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Because it seems we will never actually get to hockey today, here’s a letter Glen Sather and the Rangers sent to Gary Bettman’s office today or Saturday. Seriously:

Subject: Washington vs. New York, Game 5

Dear Gary:

In addition to your suspension of Coach Tortorella for his actions during last night’s game, we respectfully request that you consider appropriate discipline in light of Washington’s gross negligence in ensuring the safety of the personnel on the Rangers’ bench, including Coach Tortorella, in the face of the Rangers’ repeated requests for intervention against egregious fan misconduct during Game 5.  As importantly, we would like the League’s intervention to ensure that there are adequate security measures in place to protect our personnel in the event there is a Game 7 in Washington.  

Neither the NHL nor either team has had the opportunity to conduct a full investigation or to interview all witnesses but the television coverage and the statements made by Rangers bench personnel make clear that Washington utterly failed in its security obligations to the Rangers, not to mention its own fans.  The tension was evident from before the opening face-off.  Throughout the game, several people seated immediately behind the visitors’ bench took advantage of the looseness of the glass panels and the unusually wide gaps between the panels to assault the Rangers with some of the most obscene language imaginable.  Because of the way the glass is installed, the patron sitting behind Coach Tortorella (the gray-haired, bearded man in the white T-Shirt) could literally scream into the coach’s ear.  According to Rangers trainer Jim Ramsay, one patron was screaming at the team, in graphic language, about whether Dan Girardi and Marc Staal have a sexual relationship.  This was within earshot of several children seated nearby.  Several other fans also made repeated homophobic remarks.  Moreover, Mr. Ramsay reported that he and other bench personnel were spit on by one or more “fans” as they yelled through the gaps in the glass.

Your statement tonight referred to alerting security.  In the first period, Mr. Ramsay warned the security guard stationed on the nearest stairwell (a large African-American man) that the situation was unacceptable and was likely to get ugly.  No action was taken.  The misconduct continued.  In the second period, Mr. Ramsay warned a female security supervisor that some fans were out of control and that he was concerned that something unfortunate was going to happen.  Although this supervisor was equipped with a radio, she apparently took no action, because the same fans were in their seats when the team returned to the bench for the third period.  According to press accounts, no fans were ever ejected or permanently removed from their seats.

Washington’s failure to respond to what its personnel knew — and were specifically warned — was a potentially dangerous situation contributed significantly to this unfortunate incident.  Accordingly, we respectfully request that you consider imposing appropriate discipline on Washington for its knowing failure to protect the Rangers and prevent the situation from deteriorating into an incident that reflects badly on all of us.  In addition, we must immediately discuss how Washington is going to handle security for any Game 7.  Neither the Rangers nor the well-behaved Capitals fans should be forced to endure the extraordinary level of fan misconduct that Washington failed to prevent in Game 5.

Thank you for your consideration.



AFTERNOON UPDATE, 2:06 P.M.: A league spokesman said that all the appropriate security measurements have been implemented for today’s game and for a potential Game 7.

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  1. That letter is all well and good, but considering Bettman’s hard-on for the league’s star players, I doubt any discipline or sanctions will be put in place.

    On the ice, there is a code of ethics. Frontier justice, eye-for-an-eye. In light of that, I hope that any and all Ranger fans at MSG make the Cap’s time spent on the bench an utter living Hell. Two can play this game.

  2. Can anyone explain to me why southLAnd is a unique show? It’s about cops…how unique can that be!? Sorry..i am just ready to eat NBC alive today if the rangers lose.

  3. miss california…your question comes from KASPAR:

    Should Torts have been suspended for his actions in game 5?

    that would have a dousey of an answer!

  4. Joeybriggs
    ignore the commercials…and the announcers….and the fans….and the Rangers offense

    Basically watch Hank

  5. That letter is ridiculous. The way it reads had me cracking up. I know it not a laughing matter but just some of the language Sather used made me laugh.

  6. did anyone else notice the graphic NBC put up to describe Hank? I don’t have DVR, but it looked like they had up “king henry”

  7. kaspar,

    thats a great idea. I think for next season we need to get Rick or Jane to set up a camera that just watches Hank all game. They can stream it over the blog. thoughts?

  8. Spiderpig
    unfortunatley…wherever there is a Mike Dingleberry or two…their has to be a di*k head nearby

  9. As a fan who enjoys attending sporting events, it is outrageous when security does not clamp down on drunk and obscene “fans”. And those fans exist at every arena and stadium. It’s time for all leagues to put a stop to that kind of behavior, especially when they keep raising ticket prices. This behavior would not be condoned at any other event. Instead of focusing on generally boring fan entertainment during the breaks in the action, how about focusing on providing a safe, secure and fun atmosphere where fans can bring their families? People would pay extra for that!

  10. I want the first goal so bad I can taste it. I really think scoring first would be HUGE!!!!!

  11. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Torts in the box….They need a Torts cam..

    Drury looked like he just woke up in that interview.

  12. Too bad the seats right behind the Caps bench at the Garden are so damn expensive. The Garden needs to switch that section with section 413 and see how things work out for the Caps bench then.

  13. What’s w/ the NBC reporters ending their interviews with “Enjoy the moment . . . ” and “Have fun . . . ” F-you. I hate NBC.

  14. shoneys pissed!!!!! go ranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kick ass baby!!!! i prayed for you guys!!!! cmon god let your favorite hockey team win!!!!

  15. Hopefully they are doing a better job with homeland security in Washington than they are with security at their hockey games!

  16. I think that letter by Sather was actually very smart. Its intended audience is really not the NHL or Bettman, but the media. Now people will be talking about that aspect of the story, and if there is a Game 7, there will be increased scrutiny of the security situation behind the Rangers’ bench b/c the media will be watching.

  17. Did everyone see what happened during warmups with brashear? if that was avery he’d be suspended for 5347280562 games.

  18. I actually really like AO

    But I hope we win today and he’s scoreless just so someone can say “hey…AO only scored 2 goals in six games…wassup with that?”

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury just finished his nap. He said a Rangers game 6 Loss won’t ruin his afternoon nap either… but an overtime win might because the nap starts at 5pm, sharp!

  20. deja (zipays beard) on

    thank god the game was on nbc today i was running late and walked in the door as the puck was about to be dropped.

    please win today boys before the plague gets us!!!

  21. brashear skated up to orr (i’m pretty sure it was orr) and gave him a push before skating away.

  22. torts is gonna make doobs the captain and hes gonna strip dru next season. or have co captains

  23. we can’t get down now.. they got to come back..use the fans energy…power play!

  24. deja (zipays beard) on

    Pavel took them long enough its only in mexico canada cali texas kansas ohio nyc new zealand



  26. Gomo the clown on the PP… Virus on the ice… Anturtlepov on the ice… WHY???

  27. deja (zipays beard) on

    i was like if that was wade redden we really all are going to die

    why did nazzy do that wide open net jesus

  28. what in the effin hell is oging on with this goon and these refs??????????????????????????????????? two away from the play!??? HOLY SHITE

  29. 2 fu****in minutes for roughing are you effin kidding me?????????????????????????????????????????????????///

  30. i am sorry….5 minute major for brashear this is …calm down rangers…just win the game..

  31. this is what the NHL wants to promote???? Brashear is a thug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Effin head hunter! He better be suspended forever for that effin nonsense. First wolfensteincula on drury away from the puck, and now this effin maroon??? WOW, bettman you suck hard!

  32. as stated before the LEAGUE OIS A JOKE.


    2 MINUTES………………………

  33. I sure hope Brashear gets a suspension for that if this league is truly trying to cut down on hits to the head. That was completely uncalled for.

  34. wow…. feel so bad for betts,

    and this is why you need Colton in the lineup in the playoff, brashear does not do that with Orr around….

    damn man, Betts is really dazed

  35. betts looked very shaken up, i think a concussion. this looks bad. brashear must be suspended for next game (hopefully there wont be one lol)

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    So far I’ve seen an ovech trip go uncalled, the second time he’s done that this series in front of the Rangers net.

    I’ve also seen Blair Betts get dessimated by a late, high, elbow to the head and seen NO penalty for it! Brashear got 2 for roughing with Mara but the hit on Betts went uncalled.

