeff Beukeboom’s career gets 12 games

  85. SteveTheBear on

    Brandon – suspended indefinitely? Come on, that is total homerism. Dale Hunter wasn’t suspended indefinitely, Todd Bertuzzi wasn’t suspended indefinitely – those incidents were far worse. Giving out such a large suspension for this incident, ugly and blatant as it was, would nonetheless be going down a very slippery slope.

  86. Rumor has it that Blueshirt Bulletin + got a clear picture of Morrison biting Dubinsky but want Campbell to subscribe first to get it off their site.

  87. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    Since it’s now a one-game series, maybe Lundy can morph into the form he had in the Gold Medal game in the Olympics.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  88. RangerSteve:

    I agree that the one-game-for-all-the-marbles reality limits some of the Rangers’ options.

    The Caps are obviously the better team straight-up: In a summer game, they’d probably win 20-7. But unlike summer league, the two teams won’t be heading out for beers together afterwards.

    For the best teams and coaches, violence doesn’t happen unpredictably in the heat of the moment, it happens for a particular strategic reason. Tuesday night, armed with righteous indignation at what was done to his team during his foolish scratch, Colton Orr will be the most fearsome player on the ice. But, how should this advantage be exploited to win the one game?

    I’m mulling several possibilities, but I’m curious what you and the other folks think.

  89. Am i the only one who thought that the Torts/Fan incident (in some strange way) is Tort’s trying to ignite the kind of emotion that the Rangers have lacked all year.

    With Tort’s back on the Bench,
    Avery and Orr back in the lineup,
    Betts (a huge team guy that everyone loves) being injured,
    AA coming in with something to prove (Korpi in last years playoffs)
    and the Rangers 2-1 record in Washington in this Series,

    this recipe spells victory in my book


  90. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    lennynyr April 27th, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    Rumor has it that Blueshirt Bulletin + got a clear picture of Morrison biting Dubinsky but want Campbell to subscribe first to get it off their site.


    Lenny, you had me until you said ‘subscribe’.


  91. I think we’re all losing sight of the fact that Washington blew a chance to come back from a 3-1 deficit last year by losing in overtime…what are the odds they let that happen again?

  92. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on


    We can look at it any way and a lot different ways. It’s up to the players on the ice.

  93. Justice served Carp. washington intentionally hurt a key player for the rangers and a non contributing goon hack animal gets 6 games.. justice is served??Carp now you can go back to waterbottlegate.

    not enough evidence on the biting incident. I will resolve it quickly tell washington if the player that did it does not confess suspend all the caps on the ice for the next game and if you lie and we find out you will miss 40 games. they will cop to it in about 5 minutes but heck not enough evidence. afterall the wound could be self inflicted or maybe marv albert did it.

    Carp really tell me this league is not a joke??????Tell me that campbell, the 4 officials yesterday, and buttman are not buffoon jackasses… Tell me they are not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Lennynyr:

    You’ve got great style!

    As an aside, might you be the supervillain “Lenny” banned by Prucha’s Private Gerbil at that other cartoonish message board?

  95. Will anybody be going to the viewing party at Ziegfeld theater tomorrow? I just printed my tickets! Pretty weird they don’t say your name on the tickets but whatever.

  96. Tim Watley is too busy bagning nurses on top of his patients to deal with Dubi’s arm.


    You’re welcome !!

    “NOTHING for biting Dubi, yet he gets a misconduct for pointing out to the ref that he was bitten, and needed a tetanus shot.
    if it was Brashear, it would have been a rabies shot.”

    Hahaha, rabies shot.

  97. I would be ther if I could get into the city but I am otherwise engaged until to close to game time…

    the league seriously won’t punish anyone becuase they can’t tell who? suspend Morrisonn… if it was Green who di the biting then the Cpas get away with one since their young superstar stays in the game… no one is necessarily saying it was intentional but it also can’ be ignored…


    Im happy he reacted. Only a pussy would let someone spit at you, and throw beer all over you, without doing a thing aboot it. He made his point, and unfortunately the league is full of retards, and they suspended him.

    Renney would just stand there and joke with the guy and say “this coaching is making me thirsty”, and invite the guy back to his house to date his daughter. Only if he shaves his Charles Manson beard.

  99. Torts is acting like a little b!tch. It’s starting to look like ‘Bulin, Vinny & St Louis won that cup.

    You’re dead on Carp with everyting the last day or so. And I really loath Larry Brooks, but even HE is right this time too.

    Torts has been an embarassment for a week now. Fans wanted to get on Tom Renney’s case (and often, rightfully so). If those same fans don’t see that this has been worse than anything that happened during Renney’s tenure, then they really have no F’n clue what they’re talking about.

    And the suspension thing….The first person that should have been suspended was Bill McCreary for not getting the right call. Stephen Walkom should be fined as well for the disgusting officiating in the playoffs period. Really, they just need to fire him.

    How a situation could make SOUPY of all people look like the one doing a good job is just absolutely pathetic. This whole thing has made me sick.

    As if paying $7mil to a couple of F’n stiffs ain’t enough…now our coach looks like the biggest coward of all not taking his F’n medicine like a man.

  100. “no goaltending”. The same performance that earned him $6.5 per??


