Game 6 circus (updated)


A couple of quick things and I’ll come right back with some quotes from Jim Schoenfeld:

1) John Tortorella is in the building and is allowed in the building. He had to leave the lockerroom two hours before gametime (noon) according to the rules of his one-game suspension, and could return to the lockerroom when the game is over.

2) Schoenfeld said that he knows the real story about the incident in Washington, and that it wasn’t that Tortorella was doused or sprayed or anything that set him off: It was a comment about one of his players.

3) Sean Avery will play today and that was Tortorella’s decision.


Some Schoenfeld interview highlights, with a few more to come:

He will be joined on the bench by Hartford coach Ken Gernander and assistant J.J. Daigneault — the Wolf Pack was eliminated from the AHL playoffs Saturday. Gernander will handle the forwards, Daignuealt the defense, and Schoenfeld will direct traffic.

He said that he and Tortorella are “very like-minded” and that there will be very little difference. The gameplan is the same as it’s been the whole series.

On Tortorella’s mindset at the moment:

“Obviously he feels bad. He feels that he presented a distraction the team could do without. But I think it should be said that the passion, the fire and the leadership that Tortorella has brought to the team — he took a team that was dead in the water when he arrived, and without the work of John Tortorella this incident wouldn’t have happened because we wouldn’t have made the playoffs. That’s fact. So when you’re a fiery guy, there is that fine line, whether you’re a player, a coach.

“His hurt is that he created a distraction for the players. He still believes they’re going to get the job done.”

On the distraction factor:

“The ramifications of the game should be enough for the players to focus. There are always extraneous thngs that can effect you one way or another in a playoff series. And it’s up the athletes to have the mental discipline to block them out. This is just another one of those.”

I asked him if he found the irony of being behind the bench, since he was involved in the most infamous coaching playoff suspension in NHL history in 1988 with the Devils.

“To address that, I think there are 40 young men who are playing their asses off for a chance to get a crack at a Stanley Cup and the water really shouldn’t be muddied with what happened 20 years ago. It’s a little bit too long ago in the past and it really doesn’t have anything to do with (today). …

“Yeah, it’s a tad ironic. Yeah, I’ll give you that. It’s a tad ironic that people think I was holding Torts back when I was trying to push him over the glass.”

He was kidding, of course. We think. Or maybe not.

On if he changed after his suspension: 

“You’re always tryng to make yourself a better person, a better coach, a better player. To analyze the events of the day, it’s kind of a day wasted. …

“But, yeah, you want to keep it in check, sure. I mean, listen, if I could rewind the tape and put the ‘erase’ button on over the course of my life, I’d have a sore thumb. There are  alot of things I’d like to change, but you are who you are and maybe you needed those things to get you to this point in your life. You don’t know. We all have things we try to keep in check, and sometimes those are the things that enable us to do what we do. Sometimes we go over the edge.”

On if he feels disappointment he feels as assistant GM, that Tortorella put himself in that position:

“No. I come right back to the fact gthat this team was dead in the water before he arrived. I was here. I’m not the new guy who came in with the coach I was here. You guys were here and you wrote about it before the change was made, and that’s certainly not an indictment of the former regime because they three or four years where they did a helluva job. … that team was looking for direction at that point in time and he came and gave them that direction. This is a bump in the road.”


Just a few more, and these are good:

On Tortorella:

“I’ll tell you. I know the heart of the guy and I know the thing that triggered it. And it wasn’t any sling they threw at him, and there were many. It was something they said about one of his players. It’s easy to say ‘You’ve got to be in control, you’ve got to keep it in check, you’ve got to turn the other way, there are rules’ but there’s a certain part of your being when you’re a coach and it’s just like being a parent, and there’s certain things you’ll put up when people slander your kids, and there’s a certain line that people cross. That’s what happened with John. You could say what you want about Torts. I know the man. Call him whatever you want. He’ll tell you what to do with your horse, but he’s OK with that. But don’t get down on the people he cares about. He’ll fight for them. He will fight for them. And that’s what he did.”

On using this as motivation:

“If we need motivation, then we’re not going anywhere anyway, to be honest with you. I think our main task is to get the players to focus on teh tangible things that they have to beat a team that’s full of firepower. I know the players have a high regard for John. I know Sean Avery has a high regard for John because John cared enough to put himself in a position where he knew he was going to get criticized, because he knew it was the right thing to do to help this kid take the next step in his growth, just like you’d do for your son. I know the heart of the guy. You guys don’t yet. Once you do, I think you’ll have a way better understanding of some of the things he does and why he does them.”