    If that doesn’t show an advantage the league shows in favor of the Caps team, i’ll watch the rest of the game and get you more.


  37. Varlamov > Hank on

    Great hit, Don. Welcome to the playoffs, Betts. If the Rangers want to respond, they can always send tough guy Sean Avery at Brashear.

  38. Can we just take out Ovechkin, please? Just put a F-ing elbow right into his head. Whoever we lose in the process, it will be well worth it.

  39. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    send voros and antropov after that animal. they’re both worthless as hockey players and our PK’s done alright.

  40. dave maloney “i’m not saying anything, i’m done…’;

    he’s been going NUTS since the hit on drury, but the one on BETTS, he’s is absolutely rippin the officiating and he’s a million percent correct in doing so.

  41. i said something very offensive in Polish. Sorry, Carp.. I’m ready to grab the next train to MSG and choke that piece of garbage!

  42. Varlamov > Hank on

    Right, and driving Ovechkin head first into the boards from behind was legal, right? They’re letting the guys play tonight and Ranger fans complain. When they’re calling it too tight, Ranger fans complain. Quit complaining, Ranger fans.

  43. Send Gomez after Varlamov’s ankle! It’s the only reason we made the playoffs the Rangers made it in the first place, maybe it will win us a series, too!

  44. damn orr and his swine flu!!!

    someone needs to bertuzzi ovechkin, since that seems to be allowed to happen. whoever it is will be welcomed back with open arms since it’d be a hit to the head with the NHL allows and promotes.

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Damn it.

    Anybody realize the magnitude of Drury playing now, sans Betts? Drury will have to play more 5on5 and PK with the busted hand, not a healthy center like Anisamov playing for betts. oy veh.

  46. blame mara, hes the one who keeps takin multiple penalties a game. hes worse than avery. at least avery hurts the sob he fouls

  47. betts is out and the thug is in there for the caps.

    but no I am paranoid..

    \MY ASS.



    WHAT AFARCE………………..

  48. well got to give the refs credit where credit is due.. they got the delay of game call right.

  49. deja (zipays beard) on

    if one of our guys cheap shotted ovechkin with an elbow in the face then we’d only get two minutes right?

  50. when i saw drury takin the opening face off i knew we were in for a long day lmao! have the idiots on nbc updated on betts yet??

  51. yea kaspar. we got half of our potential production for the day and were losing already. mara sucks, zherdev and morris were at fault for the first one and naslund had an open net to shoot at but decided to be cute and backhand it

  52. Remember, the Caps came from 3–1 down last season to force game seven in their building and they lost to the Flyers in overtime. I don’t want that to happen because it will be way too nervewracking, but I’m just saying.

  53. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    why don’t they just put Anturtlepov in goal? He can just lay down and be lazy just like he’s doing on the rest of the ice and he’ll cover the whole net! Isn’t that what size is good for?

  54. wow, its like they are rollin over and dyin to the will of bettman. holy God in heaven.

  55. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    can everyone notice that they are scoring on his glove side so when you are the only defender drop glove side!!!!

  56. so much for playin for torts huh? we deserve this. we really do. f’in sather gave us shat of a team!!!

  57. and hi hank. did you realize that youre playing for the rangers right? 2 of these goals shouldve been stopped

  58. Varlamov > Hank on

    Donny Brashear changes the momentum with a clean (and unpenalized) hit on Betts.

  59. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    that was another power play goal right without betts can we have vorros take one for the team and take a run at varlamov

  60. they do realize this could be their last game at home right? and THIS is what they are giving? this is what happens when you have no offense. sather, are you watching? Dolan do you care???

  61. LET’S talk about the water bottle instead of a intentional trying to hurt a key player on our team by a thug…

    buttman and campbell you are friggin clown jack asses….

  62. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    i tried not posting on here during the series for good luck, but i am so angry and dejected, i have to. i feel like i waste my time watching these NY teams that commit the same mistakes every year and never learn. 12 years of my life wasted.

  63. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    hopefully nobody does anything to get suspended for game 7 unless their names are voros, antropov, gomez, zherdev or drury

  64. They should have played Orr so he can give the caps the flu for game 7 than the rangers had a chance.

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Where’s Marty McSorley guy? hahaha.

    * Varlamov > Hank
    April 26th, 2009 at 2:57 pm
    Donny Brashear changes the momentum with a clean (and unpenalized) hit on Betts.

  66. now does anyone here we will come back from this with 40 minutes left? wheres greg? i wanna hear him tell us that we will win this series. where are ya greg?

  67. Lundqvist is a God on

    Washington Capitals are a classless organization…from their disgusting fans at the Verizon Center to their jackass, dirty, intent-to-injure players

  68. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I can’t blame Bettman for this one, NYR just sucks right now. They quit man. Pathetic, Depressing, Uninspired. The millionaires club is taking another day off.

  69. Who wants to start up teh retirement fund for Aaron Voros so he can finish McSorely’s job without worrying about his wallet?

  70. an intentional elbow to the head, away from the play, is not legit. If nothing happens to token, the league will just fall further down the credibility scale.

  71. I’ve said this over and over on this blog, Sather is the villain here, not the players. Sather is one of the worst GM’s in the NHL.

  72. this whole game is going to hinge on naslund’s inability to score on a wide open net.

  73. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    people have been scoring on henrik over the glove side every year, and nothing is done to try and rectify the situation. we can still come back, but sather wastes money on drury as if hes a star and then on 2 wasted defenseman, rozi and redden. thanks rozi for not being able to stay on your feet on a power play.

  74. Valiquette in period 2? Have to consider it with Hank putting in a Roman Cechmanek-like effort today.

  75. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    i love how millbury thinks we should just let our guys get cheap shotted and not stick up for them what an idiotic blowhard

  76. What a bunch of losers, Hank is finally looking like the Hank we all got used to, the one who lets in every god damn puck thrown at him, and cant make a save to save his life. Naslund sucks, he had a chance to make it 2-1, and he passed on a WIDE OPEN NET. Shoeny made the wrong move by not dressing Orr, and Brashear took advantage of it, by throwing a cheap shot.

    Mara sucks, i hope he doesn’t get resigned. Eve though it was a pathetic call that shouldn’t have been called, he gets a penalty for that EVERY TIME, and he’s too dumb to realize that he cant use his free hand for anything, or else these jerkoffs will call him every time. Why cant he get it through that thick skull of his.

    And Poti burns us once again. Great.

    This team is full of losers, and if they lose this game, which it looks like they will, then the series is over.

    Fuggin idiots.

  77. rob f- yup, like when cally hit the post in game 3. we could be up 2-1 or 2-2 but nazzy blew it again for us. get him off the team along with z, dru, gomer, reden, rozy and mara

  78. Turning point in the period:

    I am trying to be very calm but can someone give me one reason why that mutt Naslund went out of his way NOT to score on a wide open net, instead goes to his backhand to shoot into the goalie???

    You can’t make this shi#*&% up. THIS WAS A KILLER!

  79. Ryan
    I was just saying..take a guy who you dont care gets suspended and have him clock AO dirty

  80. Mike D. what are you saying? Those goals were not hanks fault. Seasons over see you guys next season.

  81. Lundqvist is a God on

    Ugh so sick of NBC coverage….we don’t need you to suck Ovechkin’s d!ck every single minute


  83. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Carp, any chance you can add a section in your letter to Mr. Bettman asking why Brashear was assessed no penalty for a late elbow to the head of our best penalty killer? Honestly, why don’t we have dirty players who can take a guy out of the game with a headshot and not get a penalty? When Orr is in the lineup and hits anybody he gets 5 minute major. It is absolute bullshit that Brashear doesn’t get a major penalty and a game misconduct for that hit. It was as dirty as it comes with clear intent to injure. On top of that these POS refs call an imaginary penalty on Mara right after that. I think I get more pissed off watchings these games than I get enjoyment out of them at this point. So why should I bother being a fan?

  84. Kevin – two of those three goals hank should have. short side high on both? pierre was right about one thing…that’s the AHL side.