    JK1994….highlight of my day.

  101. Carp,

    When something as blatant as the Betts hit goes unpenalized, it always seems that there is never any recourse to the officials. We don’t even get a response from Stephen Walkom and the League about why or how, with the play happening in the middle of the ice, all four officials (and linesmen can help call majors – correct?) missed the call. Has there been any official response about the officiating as it relates to the play?

  102. EVAN

    Shhh, be quiet, you could get in a lot of trouble for talking negatively aboot the refs.

    That’s how the league is ran. You’d think they were a part of the mafia or something. You cant say a bad thing aboot them, or else you’re sleeping with the fishies !!

  103. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    After we win this one I think Giannone should interview Avery and Orr at center ice in their building! Let them see how it feels!

  104. Too bad it wasn’t OV that bit him, that lockwasher chewing smile of his would have left an *unmistakable* marking

  105. SALTY

    Dubi would be dead if that happened. OV’s tongue has been up some of the worst pink tacos in all of Washington.

    He’d be infected with something bad for sure, and it would probably go through the entire team, and the Wolf Pack would have to play game 7.

    Sounds tragic.

  106. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    i do not mean every member of the media or every team.

    I mean every NY team and only the certain swine that dont deserve to be within inches of our players/coaches. some of these media members have the intent to start trouble with our guys, others like pierre maguire, pete abraham, ken rosenthal and mike lupica act like phonies to their faces and then spout lies about them in the news, and there are other ones like Jane and yourself who actually are there to do their job and nothing more. I wouldnt actually, but Id rather consider you Rick a Hall of Famer, (sans your negative opinions), rather than Peter Gammons.

    That swine Pierre made sure to pronounce varLAmov correctly, but he said that Avery was suspended for Game 5, which isnt true, Just lies.

  107. actually one of the worst things about being at the game yesterday was the non-stop blasting of commercials between period.

    Imagine those stupid ads on the glass in vocal form! arhghgh FU MSG —

    lennynyr -> that BB Bulletin joke was super funny! I stopped reading that ages ago – this is filling my needs.

    and hey CARP – great to have an adult on the beat again! Someone who remembers what respect means – and fights for us against the machine!

    I think the Rangers can win. It’s just one game – anyone can win!

  108. Tortorella won’t/can’t talk to the press about his suspension — fine. But Sather sends a rambling email to the media listing every single complaint from the water bottle incident. Why will Sather not emerge and address the media and defend his coach and players? This poorly written email he sent to everyone is a joke, and if it’s supposed to protect him in some way, it will backfire. It makes him look like a demented old man. And if the Rangers’ lawyers wrote it, that’s even scarier. As usual, where is Sather?



  110. Lenny’s comment was funny but they do have a high-resolution picture of Dubi being checked by him and something is definitely in his mouth

  111. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    does anybody realize that glen sather is probably a bruins fan, boston fan or a new york hater. he’s done his best to sabotage our franchise.

  112. Truth in Engineering on

    One of the classiest players in the league is taken out by a class-less individual. Players like him have no right to play in the NHL.

    Bettmen and his crew have no idea how to handle these situations – it makes hockey fans and the league in general look even worse.Hockey was once a thriving sport. Now it is the bs on ice we are now exposed to.

    The league will now have its ideal matchup without it’s biggest market watching. Good luck blueshirts!

  113. DanTheRangerFan on

    Some one admits the bite or your captain is suspended for 5 games….sounds fair to me

  114. Colie Campbell insisting there is no video evidence is a bunch of

    SOMEONE bit Dubinisky. You can see the scrum. Figure it out!

    This is not like a goal where you have to see if the puck crossed the line,

    Colie Campbell’s hatred of the Rangers has been blatant for a very long time. This ruling is just the latest in a very long time. Always thought he was a douche…he just keeps proving it year after year.

    I’d love nothing more than to see the Caps fall tomorrow. Right now the only thing we’ve got going in our favor is the Caps are laughing at the Rangers right now and figure the series is already won.

    Unfortunately, based on the “heart” of the Rangers…they’re probably right.

    Hey, Carp…do us fans a favor…Tell Chris Drury we don’t ever, ever, ever, ever want to hear a single mumbled word out of his mouth ever again.

  115. sorry, stuart. I can’t tell you that.

    sam, thanks for putting me in the Hall. I disagree with some of those you mentioned, but don’t disagree on some of the others.

    Thanks, septemous.

  116. btw – there was no slight to Sam W. or any of the other guys doing great work out there. I’m just feeling that as you have been in and around the team through other times / regimes – you have a full understanding of what we, the bill-payers, have the right to expect and deserve.


  117. DanTheRangerFan – Except their true captain is Chris Clark, and he hasn’t played in this series, so that wouldn’t help us too much either. Apparently, he is being considered along with Nylander for game seven.

  118. Obviously I want the Rangers to win because I love them…but now i want them to win just as badly so they can stick it to the scum Caps and their scum bag fans.

  119. Now my turn to burn up the airwaves! LOL!

    do we think that tortarella is “CONFIDENT” that Avery will have a better game 7 – because he is going to apologize? Let him Loose? Tell him to play his game 100% – no more worries about a coach? Something of this sort?