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  1. Shout out to Tom Renney who taught this team of offensive misfits how to play defence.

  2. I hope that fan gets paralyzed. That would make me extremely happy.

    Good that Torts is in the building. Just encase Nyr plays like garbage, he can send someone down in the locker room and send death threats to players if they don’t play better.

  3. Boy it’s tough to type out here in the sun, especially with only 1 hand (the other is holding the first beverage of many too come today)
    Let’s try that again

  4. Loyal Subject on

    A Royal Proclamation:
    Friends, Rangers, Countrymen (and women) lend me your ears:

    Our team has been beaten and dominated. Our captain’s hand has been broken and our coach has been bannished. Even the King’s armor has been cracked.

    But on this the 26th day of April in the year of our lord 2009. I proclaim today shall be the end of the Russian Dark Knight Alexander of Oveckin and his sidekick Sperm.

    The Dark Knight has boasted yesterday that King Henrik is 90% of the Rangers, without him we are nothing. That quote is most certainly on the bulletin board. And in Madison Square Garden we will make our final stand as Game 7 in DC would spell certain doom. And as they fire their shots from all angles in wave after wave of attack King Henrik will stand tall with his stick raised at center ice when the final buzzer sounds.

    Today, the Washington Capitals will bow down to the King.


  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Atta’ Torts! He’s got his players backs. Sorta’ nutzo, but he wasn’t doing it for his own pride, but for that of his own players. Gotta love a coach who expects all from the players but isn’t afraid to give them all back.

    Shout out to you and the other jokester’s saying “I told you so! It wasn’t renney’s fault!”
    Read Schoenfeld’s comments, without directly saying “Tom Renney sucked,” he said: “TOM RENNEY SUCKED!”

    * Interesting
    April 26th, 2009 at 12:27 pm
    Shout out to Tom Renney who taught this team of offensive misfits how to play defence.

  6. I see I was “happily” (read: drunkenly) adding to the message board last night.

    RICK, JANE: Apologies for any comments that may have offended.

    The bottom line is that the NHL is a circus. I have no idea how this game will tilt, I just have a feeling that it’ll be either a spectacular loss or spectacular win.

    NYR 3 : 2 Capitals
    – Avery game-winner
    – Drury shorthanded
    – Roszival blast

  7. Anybody think we’ll see “too-many-men-on-the-ice” this afternoon? huh? anybody?

  8. gentlemen, cant wait for the day that we have ahead of us loyal subject i love the post they should put it on all the tv’s ion the garden

  9. Varlamov > Hank on

    Caps cruise, 4-1. Here come the excuses. I can sum up the boards after this one: Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, the refs love Ovechkin, Waahhhhhhhh, it’s a conspiracy, wahhhhhhhhh, they don’t want one of the league’s cornerstone franchises to advance, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I know what you mean, and I’m not interpreting Schoeny’s comments as direct slander towards Renney. But the comments of Schoeny and Torts have been to the effect of ‘it was time to right the ship…’ and Tortorella did something Renney could not do. Renney served his time here, but those saying that Renney wasn’t part of the problem don’t realize that the problem was righted as soon as Renney was asked to leave. This team has been better under Torts than Renney and several people keep coming on here to say Renney wasn’t part of the problem and that’s simply not true.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who’s sitting, Voros?
    I’m guessing NOT Drury if it hasn’t been a topic of discussion.

  12. Shoney is a good guy. He should be our GM. Says the right things but doesn’t hide stuff either.

  13. lets go rangers today i have finals all week and i can not take the burden of the rangers going to a game 7 its ur fault sather is i fail out of college

  14. jcalz88 I know the horror. I am so glad I graduated. By the way.

    Like I said in the last post: Use this as motivation. Let trash Caps fans do what they want. Battle all day and we’ll come out winners of this series. If this is the case, no Caps fans will exist after 5 pm anyways.

    Lets go rangers

  15. I’ll take Torts and his fire over timid tom anyday! Then after hearing what Shoney said i like him even more,that he was defending one of his own. Go get’em Torts. I also loved it when he told Brooks to get the f out of the interview after the loss. Now if only the players could play as hard as Torts coaches we’d be going along way. But a house cleaning is needed for this bunch after the playoffs.