  85. their lack of offense and cohesion is what is going to doom them in this series. Missing wide open nets, Drury making passes to nowhere, turnovers turnovers turnonvers…its like the pillsbury doughboy (roszi) and mrs fields (redden) are on the blue line at the worst possible moments..its a beautiful sunday afternoon, and i know my fiance is not happy to be wasting part of it waitin for me to finish watchin this mess!

  86. well, we still can win this series, but obviously momentum has swung to the caps from game 5. we can still win today but they gotta earn it. forecheck and stop throwin bad angle pucks at the net. 2 bad goals on hank. put vally in again, he did fine last time. hank looks demoralized and has a weak psyche.

  87. That’s because our great brought these clowns in for money other gm’s laughed at, it’s sather, blame that moron, not the players. Sather sucks, he blows and I don’t know what other adjective you can say about that wino.

  88. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    its his achilles heal, and it wont be fixed just like the yankees cant get runners home from 3rd and less than 2 out. they will never be able to. they get the 2nd out on opposition with runners on 3rd and less than 2 out and then give up the devastating 2 out hit. Same **** different year.

  89. OMG! If Bettman suspends Brashear what will the Craps do? They’ll be devastated. Game 7 is ours!

  90. Maybe Bryan Trottier should have wrote this letter. I hear his handwritting is pretty sweet.

    In more serious news, lets go blueeeeee! wake uppppppppppp!!

  91. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If one angle wasn’t enough, you can go to and watch every angle of the NBC B-job broadcast of Ovechkin :)

    * Lundqvist is a God
    April 26th, 2009 at 3:06 pm
    Ugh so sick of NBC coverage….we don’t need you to suck Ovechkin’s d!ck every single minute

  92. onecupin69years on


    Ladies and gentleman The Fat lady is warming up!

  93. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Honestly I think Mara should come out and clobber Ovechkin or Semin in the head with his elbow. Then when they review it, they’d have no choice but to penalize them both equally. Between the NHL and these Refs, I honestly think the players and fans need to be dirtier. Too bad Avery isn’t even physically capable of injuring somebody the way Brashear injured Betts.

  94. there is a reason they are #2 and we are a #7…..Finishers. They have them, we don’t!

    Gotta try and make a comeback here b/c there is no way this team wins a game #7 in Washington….(i hope i am wrong)

  95. Hey they’re showing the AO goal from game 5 again
    quick…if you missed the first 20 showings tune into NBC right now

  96. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    BTW: Why has Michael Rozsival laid the best hit on Ovechkin this entire series?

  97. They needed to win game 5, over and over again in the series they have let the caps back into it. I wish they brought up AA and Bobby Sang with the coaches, completely uninspired play

  98. Glenn Sather you worthless piece of crap thank you very much for this. Why don’t you just frigin retire and go off to fish in the middle of no where Canada instead of continuing to put together a bullshit team year in year out and destroying any chance for the future. You haven’t accomplished anything since 1988.

  99. I’m at a loss for why tf Voros is in this game and Orr is scratched. What with Voros being so good in the last game and all. I love Mara to death but Brashear will rip his beard from his face. WHY TF was there no call on the Betts hit?! WHY TF is Hank (love him to hell and back) not hugging the posts like it’s his freakin’ job?! WHY TF does Naslund suck?! And why oh why dear God is Callahan not at least an A?! Give him a big old freaking C, hes the only one who deserves any letter on his jersey. Strip these bastards and get it over with. I love my boys, but these are Tim Bits mistakes.

  100. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    back to the game. bye guys. rangers score 3 unanswered goals in the 2nd period!

    BIG MONEY STARS = %^&$#@

  102. any update on betts anywhere????

    it’s be hysterical if Hank demands a trade after this season. Ya just can’t blame him if he does.

    can they come back in this game, yes they can,but it’s not likely. they take horrible shots when they KNOW if they put someone in front of the net, if they crash the net, it works. here’s hoping for a better 2nd.

  103. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I can’t even type fast enough to express how mad I am. I just want to yell at someone, perhaps elbow someone, perhaps McSorley someone, perhaps just torch the NHL building and tell them to go back to Toronto because they are too bush league to be in New York. We are straight shooters, don’t bullshit us, and Bettman you swine, are bullshitting us daily and ruining our sport.

  104. Antro isn’t hurt…this is how he plays half the games of the season…it’s what he’s done for the last 10 years

  105. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m going to back kaspar on this. Mike in IA. Pick a side, nobody jumps ship faster than you… and maybe the team on the ice, but they aren’t the best role models right now.

  106. I just want someone to tell me that we are all crazy.

    The NHL has a target on this teams back, what they did last night was part of it, and not giving a 5min major for a blatant elbow from brashit, instead giving a matching 2min is part of it too.

  107. Sat that to my face, DUDE! On a less stupid note, the Giants just traded for Anquan Boldin.

  108. drury should do the right thing and relinquish the C to someone who actually cares! Naslund should relinquish the A for the same reason!

    is there anyone on the ice who can just take out brashear? damnit for orr gettin sick!!!

  109. truefans- ha you were waiting for months to have somebody say that so u can get in on the “jumpin ship thing” lol. whatever man, i dont get what u mean jumpin ship, bandwagon? im a freakin ranger fan ok.

  110. Cuch April 26th, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Glenn Sather you worthless piece of crap thank you very much for this. Why don’t you just frigin retire and go off to fish in the middle of no where Canada instead of continuing to put together a bullshit team year in year out and destroying any chance for the future. You haven’t accomplished anything since 1988.”

    AHHHH!! finally a smart one out these bunch of bloggers.

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Does Avery need to finish a check or not touch anyone?

  112. At least we can watch the football draft while licking our wounds, the Gaints will be on the cock again.

  113. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mike, i haven’t waited for anything. Everyone and i mean EVERYONE on here reads you love and then hate and then love players. I wasn’t even the first one to point it out, btw.

  114. I meant to say Clock, got that wood shed mentality wit Deja and Kaspar in my head again.

  115. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    we can still blame renney for this first round loss. If he had tried to win games in January and Feb. we would have seen the devils, flyers or penguins first round.

  116. zherdev is mentally and physically weak….he has the puck and just gives it to gomez, him on that line is pointlesss
    why are we making poit,green and jurcrina all look like leetch?
    WAKE UP!
    these lines are horrible and have no chemistry….

  117. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    they keep on putting it glove side even when they have a shot stick side

  118. first off truefans- if u havent noticed, i have an imposter sayin stupid crap ok. i hate when players play like crap. i dont hate them.

  119. PruBelongsOnTheIce

    Please get a clue dood, renney has nothing to do with this team, please. Sather put this team together. Nobody could coach this team to the stanely cup, not even the great Scotty Bowman.

  120. Can’t really blame Zherdev — he was doing well until he spent the whole season watching and learning from Scott Gomez how not to do anything in the offensive zone.

  121. Lundqvist is a God on

    STFU Pierre….we don’t want to hear your, and stop saying we automatically lose game 7. While it would be tough to win, THE GAME HAS NOT HAPPENED YET, YOU ***.

  122. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    ive lost count how many times weve missed a wide open net and it leads to a goal

  123. only update so far is that ‘betts will not return” nothing specific, but as someone said earlier, probably a concussion. Thats too bad because he is one of a very select few Rangers who actually went above and beyond what was expected of them. I hope he’s back next season because he is extraordinary on the pk.

    ok, i think i’m gonna make the man happy and turn this off so we can go out. what a disgrace.

  124. Avery always plays like a pussycat after drawing some attention. This series is OVER!

  125. Can somebody miss hit a golf ball and drill sather in the head and make him dead. I know this is brutal but the only way you will ever see this team go anywhere is when sather is out of the picture.

  126. ZzZz ? ZzZz !! says Greg L. on

    Zherdev ak Straka , just like last years playoffs , guy can’t score / finish / …good grief!

  127. they’re quitting…i might stop watching mid-game for the first time in about 10 years.

  128. hank gets steamrolled, they celebrate ON TOP OF HIM, and noone goes over to get them out of there. what a mess. Lundqvist demands trade at end of series.

  129. irony….
    torts sits avery for playing hard
    the league sits torts for being a bonehead….

  130. Puck was in before Kozlov ran into Lundqvist. Rangers look terrible. Too slow, too soft, no finish

  131. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’ll tell you who’s applying pressure, john tortorella with his fist on these rangers faces the second the game ends.