  120. septemous…I think he’s going to tell Avery to just play his game and he has his back no matter what.

  121. Salty, maybe that’s what the Caps are thinking too, ya never know. We’ve seen Hank stand on his head before…and our players won’t be getting booed if we’re down early…we’ve seen crazier things.

  122. But then the NHL will be happy again because they would want us to get physically destroyed by Boston and we would

  123. Anybody see what Brashear said? “anybody who knows hockey knows that was a great hit.”

  124. Gene…he’s just making himself sound like a moron, because anyone that knows hockey knows that it’s a disgrace he can be called an actual player.

  125. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    5 games for the hit. Its good to know that a blatant cheapshot to the head away from the puck that breaks the orbital bone is not quite as bad as saying sloppy seconds to a reporter. I hate you Gary Bettman.

  126. Where is everyone reading Colie’s quotes that there is no video evidence of the bite? All I have been able to find is the leagues statement about Brashear…if they don’t have a similar “hearing” about a player being bitten it is a complete joke. Pete abe is a good guy.


    At a minimum, they should determine which Cap players were on the ice at the time of the Dubi bite and tell the Caps (since they have no video footage of the incident) they have to sit one of those players for x number of game(s). Of course they won’t pick their most valuable player but it’s still better than letting it go unpunished. A suspension and a fine is necessary.


    How else did he get the bite? It has to be from one of the Caps. They should be penalized for it.


    You can argue it til next year’s playoffs but I am sure that Torts was told to say NOTHING/ZERO/ZILCH about the incident to anyone. Brooks has to know that. To ask Torts and keep hammering away at him was stupid. Ask and then you have to let it go.

  130. Carp, is there any way you can find out from MSG if they have a shot of the bite? They showed an overheard shot of the scrum, they should have it!

  131. The situation reminds this old fan of 1984 against the Isles when the Rangers had a chance to close out a series at home. They not only lost, but Barry Beck who was playing his best hockey as a Ranger then was knocked out of the series (separated shoulder, clean hit by Flatley).

    No one gave the NYRs a chance, but they played a tremendous game, tied it up with less than a minute to play before going down in OT.

    So while things do look grim, it is not insane to think that they will put up a really impressive effort tomorrow night.

  132. No Country For Old Rangers on

    We’ve gotten the end of the stick all series/season but I don’t want to keep complaining here. The NHL sucks, we all know that, whats important is that The NYR have a chance to save their season if they can just win one game. Will they do it? Probably not but you gotta have hope, despite the “mass conspiracy”

  133. P.S. And actually the series against PHI in ’86 bears some similarity too, and of a happier end.

    The Rangers had a chance to win the series at home, got killed …. but upset the Flyers in the deciding game at Philly with a great effort and VBK standing on his head.

    So all is not yet lost by a longshot.


    If these guys have any pride at all, they have to come to play their best game of the season tomorrow night. The infuriating thing is that we all know they can play better and with a lot more heart.

  135. Ford- it’s impossible to ask for a win but I think everyone of us here would like to end the season on a high note, even if that means losing the game but clearly showing they gave every single thing they had

  136. Guys your all wrong…I saw Dubi with his hand in his mouth before the scrum. He was flying down the off wing…and as he “boarded” Green his hand was in his mouth.

  137. if they give an allout effort, and it is close, but they just lose a close, hard fought battle, then I can live with that, and not be overly critical after the game

    but if they just phone it in, and get massacred, then I will be upset.

  138. I’ve been wondering this for awhile … who is the younger, creepy, guy that is always standing right next to Torts during any post-practice type interviews??

    It’s really weird that the camera guy catches 2/3 of his face at all times during the interview.

  139. I must tell you guys what happened about hour ago…

    I went on Brighton Beach to buy some Russky food for dinner… So, I parked my car by the boardwalk and start walking towards where all the shops at… I see in front of me a group of people (five of them, 2 dudes and three chicks, one of which is at least over 50) walking in the same direction with me but a bit in front of me… so anyway… they all have red t-shirts on…I get closer and I see number 8 on the back and name above the number “Ovechkin” … for a minute I felt like I was in the movie “Being John Malkovich” where John Malkovich gets inside of his own head and sees nothing but himself… it was so weird seeing so many “Ovechkins” at the same time… so, me being me… with my big mouth I had to of course say something… so I get a little closer to them, but still behind them.. I said: “Ovechkin sux” and already playing all sorts of comeback lines in my head to throw back at them… but, I get no response… they keep walking… “OK!” I thought… so I level up with them and say “Are you guys ok? Or should I squirt you with some water?” and I say it with a big smile on my face… They all turned to me at the same time and I could see fear in their eyes … (I have my 3 weeks old beard with hairs pointing in every possible direction and a clean shaved head) they look at me in silence and suddenly older woman grabs one of the girls by hand and says this to me in very broken English “no thank you, we no need water” at this point I couldn’t hold it anymore and sprayed them with my laughter! I swear, they were scared of me! LOL they stopped and waited for me to go way ahead of them! I was laughing so hard that in the store I bought 2 pounds of blood-sausage which I absolutely can’t stand! Don’t ask me why I did it…

  140. Greg_Section_403 on

    e.m. — I totally agree.