  16. This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    If the Rangers increase their physical play, and stay out of the penalty box, they will win the game 3-0.

    Lets Go Rangers…

    doot, doot, doot doot, Potvin Sucks

  17. I’m still an Ovie fan, but I’m getting pretty sick of him running his mouth all the time. Let’s wrap this thing up today and move on to Boston already.

  18. Adversity Adversity Adversity
    Wow I said it 3 times fast
    This might be what we needed
    Now let’s win it for our coach!
    We’ll know in the first 10 min.
    Either way
    Should be easy to read
    Either we are playing to end it, or playing for Tues. night
    It won’t take long to see

  19. Mr. Drury, Mr. Gomez…You have not responded to your hotel wake-up call. Please contact the front desk.

    Mr. Zherdev, Mr. Antropov…Ghost Hunters is here looking for you.

    Mr. Rozsival…This is your last warning. If you will not use your hockey stick we ask that you return it to where you found it.

    Mr. Avery…Welcome Back after your sabbatical.

    Mr. Lundqvist…step towards the trumpets and rose petals to your left…your coronation awaits.

    Mr. Tortorella…Stop biting the Caps fans who have dared travel to NYC.

    Mr. Schoenfeld…Your donuts are ready.

    A little levity before game time…LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  20. “It’s a tad ironic that people think I was holding Torts back when I was trying to push him over the glass.”

    that is funny. Schony is great

    LGR !

  21. Phil Helmiluth has his playoff beard going. He is a big Ranger fan- seen him there a few times

  22. now we have to endure 3 hours of the NBC Ovechkin-ites slobbering over his every move and promoting the hell out of him while bashing the Rangers or ignoring them

  23. They can’t ignore us if we’re shakin hands at the end of the game…hopefully this is the case

  24. Shoeny and Torts have the spirit and fire that have been lacking on our team for way too long.

    Interesting thought, that Torts did his thing to take pressure and spotlight off the players and put it on him – I wonder if the truth will come out?


    I wouldn’t mind see a few Caps teeth on the ice today, penalties be damned.

  25. # tony from AZ April 26th, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    It’s only 10:57 in AZ
    I already got my game day buzzz.
    hard to drink this early

    Is it really that hard Tony? It’s 13:57 here so there you go. You are in good hands

  26. damn i was looking for darrien pang. I think he’s awesome. I guess they want to keep him away from Avery.

  27. TV April 26th, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    now we have to endure 3 hours of the NBC Ovechkin-ites slobbering over his every move and promoting the hell out of him while bashing the Rangers or ignoring them

    that’s fine with me. Remember the last NBC telecast? Let’s shut them up again!

  28. Ha gross negligence of how the Caps handled security…LOVE IT! LETS GET IT DONE TODAY

  29. WOW Eddie O just said our PP has to get on the scoresheet before we go to Game 7…wtf?

  30. doppler, kinda bizarre how brashear went to orr and started, i just dont get it!

    *LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  31. damn tv is about 15 seconds behind radio. so far two trips that werent called, gonna be a long day

  32. Alright, I tolerated a whole 3 minutes of these NBC idiots and now it’s Maloney Balogna time.

    Kill Rangers, kill!

  33. Linda-
    Yeah I thing the coach saw that Brash got Orr fired up in the wrong way and decided a good idea to take him out

  34. I’m in shock… I can’t believe they scored a pp goal. With help from Redden! What next? A goal from Voros?

  35. WTF? That’s a ridiculous. If Betts is really hurt, I’m going after Brashear myself.

  36. that pos ahole brashear. and all he gets is 2 mins and so does mara. what a joke these refs are

  37. What an absolutely pathetic no-call there. The NHL is starting to really look like a joke, saying it’s trying to get rid of cheap head shots.


  38. you can;t beat the refs too. that was a ticky tack penalty call on mara, but no ticky tack calls on the caps though

  39. Not an awful period but all our mistakes came back to bite us in the tuchus.

    Where is everyone today?

  40. I know the goal should count, but how come Kozlov gets nothing for steamrolling Henrik there?

  41. Only a few Rangers were willing to give it all. I wonder what the majority a saving it for. 3/4 of the team were no shows. What gives, if these guys give it all, they could beat these guys. two many people standing around.

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