  132. Dear Glen,
    I hope sending tyutin to columbus for this superstar named Zherdev haunts your forever. Z is not coming back next year and toots will evolve into a top defensemen in this league. You heard it hear!
    Kill yourself,
    Majority of Ranger fans

  133. well, if this game hinges on our 4th line center being out, thats pretty sad. same thing from game 5 carried right over to today? who said momentum doesnt swing from game to game? idk it sure looks like it

  134. I wish today’s match would count for two. There’s really no need to send this group to Washington to represent New York.

  135. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ovechkin purposely celebrated AT lundqvist.
    Sean Avery and Aaron voros time. I don’t care what Avery does right now, at least show that 1 rangers gives a shyte.

  136. The New York Rangers have quit.

    It’s all over, folks.

    turning off the tv and gonna go enjoy myself some sunshine.

    What an absolute joke this team has been today.

    At least Blair Betts doesn’t have to watch

    And Hank…games like today are why you can’t be considered a great goalie. Great one game, awful the next two. Can’t happen.

  137. Since this season is over who do we let walk during the off season.

    Try to trade

  138. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    YUP! If varly got hurt (wink, wink) and Threeormore has to play!

    * Rick Carpiniello
    April 26th, 2009 at 3:32 pm
    If there were 2,000 minutes left in this game, could the Rangers get four more goals?

  139. so a drunken fat slob screaming obscenities and worse at Staal and Girardi is allowed to turn the series in Wash’ favor

    makes the league look like a total joke

  140. Dear Gary Bettman,

    Can you please suspend Wade Redden,Nik Zerdev, Nik Antropov, Chris Drury, Markus Naslund, Paul Mara because they are terrible hockey players? Im sure i am forgetting a few.

  141. pmike09
    April 26th, 2009 at 3:32 pm
    Dear Glen,
    I hope sending tyutin to columbus for this superstar named Zherdev haunts your forever. Z is not coming back next year and toots will evolve into a top defensemen in this league. You heard it hear!
    Kill yourself,
    Majority of Ranger fans

    best part of that post is

    Kill yourself

    great post

  142. NorthCountryRanger on

    if someone doesn’t run varlamov, ovechkin, or semin, or backstrom i will not watch this team anymore this season. They are a bunch of whimps right now and i would personally send zherdev to the firing squad for missing 2 wide open nets in 2 games….he is just aweful and disappears when the games get big….resigning him would be a great way to continue a great tradition of mediocrity on broadway…

  143. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Dan G with a little extra on ovarychkin… I’ll keep watching to see something happen on that front.

  144. And celebrating over your goalie? WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR PRIDE???????????????

    This collection of heartless stiffs makes me sick. Fuck ’em all. Trade ’em all.

    G’night everybody

  145. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    notice were getting killed in the two games vorros played bring artem up!

  146. True Fans, How many more times are you going to quote others comments, what are you, Shakespere.

  147. The Caps had a little campfire celebration right on top of Lundy, rangers no response….i miss old time hockey!

  148. All right, I’ve seen enough! I have my own football match to go play. I won’t even bother watching Game 7.

  149. Carp…Ever see a clearer example of a team that’s just completely quit on the ice?

    What a heartless bunch. And what a true sign of “veteran leadership”

  150. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    All day!

    * mike in ia
    April 26th, 2009 at 3:35 pm
    True Fans, How many more times are you going to quote others comments, what are you, Shakespere.

  151. This is unwatchable. I’m turning this sad excuse for a hockey game off and I’m going to enjoy the nice weather.

  152. CJP

    Avery, Girardi, Staal Gomez and Z were the ones on the ice when the Caps celebrated on top of Hank… if Avery was going to do something there would have been appropriate…

  153. Voros: “damnit i should not have eaten that panormous pizza and carton of ice cream for breakfast this morning!”

    dude looks totally out of breathe on a faceoff!!

    ant, I agree with your choices!

    lmao@ zherdev being nedveded!

  154. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I believe today’s game is a product of having Tom Renney on the payroll. He screws us again! LoL

  155. get Varlamov on

    the strategy now has to be get Varlamov. get him out of the next game. hurt him.force them to play 3ormore
    that is job one now

  156. keep on dumpin the puck in and hopin our guys can even get possession for more than 5 seconds. were not even trying. look at these guys. they dont care. i cant believe the team that got into the playoffs is the one were seeing right now

  157. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    were there any conditions on the antropov deal, like… if he’s awful, we get our 2nd rounder back?

  158. NorthCountryRanger on

    oh and if lundqvist wants a trade… give it to him!!! obviously we can’t win with just agood goalie… we need scoring so trade him for kovalchuck straight up if thats the case…

  159. No net crashing
    no elbows flying
    no head hunting

    No way they win…see you at the draft

  160. i didnt post that truefans. but obviously my imposter doesnt like you either. good job fake mike!

  161. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    without lundqvist this series doesn’t go past game 4.

    shut up.

  162. I was just saying to Zipay that it’s mind-boggling how poorly they’re playing — even the guys who had played well early in the series — Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi. Dubinsky and Callahan completely ineffective. Avery. I won’t even go near the usual multi-millionaire suspects.

  163. Voros, Redden, Zherdev, Morris, Naslund
    PEACE! see ya around…
    replace them with some hungry kds form hartford ans sign mike komisarek

  164. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You’ve been QUOTED! hahaha. Good one both you guys.

    * mike in ia
    April 26th, 2009 at 3:41 pm
    i didnt post that truefans. but obviously my imposter doesnt like you either. good job fake mike!

  165. Oh derrrr, the sun/beer must be getting to my head… I didn’t realize there was a new post up.

    This game is just killing me today.

  166. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    mike in ia…..why are you an *******, we didnt trade for boldin or it would be on

  167. we have the worst captain and alternates in hockey i swear!

    How is Cally the toughest guy on the team? LMAO

  168. True Fan, If I ever got you in my woodshed, you would be walking alot different than you do now. Dont hate Dubinsky, he is my ceiling poster.

  169. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHA DOOBI GETS 14 minutes hahahahhahahahah what a fucking disgrace

  170. if dubinsky gets a 10 minute misconduct, how can the refs justify a 4-4 situation after the brashear hit?

  171. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ok. No major. That’s not super bad, i was hoping Brashear would find his way on to the penalty list at some point, but Dubi’s doing something.

    Time to unleash 16.

  172. these refs r a joke im finally on the bandwagon guys and gals i belive the nhl is doing this o purpose

  173. guys…that was a boarding and a dangerous hit from behind by dubinsky…he deserves 2 + 10…brashear deserves a ton of penalties from earlier too, but i don’t understand how you can say that that wasn’t a stupid hit

  174. I don’t care anymore. I really don’t. I’m going to go outside and enjoy the sun and my beer!

  175. The only joke is that the best ranger players have been the ranger players who were drafted by the rangers and because of sather’s stupidity will be hard to resign. Instead we will be stuck with drury, gomez, redden, rosival and Naslund. What a great gm we have. Oh yea, don’t forget his drafting.

  176. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yah no game 7 in 97. lost ot the flyers in 5. last game seven was indeed 6-14-94

  177. Partys over with that fifth goal, Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. And to all you morons believing there’s a troll posing as me, well, its really me! True fans, bite me.

  178. CommieHunter on

    someone needs to take a run at ovechkin.. he can’t hide behind scorched earth here.

  179. honestly kids, i’ve never walked out on a game before, but this is it.

    Sather,do us all a favor and retire and give the team to someone who WANTS us to succeed. It’s only a pipe dream because Dolan got his three extra gates and that’s good enough for him. As fans, what do we do?

  180. Rob

    I don’t know who is saying it wasn’t a bad hit… I’m saying that the refs asked for this by not penalizing it earlier… just like when Avery punched the goalie.. they had called and stopped play with a bs call and had they not done that it wouldn’t have escalated…

  181. CommieHunter on

    Mike and True Fan, why dont you get a room. If teams like the Yankees and Rangers represent all that America is, I am glad I went to Canada in the sixties.

  182. one more thing before i go..

    Rick and Jane, the imposters here are starting to ruin the fun of your blog. It’s getting as bad as Zips blog with all the trolls and imposters there. It’s really too bad because this blog is outstanding.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather everyone.