    If the Rangers give it their all, battle for every puck, take a hit to make a play, make the Caps earn every inch of ice and every shot, and come off the ice after every shift completely gassed cuz they skated their asses off, I would be overjoyed! And if they lose, so be it. They tried their best and it’s not their fault Sather assembled such a piss poor squad.

    For instance, and I hate to use this as an example, but the Isles at the end of the season where fun to watch…they sucked, but they were competitive cuz they went balls to the wall every shift. I haven’t seen that from the Rangers for a while.

    But if the Rangers play like they did in Game 6 or Game 5 and they lose, I’m gonna be pissed and it’s gonna be a long-ass summer.

    Message to the Rangers: “Play like you actually care. And skate like you give a crap.” That’s all we’re asking for.

  141. Wow CCCP…that was classic.

    It’s like when Avery tries to trash talk Varlamov…gets lost in translation.

  142. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Greg, I understand your example. I followed the ‘Yotes since the deadline and they were an exciting team.

  143. THe NHL is a joke, Brashear should have been canned before game. Why was the rules not enforced???? Now the Rangers top PK is out and I am sure Caps will really miss the goon!
    I hit with the shoulder? It sure looked like an elbow to most of us, expect the bias annoucers, Buthead and Colin breath!

  144. THe NHL is a joke, Brashear should have been canned before game. Why was the rules not enforced???? Now the Rangers top PK is out and I am sure Caps will really miss the goon!
    I hit with the shoulder? It sure looked like an elbow to most of us, expect the bias annoucers, Buthead and Colin breath!

  145. Apparently Mike Wise (in video) thought Avery was suspended for punching Varlamov. He will be more upset when he finds out that Avery was not suspended. He thinks it is rediculous that Brashear got five games for his hit when Avery got one (so he thinks) because Avery looked as bad as Brashear in what he did. Give me a break! He pushed a fully masked goalie while Brashear skated into a defenseless player’s face with his shoulder.

  146. I’m not condoning Brashear’s actions but bitching about the pregame warm-up incident is a bit much. Players talk sh*t during the pregame, always have – always will. Brashear giving Orr, the toughest guy on the team, a little tap is a non-event. No one on this blog was screaming for Avery’s head when he had that incident with Blake and Tucker.

  147. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Did anyone have any idea that Mike Camelleiri drilled Martin Havlat in the head with his top-stick hand off a faceoff?! OMG! It was ridiculous, to a star player. No suspension btw. It was a comment Barnaby (TSN) brought up, that was just as bad a play as Brashear but the league did nothing.

    Who knows with this bush league commission?

  148. Watching that hit on Betts again just makes my blood boil so hard…especially because it was on Betts… who as we all know is one of the few stand It’s a SHAME this series ends tomorrow because I’d love to have the chance to get redemption on Brashear. I’d like to see his face against the ice and blood pooling out around his head ALA Kypreos courtesy of one Ryan Vandenbussche.

    The only thing that is making me feel better is watching this over and over again.

  149. JJP –

    That’s because it wasn’t illegal when Avery did it – in fact, the rule stating that the offending parties – read: Brashear – shall not play in the ensuing game was written BECAUSE of that incident with Avery.

  150. I think a lot of summer decisions will depend on what happens tomorrow.

    if they get a lot of poor performances all around from the vets again, that will force major changes in the offseason.

  151. All I want is effort and passion tomorrow. It is not too much to ask.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

    Goodnight my brothers and sisters.

  152. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I watched the entire McSorley vs. Brashear video. Anyone know who the first guy to go for retribution on McSorley? GARTH SNOW! haha. Weird.

    Anyone know one of the first people to go check on Brashear when he was knocked out cold? Markus Naslund! What a small world.

  153. JJP if Avery did that yesterday, he would have not played game 6 & maybe beyond. That jerk got to play game 6 and the NHL saw that happen on NBC and did not suspend him from game 6 as their rules state. Which rules do they follow and enforce, when and with whom?

  154. I’m not deluding myself into thinking the Rangers have anything left in them to win this series. I’m not expecting Hank to suddenly stonewall the Caps and I’m not expecting our collection of wussies to suddenly man up.

    I’m not expecting anything other than a Caps win. Possibly a HUGE Caps win with 2 goals in the first 5 mins and a 6-1 victory.


    What if the Rangers come out like the Caps expect…and get two quick ones?

    What if Varlamov finally feels the pressure and buckles?

    What if the breaks start going the Rangers way?

    What if the Caps start panicking?

    I know…Pipe Dream.

    My ideal vision for tomorrow night?

    That it’s the last time I’ll have to see Drury, Redden, Gomez or Naslund in a Rangers uniform.

  155. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    We are going to win tomorrow. All that needs to happen is the Rangers just have to want it! We may not have the best skill, but we have the workers and enough skill to go out and get the job done for Betts. LGR!!! I’m never confident about any of my teams, but I am now. RANGERS WIN GAME 7 and shove it in these scumbag’s faces!!!

  156. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Not only are we going to win, we have to win. New York cannot always be the laughing stocks.

  157. I think the Rangers have a very good chance to win Tomorrow nite.

    They are 2-1 in Washington in the series,

    facing a rookie goalie with no Game 7 experience,

    with AA in lineup looking to make a name for himself,

    avenging Blair Betts’s injury,

    with their backs against the wall

    RANGERS WIN 3-2 in reg. !!!!!!!

  158. Is there any video of when Dubi got bitten? I missed the game and I’ve seen the cheapshot on Bettsy a thousand times now, but I have only seen one pic with the Dubi scrum which equaled some bite marks on his wrist. Was it his left or right wrist?

  159. Larry Brooks is a jackass. He hates Torts, knows he getting beat up around the league because of the suspension and tries to goad him into a verbal exchange today about the incident. Brooks when he covered the Islanders in the late 70’s and early 80’s wrote a article trashing Rangers fans , something i will never forget. And today on NHL Live the 2 other morons E.J. and LaGreca were bashing Torts and the Rangers too. LaGreca is another 2 faced reporter.

  160. Game 5
    Let’s win it for Avery!
    Lost it 4-0

    Game 6
    Let’s win it for Torts!
    Lost it 5-3

    Game 7
    Let’s win it for Betts!
    To be continue…

  161. well, if the caps did target one of our guys, its pretty sad that they went after betts. hes a great guy for the team, but we still got our hero shoey!! one of the only guys makin peanuts that actually earns his. but if they wont win one for hank, or win one for torts at home no less, how they gonna pull this off? no matter how good betts is on the pk, hank has to play like game 4 again if we stand a chance. we scored 3 yesterday and if you told me we wouldve scored 3 goals beforehand, i wouldve been happy as hell. defense tommorow! shut it down guys!

  162. wow nice mushroom haircut engblom. so far none of these clowns said anything about what happened yesterday. but you can be damned sure if avery had done anything they make sure thats all they talk about

  163. paul, la grecas a devil fan. hes not gonna say nice things about the rangers, and i wouldnt want him to. but e j. really aggravates me. i dont care what team they root for, but yea, ej is an idiot. he would rather make fun of dons pen flicking habit than hockey

  164. ZzZz ? ZzZz !! says Greg L. on

    no comment , only that game seven on tuesday is the BIGGEST game of the year!!!

  165. cjp- i agree we have a better chance of takin game 7 than most people would think. but what ifs dont win games. we had our chances man. naslund- big open net, zherdev-big open net, and hank going from brick wall to air vapor in a split second. all rangers can do is try and play their ass off tommorow. get them back on the scoresheet. we broke through varlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamov scoring 3 on him. so keep shootin on him.

  166. greg- ok, his nervous habits, but if you watched the show you know what im talkin about

  167. I still have hope for many reasons that I laid out in a long post, but I refreshed the page like an idiot. Basically, the jist was, think of Lundqvist in games one and two, the first period of game four, bad Capitals defense, a similar situation for the Capitals as last season, good forecheck under Tortorella, and Anisimov. Have hope!

  168. JJP
    that’s the new rule NHL came up with, no one is allowed to stage a fight, especially before the game or at the beginning! Only cause it was done against the Rangers was it allowed. That’s my point!
    McCreary gets all the big games, because he will do what Campbell tells him to do

  169. we had a mean old b@strd of a captain in jagr. at least he got pissed and tried carrying this team last year in the playoffs.

  170. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    just mike and i here?

    I just flipped on the ducks game. Chicago passed to second round tonight too.

  171. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I live in the bay area and all the dudes on my hockey team are huge Sharks fans. They will all be heartbroken I’m sure.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to make fun of them instead of commiserating.

  172. I was sort of in a half-assed way pulling for the Sharks because I’d love to see JR get a cup, but my 2nd favorite team has always been Detroit, so I’ll be pulling for them if the Rangers get knocked out at some point. Every time I go to Detroit I have a blast, the people are nice, and it is a true hockey town. Plus you can buy a house for 7 grand!

  173. *if Drury wants to be a real Captain he should take Blair Betts’ spot tomorrow and play limited minutes and focus on killing penalties, and not much else*

  174. No Country For Old Rangers on

    we have little hope but game 7 often creates unlikely heroes.

    “sometimes there’s a man… I won’t say a hero, ’cause, what’s a hero? Sometimes, there’s a man.”

  175. SteveTheBear on

    Sam – so, is your great plan to take our teams from being laughingstocks to call reporters pedophiles in response to their columns? That will surely bring respectability back to New York once and for all!

  176. This has been probably the most bizzarre series the NHL has seen in many many years. Who’s to say Game 7 will be any different?

    Expect the unexpected.

    Lauri Korpikoski the Hero. You read it here first.

  177. The problem is very simple. Every Ranger to a man realizes that Henrik is way off his game. How would you feel??? Next year Dubie should be Captain with Cally an “A”

  178. Mikey McD!CK on

    i have every right to believe this series is rigged. Hey Carp is there video or picture evidence that Brashear and McCreary had a post game giggle/pow wow? That just seems really sketchy to me. I know that McCreary has been around for a long time; i think he even worked game 7 of the 94 stanley cup, but who knows what the league was favoring at the time..

  179. Greg_Section_403 on

    This pretty much sums up what is so frustrating about being a Rangers fan right now … The team’s lack of urgency and passion.