  183. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    seeing Torts in the stands reminds me of seeing Shockey watch the Super Bowl… except Torts doesn’t have a beer, although he had probably just wrung it out of his suit.

  184. Ok, the fact that Dubinsky got 10 minute misconduct I am BESIDE MYSELF. Being that Dubinsky, Callhan, and Betts play so hard this just destroys me that Dubinsky is now out and Betts is hurt. They are not playing like they want to win. And I want to drive to MSG because if I have to hear “Edzo” one more time, I might kill someone.

  185. i honestly don’t think that even if torts was behind the bench the score would’ve been any different. Henrik just doesn’t look sharp for two straight games and the entire team looks like they already booked tickets for Cancun.

  186. NorthCountryRanger on

    hey truefans just so you know its a 4 game series… you should tell your boy lundqvist that cus he quit after win # 3…. i love lundqvist but he ain’t getting us to the finals by himself…

  187. i like truefans. i had my bouts with him, but hes not a dick. i respect the guys opinions. somebody is posting as me. ok. the last time i say that. SOMEONE IS POSTING AS ME!!!

  188. honestly do u guys have nothing better to do but go under someone name in make crap up? really grow up i enjoy this blog alot dont ruin it

  189. No Country For Old Rangers on

    gomez sucks
    drury sucks
    redden sucks
    zherdev sucks
    roszival sucks
    morris sucks
    orr sucks
    voros sucks
    mara sucks
    girardi sucks
    antropov sucks
    avery sucks
    korpikoski sucks
    naslund sucks
    sjostrom tries but sucks
    betts tries but sucks

    knowing this, I dont know why I expected any different…

    and of course SATHER sucks the most for putting it all together

    “They just plain sucked! I’ve seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.”

    Homer Simpson on the NYR

  190. i like how everyone here is making it seem like the ONLY reason the rangers are down is because of poor officiating…this team is terrible.

    this is what happened in games 1, 2 and 4, except now lundqvist isn’t godlike. this is what those games were SUPPOSED to look like.

  191. onecupin69years on

    So how do Sather’s trades look now?
    Still want to re-sign Zherdev?

    Now you all know why no other NHL claimed Avery off waivers.

  192. NorthCountryRanger on

    and Rob F. just proved my point… last two games lundy was AWEFUL… the 3 wins we’ve had hes been AMAZING… can we have some f***ing consistacy here… in ANY faccet of our game?

  193. Rick, re: imposters

    you can change a wordpress setting that requires people to have an account to comment on the post. that way, you can’t have duplicate usernames hence imposters posting as other people.

  194. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I know… he’s been funny though. I’ll give him that. Perhaps more entertaining than the product the Rags have on the ice this afternoon.

    All I see right now is that scene of Herb Brooks yelling “AGAIN! What’s your name? Who do you play for?! AGAIN! Who do you play for? Damn it Schony, I said AGAIN!”

    Haha. Tough day in Rangersland.

    Carp, i was never one of the conspiracy theorists, but i’m starting to question the possibilities.

  195. damn. well hank stole 3 games for us, so maybe the rest of the team couldve started doin their job and scored some goals in the early 2nd. after that 4th one by a huge missed chance by z.

  196. okay i guess everyone is going to tell me to shut up..i am putting my rally hat on. you can either be miserable for the rest of the day, or have some hope.

  197. Varlamov > Hank on

    Dubinsky should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs after that hit on Green. Then again, New York’s playoff run is only one more game so what I’m saying is Dubinsky should be suspended for Game 7. There’s no place in the NHL for hits like that from behind and all NHL fans should be growing tired of the increasing retribution for clean hits (Brashear on Betts).

  198. rangers and hope never belong in the same sentence. this gutless bunch of losers has already given up.

  199. Mike in Ia, that comment earlier was typical of you, racist and anti American, you are a joke.

  200. emile francis on

    they emasculated Avery, then they emasculated Torts. now the whole team is a bunch of barney Franks on ice

  201. Varlamov > Hank
    you reall feel that the brashear hit was clean? how wuld u feel if i layed that all over your mother then took her for a ride after?

  202. No Country For Old Rangers on

    anything can happen game 7

    this aint over yet

    i would advise getting a real leader like i dont know MARK MESSIER to talk to this team because clearly Drury cant be torn away from his PSP and Harry Potter books

  203. I miss Jagr, he had a goal and two assists last night for Czech Rep. Good for him, he’s a real leader.

    This team sucks, and the series is over. Great job.

    Hank blew this series along with the rest of them, what a pathetic group of losers.

    Does anyone else wanna kill Eddie O as much as i do right now ? I cant stand that fat, degenerate gambler, drunken piece of sh*t. Asshole.

    The league is doing everything they can to get Craps verse Pens, and they got it. Great job Buttman. Please die !

  204. NorthCountryRanger on

    ignore the troll obviously a digruntled Pisles fan… at least we made the playoffs you tools…

  205. Lundqvist is a God on

    I miss Jagr so much…

    I hate the current construction of our team…we have no threat.

  206. What a brilliant move not dressing Orr! This gave Brashear freedom to do anything he wanted without fear of retaliation. Result: a cheap shot that knocked Betts out of the game.

    I finally understand why they have been playing Voros.
    Sather is show-casing him for an after-season trade with Pittsburgh for Malkin and Orpik. Sather is one sly fox!

  207. I didn’t see it but what happened to Betts?
    I know he was hit by Brashear but…

  208. Tomg
    You got it


    To hell with the rest of this team…anyone of them can go for nothing as far as I’m concerened…

    Sad part is:
    Dubi-Cally-Avery would be a good third line…
    problem is they are the best we have

  209. my friend sitting in the 6th row just told me hes on his way home

    other people are leaving too

    can you blame them?

    If we win tuesday do you even think we win 1 game vs boston?!

  210. emile francis on

    Varlamov > Hank April 26th, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Dubinsky should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs after that hit on Green. Then again, New York’s playoff run is only one more game so what I’m saying is Dubinsky should be suspended for Game 7. There’s no place in the NHL for hits like that from behind and all NHL fans should be growing tired of the increasing retribution for clean hits (Brashear on Betts).


    you are so full of . get your ass out of here, Caps lover

  211. onecupin69years on

    So who would trade Hank for a Legit superstar sniper?

    The Rangers will never win the Cup without a sniper no matter how many games Hank can steal.
    Osgood is half the goalie of Hank and will finish with more cups than hank will ever have.

    You don’t need a super star in the net, just a total team to win the Cup.

  212. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Staal Wart,
    Brashear ran him with an elbow hi (looked like the head) at least 2 seconds after the play had moved on. Blind-side hit, Betts was looking the other way.

  213. Hey guys and gals…..

    Have some faith for Tuesday…I think we can steal that game and move on.

    Being 100% serious.

  214. orr- while i agree with most of your post, we still shouldve closed this out today. you can see us not getting any good chances on varlamov. maybe a few. but yea, with hank, if he lets in one or 2 early he usually folds

  215. Pierre Maguirre

    “This game is not lost; we have to send a message for game 7”


  216. STAAL

    Guaranteed, he has a concussion. Why else would he still be out.

    I agree, it was a retarded move not dressing Orr, and now we cant send a message, without looking like a bunch of pussy’s, for not be willing to fight Brash. Stupid move.

    I hate this team, i wish i can like other sports, so i can have something else to cheer me up when Nyr sucks. But i hate every fuggin sport.

    Nyr hockey is gonna give me a full head of grey hair, probably when i hit 23. Im sick of these pathetic post seasons. I never had a good summer, ever since i got into this game.

  217. Agree with Balcony bob, sit
    Orr and let the cheap stuff begin.

    This one is gone, I don’t see how they survive the bolld bath in game 7.

    Hey Sather, how about a long letter to Dolan explaining your resignation?

  218. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    We do suck (again). But the officiating has been one-sided 5 of the 6 games.

    I’m pissed they’re losing, I think it bodes terribly for getting out of this round. However, the Rangers were simply not good enough to beat Boston and weren’t going to get more than 1 win in that series as it is. I’d like to see them make the second round, but the road wasn’t going to be longer than what we’ve seen the past 2 years.