    This is from Rob Raissman’s column in today’s Daily News:

    “All NBC did, in the second period, was zoom in on the vacant expressions along the Rangers’ bench. Pierre McGuire provided the caption, saying: “Where is somebody stepping up to carry the mantle? Who is pumping one another up? That’s a thousand-yard stare.”

    On Sunday from way up in Section 403, I could tell the Rangers looked demoralized on the bench. Each player slumped over, one arm on the boards, heads down. No one standing up, no one encouraging their teammates, no one jawing at the Caps.

  180. damn sharks choke even worse than before. 1sr round exit after their best season. i guess we should be thankful our boys even got this far. yea id hate to be a sharks fan now, and how sweet would it be to have getzlaf or ryan on the rangers?? this team deserves a star besides henrik. if only i could see a slight payoff for some of sathers decisions, id be a little hopeful for the next few years.

  181. no way rangers win this game, i hope they keep it close, i feel the volcano is ready to blow and it might be an embarassing performance. the silver lining would be sather getting removed.

  182. haha joe in de- yea texas has some real cheap housing too! i bought a house in texas a few years ago for about 20 grand. i dont live in it though. but when i visit my dad i stay there. i think he told me theres like 40 immigrants living there now though. i told him dont go shootin any of em. just tell them to clean up and cut the grass before they leave.

  183. nah im kidding, but i had my dad rent it out for me and hes like, mike, theres more and more of ’em each day!! reminds me of gordon heights back home!!

  184. I love asking my friends who don’t watch hockey certain things (These are direct quotes):

    On the Betts Hit:
    Are you allowed to hit a guy that late after he loses the puck?

    Dubinsky Bite:
    This is 2009. They can’t figure out who bit who? what cameras are they using?

  185. It’d be nice if the NHL released something acknowledging that they’ve at least considered the matter of Dubinsky getting bit. Even if it’s to say that they lack any evidence so no suspension is forthcoming. Just to show that they’ve not completely ignored it.

  186. I was hoping that Chicago/Calgary series would go 7 games. I’m still glad the Hawks won… they’re my #2 team this post season (most likely #1 after tonight)… west coast hockey is 100000000000000000000 times more exciting!


    was anyone else frustrated by mike millbury’s comments about avery on sunday? he repeatedly called him an idiot? actually used the word – “idiot”. who is he allowed to stand there and call a player an idiot and avery gets suspended for “sloppy seconds” – am i wrong or is this the same mike millbury who climbed into the stands during his time with the bruins and beat a fan with a show – look it up on youtube. now who is an idiot?

  188. reginald dunlop on

    ahhh give milbury a break, the poor guy got caught by his wife cheating with an employee and had to gather all his belongings from his front lawn…..all class….. how’s that trade for Yashin working out????

  189. Gomo the Clown on

    Ouch April 28th, 2009 at 9:47 am

    This article is a kick in the Nuts

    Ovechkin, what a big MOUTH you have!

  190. Gomo the Clown on

    Ken Campbell should use any of those hair products they advertise in between Geico commercials on MSG

  191. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    From the article: “Would you rather see a guy such as Bruce Boudreau have some success, or would you like to watch John Tortorella scowl his way through another round and do things that embarrass and hurt his organization?”

    I would rather see Bruce Boudreau sit on the wall and have a great fall.

  192. NYRanger4Life on

    Very strange feeling for tonights game. I’m not as pumped as I thought I would be.

    Perhaps it’s because this team is the biggest clu$ter f**K!

  193. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Like I said before, I still see Dubie playing with a “rabies-rush induced passion” that nets two for us to tonight. I still see AA scoring in his first NHL playoff game. Maybe Avery pops one in too. 4 goals will be enough to take out the Caps tonight as history repeats itself down there. Green goes -3 , keep Ovechkin to the outside , lets go get Boston.

    I will even take out the lucky sweater tonight (no matter how hot it is).

    It has been so chaotic who could possibly not want to see a chapter 2.

  194. Least deserving? What does that even mean?

    As in the Caps have some sort of entitlement to winning b/c they have the game’s biggest star and have compiled more shots? Shots aren’t goals. Thats why they call them shots, not goals. That’s why the closest you can come to scoring, hitting the post, doesn’t even count as a shot on net… why? Because it’s not on net. Furthermore, last time I checked, you can also lose a baseball game with more hits.

    On top of that, you actually have to play a game and win to be entitled to the win; they call it sports.

    There is no such thing as “deserving” in sports. Absolutely no such thing at all. It’s wins, it’s losses and sometimes the better team, better player or even hardest workers don’t win. That’s why sports are great.

    If they decided games on who deserved to win, why would we even bother showing up?

    I mean, I deserve to hit the lotto under that rationale. I’ve been a good upstanding citizen. I’ve never stolen. I watch my carbs. Hell, I should be a millionaire. That’s more logical than this moron’s take.

  195. First off, the guy Campbell is such a piece of SHeet its not even funny.

    So if we win tonight we dont deserve it? F him!!


    The rangers just outlasted the No 1 seed in the West.
    AS well as the Flames and have taken our series to 7 games.