  219. i can’t believe people are still talking about trading henrik…shut the hell up already. yeah we can’t win without a sniper, we also can’t win without a goalie…do you really want the dunham/weekes/blackburn era back? stfu.

  220. we need to send a message this period that we will not back down and will not give up send avery to the net every chance we get

  221. Its ok. We will 100% win in Washington. Im a little worried Lundquist will never be the same. He shouldnt have any confidence anyway. I guess this game is over. Anyway Go Devils tonight!! LETS GO DEVILS.

  222. Even though the team made the playoffs, this reminds me of the pre-lockout years. Actually, these guys might be worse (at least those teams had talent). This team has absolutely no passion whatsoever, save Callahan, Avery, and Dubinsky. Unless the Rangers have a miracle in store for 7, this is looking to be a frustrating end to a frustrating season.

    As for the Caps, if they do win the series, I think Pittsburgh is going to give them a run for their money. That will definitely be a great series to watch, if only for the offensive showcase (Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Semin, Green, Backstrom, etc.).

  223. No Country For Old Rangers on

    If a fan is going to leave early, they might as well use the opportunity to give humpty dumpty a beer bath

  224. nd for all the folks he keep saying why does orr play every game when we could put in someone who can score… that his on Betts is why…

  225. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    To put it into baseball terms, does Avery get the “green-light” in the third period? haha.

    I think so.

  226. All God Damn MF season I have been saying give Lundqvist some rest, keep him fresh for the playoffs. This is NOT hindsite, his coach, whoever it may be ALWAYS burns him out.

    And playing him in the last regular season nothing game so he could get win #38 was suicidal and idiotic.

    NOW we pay the price – he is gassed. Same old stupid mis-deployment of players during the regular season. Incredible~

  227. All God Damn MF season I have been saying give Lundqvist some rest, keep him fresh for the playoffs. This is NOT hindsite, his coach, whoever it may be ALWAYS burns him out.

    And playing him in the last regular season nothing game so he could get win #38 was suicidal and idiotic.

    NOW we pay the price – he is gassed. Same old stupid mis-deployment of players during the regular season. Incredible~

  228. PruBelongsOnTheIce
    April 26th, 2009 at 4:06 pm
    cccp, I thought his father taught him that


    Actually it was his whole family effort. They all took turns teaching him how not to speak with a c*ck in the mouth. Apparently they didn’t do a good job… they need to give him more lessons.

  229. Does it really matter if the Rangers move on? I mean the Bruins are awesome.
    And if the Craps move on, I think Pitt will cream them. Better Goalie…Better Defense…Better Offense

  230. What a #$@#$%($$%$%)$%$)% disgrace. God, please let Sather get fired. Otherwise there is no hope.

  231. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    eddie the rangers arent getting 3-4 goals in one period just stop

  232. Olga Folkyerself on

    The only surprising thing so far is that the Rangers have won 3 games by scoring only 8 goals.

    Lundqvist is out. Vally gets to use up another third period.

  233. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The NBC pre-3rd period showed a side-view display of the Brashear hit, looked definitely like an elbow.

    I hope Tortorella put on his Graucho Marx disguise and went down to the locker room to rip the team!

  234. Can’t help but hinking that this series represents the season in microcosm- a fast start that may or may not have been an illusion (depending on whether you’re an optimistic or pessimistic Ranger fan. Hendrik playing out of his mind and then coming down to earth. The question is still open as to how it will end but basically however the series ends pretty much so the the season will go. Beating Washington will make a sucessful season of sorts- hard to see the Rangers scoring against Boston if you can’t score against the Caps. A loss here followed by another in Washington will taste all the more bitter because of the expectations that were raised than the reality of what this team is. The one good thing we will take forward no matter what is that we have a core group of young players who can really play this game. Now lets get rid of all the “Stars” who don’t pull their weight before they poison this group. P.S. Andropov is clearly hurt- probably reaggravated late season leg injury.

  235. Lundqvist is a God on

    What freakin unacceptable reporting right there…Washington wasn’t talking and Pierre makes it up. Absolutely unacceptable.

  236. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    hahhahahahhhahah mcdreary just took out z jesus christ let this loser walk

  237. No Country For Old Rangers on

    is there anyway Orr and Voros play game 7?

    That would just be criminal

  238. Dubi or not Dubi (Is tired of the NHL's BS) on

    For the first time in years I won’t be watching the rest of the NHL playoffs after the Rangers get knocked out. I’ve just had it with the refs/league/nbc. How can NBC show Brashear’s elbow as a highlight of the game?

  239. I think this best thing this coaching staff could do is call up all the best players in Hartford, Keep the Rangers best, ie, Staal, Dubi, Cally, Sjo, and sit the rest, Gomez, Redden, Drury, etc.

  240. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think you’ve confused him with Marv Albert.

    * PruBelongsOnTheIce
    April 26th, 2009 at 4:22 pm
    pierre knows all about beating up on inanimate objects

  241. Emerick: Pierre now that the Rangers just scored what’s it like on the bench now?

    McGuire: Drury and Gomez are sleeping and Redden is Twittering. Back to you Doc.

  242. Pierre McNugget is the pansiest man alive. I mean, if you see him on the street, he’s one of those guys (term used loosely) that you just want to beat the crap out of … and you really don’t know why you want to.


    What this team needs is somebody who can carry the team on their back some games. Hank did his share. Somebody needs to step up! Not one guy with any backbone. Pitiful.

  244. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    so Vally is hurt and the first thing they show is the missed call on ovechkin getting high sticked

    their obsession is classless

  245. emile francis on

    see that. those aholes can run our goalies, and we do nothing to theirs. get Varlamov, so, they have to use theodore next game

  246. deja (is watching the game in a gas mask) on

    were gonna have to bring up the ahl team to play game 7 were gonna have nobody left

  247. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I noticed whoever this announcer is made sure to rhyme “Ovechkin” and “Connection” earlier in the game… anyone pick up on that? “Obsession” is another word that rhymes.

  248. abindy,

    Agreed, we all knew this was coming… It’s exactly what their entire season has been. A flash in the pan. No heart (save for the few that are always mentioned) no grit, no talent.

    You have a great goaltender being utterly wasted on a terrible team.

    I’m not saying Hank has played well this game or the last one, but some folks on here are talking about trading him. Those people would be laughed right off this board after game 4.

  249. If vally would have been hurt, redden would be my choicee in goal. Just make sure you tell him not to wear a helmet and a cup =]

  250. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why not Drury in net? With the broken hand, he and Hank will have the inability to close the glove-hand in common!

  251. hey chris, can i ask why you would think i would fake post as myself? think about it for a sec ok.

  252. if naslund isn’t a goddamn idiot missing that empty net after our first goal, this whole game is different

  253. emile francis on

    listen to that ahole Emrick, laughing and making fun of the ranger true contention that the security was terrible at the caps games

  254. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    They finally got one of the 9 ovechkin charges this series! Hurray. They got 2 calls right this afternoon.

    I’m not going let it ruin my Sunday either, Chris Drury. Ok, maybe just a little.

  255. Dubi or not Dubi (Is tired of the NHL's BS) on

    Has Drury been on the ice at all after the opening face off? Love NBC not even mentioning that Vally is okay. Can Voros please take a run at Varlamov, who cares if he gets a penalty at this point. Dubinsky had it right boarding Green. They’re cheapshotting it up so we should too.

  256. hey guys just wanted to let you know that im not going to let this ruin my day. In fact it lets me get to my nap quicker instead of having to celebrate

  257. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Drury is hoping there aren’t too many stoppages here, he’s trying to get to a Pokemon tournament at Dragons Den by 6

  258. Gotta share this – my 13 year old daughter, who this season has become a die hard fan and watches all games with me now, just coined a classic term to describe “our guys” – Ice Princesses!

    Excepting the usual 4/5 guys, that’s what this team is made up of, a bunch of Ice Princesses.

  259. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Emrick’s been a dbag forever. Why are you guys surprised? Olczyk defends them, Emrick hates them. He’s a devil lover though, should be expected.

  260. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    like I said, Anturtlepov in net. he’s big and doesn’t have to move… sounds right up his alley.