    ITs funny Rangers and Debbies are in the same exact situation, on the same exact night.

    My prediciton and Im agreeing wiht NAsty 1 on this:
    Rangers win
    Devils win

    Each by a 1 goal Margin


  196. I agree, I think both the Rangers and Devils will win tonight, especially b/c everyone is picking against both teams.

    Here’s why the Rangers win:

    1. It makes no sense for us to win… which is why we’ll win. It makes this season “consistently inconsistent.”

    2. It’s very difficult to beat the same team 3 times in a row in hockey… same reason we lost game 3.

    3. Karma

    4. Simple Simeon should feel the pressure of a game 7, especially if we test him or score early.

    5. The King rarely has three bad games in a row.

    6. We’ll get weird goals from guys we don’t expect to score(Zherdev, Anisimov, Morris)

    7. We can’t play any worse then we did the last 2 games.

  197. Eff that hack. I guess San Jose since winning the presidents trophy should DESERVINGLY win the Stanley cup. EFF HIM. Good for the Ducks…

    “There is no such thing as “deserving” in sports. Absolutely no such thing at all. It’s wins, it’s losses and sometimes the better team, better player or even hardest workers don’t win. That’s why sports are great.

    If they decided games on who deserved to win, why would we even bother showing up?

    I mean, I deserve to hit the lotto under that rationale. I’ve been a good upstanding citizen. I’ve never stolen. I watch my carbs. Hell, I should be a millionaire. That’s more logical than this moron’s take.”

    Great points Brandon….

  198. I’m glad nobody got suspended for the Dubinsky biting (not really, but now I think it may be good.)

    I want him to come out like an ANIMAL tonight. He needs to go out there and hit his heart out.

    We can pull this off. I’m confident we can. But we need the Rangers team that skates and hits to show up, not the lazy one.

  199. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Mikey, Brandon, Mako, and others are all right on.

    Campbell is POS (piece of sht) for publishing such effin garbage.

    I say we win tonight, there cannot possibly be a more deserving team to win a series.

    You are what your record says you are.

  200. sam (not the great Weinman) on


    I was very angry yesterday, a bit over the edge, and Sally Jenkins “doesnt mind namecalling”, but…

    It doesnt matter if the fans are respectable or if the teams act respectable, it matters if the team WINS, thats it. Boston, their fans and players are for the majority, scumbags. But it does not matter, they lie, they cheat, they steal, they hurt players vital to the chances of contenders (much like Brashear brutalizing Betts). They get into a bone-chilling accident in Nascar, get out of the crashed car, and run across the finish line, bottom line, Boston WINS! That’s all that matters.

  201. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    And to someone else on here,

    Renney (more like JAGR) brought us back to respectability, but to the media, every team New York is the laughing stocks. The Red sox didnt win for 86 years, and they were lovable and had a poor little curse. WaaWaa BoooHooo

    We offered Joe Torre a more than reasonable contract, and he spurns us because of the dirtbag that he is, and ESPN among others lie to the public that we fired him (like Pierre Retardo saying Avery got suspended for Game 5). Not only does he spurn us, we get blamed for offering him 5 million with 3 million in incentives, and were the laughing stocks.

    The Caps fans insult and degrade our players/coaches, we write a letter to the league looking for punishment because our coach has been punished for his role, we get laughed at…laughing stocks.

  202. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    reginald dunlop,

    Mike Milbury cheated on his wife? I didnt know that. That guy shouldnt have any place on national television, or any television for that matter, he ran into the stands to beat on NY Ranger fans, cheats on his wife, has the audacity to insult Sean Avery, and is not a laughing stock hyprocite. Rather, he’s a respected member of NBC. Why?

    He’s a Bruins fan… Arod cant hang around with his cousin because hes a ‘drug smuggler’, but Dustin Pedroia can hang around with his brother, whos nothing but a valueless member of society, a pedophile (this time, it’s no joke, he molested younger boys)

  203. Don’t know about anyone else but I am happy to have Drury in this game. Say what you want but when everyone counts that guy out and says he sucks is when he performs.

    If there was justice in the world, the refs would have seen the bite on Dubi’s arm and said to Boudreau, “Someone in that scrum bit this kid. You have a 5 min bench major coming your way unless someone admits it.” I am guessing one of those players would have spoken up. The NHL could have just as easily pushed something like this after the game for game 7. It’s just as arbitrary as Avery getting 6 games for calling Elisha Cuthbert a whore.

    In any case, everyone has us to lose tonight. I mean everyone, except a few of us dreamers here. What will we get? Yanks Sox when Damon hit the HR in the first and we knew it was over or Miracle on Ice where we keep it close and get a bounce or two?

  204. If Rangers win tonight and Hank stands on his head, AO is officially a choke artist in the playoffs.

  205. AO has been running his mouth all series but no reporter, save for the gentlemen running these blogs, has acknowledged it.

  206. I love Henrik’s comments yesterday. “They’re a great team but they’re not that great, if we come out and play hard and play to win then we will win.”


  207. PruBelongsOnTheIce

    Bravo on the Humpty Dumpty wall comment… schnarffed a little coffee there.