  261. don’t know if anyone else picked up on it but Z is getting booed every time he touches the puck

  262. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    Sounds like Sather knew there would be a game 7 before this one even started, or did I miss something in that letter?

  263. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Run Ovech if Fatty Dumpty Budreau keeps him out there.

    I hope Voros takes his head off.
    Dumb, show-boating, move.

  264. what a performance??? ok emrick yea he had to really make some amazing saves didnt he

  265. why did they wait until the last 10 minutes of the game to actually start playing..i mean..where was this play all game that was forcing the caps into penalties?

  266. Dubi or not Dubi (Is tired of the NHL's BS) on

    MSG, seriously, don’t play the goal song. The entire organization has their head’s up their backsides.

  267. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    They should have at least played the real goal song… not the one with a fake crowd

  268. Pierre McNugget just wants to bed Ovechkin, it was so obvious during the interview

  269. uhhh..that Staal goal was painful. Why? Because that put the Rangers down only two. We easily missed two big scoring chances. That’s why I am mad that they gave up during the middle of the game. They easily could have tied this!

    Debate: I know this sounds crazy, but vally or lundy for game 7?

  270. wow. hey at least we got a few goals on this guy. i feel ok for game 7. not too hopeful but i think we have a chance. we did win twice there so far. so hank needs to shanke this off, and the rest have to go for it. might as well just go for it.

  271. NorthCountryRanger on

    true fans is such a fool… he defends lundy one minute then bashes his glove the next… i have one person who can tell you how good hank’s glove is…Daniel Carcillo.

  272. Dubi or not Dubi (Is tired of the NHL's BS) on

    Well, maybe we can look at it this way: The Rangers did make the playoffs but faltered badly due to lack of desire and lack of skill. Maybe this makes Sather look worse than if they missed the playoffs altogether? Just trying to be optimistic… To go back to normal, please just bring up Hartford for game 7. If these rich players cared, this series would be over but instead we have been embarrassed in two consecutive games. At least we can watch some youngsters play their heart out.

  273. wow watchin the 1st caps goal. that was bad hank. hes gotta come back next game and play better. damn he looked like 3ormore this game

  274. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    nbc is classless for doing those interviews near center ice. Seriously, it’s just allowing them to showboat more. Do it in the freaking hallway.

  275. wow, just wow … and i’m being serious here. Nothing wrong with it either. but i actually do think McNugget and Milbury are dating.

  276. “CCCP April 26th, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    Is this enough of a collapse for our GM to get the boot?”

    I sure hope not my paycheck might suffer

  277. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    I love Lundqvist but I think for his sake, we should trade him to another team that can play for him.

    I want a team that has skill up front, dammit!

    This is so frustrating, humiliating, whatever you want to call it.

  278. Yeah anything can happen in Game 7, but if we win we will just be right back in the same situation once we get ripped by Boston

  279. no, the good thing about all this is that the Ranger draft picks have been their best players, and the mercenaries and drifters have been crap

    let them all walk, and be bought out, and traded, and use the young kids and develop them as Rangers. and get rid of outsiders just picking up a check or golden parachute.

  280. thats the spirit no country!!!! we will win and upset the craps in 7!!!! they’ll be too overconfident and we’ll sneak up on em and sick a mighty pissed zherdev on them!!! he’ll miss the net but at least he will actually get the puck on his stick!. no but seriously, i think we win tuesday. then get swept by boston!!! furthermore, sather will convince dolan that this was a successful season andwe will resign zherdev for 8 mill for 25 years !!!

  281. Paul Mara's beard~(formerly I miss the 78-79 Rangers) on

    Put the whole damn team on waivers. Start from scratch.

  282. “MiamiPimp April 26th, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    We need to get rid of Gomez, Naslund, Antropov … these guys are gutless”

    or everyone but
    cally,dubi,avery,hank and staal

    cant wait for the crybabies who will blame this on getting rid of prucha too

  283. “If Naslund nets that early empty net, it’s 2-1 and then…what if?”

    If Naslund wasn’t a mercenary … what if?

  284. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Gomo the Clown didn’t want to have to stick around to celebrate and have that interview with Giannone because he didn’t want to cancel the 3 birthday parties he had booked.

  285. sort of reminds of two years ago when it took a few games for Buffalo to figure out Hank. Well, the Caps have officially figured out Hank.

  286. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Beating these punk kids may very well be the highlight of the NYR season so they better pull it off

  287. Who cares about “what if” bull crap… what if grandma had a penis she would be a grandpa…
    We got outplayed by a better team…

  288. Yeah Gomer…it is what it is…good thing to say

    It’s also what it is that you suck

  289. People, what is it that you want from Gomez?? He is not a goal scorer, he needs a sniper to play on his line for him to be the true Gomez. He scored 33 goals one season and averages about 15 goals a season. He had 16 goals this season. I mean please, give me a break with this garbage already. This team was full of holes before the season started and still is at this juncture. If we had a true finisher, Gomez would be thriving.

    The same goes for Drury, he had decent numbers (his average) and he is being killed by almost everyone.

    Don’t blame any of these players for taking the money; you or I would have done the same thing.

    This team lacks confidence to the point of no return.

    We have no one to finish, no one that can truly hit and no one who can truly forecheck, night in and night out. The only players worth keeping are Cally, Dubi, Stall, Girardi, Avery (from the regular season) and Henrik. Drury and Gomez need to be removed, solely because of their contracts. The rest are garbage and we are stuck with most of them. I really like Antro, until the playoff’s. Don’t blame the players and don’t blame it on the coaching staff. It starts with Dolan and ends with Sather. Dolan for allowing this kind of mismanagement and Sather for the pathetic contracts he offered these players.

    Now, I need to go our for a run, so I can let out some steam.

  290. Guys, I went back in the DVR and saw the hit on Betts.
    First of all F*** Brashear!
    Second there is no way Betts will be in the lineup Tuesday.
    I guarantee Betts has a bad concussion…I know enough about head injuries to know that if we move on, he will be out for a bit of time.
    Third, I would make sure that there is payback, that kind of shit, can not be tolerated!

  291. Hard to believe they call 14 min on Dudi and brashier gets away with murder
    I give up
    There is no doubt that Bettman wants his Crosby and OV to advance. Nice job so far but lets hope Bteesey is OK and Tues we will prevail

  292. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What are you trying to prove dude?

    Hank plays a style taught to him by Benoit Allaire where he almost never closes his glove. I’m not sure why, and if you’ve followed the Rangers long enough, you know it’s something Allaire has taught him.

    Today was the first game the caps have exposed Hank’s glove side. That’s just how it was.

    My comment that hank doesn’t close his glove had NOTHING to do with saying he was bad. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t solid today at all, he needs to be better for the Rangers to win anything. But without him they don’t see a game 7. Save your smart alick comments for someone else, i’ll run you into the ground with how little hockey you know.

    * NorthCountryRanger
    April 26th, 2009 at 4:50 pm
    true fans is such a fool… he defends lundy one minute then bashes his glove the next… i have one person who can tell you how good hank’s glove is…Daniel Carcillo.

  293. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    im just angry, so excuse what i say in the following.

    all of you are pathetic. i used to say all the time in prior years that Jagr was our leader, just saving his energy for the appropriate time, given he was raped by the opposition every game, and also, that we get cheated, maybe not in every game, but a lot by the referees and I got called a whiner and crazy, and now it catches on.

    This is allowed to happen because our guys dont take cheap shots at other players/referees. The caps were cheap shotting us up 4 goals, and the referee knocks down our guy, but we dont take the useless aaron voros and hurt someone. oh well, thats why boston has the best players and fans in the world, because they do what’s necessary to win. lie cheat steal hurt people, anything. throw down don zimmer, fans hit yankees, that worthless bum mike milbury, insulting avery, when he went into the stands to hurt fans back in when he played.

  294. Mike in Ia says he’s a Rangers fan, then keeps leaving and then comes back, what a wuzz. Chis, I loved your comment on Zherdev passing like Orr.

  295. A Guy Who Likes the Rangers on

    We scored on Simeon TWICE in the third. Three all together. That equals the amount of goals scored in the previous three games. There is your motivation right there, the guy is beatable. We can score goals on him.

    The hardest thing is getting your hopes up to be shut down twice in a row. Now the biggest pump up of all time is game 7. Our first since you all know when.