    Staal gets a goal tonight, Hank continues to own OVIE but plays otherworldly against everyone else as well, and the RANGERS MOVE ON.

  208. Newman,

    Couldnt agree more… sucks his wrist is as bad as it is but if his last second heroics as a Sabre didnt solidify his “clutch” tag, what will?

  209. Carpy time for my prediction again………

    Cally, Antropov and Drury score in regulation. Sergei (boy has he aged) Semin and Steckel score washington. Dubie nets the game winner in double OT. Henrik makes about 50 saves and Drury and Gomez salute the crowd and do a chest bump after the handshake.

  210. In Hank we trust on

    Hank will bounce back from the horrendous play the last two games. Even though he has no confidence in the team, he understands that he has to be better.

  211. The Rangers are taking a severe penalty -not Brashear. Betts career may be restricted or over. He won’t be back for more Stanley Cup action this year.

  212. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    At least Tortorella put his NECK out there for his team. I can’t see Boudreau doing that.

  213. It's so obvious on

    Torts did it all on purpose…He knew the team was falling apart and wanted to try to give a spark for game 6. He is a smart coach, and would not lose his cool like that.

    Unfortunately the team didnt pick up on his energy, and laid an egg…Now it’s game 7 in DC, and it’s the exact thing Torts didnt want…He said it before the series started…

  214. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “If it had been just a little squirt I would have just laughed it off, but he just went crazy and darn near emptied that bottle on me,” Ron said. “After he emptied that bottle on me I just threw that beer. Well, it was half a beer….And it just went crazy from there.”

    There you go, he threw an EMPTY bottle into the stands. Can you picture an empty plastic bottle being thrown with enough force to do damage? I can’t.

  215. Greg_Section_403 on

    Stay positive today folks. I know it’s hard. Wow, I was totally pissed off yesterday, all day cuz of Sunday’s ‘performance’ by the Blueshirts. (Worst showing by the Blueshirts in a big game EVER?)

    Good vibes today! Stay positive.

    As Hank says, Caps aren’t “that great.”

    This is doable.
    Today’s game is winable.
    Just 1 more game!!

  216. If I had been at Game 5 anywhere near that a-hole, I would have jumped him. I am sure of it.

  217. “April 27th, 2009 at 10:36 pm
    McSorley’s stick to Brashear’s head was a clean hit.”

    Maybe not, but it certainly explains his skating ability and personality defects…

  218. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “He was in town with his family on a business trip”

    I wonder what this guy does?

  219. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    I wonder what this guy does?

    he works in boston and was commissioned by bill belichick to cause the disruption, in hopes that colton orr would stick someone over the head or run into the stands to beat on him. unfortunately, new york is filled with classy players, unlike swine such as Mcsorley or Mike Milbury.

  220. One thing is for certain…This is a One Game Affair now. Winner take all.

    And Hank’s known this pressure before in the Olympics. One game is all you get now. Perhaps he will rise to the occasion.

    I’m trying to be extremely positive today (the weather helps) but I am confident we’ll know within the first 10 mins of the game whether or not the Rangers truly have a chance.

    Sadly, we’ve heard from both coaches already about how not all players in uniform are giving their all. And they’ve already been called out on national television for quitting.

    Today is the day to turn that around.

    3-2 Rangers. Dubi, Sjostrom and Staal with goals.

  221. We need to out hit them and have a consistent forecheck. Maybe Avery scores a big goal for the Rangers. Imagine the headlines tomorrow.

  222. I don’t know what is going to happen tonight. But in my opinion, we have played our best games of this series in their building. So take that for what it’s worth, and play solid, smart hockey. With Betts out, they really need to stay out of the box.

    The previous games are history and tonight is a mystery. We can win this game, but will we?

    We will find out tonight.

  223. You know… after catching up on all the reading from yesterday (I was traveling all day).

    It seems to me like these guys are just happy to have been there. To have made the post season and to have had a lead in the series.

    I hate to say it but tonight’s game may have already been decided. It doesn’t sound to me like they’ve come ready to play the past few or are going to be any more ready tonight.

    I really hope I’m wrong. The heart issue has been there all year. I guess it’s still there.

  224. Nasty 1
    April 28th, 2009 at 10:45 am
    Who has Twitter and what are your search names?


    just signed up, if anyone wants to add me, its zanyNYR_girl

  225. Riche…I’ve got the same feeling about how this team is approaching this game. There’s no sense of “We can do this” it’s more a sense of “If we do, it’d be amazing”

    But, that’s what happens when the leaders of your team consist of a mute with an inflated reputation built off one goal, a wanna-be jokester who could care less about losing and a pussy Swede currently enjoying the NYR retirement plan.

  226. If Jagr is still on this team, I’d have a strong “We can do this” attitude.

    Heck, when we went down 3-0 to the Pens last year, and Jagr said not to count them out, I followed suit! And he delivered a dynamic Game 4 performance and the Rangers almost brought it back to New York for Game 6.

    No Jagr = No Leadership

  227. The sharks lost in the first round, and the devils are in the same situation we are except they have more scorers… I don’t think anyone imagined us being in this situation now with the way our team has been all year.

    Part of me wants to lose tonight so that sather hopefully gets let go, but then part of me wants to get back at the capitals…

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