    Do you call up Amnisov???

  296. A Guy Who Likes the Rangers on

    remember game 5 of last year when we called Parenteau, or somebody from Hartford. That may be he jolt we need

  297. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    last year Korpedo was the call up… at least the one that scored and put it to OT

  298. we called up korpedo and he scored. they should call up an entire line an defensive pairing from hartford. none of our vets deserve to play and hank barely does but lets face it without him we would have zero chance for tuesday

  299. Could you imagine if they called up the entire AHL team to play…that would be hilarious

  300. Rick, everyone…I need to vent..

    Sure I could sit here and say a bunch of hateful crap about today but here are my true feelings-

    someone said above that this basically summed up the whole season…fast start then boom- dead in the water…Well there isn’t a greater truth. Personally, I would have rather missed the playoffs then to go out like this.

    It’s remarkable how lousy of playoff performers some of the guys on this team are. Even when a few signs of skill flash like a lightning bolt in the southern sky it doesn’t amount to much. If You told me we’d score 3 goals today and lose I dont think I would have believed it. Some people will say Lundqvist blew his proverbial load in game 4 but this was total team let down in my opinion. This team lacks just about everything- character from their veteran leaders, a finisher up front, a punishing Dman to strike a lil fear into fowards who come into our zone, someone that’s good enough to be in the lineup all the time who can stand up to BS like what Brashear did today (which by the way had it been Avery who threw that elbow make no mistake, the refs, the leagues and NBC would have been calling for his permenant removal from the NHL)….This really does. Mainly because- and Carp you can back me up on this if you want- those are problems that wont be fixed over the summer…sure a couple of them may be ADDRESSED but the right decisions wont be made and the right people wont be chosen and thus we’ll still be shaking our heads.

    Im not trying to pull the usual “sky is falling scrap the whole team” post but they really need to address some flaws up front..This playoff series aside, Zherdev needs to be shown the door, resigning Antropov would be a mistake as well..Free up this money and find the unknown player..what’s that mean? It means not only finding someone who can score and finish plays…but who can score on the PP….and who can create chemistry with either Gomez or Drury and create a legit first line..There’s plenty more but I’ve calmed down a lot since I started posting all this..Series is done. game 7 is just being played because Washington needs to win it on paper..Sucks that I’ll have to root for NJ to come out of the East since despite hating them I loathe the other 3 teams…

  301. Zherdev’s fear of contact has gotten ridiculous. The drive-by in Game 4 was one thing, but the veering off to the boards on the backhand he had the open net on was unreal. The guy has no stomach. Sad.

    But Naslund’s play seconds after the first Ranger goal was the real stunner. To choose against shooting on the forehand with Varlamov down and out in order to put the puck on his backhand and wade into the scrum was without a doubt the strangest, most embarrassing offensive play of the season, and there have been a few.

  302. i totally agree with just about everything James (G) said up there. the team is soft as hell. it seemed they almost went into a shell once brashear mugged betts, they played scared the rest of the way. the second period looked like a hockey version of the harlem globetrotters versus the generals.

    zherdev needs to go, hes not reliable at all plus tortorella obviously hates him. id keep antropov. not that hes an offensive juggernaut, but where else are they going to find a guy that is significantly better?

    sad that there is a game 7 in 2 days and were talking off season plans, but there isnt a snowball’s chance in hell they win tuesday. the season is effectively over.

  303. Laurel Babcock on

    I love this blog. Sad day, but comes with being a Rangers fan, no? I’m prepared to enjoy some good weather outdoors next weekend. Comes with the territory my friends….CCCP, Linda. Sally, Derek et al, keep in touch on my blog too….CCCP’s cat is up tomorrow. Let’s go Rangers and long live Carp, Jane and all Rangers Report kitty people :) hee hee. sorry, gotta find some humor in this day.

  304. Even if they do win, we can still talk about the off-season because Boston will make it a quick series. Sadly, the main reason at this point we should want the Rangers to move on is to see how big Mara’s beard can get.

  305. here it is clowns .the NHL morons will suspend the dirtbag scum Brashear for a few games.. whiptydoo, who give s a crap. he sucks and plays 3 minutes a game. THAT IS A PENALTY TO THE CAPS!!!!!!

    Our crack reporting staff and loser nhl announcers will make like it is no big deal after all, the torterella water bottle thing was much bigger and more effect on the game.

    to even debate if that was dirty, intentional, is laughable. I counted at full speed Betts was going to the bench and gave up the puck 2 seconds before he was elbowed in the head intentionally..

    mr niceguy boudreau new exactly what they were doing out there if you idiots did not see brashears pregame hello to Orr. BTW the rangers wanted to play hockey and did not suit up Orr.

    Now give me the blah blah blah NHL Bull-hit.


  306. Riguere, the play (nonplay!) that Zherdev made on the first goal was more proof of what a puss he is, so afraid of taking a check that he gifted the puck away to the center of the ice ….. and no one touched him, and the puck is in the net two seconds later. some playoff performer, hah

  307. i think, going into the off-season, the rangers have to be really conservative and set aside enough money to go out and sign ilya kovalchuk during the summer of 2010. they really have no wriggle room with the cap hell that sather has dug them in.

    on another note, is glen sather really complaining to bettman about salty language at a hockey?

    also, is it possible for brashear to be suspended? i only got one look at it but i thought he could be. especially given the fact that he is a repeat offended.

  308. suspending Brashear means jack. he took a key player out for the Rangers, intentionally with the blessing of the coach.

    they should have given him a 5 minute major and a game misconduct. the rangers lost there #1 PK guy, and received no powerplay.

    Is suspending him a punishment????To who???

    This incident just shows what a joke the NHL is. Watch the replay betts was going to the bench, gave up the puck 2 seconds before he was hit with a blatant elbow to the head from a moron who has had a previous head injury. The stupidity is astounding.

    Yeah it had no affect on the game my bad.. Dubi gets a double minor and a 10 minute penalty and Grenn who when hit was at least 3 feet from the boards was hurt so bad he started the PP on the ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THink about that………

  309. I just want throw something out there…if Orr was playing, he would’ve been on the ice for that Brashear hit…do you guys think that would’ve had any effect on the game?

  310. Come on, really? We are not going there, are we? REALLY?!?! It’s a hockey game, for Christs’ sake, not tea time at the local snotty club. Give me a break Ranger fans and their “organization”, if you can’t stand the pokes and prods, get out of the series (oh yea, you will be hahahahahah)

  311. Torts is an idiot! He deserved to be suspended…you never go after a fan. Then, the rangers have the nerve to whine about security…lol. He preaches mental toughness, restraint, etc…then does that. That’s why the Rangers won’t be able to hold the 3-1 lead and will lose the series to the Caps.

  312. i absolutely agree with the 2 guys above me.
    the rangers are scum and they up that level when they allowed avery back into the nhl and now this.

    realll professional of Tort, i guess bc Avery was benched someone had to step up and show how non-deserving the rangers are of this playoff spot and the series win.

    i hope the caps DESTROY on tuesday

  313. Jon Papelbon on

    You Rangers fans are as pathetic and dirty as Yankee fans. You get the big-market preferential treatment, yet you cry like babies when you can’t buy a championship.

    The Yankees and Rangers are an absolute disgrace.

    Waaaaa! Hockey fans yelled at the visiting team! Give us the series!

  314. Chris Bryshun on

    I have lost all of my respect for the NY Rangers for three good reasons:
    1. Sean Avery obviously has no regard for the league, his team, or the character of the NHL. This guy is all about himself and his lack of professionalism is an insult to Hockey.
    2. John Tortorella should be ashamed of himself for behaving like a frustrated child in a sandbox. After punishing a player for lack of control, John commits an assault against a paying fan. Not cool…that fan pays your wage John!
    3. Glen Sather has written this embarrassment of a letter to Gary Bettman, blaming everyone but Tortorella for Tortorella’s actions. Not only this, but Sather refers to the (large African-American man) who was working security. WHAT POSSIBLE RELEVANCE COULD HIS RACE HAVE IN THIS INSTANCE? Sather does not refer to the race or ethnic background of anyone except the (large African-American man)…I don’t get it!

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